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08c1d No.63337

Is it possible for wizchan to allow epub files to be uploaded? I have files I want to share and I'm afraid people are too paranoid to get them if I host outside the site.

2bd48 No.63346

File: 1674394806976.swf (1.94 MB, Mahasatipatthana Sutta - T….swf)

A stinky workaround for you for now because I don't know if they'll get around to enabling it, you can just append ".swf" to the filename.

This will upload the file, and then anyone downloading it will just have to click filename to download and remove the .swf.

As long as the file isn't above size limit it should work, there's no filetype check on swf files because the shockwave plugin would do that. Stinky, but an option for anyone paranoid about external hosts.

ddad0 No.63347

That's a simple and clever workaround, thanks! I just uploaded the file to the thread without problems.

17d0d No.63349

File: 1674432428288.swf (189.86 KB, ikit COMPLETE vol1-4 [.swf)

>there's no filetype check on swf files


mods will never guess what this file is

daac5 No.63355

these niggas dont let u b postin .ogg on music sheeeeit fam smdh fam fr ong 💪😤💪😤💪😤💯💯💯💯💯💯

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