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62377 Can you please do something about the guy who spams youtube videos on /b/ every day?[View]
62361 hello wiz mods, i am doing my nice imp dances to bring you good luck today ^_^[View]
62326Rule 11 enforcement In general, I am amazed at how robust the ruleset is at keeping this place more or less for wizards. That said, I feel like more people on this board should know about rule 11. When people make a thread/post that obviously violates rules 1-4, and a load of posters reply with[View]
62320 Banned for calling Andrew a homosexual faggot that likes big hairy men.[View]
62306youtube embedding and stuff 1. you know how images have the metadata?[View]
62304Did the "hide thread" feature go away? I swear I used to be able to hide whole threads. It was nice being able to make the politics thread disappear :(.[View]
62287 /lounge/ was a mistake. should have never existed to begin with. delete it right now[View]
62278 Someone made this post >>>/lounge/290675 of a business using the wojak meme. I replied to this post with another example of businesses using the wojak meme. My post was deleted and I was issued a warning, while the post that I replied to remains up. Please explain the rationale behind your decision to single out my post in particular while ignoring the person I replied to.[View]
62272 MODS! I understand keeping the blackpill and female sexuality threads up, but don't allow all these new crab visitors to just start infesting the site and derailing threads with unrelated blackpill v. redpill nonsense and discussions of what succs [i]really[/i] want in a man.[View]
62239 >>>/dep/259981[View]
62231 I just got a 405 Not Allowed error when trying to report someone (the guy who admitted to be waiting to meet a "special someone" on the /lounge/ waifu thread). What does that mean? Did the report still happen or what?[View]
62229 dear wiz mods, i hope you are all going well. i hope your lives are happy and all ur goals come to fruition. thanks for keeping the wheels on the wiz bus turning. i think that i am a nice wiz imp and that further it is possible for me to knock over some pots and pans and get away with it. have a good day, wiz mods.[View]
62209 Hello, I have no connection to the 2d poster you banned from /b/ and you probably think of me as a horrible poster anyway.[View]
62202 Why does this gangstalking website archive our shit?[View]
62179Shut down wizchan Bros it's over, seems like insel culture is dead after Trump lost [View]
62021my last attempt this is the third thread i'll be making about this subject and if something isn't done then i stop coming here.[View]
60657crabs are ruining wizchan You can't discuss anything related to succubus in any form of media that is not negative or else people will disregard your post or its contents on the basis that it is not about succubus being bad.[View]