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File: 1651249371740.jpg (55.99 KB, 1198x804, 599:402, slavnigger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

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I am a slav from eastern europe so yes i hate being a 'slav', why couldn't i be born in a country with actual achievements like france, america, spain, italy or even korea
when i go outside my shithole and when some other people recognize I am from an irrelevant eastern European shithole they just have nothing to say and sometimes they look down at me.
god i hate being myself, at least Wizards and NEETs in other countries can take pride in being a certain nationality.


taking pride in your nationality is for retarded morons anyway. try to make your life interesting (or fake it like all the norms) if you want strangers to be impressed with you.

>they just have nothing to say and sometimes they look down at me.

that's on you man. even if you were from france or italy or some meme place like that, all they can talk about is some watered down stereotype like "oh did you eat your baguette monsier hohoho", they're not gonna have a 5 hour discussion with you on the french revolution or connect with you on the basis of your french heritage unless they themselves were french.


You should identify as a wizard instead of a normalfag nationality.


I’m American. In terms of “pride” it sucks. Americans make sure other Americans aren’t caught being proud of America and every other nation hates us even though they ape our “culture” and want to be us. All of it is fucking stupid tribalism anyway. I don’t feel any brotherhood with my fellow Americans.


Imagine not being proud of being from the greatest empire in history.


Being a slav is pretty badass, bro. Alot of people look at slavs as ideal white masculine figures who aren't afraid of being conservative. Embrace it and just try to look past everyone's ridicule. One thing I've learned is that empathy is not as common as you would think.


Even though I'm >>190247 and tell myself I don't identify with my nation, I can't take your statement lying down. The British Empire was the greatest empire in history.


File: 1651251650016.jpg (2.02 MB, 2463x2968, 2463:2968, easterneuropehell.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Westoids should be thankful for not being slavs.


>taking pride of something you didn't choose


>the british empire was the greatest empire in history
this is objectively true


not sure if its a croat flag

but croats turned being a self-hating slav into a whole ideology

that croats are secretly germanic austrians despite speaking a slavic language

like a kid wishing his secret dad is bill gates


File: 1651253480848.png (128.56 KB, 435x453, 145:151, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

oh its the slovak flag, other side, i was way off, easy to get confused tho



ukraine is self-hating slav, that wants to stop being weirdo eastern european nation and be ordinary regular european nation


>The Ustaše accepted that Croats are part of the Dinaric race,[41] but rejected the idea that Croats are primarily Slavic, claiming they are primarily descended from Germanic roots with the Goths.[42]

self-hating slavs


Slavs have been an important part of West European history

Bulgars besided Paris

Czech Hussites began Prots before Luther

Prussia was a vassal to Poland

Prussia and Silesia are part of Poland today

Ukraine was part of Austria-Hungary

as u can see slavs were a part of western history



Try being curry


neither of those are croats


dont care.

wizchan does have a lot of visitors from slovakia doesn't it


i dont think about the usa or my nationality. if i have to think aboyt it, i suppose it could be a lot worse, and so i have nothing to complain about.


Nah. Finland is okay. The location just sucks


File: 1651311296509.jpg (162.57 KB, 953x636, 953:636, thumbs_b2_11854ed95465f37c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I would prefer be born in a slavic shithole than in a hispanic shithole.


Slovakia has my favourite national anthem, very beautiful. I also enjoyed listening to Sluk songs (I suppose it's a tradicional or folk music group or so), they all have a melancholic tone that pairs well with loneliness.


I wish I was Slovakian instead of being t*rkish.This place is absolute uncivilized shithole.


Slovakia is the only country to get thrown out of a country. They kept threatening to secede from Czechoslovakia as a bluff, and then the Czechs just called their bluff and said bye, we don't want the poorer backward part of the nation holding us back


South gookland is totalitarian-authoritarian shithole.
And fuck, it even has conscription, its a one of worst countries for wizards to live.


I always imagined Wizchan was full of Anglos only


how new are you?


Turkey has a great history.


It's the impression that I got from the threads here


I'm asian and i with i was white


Eh, at least your white. You could move to another white country and people wouldn't look down on you.


File: 1651392136758.jpg (186.07 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, US circumcision rate map.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm ashamed of the fact that my country practices male genital mutilation on an industrial scale, and the vast majority of the country is too retarded to see how brutal it is.


>liberal west coast
>lowest incidence of circumcision in the US
This puts the knee-jerk hatred that the rest of the country has for California, and to a lesser degree Oregon and Washington (a sentiment primarily expressed by conservatives), into a new context


Who gives a shit about history? Average t*rk is a just religious, savage neandertal


I for one am glad to have been born here. It has a very good ratio of resistance against western degeneracy to a decent standard of living. I am proud to be slavic because of my fellow slavs not taking the globohomo dick. Not as much as the western cattle at the very least.
A good example would be the corona response. The degenerated countries had the most strict lockdows with some even implementing mandatory vaccinations (or something very close to mandatory) while based slavs kept their basic human rights untouched. After this whole thing there is nowhere else in the world I would rather have been born.
There is nothing to the west but a gilded cage.


I have no nationality. I'm asian. At least thrice removed from where my family are ethnically from. Even then my people were outsider subgroups. My parents don't identify with their nation of birth. Neither do their parents.
Not even in the supposedly western liberal hippie lands are we ever seen as nationals.
I can't imagine thinking a country of birth has any bearing on my self worth as an individual. Unless you can trace your direct family lineage to some guy to actually did something in particular. It's like average sports fans who talk like they /are/ the players on the field. No, idiot. You're nothing but a fat worthless slob parasiting yourself on to others achievements. Even if you're directly descended from someone, who the fuck cares. What have you done. Nothing.


File: 1651414720994.jpg (767.12 KB, 1526x2048, 763:1024, wizaard with troll.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Ashamed? Not really. I'm happy with living in the USA. Is it the best place in the world? I don't know but its my homeland so I love it. My favorite hobby to do here is just to aimlessly drive around looking at the pretty Appalachian mountains while listening to some music.


Yes, Australians are disgusting. We built a disgusting society with origins as prisoners on a prison island and horrifically abused the original inhabitants of this land. The land itself is a desolate cancer-breeding, hostile, venomous wasteland. Even now Australia only helps to push the world toward a Chinese-influenced, mass-surveilled police state. I wish the county and all nationals would burn


File: 1651420070993.png (1.21 MB, 1902x1076, 951:538, supbra.png) ImgOps iqdb

I have traveled all over the world and, while I can confidently say Scandinavian countries and Japan are better, I love America. We're at least in the top 10 because most countries really, really suck. Even "cultured" European countries like France and Britain. If you don't like living in America, you're probably just stuck in a city.


This. I hate cities so fucking much.


This. Fuck cities. Last time I left a city I had this feeling like I left prison.


>hating own country
Well wiz, at least be happy that there's a lot of BBC/cuck porn being produced for your enjoyment


slavic succubi are too racist to do BBC scenes


yeah wizards always love their local community, and attend pep rallies with school spirit


File: 1651461221678.jpg (179.31 KB, 1549x1283, 1549:1283, 5yzie3cjsmu31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you sure?


sports crab acting like a groupie and taking credit for something they weren't part of was spot on, glad someone else noticed it but you still see it on this site. this very thread too lol
we us our


It's weird that Slovakia manages to be way more irrelevant than Slovenia despite having more than twice the population. Slovenia produces globally famous people but I have literally never heard of anything or anyone of note from Slovakia.


why are the color codes backwards? Having more pornstars is good, it should be blue.


>Complaining about being european
>Born in random shit place in south america
Would you like to swap, anon?


the GDP per capita of South America is higher than Ukraine and Russia


Continent vs Country


American roasties can cross the border to Canada to kill their unborn kids, meanwhile, Canadian citizens aren't allowed to leave or go on a plane without the kike spike. Fuck Canada, and fuck Australia and New Zealand too.


What's wrong with preventing unborn children from entering this demented world?

What is wrong with taking a vaccine?


I am american and I am not ashamed. Quite the contrary, this country is great. The federal government isn't all there is to this country and they really don't have as much sway as foreigners tend to believe. Kinda hard to understand when you live in a country that is is the size of one of our states. I am pretty glad I was born in this country.


Not even that. Abortion is legal in my state even if Roe v Wade is overturned. It is just like prohibition, just drive a few hours to the next state to get what you want, lol.


slavic countries have real problems, and ameribabies are crying about their culture wars


name 6 slavic problems


the war


that's: one


More like American men can't leave their country for prostitution because it classifies as "sex tourism".


Neither of those are bad he's probably a /pol/nigger who got banned from 4shit so he shits up this place


What booster are you on, Shlomo


Off to /dep/ faggot


Why would anyone take pride on being born in some random patch of land that you never decided to be born in anyway.

Nationalism is retarded.


you mean patriotism, not nationalism.


Why are you crossposting between websites you fucking dumb kike.


Everyone I've met who is 'proud' of their nationality is an insufferable snob. Imagine having a conversation with someone whose life is absolute shit repeatedly trying to give you life advice the entire time while also belittling you and hypocritically denying everything you say about them.

Every conversation I've had with a Western European nationalist ever. English nationalists are the absolute worst, holy shit the egoism and snobbery is worse than French nationalists.


i would rather people like their country and think positively about it versus people hate their country. self-hating intellectualism is annoying


I'd like it if a country is worth being liked, this is never the case. A country is a big picture with many facets and ultimately the bad sides make it very unappealing to behold, if not downright vile.
You're better off zooming in a little and focusing on individual aspects like a certain geographical region, the common culture of the country-side or towns, the housing economy. You get a much more rounded mix of what you actually like without implicitely approving the myriad of bad that comes with liking an entire country. Win-win.


Go have kids then.


File: 1652493965574.jpeg (8.19 KB, 211x239, 211:239, demoralized.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It's almost like the point is to demoralize entire groups of people.


I never care for my nationality. it doesn’t help i’m half/mixed race. neither those two cultures resonate with me. i feel alienated by those two countries. i feel like a alien. sorry for my horrid english. that’s all i can say.


I don't really care about nationality or race that much. I am from Hungary, it is better than living in some south american or african 3rd world country certainly but that's it. If anything I care about class, not nationality. I consider a lower class, poor wizard from Brazil or Turkey more my brother than a rich hungarian normalfag.

As for Hungary itself /pol/ seems to like my country and idolizes it to some extent (not so much as Russia but still) and it makes me cringe. Sure, there are quite a few good things about the current leadership of our country and I think it is good that we don't always do what the EU or Western Mainstream culture wants us to do. For example we don't have all the gender craziness. Things like that are good. But overall, it is a proto-Russia with proto-fascism, corrupt politicians from all parties stealing whatever they can get their hands on. Things like health-care barealy receive any money while the government pumps large amounts of money into sports and tourism. And the whole work based society shit is awful as a wizard who just wants to NEET on some bux. There is no bux of any kind here, unless you miss a leg or two or you are genuinely retarded.
Our government supports rich/middle class normals the most who have or want to have a large family. So again, I'm not the target of any benefit in this country. So fuck it.

I'd rather live on bux in Sweden with trannies and migrants than to live in a traditional society like this with zero benefits.

So apparently we are a porn superpower, huh…Never noticed it, cool to know.


>You're better off zooming in a little and focusing on individual aspects like a certain geographical region
well from the perspective of the whole world, that is exactly what you can do, zoom in and look at countries… but yeah i get what you're saying. i think that's fair though, no one likes every aspect about their country

united states and all these gigantic countries are weird because they are too big. it's hard to say you like it when the states are so different


File: 1652640066137.png (157.22 KB, 600x606, 100:101, 1599597103352.png) ImgOps iqdb

I am American and despite the shortcomings I prefer here to most other western countries. As for my ethnicity I'm Somali which people don't know shit about usually unless you live in Minnesota or something. We get lumped in with blacks sometimes when people talk about oppression which is funny since historically we participated in the slave trade. Despite the problems Somaliland is pretty comfy and I plan to move there at some point.


File: 1652640221781.png (11.73 KB, 420x406, 30:29, magyar partition plan.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I have a solution


Both right-wingers, conservatives and nationalists in Sweden idolize Hungary and see Orban as some benevolent people's saviour, much like they do Poland and even fucking Denmark who really aren't that far behind in progressiveness. What you mention is good, but people act like these countries are utopian dream societies. Wasn't Orban a liberal before, and didn't he go vax mad?

Likewise Sweden really isn't that much of a bux-friendly country as many think, no one can just NEET. Well it is and you can if you're a succubus or a dark-skinned immigrant. Though it is easier to get on bux here than other countries, even if you have to jump through a thousand hoops over several years there's still a chance even if you're physically able to work, if they deem you mentally unable enough.

>I'd rather live on bux in Sweden with trannies and migrants than to live in a traditional society like this with zero benefits.

I'd say the same thing, hadn't I actually lived in a crime-ridden immigrant ghetto among drug dealing violent niggers and their hordes of niglets. I'd rather get off bux than live among niggers again. Now if we could gather and wall off the migrants and trannies in containment zones outside of society, that'd be different.

Neither proud nor ashamed. I like what my country once was, hate what it has become.


>As for my ethnicity I'm Somali which people don't know shit about
dude you have shitloads of people in
>unless you live in Minnesota or something
oh. made me laugh

i went to highschool for a year in minnesota in the 00s. i was so confused by all the somali, it was bizarre because minnesota is otherwise filled with pasty white trash icefishing hockey drunkards. i remember many of the somali didn't speak english and had personal interpreters

i could google about it, but might as well ask so others can learn as well. why were you in minnesota? was there some kind of government program admitting somali?



>I consider a lower class, poor wizard from Brazil or Turkey more my brother than a rich hungarian normalfag.

Well said.

> I'd rather live on bux in Sweden with trannies and migrants than to live in a traditional society like this with zero benefits.

Agree. All the "gender" stuff is because people care about non-normal people and are tolerant and generous to them. That is what we wizards need. Why the fuck do I, as a NEET wizard, would want to live in a fucking conservative society that wants to force me to be a normalfag and doesn't have NEET bux and bullies me for been different? Trannies are a ridiculous small minority and they will not bother you at all any way. Who gives a fuck about them? I only care about other fellow wizards, the rest of society can go to hell.


I heard it was because that's just where the US government sent most of the refugees they got from Somalia. After that it was just a no-brainer for future arrivals. I'm personally not from there and have never been. My parents aren't refugees so my dad just decided to stay where he did college abroad in the northeast.


most of the progressives in power are neolibs with no more concern for the poor than their right wing counterparts. at least with the latter you can expect some sort of controversy or pushback when they go too far, when rainbow liberals fuck us over it's cool because they support minorities and shit and it would be worse with a fascist in power!


Yes, that is what I mean by /pol/ tier people liking Hungary now. Orbán was a liberal and he studied thanks to the money of George Soros, who now became his "fateful enemy". Orbán actually was even part of the communist youth movement stuff at his high school, he was the president of it. It is all a joke. People abroad don't realize here politics is all about money and power and our politicians jump ships as soon as they see some profit. Orbán went from commie bootlicker to liberal then to conservative when he saw that being liberal wouldn't bring him any fame or power in Hungary. Many members of Fidesz were actual members of the Communist Party in our country or used to spy for them. That is why I don't vote. Here it doesn't matter what "color" your party flag is, politicians are all part of a different, separate caste apart from us common mortals. They may put on shows but behind the screens they get along with each other perfectly and that is why corrupt politicians here don't get too severe punishments even if it comes to the public attention what they did.

Much of what Orbán is proud of before European or Western right-wingers is that he stopped migrants. Lol, he didn't stop anything, it's just that migrants never even wanted to come to our 2nd world country to begin with. Everyone wanted to go to Sweden, France, Germany, etc.

About being vax mad, I supported that to tell the truth. Even though I didn't take the vax because I am a NEET…

Living in a right-wing conservative society built on "christian" values sucks, to tell the truth. At least as an asocial person who would like to NEET. As soon as the right-wing gov. we have now got power back then the first thing they did was to lower the amount of welfare and bux people received, even those who had actual injuries or stuff preventing them from working. They are really hot on the whole "work based society" and "anti-welfare society" thingies. Meanwhile their wealth is just growing bigger and bigger…The whole neocon shit they are brainwashing people with is just cringe for anyone who has above 100 IQ. Christianity is dead, even here there are barely any people who go to church on sundays, it would be time to accept the reality and move on.

Depends on where you live. Here being right-wing conservative or even a fascist is something cool. At school there were tons of neo-nazis I remember. Being /pol/ here is mainstream as fuck and it isn't really as good as people would like to think it is. Not that I agree with the globohomo rainbow neolib tyranny either, just saying my experiences. Politics is always something that is for normalfags at the end of the day. Fuck normals.


File: 1652739935726.gif (609.29 KB, 500x266, 250:133, 7C96B171-ECA2-41DA-B7A2-3D….gif) ImgOps iqdb

came to the conclusion that god or the universe made a big geographic mistake and sent you to the wrong time/place? I feel primitive and medieval with all these touch screen interfaces, barely speak the local language and a mental wreck if I try to buy snacks :/
literally E.T. lol gives you skittles
a wizard would never participate in slave trade, if anything wizzies would be the ones arriving by ship


sorry but if I see eastern European registered cars roaming in my area = criminals


I try to make the most of it by finding ways to laugh about it


I'm from the UK. It's a mediocre country long past its best days but it's mostly fine. The food and weather filter normalfags.


>The food and weather filter normalfags
what about london?


What about it?


it does attract people from the world over


Rain is great and the food looks so hearty.


File: 1653772436477.png (1.14 MB, 1200x800, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Slavs have their own stereotypes about us



that is funny. i would love to see a random american infiltrate that place and see how long it takes for his disguise to blow


Nah, no.. nope, not fat enough.


Try being brazilian.


west is declining anyway. wouldnt worry much about it


>Czech Hussites began Prots before Luther
The region was in large part German at the time, having been part of the Holy Roman empire, and then Austria. Germans were forcibly deported after WW2.

>Prussia was a vassal to Poland

Prussia was vassal to no one, they were one of the principalities that grew out of the collapsing Holy Roman empire, and they grew large enough to annex a large part of Poland, a lot of other German principalities, and eventually create Germany.

>Prussia and Silesia are part of Poland today

That was due to WW2 peace treaties. The historically german populace was forcibly deported from the area, same as with the german minorities of Czechia. The reason being that the Germans living in the area were used as context for Germany invading them. Since this was right after WW2 and largely administered by the Soviets, there was a no mercy policy applied to Germans at the time, deporting them was OK.

>Ukraine was part of Austria-Hungary

That was Croatia. Ukraine was a part of Russia.
Unless you mean Trans-Carpathia, which was a part of Hungary that got forcibly annexed.


I am half sandnigger and this makes me extremely depressed a lot. I think I'd cut off half of my foot or take another similarly drastic action to be 100% white instead of 50%. I truly don't know if I'm even fully human. It's not clear to me that nonwhites are human in anything but some strict taxonomic sense. In substantive moral, ethical senses they don't seem human. I had to spend extended time around fully sandnigger relatives on one occasion and was so insanely fucking disgusted by them I couldn't begin to adequately describe it. One mercy I've had is that I've almost always spent social time around white people. But I'm stuck bearing "the indelible stamp of my lowly origin" and probably will kill myself over this eventually.


A brief conclusion to my last post: everyone who has the luck of being fully white, you should get on your hands and knees daily and thank God, or whatever ultimate entity you wish to address, for that. Even as a wizard, NEET, total loser, etc. you are blessed to be fully part of the only race that has ever properly transcended the ordinary run of human barbarity (with possible exception of Japanese).


at some points in history the middle east had amazing civilizations. i wouldn't stress about your race too much especially since it can't be changed. your worries should be focused on things you can change


Don't think there's a single good thing about the India/Pakistan/Bangladesh area


Even if you're a 100% sandnig in blood, it is the culture that decides your worth. If you live somewhere decent and don't spread a cult and don't act like a mouthbreather or street trash, you're just as good as any white moron on my street. You're fine man. You're not your origin, that's retard-value anchoring for people who have fucking nothing in their lives to brag about.


This board really went to shit


File: 1660324437753.png (285.29 KB, 1200x813, 400:271, Middle_emblem_of_the_Armed….png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes. Yes I am. I am not proud of my government, though.



The entire internet went to shit sadly


I'm also a bong and I agree. I can't stand our popular culture but I imagine that would be true were I from any country on earth. It's not so bad.


now post lgbt and refugee intake diagrams, muhmed.


you just don't understand what it feels like to live in a trash country with shitty people, you are probably from Anglo country or some comfy western place like netherlands.


File: 1662020424941.png (40.14 KB, 500x432, 125:108, 3_most_miserable_shitholes….png) ImgOps iqdb

At least you're not east slav, right?


>Bulgars besided Paris
They were a turkic horde way back then


hahaha i'm half algerian half yemeni buddy, be grateful for what you have, even i should be grateful i'm not black at least, could always be worse


Had no idea we had such cocktails on this site, guess the wiz demographics are diverse.


File: 1663606092335.jpg (1.15 MB, 2560x1810, 256:181, 2560px-Pedro_Bruno_-_A_Pát….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I love my country, but i hate Brazilians.


File: 1663610047771.jpg (689.59 KB, 2048x1625, 2048:1625, Meyers_map.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dude, no negroid blood? Same race as whites. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_Golden_Age is a good example of what I'm talking about.


If you're smart enough to recognize your defects then you're not that bad


Slavs are the greatest civilization because they will destroy humanity soon


File: 1663970326936.jpg (95.72 KB, 1242x761, 1242:761, 15759338148990.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


dye your hair and wear it as a symbol of shame, so 195694 won't set the dogs on you lol


bro you've been brainwashed what good does having piss poor self esteem about your national origin, read some hero stories about that ethnicity for christ sake mate


>oh no im not a homo, im not in disneyland, so sad!
This is you


I'm Jewish had to change my name to a slav one to escape the hate


I wouldn't necessarily say "ashamed" but the behavior of my government and of many if not most Americans in recent times has made me despise this place and what it stands for far more than usual.


well i dunno about slovaks but you turks have your own military industy, your own agriculture that can feed yourselves(unlike 90% of the world), actual history and culture, you guys are in nato so security is more or less is fine
retard of a leader turning your nation to post soviet levels of trash? thats temporary (hopefully) you guys have potential for a great future i see no such potential for something like slovakia


American and no shame here. The rulers of America hate Americans more than anything else in the world and nothing they do has been to the benefit of us. Most of us hate the regime but there are those people who carry along it along because they're cowardly shits who don't want anything good to exist.

Slavs had the accomplishment of killing a lot of Nazis, or at least some of them did. For that alone, Russia under Stalin was the greatest force for good in the 20th century. If your ancestors killed some Nazis, you should be proud. You spat in the face of the beast and fucking won. That's more balls than most peoples in the world ever possessed. I wish we had more like that here. If we did, we wouldn't have this shitshow we have now.


yes absolutely mine is a country of misery i wish i was born in a nicer place there i would be able to reach higher, further and stuff
my country is currently at the stage of generational change this usually means great progress for many countries but not fucking mine
i wish i could stay and build my country but alas this fucking place has no future even if god helped us it would go down miserably we are just destined for misery, poverty, and foolishness, its hard to imagine all that these young men will just go down like that but i know its gonna happen



>he didn't stop anything
Legally speaking, Orbán lets in much more people than any other governments before. It just doesn't make it into the news, both because it would hurt his image and because the left doesn't want to make it known, since they know that time in general and legal mass migration in particular is working in their favour. I'm predicting that in two decades or less, my country - Hungary - is going to make such a hard turn left that it'll put countries like Sweden into shame. No matter, until they'll allow me to fish, read, play vidya and read I'm fine


>Slavs had the accomplishment of killing a lot of Nazis
OP is a Slovakian you fat american turd, his ancestors were killed and raped by the invading Soviet army immediately after they became independent for the first time in a thousand years.




>agriculture has been steadily dwindling into non-existence for decades, the countryside is completely depopulated and the entirety of anatolia is steadily desertifying
>around 15 million(my personal estimate) arabs/afghans/other brown nigger economical immigrants that are 1st or 2nd generation, a significant amount of which have been granted citizenship for free, and the government has never carried out or thought of any attempts to throw them out
>migrant problem so bad that the country is experiencing a derivative of white flight where turks have completely evicted hundreds of towns and a few cities due to ridiculous amounts of migrants who do not even know the latin alphabet, let alone turkish. these lands then proceed to become hotspots of sex slavery and all other sorts of debauchery
>40% of population lives in the first three biggest cities, 60% lives in the first 10 biggest
>no pharmeautical industry, as well as several other critical industries, they simply do not exist
>a 60 year old retiree who lives by himself would require 3 times the pension he gets just to survive
>road system is a complete mess, even in izmir, ankara or istanbul there are massive potholes and all sorts of shit on the roads, public transport is also similarly fucked, be prepared to always be squeezed harder than a rush hour jap train
Yeah fuck that, I'm migrating.
>you guys have potential for a great future
We had it, and then completely wasted it. We only ever really improved during Ataturk's reign, every single person that came after him did nothing but sit on their ass and collect profits, then retire to a castle where they fuck whores all day. By the start of Ataturk's reign Turkey was at rock bottom so the only thing ahead of us was gradual economic improvement, as a result of this the president's after him did not do anything, they had no iniative and did not bother to modernize or anything either, the country has been left on AFK since 1938 and squandered precious opportunities, now it's too late, this country will never be glorious.


imagine being canadian. Fuck man


Only the Nazis got raped, and they're not people, they're Nazis. Serves them right.

The invading Russian army was remarkably lenient, given what the Nazis put them through. Nazis shouldn't poke the bear if they don't want to get mauled in clear retaliation.

Did every Germanoid deserve to suffer? Of course not. But the people who cry about being raped were usually the Nazi scum who couldn't flee to the Americas after the war. War is ugly, there's no justifying it, but what the hell did you expect to happen? It's only Krautoids who have this idea that war is an I Win button you push if you have all the right plans. They never got over this obsession since the initial plan for WW1 failed, and that was a stupid war that never should have happened.


Plenty of non-Nazis were raped or massacred, actually. Katyn comes off the top of my head, but I guess you can refuse to count that since the majority killed were in the army/police force/etc.
Also, you say that Nazi's had it coming but what do you think about the ones that fought with the Germans because there was no other choice? The people of the Baltic had to pick between German imperialism and Soviet imperialism, and ended up picking to give Germany their full support even though they didn't even want to pick either of those choices. Everything about them during wartime even has this somber depressed mood because they had no choice but to pick between two major concessions.


3 million German civilians were killed after the formal closure of the war.


A good number of them were not dead, but fled to the Americas, either to escape punishment or because they had planned to defect to America when the Americans began their invasion.
The American bombing of cities was designed to punish the German civilians who were not Nazis. The Nazis got priority for bunkers and basically laughed as those not faithful to the Nazi regime suffered and died for the sins the Nazis wanted. That's what Nazism is - destroying a country to suck it dry, then moving on to the next country they can suck dry. That's why they came to America, because that was the new host to suck dry, and they had their supplicants here. It didn't help that the American leadership also wanted to suck the country dry, so they made friends with ex-Nazis.

Really though… war is hell. I'm not going to weep. The Nazis bragged that the German civilian was unworthy. The whole thing existed to promote global eugenics, and it showed what eugenics was. It should have been the end of eugenics right then and there. If you wanted the nice world where people didn't get hurt, you don't let Nazism or eugenics happen to your country. Today, a whole lot more people will suffer because eugenics has insinuated itself, and the suffering is not a hypothetical in the future. There has been a great deal of suffering and death, and they have plans for much more that are ongoing.


Try being Indian.

You have any idea how shit the treatment is for us?


Only "a good number" of brass were spared (and consolidated into the victorious war machine of the era). Civilians were not and civilians ended up being a massive amount of casualties. The 3 million dead post-war has nothing to do with those party minds spared and given refuge within the US war machine, nor do the civilians raped/murdered have anything to do with the latter party or their proud dead officers either. Taking pride in dead "Nazis" is braindead when there were far worse contemporary regimes as well as an unfathomably worse existing one.


Slavs did make some important contributions, think about Mendeleev or Tesla. That said, being proud of your country or nationality is kinda retarded anyway, I'm from one of the "important" countries but I'm still a total loser and thinking about my country's achievements doesn't really make me feel better in any way, it actually kinda makes me feel worse.


What regime was worse than the Nazis? The only countries that could claim to come close to the Nazis for evil was the United States and the Empire of Japan. Japan were the Nazis of the East and America was not ideologically and spiritually designed to be maximally evil. The Nazis were an engine for global eugenics that willfully sacrificed their country for the goal, and did so shamelessly. Once they infested the country, it was going to go to shit. I imagine that if they didn't have their full retard war and get their shit kicked in, the Nazis would have exterminated their own civilian population for the sake of eugenics. Fascists fucking hate their own people more than any enemy, which is why the Nazis were defeated by the first enemy who actually wanted to put up a fight. It was a joke regime that only contributed evil and rot to the world, propped up by Anglo-American capital so it would be a bulwark for eugenics and fuck the USSR in the process of destroying itself.

I know you're going to say "Stalin is muh ebil dictator!!!!11" Bullshit. Stalin is a fucking hero even if he was a gigantic bastard, because he killed Nazis and was the only world leader with enough sense to fucking purge and kill the scum in his own country. Nothing will take away what the Red Army did to save humanity, and it was so outrageous to deny what was obvious to the world that it took a while for the anticommunists to insinuate their alternate history. I'm not even a communist but you can't claim the Soviet Union was commited to eugenic exterminations, slavery, sadistic and pointless social and medical experiments, and pure rot in the way the Nazis were. Even the Japs thought the Nazis were some fucked up shit. About the only people who were pretty much apathetic about Nazi atrocities were the Americans, since there was a large faction in the US who were and would remain eugenicist fanatics and loved Hitler, laundering Nazi atrocities every time they could. Even there, the political leaders in the US at the time saw the Nazis as an abomination and knew that shit was fucked. If they didn't, America would have become a Nazi country instead of giving material support to the commies.

Seriously, the Nazis were a demonic force with nothing to redeem them, and it's disgusting they're allowed to pretend they're anything other than filth. Everything the Nazis did was just the start of their grand project, and everything they did while retreating was to defend the global eugenic mission while making the loss as painful to Germany as they could. The only reason it didn't turn into a total death cult is because the German military was not politicized, and the Nazis would have loved to push that if they could. They were getting the kids to believe in their stupid religion, and a lot of kids that passed through the Hitler Youth never stopped believing.

I don't weep for the civilians, just as I won't weep when America's relatively innocent civilians get what's coming to them. I will say what they're doing to America now is utterly stupid and should and could be stopped, but they did have a chance to stop this, however desperate. Many of those who suffer will be those who had the least to do with atrocities. Eugenists always spare their own and find a way to make us suffer. They're a disease.
What did you think war was, a friendly game without civilians dying? That's some Kraut fantasy. Even us Americans aren't stupid enough to actually think that. The only Americans who think like that are the ones who think they're clever to get the rubes to go kill for them, which sadly are the Americans who got to rule from Reagan onward.


epic leftypol raid


>gets btfo'd
<u-uhmm epic raid bro!!!!
yeah im sure youre not mad


Wahh wahh wubzy


>Stalin was a hero!!!

Jesus Fucking Christ, the absolute state of the Left to go lengths to uphold a fucking mass murderer of his own people


Both communism and nazism are horrible choices for wizards. Anything is better than these, anything. Pick liberalism, anarchism, social democracy, monarchy or aristocracy of some kind, anything but these two. Nazism and communism are the two most anti-wizard ideologies.

>I'm predicting that in two decades or less, my country - Hungary - is going to make such a hard turn left that it'll put countries like Sweden into shame
That would be hilarious but I think we will have a literal nazi or fascist leadership instead. Hard times are coming for wizards here. With covid, the russia-ukraine war going on, inflation, economy going down the drains…it is only a matter of time when extremists will take advantage of the hard times we live in, promising salvation and protection to the country. Of course we know where this will lead again. I mean persecution and annihilation of anyone who is perceived as a "leech" by society, so basically people like us.


there is no way stalin could have foreseen the impending world war around the time of the purges or ukraine famine. What an utter cope.

Nazism by contrast at least brought germany out of debt peonage and had remarkable success regaining occupied territories initially. If Hidddler :DDD had stopped before poland his regime would have been remembered fairly well comparatively


You are actually retarded lol. Stalin, Mao and US by sheer numbers. Others in unreasonable cruelty. I'll just chalk it up to you hating the concept of a German rather than hating a Nazi or genocidal maniac.


Krauts always think it's about their shitty race, but the Nazis were an exceptional evil that was just getting started. Stalin and Mao were the heroes. US is the only regime which could be claimed to be worse than the Nazis, but the US actually won shit and knew how to run an empire. The Nazis were tools from the start. They only stopped killing because some decency in the world finally put them down like dogs. The only endgame of the Nazi regime was massive depopulation. They had literally no other plan and they were at work cannibalizing the German people. The war, as far as they cared, was a good thing because it weeded out people they didn't want to keep. It's always win-win for people like that to start a war, regardless of whether they win or lose. The Nazi faithful will sacrifice people they hate every day, which is everyone who doesn't buy into their gay ideology.

I know the Nazis will keep posting revisionist history lies to try and insist that the Nazi regime was something other than an abomination which cared only for further eugenicist horseshit. They're shameless, and I have no interest in convincing them.

The Nazi project was premised on conquest to make up for printing fake money. They didn't solve anything. Their answer was to loot shit, by cannibalizing what was already in Germany and cannibalizing every country they conquered. The Nazis were the first to come up with privatization, literal Reaganomics.


There is nothing revisionist. You are just purely ignorant or poorly trolling. Read a book, nigger, and try consistently applying your standards instead of just making retarded excuses when your "team" does evil or stupid shit.


I suspect next year it will escalate in US, and the rest of the world will follow suit / has already started.

I've maintained that if anything good is going to happen, for us or anyone who is not connected to the elite club, it would have to be something completely new, and I can't guarantee you'd like it. All of the political forms that spawned out of liberalism and capitalism have reached their dead-end. Monarchy is a clusterfuck of a system. Aristocracy is what we have now and it fucking sucks.
Ultimately nothing good will happen for us unless we make something happen, even if it seems impossible and even if it is a small thing. Very likely we're all dead soon and the world will be much, much worse. I intend to keep trying nonetheless, even if the whole world is marching with this shit. I have no reason to go along with it, and even if I wanted to, I couldn't.


you left nothing for me to say as a self hating north african now my family too despise me when they discovered about my bursting hate (I told them), I might apply for the russian or ukranian volunteers to die in a war at least that's how I always wanted to die.
it's sad because no matter how different or 'good' I am people instantely block/unfriend me when they discover I'm a 3rd worlder (despite being on good terms), I'm not even brown, I could pass as a spic at least or those low tier crab white trash, but my geographic location literally doomed me, either I will either move to the states and live as a spic or fight for ukraine or russia (whoever calls me first).
Of course I don't live in a white country and unlike you I can at least not remember my shitty origins whenever I see a 100% white person but ffs, I deserve better.


objectively speaking Stalin or Mao. Just look at the actual death data and HDI. Nazism was extremely selective in who it targeted and it wasn't the general public. Actually many small towns didn't even have the SS or police state trappings at all


>Nazism by contrast at least brought germany out of debt peonage
By printing mefo bills and giving false promises of repayment which eventually failed so they were forced to annex austria and czhecoslovakia to seize their gold reserves which was not enough to prevent another inflation so they attacked poland which was relatively wealthier


Yea, that's an A+ in grade 4 Holocaust Class for you


how about writing an actual argument?


oh boy, somebody read the Reddit history economics book
>thinking you need gold to prop up fiat
>thinking the Reich wasn't trading in raw material
>thinking Nazism didn't stop the debt peonage scheme entirely


there is no point trying to reach a covenant with blockheads or even replying to the embarassing things they say.


Please learn how to cite posts properly.



File: 1671068991672.jpeg (182.66 KB, 825x516, 275:172, 284772.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Yes I'm. I hate this post-communist(now socialist) shithole country full of ignorant fools who voted to give the power to the communist party again since 2006.


except it was on purpose but ok, you could have at least linked the same thread I posted


I don't think you should hate yourself like that. I also think many people of my race/ethnicity can be pretty stupid and I hate being associated with their cult but at the same time, most whites that I interact with on a daily basis don't seem particularly well-mannered or intelligent either. Most of them don't care about anything except for getting drunk and having sex. The achievements of the West were the product of the efforts of a small minority of geniuses, not of the white race as a whole.
But growing up in a white country as a minority, I do understand how you could come to feel like that because I also never truly fit in anywhere.


Do you know anyone who lived in Nicaragua during the Somoza years, and whether they think it was worse or better than current state of affairs?


Your state?


dont bother being ashamed of something you have no control over, like your country of origin. but likewise dont pride yourself on it either


i don't really care tbh.
i am neither ashamed nor proud, the Lord decided i would be born in that specific state.
i could have been born somewhere else, it's not something i can control.


The grass is always greener on the other side….


File: 1672282934510.jpg (169.63 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Castle-of-Bojnice-1024x768.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I like Slovakia!
Better to be a slav than an anglophone monoglot!
The an hero flag is pretty funny!


3rd World Wizard here.

I don't think about my nationality. I'm 24/7 thinking in survive.


American Euromutt, I'm fine with it


i cant really say im kinda half and i dont connected to neither country


Native anglophones are the lowest of the low, always were. They're resourceful savages.
It's hilarious how they think themselves better than everyone else. Dunning-krueger levels over 9000.


Nope, I'm American but not white so I can take full pride in my country without the weird guilt that white people seem to have.
You would think all the blood shed over the civil war and world war II to free people would be a high enough price to get over themselves but they still feel guilty over shit that people who probably not even related to them might have did two hundred or more years ago.


I'm a Somali who was born and raised in the West.
I assume people either loathe me or are indifferent to me at best in public. I can understand given how the Somali diaspora is infamous for being invasive unpleasant immigrants.
I've realized there's no point in being ashamed of what you physically are though, nobody has any control over where and when they're born so taking pride or feeling inferior seems pointless and is a waste of time.
If anything, I feel lucky to live in a first world country. I could've easily been born in a complete shithole.


>You would think all the blood shed over the civil war and world war II to free people would be a high enough price to get over themselves but they still feel guilty
You should get off the internet.
You're like one of these self-hating non-white who espouse alt-right views on 4chan in an attempt to fit in. This is rather pathetic tbh.


Q predicted this


>You're like one of these self-hating non-white who espouse alt-right views on 4chan

Hmm.. You're saying that he is like someone.. from /POL/?!?
Wow! You are very smart to bring up that you believe he is from /pol/! Definitely the high quality interaction I expect from beyond 4chans


I'm Brazilian and I sympathize with Eastern Europe. You should be proud of being slav. At least you're not from a third world latin america contry.


Not sure what the point of this response was.
I mean I am interpreting it as sarcastic but even still don't see how it adds anything to the conversation.
Did I use one of your trigger words and you felt compelled to respond or something?


File: 1677986429280.jpg (103.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 12125334535467347.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Are you ashamed of your nationality ?

I'm not ashamed of being latino, I'm ashamed of my nationality though. Extremely dumb, backwards and violent people inhibit this landmass.


One time I was on a short vacation in minas and it was this nearly vacant hotel in the woods but nicely kept up and it had an extensive pool. But anyway it was all calm and pretty much empty and of course being in the woods in minas means you have a lot of old white portuguese people, some really germanic looking children, slightly brown or oddly brazilian looking euro mixes, etc. But not so many outright black people.

So anyway this black family arrives at the hotel and all of a sudden everybody vacates the pool area as their niglets start floating around like stools in a toilet that does actually flush toilet paper but also has a trash can next to it just in case it doesn't. And they were loud as fuck. kek. niggers amirite? At least as slav migrant stock they were strict about keeping everything nice and behaving properly no matter how poor we were.


Both pride and shame for our ancestors the sides of the same coin: a stupid deceit.

Why do you blame yourself for things you had nothing to do with?


Kek. I am a pajeetoid, I am sure people don't even see me as human. Hell, people are repulsed by my subhumanity in pajeetland.


Sir do not let them let you down, good evening sir.




I have been more and more over the years, politics and consumerism basically ruining the country with immigration, liberalism, globalism, etc. The country is definitely on the decline and the politicians, business elite or average citizen don't give a shit so long as they get money.


hang in there Desibro

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