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I live a very simple and minimalist life as a wiz. I do not have a job due to my autism, nor do I have any friends. I do not leave my house or speak to people. I spend most of my time in my house by myself. And I love it this way. This is my dream life sort to speak. For the first time in my life, I finally feel at peace. I feel free from the burdens of the world. I feel complete, and finally happy. This started thanks to abstinence which I thought was a meme at first. Now I see it is a form of mental training for wizards. It can help you build up mental fortitude, and make you more resilient when it comes to dealing with temptation and other evils. Abstinence can also help you practice self-control in other areas of your life, such as how you spend your time and your money. It can be a great way to build confidence in yourself. If you can stay faithful to your goals no matter how silly or small it might appear to others, then you will feel better about yourself and you will be more likely to achieve them.

By practicing abstinence, I can prove that I'm strong enough to resist temptation and focus on my wizard grind. You can also learn to trust yourself more, and feel more confident in your abilities as a result. When you know that you can resist temptation and completely ignore succubi, it's easier to say no to things that would otherwise tempt you. You become more disciplined and accountable for your actions and have a better life full in the wizard path. And finally, you can use abstinence as a way to build self-respect—which can make you more likely to be proud as a wizard. I no longer feel bad about myself or pity myself I know I'm in control and it's up to me to be happy.


abstinence of any kind is a good form of mental training definitely, sadly people here and I include myself among them have a hard time with it. It's always easier to please the lizard brain and engage in constant dopamine. Good for you OP.


This is legit. After a week you basically lose interest in sex as the dopamine habit starts to break up


we're all gonna make it bro. Nice wizard gains.


The retard went ahead and made yet another thread about his autism concerning NoFap. Nice, nice. As if we didn't have this discussion going on at least 5 places now on this site.


butthurt coomer crab who spends all his waking hours posting in imageboards gets mad at wizards who are living a better life than him. Many such cases!


90 days = astral projection and you can planeshift for real out of the prison planet timeline to higher vibrational frequencies. ((They)) don't want you living outside of the plantationn


so i guess the semen retention is so impactfull because you want to rub one out so bad usually.

i think i get a similar feeling from doing juice fasts. for many days i don't eat and just drink the fresh centrifuged juice of a fruit and then i feel good for 2 reasons. i feel good from the growing effect fruitjuice has on the human organism and i feel good for having endured it for so long.

>90 days = astral projection

there are similar stories being whispered around fruit, they say after a certain number of days it becomes difficult to stay in the body and many choose to encorporate vegetables back into the diet to stay rooted in this dimension. allthough experienced in meditation and it's numerous positive consequences, i don't think i have astral traveled ever.

i think my best run was around 75 days of only raw fruit and fruit juice and even though no astral travel has occured, massive regeneration in all aspects of my life has occured.

tldr fruit is magic, sickness is optional.


I never really thought about that angle before. But you're 100% right! Abstinence is a form of mental training, and it can be good for your self-confidence and discipline. It definitely helps build self-respect, too. I'll have to give astral projection a try too.


the 90 days is straight outta /x/. You see the same kind of prepratory advice give to people who want to start practicing the occult for invocation/evocation


not doing shit for me but thanks for the blog post

look at the woo woo occult shit in this thread and anytime this fairly mundane topic is discussed, don't be surprised some of us are sick of it


Your arrogance and ignorance is your undoing.


nah im gonna keep fapping and enjoying my hobbies whenever i want
deal with it


>hehe deal with it!
if irl nobody cares about you, what makes you think an imageboard is any different. Go have sex with prostitutes too like the good failed normalfag you are.


Semen retention works like charm for me as well. I've heard some wizards talking that it doesn't change anything for them, while i believe them i doubt they do it the right way.

Its 90% mental and 10% physical


did you forget what website youre on dickweed? maybe make your 4turd theme different so you can tell when your pathetic insults arent gonna work
what makes you think i give a flying fuck about your little brain fart dudebro science epiphany that you idiots regurgitate every other week, im entitled to tell you i dont give a fuck, cry about it and go eat more joe rogan supplements and raw meat


>i doubt they do it the right way.
what the hell is the right way of.. not doing something lol
imagine saying the same of alcoholism like 'yeah you quit drinking years ago and your liver is still rapidly deteriorating… but are you sure you've stayed sober THE RIGHT WAY?'

you just confirmed what is obvious to anyone with a little bit of common sense: it is suggestion, ie it has no intrinsic tangible 'benefits'. normal men don't do it and they are none the worse for it

this is some schizo urban legend that you have to delude yourself into thinking will do a damn thing

and no im not advocating for masturbation and i don't do it for the record. you and your ilk always assume those who are skeptical of your silly fantasies are beating their meat every waking hour. the holier than thou attitude in display for something so trivial is ridiculous


"muh grind" "muh discipline" "muh confidence" lol you just sound like one of those self improvement grifters who tell failed normies to do nofap and take cold showers so they can be masculine and attract succubi (they won't)

The exception here is that you have this schizoid volcel mindset. I'm glad you've found happiness this way though, each to their own


I've been having sex in my head all day and now my balls are fucking blue. Anything I can do other than popping the champagne so to speak? Shit is really uncomfortable.

>just don't think about sex dude

I was bored…


you need to occupy your mind with something stimulating to drive away the boredom which leads to relapse, doing nothing all day and expecting yourself to not think about sex is absurd, look for distractions
there's been times in which i became so engrossed that i unintentionally forgot about sex and as a result did not masturbate for days on end, this happening with me not really caring for the whole nofap phenomenom


I jerked it and I feel better now.


thanks for informing us


>Semen retention works like charm for me as well. I've heard some wizards talking that it doesn't change anything for them
Like you say, they're not doing it right, or have the wrong mindset.


Last time I "retent semen" that's for sure. Y'all wizzas are crazy.


the only reason you would have blueballs is if you're fappig all day. Look in the mirror coomer


check your autism+bux privilege, nofapboy! we got neets on the streets addicted to fapping, real hard stuff


I only fapped once today and it was to get rid of the pain in my balls. I have a pretty vivid imagination and I started thinking about sex stuff, just vividly imagining doing all kinds of things to some hot babe. Then I added another one and did a threesome. It was fun at first but then I got so turned on that I started leaking precum. My brain was thinking this guy is finally having sex better let the boys go, but it just got stuck in the pipes and started to hurt. Just this blunt pain in that area, especially in the balls.

I couldn't jack it cause I wasn't alone but then finally got the chance and splurged on a napkin. And the pain finally stopped. Blue balls ain't nothing to fuck with, son.


Meditation and semen retention is a way for wizards to reach a higher state of consciousness. If you want to get in tune with another plane of existence you have to find peace within yourself. It's about finding that zen-like state. Pornography is poison for the mind and spirit, it disturbs your entire being and turns you into a monkey. Cheers to you my wizfriend.


A wizard, not the crabs you see often on this site, wouldn't like pornography because it is a distraction from deeper spirituality. It takes time away from meditation or other spiritual practices. It is also emotionally and mentally draining, leaving one feeling exhausted and empty rather than nourished and refreshed. It does not serve any purpose other than satisfying the desires of the flesh, which ultimately do not lead to lasting satisfaction. The wizard would see that pornography is no more than a fantasy, an escape from reality. It has no place in the true search for liberation and enlightenment. Its energy is dark, not light. The wizard would reject


Ah yes, so videogames, anime, tv, movies, manga, books, hobbies, they're all fantasy right, and fantasy bad, so REAL wizards don't engage with any of them because like uchk muh finna escapism ebil. Meditation is good, doesn't mean you need to drop everything else you enjoy and stare at walls all day and it doesn't mean everyone else is addicted to porno like you are/were, smells of much projection in this thread.


tv and movies are jewish media so yes, they're bad. Keep watching netflix and hollyjew which is pozzed crap and remake after remake.


pozzed woke jew bluepill goyslop


I actually agree with you there but that's a different point entirely, you said fantasy and escapism is bad, which is a very retarded black and white way of thinking that isn't useful or productive. Even if you specified you were just talking about sexual fantasies there's nothing inherently wrong with that either, it's like playing a game, fapping is something I do when I'm bored and want to have some fun. These things can be bad in excess like anything else but everyone knows that, props to you if you found meditation helps you but you can drop the tryhard christfag tier larping.


You are still a depressed wozard with no effect on the world so what is all your meditation doing for you? Its just extra ennui and self flagelation to end up in the same spot except more resentful and bitter.


You're the only one talking about netflix, /pol/brain. You read text on paper, congrats faggot. It obviously hasn't educated you in the slightest if you're this much of a reactionary pipsqueak with the vernacular of your average wojack spamming twitter immigrant.


Plans for today
- jerk it to hot babes getting fucked in HD
- daydream about sex
- download another netflix series



Sexy boy/10


- get owned and buttblasted in online argument and resort to ad hominem attacks


Fappers think they're owning the Magebros when instead they end up apathetic, depper and vitamin deficient.


I finished my entire to do list for today. And you?


Excessive masturbation gives you zinc defiency




I'm sure all people against semen retention are crabs. I mean, you don't need to do it, but even if you don't do, you have to admit its sounds hella cool, and its compatible with the wiz lifestyle.

Crabs literally can't live without sex in their minds, wizard on the other hand strive to achieve a non-sexual mind and life.

And no, before you point fingers to me, it have nothing to do with religion, i'm agnostic/atheist. Just learn to separate the religious bs that usually comes with it.


Not really, sounds like you're denying yourself enjoyment for placebo bullshit, there's a difference between fapping occasionally and being ADDICTED, yeah if you fap all day like playing games all day you're probably gonna be lethargic no fucking shit. It sounds cool if you're an idiot who thinks not touching his willy is gonna change his life (newsflash: its not). Get a hobby and shut up already.


>so what are you hobbies wizzie?
>oh you know, i like to retent my semen
>r-retent your what?
>my semen. i hold on to it. i never ejaculate because it just messes with my spiritual energy, y'know?
>umm…ok, do you like movies?
>i used to. now i can't watch them. too many sex scenes. and oh boy, then the cravings start. why do they put those in there? sheesh.
>did you know that you lose a lot of zinc when you ejaculate? true story.
>so…anything else? do you do anything…?
>no, i just try to not think about sex. takes a lot of effort, but it pays off because then i have a lot of energy. which i don't use for much but still. masturbation is just…bad. don't you think?


t. coomers who grew up on porn and think it's normal
many such cases!


I feel more energy, and this is the only thing that matters to me. I couldnt care less about "benefits", if it gives me energy and creativity to solve problems, then its good for me.
I need extra energy to improve my life. Of curse, some people need to ejaculate often because they have a surplus of energy and fapping in this case is beneficial, but still, i think semen retention is healthier but there's nothing wrong if you fap sometimes. I don't even have problems with pornography or whatever, i just avoid it because its distracting.


See my post above. Im not religious, i do it because it gives me energy, not spiritual energy, i don't believe this bs. Wouldn't you like to have more energy available naturally without resorting to drugs? So, semen retention is basically that, and it works for me. I have a very skeptical view on this, it turns out that I already tested it and it helps me with some things. It's that simple. Its not a hobby, it's something that stays in the background, you don't need to think about it everytime.


I take supplements, and then I cum more!!! :3


>I'm sure all people against semen retention are crabs. I mean, you don't need to do it, but even if you don't do, you have to admit its sounds hella cool


good thread


The wizards treat horniness like a hiccup; the foolish, like an asthma attack.


asexual master race. Normalfags can't wrap their heads around people who don't want anything to do with sex.


you are probably just a homosexual in denial, you think you're asexual because you can't get it up for tits and ass and you're too scared to look at cocks


>if you don't watch porn means you're scared of porn and like men!!
lol at this niggers.


you didn't deny it


'asexual' is such a worthless term. there are asexuals that still engage in sex. it means nothing like you want it to. us fappers are technically asexual in that we dont have sex or seek out sex. there is no good word for what you want to say aside from nofapper lmao


if you are asexual then you aren't attracted to males or females, I have a hunch that these people are just gay but don't want to admit it, either that or they have some kind of long term endocrine issues, it's just really unbelievable that someone could be asexual when they come from a line of creatures spanning millions of years that were all sexually attracted to things


>yet another true wiz thread
top kek


first line of wikipedia:
>or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.

AKA all us wizzers, fapper or nofappers, but not crabs since they have interest/desire. pretty worthless term if you ask me


fapping is a sexual activity


masturbation and porn is not wizardly. Celibacy and abstinence are. Coomers are normalniggers.


im just pointing out how your 'aexual master race' means nothing


File: 1674308977642.png (141.81 KB, 843x403, 843:403, e3a280d9f5f2a00d292ac4da56….png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1674313137866.mp4 (1.18 MB, 426x240, 71:40, wim hof wuuu.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>woo woo


you're more wizardly than anyone on this site


I agree, the degenerate low impulse control coomers are annoying


I agree. The less I indulge in any pleasure, the better I feel. The only pleasure I have is writing this post & listening to music. Anything else I don't care. I don't watch porn, don't masturbate, nothing!

I make sure to stay healthy and that is it. I'm 25 y.o soon to be wiz. I'm not working, but I was working I'd be a butcher as butcher = cheaper meat (I eat a carnivore diet). That's it.


coomers porn watchers can't be wizards so you're on the right path and more of a wizard than half the users here.


high iq OP


I see a lot of porn addicts, crabs, gaycels and failed normalfags in denial in this thread.


if you watch porn on a daily basis you're a slave of your instincts almost like a mindless nigger without a soul.

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