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I don't understand the "Aren't you afraid you'll die alone"/"What will you do in your old age" arguments. Due to personal circumstances, I've been around some cancer wards recently, and it's the same stories:
>I do have children, but they live in {thousand miles away}.
>I do have children, they never call or visit anyways.
>My husband/wife passed away years ago.
From what I've seen, "lonely" deaths or having to take of yourself in your old age alone seem pretty universal, regardless of the number of children* or your partnered status. In fact, from what I've seen, widows (male or female) are far, far more miserable than divorcees who are far more miserable than solitary folk. People who are solitary seem to be pretty at peace with everything, people who are divorcees are powered by anger, and widows are just completely fucking depressed even if their spouse died decades ago.
*I find the folks who have lots of children and are trying to hit chemo appointments interesting. They often talk about their children with an air of "Why aren't THEY here to help me through this?" while not trying to upset their neighbor who IS helping them out. Most of the people who don't 'die alone' seem to be people who have good friends, not family.


I am actually, although I am too poor to even move out of my parents' house and I'll die if I get kicked out cause you know, India.
But I worked at cremation grounds besides the rivers, I remember taking the liberty of asking the relatives of the deceased what their last words were, literally all of about 49 responses I got were something along the lines of love, family, and relationships. None of them talked about money or their achievements, it was all about love really.

Which got me thinking, what will my last words be. I guess, somebody would just find my rotting body after being locked inside the house for months. Or maybe I'll die when my parents will kick me out. Shit, looking back I have nothing worthwhile in my life.


Yes, having children under the guise of not wanting to die alone is one of those near-sighted, emotionalist tendencies normies tend to have. It's the Western equivalent of Africans popping out a dozen kids so the kids 'can earn money and take care of them'.
I too have been around old people in nursing homes, hospitals, etc. for various reasons and I wouldn't bank on children being a safeguard against loneliness in old age.
Also, people are quite naive about the process of dying. They imagine themselves laying in bed, surrounded by children and grandchildren, saying their last goodbyes before slowly and peacefully drifting into the afterlife. In reality you'll most likely die in the middle of the night, shitting yourself, hopped up on morphine while in some confused delirium while the only person who's present is some nurse on her night shift who's annoyed because you dying interrupted some soap opera she was watching on TV.


or heart attack or insult or slipping in bathroom and so on and so on


Because humans can't see beyond 5cm in front of their face. Another thing humans will do is argue about the fact that if someone doesn't have kids they are being cut off from the "gene pool"

Complete and utter cope because on a long enough timeline humanity WILL go extinct and any effort to reproduce and engage in genetic propagation is pointless.

You have to remind yourself that humans aren't interested in the truth. If humans were interested in the truth then nihilism would be wide adopted because of how hard it is to ignore cosmologically.


no living being's interested in truth. don't forget that most likely life created itself spontaneously (which is anyway more likely that some bullshit theories about gods, or some other forms of life etc.) thus it inherently cannot have any goals, but for the life to exist it needs to reproduce, so with years it developed into some sort of obsession, the result being normalfags


Coping thread. You're mad normal people have a better prospects than you.


The essence of being a normie is to live in complete and utter cope 24/7. COPE


wizards are still more miserable and it shows. Wizchan should be proof enough.


crabs. you meant crabs.


/dep/ is the most active board don't fool yourself.


I swing between embracing it but think of potential regrets in life I don’t buy most guys here are happy of being alone they are forced into being alone most won’t fight the current very few will


File: 1684412656240.jpg (93.34 KB, 800x1176, 100:147, IJustWantedToMakeModelRobo….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It'd be nice if there was a forum like wizchan where people were happy about being wizards instead of being bitter about it, or instead of normalfags infesting the board saying we BETTER be bitter about it–how fucking dare you want this life.
The closest I've come to seeing this online are asexual forums, however:
1 - They're usually full of succubi, and therefore have all that bullshit to deal with.
2 - You can't say anything "phobic"/politically incorrect on those forums just like here or MGTOW forums you can't say anything "woke" or doesn't involve traditionalism. You basically get ire from BOTH sides. Just take things less seriously, you know? Maybe I don't give a shit about both sides. Just feels like I don't belong anywhere.
The closest place I've found is this forum's /hob/ since the other boards act like containment threads.
I just feel like sometimes I'm the only guy in the world who likes living alone, and doesn't think it's some huge problem everyone else makes it out to be.


>It'd be nice if there was a forum like wizchan where people were happy about being wizards instead of being bitter about it
they don't have any reason to be here, they are happy in solitude have no reason to delve into the shithole that is the internet of today, especially imageboards, you either have to be retarded or a mentally ill wreck to invest any of your precious limited time on this earth into this garbage


We're all interconnected hun.


Why don't you just leave? You hate everyone here, how they live their life, and have been making repeated posts about it.


there's nothing "happy" about accepting isolation and loneliness, we are just cucks who accepted being losers for life


Are you disparaging reclusive lifestyles?


how'd you come up with that from what I wrote? that's a huge straw man + projection


Oh. O.k.. Why don't you explain how what you were saying doesn't do that, then.


learn to arguen but first learn to reason. IF you ask anyone they will tell you that wizchan is the most sad and miserable imageboard.


I don't know. It sounds to me like a troll just became aware that rule 4 exists and is trying to tiptoe around it.


Isn't your sample biased by the fact you work in a ward, rather than doing outcall or something similar? I think I would just kill myself if I had to spend the last of my days in some sort of facility.


Dying alone is only a fear to atheists who believe oblivion awaits them. I'm religious so I expect the time to be in solace and prayer. Though living alone as an elderly person is different from dying alone.

I would like to know the % of the elderly who get dumped in nursing homes by their children.


>I would like to know the % of the elderly who get dumped in nursing homes by their children.

It's not as high as people would like to make out. Often the elderly in western countries are millionaires in that they have a house or two, and they choose to live alone in a three bedroom house. The poors in western countries often do have the elderly living with relatives, but it's typically like a 50 year old son supporting his 80 year old mother in their tiny flat.

Japan seems to have a much worse problem of the elderly being abandoned.


It's not a good argument, but in some cases it could work. Living the last years of your life with someone to look after you (that's possible but not guaranteed if you get married and have kids) would likely be better than living all alone.

But it could happen that your wife dies before you, and your kids will likely not live together with you for the entirety of your life either.

On the flip-side having more people in your life means that you have to look after them too, and if something happens to them you will be sad.

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