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a96e4 No.63134

create a technology board please, I feel like a lot of users here agree with me

7c888 No.63135

If there was a substantial interest, /hob/ would be flooded with threads already.

07ce2 No.63136

Just go to lainchan

7752f No.63137

every board is made as a reactive containment board. it's retarded to make them proactively because they're almost always graveyards in those cases.

b5b72 No.63179

I agree with OP. Technology and science are very wizardly and plus crabs are outraged by them because most of them are conspiracy theorists.

7752f No.63183

nobody is stopping you guys from making threads on hob.

07ce2 No.63194

On the contrary techies aren't very wizardly

f59da No.63279

+1 lainchan is much more culturally advanced and slower

b22e4 No.63280

You guys are cool
Lainchan and wizchan are the two sites I use daily

622c0 No.63281

Oh, yes. Specially a place where alternate survival techniques for hobos to be discussed and shared.

6409f No.63282

This website has like 100 users and it's dead.


917a8 No.63283

A single tech thread can last for months.

There isn't even close to enough activity here to justify a new board.
Hell, might consider getting rid of a board or two.

6e453 No.63285

what do you even talk about on a technology board

computer hardware, software, operating systems, and electronics in general?

07ce2 No.63292

>culturally advanced
It's faggier over there than it is here, and we have /b/!
Consumerism mostly. /csg/ is peak /g/.

7752f No.63293

but soykaf LETS LOVE LAIN kekekekeke i posted it again mother unit!!!

a96e4 No.63296

yeah music and b can go

022de No.63301

I think you mean music and jp

3ef13 No.63302

he means test and wiz

7752f No.63303

staff is no longer necessary with the advent of the popular instant messaging service skype

7c888 No.63304

the loser who administrates this place can't afford $5.95/m for skype

07ce2 No.63310

he means /v9k/ and /elder/

c508d No.63344

File: 1674346252746.gif (505.79 KB, 481x303, 481:303, 1674150470157456.gif) ImgOps iqdb

literally me

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