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Many aging parents are complaining about how they feel neglected by their offspring but in most cases they brought this to themselves because they lived self-centered lives or were emotionally neglecting their kids etc. and essentially their offspring had to figure everything in life out themselves and doesn't owe them anything for that matter.

Many parents expect this old-school way of elderly life in which their offspring and relatives take care of them and are around them but many people don't care as much about their parents anymore because their parents didn't care that much about their needs as well and often they dont even have grandchildren so they often end up lonely in their elder years. The relatives prefer to pay an expensive nursing home over having to interrupt their own lives to take care of their aging boomer parents. Whenever I see articles about elders who feel disappointed in their 'ungrateful' offspring I just know it's some stuck up boomers who didn't do anything for their children except forcing them into this planet while spending the rest of their time doing things like watching TV and being completely neutral to everything while not being invested in their childs upbringing enough. I don't think anyone avoids their parents for no good reason and since they raised a generation that doesn't owe them anything they will feel the results of that as well.

Do you feel like you owe your parents anything or do you feel like you don't owe them anything at all?


Well, it's a very difficult question and i'm quite conflicted but… Fuck em'


They could have aborted us, no? It's partially their fault we're alive.


They never gave a fuck when I was all alone and only provided me with the most generic basic bitch advice that any random zoomer on the internet with a bit of life experience could come up with. I never understood why they wanted children in the first place and now they are old and lonely and their unresolved mental issues are 10x worse. I figured out that avoiding them as much as possible has done wonders for my own mental well being, it almost feels like I've had enough of their shit for one lifetime. I don't owe them anything because it was their decision to have children and did they didn't teach me anything valuable.


My parents are relatively wealthy, they don't or want need my help to have a comfy retirement. However, I love my parents and have a good relationship with them so I do try to spoil them when I can. I also try to introduce them to new tech that can make their lives easier. They can be quite "stuck in their ways" boomers, but if I slowly show them how streaming is better than cable, or how an air purifier reduces allergies, they will adopt the new tech.

The only thing my parents really want and value from me is my time.


Filial piety's a bitch. My mother was a great mom, went over and beyond for her children. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with a degenerative condition around the time I finished university. I'm the oldest son and we're too poor to afford the degree of care she needs on a daily basis, so the responsibility kind of fell onto me. My life's pretty much fucked but I'm shackled by duty to care for her, because I know I'd probably rope If she died due to neglect. I'm coming at this from a different angle than people that hated their parents, It's terrible to love them too. I could never have children out of a gut wrenching dread that I'd be inflicting it on them. It's my duty to die alone.


no, fuck them. Every parent should know that they are creating a separate, independent human being. Raising them with love and care is the BASELINE, not some fucking achievement. If they did well then they will have a good relationship with their child and that is their reward. Failing to do will create a bad relationship and so obviously their child has every right to abandon their progenitor. You are not obligated to them. And the parents that think they are owed something from their child cannot ever be pleased. You will never be the child they expected or wanted, no matter how you try. You cannot satisfy them and be or do something you aren’t or are incapable of. If they wanted something in return for their effort they should’ve taken up gardening or investment, having a child is all give and no take.


No. It’s their fault I exist. Maybe if I were successful.


I don’t think anyone owes parents anything so much toilets have children for the indented purpose to lock a man down for 18 years to be comfy. The idea you come into the world in debt to parents who chose to have you is ludicrous


My life played out the exact same. Know that you aren't alone. Stay away from them by all means and keep ya head up wiz

. . ;


I never grew out of my rebellious teenage phase so no. I don't feel like like I owe them, if anything I hate them despite them being caring parents who CAN'T STOP POKING THEIR NOSES INTO EVERYTHING I DO LIKE I AM A RETARDED 5 YEAR OLD YOU FUCKING HELICOPTER TRASH. LEAVE ME ALONE.


i have nothing but utter contempt for those who commit the crime of procreation


you owe them reparations for all the fun they missed out in life because they had to take care of you. your mom needs extra reparation for her torn pussy and ruined figure because she had to build your body inside herself then shit out your giant ugly head.


My parents only paid attention to things that don't matter, they made sure I'm a quiet fake nice guy fag with no confidence but they never paid attention to anything important. Just typical bad parenting, they made sure I please everyone and that I'm a harmless punching bag and anything else didn't matter. They also didnt know anything because they didn't have a social life themselves, their naive understanding of social stuff was at the same level of an autist who gets fooled by everyone and doesn't even pick up on it. They also gave the worst advice and got me into cringe inducing situations. My brother never managed to break free from them and now he's a typical reddit tier fag guy who takes any psych meds his doctor prescribes him and politicizes everything and intellectually bullies me with his insecure worldview. I had to undo their shitty parenting and learn stuff alone so I don't owe them shit and they wasted time of my life with their naive non-existent life experience. I wouldn't be surprised if they died with almost no savings left for me and my brother so we end up as bums because they think everything still works as it did back in the boomer days.


what taking care of means? we live in a modern world with supermarkers, running water and toilets. they can take care of themselves fine. in civilization you only need money.


I can't even take care of myself let alone my parents


No. Fuck my neglectful whore mother and double-fuck my lazy piece of shit stepdad. Maybe I would have turned out normal if I was raised by dad and wasn't restricted from doing fucking anything.


wow you're literally me


The brutal truth is that you were beta bitch all along and your parents had nothing to do with. The confident, assertive people you meet everyday were not moulded to be that way by their parents. They chose to be that way. I've seen it with my own cousins. They're two sisters with the most passive parents, yet they're loud and dominant individuals and they didn't need to be taught to do it.

My own dad tried his damnedest to toughen me up throughout my childhood and I still ended up a passive bitch. I'm sorry but you're a quiet fake nice guy fag because that is what your essence is composed of. Don't blame it on your parents.


you are a retarded machismo worshipping failed normalfag, you have nothing to consolidate your argument besides worthless anecdotal evidence
come to the realization that the "loud and dominant" people that you admire so greatly differ little from animals, and that individuals who do not share these baboonic traits are not to be automatically labeled as a "passive bitch"
your father sounds like an unintelligent insecure faggot if he felt the need to "toughen" his own child up, which in your case had adverse effects, he brainwashed you so thoroughly that now sadly you hate yourself and everyone else who does not live by these shitty values
it's very common for children of narcissists (dominant) to end up with low self-esteem (passive), the main reason being the upbringing they received, which means that parents can actively shape the character of their children


I agree with your post. Blaming your parents past a certain age is cringe. It's a lazy thing to do and solves nothing.


Horse shit. Those 18 years can make you or break you and trauma doesn't just magically disappear after you're 18. Some parents abuse their children to the point that they are broken forever. And in even more tragic cases like mine in the turd world, I can't even move out but am forced to put up with that shit everyday.

Whenever somebody shouts at me I literally become a statue and start shaking thanks to my father. I cry incredibly easily when someone shouts at me, and I can't help it. I am terrified and scared all the time. Yes, I know you have nothing to do with it and no adult in the world owes me nothing which is why I will continue to suffer forever. I don't want to go in details because I'll end up weeping all over my shitty PC and get nightmares.


Parent abuse is an entire different matter and there's still plenty of normalfags even females who come from abusive backgrounds who manage to get their shit together. Females can't be mentally stronger than you, can they? Blaming parents past a certain age is ridiculous. You have to shift from a victim mentality and try to build a new life even with trauma, it's not easy but it's better than being stuck in the same place.


>pull yourself up by your bootstraps son!
keep parroting typical normalfag rhetoric drivel you fucking tool, kill yourself


>keep parroting typical normalfag rhetoric drivel you fucking tool
>kill yourself
Emotional reactions so much like succubi.
You know that doesn't work on mentally strong wizards, don't you? If you want to play victim as an adult and blame the world, your parents, and everything and take no responsibility and do nothing to improve your situation then it's up to you. You can stay here all you want and cry and nothing will ever change for you and you will be as miserable as ever and have wasted valuable time. Thank God I stopped with the victim mentality a long time ago now I enjoy my wizard life.


I know my parents are responsible for most of my issues but I'm still able to go on with my life so I don't need to blame anyone but I also dont owe my parents. I'm just stating facts so go on and be a faggot somewhere else because this thread is about owing your parents and not blaming anything. One can acknowledge the cause of problems and still go on with life. Stop generalizing everyone because it makes you look like a fag.


>if you dare criticize external factors which have influenced your life negatively you are a weaker than a succubus
your internet tough guy /pol/tard schtick is fucking obnoxious, as i said before, kill yourself


To be fair, most /pol/tards would agree that boomer parents suck ass and they have the same discussions as this. I think the other guy is just a retard troll or actually retarded if he can't connect the dots. I also don't see anyone doing the whole blame thing as he claims and it's just posts acknowledging what their parents fucked up, it's obvious that this guy just wants to throw his subtle insults around here.


Wizards are past petty things, they know blaming their parents solves nothing. The fact you're still here crying about this topic shows you need to grow up.


Blame isn't to solve anything, it's to point at a cause. It's just accurate.
If you can't separate dealing with your shit from blaming the true cause of events that's on you. Not everyone needs to run away from reality like that.


my parents made me switch countries, lose all my childhood friends and even changed my name without my permission when moving to new country which alienated and isolated me for life from a young age
even at a lowly gas station work, i have become numb and meek so much that even teens who work there mogged me by having a car and their own place
i can't even "work" because "work" for me would just be constant humiliation from chads and stacies both boomers and zoomers for not having normie traits
there is no coming back from this,not even a starting point
parents despise you for not having sex weekly and actively sabotage attempts at trying to stay comfy or alone by myself
they get what they deserve a useless sack of shit who can only eat shit and masterbate


Of course a crab like you would blame their parents. You don't belong here.


You don't need to blame your parents, that's the point.


fuck off sex haver


That might be the point for you retard, speak for yourself you dumb faggot or stop trolling. 'Blaming'and acknowledging the cause of a problem a two different things but you're just a dumb faggot or troll making the same baseless claim within actually reading any reply.


File: 1685285865869.jpg (147.23 KB, 2029x1373, 2029:1373, Z7PJgZj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just got "the talk" recently with my dad who I am his only son. He says now that I have a stable job I need to stop playing video games and go out and socialize and find a succubus.


how did you respond?


Have him written up for Wizdiscrimination.


My parents literally never gave me the talk.


Except real abuse is not petty.


File: 1685436663609.jpeg (39.26 KB, 800x534, 400:267, sad-dog-2636882638.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Logically I think as adults my parents are responsible for creating their own meaning in life.

But still it feels bad that I am such a loser and am putting my parents into an uncomfortable position where they have to tiptoe around the fact that I am a 30yo NEET when the kids of their friends all got jobs and a family. I also feel jealous of the wholesome interactions others have with their parents. Like someone inviting their parents into THEIR OWN place and making Christmas dinner and buying them nice gifts or an engineer working on some kind of hobby project with their dad who is also an engineer.


>Whenever somebody shouts at me I literally become a statue and start shaking thanks to my father. I cry incredibly easily when someone shouts at me, and I can't help it. I am terrified and scared all the time. Yes, I know you have nothing to do with it and no adult in the world owes me nothing which is why I will continue to suffer forever. I don't want to go in details because I'll end up weeping all over my shitty PC and get nightmares.
Some people go through the exact same experience and grow up to be strong-willed individuals who don't take shit from anyone.

Like you said, you "can't help it", even when it's not your parents yelling at you. This is who you are. Your parents didn't make you this way.

If your parents didn't shout at you, people in society would shout at you. Your parents aren't the only ones capable of losing their shit, threatening violence, and intimidating, and using violence. At some point, you would face the same treatment from everyday people and you would freeze up and cry.


Max Stirner also said that the moment creator (whether a God or a parent) creates an independent being, he can't expect him to behave as the creator wants to, because the choice is up to the created (otherwise he wouldn't be independent). The only way to make someone independent to behave the way you want to, is to use force, that is, to make him dependent on you.

As for the OP's question:
My parents are poor and dumb, they only fulfilled my basic requirements and didn't teach me anything, not because they are vicious or because they thought I should find out myself, but because they don't know shit, so I don't blame them, in fact, I'm kind of glad that they didn't do more because they could have filled my head with bullshit, perhaps they are somewhat aware that they are idiots, so they concluded that smarter people should educate me.

And I've grown to be a complete egoist (I don't care if it's the genes, mental issues, upbringing or the enviroment), so the only way I fancy about it is in terms of profit/loss. As I mentioned, they are poor and dumb, so I won't care about them, because they can't give me anything in return. Unless they sue me, or put a gun to my temple to force me, but they won't because they expect an emotional attachment on my part, besides, they can barely sign their name, let alone file a lawsuit. Shouldn't have been stupid pussies.
inb4 What about your childhood and how they wasted their time raising you? I don't care, at this point it's a question whether I feel something towards them and the answer is no.
Also, I won't have children because, as you said, it's not worth it. What if my kid turns out to be a psychopath and murders me or kicks me out of the house, altogether, makes my life worse than it would be without him? I see from my own example how ungrateful a child can be, so I also think good relations with your neighbours are better, because even if the child turns out good, he/she will move out and visit you from time to time, and if not, he/she will be a criminal/neet and be an additional burden.

Having an offspring is basically admitting "I can bear the burden of parenthood, unrewarded". And if you can't, then just don't. But most people are apes and need to fuck and make babies "by accident", and their parenting is also one big fucking accident, and they think that if they respected their parents, so will their children.


But do you realize that everything has MUCH deeper impact during childhood? And it's adults obligation to protect them from harm. Dude, look up how humans function.


Why do you argue whether you should blame your parents or move forward? You can do both, in healthy doses.


You are right and it always depends on the individual story of someone but it doesn't matter here, it's a derailment of the topic caused by a very generalized and dumb post so it's better to not further get into the bait because it will absolutely lead nowhere constructive. I'd love to see a thread here that doesn't end up with huge arguments about something else.


File: 1686276766671.jpeg (19.06 KB, 474x316, 3:2, th-3822055174.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Am I lazy or a bad person or both?

I live with my parent and since I am home all day I could clean the house and prepare dinner for when they come back exhausted from work.

But I can't even properly take care of myself. I eat only pre-made meals and neglect my health and have an irregular sleep schedule. So it's not like I am living the live but at the same time a lot of people don't feel good and yet follow their obligations and not doing that makes me feel terribly guilty but in a way that just makes me shut down from anxiety and exhaustion. I'm so fucking weak man. I hate how I come crying here instead of actually doing what I think is right even if it's hard work.


Yes my mom owes me thousands of $. On top of all the trauma that disabled me


Yeah, you're a bad person. If you don't want to feel guilty then ask them how you could help and do it.


Who do you think he got his genes from if not his parents?


I highly disagree with this post and as other stated there is a difference between blaming and acknowledging the source of a problem. There is genetics and lifestyle choices. People with shit genetics are not meant to make children and people who live or behave in inferior ways are also naturally looked at as unattractive so they have a harder time passing on their genes. Nature has its own ways to signal to us that a person is not meant to pass on their genes and there is a lot of truth to the 'blackpill' stuff. If a man manages to bypass this reality and make children then he automatically sets his offspring up for a lot of problems such as inferior genes or mental issues and the lack of life experience or social skills of the parents will just make it worse for the child. If your dad is a nerd beta who somehow managed to impregnate a used up succubus in a lustless relationship then you're pretty much set up for a very brutal path just like when your parents are autistic or otherwise retarded.


i have noticed what op said as well. i am a millenial and most of my generation that i know have poor relationships with their boomer parents.
can't blame them as almost all the boomers i know are bad people which makes for horrible parents.
boomers always try to scam as much as they can from people using whatever relationship is at play. we all know boomers that charge kids rent; boomer employers that mistreat employees, boomer teachers grand standing with bullshit; boomer coaches doing it to get with moms. boomers divorced because they always think responsiblity is for other people.
boomers deserve to be dumped by their kids.
hell boomers deserve to be killed so we can have their boomer houses and 401ks.


that's it. boomers didn't really want to be parents. they just did so because all the other normies were doing it or because they got a succubus pregnant by accident.
you can tell they didn't really want families by their divorce rate


>wow you're literally me

boomers are hyper normies. they NEED to be accepted by any group they are a part of. that is why many taught their kids to be like that. on the plus side; you will always get along with groups of boomers by acting like your younger self


your not on reddit. you cannot be an orc here


wrong. good people avoid toxic people and cut them out of their lives. more boomers should have had CPS take their kids away since they openly defend treating defenseless children like shit; because someone else might treat them like shit at some point in the future.
lol, what a hook nose excuse to act like a faggot



the funny thing is boomers accept external factors affecting your life when it comes to foreign invaders.
why couldn't they get an education, work hard and get a good job in their country?
muh 3rd world economy and muh corruption? well for those born after 1980 in the west face worse economic and corrupt factors than any foreign invaders. but dumbass boomers refuse to accept this


Thirdies that come here don't often suffer that bad where they come from. They're not the poor thirdies, they're the upper middle class typically.

A middle class Brazilian doesn't have a life that much materially different to a poor firstie.


a middle class brazilian is better off materially than a poor first world citizen
though at least as the latter you don't have to freak out over falling down rungs on the social ladder. i wonder what it's like for the middle class masses in the 'second' and third world to be under that type of pressure. the fear and rage over getting poorer/downward mobility in first world countries is so intense, how soul crushing can it be in emergent nations, especially for the young?


South African middle class here. It's shit, mate. I'm so jealous of 1st worlders, even lower class. Poor in America is like "u must live on bread and rice". In SA its like 'I use discarded plastic bags for clothing". There's no jobs and its so brutal. If you lose your employment you're so fucked. I'm lucky I work for an international company but my life is still so precarious. I wish I didn't have to worry about money.


giving birth is the worst possible crime you can commit


i had many issues thanks to my parent's idiotic and unintelligent ideas. i would like to be a little taller but they would have rather cheaped out of ramen noodles burgers and pizza to feed me than actually give me 3 good meals a day. i only had 2 meals a day on average and they werent very large. fucked my immune system too for a vry long time.

i was neglected most my life i spend with them and they would rather spend 14hrs a day at a shitty job and then proceed to yell their heads off the minute they come home about every little god danm thing instead of being functional people and setting boundaries with their work life and their real life. i owe them nothing ive already wasted years of my youth doing what they want for pennies in return.

their problem is they give more of a shit about money than family. i never cared for money or getting a fancy 6 figure job. never gave a shit but they directly seem to value their children im how wealthy they are. as if these stupid scraps of paper mean shit. someone else can take care of them its their fucking fault they decided to have me when they were both old as hell. im barely figuring things out in how to live my life and im not going to let them fuck me more than they already have by living with me


It depends on how they have treated you and what they have given you. My parents always provided for me and were good to me. It's true that they didn't give much in the way of emotional support and they are emotionally distant which has probably inflicted some sort of psychic trauma on me that explains why I am as much of a failure as I am, but I've come to accept that for just part of who they are. My sister moved out and only shows up when she needs something from them, but still they give it to her every time. I feel like I owe them big time.


Doesn't it come down to what happens after that point though? I mean imagine your ultranormie Stacey or Chad whose parents gave them good genes and who properly socialized them and instilled them with confidence and energy at every turn, who provided money and opportunities galore along with the social support they would need to pursue them. This person would grow up happy surrounded by friends with a sense of purpose and belonging in their community, all of it because of how their parents raised them. People don't realizes how much early childhood affects them, but research shows that by 4 already many of the important elements of one's personality are set due to their early experiences. If you fuck it up the child will come out awkward, insecure, a failure and will hate himself and his life and end up a depressed antinatalist who equates all existence to suffering. The secret to life is to have parents that turn you into a normalfag who will prosper and enjoy life rather than suffer. Not all life is suffering, some of it is amazing and whether you will suffer of prosper likely comes down to genetic luck but also the luck of parenting. If you are a genetic failure and will be a failure as a parent, it is a crime to reproduce and bring those into the world who will only suffer, but you can't say the same for the chads and staceys who are producing more of their kind.


My dad is the personification of the soyboy meme and got wealthy through luck and his parents. He impregnated the first possible succubus who was almost a decade older than him and mentally ill. Both me and my brother are autistic anxious retards which is probably a genetic thing. My parents owe me everything they have for shitting me into this hellish existence. My mom is just a retarded succubus who hit the wall but my dad is an utter faggot who should have just accepted his fate and died alone.


Very good post explaining the importance of competent parenting.


>you're also a failed normalfaggot who is essentially breaking rule 2
Absolute bullshit just because you don't agree with him doesn't mean you have to make up shit to get his post deleted. You're just like leftist retards who want to cancel everything.


That's a stretch. Nice mental gymnastics in an attempt to make the mods be your personal army because you're an idiot.


File: 1688195484050.jpg (15.81 KB, 647x480, 647:480, 2680549-maxdamage.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I´m so tired of these retarded morons polluting these spaces with their gay fantasy relating to whatever some dumb schmuck is doing with his cock.



You make good points but you are idealizing too much. I've never seen these people that you talk about. I do see people that appear to be that way, but I know that behind that appearances, the husband is going to the psychiatrist because he was forced to fire 200 people from one of the best know companies in the world and then they fired him and the wife resents the husband because he focus mostly on work and she has to do all around the house and the kids at the same time that has a full time job in the same company, plus the kids (two males) are very hard work and are constantly challenging her authority because they are born chads filled with the confidence and support that you speak of, so they are extremely entitle and aggressive/assertive.

What you don't realize is that all that constant winning and ass kissing that they get all their life creates glass people. They are very hard but the shatter easily, that is why the firing of 200 people and himself broke the husband to the point that he needs a psychiatrist and pills to keep on going. He never had something horrible happen to him in all of his life before, it was all winning until there.

At the same time, their base line is very high, so they don't enjoy what they have, because for them it's normal, their parent where all ready professionals at the top of society, but when they lost their very high paying job it was devastating for them even if they got another that still pays many times the average because they are used to live at that incredible high level as the normal and anything less, even if it's still top 1%, it feels like a disaster to them.


depends on the parent. if they paid for your expenses and protected you from filth of outside world when you were little I guess taking them to the doctor in their old age and checking up on them if they need anything time to time is the right thing to do.


you know how hard it is to get a job with anti-Caucasian discrimination in hiring? do you know how much you have to earn to live with over 50% taxes and boomer rents and boomer bosses that want to pay less than minimum wage.
stfu until you have been here. plenty of people here are straving on the streets. worse are the people that post here and will likely hero before it gets that baf.
i have worked in the third world and it is easy to keep a budget


Those bootstraps only makes sense in the context of an anecdote, and it being an anecdote means it's likely an exceptional situation. Furthermore, going by your self loathing, it's probably exagerrated. Which is why it's bullshit.


I dont owe them anything because I had to do everything by myself since my parents are both actual retards. My mother is autistic and has severe OCD and my father is a complete braintard who literally takes up to a minute to form a simple sentence like he's a drooling idiot such as Patrick from SpongeBob. I was never able to properly pay attention to my father because he drains everyones energy with his slow interrupted retard talking patterns and anyone can exactly predict what he's gonna say anyway because of how low IQ he is. Seeing my father talk to other people is always embarrassing because he manages to irritate everyone with his slow thinking and talking, he can't finish one simple sentence without going 'uhm.. uh…' which pisses everyone off as if he is some kind of retard movie character. They were also always cold and without emotions like robots and I'm always gonna be resentful that they had to shit me on this planet despite being complete subhumans.


>Maybe I would have turned out normal if I was raised by dad and wasn't restricted from doing fucking anything

this. why do courts always give custody to succubi? why are men financial penalized but succubi gain by divorce? divorce always makes things worse; why is it being pushed in the west


the answer is pretty obvious, succubi by themselves are worthless as a single parent. ts probably even worse than if the child was an orphan. kids from single mother are way more likely to commit crime and be mentally unstable and retarded. if you want to divide and conquer, you divide the home under the guise of protecting those oh so poor single mommies who totally didnt initiate the divorce just for money and to get access to more cock


All the fucked up damaged people I had to endure in my life came from single mother households and their mothers were always selfish cunts


>Do you owe your parents anything?

Were they ever satisfied anyway? ;D

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