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masturbation and porn addicts are like normalfaggot alcoholics who critizice and look down on everyone who doesn't drink alcohol and partake in their vice because it's disgusting. Sex is disgusting and you're the crazy people for having sex and masturbating, not us.
Asexual pride
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based OP causing so much butthurt to crabs and failed normies.


>200 replies about Fucking masturbating is Right or not

Actual mental illness. Masturbating is with humanity since the dawn of time, only mental ill people would denial it.

Take your meds, schizos. For real.


Yeah masturbation has been around since the ancients, but the thing is, those men of the past did it way less often than modern men, primarily because internet porn wasn't a thing and they didn't have to be very physically attractive and socially dominant to be able to get laid.


I feel incredibly powerful and proud of myself. I am filled with a sense of relief and happiness. I am also very grateful that I was able to accomplish this goal. Overall, I feel like I have really overcome a major obstacle in my life—and I am excited to see what else I can achieve! I am also aware that this is not the end of my journey, just a small step in the right direction. I am confident that I will continue to grow and learn in the future, and that I will be able to take on any challenge.


>everything i don't like is mental illness.
>Take your meds, schizos.
Meds won't work unless you eat big spoon of shit and go back to reddit or whatever you crawled from, faggot.
For real.


>stop liking what i don't like!
Who asked you and why should anybody care?


wiz culture is a meme


File: 1674255136876.png (403.43 KB, 444x527, 444:527, Gonorrhea is becoming unst….png) ImgOps iqdb

This holier than thou bullshit is the reason people hate non-sex-havers.

>masturbation and porn addicts are like normalfaggot alcoholics who critizice and look down on everyone who doesn't drink alcohol
No, fap addicts know they're addicted and that it is not good. They look up to those who have not fallen into their habit, see them as an inspiration, and see themselves as a warning for what young men should not let themselves become.

>partake in their vice because it's disgusting. Sex is disgusting and you're the crazy people for having sex and masturbating, not us.

As part of a sexually reproducing species you are being insincere about the nature of reality. If truly asexual, and not just coping by adding that label to your celibate lifestyle, consider yourself to have a unique gift. But you are still human, and recognize that other humans see satisfying sexual urges much the same as their need for food and water. Every person exists because other people had sex.

>Asexual pride



How many times have YOU had sex? 3?


0, but I'm not going to pretend like I'm asexual or a monk. My ideal is to abstain from porn and masturbation, but I am susceptible to that as well as other addictive behaviors and substances. Though even when succeeding in eliminating that habit, I still feel sexual arousal when I see certain things right in front of me. Actual monks taught me to accept sexual feelings and let them go, not to try to deny or suppress them, nor can any lustful urges ever be satisfied, it's an endless pursuit, whether masturbating or just fantasizing. The inevitable thing would seem to just grow out of it eventually, that didn't magically happen when turning 30, but as I get closer to 40 I'm having gradually less lustful thoughts and urge to masturbate, though that still happens often now.


All wizards masturbate, it would be unhealthy not to do so for a man, this sissy op probably drinks his own piss and thinks that makes him healthy but it is keeping his dick soft so he makes excuses about why not to whack it.


A real wizard will never be a porn addict or a chronic masturbator. They're just failed normalfaggots and degenerates who are crabs but don't wanna hurt their egos so they remain virgins.


ive been mastrubating since before i even knew about porn/succubi/dating/relationships. it predates all that as a simple pleasure activity


sure thing porn addict.


do spontaneous orgasms count as fapping? After not fapping for a long time I've started to regularly orgasm without touching myself when I'm laying in bed, it usually happens right after I wake up in the morning, I don't understand how it's possible to never orgasm ever, if you don't do it, as I did, then your body will literally force you to do it the same way succubi body force them to spit out unused eggs, sexuality is literally inevitable


by your language, you sound like an average tradcuck whose are obsessed with breeding in one form or another. But i'll give you the benefit of doubt.

See, i do believe in nofap/semen retention or whatever you like to call it, but i don't force this lifestyle on people. I don't think it Works for everyone, not even for every wizard. There are people who fap and still have a much better life than yours, idiot.

Nofap is just a tool for achieve certain things, but you treat it like a cult. Its a method, there's nothing special about it. Make good use of it, but don't romanticize it.


so many coping masturbation and porn addicts in this good thread. Pretty straight logic, if you're obsessed with sex you're not a wizard.


File: 1674540182276.png (133.97 KB, 630x487, 630:487, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Also, complementing: You should quit porn, 100%.

I see pornography, without external interference and investment from big companies, as something neutral. Always existed, always will exist. No matter what the delusional tradcucks are telling you, its a normal thing, it exists in every culture.

HOWEVER, should a wizard stay away from porn? Hmm.. Yeah. Will he stop being a wizard for watching it? Of course not. Damn, wizard is not the same as a monk. A mage is, first of all, a free man. Part of a mage wisdom comes from experiences, tests. If you see or have seen pornography, don't worry. However, it is relevant that the magician stops watching pornography, yes. It makes total sense.

Just don't fall into the tradcuck trap, that shit almost like a cult, a religion. learn to separate things, learn to look at things with neutrality.


Most reasonable posts on this topic. Thank you.
(the trad posting has completely become an ironic joke now, no one takes that seriously)


the fuck is all this "trad"?
do you mean tard?


It is retarded and it further shows the mindset of them since they expose their own political views without even knowing it. At least even the mods have acknowledged that there's a big amount of leftist progressive types on here who shit up every thread. It calmed down a bit because the worst of them got banned after he had a meltdown but they are still here and claim that we're getting invaded by poltards even though the mods confirmed that its not true.


This site is full of infiltrated succubi, and trans "men"


Especially if you dare to look into the /b/ board it seems like your assumptions are true


Nah, i'm just sick of this same behavior everywhere. See, you're in a point of your life where you may suspect something(that porn is bad) and then instantly look down at the people who still struggling with it, or the people who simply don't have a problem with it whatsoever. And then act like you're some kind of moral superiority while the others are "degenerate". Life doesn't work like that.

I know nofap long, long before it became mainstream, I spent years testing it to come to my conclusions. There's a lot of truth about nofap, but a lot of lies too. I talked about tradcucks because they have this kind of superiority complex, most of them, its nothing personal.


It's like everyone here has something to prove, so they can't take a moderate, sensible stance on anything ever. It's virtue signaling to score purity credibility points.

Maybe they could learn a thing or two from actual monks, starting with humility.


File: 1674554224133.jpg (76.34 KB, 720x405, 16:9, Welcome-to-the-NHK-3.3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have a lot of respect for the guys who take it to the next level and barely even fap or look at porn, but lets be real, wizard/internet virgin culture was always about being complete failures with succubi, either voluntarily or involuntarily, avoiding porn had nothing to do with it. The typical hobbies (anime, vidya, reading, porn) and traits (autism, shyness, anti-social, general weirdness) were all things that connected us. In a way I think porn and fapping is almost like a hallmark of the group, for better or for worse.


Porn and fapping wasn't promoted here that much in the past


i love porn, as a devotee of the red lady babylon, i get immense pleasure. Tantric fapping is godlike, but i guess we have alot of "righthand" wizzies here lol.




>wasn't promoted
No shit, but masturbating to porn is something most men do, and it's the primary cope for the unavoidably heterosexual 20-40 year olds who haven't ascended to monk mode yet.


people who say cringe ugh


his post warranted it


high IQ OP butthurting the coomers and degenerates who are everywhere on this site.



"Neuroscientist here (computational neurosci, but still)
Porn is indeed highly damaging, moreso than other stimuli that potentiate the nucleus accumbens.
a) incurs LTD in key neural networks in the mesolimbic pathway, vagus nerve, basal ganglia, striatum and obviously the nucleus accumbens.
b)due to neural facilitation even satelite networks are affected.
c)it upregulates the enzymes that degrade and reuptake dopamine in the synaptic ion channels
d)it incurs sensitization of key neural networks and pathways to the PSNS, often resulting to paraphilias, erection issues, nitric oxide issues, anhedonia, unfortunate associations between the sexual arousal system and the amygdala (associations are normal but porn exacerbates them)
e)potentiation of the "tool use" nucleus of the somatosensory system of the parietal lobe, resulting in dissociation with regards to arousal and paraphilias.

You are effectively poisoning your brain with the "reward" and "anticipation" neurotransmitter. You are training your brain to seek reward via porn. But neurons recquire novelty so paraphilias develop.
At the same time your brain tackles the shock from immense amounts of dopamine by creating an excess amount of enzymes that degrade and reuptake dopamine before it can reach the receptors of satelite neurons. Effectively introducing the building blocks for several types of depression.
Moreover, the method of stimulus introduces dissonance, your brain interacts with the experience by assessing it as something passive, via the somatosensory system. This has an evolutionary perpose, but it's highly disruptive since it increases the risk of anxiety disorders over time and it might affect how the parasympathetic system does its part in sexual arousal. Ergo, erectile issues, arousal related anxiety disorders, anhedonia and rarely even heart palpitations and circulation issues."


how is looking like a pretentious faggot supposed to help your argument


now proof and explanation. because it's ridiculous to hear that the root of my problems is porn and not this absolute fucking retarded unbalanced clown world.


Reminds me of the Alexander's Rat Park experiments (not Calhoun's Rat Utopia experiments).


I've heard those were kind of a meme


I've heard that the proof that sqrt(2) is irrational is kind of a meme.


Finally some common sense in here. I'm honestly sick of these holier than thou acting jerks who've been virtue signaling like crazy in these threads. Acting like "we're the real wizards and shit cause we haven't jerked off in a week!!!"


Oh neat. So I've been a real wizard for the past week? And to think I wasted all this potential on drinking. You ever wonder if you'll be there on your death bed and think to yourself
>oh *that*
>damn. I never thought that would be my last fap.
>how lame and now I can't even make the last time I'll ever fap really be something to go out on


coomers last wish was to have coomed and watched more porn KEK!


many coomers are butthurt when they're called out on their normalfag vice


Are we roleplaying as priests now?

While I agree that porn addiction is bad for your mental health, denying your needs and nature as a man doesn't sound like a good idea to me, especially when you're young, it never ends well. That's how priests end up becoming degenerates that prey on little boys and shit like that


All this nofap business stems from the wishful belief that these people hold where they think they just need to do one thing and then all of their problems will be fixed. It really is never that simple but these people will still claim that they gained magic powers and other bullshit from not touching their dick for a few weeks


File: 1675481524236.jpg (213.5 KB, 1140x1024, 285:256, FkSaBzeaEAAX5i0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's a placebo. they may FEEL like they have powers but they actually DON'T
Isn't that still good though?

Man-sama feels as though he is too weak/stupid/poisoned to read the new volume of a manga he is interested in. Maybe Man-sama is right about his self-judgement; maybe he's wrong. Nobody can really know. Man-sama asks his fellow men for advice. Man-sama explains that he's not on drugs, nor does he have any underlying mental health issues. He's just a normal virgin man who isn't feeling up to the task of doing the easy things he used to enjoy. He explains that he cums serveral times a week on to a picture of Sailor Venus (important).

Guy-domo tells Man-sama that if Man-sama stops the daily Sailor Venus cum tributes, man-sama will have more energy, focus, and clarity. Guy-domo offers some scientific papers, some articles, and swears from personal experience that not cumming will positively influence mood and health.

Man-sama is skeptical. He read some science about brain chemicals and testosterone increase but he doesn't understand it completely and the guy who wrote it all looks like an albino gorilla. Man-sama figures he has absolutely nothing to lose by forgoing the daily cum tribute so he might as well stop fapping for a bit for closure on the claims. He takes Guy-domo's advice and zips his pants.

Days later Man-sama feels better than usual. Maybe he has more energy, maybe the thought of reading his manga excites him a bit. He had an alright sleep and feels more confident in his ability to confront his problems and pursue his desires. WOW! That's great. Man-sama recognizes that the only recent change in his routine was his cessation of The Venusian Splooge. He now knows that, through his own decision to take advice from a fellow, he's overcome a serious hurdle afflicting his enjoyment of life. He figures as long as he doesn't fap, he will be able to enjoy manga once again. He's ecstatic at the revelation that he's not powerless to crawl out from the dark void of anhedonia. Man-sama is happy again.

Now let's say:
Man-sama's heightened mood wasn't actually a result of his penile disregardation. Maybe he ate something that gave him a bit of energy, maybe the air was fresher that day, maybe he slept in a better position and got a better rest. Maybe he was just thinking happy thoughts influenced by something he saw on the PC and that spiraled in to a moment of clarity. There are a infinite explanations for why he felt more capable that day. Maybe that thing happens all the time and Man-sama experiences this flash of joy several times each day.

What's important here is that, regardless of what caused Man-sama to smile, he associated the feeling with an action he made the conscious decision to participate in. Ever since he made the decision to follow Guy-domo's advice, all he's had on his mind is "don't fap and I might be happier". Every time he saw that clock strike his normal fap time, he thought "Don't fap = be happy". Every time he saw his Sailor Venus phone lock screen, he though "Not now love, I'm not fapping so I can be happy again". the thought of fap fap fap became an obsession with don't fap, don't fap, don't fap. So now, when he feels this burst of happiness, his chain of thought goes something like:
>I feel different
>I feel happier than usual
>Why do I feel happier than usual?
(Now normally, he would say "I don't know, might be this, might be that. Time to fap" until it goes away.)
But now, he remembers:
>I am doing something many guys have said will make me a bit happier
>I started doing that to feel happier
>now I am happier
>I made myself happier through my own actions
>I helped myself
>I am not powerless to leave the clutches of sadness
>I am in control, I have power over myself, I have power over how I feel
>I am ecstatic; I have regained a piece of myself. I will now read manga and enjoy it.

And just like that, Man-sama has come to the very important realization that his anhedonia, his brainfog, and his boredom were all caused by something unhealthy he was doing, and that not doing it anymore has given him strength to enjoy things once again. Now if everything in orange so far is true and his depressive state was just superficial, that still doesn't invalidate the fact that not fapping has objectively improved his mental health.

You read of "depressive spirals"?
Man feels sad ; doesn't know why ; feels helpless ; gets sad because he's helpless ; gets sad because he's sad because he's helpless ; experiences a RANDOM bout of happiness ; becomes sad because he knows the happiness will pass ; becomes convinced there is no hope to feel better ; depression

Well recovery spirals are just the inverse
Man feels sad ; doesn't know why ; feels helpless ; asks for advice on how to feel better ; takes advice ; experiences a RANDOM bout of happiness ; attributes happiness to his own action ; becomes convinced he can enhance his mood from actions ; no longer feels helpless ; continues to experiment with new actions ; continues to feel better

And just like that, Man-sama is happy. He spreads his testimony of NoFap online. He hopes he will help another man feel happy again. He calls naysayers succubi who need to get the fuck off his board.


While placebo may or may not be beneficial, I don't feel like refraining completely from fapping is level headed thinking, but rather a harmful thing to do to yourself that really sounds like an unhealthy obsession or preoccupation to think about so much when it only takes 1-2 minutes out of your day to do. Like anything else, fap in moderation, I've never had any problems with once a day when I was a teenager. Whenever I've gone long periods without fapping I just end up cumming in my pajamas anyway, if my body is literally going to force me to cum even if I don't want to, then I think cumming is pretty natural and most likely doesn't affect your psyche that much. I fap once a week now just so that I can spare my sheets from being ruined by a rogue wet dream and honestly I feel pretty good almost every single day. I could see a situation where someone masturbates for hours on end or multiple times a day to porn and tires themselves out but I think thats an unrelated problem and doesnt necessarily correlate with the people who just fap and then get on with their life


>That's how priests end up becoming degenerates that prey on little boys and shit like that

That's completely false and usually an argument brought up by progressive types who want to justify the rampant degeneracy that came with modernity and "free sexuality". The priest molesting stuff is a particular problem inside the Vatican and has nothing to do with priesthood or celibacy in general, monks are celibates who dont masturbate as well and they don't turn into rampant faggots.

It's actually the other way around, the more unable you are to suppress your sexual urges the more you turn into a degenerate and the examples for this can be seen all over the place especially with the internet. People who "live their sexuality" always spiral into extreme fetishes and really fucked up things such as rape. There's even a lot of straight guys who get into tranny and gay stuff because they memed themselves into it with porn, a lot of guys also develop extreme cuckold and self humiliation fetishes because their brains got all messed up by years of consuming porn.

Men are not dumb monkeys who start raping people because they have no sex because even rape is caused by general degeneracy and not by celibacy since rapists get off by the violence and thats why they do it. Even in the dumbest shitholes like India and Syria where rape is rampant they do it because they are sexually retarded and not because they have been celibate for too long.


File: 1675497780307.gif (2.91 MB, 291x300, 97:100, 02644BD6-3058-4E55-A442-2A….gif) ImgOps iqdb



Fapped today after 20 days. I shouldnt doing it.

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