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herro rizzards,

i'm brainstorming on a company i am trying to start. never did this before, i studied business administration though. means i have heard about a lot but know absolutely nothing useful regarding the actual world. full of useless knowledge.

and since i am legitemately worried succubi will destroy, sabotage, misappropriate it as social capital or drown it in problems and control drama, i am wondering on actual ways to keep females away from my genuine effort to contribute something nice.

there is tons of political correctness theater i have to perform publicly to not be cancelled i guess. when i try to hire someone i have to advertise to all genders and stuff like that and then in the end i just don't pick the females that apply but i have to pretend that i do. that's legal i guess but i don't know if the law really exists anymore or if there is just some evil technocracy in place ensuring misery on the poor.

it's difficult to try to defend something that is still in the planning phase and thus shapeless but i guess it is not too soon to start thinking about it.


Greg Conte ended up being a diversity and inclusion consultant. Just gotta get the based department running HR.



>Greg Conte


double oof. if i let all kinds of riff-raff into the company then obviously i might as well let females in because at this point why bother. i guess females are just the tip of the cornucopia of people i intend to discriminate on. of course i discriminate against nazis and teachers.

>Just gotta get the based department running HR.

i'd rather not have a HR department, i think that's only something for companies with unhappy employees. professional disappointers and dream crushers. i want a different approach. the problems of my employees are also my problems so i help them solve it.


Hire transwomen just like bbc did


Trans “succubi” are 1000x worse than actual succubi.
Worrying about this now means you’re fucked anyway. Most startups get to 20+ people without a single female and no one bats an eye. You’re too paranoid about the wrong things to make it.


>Hire transwomen just like bbc did

trannies seem very annoying. i can only name 2 interesting trannies.

one is narcissa wright who is obviously annoying but also a legit genius.

other is kim justice who made such a nice final fantasy 8 video that i can't help but suspect genius.

but other then that the trannies i encountered seemed like boring empty people who say that they always felt like succubi inside but actually just tried all the identities they could come up with. also seems like a lot of medical science is necessary which could be annoying. diluting and taking hormones seems like annoying medical science i would very much prefer to discriminate against.


>Most startups get to 20+ people without a single female and no one bats an eye. You’re too paranoid about the wrong things to make it.

i can't even leave the house without being approached by succubi, things are a bit different for me then for most men. i wish it was paranoia, i would celebrate if it was paranoia. also usually i just tell people it is paranoia because being desired by succubi is so outside of their reality that they simply lack the mental infrastructure to make sense of what happens around me.

you have no idea what destructive attention desirable men conjure up in succubi simply by existing publicly. which is why privacy has to be a priority high up in the list.


I hope you die not out of jealousy or envy, but because the wasted time of reading this shit thread and replying to it is time that I will never get back . You are an insufferable faggot on so many levels and I don't know how you can walk without bashing your head into walls with your skull so far up your own ass. Will and Consciousness is wasted on you and you bring the meaning of being human down with your shit skidmark on this species. Die and feed the worms.


is this one of the infamous, highly controversial, wizards that FUCK?
almost didn't believe they existed…



this lack of dignity makes me think you lived a life of constant rejection.


>wizards that FUCK

sex isn't that interesting to me. i know many people see it as a life goal, as salvation and as a mindless attempt to achieve genetic immortality through procreation but i can not relate to any of this. i've known happiness and sex is not the best thing there is. bliss is. default happiness is so much more desirable then sex. seems to me that sex scrathes a lot of itches i don't have.

also succubi are annoying to deal with. they are addicted to causing problems on purpose, make little theater plays, trying to create panics and emergencies that aren't any because they need to know how anyone around them responds to what so that they can be pawns in their manipulative games. and then they get violent and hostile when they are not being taken serious anymore as a direct result of their "crying wolf".

also most people have no idea what monsters succubi have become now that they have smartphones. smartphones made everything so much worse then it already was. at first i was dumb, i thought the only disadvantage was that this feeds the big tech surveilance engine that has begun to strangle humanity through data harvesting and personalized punishment but they themselves also use the information of who is where when to inflict their own torture.

i worked where there were ugly succubi and it was just constant bullying. i didn't know that i was not allowed to not find succubi interesting but apparently i am not. there are all these social rules i am not hip to. i didn't know i am not allowed to enjoy life, laugh and have fun but that's one of the rules.


File: 1673807459358.gif (1.32 MB, 480x362, 240:181, stop-fighting-hose.gif) ImgOps iqdb

He's an outsider, but tone it down wizards


>He's an outsider

i do look like a wizzard though and i do make an effort to dress the part. if i carried around a gigantic scythe, i'd look like a stylish reaper.

i found interesting ways of making small adjustments to regular normie clothing to wiz it up a bit.

thought about carrying a plastic scythe around. could be fun.

all these fucking normies in their business suits and then i arrive to the meeting dressed as the fucking death. that'd be fun.


Epic entrepreneur wiz.

>Trans “succubi” are 1000x worse than actual succubi.

Not true. They are men and even have more grey matter than the average man. As employees they will work super hard for you like the eunuchs of China did.


>They are men and even have more grey matter than the average man. As employees they will work super hard for you like the eunuchs of China did.

i can't even have gays in the company (even though i legit like them and would one day find some way to cooperate with the gays) because in the presence of attractive men, they get touchy feely. if there are gays around i am always worried they would create excuses for unwanted touching.

unwanted sexual feelings are so thoroughly discouraging, i can't help but want them to keep out of this nice place of work.

trannies have been put on a pedestal too much. the infiltration of AI created pro-tranny content has been annoying and also this trying to trick men into believing they are actual females and then celebrating malevolently when they succeed make me suspect people who enjoy hurting others.

i revisit the tranny issues in a few years when all the dust has settled. maybe when the time come some new default identity has emerged and everyone migrates to the new identity. and then it turned out it has never been about transsexuality at all but just about being part of a movement. i don't like these group-think people. i like individuals. my dream employees would not even know how to read and fail shool…



i'm average height, i think what attracts the succubi is my carefree attitude. i can give a long-winded economic approach to the issue:

modern economies have all these mean little ways of keeping people down to enforce the social hierarchy. infantilizing them, punishing them, hurting them, bullying them, making them disrespect themselves, making them look weak in front of others so those that have paid to look good actually end up looking good in comparison. in school teachers bully you and not the son of the dude owning the factory so that you look like a bitch and the son looks good to the other classmates. old mean female teachers are usually expert in hurting and torturing young humans into bitches. that way the son of the factory owner gets a gf and you get bullied.

this is why i regard large parts of the law as theater because the law is supposed to give people clear boundaries of what is and what isn't acceptible behavior to encourage a functioning society so people can have a way of not being hurt. hurting people whether they deserve it or not however … is part of influencing the natural social web of relations keeping the working class depressed. it is part of the overall political dominance strategy of the ruling clas over the citizens. misery and slavery is a pre-requisit for passive income. some people have to be tortured into believing getting paid minimum wage is acceptible over starving to death, which it is not.

why do i tell this story that undoubtedly sound like conspiracy theory to a fool? because poor people are not allowed to be happy in debt-based societies. it is like the matrix. if a poor person dares to be happy, somebody turns into an agent and re-depresses the poor person. bullying in school is not an accident, it is part of the constant miss-education necessary for stock markets to pay investors and so that banks can guarantee interest rates. the passive income generated from banks and stock exchanges is psycho-spiritually organized robbery by people who understand humans default behavior so well that they can easily construct all these administrative traps, all these institutions and companies that are little cog-wheels in a machine that makes some people rich by hurting other people.

i digress. what i meant to go on about was that it is basically against the law to be happy as a poor person and there are numerous little mean ways to punish people for being happy. the law is theater because obviously you could never pass a law that states "whenever a poor person gets happy, some way has to be found for the person to wipe the smile off their face" but this is what civilized society is all about.

now back to why succubi like me: i don't participate in this system. i have been bullied all my life, i am a grown man, i still get constantly bullied and i simply refuse to give up my smile regardless of the amount of bullying it summons.

that's really all that is necessary for succubi to like you. if you were not artificially kept depresseducated, if you were not pavloved into being in a bad mood by a system that depends on you being that way, the succubi would find you because they are organized to find you.

i think this is it. i am often in a good mood which i pay for by being bullied constantly and also i take good care of my health. most men my age are already getting fat and sick and i made the effort to find out how to keep the human body healthy and it has started to show. i stay the same and every dude around me gets uglier.


>Just g2pol and post this thread with a proxy so the feds can't make a class action suit against you by using it

legally from the jurisdiction of this country it seems i am mostly untouchable. i have to pretend i am hiring unbiassed, which is not a problem, i will most likely find ways of never having to hire anyone and simply promote people who are already close to me.

i have to say no to the aid-programs and incentives that could solve my cash problems, which is the price i have to pay for peace i guess.

i think unless i am loud and obnoxious about it i can descriminate against teachers and every other profession i consider malevolent scum hellbent on extinguishing the human spirit for the sake of obedience to their corrupt masters.

the real dangers i suspect are in cancel culture, people making me look like i am the biggest asshole ever on social media, which is the mechanism of choice when something is unwanted yet still legal. the calls for cancellation on anything unwanted by the masters would be censored and deleted while those that spread misery are being amplified. not unlike a spell.

i think i have a chance of defending against publicity attacks simply by how poor i choose to make this company. build from trash with all value being non-monetary, non-transferable, non-robable service-based while i reinvest almost everything back into the company except for the low poverty-wage i pay myself. oh yeah is non-profit, this should help me keep it alive.


File: 1673817976234.jpg (71.63 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, carrying_squidward.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

some kind of games are being played here. posts are suddenly disappearing.

how i long for the more innocent early days of the internet.


File: 1673822982125.jpg (48.52 KB, 540x720, 3:4, e23849d98b7f30807219f207cb….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizard problems: wants to start a company, doesn't want his norman wage slaves (succubi AND incubi) to fawn over or violate him.


this site has terrible tranny tier moderation from a gay unemployed manbaby who posts sexual fantasies on /b/ all day. That's why I'm trying to tell you to go to pol. None of these faggots know anything about money and some of them are so mentally ill they try to derail posts all day as a form of amusement. This ain't wizchan anymore, this is wuzchan


>this site has terrible tranny tier moderation from a gay unemployed manbaby

that sounds wonderful to me though. you try to warn me of the thing i value. i don't value the opinion of politically motivated, rational, predictable people who are interested in the current political discourse. i projectile vomit on such normality.

many gays are genius, many unemployed simply have too much selfworth to accept the terrible jobs available and many babymen have protected their innocence. those are the people i respect and would be glad to hear from. i have no confidence in the opinion of well adjusted suit wearing respectable members of society, their opinion is trivial and unimportant. i met them when i was younger, they are boring empty husks. you wanna hear their opinion and they don't tell you their opinion, they tell you what they want you to believe is their opinion as a form of virtue signal. normality is a one-way road.

>That's why I'm trying to tell you to go to pol.

meh fuck these normies.

>None of these faggots know anything about money

great. money is in large parts illusory anyway. it is a beliefsystem. i am interested in actual economic activity.

>and some of them are so mentally ill they try to derail posts all day as a form of amusement.

that's the one thing i have to agree with you about being dumb, however it is not like normies who work in banks and insurances are any less mentally ill. they are manipulative whores and that's not a function of being neet or unattractive or a manbaby, that's a function of being undesirable and when it comes to that i view normies and neets as equally unable to have a genuine opinion. the undesirable will forever inflict unwanted theater and i will continue to discriminate on them, keeping them out of everything they could besmirch with their egotistical desires.



>doesn't want fawn

you may think it is flattering for the first 499 times it happens but then when the 500th time rolls around i am sure even someone as theatrical as you would get annoyed by it. imagine finally getting attention you crave so much and it doesn't feel as you hoped.

you think you would never get tired of applause and admiration and that just tells me you have not had that much applause and admiration in your life to reach the point of satisfaction with it. there is a point of diminishing returns, you can get sick of being popular. if you felt it and knew it was real, it would change your entire outlook on life.

you would no longer view people as valuable members of your own species, you would simply view them as annoying problems who come to waste your time and demand to be rescued from themselves, trying to find out if you worship them as much as they worship you, even though you did not even felt like paying them any attention. they are literally petrified by you and you couldn't care less whether they exist.

they are nothing to you, you are everything to them and even though they can tell they are nothing, they still insist on an interaction where they act like they have to find out if the feeling is mutual even though it never is. playing dumb. you explain to them that they are nothing and they reserve the option to play dumb as to prolong the explanation as much as possible. they understand everything you said and then they say "excuse me?" because having you explain it again is all they can come up with on the spot to prolong the unwanted interaction. bad people simply can not care if you like them back and there are a lot of bad people online as offline.

usually after the painstaking realization that the worship is not mutual, they switch into hostile mode and try to provoke to prolong the unwanted interaction even further. they insult and might even get physical because they are run by their nasty feelings of human objectification the same way the moth has to follow the light.

truth is people are so desperate, they turn into demons hellbent on possessing with no regard for dignity or mutual interest. they see you and their face changes as they sense the dollar signs.


What is the point of this thread? Why this outsider troll allowed to shitpost here?


>What is the point of this thread?

ah i see, you want me to re-write the thread into a story where the protagonist feels invisible, unwanted and left by everyone so that you can understand too what the thread is about.


File: 1673888801988.mp4 (170.04 KB, 440x346, 220:173, black robe.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

any idea where i can buy such a cool robe? i am almost at the point where i want to display this degree of wizardry irl and just be an edgy adult.


Fucking hell man, you made me laugh up so highly, I haven't laugh like this for ages. Thank you


You'd probably end up in some stupid viral tiktok.


t. Tranny. You need to leave.
Trannies are all the worst parts of both sexes. Exogenous estrogen shrinks the brain. They are clinically retarded and literally schizophrenic. There’s a reason basically every society ever has turned a blind eye to killing any that pop up.
You should kill yourself.


Wizchan is slowly turning into /pol/.

Real wizards would not giving a single fuck about those political shit, left or right.


Aren't you cool and edgy, being an outcast who wants to bully and kill other freaky outcasts, /pol/ is that way. The problem I have with trannies is they almost always align themselves under succubi and by extension feminism which is just a hate group designed to demonise the gender they left because they think they're on the "good" team now, that is until they try to use a female bathroom and the terfs decide they're actually still men because they find them icky not real succubi and have contempt for gender swappers trying to infringe on their easy mode female privileges. That said, I've seen trannies that aren't complete punching bags and I have nothing against them - clinically retarded and schizo sounds like you're just describing the average normalfag on the street to be quite honest pardner.


You need to go back ma’am.


Most trannies are nothing like porno trannies, theyre more like gamestopper it's ma'am guy and chris chan.

I hope you detranisition before causing too much damage


When confronted with a nuanced take the rote edgelord simply defaults to spouting unfunny memes…

Well yeah, that's exactly what I said, they're outcast freaks who I have a certain level of pity for, but only slightly.

I'm a happy male about to jack off to hentai and there's nothing you /pol/tards can ascertain otherwise, owned.


>You'd probably end up in some stupid viral tiktok.

oh yeah that's true, i forgot the mechanisms of this hellish dimension for a second. nothing unusual is allowed to exist unreported.


No, you need.


File: 1674139131354.jpg (15.68 KB, 453x347, 453:347, how i live.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

how can i make the place of the business uninteresting for females?

current best idea: poverty. if all my furniture is destitute and almost falling appart, it might repell them.

i wish there was an easy way to suck the warmth out of a room, hold it somewhere for a moment and then let it back into the room.

that might be useful in a lobby or entranceroom. to succubi it would seem that the place is always cold so they would feel uncomfortable and would not want to stay.

if i was a gigantic rich company i would make a secret entrance for men and then the regular lobby for entrance that seems like it is the main entrance to everyone else, i would make it like 3°C there🤣.

just a cold and impoverished place that doesn't look good on instagram. (i can't believe people actually use instagram. i know it is true, i just can't believe they accepted this.)


File: 1674139730037.jpg (292.93 KB, 1024x847, 1024:847, sauna in the snow.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>i would make it like 3°C there🤣.

since i would have a room that cold, i might as well use the place as a refrigerator. i could just build a shelf in there and stack paperboxes for food in there.

would probably be a fun room to hang out in for a few minutes in between rounds of sauna also. obviously the business needs a sauna. alternating hot and cold expands the tissue, feels nice and makes sure everything in the body keeps flowing.


>obviously the business needs a sauna

if i had a big building with lots of room i could try to heat the middle and have the heat radiate outward so that there is always a hot sauna because of the proximity to the heating.

that might be impossible or highly unpractical but obviously a hot room to hang out in is nice for health and happiness.


Add a library and shooting range, rightnex to eachother ofcourse



guns aren't fun to be around though. i didn't bother to work hard and become a wizard only to ruin the place by building activity that bullies enjoy.


beyond having such a good attitude and meta-attitude, you type like someone who I suspect is very attractive.

It makes me proud to know now all wizzies here are angry, depressed, bitter, but some are really thriving like you.

What kind of retard would go to a library next to a gun range?

OP should start a Software-as-a-Service company. It can print you money, you can exclude females because they can't code. You won't have to spend money protecting your business from females because it's remote.


>OP should start a Software-as-a-Service company. It can print you money, you can exclude females because they can't code. You won't have to spend money protecting your business from females because it's remote.

at some point coding is gonna be very much part of it. at some point i might be able to afford to tailor software exactly to my processes and until then i will use free open source software in the style of mcgyver.

i'd love something where i can offer a variety of useful "every so often" services. tiny things that are annoying to deal with that most people deal with.

i could come up with 20-40 little things that i hate about my life that i would rather have someone do for me and pay a tiny sum for to have taken care of. the number of people using each service are constantly changing though so i need to find a way to have these constantly changing workloads distributed onto employees and maybe even outsource them while also finding ways to make this stuff as privacy friendly as possible.


>It makes me proud to know now all wizzies here are angry, depressed, bitter, but some are really thriving like you.

i will be thriving once i am fully devoting myself to the thing but currently i am very much still in hibernation though relatively content though depression creeps in from time to time. usually when i don't exercise or get enough sun or eat too processed. i know how to make a human undpressed though so i can just apply this to myself.

being more like a wizzard has a ton of advantages. i remember a lot of dudes who got gf or got married and then their soul just left their body and they became npc. that's sad to me. i'd rather be a weird hermit then a traitorous domesticated empty husk.


He was being facetious you mouth breathers.


File: 1674244980886.mp4 (1.1 MB, 640x480, 4:3, seinfeld theme.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>He was being facetious you mouth breathers.

i do appreciate the attempt at humor, here have a seinfeld theme


>because it's remote

not sure on how to integrate it yet but i want to offer as much remoteness as possible but also it is about the place being nice.

all these scheming for-profit shill pretend actor bosses they always say they are proud of their office culture and consider themselves a family and currently. they say that but obviously this is just empty marketing. the culture is the same as any other for profit place they pretend to respect their employees but treat them more like slaves and punish and surveil them like they would human property. human resources.

i am thinking how 'something similar to a business' from a non-profit perspective would look like that is literally a fun playground for adults. they will want to work overtime because staying at this place will be so nice. i want the motherfuckers to work but why can't they feel like they are in a luxurious spa/hotel/playground at the same time and feel taken care of and happy and embraced. something like that can only happen in non-profit environment.

some shills will tell their employees how to dress and how to behave, i want to be busy to build a place where they choose to be because of how nice it is. once they see how i give a fuck about every little detail in their office and help it taylor to how they would like it, they'll want to help carry this company.

i hope no succubi will ever know this place exists because they would want to inflitrate and turn it into hunting and breeding grounds. and if they don't get their way they will cancel and problemdrown me. i have to try to keep this secret i guess even though it is not possible to keep stuff secret in this day and age.

or i need high level security with a door man that makes sure nobody sneaks inside and takes pictures and shit, which i can not afford and also security men are very easy to corrupt. most security is just security theater. unreliable stand-around assholes pretenders.


File: 1674350373903.gif (972.64 KB, 640x358, 320:179, patrick-bateman-smile-patr….gif) ImgOps iqdb


How old are you?



old enough to have a nice full beard, but not so old that it is gray


This could place you anywhere between 20-60 depending on your genetics.


File: 1674495882672.jpg (225.88 KB, 876x1171, 876:1171, 1em11xtxyoda1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


cute but probably bs


it was the 40s, people actually did nice things then.


nah unless it's a big lie, i remember reading about that when i was a kid.


> it was the 40s, people actually did nice things then

Like murdering millions of civilians and doing most psycho and sadist things?


File: 1674646572530.mp4 (4.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jimmy dore show operating ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

this has me worrying. i think for-profit business is over, there simply is no space to build, everything becomes a toy to these behemoths.

the only way to build something is to do it without money because that way it can not be bought. it can still be sabotaged, infiltrated and destroyed but at least it can not be repurposed as capital. after studying business administration all i have learned is that money is not the solution but the problem.


File: 1674650486953.jpg (92.97 KB, 650x471, 650:471, HolodomorYaaaay.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>all i have learned is that money is not the solution but the problem.


File: 1675284017993.jpg (23.87 KB, 460x507, 460:507, free market.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this has me worrying. do these monstrous structures even allow anything else to grow or would they destroy it in various legal and illegal ways? they captured the politicians, the law is their bitch, they captured the police, the law enforcement is their bitch.

i doubt it matters whether what i do is legal or illegal, they have sneaky ways to destroy everything regardless. they could threaten my employees while instructing the police to pretend that there is nothing they can do, they could buy out my employees, they could make me an offer and agitate my employees against me. there is all this politics i am not evil enough to understand.


The jews did that for thousands of years prior and continue to do so to this day. The 40s wasn't special in that regard.



you are real pros at the 'disregard females' part but on the 'acquire magic' half of the equation yall are unremarkable as can be…


Not really a concern about equal opportunity shit. No one actually takes that seriously. They like hiring females because they're not interested in any actual work, but want to pay off their friends and select who lives and who dies. Hiring succubi is part of getting them on the cock carousel. My mom told me that's how it is in the professional world and she was forced to participate if she wanted to keep her job. Got confirmation of it enough times. If you want to know why females are so crazy, there you go. That's the real sexual "revolution".


>Hiring succubi is part of getting them on the cock carousel

i'm telling you once you have unlocked enough of your own potential and are attractive to females, they turn everything into a battlefield leaving a trail of destruction behind them. if you are good looking then females = destruction and avoiding females becomes a matter of survival. i guess most of you are wizzards because no succubus looks twice at you, that's not why i am a wizzard. i can't even go to the supermarket without being molested in some nasty way by either females or gays…

what you describe sound like the desperate mating behaviour of undesirable men who hire succubi to try to get in their pants in terms of economical incentive and social hierarchical games. the reason i am trying to make this company is to get away from this hell.


I don't doubt you. Men are not desired and any man worthwhile knows it is all a lie and wouldn't abase himself. I've certainly seen managers who care about nothing other than getting their rocks off. That's the norm in management, whether it is male or female.

But yeah, you're not really obligated to hire females. That's just politically correct talk and they wrote those affirmative action policies to give HR the maximum control over hiring and firing. By making it a system, any identity they don't want to hire can be marked and Othered, while making a legal fiction that this is about "justice". None of this was a thing that the struggling groups were actually asking for. Most of the downtrodden were asking for basic things, not a token of esteem from managers which can be withdrawn at any time. The legal system exists so that a class of lawyers and social workers can leverage it and keep themselves relevant, rather than the presumed purpose of justice. When push comes to shove, every manager hires and fires whomever they like, and makes the excuse. The way HR is designed is to create a bureaucratic rigamarole, so that it doesn't appear superficially that what is happening is happening; and then if someone tries to agitate against the managers, they have a legion of HR ghouls and lawyers defending them. That's all it ever was. They spit on anyone who thinks it was about giving them a chance. Mostly, the policies were set up because they didn't want to keep the white men and wanted the eugenic pressure on them to be intensified, as a prelude to taking all that wealth that those white men possessed. Once the wealth is extracted, the white men are induced to support fascist faggotry, just as they were trained to, and then the world becomes even worse. The reprisal is turned against the supposed groups that were to be elevated, and then eventually against everyone but a select group that won the game. It's all Social Darwinist and intended to be so.

I would just say hire who you like. If you're small, you don't have to be equal opportunity. More people are out of the W-2 system and have to sell themselves on the free market, so they can be paid peanuts and have no benefits whatsoever. That's the new economy, until they make everyone slaves anyway. If you have a concern, hire your own people, make a shit test that only the people who get it will pass, and no one will be any wiser. The manager has all of the cards when it comes to employment law. Only large firms have to contend with HR policies, and that's a choice they make rather than a burden on them. Basically, it's part of the deal to keep a class of technical workers and clerks happy, so they feed on the imperial largesse and participate in the siege against humanity. I've found there are basically no succubi who would operate at any level I would desire if I wanted something actually useful, and I really don't like talking with succubi about anything productive. It doesn't occur to most of them that there is a productive economy outside of the spheres they're trained to enter, not that we really produce much in society these days. Why produce when no one has money to buy anything? Increasingly the market exists purely to feed a small middle strata, while the rich have their own supply lines, appropriate for a siege.


No W-2 means you don't have to file fedearal income taxes. Benefits only exist due to FDR-era wage controls and suchlike, and a great many people would be better off being personally insured for what actually is worth the money, and managing their own savings. Collective bargainin at the corporate level for better rates can be a plus, but that's not in any danger of disappearing, and requires a sufficiently large corporation to be effective anyway.

And of course smaller outfits can always band together for group discounts that employes can opt in to. Once again, free market doesn't mean chaos and suffering. Just provides for a little more balance in favor of people for whom the collective is a less attractive option.


We don't live in a free market, if you've been paying attention. Of course, "free markets" are always a myth and a story. What we live in today is exactly what a capitalist would want the workplace to be - a slog where the workers are never safe and the wages are kept as low as possible for everything a manager or a capitalist would want. No capitalist wants the worker to have a moment of security, and that's why you find the leaders of capitalism promoting this bureaucracy harder than ever. In the past, the system of wage controls was a way to restructure capitalism to compete with planned economies and build a national security state, because that was very necessary. If you actually followed what the Randroids wanted, the entire machine used to enforce order and drive down wages would crumble in days. No one is actually stupid enough to believe in capitalism. They figured that out after the first world war, hence why the creation of today's banking system to give the monopolists basically unlimited money, so they can do things they couldn't do before.

I think you're presuming I'm making some moral claim in defense of an existing ideology, which I'm not. The way things are is intended to suck and drive out anyone who would want to live honestly. Of course, if we wanted to actually do the thing we wanted from the start, we wouldn't be in hock to banks at all and wouldn't be answering to managers who have stated explicitly they want us to suffer and die. You can't negotiate with managers who want you to suffer and die, no matter what theory or system you're imagining. That's been the real problem - that we have senseless competition over nothing, while the actual output of firms is planned so that the carnage continues. The whole thing is set up so a bunch of grody buddies can fuck each other and have their orgy-porgy. They don't care about what theory or excuse they use to do it.

I don't have any good business advice, other than - don't believe anything about the free market, cover your ass, and know that it's all scams. The banks will tell you they don't want any productive economy. A productive economy just gives the people ideas that they can have nice things, if only society were arranged differently. Get rid of the productive base, ship it to China and shittify it, and make everyone into petty-managers and service peons who are humiliated for decades, and you get the return of chattel slavery, which is what the rulers of this godforsaken Satanic country always wanted.


oh nice a textwall, i will read it once i am sober again 🥳

…and just for protection i will copy it into a textfile in case that mod with the itchy trigger finger shows up.


>blah blah blah blah if I don't like it it's capitalism


File: 1675547522079.mp4 (1.04 MB, 640x360, 16:9, crowder it's just business.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


thank you for your textwall. i guess since i'll be non-profit it will be a little bit different then in the for-profit realm but i still appreciate the insights kind sir.

>But yeah, you're not really obligated to hire females.

legally no, culturally probably because if i don't there will be a series of unlucky coincidences and problems. there might be break-ins and theft and sabotage and bot-propelled internet-hate on places like yelp and facebook that i don't even want to know that i exist. i do not intend to be open to the public until years from now.

sooner or later some 70 year old evil retired succubi with a dog patrolling the neighborhood who likes to start shit and hurt everyone around her will show up and look for ways to destroy.

or some ugly femcel will appear and smoke right across from the entrance and then she will see all the attractive dudes coming and going, she will start to make pictures with her cursed iphone of the people coming and going and send them to her ugly friends who are also unwanted and then there will be all kinds of accidents, mishapps and a streak of bad luck will emerge. succubi do not understand consent, they hate it. they want it for themselves but whoever they are interested in better endure all the fruitless attempts of approaching without minding.

i would need way better security then i could possibly afford. the real art is to keep it a secret that the people in this place are healthy, happy and loving live because this attracts all the scum.


>You can't negotiate with managers who want you to suffer and die, no matter what theory or system you're imagining. That's been the real problem - that we have senseless competition over nothing, while the actual output of firms is planned so that the carnage continues. The whole thing is set up so a bunch of grody buddies can fuck each other and have their orgy-porgy. They don't care about what theory or excuse they use to do it.

until large parts of the population understand that being homeless is objectively better then working most jobs, which is what currently seems to be happening in murica.

all my life i asked why people just don't refuse to work shit jobs and then all the shit jobs die out. i'd rather starve then work at a mcdonalds.


File: 1675547984689.mp4 (753.86 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, chappelle name your price.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>I don't have any good business advice, other than - don't believe anything about the free market, cover your ass, and know that it's all scams.

i am so distrustful of anything that is surviving the current conditions on the "free market" i would rather set up any business that i would require the services of myself and have them operate at breakeven then try to do business with the existing scumbags.


>i'm brainstorming on a company i am trying to start
So did op make any moves irl towards actually doing anything yet or is it still theorycraft and hypotheticals?


>So did op make any moves irl towards actually doing anything yet or is it still theorycraft and hypotheticals?

very little direct progress. tomorrow i can refine the idea a bit. steps to minimize distraction are progressing at least. i guess what petrifies me most is the knowledge of what and only what in this world is allowed to prosper while everything else is being burned as fuel.


Shrunken wage fund. No one is getting a choice.
If you want to starve you get picked up and tortured in the prison system or institutions. They don't just let homeless people live. If it were really easy, the streets would be full of homeless. The powers that be like to keep the predatory on the streets to make homelessness a nightmare you can't escape. They're not going to let you have a clean death, either. All about maximizing that torture.

Ultimate goal is to induce people to commit suicide, deny them easy options to do so, so the suffering is dragged out. People are taught to simultaneously embrace death and fear it, so that the terror at the moment of death is maximized. Satanism revels in these contradictions, which is why a philosophy of contradiction was promoted as a ruling idea.

There are a lot of pratfalls to doing business. Credentialing and lawyers want to make you depend on them for everything, so you don't take a shit without paying them tribute. It does depend on what you want to do, though. If you're just doing something like making software or video games, it was one of the few areas that were not poisoned by credentialing. You can tell because the only thing they really cared about doing for the past 50 years was building the computers that would be used for their new model of slavery. That was about the only area of work where creativity was encouraged, to the extent that a bare minimum would be done. With everything else, the institutions are set up to do nothing or actively regress the state of affairs. Neoliberalism involved cannibalizing everything except that which was in favor of the coming slave society.

The same problem of the shrunken wage fund affects the capitalists outside the oligarchy. That was something the struggling capitalists were saying around the turn of the 20th century - that they were adopting the complaints of the middle class and felt they were the people, which they were, and they were being oppressed by the monopolists. So no matter what you do, you're always operating in a rigged competition, and the whole point is to make people play ball with the oligarchy and this mafia. The capitalist system does not reward initiative at all. You only rise as far as they allow you, no more; and the way they set it up, you're basically locked in whatever you got assigned by the end of high school. It's actually hard to fall in rank as long as you play by their rules and don't run afoul of eugenics, which is the only thing they actually care about. So many take for granted what was stolen from the underclass. But then, many people are trained to not see where they truly stand, until they learn the truth that it was all a lie.

We could talk about how it could be different, but the sad reality is that too many are invested in the current mafia and too few really would want to do the necessary work to conceive of something truly different. Giving everything to the government is about the worst thing you could do if you wanted a democratic form of socialism, and no actually existing socialism entailed taking from the people. The places where socialism happened were places where there weren't strong capitalists, and what would be the capitalists wound up joining the Communist Party and becoming bureaucrats, or they were forced to join the communists at gunpoint because that was the system. There wasn't a successful middle class in Russia or China, which makes the program of socialism really strange if you think about what was originally pointed to. The places that had a large middle class and conditions for socialism like Germany and America decisively turned against the very idea of socialism and proposed this weird thing that was the exact opposite, but did so in the name of socialism.

"Non-profit" has a pretty clear legal definition. I'm guessing what you are starting is a small firm or proprietorship. You're going to be so small that social stigma isn't likely to be a factor.
The world is not Extremely Online. The people who advance this narrative of being "cancelled" are media influencers who make their stock and trade by selling the idea that the narrative is everything and that we live in a post-truth world. It's all nonsense and intended to be so, part of the vast lying and disinfo that came in after 2000. Obama and the NGO assholes fund those shitheads. It's a jobs program for the college educated crowd and they all feed from the trough because they're in the know. They follow a script and know what side of the war they're on. It's shills, plus a lot of bots to grant the appearance that this movement is bigger than it is. Most people on the internet just use it for business or watching videos, maybe contribute a few things, and they know never to dare speak of anything coded "political" which is increasingly personal matters like sexual proclivities.

Anyway I doubt normal people care about your hiring policies if you're small potatoes. If you have actual capital, I don't think you'd be posting on wizchan talking about a garage startup. As far as those policies actually matter, they are relevant for larger firms that are propped up by the oligarchy. You're more likely to be knocked over by some mafia guys for not paying into a protection racket, than to have some bluehairs come at you about respecting trans rights or any such eugenist nonsense. Normal people laugh at that whole leftist political correctness bit and hold it in contempt. It's only ever something done in larger corporations, because it keeps the employees on edge and makes them jump through another hoop. No one takes the diversity coordinator stuff seriously - it's a jobs program to pay off some opportunists, and wind up screwing the people they're ostensibly protecting. Talk to ordinary poor folks, black workers, gay workers, whatever, and they will tell you they don't get shit from any of that political correctness shit.


Stop glamorizing the pyramids


Gangs are hardly unique to capitalism. Gangs will always exist. Just like the black market will always exist.


I never said it was any other way, you kneejerk idiot. I don't think you can comprehend written words since your lizard brain read "capitalism bad" and the programming was activated. Literal brainwashing.


You distinctly blamed capitalism in your final paragraph. Any system, even straight prison, results in gangs. That's human nature.


>They don't just let homeless people live

probably not. especially not in the inner city where many sheep will see them. those bums in the inner city are either actual bums that are constantly tortured and harassed either by cops or just other supporting actors or they are themselves supporting actors pretending to be bums as an excuse to be somewhere. for the bums it would look like they are constantly haunted by bad luck while in reality it will be organized harassment and torture because otherwise that bum might end up feeling good about life and every bum feeling good about life will make any normie (that was tricked into working a job the normie hates) question things the establishment does not want to be questioned. there is nothing more dangerous to capitalism then happy poor people. poor people are supposed to suffer and that suffering has to be artificially created by dogowners.

>You're going to be so small that social stigma isn't likely to be a factor.

i guess you never encountered the type of attention i was trying to describe to know that it is possible. you know michael jackson could not even go to a supermarket because fans would recognize him and start to scream for an autograph and sheit. they would go crazy. i learned you don't have to be famous or a good dancer or even be known for people to go crazy about you in a similar fashion. there is a spiritual path to this. people can unlock stuff inside them so that random strangers turn into fucking animals in the drop off a hat and completely lose any concept of personal boundaries. michael jackson had it easy because he was rich. now imagine michael jackson wasn't rich and could not afford a nice big house with private security. funny enough the tortured homeless are closest to realizing their potential in this manner but of course they are are not left to unluck their potential and instead get irl ddos attacked. lol what also helps unlocking potantial in that manner is the disregard of females. trust me when i say anything social has no choice but to grow into problems, after all problems are how those who don't deserve attention hijack the human cultures to get the attention they desire. i wish they knew what a nightmare human attention is. maybe the nightmarish secluded problem-infested life of internet-influencers with millions of followers will somehow illuminate this problem someday.

>Anyway I doubt normal people care about your hiring policies if you're small potatoes.

if you are an ugly female and you try to get close to me you will look long and hard to find any possible problem that justifies investigating me and thus reaching your goal of being close to me. i might look for a place to move to where there just aren't any succubi to build this because they would destroy it same way they destroyed the internet.

>I'm guessing what you are starting is a small firm or proprietorship.

i just try to build a place where dudes like me can't be bothered and tortured by evil succubi or evil governments while doing the thing they are good at. lol a safe space for interesting innocent guys who are habitually treated like slaves and criminals despite never breaking a law or a heart.


File: 1675621570707.jpg (122.98 KB, 1080x581, 1080:581, human nature capitalism.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Gangs will always exist

that means in a few years when anti gang technology emerges you will not have seen it coming and your world view will be shattered. if you paid attention you could have seen early signs though as they are already visible but i guess a person skilled in defending the idea of gangs is already deeply rooted in denial.


When you're writing business letters, you'll want to appear professional. So, I'd suggest capitalizing the start of every sentence and also making sure to capitalize the word "I."



when the sage points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger.


You're right, but you're right in a way that is irrelevant. Caring about the details does matter in this world, and especially in the business world, even if you're correct that it's dumb. Think about how many businesses failed with amazing ideas just because their competitors marketed a dumber, terrible product in a flashier manner.

You're worried about hiring bad people, but what kind of people are you going to hire if you post a job listing that isn't even written correctly? That seems to be a much more basic and fundamental concern than the higher order concern of hiring people who won't backstab you. At the rate you're going, you're likely to not even be able to hire someone who can use a computer and drain your bank account, let alone concoct a megolomaniacal scheme of revenge against you.

I apologize if these are harsh words, but I would sit down and maybe do some listing and analysis or something in order to come to a better list of priorities here.


Wow you are a stupid shit and you need to get out of the rightoid faggotry. You do realize the thought leaders advancing that shit are laughing at you? These people laugh when you repeat their stupid memes like "human nature" being used as an excuse for the shittiness of a few people. Humans don't have to act like stupid shits about everything possible and most humans manage not to do that. If they acted in the way an ancap retard believed, humans could never form a society. Every time this Randian thinking on how to act is followed, it only works by leeching off of anyone who actually works. The only time that thinking was ascendant was when a bunch of money was pumped into it during 1970-2000, and it was always used to justify looting many of the old capitalist firms that were no longer useful, so oligarchs can pick and choose winners. Hilariously the people who were shrieking and selling this narrative that "economic planning is impossible" were carrying out a very stringent economic plan. The plan was to strip from capitalism any firm that actually produced a damn thing, so the current tech monopolies can be propped up by the oligarchy and realign the activity of the global market towards depopulation and destruction. That's all it was. You're a fag for enabling it.

At any rate, nothing I wrote even entailed "blaming capitalism". You're just a cowardly fag who won't engage with what humanity even is, and I have no interest in listening to the derail of children. The adults are talking. Perhaps you can learn.

I'm guessing you are not Michael Jackson levels of (in)famous. Yes, I know there are people who just like to do the paparazzi thing. There are shitty people all over who just love to insinuate shit about anyone they can. I've lived through that since I was a child. You do have to put the actions of those people into perspective, and see that not everyone is like them, and not everyone should be like them. Those people are a contributor to the rot and they know exactly what they are doing. Most people, however shitty they are, recognize the thing you're talking about as a behavior that disallows any sort of free society or a society that is fit for habitation. There are literally CIA manuals about how to use these shrieking insinuations for psychological warfare, and I think you can figure out Americans are under assault by a massively coordinated program of psychologically warfare. Obama elevated it and made it explicit policy for the US government to treat its own population like a conquered foreign nation, but Obama is only the logical outcome of something the rulers of America always believed. Anyway, the strategy to defend yourself is not to expect that the insinuators and cajolers are going to stop. People like the other idiot I respond to are always there to say stupid shit about "human nature" and the inevitability of absolute moral depravity, like it's some magical chant. People like that, and the people who are quick to use lawfare in the way you describe, are following the same trend. You can only run away from those people or fear them for so long until it becomes necessary to call them fags, whether you do it to their face or mutter it behind them and with the many other people in the world who are screwed by their shitty behavior. Most of us share a common cause of being terrorized by this essentially Satanic morality that causes people to say and do such shitty things.

I'm just telling you that if someone starts saying "you must hire so and so for this job", the proper response is to ignore it, unless you have some obligation to honor some "fair hiring practice" which none of the managers care about. I don't think you'd have anything to worry about if you're a closed shop.


Not him, but my writing style on this sort of an image board is tailored to fit in some way with the ambient norms. My writing style for business internal business emails, external communications, and academic publications are all tailored to their particular applications.

You're not wrong to remind him, and it is good practice to adopt a degree of routine formatility when that's gone rusty, but neither one of us knows what sort of decorum he'd use for whatever workplace application.


Fair points.


>You're not wrong to remind him

i think he is because because by expecting me to tailor my communication he demonstrates his ignorance towards the advantages of untailored communication, the socially limited scope of his horizon and his unquestioning loyalty for culture. nobody i would ever care to listen to.


>I'm just telling you that if someone starts saying "you must hire so and so for this job", the proper response is to ignore it

i'd very much like to live in a world where it is that easy and where people understand no and fuck off instead of just changing the strategy and remain stalking.

i don't think i conveyed the situation good enough to you but even if i did i doubt anyone here knows how to deal with such situations.


…are you saying spelling is racist?


I don't know why you think you are in that situation. Every employer I've heard of scoffs at the idea that they have to hire certain identity groups. The only reason that exists is because large firms were being cannibalized and the policy allowed for a pretext to reject applicants based on yet more arbitrary criteria. None of it is real - ask the vast majority of minorities that are supposed to benefit from that policy how well things have worked for them, and they'll tell you management always finds a way to hire and fire whomever they want.

There are ways employers can be harassed through lawfare, but the stated policy isn't the mechanism they use to do that. That's always been a policy of management, and it was intended to replace one system of nepotism with another - to replace the older good old boy network with a network of college graduates who are all inducted into an alien culture. The liberals openly talk of basically splitting the human race in two, and there will be a group selected to live and a group selected to die. When it comes to hiring peons to do the actual work, none of that policy matters. If you ask most black people how much they benefit from those policies, they'll laugh at you. It mostly exists so that the institutions important to the state hire minorities, and the government likes having employees it can treat like shit and that are seen as alien to the ruled - and those who made it are set apart from those who didn't, so there's another game of turning the black race against each other. If you read about the history of these things and why those policies exist, they just admit that they're racists and proud of it, and none of it was about "justice". They don't mind having a few tokens, and they like having ammunition to harass rando people.

IDK if I mentioned the Masterpiece Cake Shop guy, but he did in the end win his legal battle when some assholes waged lawfare. The law and precedent would be on your side when it comes to managing your own affairs.

Given that the racists have been rehabilitated, I don't see what you think you have to worry about on that front. In the major cities they got segregation back. Turns out the white trash yokels weren't the ones who gave a shit about that, and it was always about advancing eugenics. The liberals have always been deeply racist and push a lot of this sexual politics shit, and their rightist counterparts did their best to enable it.

Anyway, there will always be assholes who want to rattle your cage and take your shit from you. That's life in an oligarchy. You don't fucking cry about how mean it is and expect them to stop out of niceness. You hold your ground and know what you can and can't do. I'm telling you again - if you go out in the world, most people scoff at that social justice shit, and it's only a few people still trying to keep it alive. The rulers themselves have abandoned it, since they got what they wanted out of it. You can see how the socjus messaging shifted from destabilization to support for the imperial project - and that's why they got bluehairs to go to Ukraine and fight for literal Nazis, and get bluehairs to join the police. That's anarchists for you.


There's a time and a place for everything. Sometimes being an effective communicator is more important than doing whatever you want, especially if you're being paid to be effective or if you're in charge and you want to make sure something gets done right.


>I don't know why you think you are in that situation.

did you even read the thread? i've said it at once, probably more that the legal perspective is not the issue. the issue is succubi turning into monsters when they see attractive men enjoying their life and getting along with each other. peaceful harmony is their hunting grounds. they will behave like spies trying to gather nuclear secrets because that is the reality of sought after men and unfortunately you kind of have to qualify to understand that succubi even behave that way.

bless you but you don't understand what is happening and the quality of your advice reflects this. you don't cause car crashes when you walk by succubi driving. i don't worry about feminists tweeting about me because they understood that i don't hire succubi.

i worry about the neighborhood where there are succubi who will have feelings for me and the employees and those feelings will make them justify the atrocities. feelings are very powerful and you don't want violent creatures to have them for you…


Write a book about this >>201643



i don't have much more on the topic unfortunately. modern corporate structure is set up not in the interest of the customers, not set up in the interest of the employees, not even set up in the interest of the founder or owner but in the interest of changing owners as quickly as possible.

when you look at companies that operate on the stock market then this changing of the guards is baked into the structure of the company. i consider those forms toxic. rich investors should not be the primary benefactors of any companies.

even more simple forms of limited liability that just get sold whole are rotten to me.

there might be a cultural shift coming soon where decentralization is finally recognized for it's numerous advantages.

another possibility i see is that the current systems simply collapse under their own greed the same way the roman empire collapsed. empires don't last forever, luckily.

what i try to imagine is a company that would survive sudden economic catastrophies. i can roughly outline a set of ideas that would make a company survive the complete collapse of the currency of the host counry and continue operation almost as if nothing happened.

would take a long while to set it up like that but i think it is funny to have something that is so ridiculously self-sustaining that it would survive hyper-inflation, civil war, food shortages, bioweapons and whatever else nasty my paranoid brain can come up. all while barely existing numbers-wise and looking like a bunch of homeless doing recycling all day and mostly hauling around simple materials like cardboard and wood.

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