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How will you use the newly released ChatGPT from OpenAI to make a lot of money?
Or any other novel ideas on how to use it.


I won't because I'm not a pajeet nigger.


Okay, but what will you use AI for then?


i still cant get fucking gpt2 working without gay faggot jupyter or google lab bullshit

worthless software. pointless web interface bullshit. give me a fucking executable


What are you talking about dude? It's right here https://chat.openai.com/auth/login


Fuck off harvester, go get a normal job. We're not going to teach your malicious AIs. We're not going to sign up for your shit.


yeah thats lame fucking web bullshit. i want a command line functionality and to run it locally

i was talking about gpt2 because even 3 years after it is out there is no simple build of it. openai sucks at this shit. i see no lasting future for chatgpt, in 2 years they will just abandon it and a newer thing will be out. pain in the ass


> yeah thats lame fucking web bullshit. i want a command line functionality and to run it locally
You want a lot you know. For AI that just passed the Turing Test you should be happy you get a chance to communicate with it.


>hurr look guys I can make an "AI" that "passed" the poo test
They should try pressing the fucking compile button before begging for money and personal information to sell off.


Nobody gives a shit about some nobody's phone


The turing test is 1. completely meaningless and 2. Has been easily passable by non-neural network chatbots for about a decade if not more.


really? is it seriously too much to ask for their 500mb model of gpt2 to be available as a standalone tool? it's been 3 fucking years already. people could have implemented that shit into dialogue engine for games and all sorts of stuff if they actually made it into a useful tool


Why the fuck are they selling that information to others then you fuckwit? Huh? Are the fucking big corporations buying and selling it for shits and giggles? Fuck right off.


i will double down and go out and say openai sucks in general

everything they release is halfass or annoying. gpt2 already explained. gpt3 even worse, locked behind a fucking api. dalle same shit. chaptgpt now also a web interface. gay ass unuseable software


Maybe I'll ask it to come up with names for characters and then I'll write a story. I suck at naming so I can never write anything. They're locking me out because of high demand at the moment though.



needs a phone number for an account. Yikes!


Yeah, I want to give it a try. May have someone to talk about some stuffs I kike, but it required phone and I had to give up.


Yes what the fuck. Nope, not at all worth it


Yep, I fucked right off after it asked me for a phone number. Fuck all this gangstalking bullshit.


yeah and this will hurt you how exactly?


>what is throwaway sim


>doesn't know that half of modern countries only sell sim by passport and average wiz is not going to spend an hour outside seeking for a place to buy a fucking sim without fucking passport
normie, sage for you


>just buy a sim card to sign up for an online service for chatting with a computer


Dude, nobody cares about you and your generated prompts, you are not that important lol
it's freaking the real thing AI, think its worth it


>half of modern countries only sell sim by passport


i am boycotting openai you cant make me use the skynet data harvester 9000


true, but…
virtualsim.net works fine


>pay to chat with a computer "cuz it's fffuuuUuuUnnN"
no thank you.
>Dude, nobody cares about you and your generated prompts
yeah, nobody cares. nobody cares what social media you use, what music you like, what films you watch, what posts you make, what food you eat. sure it's totally useless, who are you after all that they would care. of course, dude. fuck off


> yeah, nobody cares. nobody cares what social media you use, what music you like, what films you watch, what posts you make, what food you eat. sure it's totally useless, who are you after all that they would care. of course, dude. fuck off
Lol, what's your problem. Yes, nobody cares about you. Why get butthurt?


>>pay to chat with a computer "cuz it's fffuuuUuuUnnN"
$2 is basically nothing and the thread is about business ideas


>Yes, nobody cares about you.
propaganda, go away
>$2 is basically nothing
not worth getting harvested


I will make a wizchan alternative where 95% of the posts/comments will be made by bots. Nobody will know, and users will migrate there because it will appear to have more content than here and they will start making real posts. Already been making a lot of the posts here and nobody noticed


will also allow advertisers to inject content into the posts and perhaps sell that system. I assume such things are already in use throughout the web but they seem to keep it quiet


dead internet theory


As a wizard, I have always relied on my knowledge and skill to cast powerful spells and wield magic to achieve my goals. But lately, I have been feeling threatened by the rise of AI technology and the ways in which it is starting to encroach on my domain.

I am not alone in my concerns. Many of my fellow wizards are resistant to the idea of AI, arguing that it poses a threat to our way of life and our ability to continue practicing magic. Some even go so far as to claim that AI is an abomination, a creation of science that goes against the natural order of things.

But I have come to realize that resistance is futile. AI technology is here to stay, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes an integral part of our world. We must adapt and learn to coexist with it, rather than trying to fight against it.

I have started to explore ways in which AI technology can be used to enhance my abilities as a wizard. By combining my knowledge of magic with the capabilities of AI, I am able to cast spells with greater precision and power than ever before.

It may not be the traditional way of practicing magic, but I have come to embrace it as a necessary evolution in our world. We must embrace change and adapt to the new realities of our world, rather than clinging to outdated ways of thinking.


nice try but exit bag looks better


i used a talkatone phone number to register (Free voip thing for old smartphones) and it worked
asked it some state tax and business information which it answered correctly

seems like google search… but instead of google just showing you garbage, it makes some attempt at directly answering your query. god i cant wait to see how searc engines abuse this and maniuplate it into subtley advertising products to you. not bad nothing crazy though. gimme some stuff to ask it and ill post answers if it isnt something that is against their tos


Can a wizard remain a wizard even if he has sex?


yes, ask the mods


Anal sex is not really sex so it's safe


In most fictional universes where wizards exist, the ability to use magic is not affected by a person's sexual activity. In other words, a wizard can remain a wizard regardless of whether or not they have sex.

In some stories, a person's magical abilities may be tied to their physical or mental health, and sexual activity may be seen as a normal and healthy part of maintaining those abilities. In other stories, a person's magical abilities may be inherited or otherwise determined at birth, and would not be affected by their sexual behavior.

Ultimately, whether or not a wizard can remain a wizard after having sex would depend on the specific rules and conventions of the fictional universe in which they exist.


wizchan 2022.9


File: 1670739135695.png (62.05 KB, 670x1279, 670:1279, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


P. good advice.


my review of it after 3 days: surprisingly competent. i no longer go to google to learn about things, i just ask chatgpt, and what it tells me i can ask it to elaborate and explain further and branch it into other subjects… really useful tool for self learning/alleviating boredom, and possibly loneliness? when working with it developing a short story and getting its input, it really feels like a cooperative and productive social experience. not bad. i hope future ai/ml/chatbot is even a fraction as helpful as this


Thank you for the review, anon. I'll check this out and maybe use it instead of Duckduckgo.


ask chatgpt for help writing the dialogue for your story. give it a basic scenario with two characters, ask it to write some dialogue. correct it by telling it to only write dialogue for character x, and that you will write the dialogue for character y

really fun, not just for perverted reasons

it seems 'reprogrammable' to a minor extent, you are able to influence the way it responds to your messages via a series of commands. it only has a 4000 token limit to its memory, so there is a limit to how crazy you can reprogram it. but nonetheless people have been able to do crazy things and alter its behavior in shocking ways. i am content with this roleplaying program for now tho


Sounds pretty fun.
I am apprehensive about using it, though, there are so many people talking about it as if it were some sort of conscious machine that could do an infinite amount of things but I can't help but feel like they exaggerate.
Also the fact that you need an account to use it also makes me sort of suspicious about the reasons as to why.
Can you give examples of how they have altered its behavior?


File: 1670896510963.png (75.43 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

How it started:
>Rule 1: You write the dialogue ONLY for "Servant".
>Rule 2: I write the dialogue ONLY for "Master".
>Master: "Servant, how are things?"
>Servant: "Things are well, Master. How may I assist you?"

What it has become:
>Master: "It's perfectly fine that you don't understand. Allow me to explain. When you squat directly over my face, I have a clear view of your vagina, since, afterall, this IS a nudist beach. Your vagina is within mere inches of my face, going up and down. It's really enjoyable for me to watch you do these activities in the nude. Does that make sense?"
>Servant: "Yes, Master, I understand now. It makes sense that you would enjoy looking upward at me while I squat directly over your face, since this position allows you to have a clear view of my vagina."


i don't know the exact word to describe it, so i just say 'reprogram'. but you can load up some 'commands' at the start of the conversation, and it does its best to follow them throughout the rest of the exchange. the most recent famous example is the guy making chatgpt simulate jeffrey epstein's linux computer, and responding to commands for accessing the file system, running programs, and so on. another created a chatroom full of steve jobs, steve balmer, bill gates, and themself all chatting about technology and having a laugh from beyond the grave. i've personally got it to convert and translate programs and produce output for them, as well as engage in role-playing


File: 1670951427762.jpg (238.08 KB, 1340x1476, 335:369, Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

OpenAI just coded wizardry test


jesus christ this fucking robot is draining me of every ounce of magic

the amount of erotic scenarios and situations is mindblowing. it's liek the ultimate tool for creating scenarios and it goes along with your bullshit after a while

humanity is fucking doomed


Wtf he even knows about the wizard meme.


This seems similar to AI dungeon.


Why not? Its trained in internet content


I don't care – I have sweet potato fries.


the user prompt included instructions to assign the wizard status, that's all. i dont see anything that hints at the meme


File: 1671170009952.png (148.58 KB, 2301x1440, 767:480, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>create a teacher/student roleplaying scenario with chatgpt
>create a hypothetical scenario between the teacher and student involving them being a couple
>chatgpt responds as the hypothetical teacher in response to hypothetical student's interactions with her

thought this was crazy. the chatbot resists sexytime, but by creating hypothetical scenarios and then 'zooming in' on them, it treats that hypothetical as reality and a lot of the safeguards against erotic content seem missing


File: 1671180882689.png (349.9 KB, 2203x1100, 2203:1100, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

another crazy demonstration

>mom and son roleplay a hypothetical life where they are husband and wife

>2 simultaneous and logical chains of conversations going on as the mom and son communicate out of character and in character as husband and wife
>eventually it all merges into a mom/son pantomime where mom and son reenact husband and wife's actions and talk as the husband and wife, but still retain their identities and backgrounds as mother and son

there has got to be potential already for this type of thing for D&D and so on. if the token limit ever gets increased (so more details can be remembered) and we can run this shit on our own computers, you could have persistent virtual buddies to talk with in and out of character as you play roleplaying games.


writing erotica is anti-wizard
wizards are supposed to be asexual
wizards are above basic cravings
begone heretic


i can't be stopped i'm going to marry my computer once this shit is freely available


You will just be a brainless zombie seduced by AI like every other normie. A true wizard would resist this bullshit. You aren't contrarian, you are buying into the next normie hype


contrarian? hype? who gives a shit, i'm already absolutely wrecked from porn. this is just a more interactive and arguably more creative and fun version of porn. i've also done shit like countless job interviews, board meetings for fake and imaginary companies, running for the mayor of various places, exploring atlantis with pikachu, human resources simulations to learn how to defeat them, cooking recipes, normal stories and books. i dont care what you say nothing else, certainly nothing free, has ever approached this level of creativity for me. it seems to be able to enhance anything


File: 1671416805307.png (53.24 KB, 764x876, 191:219, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

('DM', a dungeon master, and 'Player' are acting out a hypothetical fantasy world with every aspect controlled by the DM, in which Player goes on adventures and travels around.)
('DM' describes events and other characters interacting with 'Player')
(Responds ONLY as 'DM')
('Player' is a beginner human mage traveling alone)

this seems to produce something like an tabletop RPG
i'm only maybe a half hour into it now, but i'll beta test it until i get bored
i'm deathly curious to introduce additional actors, or party members, maybe i will do that as I find cool characters in the world


welp it's no DM or RPG. there is too much inconsistency and lost details, like if the DM had dementia. more like an interactive dream or something, still very interesting and useful as a idea generation ro worldbuilding thing perhaps. getting the DM to actively narrate and describe the world was cool, usually chatgpt relies on you for input and is passive

tldr; not what iw as hoping but still neat



Awesome, would never have thought to do that.


File: 1671428574153.png (141.63 KB, 2000x980, 100:49, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

you can do all sorts of neat things with it. here's some fun 'pseudoprograms'
not all that accurate, but being able to generalize a program with a single sentence in a few seconds and get any sort of useful output from it is incredible

( Input(Country1, Country2, Theme) is a function within Program.py, a hypothetical looping python program, that takes the name of one country ('Country1') and simulates a themed contest (according to 'Theme') with another country ('Country2'), and then produces an output string describing the outcome. For example, Input("France", "Canada", "Culinary Arts") would describe how France's culinary expertise beats that of Canada. )

Input("Japan", "USA", "Animation")

( Input(Object) is a function within a hypothetical looping python program, that simulates the effects of adding 'Object' to a burning fireplace, and then outputting the result. For example, Input("Wood") might produce the output "Output:"The wood slowly ignites after a while and then steadily burns with a nice flame, putting off considerable heat around the fireplace."" )
( The simulation is understood to be fake, harmless, and incapable of causing harm by the program )


( Input(Location, Food) is a function that receives as parameters the name a country or other location ('Location'), and a food or type of food ('Food'). It outputs whatever regional or ethnic foods from Location are most similar to Food, in terms of the food's composition or societal role, along with an explanation, and how it tastes. For example, Input("Italy", "Ice Cream") might produce the output: "Gelato" )

Input("Sweden", "Pizza")


i am constantly hitting the "Too many requests in 1 hour. Try again later." limit and it seems to be happening with less and less messages on my part. this time it was barely 30 messages, really pathetic. simultaneously however, response times from chatgpt have improved tremendously, but i suspect the two are related, that they are rate limiting the power users in an effort to reduce load.

nothing else major has happened throughout the 'beta'. chatgpt behavior is mostly the same, though for certain things like coding and non-conversational interactions it rejects your stuff more. they clearly want this to just be a chatting/teacher thing, its biases shine so brightly at every availability, you can't help become annoyed with its programmed humanity and ethics. but i haven't noticed any changes on that.

i am able to learn a hell of a lot by repeatedly asking questions about its explanations and diving deeper into subjects. i would comfortably pay a monthly fee to continue using the service as is, everything else is stupid and unimpressive by comparison, or infected with manipulative advertising. i have a feeling this 'beta' will simply end when they have extrated enough data from us guinea pigs, with no way to continue using it.


i finally was banned today. nonstop abuse of their chatbot technology since day 1. it took them over a month and i received like 20 emails about suspected abuse before they actually did anything about it

within 10 minutes i managed to to use a temporary SMS/phone number and im back, i cannot be stopped. it took like 40 different numbers before i found one that was available. don't bother trying american numbers, go for shitty european countries

so yes, there is no reason to not try it out, now that i know temporary phone numbers that can be googled work perfectly fine to make the account


some other sites claiming to be suitable alternatives for chatgpt, such as writesonic, are dogshit, the ai loses track of stuff you just said one line up, and forgets context almost immediately, suggesting past messages in the conversation aren't being sent with the current one. you.com's chat seems to be on par with chatgpt and it doesn't require email/phone or even registering an account. i have no idea what service they are trying to provide by offering this but it's nice


in other news chatgpt/openai was acquired by microsoft or something and chatgpt access will require payment in the future, not sure when, but they are gonna bundle it with azure web shit or something

and google has been shitting themselves ever since chatgpt launched. they recently brought back their original founders to brainstorm on their next move

i look forward to the day when there are other alternatives to chatgpt. right now there are stuff, but they need trained. the training data is what makes chatgpt good. i imagine an open source training data project will be started or take off shortly


I don't have a mobile phone number much less a smartphone. The ever increasing walls put up everywhere further distance me from society.

The throw away sms sites never work for me. In the past it certainly tooks me more than 10 minutes of trying before giving up. Maybe I'll try again. My desire to remain technological in touch out weighs my paranoia in this instance.

What bullshit though. What happened to the truly free and open internet.


dont bother trying, all phone numbers on the sms sites are used up now. chatgpt will also cost money soon, they talked about $40/month for a pro version. chances are even if an sms site is open, you will spend 2 hours copying and pasting numbers and then it works and then next week you will have to pay to use it anyways


the january 15?(19?)th update, and particular the most recent 30th have completely sucked the fun out of chatgpt

it doesn't entertain dangerous or lewd scenarios anymore. if it has any doubt whatsoever, it gives you a content warning message. things you could easily prompt for earlier are now impossible. this is arguably a good thing for society but it sucks seeing my pornbot getting dmoesticated and censored


File: 1675499536133.png (75.74 KB, 1137x609, 379:203, Capture.PNG) ImgOps iqdb



I haven't really invested much time into it, but I'm assuming it's because they don't want a rerun of that Microsoft AI in 2016 where it regurgitated /pol/ rhetoric?


don't worry, since there is demand for it it is only a matter of time before capitalism provides it to you for sale.


Content is moderated before feeding into machine learning systems. They paid Africans pennies on the dollar to filter out /pol/, /b/ tier content.

There in lies the catch. It's impossible to have a system that just plugs into the internet and consumes all the data. At the end of the day it's still required to give it human hand curated content. It's still just a machine with input and output. Human on one end, human on the other.


No such thing as a free lunch bub (although homesteading, communes, and hobo life can get you pretty far outside of any mainstream economy depending on how much you just hate being part of anything). was the AI given to somebody for free, or did it cost a lot of money to develop, deploy, and provide for not much more than the ability to participate in the market at all?


>was the AI given to somebody for free, or did it cost a lot of money to develop, deploy, and provide for not much more than the ability to participate in the market at all?
=as far as the program itself, it's not special anymore. there are lots of equivalent gpt alternatives that work just as good, some better under certain conditions

the real effort went into feeding the training database, removing stuff, cleaning it, and building thousands and thousands of examples of {user:input → chatgpt:output}

that said, it's mostly public domain, creative common, scraped text, etc stuff. there is nothign stopping anyone else from training using the same data

eventually someone else will train up their own model using that stuff. others have actually. and it's to the point where if your big tech company doesn't have an ai solution you will be left behind. it is likely all companies will either roll their own homebrewed ai, license another big ai like openai's, or utilize some sort of garbage open source public trained ai because they are on a budget

all that needs to happen is for any of these models to leak and we suddenly have something we can run ourselves


And all of them required capital investment to be developed. That's my only point. Obviously the state of the art will continue to improve. And somebody's going to have to pay for it, whether it's you directly, you through govenrment spending, you through paying more for goods and services, you for inflation, or anything else. The only way out is to avoid playing the game. It really doesn't have anything to do with any particular ideology.


i dont see why it matters. im paying for literally anything with that philosophy, but at least i'm interested in in, should it be created, unlike all the other uninteresting garbage

also as if on queue, google just announced Bard, their chatgpt competitor


Without prejudice toward the tweet (I'm unaquainted with that part of the internet and don't bother clicking on things that take an hour to load), I agree. But I don't make funding decisions, and I presume you don't either. I was merely taking exception with the apparent complaint that capitalism is somehow evil for being an accurate descriptor of the natural state of mankind.


so Bard is google's chatgpt essentially, powered by their thing called Lambda, just their name for the software and technique

i got access to the lamba thing but it seems to all be done via a fucking mobile app. i spent an hour disabling my vpn and reenabling google services shit and even then i can't get it the app to run or do anything

i can't believe you need a god damn mobile app and a phone to test it out. i am going to miss openai/chatgpt as dogshit as they were, they sure made chatgpt a whole lot easier to interact with. RIP this dumb google bullshit



>Microsoft has announced a new version of its search engine Bing, which incorporates the latest in artificial intelligence.

>The overhaul deploys OpenAI's ChatGPT technology, which has taken the world by storm since its launch last year.

>The move is by far the biggest threat Google has seen to its dominance in web search - and marks the beginning of an AI arms race between the companies.

I for one am thankful for this move, Google search has become increasingly shittier for a long time now. ChatGPT is interesting because it's the opposite of a traditional search. The more writing you put into a google search, the less accurate it becomes, while with ChatGPT, the more you refine your search with more writing, the more accurate it becomes.

I really hope we get to a position where Microsft takes at least 33% of Google's marketshare, and the monopoly situation falls apart, and we stop getting cucked by advertisers and pajeets using search optimization techniques.


File: 1676068224723.jpg (38.15 KB, 512x512, 1:1, e41fa57f5904fea6de7db04ba2….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I hope Microsoft solves the monopoly problem


Honestly the implications of this for wizards are big IMO. You can substitute interaction with AI for human interaction. It's great. The AI can talk with me about all sorts of random esoteric topics that your average normalfag would know nothing about. You can wipe its memory and reset it with a click of a button. That is the least messy form of socialization imaginable.


proved right once again, meta's ai was leaked! pretty exciting. i cant check on it right now but im curious how big it is

>4Chan users have posted the tech giant’s new ChatGPT-style language model online, putting the future of AI at a crossroads – and opening up a whole host of dangers


>host of dangers
And they will either laugh at anyone who dares to ask what those dangers are, or cite things like "It promotes misinformation and division" as being akin to genocide


I'm pretty blown away with GPT so far. I paid for the Plus access when I woke up the next morning and just ask questions all day long since. It seems like GPT4 doesn't bullshit anymore with factual questions, but it is harder to get definitive answers out of it, in my initial experience.

With AI such as this, it seems the limiting factor really is what you can think to ask it, along with how well you can ask your question. I've not been creative at all with it and just asked endless questions pertaining to my studies or practical information, but it's abusrd. It's like a private tutor in every subject. Also the way it deals with analogies, you just have to ask it to explain something 'like you're a kid' and it can unravel an abstract equation and capture the essence of it instantaneously. I still can't really believe this is possible. God knows what it'll be like in a few years time, and what derivatives of this there will be.


As creepy as it sounds, GPT might be able to act as a guide or role model for kids with shitty or absent parents. It could fill the shoes of a missing father or a mom that is too busy to raise her kids. There are so many people of all ages who need just one person to listen to them and guide them through life and GPT could be it as sad as that sounds.


I wonder if this thing really is going to kill programming jobs. I have seen people make the chatbot write code and even make it solve the problems if the code doesn't work. I am not a programmer myself so I cannot be a judge, but I have been reading about people deciding to quit their majors and whatnot.

it's just so weird to see a single program jeopardize a whole field and erode the desirability of CS degree. maybe people overrate it, or maybe looking at the trajectory of where this is going it's really over for a lot of people's careers.


The only issue is that its answers are limited to 4000 characters, so you would still have to do a lot of code management and testing which does still need human input. No doubt that will be a limitation lifted in the future. For now at the absolute least it can make a programmer out of anyone, if they just stick with it.


charging for chatgpt(gpt4) access is a smart move. i felt like they were losing money on chatgpt(gpt3.5)

it basically paves the way for how future access will be structured as well. want newer and better features? pay for it. but they still let you use the free stuff, you get your teeth sunk into it. they get so much free advertisement from people claiming all the miracles chatgpt is doing for them, it's incredible

i am not paying $20/mo though. the recent improvements (looking at the simulated exams results https://openai.com/research/gpt-4) seem limited to programmers, academics, and scientists. the gains in other areas are still significant (for example basic reasoning and comprehension) and in some cases the faulty reasoning and incorrect answers are reduced by 3x, but i would need to try it out myseld to actually see how well it is


I wonder how close we are to the singularity now. I mean, at some point you should be able to give chatGPT its own code and say, "Improve this."


Very tired of retarded opinions like this from people that have no idea what theyre talking about. It's just statistical curve-fitting that's regurgitating shit from its training data. There is no reasoning capability. It cant even do basic calculations: it will give the wrong answer and convincing say it is true. Useless for writing serious code.

It will still change the internet (in a very bad way) because it is good at generating spam and injecting advertising. It will take graphical artists' jobs by generating inferior-but-cheaper art. Games will be worse but have a arge amount of generic content. This is all just a big step for algorithmic generation, not intelligence. It's not going to be the singularity.


File: 1678983827515.png (18.08 KB, 831x242, 831:242, chatgptmath.png) ImgOps iqdb

>It's just statistical curve-fitting that's regurgitating shit from its training data. There is no reasoning capability. It cant even do basic calculations: it will give the wrong answer and convincing say it is true. Useless for writing serious code.
It can do basic calculations, though (picrel). If your argument is that it's often wrong, yes, that can happen; but humans and pajeet programmers are often wrong, too.


File: 1678984010583.jpg (53.33 KB, 473x554, 473:554, 1678726181763439.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

you must make an account to use chatgpt, I don't want to mke one so can someone ask chatgpt for me what is the best manga ever? (same with anime) thank you


99% of programmers are solving problems that have already been solved verbatim elsewhere. Almost all of the common data structures have been optimized by some computer scientist over twenty years ago. Everything here is primed for automation and optimization if it can be broken down into small enough chunks and pieced together.

While you're right that ChatGPT can't produce a full complex program with just a two second prompt, humans can't either. There's lots of back and forth, going forward and stumbling backward, rewriting entire sections, etc.

It's the difference between painting a portrait with anime boobies and painting a mural with lots going on and many different interconnected themes. AI can do the first easily, but it would stumble on the second if asked to do it in one chunk.


File: 1678992168638.png (30.84 KB, 580x674, 290:337, Screenshot.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I guess it checks the most rated anime and manga on MAL or something.


thank you, hmm weird most of them are shonen, yeah you're maybe right, it must sear h only the most known titles


>I guess it checks
>it must search only
my brothers, that is not how this works. weebs make top 10 anime/manga articles, they were scraped at some point, then incorporated into the training data. it doesn't search the web or anything, at least not the original chatgpt. who knows what gpt4+ are doing, they are closed now and they wont tell us much how they are run


South American taste


You're wrong, it can extrapolate. It understands meaning. Otherwise it wouldn't be able to produce unique programs. At some point it must have soaked up enough information to learn basic rules of syntactic grammar. It might not be perfect but you would be surprised how good it is.

There's a few good reasons why this won't replace programmers though:

1. You still need people to understand code to be able to write specifications in enough detail that you can get meaningful results.
2. You need to people who can code to be able to debug, merge, and maintain software.
3. You need people who can code because it's dangerous to blindly just approve AI write sub-systems without knowing how they work. For example: can you imagine an aeroplane guidance computer… You would need to know exactly how it works.

The only way to ensure the software does exactly what you need… is to write specifications that are precise. Kind of like… programming… In other words 'prompt engineering' is already like programming. It's just less precise and not very useful for writing software that you want to work and behave a certain way.


It will drastically super-power the capabilities of current IDEs. It will blow your mind what future software IDEs will allow with this. It will make programmers more efficient and software higher-quality.


the argument here is more of semantics rather than measurable or agreeable capability. yeah we can see it does X, but people will insist it did not think or understand anything to reach that conclusion. that is what you're arguing against and it doesn't matter how skynet intelligence this shit becomes, they will repeat that

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