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File: 1681844287448.jpg (99.7 KB, 500x691, 500:691, wizardonsubway.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

25e96 No.63894

Those who founded wizchan are actually doing a pretty good job of maintaining the board's integrity. Its not like wizchan has totally become the next /r9k/ with GF posts and blatant normalfaggotry every day. But i can see the integrity startle to buckle.

Their fatal mistake is they defined wizardy in terms of sex. ironically making being a wizard all about sex. Slowly it is going to erode over the years. i here ebonics spoken hear on the daily. i see people with points of view and emotional incentives that only a collectivist normie would have masquerading as hot takes against the status qoue (keep in mind that the normalfags main tactic to assimilate is to convince you you are no different even if the differences are as plain as day) and sometimes even posts that only a normie could make I.E 'why am i so lonely?' and other posts that covet the normie life.

We all get that if you are a wizard, you clearly have never had sex. But it goes as a rule that you cannot define a hermit in normalfag terms or any terms. The wizards essence cannot be put in a catagory. Always people have defined wizards in secondary terms 'they do this they don't do that'. Its nonsense. you've already fallen for the normalfag trap when you try to answer to them. That may seem intellectually dishonest, especially in a post-enlightenment era where science rules. But our limited mental capacity cannot contain magic. I hope this place lasts longer. But i'm afraid it will decay.

af5d8 No.63895

>Its not like wizchan has totally become the next /r9k/ with GF posts and blatant normalfaggotry every day.
Ironic you say that since that's how wizardchan actually started. Just replace GF with tfw no gf.

I don't know about going normie over time but the atmosphere became a lot less relaxed as more and more people began to take pride in the meme. In the beginning users really didn't give much of a shit about it but once more and more users began to play the truwiz card, the shit flinging can get intense. It also grew exponentially hypocritical in places, but whatever. IBs in general are pretty damn awful, wizchan is a good one as far as IB quality goes but that doesn't mean is any good, either. Except for /hob/, /hob is pretty nice.

25e96 No.63896

the whole point of normie hate is to stave off dumb discussions that amount to petty gossip in personal life, repetitive gf posts and the same gorilla poop-sniffing coomer posts that never seem to stop like "would you fuck a (insert fat, black, autistic ect.) succubus?" "do succubi (pointless question)" and so on. There needs to be something to hold the floodgates because what normies love to do is settle down and make a name, start gossip and complain about lack of sex. I think its alright to be violently against normies. as a constituent to keeping them out. though it does nothing if they already got you, that is if they already infested the board.

e8142 No.63897

Post seems entirely incoherent because you seem unable to make a better definition. 'An essence that cannot be put in a category'? The fuck you sayin nigga?

87a09 No.63898

did you walk in this thread with the intent to prove OP right or were you just being your retarded unintelligent nigger self as usual?

25e96 No.63899

i thought it was impressive bait. but the "the fuck you sayin nigga *hits mango vape* Sheeesh!" gave it away

28b44 No.63900

Every such community starts to lose quality as time goes and as it gets more traffic. It's in the nature of online communities.
I like wizchan, of course it has its share of garbage, I just ignore it. What is garbage for me might be very important stuff for someone else.
I do like the general mindset of at least some users here. Only here do I find expression of certain values that are contrary to the mainstream. Most of it has nothing to do with virginity, but that goes without saying anyway. I think the rules do a decent job at keeping most "normies" out, even if we still get crab crabs.

bd3eb No.63901

Being a late age virgin used to mean a certain similarity in lifestyle and experience, just by chance
Now there’s endless millions of virgin 14+ who see crab or virginity as major parts of their worldview
Old 4chan was naturally full of virgin losers too, but chill nerdy ones. People having well paid normal jobs was weird then.
But everything changed with time, you can’t go back

f6b91 No.63902

I mean when I 1st found Wizchan, I thought all Wizards were clones of me. When I tried to talk about my issues on other sites, they accused me of being a trolling made up character.

But over the years I realized there's a lot of ways I don't relate to most Wizards at all, despite our similar lifestyles.

So being a volcel hermit is an important part of my life, but it's not all that defines me, and I'm very different from Wizchan in a lot of ways I learned.

But as long as they are virgin, you can't say they are normie just because they have ideas and lingo you don't like. Probably others would find your ideas normie. Once normie has nothing to do with sex and is about values and culture, its really more your personal preferences than anything to do with Wizardry as originally defined.

293fe No.63903

>Once normie has nothing to do with sex and is about values and culture

You're painfully wrong and I seriously wish you put more thought and consideration when making posts.
Normie has a lot to do with sex because contrary to what you say, SEX is a big part of CULTURE, and those values you mention are RELATED TO SAID CULTURE and determines whether people are more promiscuous or not, more open to have kids, be monogamous, be prudent, just, polite, etc.
Sex is heavily connected to culture, because it's a big part of it.

788cf No.63904

File: 1681929657385.gif (4.52 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Blade_of_Satan.gif) ImgOps iqdb

i always said it but wizardry only appeals to normies in the same way sex and relationship appeals to crabs

f4e89 No.63905

a wizard is a 30 year old man who is still a virgin

11760 No.63906

>wizardry only appeal to normie

You gotta to be kidding me

f6b91 No.63907

zoomers are experimenting with a whole spectrum of sexualities these days, asexuality among them, its only a matter of time before wizardry is hip

6b954 No.63908

All good things come to an end besides this place being dead I don’t see much of what your talking about

027bc No.63909

File: 1681936903817.png (402.51 KB, 520x677, 520:677, wizzard.png) ImgOps iqdb

what bothers me is how so many posters are clearly crabs, so being a virgin was never up to them.

this cheapens the entire culture. wizard life is not gangster life. nobody chooses the gangster life, the gangster life chooses people. that's not the same with being wizard. being a wizard can only be the result of a choice and everyone who didn't? i don't count as a wizard.

i'm not mad at sad 20-somethings who want a gf but can't find any and don't know where to go since everything and everywhere is horrible so they come here pretending. a benevolent board-owner would build them a little garbage can where they can cry about their urges and ask for advice. i don't see too many users sharing wisdom, i think a wizard would help the less fortunate a bit instead of criminalizing them. if all you pretend wizards really wanna have sex with succubi, i don't recommend this because succubi are generally horrible to be around, but if you want this, just learn how to skate and they will seek you out like guided missles. might only take you a few days of skating until you have reached the point where they will start to stalk you and you will understand the true meaning of this speech pattern: "all is fair in love and war" because being around succubi unfortunately is constant war. it seems to be all they know. being at war and pretending to be civilized.

ca8e4 No.63910

File: 1681938518801.png (303.01 KB, 499x516, 499:516, 5F5D34C9-74F8-4FEF-9483-32….png) ImgOps iqdb

I just need to know. I can go back to being a lonely nigger and be content with my anime figurines and video games, but I need to know that it really is better than trying to live with a succubus. But I don’t know, and don’t know how to find out.

Guess I’ll pick up skating.

a48df No.63911

The first reason is the shift of generations, the posters of the first few years were millenials in the 20-30 age range on average and the users in that age range now are zoomers who grew up differently. Most old posters are probably gone because they got tired of it or some evet in life since many of them are 30+ now which is different from being in your early 20s.

There's also a whole lot more of these 'true wizard' posts and I wonder how old some of those 'true wizard' fags are. I'd personally never trust anyone with their intentions and I think a lot of them are projecting and most likely not even 25 years old yet.

It's just inevitable that wizchan will change because the users have changed for the majority, that wizcord also showed that there's a lot of people on here who dont fit in anyones 'true wizard' definition, just look at /b/ or the fap thread and you know that this is just a larp and projection.

027bc No.63912

>Guess I’ll pick up skating.

there are so many different ways to skate, find something that seems cool to you and slowly go for it. consider wearing protection in the beginning no matter how lame it looks. your body will transform in terms of balance and until you have that experience of balance, this extra sense that slowly grows, the biggest danger is you going for things that are still too risky.

skating is fun but be careful and advance slowly because it punishes overconfidence very hard.

some forms of skating look more like dancing, don't shy away from those forms because monsters seeing how you can move your body is what really gets their juices flowing…

i have never done it but if i was desperate enough i would use this to summon the monsters.

i'd go to a group of guys and say "gimme 50 bucks and then i make a whole bunch of hoes appear" and then simply skate for a while as the area would slowly populate with monsters.

1be7c No.63913

>Those who founded wizchan
Those who founded wizchan are not even on the site anymore, wizardchan/wizchan had admin swaps and many staff changes.

1be7c No.63914

This is the next character for the upcoming Tony Hawks game, the wizard skater with long hair who dodges sluts in some metropolitan area of Los Angeles or some other places where people really like skating.

4c34f No.63915

File: 1681940531687.png (13.47 KB, 774x600, 129:100, 0on7meEmRg.png) ImgOps iqdb


f6b91 No.63916

They just joke about being gay to show much they hate heterosexual sex with succubi. Its actually about showing their wizardry freedom from desire for pussy.

17ad0 No.63917

>They just joke about being gay
>Its actually about showing their wizardry freedom from desire for pussy.
gay sex is still sex and normalfag you retard and it's obvious they are gay unless you're seriously retarded.

ada2d No.63918

File: 1681954951812.gif (999.96 KB, 180x98, 90:49, AEDD1376-108F-4162-99EF-06….gif) ImgOps iqdb

He’s literally me

97384 No.63919


i'd play that.

>who dodges sluts

best slut dodge is getting up before you actually wanna get up so the slut is already hovering around the door determined to block your path but then you never come because you weren't even planing to leave.

other nice slut dodge is when the slut is staring at you when you come down the escalator and you act like you walk to the right but as soon as she stops staring and starts to walk to the right and turns away from you, you can walk to the left and then the slut can't creep up next to you and match your walkspeed and try to synchronize her movement to yours.

97384 No.63920


heh nice bigdscha

339d4 No.63921

It's kinda ironic how this thread was subtly duped by trolls like many other threads. There are so many schizos and trolls on here and often they are more active than the regular posters. All these zoomer larpers in their early 20s are also annoying, if you are not even 25 yet you won't be able to tell a lot about your own life and its very likely that your lifestyle will change.

Also the userbase is way more diverse than it was before, recent posts have shown that there are complete loners but also guys who see their irl friends on weekends (which is basically also a rule violation to post about but it doesn't get enforced really) and this is already a huge difference between lifestyles. There's guys who hardly leave their homes and then there's guys who go to all kinds of places, there are worlds between the lives of many people on here.
A couple years ago people used to joke around that everyone is out partying when the post counts dropped on a weekend and if anyone posted about irl social activities he'd get scolded but now it's so common that no one can really be bothered anymore.

ccd35 No.63922

File: 1682000881343.gif (386.81 KB, 200x150, 4:3, 1681942603021015.gif) ImgOps iqdb

if wizcord is anything to go by there is barely anyone to call wizard here

0981a No.63923

What do you mean by that?

aac56 No.63924

Its a normalfag larper faction that split off from the main site who lead otherwise normal lives with having friends and jobs. Their only "wizardly" quality is that they browse this website and think it makes them wizards.

7f124 No.63925

Obviously I did the ebonics on purpose, but the message is genuine

e8142 No.63926

The administrator here has shown clearly that they have no intention of moderating properly. They have been outright banning wide IP ranges of Mullvad servers for weeks at a time. There is no chance that they have the willpower to keep moderating as this challenge jumps in difficulty soon: natural language bots may very soon destroy anonymous imageboards. The bots are dumb and shitty, but they are already well past the point where they can covertly shill advertisements and blend in as real people.

All the issues with competing groups on here could have also been dealt with in SO many better ways, like distinct boards that actually work and make sense to cater to each of the separate subcultures, but the administrator just doesnt care. Fap threads, crabs that dont shower for months, intelligent recluses that are trying to channel their magic effectively to fully enjoy life, all shoved together in the same threads. VPNs still cant even post on /meta/ because the administrator does NOT WANT to make beneficial changes that the users want. This site is unbelievably user-hostile and lazy. Just let it die

3dbf2 No.63927

I also think the end might come sooner than later. The changing users, trolls, samefags, bots and the division between posters are getting too much. The site is already kinda dead when you consider that often there's not one single post for hours so maybe there's just like 20 people who frequent this place daily so that might be why staff is not moderating anything most of the time.

78a1c No.63928

>Why Wizardchan is destined to become normie

It's not going to happen, I'm sure our userbase decreases with time. There are almost no new wizzies and the wizzies that post will eventually lurk and post less.

e8142 No.63929

They keep banning VPNs so i go months without posting. They literally make it impossible to post

304ff No.64093

This is no support community where useful or joyful data is being shared, mostly a circlejerk while those kiwifarmers are not still getting roasted enough so they may get madder at us. Therefore I'm away from here most of times, this is worthless.

f4e89 No.64094

they should banned people who mentioned reddit or 4chan

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