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8aa16 No.62484

wizchan needs to start banning crab words from other places. Such as "cope", "looksmaxxing", and even "somethingpills", they only contaminate the environment and bring unwanted people here. If wizchan ban popular memes like frogs and wojaks, why not banning crab lingo too?

7b12a No.62485

Crab Lingo? One of Campbell's best soups right there.

30df2 No.62487

Where do you see a post saying "looksmaxxing?"

c0bbe No.62646


a7447 No.62652

Why dont you just ban yourself

3b082 No.62654

>copemaxxpilling this hard

f4da9 No.62656


a07b7 No.62667

8854f No.62678

Lol, look at those butthurt crabs discovering that they are not even welcomed in a wizard board. Hilarious.

8a52f No.62680

Cope, seethe and dilate tranny

30df2 No.62893


4b850 No.62894

looksmaxing maybe, but things like >>62680 have entered the internet lexicon too much and aren't as easy to stamp on like pepes and wojaks

8ce99 No.62896

i suggest changing normie to gnomie

cc35d No.62950

Norman has been the truwiz approved version of normie since 2015

29dfc No.63030

Its a crabs.io slang. Completely crab term.

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