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File: 1675210859931.png (23.56 KB, 437x429, 437:429, 67876554.png) ImgOps iqdb

a980d No.63367

Allow Tor posting.

That is truly the only way to stay anonymous. In a world of mass data, gangstalking and tracking, we need Tor.

c571e No.63368

In a world of mass child porn, gore, and commercial spam, we need limits on Tor.

a980d No.63369

>In a world of mass child porn, gore, and commercial spam

On Kohlchan you can post from Tor and I2P.

c571e No.63370

Kholchan has several transexxual safeboards. They WANT the child porn and pictures of dead people to beat their meat to.

a980d No.63371

>Kholchan has several transexxual safeboards

There's only 2 active boards on the entirety of Kohlchan, /int/ and /b/

>They WANT the child porn and pictures of dead people to beat their meat to

Posting pictures of little succubi was recently banned

02be6 No.63372

CP and commercial spam already get posted here. Also, there's nothing inherently wrong with gore.


If "only 2 active boards" is a good reason to turn an eye to the website's objective negatives, then you should ignore Wizchan's negatives on the grounds that we also only have 2 active boards.
>Posting pictures of little succubi was recently banned
In every single other imageboard that isn't a literal federal honeypot, posting kids was banned from the start. Besides, they only banned kiddohurt posting because the male users were 52%ing after seeing their own ugly mugs next to real young females.

>CP and commercial spam already get posted here
By Tor nodes not yet listed as such in public databases. Our Modlog informs us when a post attempt is rejected due to spamlike conditions being met. It's a daily occurrence and rarely only one attempt is made, with several automated posts being attempted across several boards in a clockwork fashion. Without our limits, these threads would come through.
>Also, there's nothing inherently wrong with gore.
Is there anything inherently wrong with >no gf posting? With Reddit memes and Pepe greentexts? Goreposting is all derived from the same single /gif/ board on 4chan. That board is the #1 hub for 3DPD porn and simping throughout all imageboards. To ban goreposting is to ban a great deal of outsiders who have long strayed from the path of wizardry. The policy also makes it harder for trolls to shock Wizards with frightening sights.

Wizchan is a triple-gated website. One gate is the core rules. Gate two is how we reply negatively to perceived outsiders. And the third gate is how Wizchan limits the posting capacity of those using ban-evading tools such as Tor. These three walls are what allowed Wizchan to endure in one shape or another for 11 years. Ever since Tor picked up steam around 2013, there's been internal Wizardchan discussion on how to handle it, and the initial idea to limit Tor posts continues to prove effective in reducing spam considerably.

02be6 No.63374

>is there anything wrong with [rule we agreed to have at the site's inception that also has nothing to do with the discussion] and more nuggets of shit such as "uhhh gore is le porn cuz 4chan!!!11"
Jesus fucking Christ, as if you needed anymore evidence that literal speds run this sideshow.

5c119 No.63379

i don't know wtf kohlchan is, why the discussion is on that now, or why anything that any other website is doing matters. wizchan has outlived tons of other imageboards without needing dumb meme technologies or brilliant ideas

fb88d No.63382

The few secluded spaces housed a population Calhoun called, "the beautiful ones." Generally guarded by one male…
Generally guarded by one male
if you aren't the homosapien version of that mouse keeping guard I don't know what to make of your post :')

53e51 No.63383

>Wizchan is a triple-gated website
LOL, you make it sound like youre some hard ass enforcer, nigger what the fuck is this then?
you soft ass faggots wont even hand out bans for straight up rule breaking posts. oh its their fist post? one week ban, read the rules or get the fuck out. what you absolutely do NOT want to do is leave the rule breaking post up, ESPECIALLY if there isnt a (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) under it. saying that the user was warned is the most milquetoast sissy shit i have ever seen. and your stance on gore just confirms my suspicion even more, youre too scared to offend anyone. we have enough posters, kicking out the 60 iq third worlder crabs will not kill the site.

e961b No.63394

Kohlchan is the perfect example of why you need zero tolerance of pedophiles. Kohlchan tolerated them for years, and guess what? They did the usual pedonigger thing and just kept on escalating, inviting their buddies from discord (OP posts were made saying they're immigrants from discord), and escalating further and further until CP was regularly being posted. Then the admins did the only thing they could to save the site, and banned pedoniggers from discussing fucking children. The majority of the userbase of Kohlchan celebrated the move.

And then the pedophiles flipped over a table, threw a tantrum and organized DDOS attacks to take down the site. This is why you don't cater to this demographic at all. They will shit up your website, cry "muh freedums" and make the experience worse for everyone.

c571e No.63396

None of that is applicable to any other site though because KC was allowing photos of real children, Candydoll and Tinymodel and the like.

All that Wizchan has is drawings sometimes. A single drop of what can be found on any clearnet booru or 4chan.

e961b No.63398

>A single drop of what can be found on any clearnet booru or 4chan.

Cool, then they can all go those boorus or 4chan. ez.

5c119 No.63399

sounds dumb as hell. the only thing of note seems to be they allow tor posting? doesnt seem to be helping them

e961b No.63400

That's where much of the problem came from, allowing onion posters. Every single onion on there was posting pictures of kids.

f50da No.63403

Why even come here? Don't expect freedom to post whatever you want: this site is literally a de-escalation pod to prevent mass killings.

f50da No.63404

And that's not a bad thing, of course, but shit has to get banned because the sole purpose of wizchan post wizardchan is to deradicalize.

2a4f2 No.63409

lot of flags were posting kid pics too, so by that virtue everyplace should be banned. having moderated boards with tor allowed, cp wasnt as common as you think.

e961b No.63411

Lots of flags were posting kids because pedophiles are low IQ niggers with no risk assessment or impulse control. Also get some reading comprehension, I said all onion posters are pedos, I never said all pedos are onion posters.

>cp wasnt as common as you think.

It was bad enough for the site owners to become worried about being legally liable and in the end clamp down on it.

You only want onion posting so you can escalate more and talk more about kids. You don't give a shit about muh freedums. Make no mistake wizzies, the poster I'm replying to is a pedophile that wants to make YOU a vector for his deranged fetish. He wants to put the entire website at risk just to sate his perverted desires. He will start escalating if the mods allow onionposting, and he will start inviting his pedo buddies over from other imageboards. It's very unwizardly and is entirely subversive.

2a4f2 No.63412

unhinged response, and you could use some reading comprehension yourself considering that i wasnt necessarily talking about kohlchan. like i said, i have moderated tor-enabled boards and i would say the more common trait that i noticed among tor posters was paranoia. i had to ban a tor node for cp once a week at most, which should be easily manageable. the retards here probably wouldnt know how to allow tor anyway and i dont care either way because i wouldnt be utilizing it, but it's severely retarded and naive to believe that all tor users are pedophiles. i can call your poor logic out without having any investment in the issue. also, i linked the federal law code regarding the legal status of lolicon hentai (which mods ignored, of course), so i hardly want to talk about kids just because i know that tor isnt this big boogeyman you believe it to be.

a980d No.63471

File: 1676705239422.png (698.16 KB, 836x765, 836:765, vfd4r.png) ImgOps iqdb

4chan for god sakes allows Tor posting.

On 4chan you can purchase a 4chan pass with Bitcoin (you can get anonymised Bitcoin) and then post using Tor and VPN's.

Wizchan is less anti-establishment and anti-normie than 4chan.


e3176 No.63472

Then fuck off back to 4chan already. You fit right in with all the 4kids, unlike here.

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