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When i come across with some opinion which i strongly disagree with or that i know is incorrect, and is written in a condescending way, i usually stay ruminating about that information in anger. Whatever im doing, the intrusive thought of someone saying that and getting away with it comes back to my head and ruins my moment.

Does this happen to any of you? How do you deal with it?


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Reply with a smug anime succubus and simply reply that they're wrong.


i don't believe you think of yourself as an adult yet. wanting to be liked and respected by everyone and getting the positive attention of everyone, those are the goals of children. you want to be tolerated and even accepted by people you most likely would not respect yourself if you had the chance to know them.

what difference does it make when a fool doesn't like you? none.
what damage is done when a reject tries to provoke you? it is of no importance.

you are stuck on the group victim stage. let yourself be informed by the dumb emotions but don't let them control you or otherwise every ugly reject will simply use negativity to manipulate you into being a slave.

a person like that: >>203426

don't even bother to respond. you have nothing to gain from validating the existence of such a person or program. that is an interaction you have nothing to gain from and only time and energy to lose.


Its just pixels in a screen.


Yea, but the person who coerced those pixels to illuminate on my screen have opinions and skin tones different from mine. Cocky bastard thinks he can make my pixels light up and just get away with it.


People still take shit seriously on the Internet? I don't even believe in anything, sometimes I just argue the opposite with a couple popular talking points that I've heard and watch them get all worked up about it. They spend hours trying to convince some imaginary audience while I just laugh in their face.


You do have beliefs, they have just had all their nuance blunted off, for example, if somewhere to inflict serious pain on to you, I doubt you would be okay with this. You simply lack the belief-skill to have more nuanced and fleeting beliefs because you have been MKUltra internet psyoped into psuedo-nihilism.


I've actually argued pain = good on here a few times just to rile people up. People will waste hours of their life trying to convince you and "win" some argument, as if it matters one way or another. I love poking holes in people's "nuanced" political beliefs and watch them breakdown psychologically trying to hold on to them. The things that funny to me is how they need other people to believe their shit so that it's more real to them. You don't actually need to justify your beliefs to anyone, either they are based on reality and taking actions based on those beliefs will help you succeed in life or they don't simply don't work.


Nigga, like… Just walk away from the computer…


>a belief being an accurate reflection of reality is the same as it being beneficial


Nice try.


It happens to me, too. I don't get angry, but i can't stop thinking about it.
I realize that this is because that post challenges my own, sometimes deeply held beliefs. Either I cannot accept them at all or they break some belief that I thought was juwt obviously right. In the first case, while I'm shit at arguing on the spot, it gets me thinking about counter-arguments to theirs, and in the opposite case it causes to reexamine my beliefs. In both cases it makes me look deeper into my own model of the world, even if the emotions I have in the process err on the negative side.

Now, discussing with people online is but a game, and you shouldn't get worked up with it. Everybody argues with very limited information and informed by deeply rooted biases, and actual communication is impossible, especially because most people are fixated on being *right* and on winning an argument, and for the most part not at all in actually exchanging ideas. Such is zombie behaviour, you already know they are well over 90% of the population. They argue with emotion, one needs to get above the emotions *they* are trying to lead you to.

There is a site with a rule "always argue in bad faith", I think the admin doesn't know it's categorically impossible, so his site is an overmoderated shithole where you have to walk on eggshells and your post gets automatically rejected half of the time without explanation. They have another rule, btw: "always elaborate" on your post. lmao. You can write a WoT trying to avoid using controversial words and it still gets rejected. And the users there seem to think it's a hub of intelleckchual discushion, when it's really just another 4chan.
Sorry I went off a tangent, I had to get this off my system.


It's all a stupid game at this point. Everyone thinks they're being the smarter one. Even the ones who think they're bucking the trend by self awarely playing the game.

I really miss the old days when the internet was just piles of wall of text opinions that are easily discard as the next. Gamification and monetization of the internet has ushered in this zeitgeist were everyone thinks they're master debaters and intellectual manipulators.


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this thread is another prime example of how the users of wiz are experts at disregarding females and completely clueless when it comes to acquiring magic.

are you even actual wizards? maybe you are just crabs who needed a less pathetic identity and wizzard sounded better then reject? the longer i stay here the less impressed i am, i thought you all might be smart and above the childish pettiness.


Pure blooded Wizard are in danger of excitation specie on this site, we must preserve the last of them.



But cumulative disrespect ends up becoming agression. When is the moment of defend yourself?



Sorry but not my style, i do enjoy trying to give long answers as much as i can


Go back to /hob/ and acquire more magic, fren.


>But cumulative disrespect ends up becoming agression.

i don't believe it does, then again i don't believe words can hurt people so this is probably just incompatible attitudes of life. i guess when someone calls you an asshole you worry that it is true. such worries are not known to me.



I dont care about skin tones


Perhaps when your livelihood is at stake. When the security of your loved ones is under threat.
Everything else is irrelevant.


based view


We're talking about me here. We stopped talking about you 3 posts ago. Get with the times.



My problem is that those opinions they tell, end up becoming a movement against you.



Did you come up with a solution to stop ruminating thoughts when they got to you?


This but use a soyjak image and quote their posts instead.


So you're going to be the one that changes everyone's mind and the status quo? Get over yourself lmao


It’s just a trait some people have. Loads of people do it online and then post something to hurt the person that has annoyed them, they just don’t pay attention to their behaviour. Everyone is a liar really.



What sites do you usually visit?



How do you avoid getting annoyed




practice. find things that annoy you and just practice guiding your internal dialogue to not care.

99% of the opinions you see online are from people you don't know personally, why should you care about what they have to think?


>My problem is that those opinions they tell, end up becoming a movement against you.

yeah they do that to everyone. normies are scum. avoid them at all cost.

they organize and sit together in little group meetings and discuss how they can enslave the people around them with little tricks, campaigns and bullying while making sure to have excuses for everything they do.



the solution is to make decisions for yourself.

you can either let your mind roam free and then it degrades into group mode. it will try to be like the people around you and when they are hateful, dishonest depressed and corrupt (as the current humans are underneath their theater play) then you will be depressed, dishonest hateful and corrupt as well.

another way to describe it: your problem is the autopilot function of your brain. autopilot is automatic compliance to everything no matter how dumb. as often as you can switch into manual mode. that's the solution.

manual everything. manual thought, manual breathing, manual logic, manual nutrition. trust nothing and nobody and run everything through your own logic. if it does not make sense to your logic, reject it. manage yourself as dedicated as a company.


>How do you avoid getting annoyed

i avoid being around assholes. it is not perfect but works pretty good. i quit a high paying job where i was constantly around assholes and now i live like a bum in comparison but i don't have to endure the unbearable cringe and desperation of the people around me. nice tradeoff. only using old second hand hardware and only being able to afford food from the supermarket is better then being constantly bullied, molested and taken advantage of. you can probably find trades like that in your own life.


Try to truly believe in your mental prowess and be certain of your opinion. If you read such an opinion and have the possibility to engage with that person, then engage, if you can't engage or if he doesn't respond don't consider him human, if he plays dirty, you play dirty, and maybe you will have a pleasant or even a thought provoking conversation. This all should build your confidence, but after a while you will grow tired of it and you will realize what really matters:
It is not words that define men, it is their deeds.


File: 1678295554951.jpg (2.68 MB, 1900x2733, 1900:2733, 1668293567025.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>or that i know is incorrect, and is written in a condescending way […] the intrusive thought of someone saying that and getting away with it comes back
A common tactic is to ineptly attack a strawman to invite you to defend that position, so you lose in both ways: you've both comprised your position and lost the initiative. Stop being led around like a fool. If you can't do that then fall in behind someone who does until you develop a keen awareness. Battle shouldn't be tiring and angry, but light and joyful


By humilliating them with my rumination. You have the tool there just to show how much lost their reasoning is.
Sometimes is just trolling, so don't get much tired answering


You get hung up by text generated by a bhnch of automatons, some of them in a meat vessel.


I just ingore them. No point wasting time&energy to every retard you meet at the internet. Also it's funnier to let these retards live with their delusions.


I still don't give a fuck about these losers. I'll just ignore and avoid them.



I will practice, thanks for the advice.


the way i found to cancel this out is to realize that their opinion dosent come from stupidity but from evil it is not ignorance but malice


Something you need to come to terms with is that a significant portion of humanity is not fully sentient.
Sentience exists on a sliding scale. There are definitivly people more logical, reasonable and present people than me but there are also a lot that simply are not logical. Ones that will refuse information that doesnt fit their worldview, people who's opinions simply can not be changed with reason.
Simply do not waste time arguing with them, if you want you can try to argue that they're wrong and show why if there are other people there but you need to face the fact that they simply can not be reasoned with.
This post isnt even one of those "I am the only sentient person among NPCs…" bullshit ones either it's something I've noticed after years of interacting with people in the service bussiness


It just doesn’t bother me it is what it is


People who claim no one else around them is truly sentient except them are usually wrong, but people who point out the differing scale of levels of human awareness, introspection and active thought are correct. Many people will gladly explain that they think in very few words at all on a day to day basis, and are going through their day on wordless impulses. Many people will also express complete lack of curiosity in the world, dogmatic reliance on whatever simplistic beliefs they were fed first, and casually mention that they never read or have an interest in exploring new information. People are also commonly what I would consider unempathetic and privately hold bad morals, though they will publicly claim to hold better ones. Of course, I still recognize their sentience, their full humanity and I care for people in general, but I agree with you, we have to keep in mind people’s different lives and mental capacities when our initial reaction to stupid, flippant opinions is shock and outrage.
I think a breaking point for me was reading comments on a news article about how California was flooding and people died, and the vast majority of the comments were thousands upon thousands of people blithely agreeing “this is God punishing the liberals for their evil. God is washing away sins and sending them to hell.” It’s like they just live in an alternate reality where everything is very simple and palatable, like a cartoon.


i make a fake account on that site and troll them


the great thing about the internet and computers in general is that you have total control over what you do with it, for example you can just roll your eyes and close the web page instead of engaging



What? Those people dont truly think that way. Itse just dialogi that reinforces their own group identity. Just monkeys telling stories


You do know comments sections on news sites are the prime target for bots and influencing public opinion. I'm guessing the posts are all boilerplate talking points straight from Rush Limbaugh. Anything coded "political" is flooded with that and it's always in support of some Nazi shit in one way or another.


If they can just be proven wrong poi nt by point that's usually humilliation enough. Then you just say "I am not arguing just explaining why I am right" and leave.


What can you do? What good will it do to you being angry?
The Russians have a saying; "The well-fed will never understand the pain of the hungry". They don't understand your pain, just like you first world crabs don't understand the problems of turd world crab like me.


i also do that
just always assume that they live terrible lives and then it makes me feel better

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