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9938f No.64036

I don't think my thread should've been deleted.

It should be fair to talk about the possibility of the NEET/reclusive lifestyle being bad for us.

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1c44d No.64038

Every course of life has its ups and downs - its fulfilling and unfulfilling qualities. This is an undeniable reality. No lifestyle is without criticism from within and beyond. Discussions could be had, and experiences shared, about the fulfillment potential in a Hikkikomori lifestyle.


Wizchan is not where that discussion is to be had. Wizchan wishes to act as a safe zone for NEETs and reclusive types by enforcing strict rules preventing negative outlooks on these lifestyles to be posted, even if these means shutting down threads made in viewing the lifestyles through an objective lens, without bias. It is this foundational rule among a few others which set us apart from other imageboards.

It doesn't matter how right or wrong, experienced or unexperienced, kind-worded or shitposted, your unfavorable opinion of NEETdom may be - it is not allowed to be posted.

31f5d No.64039

Simple as.
OP is just another failed normalfag.

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