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74dd5 No.62430

Why is rule 5 not enforced on the politics thread?

597a8 No.62432


b4606 No.62443

it's a sacrificial containment thread

a43a8 No.62449

Reminder that the politics thread was never meant to be permanent

fe528 No.62450

Any suggestions for an alternative?

aa45f No.62459

It's only enforced when the faggot mods don't like you anyway. The politics thread is far from the only place that rule 5 is violated. I'm curious to what you personally consider to be in violation there anyway. I already have a hunch.

3e935 No.62469

Politics doesn't belong here in the first place. It's a subject exclusively engineered for underage fags and obnoxious culture war obsessed retards; and they will always try to forcefully shove their political obsession into every single thread and every single website, no exceptions.
Any website that has aspirations beyong being a mindless Twitter colony should ban politics and every insufferable fourteen-year-old who wants to flame about it.

eb547 No.62472

>Politics doesn't belong here in the first place.
Say that to the mods. >>>/lounge/293030 is yet another /pol/thread and it is still up and going. Fucking hell, this site is kill.

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