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How to come with the terms of being a wizard, and then how to find happiness in being a wizard? How you do you find happiness In your wizard existence?


And why should being a wizard be any bit of a struggle?


i don't think a single normalfag when they died has ever looked back on their life and said having sex was what made them happy. if it can't make a dumb sheep happy, it surely can't make 500 iq wizard geniuses happy, we must source our happiness in more interesting ways


Should have made this on /dep/ to filter out all the volcel gigachads.


Having money and a purpose to live for (such as hobbies) makes people happy.


Normalfags say sometimes (rare, but I have heard this) stuff like "fapping is better than sex sometimes" or how Fleshlights feel better than "the real thing"

So if even the normgroids say shit like this why is being a wizard hard? Wo-men are all cluster B freaks and make your life a living Hell


It's a struggle at least when you come with the mindset of being a normalfags is well… Normal way to live , and sort a the Path to happiness. I'm not saying that being a normalfags is the key to happiness, I'm only saying that we come with those preconceived notions of way to live.


>Volcel giga had



bumpy for more info and insight


It was destiny that you ended up as a wizard. You can't escape fate. There were no other paths for us. If you were a normalfag then you wouldn't be YOU anymore. So why get all worked up about it? Wizards play a part in the system of things too. We are the creative or original loners who can't survive on their own in the real world. We are made to investigate ideas, concepts, systems, feelings and to represent the Ideal to the world.


You don't be happy being a wizard is a life of sadness.


Cope, one can find a meangful and happy existence dispite of being a wizard.


>If no sex then life is devoid of happiness
And crabs wonder why they aren't liked here.


Just understand that you don't really need to "grow up", and then do the things that you enjoyed doing since you were a child, without any guilt. Or go religious. I believe those are the two paths.


It’s not about sex. It’s about living in a human world with no interest in humans.


A wizard is a adult human male who has not and does not have sex.

It is not a synonym for misanthrope. Some wizards are misanthropes but it is not a essential characteristic.

So to claim that wizards can't be happy is to claim that adult human males who don't have sex can't be happy.


You’re not technically wrong but if you aren’t misanthropic, why be a wizard? If you’re fully capable of forming relationships and loving others, why not have sex?


Because it is dangerous, gross, annoying, difficult, time consuming and ultimately unfulfilling. Are you implying that if you had the ability to stop being a wizard you would gladly do so?


Don't want to.
Simpe as that.


Because anime and video games are more appealing.


> Are you implying that if you had the ability to stop being a wizard you would gladly do so?
Yes, I am. It’s not fulfilling shutting everyone out and bein incapable of connecting with other human beings. I can’t help it, it’s the way I am.


That typo is unfortunate

Whatever, it's funny so I am leaving it.



Where I see the struggle is in managing life at later ages without support from a partner, and obviously with parents long dead etc. Anyone got any ideas on this?


I can merely enjoy life as long as luck has it, then when the difficulties are too much i will exit. Seems the future will be so horrifically dystopian in 20+ years that i wont want to be alive


No one in this world is "happy" beyond a few fleeting moments while they are chasing some deluded dream, the anticipation is better than the thing in itself.

Best you can do is avoid pain and enjoy some comfort in your life. If you can have some financial security and minimize your contact with undesirable people, you're already living an above average wizzie life. If on top of that you can find something engaging to tinker with and explore, a way to pass the rest of your days, you are pretty much self-actualized.


>No one in this world is "happy" beyond a few fleeting moments

Wrong. Stop projecting your own miserable life onto other people.


>if you're not happy, you're miserable

There's a whole gradient of moods and mental states one can be in. I seriously doubt you are consistently happy. Content, comfortable, lacking any sort of pain and being engaged in an activity to the point of being in a state of flow – perhaps, one could organize one's life to consistently attain a kind of tranquil state, but happiness is a different kind of beast.


>implying normalfags are happy.


>Content, comfortable, lacking any sort of pain and being engaged in an activity to the point of being in a state of flow – perhaps
That is how happiness is defined. It isnt euphoria


For one thing it's harder to live away from your parents as a wizard. Normals can use the income of their partner to get a nice place to live, I'm pretty much tapped out of ever owning a nice home because my single income will never be enough.


If you want happiness then look for it in ascetic ideologies and eastern philosophy.

Living a life chasing pleasures and being happy aren't one and the same. True happiness takes extreme hard-work and effort to achieve, most people aren't capable of that simply. Nor do they want it actually.

This. 99% of people who existed weren't happy probably. It is just an expected roleplaying in society, to pretend that you are so happy and satisfied with life.


they're not they are just as miserable as anyone else


just buy a small house thats what i'm doing. and just live there for life.


Just convince yourself that you are an "anti-natalist"


you are in some odd country where this is actually affordable without 30 years work?


I am looking forward to becoming a wizard in 3 years and getting my wizard powers. I won't get laid anyway, so i've made my peace with it. Being left alone to have peace and quiet isn't so bad. Try to keep busy and have projects I guess.


The only thing that Works(for me) its money. Sadly getting money is usually painful or boring.


It's perfectly ok to steal from normies and other living beings.
Fortunately most other humans have morals or I'd have too much competition.

It's one of the most comfortable ways of making a good living. Also, never use violence or get caught.

I can only describe the feeling as an euphoria, when you find a cash stash of $10k dollars or pawn thousands worth of gold and effectively earn that for a few minutes of effort and risk.

Also, there is nothing wrong with taking from old people.
If they have alzheimers they wont even remember that gold chain, ring etc. they left in a drawer decades ago.
Taking it to survive and live comfortably hurts nobody. It basically teleports that item from their custody to yours.


This is the dumbest shit I've read.


I hope he's being facetious.



Stealing from annoying normals and rich people is virtuous and perfectly acceptable. But kind of risky. Only do it if you are sure you can get away with it. The police is the lesser one of your troubles, the dangerous part is if you get caught by the person you stole from.

I'm not a thief because it can be dangerous, though I stole a few times in the past when I was a teenager or a child. I can confirm it gives you a really big high and satisfaction, kind of like orgasm.

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