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b3cad No.63323

Racism, Nofap shilling (even to the point of almost saying wizards should just have sex instead of masturbating), we are being raided again guys. When will /pol/ content finally be bannable offense? We have a contamination thread for them on /lounge/. They can't stay in it. I say permaban them all. Being a wizard has nothing to do with nazism, christianity or conservative ideologies, these are for normalfags.

3ff34 No.63324

>generally misanthropic users
>and that includes hating niggers, too

c57ba No.63325

lots of passive agressive self-help/advice posting lately, they'll get tired eventually and go back to wherever they came from
"crossposting is based" …

8210e No.63326

>nazism is for normalfags


Most of the "pol" posts are made in response to "anti-conservative" posts such as the ones you and a small minority of users have been making everywhere. All of the users who regularly post far-right "pol" material are also users with histories of normal engagement throughout the site, so we're not being raided by /pol/ as is constantly suggested. In fact, we've never been raided by /pol/ or any 4chan board besides /r9k/.

3fe99 No.63329

It's all trolly, antagonistic bullshit, that leads to no new discussion. Do we really need two back-to-back "say no to masturbation" threads right now?

76ebb No.63330

doing recon and making a path for all you neets so don't you worry wizzies, the crabs will roll their taff.

b783a No.63331

True. I only disagree with nofap. I don't see why nofap isn't wizardly, other than that i agree 100%, hate those people.

76ebb No.63343

File: 1674345752798.jpg (54.48 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, seig.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

the mod is right so I am allowed to post this "in response" to both

c6b2b No.63351


76ebb No.63405

File: 1675551501388.png (9.75 KB, 446x221, 446:221, caught.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

>so we're not being raided by /pol/ as is constantly suggested.
>In fact, we've never been raided by /pol/ or any 4chan board besides /r9k/.
"fact" this won't stay up long because "screen caps of posts you disagree with are not allowed"

76ebb No.63406

File: 1675551560454.png (8.93 KB, 521x184, 521:184, caught2.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

76ebb No.63407

File: 1675551730220.png (19.75 KB, 548x376, 137:94, caught3.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

b6909 No.63408

>omg people copypaste shit from other boards we are being raided omgzorz noooooooooo

6b91c No.63410

A spambot hitting multiple boards is not a raid. One guy crossposting is not a raid. Making the same thread on each site yourself and screaming raid is not a raid.

76ebb No.63413

gaslighting 101
never been raided bruh
currently not being raided bruh
its just copypaste bruh
spambot is not a raid bruh
its one guy bruh
you made the threads bruh

ce533 No.63414

I am responsible for all those threads you posted.
The reality is I'm an unemployed agoraphobe and imageboards are my only way of socializing with the world.

It's easier to copy paste threads from one board to another instead of coming up with genuine content for every thread.

I'm sorry this upsets you.
If it's any consolation I don't post outside /b/ on wizchan.

76ebb No.63415

didn't read ^

86ede No.63416

^ butthurt lol

4fd7f No.63419

I love when coomers whine about nofap because the guilt weighs on them. Close the porn tabs for a day, dear lord.

d9cb2 No.63420

nofap is good if you want less time wasted and more energy for getting actual shit done, the issue whit nofappers is that they say it makes you taller, handsome and more masculine and turns you in to a ladies man. Some even claim it makes you like sports like European soccer and reggaeton "music"

6b91c No.63421

>the issue whit nofappers is that they say it makes you taller, handsome and more masculine and turns you in to a ladies man
Nobody is saying this though

3c80a No.63427

see r/semenretention

8c669 No.63463

/Pol/""wizzies"" can't be proper wizards. National socialism or even conservative ideologies stress the importance of going out and working, reproducing, etc. Right-wing ideologies also tend to reject NEETbux and helping the unfortunate.

Real wizards are anarchists of some kind or liberals or social democrats at least.

e8d53 No.63464

>if you agree with the 4/pol/ hivemind on some points, then you agree on all points and also belong to BAD ideology
>real wizards can only be GOOD ideology
take your jewish ideology babble back to pol or leftypol or whatever

8c669 No.63465

Then explain to me how you can synchronize being a wizNEET with being a nazi. By wizNEET I mean someone who doesn't work and has no intention of having sex. You can't, because these are polar opposites. You can't harmonize God with the devil or night with daylight. Some things just aren't meant to happen.

00d0e No.63466

>Most of the "pol" posts are made in response to "anti-conservative" posts such as the ones you and a small minority of users have been making everywhere.

Ridiculous. They spew their hatred randomly at anyone they view as an easy target and they do it constantly for no reason without being provoked. I see the mods are basically poltards if you're taking their side in this. What a shame.

6b91c No.63467

>This community isn't a safespace for LGBTQ folx and people of color. What a shame.
Reddit says everything. If you want to make it look like your side of an argument is popular, just go to reddit to find "proofs" in the form of a 80 million Indian adult men shitposting insane things about your topic on their breaks at the callcenter.
Neither the far right nor the Nazis had any "everyone must work" policy. The people touting that lie are actual college communists who believe they should be given a mansion for writing gossip pieces about celebrities. Hitler wanted to localize production and make sure everyone who worked could afford a home for themselves and enough money to provide for anyone in their care, i.e neets. there was no bux in any country and even welfare as a concept was not only very rare but also only to provide assistance to those already working but struggling due to large family size or illness. The Nazis were socialist in the same sense of socialism today, but in a fashion that sends your dad's tax money back to you instead of over to some child soldier recruiter in Jamaica.

There is nothing unwizardly about right-wing philosophy, and if you're so passionate about making others believe otherwise, go to the politics thread and explain your reasoning instead of BAAWWing on /meta/ for the mods to protect your fragile feelings. Go to Uboachan or Lainchan if you want leftist staff members who silence even moderate / centrists ideas.

You are all samefags and also not virgins.

76ebb No.63468

post documents printed by photo

8c669 No.63475

You're welcome.

The Nazis certainly didn't have an "everyone must work" policy because they were okay with rich people and succubi not working. However, if you were a NEET wiz and your family died you were up for some serious shit. Either you began to work or you were deemed dangerous to the community and were considered a menace that must be destroyed. You can't rewrite history.

It's not about Nazi Germany having bux or no (they didn't have bux in any way, only welfare for people who were willing to work), it's about Nazi Germany actively working towards destroying people like us who were labeled as leeches.
Take your propaganda elsewhere, please. Conservatives want us to work or go homeless because they can't be bothered to support NEETs, nazis on the other hand actively wanted to get rid of NEETs. Right-wing politics is anti-NEET.

That was a known fact already. The mods are down with /pol/ and everything they represent, which is to put it lightly not exactly wizardly.

750cc No.63487

>Real wizards are anarchists of some kind or liberals or social democrats at least.
>There is nothing unwizardly about right-wing philosophy

Politics in general is unwizardly.

8c669 No.63501

If you refrain from politics and are acting apathetic then you'll just ensure that people who are out to destroy you will get into power.

Politics is about self-preservation ultimately. Sure, you can say fuck both sides, I'm above them but when it comes down to having a party that would take away your bux and would bully people like you to no end or having a party that supports people like you then I think everyone gets down to business and takes a side.

6b91c No.63502

>Nazi Germany actively working towards destroying people like us
This is 100% what transsexuals say all day online. No hyperbole. It's clear you get your politics from The History Channel.

76ebb No.63503

This is 100% what crabchins say all day online. No hyperbole. It's clear you get your politics from The crab bucket.

052c2 No.63504

Well I'll admit there's some degree of realpolitik involved so that wizzies can secure their obvious interests and whatnot. What I was trying to say is that being "ideological" and identifying with a label is dumb.
I don't care what some group that lives rent-free in your head supports or opposes. This whole "trigger the X and oppose everything they like or else you're cringe" mentality has retarded the internet. Get some principles and stick by them instead of acting contrarian towards whoever-the-fuck, because in the end you're ironically a slave to their whims. If trannies became majority Nazi (and trust me, there's a sizable minority of them like that) tomorrow you'd probably disavow everything you've thought about earlier.

6b91c No.63505

For someone who doesn't care about group A, you sure wrote a lot about group A

3042b No.63507

Technically only 2 sentences. The ones in between are about being obsessed with any kind of group.
Also, not an argument.

96fbd No.63508

>Right-wing politics is anti-NEET.
das is treu

8c669 No.63513

What expressions should we use, then, in order not to trigger people like you? Nazis gassed people, shot people, experimented on them, worked them to death, etc. That seems to merit the expression "working actively towards destroying" certain groups, wouldn't you say?

Anyway, it's always rightos of some variety who are bitching about people who leech off of the precious State-sama or the holy normalfag society they cherish so much.
Not to mention, come tomorrow and suddenly 4th Reich and Nazis rule again, you think you would be some SS Squad leader or something? Or assistant Führer all of a sudden? No, you would be just another bitch of the state machine like everyone else except a select minority. Yeah, let's give unlimited power to a certain group of people who are obsessed with militarism, violence and self-righteous ideals, I'm pretty sure it will go well THIS time, ja?

Obviously labels are dumb but people who believe in common stuff tend to band together to protect themselves against those who are their enemies. At the end of the day you will just have to pick something to believe in, something you stand for and not think too much about it.

28afa No.63631

It's true we do not share enough about politics. I do neither love the current system

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