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File: 1638417586045.jpg (133.9 KB, 466x1306, 233:653, 1582577647828.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


after recently discovering that this disorder existed and just so happened to exactly describe the hell I've been living in. I began to wonder if any other wizards are suffering from this as well.

furthermore, if any of you do suffer from this I want to know how you deal with it?

>inb4 hurr schizo tread hahaha.

just for the record (and anyone who does not know), schizoid personality disorder is nothing like schizophrenia, no voices, no hallucinations, nothing like that.
the disorder causes a person to withdraw from life via the usage of maladaptive daydreaming, normally leaving them as a husk of a person.
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My initial reaction to Schizoid Personality Disorder was:
1 - This sounds like a VERY complete personality description of myself.
2 - Why the fuck do I feel like the psychological establishment is attacking me for it?


if it helps they don't have any way to treat it.


Why is it associated with schizophrenia? Is full blown voices like the extreme spectrum of daydreaming too much?


I have schizoid tendencies and suspect I would barely miss the threshold on the psychological battery to detect the disorder.


You can become psychotic and hallucinate as a schizoid but not to the same degree. There is a genetic link confirmed also.

File: 1634086898131.jpg (1.71 MB, 1600x1200, 4:3, 1422082301181.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Anyone else feel lucky that they went through school before phones with cameras became popular? I've always hated having pictures taken of me, whenever someone tried to take a picture I would always put my hands up to block it and people understood that usually. Nowadays I feel it would be too hard to get away with that.
Another thing is I did a lot of cringy stuff and I'm glad none of it was ever filmed, wereas if I was in school today I would probably be filmed being bullied and end up on youtube or some shit.
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Zoomer here: I did not have the good fortune to come of age before the smartphone became a thing.

In high school I was an alienated, isolated wreck going through what I would later come to realize was a kind of nervous breakdown; it was during this low point that a classmate informed me that she had found miscellaneous photos of me on a school laptop. Candid photos, unauthorized photos…just lying there.

Hearing something like this when one is in the throes of psychosis and paranoid/persecutory delusions is, of course, not exactly helpful. I doubt that classmate was lying to me, too; the youth are just like that now. I am still not sure if I was some unwitting lolcow. It was one of my worst fears and it eventually came to pass, which seems to be a running theme in my life. I will say, however, that smartphones have made younger people in general especially conscious of what they do and say.

To this day I resent the fact that these mobile spyware platforms have become a necessary article in daily life.


Not only that, also for being a teenager before social networks and over-popularized internet. I used to draw some comics way worse than Sonichu and show them to everybody at school, I might have become CWC.


I was in the final year of school I attended when the iphone came out and facebook was a thing people started using. What is odd is that we have had phones that could capture pictures and video for years but they were only ever used for recording school fights.

No one could be online back then without a PC pretty much.
The internet was so much better.
The moment social media came around in conjunction with phones being able to go online a whole heap of drama was the result.


I graduated in 2007. Right before the smartphone revolution.
Come to think of it now it was weird. Phone was something that you used to text, call (both being very costly to highschoolers so we often just called and hang up) or maybe just maybe take very shitty low quality photos or voice records. The most "smartphoney" application was to listen to music or radio occasionally.
I remember reading books, magazines in the class. Computer was something I never ever thought of having. I guess in some ways youngsters are lucky as they can play games, browse web et cetera at moments notice. For me internet/games were something you do at your home sat in front of a pc.

I'm still like that, I never use my "smart"phone for games browsing web etc unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. I never understood "phoneposters" in imageboards either. Plenty of discussion were made about them and decline of quality due to phoneposting so I will not say anything.
Wonder what is the statistic of this image board, I think many of us are a bit old who still cling to their old habbits.


>Wonder what is the statistic of this image board, I think many of us are a bit old who still cling to their old habbits
Others would be like myself and not even own a phone because there is no need to own one when you dont talk to anyone and you don't go outside.


At first, being on the internet at all was for abnormal people.
Then, it was a matter of place/topic — early (2009-2013) crypto was for abnormal people, odd single-purpose phpbb forums, 4chan to some extent.
Then there was at least programming.
Now everything feels infiltrated. NFTs and “crabs” are mentioned on SNL. Everyone is not just online, but aware of all of the subcultures and dialects and technologies that I am aware of. I can’t tell if I’ve been stagnant and just lost touch with fringe things, or if every fringe has been saturated and homogenized and disappeared.
There’s nowhere left to go.


>early (2009-2013) crypto was for abnormal people, odd single-purpose phpbb forums, 4chan to some extent.
those were the years I was in highschool and the kids there talked about crypto and 4chan all the time, definitely was not for abnormal people when 15 year olds are talking about it


Ironically, the way to escape is to talk to people irl.


They are in closed private groups. For example telegram, irc, discord (i think), matrix. Open public groups are simply overrun by horrible people, so you need to filter and keep them out. The drawback is that you end up with a clique pseudonymous situation, with an ego/identity to maintain. There are some darknet places.


>closed private groups
another name for circlejerk cliques


there are valid reasons to hate it but it is simple how human relations are in this world

File: 1638312349814.jpg (142.15 KB, 850x973, 850:973, 1637603723554.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do any if you guys know of any other more obscure channels to visit? I feel my well has run dry.
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Glad to seee no one has posted my board here.


Guess they don't like vtubers


fucking shame it's closed, was ultra comfy. Basically what wizchan once was


The concept is stupid, if you can't trust your users to not understand that they need to report and ignore rule breaking posts to the extent that you have to preapprove every single post for them then there is no point in pandering to those people.

File: 1637899374267.png (1.63 MB, 3300x874, 1650:437, 089.png) ImgOps iqdb


any tips on how to stop browsing 4chan? the pain is actually affecting me physically at this point, not just mentally
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pepe is a wiz spell, the strongest meme ever unleashed, i don't mean to brag, just casting light on who truly ruined what


Almost every board now is just shills and bots, it's unbearably bad but I can't bring myself to stop browsing


I'm the same way. Have looked at it lesser and lesser though. Really sad to see such steep decline in quality


>What board did you browse?
/his/ and /lit/. /lit/ is full of succs and they all have dogshit taste in books and dont know shit about the classics


Find another channel to post on.
That or go outside and find things to enjoy that don't require other people. Cutting internet and people out of your life for most people is very difficult, it's like going all of your life sleeping on the cold floor then one night trying a bed. At least in the beginning it's awesome, but you can't ever go back to how you were before as your mind has been changed. I used to think like that before my internet was shut off for half a year which severely limited how mouch I could use it. I started going outside into the woods, picked up woodcarving and began going innawoods like I had as an early teen. I cried the first night I awoke outside to the sunrise, no worries or fears just pure happiness. Whenever I'm not alone in the wilderness I'm a sad drunk, like now


I'm a 26 year old male from western Canada. It seems that reality has finally caught up with me, and I'm 2 weeks away from being officially homeless.

My parents owe me money, and I'm also owed a significant amount of money from my grandfather's passing several years ago, but my father is the person responsible for carrying out their will. It seems I won't be seeing any of this money anytime soon, and I'm already completely out of cash.

This is what my current plan is:
> Cancel cellphone plan
> Discard/sell unnecessary belongings
> Rent out storage locker for 2-3 months
> Take out loans and max out credit purchasing food, shelter, shoes, warm/athletic clothing, hiking backpack
> Carry 3.5-inch blade for opening packages of meat
> Remain physically fit; shadowboxing, calisthenics, walking/running
> Shower/wash clothes at 24/7 gym
> Travel on foot/wheel or possibly use public transit
> Steal whatever I can get, or dumpster dive
> Break in and lock myself in rooms with my own padlock if I need to sleep

I'm not worried about jail, and I will avoid prison at all costs, but I'm prepared to do whatever I have to do to survive.
Not trying to LARP, just looking for solid, honest advice for surviving the streets from wizzies who may have been in a similar situation.
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Without money those people are just old decrepit corpses.

Hence again, everything boils down to money. The world is an extremely boring place.


File: 1637784178863.jpg (83.53 KB, 744x492, 62:41, just joggin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>This doesn't make sense to me. The safest and best spots aren't shared with others, why on earth would they be?
pic and however many thousands of other examples of cuntery related. Unless you're able to go and camp out in the countryside, if you meet any nice people in an urban setting, stay with the nice people. Simple as that.
>They aren't going out of their way to fuck with and rob homeless people
There's no mention of robbing or fucking with in that post. It is a matter of coersion/persuasion and getting acquainted with an active criminal, which is one of the worse ideas if you are trying to stay off the radar. I worked with two moonlighting dealers who were mirror images of this complex, and they are to be avoided at all costs. You seem somewhat defensive about this topic which is of no issue if you intend to purchase some product from a dealer, but I don't think the reality of the trade should be overlooked. Also, of course you'll want to avoid homeless users, this goes without saying. They're all batshit insane once they are out of sauce.


We don't have many blacks where I'm from in Canada. Mostly asians, some indian gangs. I'm not defensive about this topic, I've already mentioned several times that I don't plan on making friends with any human beings (that includes buying drugs from them).


File: 1638388293125.png (127.48 KB, 465x465, 1:1, x10.png) ImgOps iqdb

My parents caved and paid me the money I was owed. I won't be homeless for the time being, but I'd like to thank everyone for their help & advice.

File: 1638381705428.jpg (149.82 KB, 782x709, 782:709, readin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


brainlet here, i feel like braingroids have left the internet or they are hidden somewhere now, i wonder how we find them since i am too dumb to create or find spells on my own, its all regurgitation of the same ones over and over
we need a plan to get them to spill their beans again


Moved to >>>/b/720835.

File: 1638278360051.jpg (110.58 KB, 1280x1272, 160:159, 1637416376940.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I'm lost in life, as I'm sure most wizards are. I have asked God for answers and while I'm not sure about the exact meaning of life, I feel like there must be something bigger than us. I enjoy reading about religion and I meditate in the Scriptures.
I come from a non-practitioner catholic family and live in a, mostly, catholic country. Though I'm currently away from all of that, I feel a connection towards the Holy Church. I like how they don't judge virgins nor intend you to get married. You can just live your life in celibacy and that's fine for them.
However I have grow up to be a shut in NEET. Going outside if painful, as well as talking to people. Of course you are nog supposed to talk to any other than God during mass but you must talk to the priest to confess your sins. Also in my case, I never received the confirmation sacrament which I would need in order to legitimately be part of the Church. This is really hard for me, and makes me wonder if the so-called christians on imageboards go to Church. I'm too anxious to go to Church.
What should I do? Of course I could practice my own cult to God but it would be heresy and knowing this would make me feel uncomfortable. But I'm not normal. I can't go to church and be part of the community.
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are you talking about the bible?


I, too, wish Buddhists would get called out more.


Isn't buddhism the most nihilistic religion in a way? I thought it was about shedding attachment to things because they create suffering and that the ideal is to become nothingness because that's the only way to completely escape suffering.


Many aspects of buddhism are more comparable to western psychotherapy than religion. Although western "science" of psychotherapy can certainly have >>185927 applied to it


if it wasn't for reincarnation the religion would be a suicide cult.

File: 1638128018310.jpg (39.87 KB, 478x332, 239:166, crab-kill-with-knife.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do many wizards here think that its not the normies/chads who are the problem? I find most well-adjusted people actually pleasant to talk to, however its always the crabs who judge people based on their sex/private life. Most of these crabs were crabs for many years and they just lucked out on some average succubus, so they now feel entitled to judge everyone on the basis whether they had sex or not. Nothing really triggers me more than some crab trying to put down everyone around him because of his weird mix of insecurity and grandiosity. Actually, 4chan /adv/ and /soc/ boards consist mostly of aforementioned crabs, regular people or wizards do not frequent these boards because they do not crave companionship or have their needs satisfied by real-world acquaintances. As a wizard, a crab or a crab is not my friend - I have found them annoying, self-centered and not focused on improving their lives whatsoever, blaming everybody around them. Their lack of companionship stems out from just sheer failure - they have the same needs as normies, they are just very dysfunctional and failed ones. The circles where crabs socialize are just as pathetic as them and feed more into their seething. When I see a crab killing himself or people around them, I feel zero sympathy for them - the emotional attachment to needs of sex and unhealthy relationships which they can't fulfill and lash out is what disgusts me - a truewiz has moved past these petty attachments and seeks higher purpose. Crab bans on here should be strongly enforced.
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So us wizards with BPD just need to tell our brains to stop making up this disorder and we will be cured? doesn't work that way.

The thread was quite active with participants even if you exclude the usual retards who cannot imagine anyone being male and having a "succubus disorder".


Not what I said.
Yeah you are just a troll.


I am not about to answer every dot point you made when it is largely irrelevant to the thread and the post you replied to. (mine)


No, you just respond to shit you made up that I never said because you are a troll who is just trying to be annoying.


You just called me a troll >>185923

File: 1594607101986.png (89.35 KB, 300x300, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

 No.170540[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

(continuation of >>158200)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random#/random - random article, post if you find anything interesting

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackson_Hole,_China - resort community in china that is a clone of an american town

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigging - pipe cleaning method

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MALINTENT - old crime forecasting technology

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_work - known missing works of literature

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rat_king - a collection of rats whose tails are intertwined and bound together

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metcalf_sniper_attack- "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interplanetary_Transport_Network - gravitationally determined pathways through the solar system that require very little energy to navigate

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonization_of_the_Moon - just info about colonizing the moon

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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This seems interesting. I have been thinking in make my own rpg (video game, not a pnp one) and was looking for interesting modern setting games, so this will help me a lot. Thank you.



Apparently, aspirin can cause hearing loss.



Good links, thanks. Just confirms my views that humans are vile monsters though.


dead leaf retention in plants

gravity-influenced plant growth

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