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5e363 No.64042

I appreciate the fact that when you report a post, it gets automatically hidden. If you're short on trannies I can help with the cp spam.

e4df5 No.64043

There's also a fag flooding the boards. I wish they would accept new mods because it's infuriating to see so much shitpost


Sorry, we were locked out of the mod panel until a system reboot due to some issues with our host's firewall or something.

The guy flooding is likely a longtime abuser who's now butthurt that we finally rangebanned his cell network. He'll run out of new IPs eventually.

I've been hesitant to receive mod applications because of the possibility that a troll could fake his way in to power and then finally have the means to delete half the site. Sometimes guys on /meta/ such as yourself will show interest but will have a blank post history, so there's no way to tell if he's a dynamic rule abider or a proxied ban evader.

It would be nice to have some new mods to at least delete spam when they see it on their occasional visits. I opened up a temporary email address if you'd like to apply though: ayydmin@proton.me. You can fill out the application on https://wizchan.org/jobs.html and send it there.

272df No.64045

While I generally like being able to hide threads and having those dumb spammy threads I reported hidden, I accidentally hid a thread I intended to report, now I don't know how to unhide it so I can report it. It was one of the CP spam threads, not the copypasted nonsense threads that are flooding both /wiz/ and /lounge/, so I very much want to report it and then hide it again. That said, I guess that as soon as a mod shows up he'll clean it up, since it's extremely obvious there's a bunch of problem threads regardless of whether I report them.
But now I'm worried I might accidentally hide a thread I like and then be unable to unhide it. Is there a way to unhide them? I can still see the threads I've hidden from the catalog, but opening from there takes me to a mostly blank page.

I intended to post this a couple hours back but got an error, now that posting seems to work fine (and despite the spam being gone) I'm still posting it because I very much want to know what I'm supposed to do if I accidentally hide a thread I don't want to hide.

f671c No.64046

Click Options at the top right > first tab uncheck "Remove hidden posts", refresh page, report or unhide, recheck options box

272df No.64047

Thank you, that worked. The thread I intended to report is already gone, but I tried hiding a random thread and this let me get it back. Very useful in case I mess up.

e4df5 No.64048

It says it doesn't exist and won't let me send the e-mail as I'm also a Protonmail user. Mind if I send it to admin@wizchan.org?

e4df5 No.64049

Nevermind sent it with my Cock.li account instead. Hope you recive it.


Ah, sorry, it's ayydmin@proton.me

efa13 No.64052


Can you send me a cock.li invite?

e4df5 No.64053

Oh ok, I sent it again.
Sure, here you go

c8234 No.64054

Seems like I was caught up in the big ip block ban too. Just wanted to say all those high quality posts from that ip block were mine, as I am a high quality poster, and not his. Thank you 🙏

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