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Hello everyone,

A little about myself first. So not that long ago I turned forty. I have poked my head in every year or two to this imageboard.

I remember years ago a big thing about getting sort of wizardly powers and certain things happening that never seemed to materialize. So now I am forty, I want to step back and inquire if I missed something or is something going to happen now that I am forty or is it more of the same? Thank you.


File: 1673406694593.png (409.23 KB, 512x512, 1:1, deepnude_andre.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here… I'll post an early deep fake I made of Andre to help stimulate conversation.


The magic is attaining such an age without the horrors of the real world bearing down on your shoulders. Constant arguments, divorce, problem children, obligations, other people forcing you to live beyond your means… But the true magic that never ends is your time. Even a wagie wizard has 10 times the -true- free time and no baggage dragging you down. Your time is your own. Should you choose to waste it, that's your decision. But it is a gift wholly unknown to anyone who doesn't attain the ranks of wizardry. Learn, study, create, destroy, rebuild, explore, discover… It's all yours for the taking, whenever you want it. Don't feel like it? You can actually rest. Real rest, on your terms. Follow the path with this realisation and the magic will compound, creating a 'you' that is but a dream for the normie.


You're 20 years older than me, you could literally be my father


My father was 50 when I was born. Everyone thought he was my grandpa.


which online site do you use? i only have crappy ones, yours seems great.


That is so beautiful, thank you for this post.


I had to buy the house and 82 acres from my fathers company when he died. Half was my money and maybe half inheritance.


18 brazil


you're still a virgin right?

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