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You don't have to be miserable to be a wizard. What are your wiz opinions on this pic and what would you add? I've read the Alone Forever books and they weren't bad but I could use more tips. Depression and anhedonia have made it impossible to enjoy anything anymore




I'm starting to accept my fate. For the first time in my life I think I feel fine. No more fighting against my situation. I was born defective. And even if I wasn't, it's not like the average human is born to succeed. All those motivational talks, internet gurus claiming no-dfap works, regurgitating pseudoscientific or blatantly fake bullshit like: dopamine deprivation, waking up at 6 am, cold showers… Whatever. You will never be Napoleon. You will never be the next Cesar, the next Plato, the next Tom Cruise. The average human is mediocre. And there's nothing wrong with it. There's nothing wrong with a humble life in solitude and celibacy. Nothing wrong with being unemployed. Nothing wrong with being weird, autistic or whatever. Just stop trying and accept defeat. Learn to cope just like most humans do. There are no losers and winners. No chads and no nerds. Only the 1% of the elite can call themselves kings of this world. And you, me and 99% of other humans, will never make a change. We will never appear in History books. The great men of tomorrow are already born and the great men of yesterday are already dead.


oh my god the "dopamine" shit is so fucking annoying


>I'm never going to be these evil unethical public figures whose lives are mischaracterized for history books
>woe is me
It's about happiness and quality of life guy.


Happiness doesn't exist. Start pursuing real goals instead like comfort, shelter, food, entertainment, escapism, etc. Whatever helps you cope with life. That's the closest you will ever be from happiness. My wall of text was a critique of this popular mindset around chans and social media when people judge each other based on completely random and hyperbolic shit. People saying you're a loser if you don't fuck X number of whores, or faggots quitting vidya or other hobbies because for them growing up means not doing whatever you like anymore.


What a fucking retard thread, this must be a samefag.


Tf are you talking about?


Happiness exists but it doesn't have to do with basic pleasure and such things. Happiness is what happens when you fulfill the duties and obligations you set for yourself. It's when you are being consistent with yourself and your values.

Just don't sit around waiting for some Hollywood sugar-coated rose-tinted kind of happiness. That really is a lie. True happiness becomes a possibility when you start accepting the world and yourself.

Reputation is overrated anyway. You can live an interesting life in solitude, for yourself. You aren't defective, you are just wired for different things than the majority. That's why comparing yourself to others is a waste of time. Find your own path in life, fuck the rest. Success is relative, like everything else. Don't base your life around the values of society or humanity.


>so this is what you have to do if you wanna be a true wiz like me follow my guide
>just become a depressed fuck drug addict nigger and make sure you do nothing with your life to the point where you have no money and nobody in you life and then want to commit suicide due to depression and emptiness
wow, great wizardly advice. This site rocks!!


I found out the easiest way to find happiness is to have goals and reach them. Something as simple as "walk every day for a month" made me quite happy for being able to do that. After that, I just kept walking because it was also fun. Obviously, don't make a goal out of something you don't even like since it will feel like you are forcing yourself if anything.
My new goal is learning to play the soprano recorder. I had it as a kid and while I liked to "play it", I only knew a few musics but I had no idea what I was doing besides looking at some figure showing me the finger positions. Now I'm studying it from a book and using youtube to check how it should sound like, etc. I found out youtube is pretty good to check yourself when you are learning a musical instrument, something that with just a book is impossible and would require you to pay someone to teach you(which for someone like me is impossible, both being poor and 0 social skill).


The first and last step are the warp wanings and we all should be insisting in at least, the awareness of it.

>Laughing at our miseries is not quite a healthy way of coping, if you somehow analyze your feels


>nobody in you life
What do you think being a wizard is?


A male virgin over 30?


Which is almost always associated with aloneness and sub-shitty social skills


succubus detected




his post is basically saying we are loners with poor social skills, and your responses confirm it honestly. there is nothing inherently wrong with either of those things


>there's nothing inherently wrong with having poor social skills
I see you're retarded as well as ignorant. Yeah there's nothing wrong with being autistic although the downside is you commit suicide.


If you have social skills you aren't a wizard just a normalfag larper


autism is not the same as being bad at socializing

you are the one making this stuff seem negative. there's nothing wrong with being bad at socializing or prefering to be alone


those are failed normie crabs.


i didn't say it's a good thing we are bad at socializing, but there's also nothing bad about it, particularly since we keep to ourselves by and large

poor social skills results from many things, not just autism. i'm not even going to entertain this point of yours, it is ridiculous


the succubi said "aloneness" lul


When it comes to autism and social skills there's adjustments that can be made but poor social skills are usually just a part of it since people with autism have a hard time picking up on social cues and other basics of socialization and that's why they have a hard time improving it.

The 'just go out there and talk' advice is good to learn about yourself through failure but it usually won't turn you into a guy who is able to make friends. Once you reach a certain age without improving certain things you pretty much get the guarantee that you are not able to get good at it.

Also if you're autistic you have a high chance of getting bullied and abused which also adds to it since it makes things even harder.


did any wizards get diagnosed with autism/aspie early and get early childhood social skills training? what difference did it make in your lives?


poor lung health
poor hemoglobin
a drug dependency
smells like dog poo
induces psychosis
afflicts sleep
lowers energy
makes wizard compliant with outside influence

Freaks like you pushing drugs on young men need the rope.


well, if it did work, they certainly wouldn't be posting here lol


Agreed, pushing and recommending drugs to people is dumb as fuck.

I've been smoking weed for a long time on and off and I'm addicted to it like many other people. If I would have never started smoking then my mind and body wouldn't know it, its just another burden and theres a lot of downsides to it such as the ones you have listed.

This thread is complete shit to be honest, this should be on /b/ and not here.


this is more of an outline. put more effort in next time


You need to stop telling people what to do. OP is not pushing anything, its a suggestion.


Honestly, the OP pic is pretty solid, except for maybe the cannabis part. The rest I agree with completely. I don't get why so many here get triggered by that picture?

>just become a depressed fuck drug addict nigger and make sure you do nothing with your life to the point where you have no money and nobody in you life and then want to commit suicide due to depression and emptiness
Sounds like something a normalfag would say, you sure you didn't want to post this on 4chan? Everything that is described in op's pic is better than slaving away like some normalshit and being a "productive" citizen for a society that hates you.


It's pretty shit, even as a go-your-own-way-fuck-society kind of thing. Obviously this was made as a joke, an edit of the original one that's supposed to make a point how we wizards don't care about anything and die like NEET rockstars with a weed joint in our hand.

If this was a serious guide, it would be about how to successfully leech off your parents as long as you can, acquire neetbux or even create your own easy sources of income through legal or illegal means that don't require you to interact with norps. It would also help you pace yourself so you don't burn out and maximize how much enjoyment and distraction you can get out of your hobbies. It would include tips on a wizardly mindset to reduce needless mental suffering. It would teach you how to cook cheap food so you can reduce your expenses to a minimum.

All in all, this picture was not worth an entire thread for it.


> the OP pic is pretty solid I agree with completely.
You're completely retarded if you think ruining your life with drugs and low iq mindless entertainment for normalfags such as pornography, masturbation, and video games, and then killing yourself cause you did nothing but being a slave of the demiurge is SOUND ADVICE and something people should do. You don't love yourself or anybody or are simply way too stupid to notice that the OP was meant as a joke.


What are you supposed to do for entertainment then? Read some faggy philosophy books so that you can feel smart? If you're a NEET wizard there's not a whole lot more that smoking weed will do to "ruin" your life. At worst it will make you more depressed and you'll have to quit smoking it.


you're lost


So I'm supposed to be some "self-improving" normalfag that needs to read books about how to make friends? Ok that sounds very compatible with the wizard lifestyle


Funny how we always have a "I'm volcel", but most of people here are losers instead of wizardies. They just hate the fact that they are not normies themselves. Whenever you say "you should not waste your life with drugs", they go full on "so what? should I self-improve? read philosophy? train?" as if either drugs or be a normie are the only options.


your words, not his

you certainly don't need drugs, depression, or suicide


Then answer the question posed by OP. What are you supposed to do? Because I'm pretty sure if you're going to be a NEET wizard you might as well indulge and have fun while doing it


Imagine justifying your addiction to drugs and pornography on the fact you're a virgin and because you're not getting laid it's okay to waste your life away. Sounds like a crab in a bucket to me, and a retarded way of thinking. Tesla was a virgin too, he didn't become a nigger like you suggest is the only path.
must be nice not having a reading comprehension. Life isn't black or white. You don't have to do X because you can't A. There's a whole world of options but you're blind to them.
You don't know shit about life to recommend anyone here anything.


File: 1679070191837.png (5.39 KB, 267x189, 89:63, ant.png) ImgOps iqdb

I really think this thread shows how underage and silly the community here is.

Let me summarise the message of this thread:

>Only do what makes you happy at all times

>Ignore any potential problem (its not real)
>Congrats, you're a tru wizard (r)(tm)

There is a famous experiment called 'the stanford marshmallow test' in which researchers gave kids the choice of either one marshmallow (now) or two marshmallows (later.) It turns out that kids who are younger than 4 have a very hard time of waiting for two marshmallows. This is significant because success and personal improvement requires long-term sacrifice for better future results. The results of this experiment have also been used in intelligence testing among animals to measure higher-level behaviours. The overall message of this thread indicates a disregard for long-term happiness and hence is similar to the mentality of a –literal– fucking 3 year old.

Focusing solely on mindless self-indulge means putting your future happiness permanently on hold. Needless to say, it won't make your life any better. The kinds of things that will tend to take effort. E.g. learning strategies to improve mental health would probably go a long way for people like us. Exercise / working out, cooking (for health and $), and so on. You all know what kind of things can help you lead a better life. So why do we have stupid as fuck threads like this celebrating people who do nothing? I think you're not being witty by making a thread about doing fuck all and then calling it a 'wizardly' self-improvement thread. To me this is just underage shit posting on a main board and it also contributes to the delinquency of wizkids who will think giving up to become a moronic stoner somehow makes them a sage.

A person who spends all their time consuming is fucking pathetic, IMO. They are more like a plant than a human. There's a famous psychologist called 'Abraham Maslow' who proposed a 'hierarchy of needs.' His idea was something like 'people are unable to prioritise higher needs in a pyramid until lower needs are met.' At the top of the pyramid is 'self-actualisation.' The realisation of one's talents or potentials – maybe you could even call this level /hob/. Basically, people who are unhealthy and depressed won't be able to reach this level at all. Notably, the pyramid requires friendship which I think would prevent most people here from going completely insane long-term (online friends count.)

Lmao, says scorpion.


This is the only good post in the thread to be honest


masturbating to 4K porn, tasty snacks, plenty of sleep cuz not up at 5am to work a job
mommy and daddy's bank accounts, inheriting house after they die, neetbux from the state, safe neighborhood without niggers
hanging out with the wizcrew online
shitting on crabs, wagies, normalfags when they enter my digital domain
level 50 in turtle wow
official wizard title
staying pure for life


in my opinion, having an income or disposable income is rare while neeting. so weed is really not feasible

suicide is also not very fun. im all for having fun and neeting, but be realistic, bux and weed are not realistic. you need free/very cheap hobbies as a neet otherwise you are just straight burning your money away


Then maybe part of the guide should include growing your own to save money


If you really believe this, you should leave. One of the rules of this board is not to post about engaging in social activities. Most of the people here will never reach the love and belonging tier.


the thread is full of "be happy and dont care about anything" but not even a single post about fighting the demiurge.
Yeah you live a happy life and then you die, reencarnate and keep cycle going.


how do you fight a literal deity? if i were you, i'd try to stay off it's radar and live within my means.


Better than just staying here suffering forever


i know the demiurge has me under a curse, a zeus throwing bolts down at me, so i try to outmaneuver him so that the bad luck event actually benefits me

Like I bet $1000 on a certain election, and was glad to lose it.


I didn't tell anyone what to do you doped-up queer. I listed what pot does and what the solution is to those who push it. Typical stinky hippie "dude just let people be themselves" retort to someone mentioning how taking the advice of a drug-peddler will result in a poorer life.


but you're talking to people now? people do also socialise on discord so i assume mods are okay with online friends. idk if this has ever been clarified before though.


It really surprises me how main stream marijuana become despite it being incredibly unpredictable. If you listen to stoners about marijuana they are all like: 'it cures cancer, its used for anxiety, bla bla bla.' They make it sound like the perfect drug and that it can be used as casually as drinking a cup of coffee. The thing is, what none of these stoners ever mention is that a single hit of a joint can induce a mental health condition called 'Depersonalization' that can last months.

The disorder is quite serious. It feels like you're being pulled from your body and your mind is drifting away. You might feel like you're outside your body. If you have this condition it's hard to focus on anything, you literally feel like you're going insane. Stoners will counter by saying that such a thing is only going to effect people with schizophrenia or such. But it's really not true. I smoked hash for enjoyment on and off over the years and one hit of a joint was all it took to cause this.

I was one of those people who thought weed was just a playful recreational drug. But it's really not at all. I was sitting in a doctors office one day and I over-heard my doctor receive a phone call about another patient. Early-mid twenties, with anxiety and paranoia. The doctor was talking about how his marijuana use had caused him mental health issues when he had previously been healthy. It turns out that mental health clinical receive many patients who end up there because marijuana caused a mental health problem. Not schizophrenia. Problems like depersonalization, panic disorder, and phobias.

I feel like the main reason marijuana is legal in some places is because governmental bodies have decided it is safer than other drugs and if it's legal they can tax it. But just because it's safer it doesn't mean a shit load of people are worsening their mental health from using it. I feel like a well-educated doctor would only advise people to use marijuana if they had a legitimate medical need (this is not most people.)


>single hit of a joint can induce a mental health condition called 'Depersonalization' that can last months.
That's a bit of an exaggeration. I'm sure in extreme cases it's possible but usually depersonalization is the result of an overdose and symptoms disappear within a few days.

That being said weed isn't for everybody and can worsen depression and anxiety in many cases.


When I was a teen I was puritanical about drugs, but then later i was all existential, let the masses have their escapism from this shit society. Its just a plant man.

I only tried marijuana myself while staying at my aunt's house a few months ago. And I had a really bad trip, that I thought was just for LSD.

It felt like I was rubber banding between a demonic reality and IRL. And it was like the more normal IRL seemed, the more hellish the demonic reality would be when I swung back into it. It was like operating by horror movie logic.

I just lay in bed, and tried to move as little as possible to not do anything stupid, and let it work its way through my system.


This happened to me when I was a teen. I smoked a lot of weed one night and had a really intense high and after that I felt different even after quitting and I frequently had these moments where it felt like my mind was fading out of nowhere. Im not sure if i ever went fully back to normal. I also know another guy who developed similar symptoms that lasted months after he smoked one joint with a friend.

There's risks to it and the kind of stoners who play them down really bother me. It comes with risks and its addictive, that's just facts. If you have never done it then never get into it in the first place because then you won't even know how it feels.


Weird how this thread ended up really just being about weed. Personally I don't like being addicted to it, but I probably would've killed myself without it anyway so it is what it is


I don't depersonalize unless I get really high but I still feel retarded for a few days after getting high so I try to avoid weed


Potheads can't control themselves, all they think is weed,signal of low self control e addiction.


I wish to be a millionaire in one month

Obviously in real life while I’m awake


i am fully capable of understanding future consequences of my actions, i work out because i feel weak if i dont, i dont eat junk food because i can feel the effects within an hour. there is no temptation to do anything otherwise, and there is no effort involved in maintaining these practices because i fully understand why i do them. i know what real understanding is like, i strive to achieve it a lot and i have some of it. but one thing i cannot understand is why anyone would continue on in this broken world; relegating yourself to a life of wageslavery for decades. when people say do this do that cause 50 years down the line it pays off, i dont understand that, i get what they mean on an intellectual level, but it just seems like some boogeyman completely detached from reality.

>“Life is a chore, you are always striving for something in the future; you are not even quite sure what it is that you are striving for or why, and you have no guarantee of achieving it."

this quote sums up how i feel pretty well, dont know where i got it from but it was probably an IB


I thought the same as you re: weed. It sounds like something out of government drug propaganda 'just one puff of weed will turn you insane forever! Don't do it kiddo.' But it turns out there's a small grain of truth to this.

What I wrote about depersonalization was based on my experience. After one hit I literally felt like I had gone insane. It didn't last me months (thank god) but when I was trying to understand wtf had happened to me I came across information on it being a thing with weed (weed induced depersonalization) and it said that it can last for up to months (it goes away.)

That's when it occurred to me that this drug actually has quite intense risks that almost no one talks about. I had no history of schizophrenia or anything like that in my family. Some members of my family have been diagnosed with depression but that's really the extent of our mental health problems. I wanted to get high for some stress relief so I took a hit while I browsed the computer.

After that happened my body felt so heavy that I felt like I'd fall through the Earth. I knew immediately that something was wrong. It was honestly so fucked up. What's insidious about weed is that you can smoke it so often and be fine. Perfectly fine. Yet randomly out of the blue it will fuck you up so bad that if it lasts weeks you'll probably find it hard to care for yourself. And as far as I can tell: this can just randomly happen any time you use it…

Doesn't seem worth it to me, tbh.


i grew up in an area with a lot of drugs and most of the kids i grew up with were heavy stoners. I know of quite a lot of guys who ended up becoming weird or getting hospitalized at some point. I don't know where people get the idea from that it doesn't have any risks, guess that must be people who hardly smoke or stoners in denial. I guess the 'weed is completely safe' people are the same ones that claim porn doesn't have bad effects on you, at this point weed is just another dumbed down redditor normie entertainment thing that enhances their reddit experience.


>thread devolved to pot head discussion

Kill all drug addicts in public square


Blowing weed smoke into my monitor and laughing at this post rn


failed normies are wagecucks with social skills, they will always fall back on the appeal to normalcy and look down on outcast traits
they are just betas trying to imitate chads and don't have the balls to drop out of life and get on neetbux
more like some pussy nerds who couldn't handle one joint and went crazy imagine being such a mental midget
they probably use wizcord too and voice chat


What you want to hear is a complete life-guide and those don't exist considering wizards live in different countries, have different situations, etc. You have to find your own way but for generalization OP pic is good, it gives you a certain direction and framework where you can work from.

Smoking weed once in a while and ruining your life with drugs is the same? You can get addicted to anything. The fault isn't with things necessarily, maybe you just lack basic self-control, ever thought about it? There is nothing wrong with porn, masturbation, video games or smoking weed. These things make life actually fun, oh no we can't have all these virgin and lonely men who enjoy their lives, oh no! Everyone here must be a bitter a crab who abstains from anything moderately enjoyable!! Who is the one who hates himself here, really?? You aren't superior in any way just because you don't do fun things. That just makes you a sad example of a human being.

Suicide is inevitable sometimes and can be preferable to living. I can't believe I need to explain this to people here.
Oh I see, that explains a lot. Continue to mentally jerk off to the idea of how you are the victim of some malevolent cosmic being and how this world is some hell (because you are a bitter tard who can't enjoy his life at all).

The normalfags are again at it, huh? Just do us a service and fuck off to 4chan with your bourgeoisie white/asian normalfag values and this persistent need of being "useful" to a community of normalshits. We don't care about that. We don't need to prove or justify shit to anyone, we aren't insecure failed normals like you who feel the need to impress others and to earn the respect of the gay community of normalshits. Good luck btw with trying to be the next Tesla, Napoleon or Hitler. Oh what do you have to show for all your talk about living a useful life? Did you write or invent anything? Did you find the cure for cancer? Did you organize political parties? Did you change anything at all? No? Just a couple of bitches larping on an obscure image board on the fringes of the internet, nothing more, that's what you improve-fags are.

>future happiness

Another white-asian normalfag middle class lie that was used to deceive suckers into wageslaving their whole life away or fighting wars for their aristocrat overlords (who lived for the now and for pleasures above all, like any rational human being would). Some people just never learn, huh? Future happiness is a meme. You are either happy here and now or you aren't happy. The world has always been full of wars, plagues, disasters, crime, etc. You can't make long term plans because you aren't the center of the universe. You are the victim of external events and at the mercy of the universe every second of your life. The future is always uncertain, the present is all you have. If you live your miserable life wishing for happiness at a certain point in the obscure and unseen future then you are the king of morons.

If you live a happy life then reincarnation isn't something to be afraid of like a bitch. You hate life and stick to delusions like this, that's your problem. Smarter wizards than you see your life-denying ideology for the sham it is.


you listen to nigger music, do nigger drugs, post niggers on the internet, and want others to act like you, and are low iq to use adhoms, you're basically a DUMB NIGGER.
There's no "We", you're a nigger.


Oy, look, you used the n-word in cyberspace, you are sooo original.

I find black culture to be superior and more wizardly than asian or white culture generally, yes. For starters they aren't obsessed with wageslaving their life away, they aren't concerned that much what their neighbors or society might think of them, they do whatever they want and that's much superior to the white/asian obsession with duty, honor, contributing to society, living de "meaningful life", etc etc. I think we whites could learn a lot from blacks, latinos, gypsies and arabs about how to chill out and how to just enjoy life simply without feeling bad for not fulfilling some shitty normalfag quota or programming.

>want others to act like you

You shit up an entire thread because you can't bear how some wizards just enjoy life and don't want to torture themselves for some superficial goal. You are the one trying to impose on us something alien to us.


so under your life philosophy why would you even turn down the pleasure of sex if it was offered to you?


Who says sex is pleasurable? It sounds pretty shitty to me



>>204207 is right. You can get STDs, you can impregnate succubi and would need to pay childsupport for the rest of your life/and would have unnecessary responsibilities on yourself, plus sex is never free, succubi always want something in return be it money, protection, attention (your time and energy), and so on. Also you would have to deal with all relationshit and mindgames females love so much and you would need to look out for jealous boyfriends or men in general and overprotective fathers and brothers, it's just not worth it when you can watch porn and masturbate in your room alone.

The pleasure of sex is never offered to people just like that, especially not to people like us. There is always a price. When you think about it the negative side outweighs the positive side of it.


It is no contradiction to be a porn addicted volcel, Gavin McInnes founder of Vice and the ProudBoys, encountered one at his office, and was not happy.

You would think someone who loves porn, would love to fuck a porn star. But not this millennial



Gavin should never have gotten involved with this stuff. He got started arond 2015 and went deeper and deeper into altright territory. He was never a good fit. He always felt fake. And look at him now. His very face disgusts me. He is like Stephen Colbert of hipsters. It is just sad to see him doing his routine for his masters at this late stage of his life. Hang it up man, hang up your coat and disappear into late middle age. You were done 10 years ago.


he is such a failure, he can't even get a porn addict, to fuck the porn star he was just fapping to, in the flesh right in front of him


Why is he so upset by the volcel? From a normie's POV doesn't it mean that:
1 - Less 'competition' for them.
2 - They're excluding themselves from genepool.
Like if they're legit upset by volcels, then according to their logic, they should have the BATNA: they can just outbreed them and sit on their ass and wait. No arguments are necessary.


Who's saying it's a contradiction? Porn and sex are nothing like each other. Even the sex you want so badly while you are fapping is nothing like real sex. Not unless maybe the succubus loved you, in which case that will never happen with a pornstar.

Porn will always be easier than sex unless you're a massive fucking normie. In which case you'll never know what being a volcel is like


I mean before the porn stars, he claims he also introduced the virgin to "southern belles" as if that exists anymore, closest thing today would be southern sorority sister


He could introduce me to any succubus in the world and I'd still rather fap because I hate myself too much to even consider forming an emotional connection


> Even the sex you want so badly while you are fapping

That right there is why many would assume it is a contradiction. If you are taking such pleasure in her virtual body, why would you turn it down, if she was suddenly in the flesh right in front of you?

But this virgin literally did that to Gavin Mcinnes


>If you are taking such pleasure in her virtual body, why would you turn it down, if she was suddenly in the flesh right in front of you?
Exactly. Why would you? Because your fantasy is better than the flesh. In the fantasy you can imagine she is enjoying it. You don't have to scan her face for scans of doubt and then engage in abstract argument over whether she is in pleasure's throes or merely pretending. You just fuck her and in the back of your head you know it's just a fantasy but that doesn't matter until you cum. Until you cum, you're just relieving your sexual urges because you woke up a boner this morning and felt the need to jack off. Because the real thing is too much work. Even if Gavin Mvinnes was right in front of me


Go back to 4Chan failed normalfag.


this thread…

Had no idea people on an imageboard for virgins would be the ones with the superiority complexes


>I think we whites could learn a lot from blacks, latinos, gypsies and arabs about how to chill out and how to just enjoy life simply without feeling bad
We can't do that because we're expected to work ourselves to death, meanwhile Aniyahlis can shit out another future doctor, and the government will pay them to sit on their ass and consume our valuable resources, because their skin pigment happens to be the same shade of color as the food they turn into shit. Due to mass immigration, white wizards can't get any assistance at all because we're not priority in our own country, so the vast majority of us work until we die. You think anyone in the wage general here wants to work? For a lot of us, it's work or die. And you can be all "who cares if you starve to death lmao are u even a truewiz", but none of your negro heroes go without a meal or a snack. In fact, they'd probably burn your city and your house down if they went without their tax payer funded fried chicken


show evidence that the US govt gives special welfare eligibility standards to blacks that dont apply to whites


Yes it is inevitable many will have to work but the idea is to do as little as possible work


Diversity programs and immigration. It's only natural, that the bigger immigration influx there is, the less help 1st class citizens get, especially if they're white men. Ask any homeless wizard, they'll tell you how it is. Getting on SSI as a white man is a dream within a dream in 2023.


Sucks for you poorfags, I guess.


Thanks for confirming you're a little elliot rodger failed normalfag rich kid. Hope you get a chill black boyfriend you can move in with after your parents die and can't support you anymore


everytime i challenge a wiz on the "Welfare is only for black people" lie, you just deflect to some other talking point that has 0 to do with it.

welfare isn't race-biased but it is normy-biased

they have a special category called ABAWD. adults with no kids, get 0. But pop out some kids and you get the bux.

I mean it sounds fair in theory. why should kids suffer for the sins of their parents. but it means the bux are only for sexhavers


being black, female, having kids, and being poor

i keep up with the universal basic income movements and projects and trials and proposals and so on, and they are very often not universal, but very targetted, and they target those specific things above. they want 500 individuals meeting some/all of those criteria to apply, etc. i see this shit all the time

it might not be ONLY for blacks, but god damn i WISH i was black, it sure seems beneficial for getting into basic income trials


They don't know it's more the welfare system are desperate to get black people OFF welfare to get their stats down. A chinaman in the west collecting NEETbux would be more left alone than a black man. White men aren't as much of a priority as people on imageboards think.

Any NEETbux minorities disproportionately get, you can to if you meet the criteria.


if you never tried getting on bux you're probably a normalfag larper


the truly psychotic people are the ones who believe they are the sane ones in an insane world and never go for help.

even joker was going to his weekly govt therapy like a good boy


>even the sex you want so badly while you are fapping is nothing like real sex. Not unless maybe the succubus loved you,
How would you know that? Funny how wizchan is now full of crabs who want love from succubi. Sex is sex regardless if a female or male loves you. Retarded in c e l


>Who says sex is pleasurable? it sounds pretty shitty to me
Both your parents and your entire family and everyone who's had sex thinks sex is pleasurable.

Degenerate guide asking for virgin men to kill themselves. How about you go do drugs and kill yourself instead. Leave the wizards doing whatever they want.


Well my parents were wrong about everything else in life….


File: 1679462235492.jpeg (630.77 KB, 1200x1553, 1200:1553, form 4473.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Smoking weed and/or getting NEETbux is a bad idea of you're American and want to kys. These things could prevent you from passing a background check in order to get a gun.


I've been hospitalized more than once for depression. If I decide to kms it won't be with a gun.

I am not everyone who has ever had sex. I am not a normalfag like my parents.

That has nothing to do with wanting love from succubi. As a wizard I'm not capable of love and therefore I don't want sex. I'm perfectly content to jack off and will remain this way unless I wake up as a normalfag one day


Anyone who believes lies like 'if there were no colored people in our country we would support NEETs of our race, promise :)' from the right-wing is genuinely stupid. Truth is, right-wingers don't care about their fellow whites either if they are NEETs or people who otherwise would require some assistance to survive. Right-wingers hate "giving free beer" to anyone so to speak. They despise all kind of NEETs and "leeches" regardless of skin color. Maybe they hate blacks and others more but if there are no migrants and refugees around who do you think is the next on their list of targets? "Useless" white people, in order words us wizneets.

Being right-winger, being chauvinist nationalist, being racist is equal to supporting big money people, the bourgeoisie and your exploiters and oppressors generally. Nationalism and racism were invented for the sake of making you docile towards your exploiters. According to rightos, sucking corporate cock and giving a blowjob to your employer is perfectly fine as long as he is white.

>none of your negro heroes go without a meal or a snack. In fact, they'd probably burn your city and your house down if they went without their tax payer funded fried chicken

You mean they would trash the city of the middle class? As a poor NEET I don't have much to begin with, only the middle and upper classes are afraid of riots so much because they possess almost everything. Btw, this is exactly what I referred to when I said we should learn some tricks from blacks and their friends. Poor whites don't stand up for themselves and don't take what is rightfully their via force.
I'm from Europe and I support migration. This capitalist bourgeoisie dystopia needs to be nuked or burned to the ground. First worlders don't have any revolutionary potential and their middle class mentality infested even eastern europe too. We need more migrants to stage a revolution that gets rid of the capitalist elite and their lackeys the middle-class.

All the bellyaching and moaning about muh evil migrants boils down to
>wahh they are raping muh daughter/wife, how dare dirty sandniggers even talk to my precious white queens?! (big fucking normalfag problems)
>wahh they don't want to work and just want some bux (so do I)
>wahh they stealing/destroying muh precious property (cry me a river, rich-scum)
Essentially only normalfags are alarmed so much by migrants. Migrants are low status men, just like we wizards are. Our enemy isn't the migrants but rich people. The employers. Police chiefs. Politicians of all parties. CEOs. Bishops. Military leaders. Shop owners. The intellectual elite. Etc. Migrants are in the same category as we wizards. They are unwanted low-status males who just want to survive and not live a 100% shit life wageslaving away. Instead of licking the boot of some rich white normalfag take the side of your own class, idiots. Waste all the snob sobs.


What a bunch of communist/marxist crap. You are just a radical leftist so who are you to speak about anything. Right wingers have good points when it comes to culture, traditions and identity and left wingers have a good idea when it comes to helping retards but you're just a radical leftist supoorting an insane worldview that is destructive and has been proven to not even work.

Please just fuck off from wizchan and go to reddit or twitter, they will welcome you with open arms and might offer buttsex to you as well. Last year was already infested with you porn addicted leftist cunts so please just fuck off in 2023.


You have a bourgeois liberal view of politics. Sad.


This nigger is really trying to dupe people into radical leftist communist stuff by trying to compare wizards to the 'underclass' and retarded refugees in Europe. What a bad attempt at trying to radicalize autists.


good post. THC is a neurotoxin and the substance being deliberately elevated by cultivated to be higher


You see he's >>204343 talking about freedom, which is good, but we should remember that importing inmigrants its part of the elites agenda.


He is obviously a radical leftist type which is also not a reasonable worldview.

There is nothing wrong with the middle class and a lot of wizards grew up in middle class families which is good for them and I bet they wouldn't want to be forced to share their house and half their families belongings with a bunch of ghetto criminal retards who make a shitload of babies and rob you at night or some muslim refugees who don't respect westerners and rape or kill them in the worst case. All that sharing won't go to the people who should have it like autistic wizards but it goes to all these people who don't give a shit about wizards either. All these people who actually drain the welfare systems are people who don't give a fuck about disabled people or wizards. Countries in Europe like Germany and Sweden are prime examples how muslim refugees and immigrants abuse the welfare systems which hurts wizards as well. All these people from the so called underclass don't give a shit about wizards and autists. Countries like Sweden and Germany also show that criminal immigrants and violent muslims are some of the main issues that drive people to more far right wing politics.

If some faggot leftist talks about the underclass then think about a group of low IQ failed normies beating you up at night or a dumb bitch having several children and no father around. Think about a ghetto ass rapper who fucks bitches and deals drugs. These people don't give a fuck about wizards.

I'm all for welfare if it benefits autists, schizos and people who are otherwise unable to live in normie society because of mental or physical disabilities but it shouldn't benefit criminals, whores or violent subhumans.


>I'm all for welfare if it benefits autists, schizos and people who are otherwise unable to live in normie society because of mental or physical disabilities but it shouldn't benefit criminals, whores or violent subhumans.

Only semi-normies know how to go through the system and get labeled as schizo and autists.

The truly most insane wizards, refuse to talk to therapists, and are considered psych normies by the govt


It's a crapshoot. I've been taken to therapists that said I had tism and ones that haven't. Most have been idiots


We should retry this thread but with actual ideas to improve our life…


This. As the OP I'm very disappointed


You told young men to smoke weed and masturbate, calling it a life improvement, then put the Wizchan logo on it. You should be disappointed in yourself.


Right-wingers only have good points if you are a normalfag and care about normalfag values like traditional family, traditional gender roles, zero help for those who can't live on their own, etc. It's the essential normalfag worldview, I'm sorry but you have been tricked. Rightos only care about creating a strong society/nation/race and guess what, NEEThermit virgins like us don't belong there according to them. At best they just leave you to die as a homeless bum or put you in jail/some asylum, at worst they send you to concentration camps and destroy you. "Traditions, identity, culture" don't mean shit when you are starving on the street and these things only matter for normals anyway because they need someone to tell them who they are and what they should do.

What's even sadder is that you don't have any reading comprehension. I'm an anarchist.

No, it isn't. How is importing a bunch of uneducated people who don't want to work and only want bux any benefit to the rich? It simply doesn't add up and is yet another right-winger myth and lie. The truth is, rich people really don't want any immigrants at all. Because those who have a lot have also the most to lose if a revolution happens.

Everything is wrong with the middle class. They and their aristocrat lords are the source of every kind of decay and degeneracy imaginable. The middle class was always a cowardly shit class, sucking up to those at the top and kicking down those who were below them. They are the most superficial, conformist, hypocrite pieces of shit this planet ever carried on its back. They would sell their own mother for a little plus in social status and capital.

You are just resorting to "le migrant boogeyman" right-wingers like to parrot all the time. It's not migrants or refugees or people who didn't receive "proper" education that are ruining literal countries and are oppressing others. It's the elite and the middle class that is ready to serve them for a little extra profit. Nobody is talking about the "who cares about who" shit, it's about where most of us on this site belong. Know your class. (Unless of course you are some rich asshole in which case fuck you)
>it shouldn't benefit criminals, whores or violent subhumans
As far as your beloved right-winger normals are concerned, we are considered in one category with those people. Are you this dumb that you can't realize this? Most people here can only survive thanks to their family, once our parents die we will be on our own and nobody will give a shit. Most of us are on the path to the homeless life or getting locked up in some state institution as to not offend bourgeoisie tastes and the rich normals.

You can act all snob and pretentious, looking down on ghetto people and migrants but "proper" society thinks you are trash too, just like them. Don't lick the anus of those who despise you because as a right-winger wiz you do exactly that and it's pathetic.


Maybe you should have chosen a neutral image for the thread and not some dumb shit about smoking weed and watching porn

Here we go again with this radical leftist faggot and his walls of text thinking wizchan is the perfect place to spread his politics.


Not that guy but he's correct. Conservatives don't like unmarried men unless they're priests or monks. They utterly loathe unemployed men. The right-wing aren't your friends and almost none of their interests align with wizard interests.

t. apolitical individualist


He's just a politcally radical himself and his communist/marxist/anarchist stuff is also for normies and not for wizards.

Just because some autist is on neetbux doesn't mean that he benefits from radical leftist politics. You can also be centered in your politics or right leaning and still support autismbux.

The lefties aren't your friends either, they don't give a fuck about you and to them you're just another angry white male who gets no pussy. They value criminals and whores way above some autistic virgin who posts on imageboards. These leftist marxist type communities either won't accept you or try to bully you into something.


I'll keep that in mind for the next thread if I don't kms first


>You can also be centered in your politics or right leaning and still support autismbux.
Oh so now you want to go for the centrist route (which is what right-wingers do when they can't argue against leftist politics, they just pretend they are the "3rd way" or whatever). Right-wing never supports giving free stuff to people and history proves it. And before you go and post about welfare that doesn't really count as bux since welfare is given to people for a limited period of time until they find another job, not forever. There is nothing right-wingers hate more than supporting the people who are "useless" in their eyes. The first thing rightos always do whenever they take control is to get rid of any bux or to cut down support for ""lazy"" and ""unproductive"" people. That and generally taking away anything that is free and making it cost money, like education and healthcare.

It's about whose interest coincides with yours, not about who is your friend or such nonsense. If you are a chronically unemployed NEET like most of us here are then it doesn't make any sense to represent the interests of the well-off middle class and the rich people. Again, unless you are some cuck and masochist, in which case whatever. As facts stand, leftists give bux and free stuff to people, not right-wingers and as a NEET you benefit the most from leftist politics. What you are saying that leftists hate virgin men is irrelevant since most normalfags hate us anyway, regardless of political ideology. The important point is that leftists give us free stuff and more rights, we don't have to like each other. While the right-wing simply hates us and doesn't give us anything or even makes life miserable for us.

You have been way too indoctrinated into believing alt-right nonsense. Alt-right and right-wing in general are for failed normals and normal males in general who want to abuse others and feel all mighty about themselves. You know what you appear like? As the nerd kid in school who was a bootlicker of the bad boys, even though they always made fun of him and treated him like a shit. You try to be some weapon-carrier of white normalfag males and hope they won't treat you like shit but they will do. They don't care about anyone but themselves.

I tried to remain apolitical for a long time too, pretending that I don't care about this shitfest and that it didn't affect my life anyway but you know when a party or thought appears that especially tries to make your life harder and wants to take away your resources on the pretext that you are lazy then you have to take a side. I'm all for individualism but right-wingers don't respect any sort of freedom at all, only "economic freedom" which basically means the right to exploit others as much as possible.


Youre a radical faggot who just assumes that I am some radical right winger. I appreciate bux but also I dont want some subhuman immigrants to fuck everything up and I certainly don't give a fuck about the ghetto underclass who only does dumb shit and is violent and I also dont give a fuck about some ghetto single mom who got impregnated by several men. Theres a lot I oppose about leftist politics and theres a lot I oppose about rightwing politcs so I just pick what fits for me instead of being a black/white fag like you. You got sucked into a radical politics hole yourself.


I'm rightist and while this wiz uses loaded language and improperly represents the motives of rightists and right-wing motivations, the end result is the same. The right is categorically against propping up "useless" people. Bioleninism is leftist.
To address the language:
>It's about whose interest coincides with yours, not about who is your friend or such nonsense
In a way, yes, but also no. The right is about harmony. Interests coincide with friendship- to lovers of the good, of kindness and empathy, will be friends on that alone, but one good person and one evil will not be friends.
>Socrates: Then after all the just man has turned out to be a thief. And this is a lesson which I suspect you must have learnt out of Homer; for he, speaking of Autolycus, the maternal grandfather of Odysseus, who is a favourite of his, affirms that 'He was excellent above all men in theft and perjury.' And so, you and Homer and Simonides are agreed that justice is an art of theft; to be practised however ‘for the good of friends and for the harm of enemies,’–that was what you were saying?

>Thrasymachus: No, certainly not that, though I do not now know what I did say; but I still stand by the latter words.

>S: Well, there is another question: By friends and enemies do we mean those who are so really, or only in seeming?

>T: Surely, he said, a man may be expected to love those whom he thinks good, and to hate those whom he thinks evil.

>S: But see the consequence:–Many a man who is ignorant of human nature has friends who are bad friends, and in that case he ought to do harm to them; and he has good enemies whom he ought to benefit; but, if so, we shall be saying the very opposite of that which we affirmed to be the meaning of Simonides.
The right DOES agree to help those who align with your interests, and the common interest is the good, and that transcends class distinctions. Class warfare, racial warfare, sex warfare, they are all manners of division creating false enemies out of the good, or false friends out of the evil.

Next point
>Again, unless you are some cuck and masochist,
If we are to act solely with a view to our own benefit, you are simply a psychopath. If you werw rich you would crush the proles you support now. You are just an impoverished oligarch.

>While the right-wing simply hates us and doesn't give us anything or even makes life miserable for us.

The right doesn't hate you, you are just an "unfortunate reality." If the world were perfect, socially isolated, non-functional, depressed schizos would not exist. What the right believes is that society should not encourage or empower weakness, frailty, and disease, but as long as they believe it is for the greater good, they would be willing to assist. Again, bioleninism is leftist.

>Alt-right and right-wing in general are for failed normals and normal males in general who want to abuse others and feel all mighty about themselves.

It's for people that look to the great, to the ideal, and envision a realistic vision not of the acceptance of evil or the rejection of evil's existence, but a battle against it.

Your entire worldview is one of idpol psychopathy. You exclusively believe in benefitting yourself at the expense of others.


>envision a realistic vision
nooo! brainlet moment. Going to guzzle hotsauce now…


>You exclusively believe in benefitting yourself at the expense of others.

Oh so the logic of capitalism isn't good enough when used by the wrong kind of people


That's exactly correct. It's wrong no matter who uses it. Death to capitalism and marxism.


And that is your problem. You are stuck with your own "I want everything wa-wa- I am le big independent man, I can choose what I want from both left and right-wing and mix them together to form a coherent whole" No you can't. Only fools don't recognize how the left and right can't be harmonized. There are many retarded variations out there like christian socialism, national bolschevism, national anarchy, etc. Fucking makes me laugh every time. It's not about your meme black n white thinking, it's about being consistent and logical instead of being a moron who can't decide what he wants…

Many times I wrote it down, but it's not about loving other people. You don't have to love the "ghetto underclass" or "ghetto single moms" but know that as an unemployed NEET you are in the same category as them. As far as right-wingers are concerned, people like those and us are just dead weight on the shoulders of the perfect nation/race they are trying to create where no weak and lazy people are allowed to exist. Do you think these people care if you sit at home watching anime all day instead of doing drugs and stealing shit? They don't, they think you are the same as the ghetto nigger who refuses to work all his life. Get a grip on reality already.

Socrates and Plato were mentally insane persons who dragged others around them down into their collective delusions. Anything they say can be disregarded easily.

>Class warfare, racial warfare, sex warfare

Most right-wingers disagree with you because they are focused on their own nation or race above others. The right can't be about harmony because it paves the ground for wars and endless conflicts, be they class conflict or conflict between races and nations. War is the big endgame of The Right, every single time. The leaders never take responsibility and never acknowledge their faults, instead they wage war on other nations and races when shit hits the fan eventually (all society and culture based on division and hierarchies is bound to fail in the end, sooner or later). I wonder how many times we have to repeat this until people realize this?

"If you were different then you would act differently!" Ah, wow. Classic. Yeah maybe I would. Or maybe I wouldn't. You don't know that, it's just conjecture on your part. And again with this hypocrite preaching about morality and goodness? Right-wingers always sound like some evil anime little succubus to me. They are all oh morality, goodness, justice, duty, virtue at one time and at another moment they go full slasher smile and build concentration camps, wage world wars, crusades, exploit the people to do everything for them, etc. You have zero right to preach, right-winger. I guess this inherent hypocrisy is part of the right-wing cope.
To wake you up, everyone acts with his own benefit in mind above everything else. Everyone could be called a psychopath by your definition.

You people hate us and you are just being pretentious again. You justify your cruelty and wickedness by resorting to morality, as if not helping people is somehow a virtue.
>If the world were perfect, socially isolated, non-functional, depressed schizos would not exist
Very wizardly my friend! Keep going on. We should just kill ourselves to please the normalfags, right? Fuck you and your normalfag friends. Plenty of us here enjoy life and want to continue to enjoy our NEET life. We don't care if we are a burden on your society, all the better for us since we hate you too anyway. We aren't inferior people, we are the superior people that are the result of countless decades of evolution. The economic situation isn't set it stone. When economic conditions change, society and order change too. You will be the unfortunate reality of tomorrow, normalfag. As things are, isolated males keep increasing in number and people of the west get more and more disillusioned with traditional memes and mainstream values. You can't stop the change. More and more autists and schizos will appear and we will overpower your kind.

>It's for people that look to the great, to the ideal

In other words, for people who can't deal with the harsh reality.
>Your entire worldview is one of idpol psychopathy. You exclusively believe in benefitting yourself at the expense of others.
Just like you and everyone else! We have some common characteristics, huh?!
You ARE a capitalist, retard. Fascism is always based on the rule of capital. Good luck forming and leading an authoritarian super state without any capital. Fascism is capitalism in slightly different clothes.


>More and more autists and schizos will appear and we will overpower your kind.
Oh please. Yes, you'll overpower the normals by fapping to anime and crying when your neetbux are withdrawn.

Your entire post can be refuted by using your favourite… What was it? "Not the real leftists"? Yeah. You're just criticizing people that aren't real rightists. No, you don't have a comeback. Your entire post is based on appeals and your own subjective definitions. Something is a "schizo jew conspiracy" if you don't like it, or it's just plain obvious man look!" if you do, even if it's considered an unfounded conspiracy by the mainstream. Grow up.


>As things are, isolated males keep increasing in number and people of the west get more and more disillusioned with traditional memes and mainstream values. You can't stop the change. More and more autists and schizos will appear and we will overpower your kind.

Completely deluded, most men of the "isolated men" demographic are not even drawn to leftis/marxist/anarchist politics. You somehow think that the rise of outcasts is a battle for your radical leftists politics but in reality most autists tend to be more drawn to other politics and worldviews and if you look at what the schizos and autists post online then you should notice that they usually oppose radical leftists.

It's also very much worth mentioning that leftism often is the enabler of many problems in the modern world and many of the problems that men face.

I'm not even gonna answer your other points, it seems like you are a self centered psychopath who spams his walls of text everywhere and thinks he can lead the way to glory.


Politics is based on ambiguity. It's all arbitrary, much like choosing a sports team or interpreting tea leaves. People will choose a side and then make themselves immune to other perspectives. It's rarely based on data, anyway. Since it concerns dynamic, large-scale systems that no one really understands (like the economy) the art of politics becomes convincing people what to believe.

You'll notice that when people have political views they start to approach things from the perspective of default-correct where they assume their view is correct by default. For example: when I worked at a certain tech company the CEO openly mocked Trump at the company and assumed that everyone thought the same. I stay out of politics because its a sewer. But I just thought to myself 'how disrespectful. It's not like this is a science and other people have their own views that should be respected.'

'politics is the mind-killer'


Not really a fan even if it’s a joke some people here could be having a rotten day for you to say rope as an option doesn’t sit well with me. We all need to help each other cope with existence


You act all high and mighty, but don't actually understand what you're talking about.
Wizzies have no future, what would threading the endless and pointless self-improvement wheel towards no particular goal ACCOMPLISH?
Take cold showers for WHAT?
Sleep on time for WHAT?
Don't whack off for WHAT?

Answer that first or piss off.


It really is. I wasted so many years on reading about this shit. Even spaces where I once thought posters were open-minded eventually proved to be steeped in dogma. Granted, less than most places, but still possessing their own golden calves that were taboo to question. Anyway, it just seems stupid to label oneself. "I'm a leftist, therefore I support this set of stances on these topics that seldom or never have any relation to one another." Why? Just seems like signalling which tribe you are a member of.
You realize, too, that it's largely just a bunch of nerds cheerleading for opinions that will never be allowed to enter into practice. Why waste time thinking about things you can't change? It's far more practical to focus on things you actually can change that immediately affect you. Besides, it's like you said. Vocalizing your political beliefs is in poor taste and can instantly make people dislike you by itself. You lose much and gain nothing.


I mean OP's OP wasn't even explicitly political but the polfags grabbed onto the weed and neetbux thing to soapbox


fuck the polfags


Not that poster, but you nihilists don't speak for everyone else. Some of us find and make meaning in living.

This thread sucks.


File: 1679801498715.jpg (314.88 KB, 2000x1566, 1000:783, Fr0NjP6aIAIfuHr.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wizards have just as much of a future as anyone else you troll.
>Take cold showers for WHAT?
It trains the heart an capillaries to burn warm when exposed to the cold, making for a wizard who is more capable of readily adapting to his environmental temperatures. Hot water is seldom found in nature and has tranquilzing effects on top of making the body stress its hyperthermal response without the benefits of doing so through exercise.
>Sleep on time for WHAT?
The brain becomes accustomed to a sleep routine that allows the wizard to maximize his time spent in the realm of the conscious. A wizard who is in control of his sleep pattern is a wizard who is in control of his life.
>Don't whack off for WHAT?
Masturbating to softcore kemono cub expends chemicals that the brain needs in order to repair and be aware. It also drops testosterone down giving the wizard less mental and physical clarity.


What if your meaning is to have fun and not try and impress some normalfags?


Nothing he said is about impressing normies but about his own wellbeing.

It's quite interesting how you're not even able to realize this and somehow think it's about impressing someone else. This shows that you should do something radical to change your mind and impulsive behavior.


You can only have actual "fun" with things if you don't do them all the time, that's how the brain works. The more you abstain from things the more entertaining they will be if you do them.

If you get controlled by every impulse and blindly follow pleasure you will become the mental equivalent of a fat princess, always seeking quick pleasure with least effort and that will fuck you up at some point.

If you spend all your time to play a game it will get boring but if you only play in the evening it will stay interesting longer. There's so many people who play games just to kill time and its not even fun for them anymore because they are doing it all the time anyway.

No good life advice would suggest to spend all your time doing entertainment stuff. Even if you don't want to follow normie rules, you're still better off if you try to spend your time in a productive way.

Recommending people to just follow impulses by taking drugs or watching porn is extremely stupid and its the kind of advice that would come from someone who is projecting his problems instead of wanting to give helpful advice.


Since I started smoking weed and living the #neetlife I can say my life has improved for the better. I get proper erections again and can enjoy masturbating again, I can remember stuff better and I'm calmer and more focused.


weed is estrogenic and THC is a neurotoxin causing anxiety/psychosis. So obviously this post is a lie from the moment you claimed to be getting erections

Lion's Mane
B-complex under 50mg
NAC paired with conventional antioxidants vits c + e

and you'll get real brain gains. Abusing your dopamine system makes you addicted to stupid trivial behavior instead of productivity


So stoicism basically
Nothing really new and it's a decent cope


>Abusing your dopamine system makes you addicted to stupid trivial behavior instead of productivity
Definitely, my fellow wizard! We should all be doing meaningful things with our lives like the normos are doing! Yeah! You can't just play anime and smoke weed, where would this lead to oh my god? Virgin asocial people in their 20s/30s living the basement of their mom? Pfuff. Fucking pathetic. Right?!


Let's see:
>Dopamamaxxxxx does productive, useful activities all day and has excellent mental clarity, drive and focus. He feels great
>Dopaminnnn does unproductive, shortcut methods to spike dopamine that keep him in the house doing fuckall constantly refreshing social media and feels terrible. He doesn't accumulate any knowledge or skills and probably has brainfog
They're obviously the same and if you don't think so ur a NORMALFAG


What sort of knowledge and skills should we accumulate? Skills about how to find some shit job and how to wagecuck for our entire life?

You don't enjoy your life, you are just coping. Smoking weed and watching anime is a better source of fun for people like us than trying to develop some "useful" talent so that others will think highly of us. Yeah who cares what normalfags think?


idk if anime is good or bad in itself, but I know its always associated with the worst people in the world and the worst posters, so i wont touch it.


>thing has a bad reputation so I must also hate it
actual normalfag logic


This is why social shit is gay. You associate an entire entertainment medium with a social group before the thing itself? It's understandable but extremely cucked to fall for the social schema meme…


yeah man better stay in the cave and get hooked on vices instead of making something of yourself. That'll show'em…

if you look at the audience it's succubi, teenies, or people with high functioning mental neurodiversity like ADHD/autism. Not all anime is bad but the mass market version definitely is made for retards.


But I have also personally seen the lowest quality posts having anime images attached


>people with high functioning mental neurodiversity like ADHD/autism
This is bad?


alright man, so your argument is:
>if you try to treat mental illness instead of sinking into depression, you're a normalfag
>if you try getting off vices of abuse like drugs/excess masturbation/alcohol you're a normalfag
>if you try to improve your mind or body, you're a normalfag
>if you want to be happy, you're a normalfag
>etc etc
the things I'm talking about would raise everybody's quality of life if they did them. All I can think of is that you're attached to the idea of being depressed/unsuccessful and want to keep others from achieving because it'd reflect poorly on your ego. This is fucking r9k behavioral sink shit, I don't remember oldwiz having this negativity obsession at all.


Actually r/Anime is 78.8% male / 21.2% female


I don't get why OP became one of the most controversial hotly debated posts on Wizchan. I mean its not for everyone and is only for a specific brand of Wiz. But its basically just the typical hikki lifestyle. But it sprung off into this huge debate over hedonism, drug-use, nofap, niggers, politics and everything under the sun.

Maybe titling it "Wizard Survival Guide" made it too universal towards all Wizards, and the stoics feel under attack.


>nooooo! don't disrupt my negativity circlejerk!! Being terminally depressed and allergic to healthy living is what "wizardry" is all about! You must be a closet xyz boogeyman if you disagree! Don't try to contradict my thoughts by not validating poor life choices on an anonymous imageboard! Not Easy!!!!!

N.M. factor very high



Nor Mie?



Hopefully the mods will get this ban evading faggot again soon.


which side is more volcel?


you genocide the normies in the law route, not sure what the dep route has to offer



/dep/ should never even become a life philosophy or some politcal mumbo jumbo bs. This recent encouragement of doing things that make depression worse is really unsettling. Back in the days we used to help each other fix brainfog and just posted about our experiences with depression.


dep is obviously incompatible with volcel, as who would voluntarily choose to be depressed?



It would be best if mods just closed this shill thread since it was made by the self admitted ban evader anyway.


All the times I used to watch porn and smoke weed have been the most shitty and depressed times I can remember. I don't think it's in good spirit to recommend doing these things especially in this context.


all I do is post about supplements and lifestyle choices people can do to treat mental illness and depression on this site and op spergs out at me. I never remember oldwiz being like this either. Actually I don't even remember the Neet protection act being such a big thing either so I guess it didn't come much up in everyday conversation.


> the Neet protection act

So you are bitching about not being able to violate Wizchan's rules?


I don't remember the majority of conversations revolving around neeting until I came back to the Nu wiz.


Suggesting that watching porn and drugs might be a bad idea is not the same as opposing the NEET lifestyle.


The term "Neet protection act" implies he would like to insult neets but is held back by a stupid safe space rule that babies them


I've been here since Gamergate, and there has always been a majority of conversations about NEETing, and people have always been using rule 4 as a shield. Stop making shit up.


This thread has decomposed in to a swamp of rule 4 violations, /meta/ complaints against rule 4, and bait copypastas. OP seems to have given up on his own thread after it received negative attention so I'll be locking it.

Additionally, the local "leftist wizard" was found to be ban evading in this thread so he has been removed from the site permanently.

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