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Good day fellow wizards.
I have a question. What ways of restoring your focus/mana supply do you know and how often do you use them?
So far I know about obvious things
Requires time, for me the ideal place to meditate is a dark room such as bathroom with lights turned off. Depending on the Moon phase, weather and time of day it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for me to get back to normal.
Espresso is useful.
>cancer sticks, nicotine
I avoid them because there is a high risk of addiction
>cocaine, amphetamine, metamphetamine
high risk of addiction and I just think these things are way too powerful and they also slowly kill you over time. Not really worth it.

There’s a problem with stimulants i personally have is that for me it’s rather easy to overcharge myself which makes me downright psychotic and it’s rather hard to control it. On the internet it usually ends up with me doing a violent outburst in a form of mass shitposting, sadistic trolling of normies and IRL it causes me to aggressively pushing buttons of various narcissists and hysterical individuals. And i feel bad about doing it later.
Anyway here is another question, how do you deal with that?


tripping is good for me I think. psycheedelics to really adjust yourself after breaking into many parts.


isolation is probably the best thing. isolation + time… heals all suffering, at least for me.


isolation is just a condition. the suffering is eternal.


yucky dep mentality


File: 1633002496041.pdf (8.78 MB, Rational Fasting - Arnold ….pdf)


Fasting. It is not mana what is depleted in wizzies, but their mana level, capacity.


Vitality = Pneuma - obstruction


Cooming, vidyas, and music is my go to everyday. I've always wanted to be alone in a room ever since I got fed up of this cruel world.

I've been addicted with caffeine back then that I eventually became a caffeine-dependent person now, I would intensely withdraw and get mentally exhausted to the point where i'd almost rope myself if I couldn't drink a cup of coffee or a bottle of soda.

I think my cooming addiction was stemmed from when I first watched porn when I was six, then I knew how to coom at 8 years old and was just jacking off to 80s porn or adult mags back then.

I've also been fasting too and it made me feel a lot better but at the same time I kind of feel that I don't deserve to eat enough because of how much of a loser I am.


Rules mandate you're at least eighteen years old before posting, piss off back to whatever cesspit you arrived from.


I smoke weed and vape and drinka coca cola.
The weed is mixed with tobacco.
I started vaping in an attempt to quit, but now I just do both.


Your future looks achy.


I'm a neet with limited options but have morning glory, lsa containing seeds. Will this do something good for me if weed makes me act like a borderline catatonic schizophrenic or will it just dial that up? Think River Tam or Drusilla. I'd compare it so some male but I can't think of any as males don't get away with shitty behavior so there's no example. Denpa anime meme might be one way to put it though.


I agree with this though do get lonely at first, the only time actually that I was not neet, after weeks I felt extreme peace very often and could read and game for the first time at a level I never did growing up around drama. As it is I ended up neet anyway again due to failing at college as I went and finally got to play all those games I missed out on and manga reading and anime and etc. Very unorganized life. Things never happen at the right time with me.

As someone that goes 18 hours per day without eating and often has 1k cal a day due to new developed fear of diabetes my hair is falling out and I'm not less crabby than before and my hypertension is often up anyway and my skin is not receding, much anyway, as a 32 year old.

Also I don't get your analogy about capacity and mana. Why would eating less increase a capacity for mana? That's a bad comparison, sounds backwards.

>mucousless diet

Odd way to describe being a fruititarian.

But I have lost weight and maybe my hair is going away anyway and I don't have WORSE hypertension. Generally it's better, but still can climb up if something like sleep patterns change.

I have a hard time feeling hungry since basically my own version of the d.a.s.h. diet and eating every 6-8 hours and sleeping to where you go 18 without eating, that's how I've lost 50ish lbs in the past 100ish days. Of which is unsafe. No more than 11 lbs per month to lose safely I read somewhere I think. I've lost like 14 lbs per month though to be fair it slowed down.

What? No crack flavored sucrose comprised beef jerky to go with that comfy-chair?

Seriously though don't do any of that. Maybe weed, but black lung and damaged amygdala being damaged/inhibited and smells and above all psychosis potential. Maybe not psychosis for you as you're probably experienced but still. 50 50 early death and lots of morbidity with tobacco smoking too, and vaping might have weird stuff in it with how society is and they banned it anyway outside so there's no real benefit socially.

The good thing about weed is that you dn't smoke a pack a day of joints. It's all about moderation, not that I've ever been a stoner but did get high a few times. 8 times or so. Several times of those highs were okay. Body high okay, but not mentally okay. If I am contemplative and I smoke I am screwed. I need to be happy and content to smoke, of which….yeah.


File: 1634418404239.pdf (6.93 MB, Mucusless Diet - Arnold Eh….pdf)


No, not actually… its all about non-albuminous and non-starchy food, some of them properly cooked to lose the starch, it may include honey, many vegetables… but without fasting and enema while doing the transition diet it won't make much and it's also reported to be dangerous…

It's not actually eating less.

>6-8 hours

That's what they call intermitent fasting but wizards need much higher knowledge and practice to delete their things aside. Also your metabolism could be the type who craves for meat, salty things.
Why? what are you actually experiencing?


File: 1634489976110.jpg (287.98 KB, 850x1523, 850:1523, sample_d9a7af0a2487783a0b1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I remember an anon saying that you could do mágico by charging your mana fapping to anime succubi kek. I wish he posteo about the topic again, it was very interesting.


Do we still have that thread up?


Sadly no. It actually was a thread similar to this, about what mana is in wizards, how to produce/conserve it and then use it.
If I can fix the pc I will see if I screencapped something, but I am not sure if I actually did so.


File: 1634496331908.png (151.79 KB, 1533x503, 1533:503, wizchanpowers1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally. I will dump the screencaps I made.


File: 1634496370933.png (119.42 KB, 1282x855, 1282:855, wizchanpowers2.png) ImgOps iqdb

I will sage my next posts, I don't want to hog the front page.


File: 1634496393725.png (79.77 KB, 1758x914, 879:457, wizchanpowers3.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1634496417911.png (106.43 KB, 1327x629, 1327:629, wizchanpowers4.png) ImgOps iqdb

4/5, just one more.


File: 1634496441799.png (90.58 KB, 1798x559, 1798:559, wizchanpowers5.png) ImgOps iqdb

Last one, 5/5.


Do you know this mage or want to hear more discussion about this topic? what are your intentions.


that is basic chaos magick you can easily google to learn more info on it


I want to hear more about tbis idea, I dont care who he is.

I guess


fucking lol what a god

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