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I dont care about people in genera; not in the edgy misantrophic sense -I genuinely dont care about them- but I do love my parents or at least owe them a lot.
Given that Im a neet: how can I help them have more money, so they can do stuff they like/save more, etc?
I thought of:
>convincing them to apply for tax extemption off my disability pass (they think "thats for those who need it" so they havent done it)
>Take care to unplug my devices when Im not using them, because plugged machines consume energy even when off
>Use less cellphone ,internet and vidya, also to consume less energy
less energy=way cheaper electricity bill for them
Any other tricks or cheats I can use for this noble undertaking?


Cook for them and do the dishes. Look up basic home repairs for when stuff breaks.


energy is very cheap, I wouldn't worry about it too much


What fucking country you live in where energy is cheap?


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op i wish you success in your noble endeavor.

one thing to help them is to not have them worry that you will be unable to live a life if they suddenly died by taking really good care of yourself.

>Take care to unplug my devices when Im not using them, because plugged machines consume energy even when off

most likely this will have very little effect but i don't want to prejudge, i want my math to do the talking. this is nothing to speculate over, it can be calculated very easily and then you know:

where i live electricity is currently insanely expensive: 0,45€ using 1000w one hour (or 0,45 per kilowatthour).

let's say you have a computer and it has standby consumption of 5 watt. ) that is the same as 0,005kW. (you can easily determine the actual standby consumption by plugging a watt meter into the wall and then plugging your device into the wattmeter

let's say you could switch it off while you sleep for 8 hours. 8h * 0,005kW = 0,04kWh. to find out how much that costs is easy: just multiply the watthours times the price of the watt hour: 0,45€ per kWh * 0,04kWh = 0,018€. so around 2 cent per night.

if you do that for one year that's 0,018*365 = 6,57 €

i guess it helps a little. if you do that for 2-3 years straight you have saved the money that one watt meter costs.


Biggest gift you can give your parents is becoming a functional human being aka working member of society with money, a future, things for them to brag to others about, etc.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.


Maybe they should have fucking helped me more to be in a position to get those things then ffs


>Pay taxes to support single mothers and foreign invaders, goy


as if life would have been so nice if it only weren't for those gosh darn foreigners. that's such a cope.


Do you live with them? I:
>do my own washing and cooking
>do chores around the house
>contribute towards the bills
>improve things around the house, such as such as replace broken storage/flower boxes, fix broken items, and other little DIY things
>just spend time with them, they are human and want a bit of company too


do maintenance for free since you benefit too… 12v pump to suck up engine oil costs 20 USD and it takes 10 minutes to change the oil… also tyre repair kit is 30 USD and it has 20 plugs… I have fixed more than 10 punctures on our cars over the years…

be as self sufficient as you can to not be enabler of evil stealerships and evil people…

you can grow your own food too… it tastes better than mass produced junk…

there is more but it boils down to don't be an enabler of evil


conservation is a drop in the bucket to how quickly other companies will price gouge you and commit even more wasteful behavior than your wildest dreams. Do the obvious stuff, but don't get obsessed with saving every penny.


In my country (venezuela) electricity is almost free

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