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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



File: 1682719211551.png (11.21 KB, 640x480, 4:3, FsozUqCakAExWQa.png) ImgOps iqdb

Best cheese? Any cheese stories? Cheese theory? Rat pics?


File: 1682723149115.jpg (127.49 KB, 899x887, 899:887, 1682507301388195.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

making cheese using acid to coagulate the milk is really easy


my fav cheese is pont l'eveque (p0wn lee-veek), it tastes like the smell of tobacco. I've always loved the smell of tobacco. I once left a cabbage in a plastic bag for a couple weeks and it liquified and smelled like how pont l'eveque tastes.

Other cheeses I like:
camembert (cam-em-bear)
pecorino romano (pretty salty, I use it in pasta)


Been going outside every day, connecting with nature. Even in bad weather I need to connect with nature. The last two days I've gone to the river and swam. My acne has finally gone away after like a week of going out a lot - just another few days and it'll be perfectly smooth again. I've only ate too much sugar one of these days.


processed cheese

one of its defining features is how its made, they melt it and pour it into moulds lmao


File: 1682728700326.jpg (33.75 KB, 828x799, 828:799, 1677226743900734.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


not if i have anything to think about it


>pont l'eveque(p0wn lee-veek)
that's not how you pronounce that


(/ˌpɒ ləˈvɛk, ˌpɒnt -/, French: [pɔ levɛːk]
oh shit ur right


I am enjoying the game immensely. the only issue I have is that most of the bonuses you
hɑve to pay to get Therre ɑre no-cost bonuses however if yоu continue tгying tօ earn the prize n wһen you ɡet there уou
havе to pay tߋ get it. …..gutted. Tһere aree
plenty οf features tо keep thijngs inteгesting.
I ⅼike how youг money ѡill neѵer rᥙn out(well my money hasn't yet)but if
it gеts loow it'ѕ posѕible to build іt up pretty quick.

Ꭲhat's it for my review.


Nah, not the same wiz from the Wikipedia thread. I don't even visit that thread. I do have a few Wikipedia articles that aren't games on my bookmarks, so I'll help out >>>/lounge/302063 and make his wiki thread comfortable once more.


>fill toilet with shit
>wipe ass with half a roll of toilet paper
>flush it all at once
>huh it didnt flush
>flush it again and ovrflow and flood the bathroom

how is it possible my family does this a few times per year man. we have a fucking bidet attachment for christs sake. im beginning to think no one else but me uses the fucking thing

you shit
you flush
you wipe
you flush

should never clog if you do this. do i really need teach my family how to shit. i cant believe this. im turning the basement into habitable spaces and so this shitflooding nonsense is unacceptable now. surely they arent dumb, they just dont give a shit

hell as always is other people


평화로운 과제


Free Simple Gallery turned to paid-only. Downloaded Gallery from Photo Gallery Tools developer. Ads unlike in Simple Gallery, but not much, alright. It deletes only 1 image despite others being selected in the folder with ~4200 images tho. Folder decreased to ~3150 images — deletes more than 1, but still very slowly.

Went to F-Droid. Found Simple Gallery Pro and installed it without installing F-Droid app. Works fine for free for a NEET.


I saw this in a public bathroom today, execpt also with a plastic snack container on top. Sadly, what your family does sounds less thoughtful by comparison.


File: 1682909581025.jpg (777.46 KB, 768x768, 1:1, ISTP.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

every online personality test I humor makes me the green guy that just sits and listens


May a warm spring be upon ye



For Spring near me, it rains a lot, but is also around 70 degree F, so it's really the best time to go out. Summers get hot though. 100 F easily.


it's just a bunch of common features of a typical above-dumb human, it's not a personality test. this picture applies to nearly everyone who's not a complete retard.


>whatever they do, they can get to the middle
>not end

it's like they know me.


Whenever someone on the phone asks me how I am I say good thanks but I don't ask them how they are because I don't care and I just want my phone call ended in the minimum amount of time. I wonder how unusual this is or if it marks me as some sort of weirdo. Sometimes the people on the other end act like I said it even though I didn't as if they were flustered by the absence and didn't know what to do except say their normal line.


File: 1682961187874.jpg (57.31 KB, 768x402, 128:67, tekashi-69-prop-money.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Rat with fake cheese.


I thought that asking how someone is was just filler, the person doesn't care how you are feeling, you are just supposed to reply with "good" or if you're initiating conversation with some employee over a problem thats when you state why you called them. If someone says "hello how are you" and you actually start talking about how you're doing you'll seem like a weirdo or a foreigner


File: 1682991717419.mp4 (1.02 MB, 384x480, 4:5, ambush.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1682997578154.mp4 (504.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, FuaI9leWcAICRZe.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


What's your favorite animal?


We are going to be reincarnating over and over until this stops, and the current situation doesn't look good, every human on earth is fixated on upping their fellow man instead of cooperating with each other, keeping us down here. Well, but at least its because the elites keep trying to get rid of humanity, so eventually someone is going to accomplish whatever reason we're here for or the contrary.

What a waste of time my whole life.
I'm going to work towards making myself permanent in some way, be it material or spiritually. I can't stand going through the same over and over.


Just become a vet and patch up cows in India for free the rest of your entire life and I'm sure you won't have to come back.



This reminds me when i was a teen and wanted to join the Army, I told my dad it didn't matter if the Iraq War was just or not, Al Queada in Iraq were bad people. And my dad said that is like fighting "muggers in India"



Sitting sharpening my garden tools with an old knife sharpener
I feel like a manly man
Cutting through the dirt
Going to have some big sunflowers this year


pretty sage advice


File: 1683174325581.png (421.03 KB, 800x751, 800:751, FtAJ3szWIAAyFIU.png) ImgOps iqdb


sleeb tight goldoler :DDD


I'm mildly surprised that gondola hasn't been corrupted and smeared all over the internet like pepe and wojak have been.


Take a look at what kind of people gravitate towards those memes you mention, remember that in every kind of habitat, eveything adjustes to the lowest common denominator behavior, so you can certainly say that gondolers are fine refinated folk


Gondola is a comfy, pepe and wojak never were. They were conceived around "that feel" and "feels bad man". Gondola just experiences the world, he sits there like the tiny humans in chinese landsdape paintings.


File: 1683346410271.jpg (462.56 KB, 1024x1365, 1024:1365, c.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>pepe and wojak never were [comfy]
I'm not reaching for a hyperbolic way of saying that I find your statement disagreeable when I tell you that you must be new, but rather I mean to say that it really takes someone not familiar with these memes pre-2016 to have such an opinion. Sad Frog and Feels Guy ushered in an iron age of comfyposting. Their rise to popularity on /r9k/ during its Little Dark Age brought about the era of young men sharing in their depression and the little oases they happened about.

As "Feels good man" became "Feels bad man", the image of Pepe snugged before a laptop with cat and coffee by his side became more prevalent than the former phases of his development. As time passed he became an icon for smug counter-authoritarianism, violent antithetic to the still cozy Feels Guy, and later "Groyped". Despite the violent eruption of these phases, the cozy Sad Frog and now Apu dominate his usage today. Pepe remains a sad but self-warming recluse while Apu represents blissful whimsy and timid observation.

You and I probably have different ideas for what we consider to be comfy, but for myself and most of the other users who share my exact opinions on things, Pepe and Apu are still comfy. Pic unrelated it's just a cat. Please post a cat too.


yep, that's it. I take it for granted that you are an old /r9k/ user.

This board was so good back in 2014 & 2015. It was the place of virgins, Pepe and Apu were very comfy since they were mostly used to express the feelings of recluses.
Wojak was also very comfy because, while Pepe was related to depression and Apu to blissful ignorance and simplicity, Wojak represented a schizoid personality.

After the Trump election, these figures stopped being a way for recluses to express themselves.
A board should never ever have a /pol/ segment, unless it wants to shoot itself in the foot.


I'm amazed at the short-term memory that zoomers have for shit even they were around for.


No religion in the crawl thread, please.


You wanna try typing that one again?


everyone reading this
don't Have sex. Don't do it without a condom and with a succubus that gets you really hard. Don't do it more than once, don't do it at least 5 times. Never start having sex because it's awful. If you're a virgin, you need to reject sex you're must not feed the demon which brought us here.


>you need to reject sex
doubt anyone wants to have sex with you, crab.


how the hell can i buy some pants online and 100% have them fit? i cant return stuff and i dont want to make a mistake so i never buy anything. but every year i get a new pair of pants

is there a brand that is 100% accurate with their measurements? my experience online in the past is that nothing fits and i regret even buying it. i can take all the measurements necessary, but how do i know the bastards' size charts are accurate


what i did in the past was just rebuy the same exact pair of jeans. but at some point they changed the sizing and material and i got something that was way too big. after that i gave up. this was maybe a decade ago now


I believe google is working in technology to fix that, can't remember how was it called


Take your pant size, add 4 inches, then close any gap with a belt


pants that can be worn with belts dont have enough crotch room, and the ones that claim to have extra crotch room cost a fortune and dont have much extra space. although i guess that would work for sweatpants since they all have drawstring type stuff, just go oversize and cinch it down. i will take my measurments again and look for something and research brands that are accurately sized


>the ones that claim to have extra crotch room cost a fortune
That sounds ridiculous. What companies are you even looking at? Designer Gucci Italiano Supreme?

Just mozey on down to the thrift store and try on some pants that looks like they'd fit. Not everything has to be a numbers game


>but every year i get a new pair of pants

this seems extravagant. How could you possibly need so many pants?


File: 1683525960802.jpg (200.52 KB, 1518x1075, 1518:1075, 93289676_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb




no /b/ retardation in the crawl thread please



Revoke posting


hmmm ive made vinnegar+milk curds before, but i never thought of aging it into an actual cheese

my experience with plain curds was that they were really plain, so i would probably add salt and lemon juice to the curds when i form them into little shapes for aging. exciting


adobe sent out emails to ppl who are using older versions of their software threatening to sue them. unreal

i fucking hate adobe. this was the first company i 'boycotted' 15 yrs ago because i did not like how they do business


They do that every year, and it's not a threat to sue. Adobe uses programming licensed from other companies, and when Adobe's license to distribute this code expires, they warn that making anything that utilizes this code is infringement.

Remember, if you agreed to the EULA, you agreed to having your software disabled remotely for any reason.


I wonder how these companies can sell anything when piracy exists.


same reason apple stuff sells. they become loyal to the brand and pay whatever it takes to continue using it


Norms are obedient to the powers as they are advertised by officially sanctioned media.


I hate these stupid fucking faces now people have to make to get views


File: 1683675894314.jpg (114.31 KB, 1024x1200, 64:75, 20230427_094221.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Okay well done telling potential trolls what makes you butthurt

Now tell us something you LOVE, or forever be renoun as he who only hates.


Probably dumb, but why do geothermal storage systems all use a load of pipes spread out throughout a yard? Wouldn't it be more efficient to just bury a tank? That way you could get the most amount of water and therefore thermal storage underground?

Alternatively, do these systems really _need_ to be underground? Doesn't a conventional water tank have a lot of latent heat storage?


Not him, but homely Geocities/Neocities blogs are comf.


I'm subscribed to this comic book reviewer and he had about 17k subs for the longest time. After he began doing this click bait titles and moronic contorted faces for titles cards he quickly went to 50k+. It's what people want and people are retarded, what can you do.


Is it really what people want? Or is it what the fucks at Google want the algo to promote?


File: 1683824167008.jpg (189.92 KB, 1016x787, 1016:787, illust_98716267_20220531_1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

me when i SEE i succubi


i posted this from wageing but i'm at home now all cozy with my drink and onion ring snack and dakimukara :)


File: 1683853086618.png (8.17 KB, 440x281, 440:281, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

havent seen any soyfaces in years!


When I find myself in times of trouble♩♪
Father Tesla comes to me♬
Speaking words of wisdom♫

(or if this is too flattering then just remember who almost killed Andy Warhol)


please stop posting and leave this site.


If a wizard got raped then he could still browse this website?


hmm, i guess its okay cuz he didn't really want to sex it up.


i dont believe legit femdom rapes happen IRL, but prison rape is OK




wizchan 2023


File: 1683919180757.png (3.36 MB, 1280x9246, 640:4623, wizchan5_12_2023.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here is a archived picture of wizchan so people can see how much it changed


man… what a dump


File: 1683925947467.jpg (51.41 KB, 404x640, 101:160, t76fu76.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Where's the guy who always complains wizchan slows to a crawl on Fridays? ffs even he went partying outside. Disgusting.


My shrimp are in another mating frenzy. Their basic strategy seems to be to swim around like crazy until they bump into a shrimp, then they try and chase it down and presumably fuck it if it turns out to be the right one. I see a recently shed exoskeleton so one of the females must have molted and triggered them to go crazy. I can't really tell which one it is though because the poor horny bastards are chasing everything. You can see sometimes though they figure out it's not the one they want and other times they keep up the chase and keep trying to hop on the back until they lose it. It's been rather interesting to watch this shrimp pon farr play out.


You need to sodom and gomorrah them


File: 1683937628692.png (28.85 KB, 251x227, 251:227, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

what is this


Youtube reprocessed all HD+ uploads early last year to a lower bitrate and now only Premium subscribers can view the uploads in their original high quality.

All my 4k vids look like cellphone 720 now.


File: 1683939524325.png (80.86 KB, 152x363, 152:363, 01.png) ImgOps iqdb

I can still watch videos in all resolutions just fine and I don't have a premium acc. Weird.


But the data rate of these resolutions is much lower now. You can have 2 identical JPEGs of some trees at 3840x2160 resolution. Save one in 90% compression and the other at 10% compression. They both stay at UHD resolution, but the difference in fidelity is NUTS. The lowly-compressed motion JPEG version has now been paywalled. If the option to view a EBR version is not offered, it is because the original upload was a low bitrate before Youtube processed it.


I see what you mean now, thanks. I never noticed but then again I rarely watch anything over 720 to begin with. I never go full screen or even theater mode for that matter.


i only ever notice shitty quality for videos with lots of movement, like people playing first person games. i always assumed it was just recorded at low bitrate. wonder if it's because of that… no real way of finding out honestly


File: 1683954296762.png (481.2 KB, 593x504, 593:504, 1682398719417.png) ImgOps iqdb


The internet has truly fried my brain, reading or studying feels like a total flog, whereas mindlessly watching YouTube takes no effort.


If they built fully soundproofed apartments where your entry/exit was open/wide/individual enough you didn’t interact with your neighbors it wouldn’t be so bad. Design needs to actively limit other peoples shittiness and restrict their behavior. But they don’t do that I don’t think.


Yeah. I looked at that and thought, "Where would I want to live?" It is no contest. I'd rather live on the left island. Life was hell when I lived in an apartment.


l-fucking-mao really? Have all that bountiful nature and you'd live in cages or lifeless suburbia? Are people this goddamn stupid? Obviously that's a shitpost but I could imagine people falling for that idiotic picture. Reminds me of how much we've gone backwards since the industrial revolution.


The industrial revolution was the start of it all.


Remember the time Sonic tried to take over the crawl thread?

See you later sexhaver!


I love it when someone makes something that THEY think perfectly makes the argument for their side of the argument, but actually does the opposite. This image is probably the best visual argument AGAINST environmentalism and for suburbia I have ever seen. Like which island would I rather live on? Well, clearly the left one.

Is this a parody account? Is this guy trolling? I refuse to believe he is that clueless.


its just a picture of an apartment bloc. if that is " the best visual argument AGAINST environmentalism and for suburbia", then its just because you personally really hate apartments.

I mean I do too.

But ultimately as a Wizard my stance is, I wont have kids, probably wont even live to old age, so lets milk this planet for what it's worth while I'm alive.

I don't make the bad faith argument, that The Earth is an infinite free lunch with no limits or consequences. But fuck the kids of normies in their future generations. Ain't my problem.


the ">I don't ever leave my basement but I still want a house with a big yard and garage" Americano Special


>i only ever notice shitty quality for videos with lots of movement, like people playing first person games.

This is the nature of compression with the goal of maintaining a Constant Bit Rate. When processing a video, the maximum bitrate (How many bytes of data is allowed to be stored between each keyframe) can be defined. If this is set low such as it is for web compression, then the storage allocated for each keyframe segment may not be high enough to allow parts of the video which change rapidly (fast motion, noise, flashing) to have each unique frame saved in a quality high enough to look exactly as it should.

In videos with slow movement, this isn't an issue, because there's enough similarity between frames that the video compression doesn't have to define each new frame as entirely new, and rather only load in the individual parts of a new frame which changed since the last. In Ulillillias'a Big Pizza Ordering video, he points his camera lens to the floor to save on filesize. This is because when the whole scene is one solid colour, the video compression algorithm sees no reason to make each new frame a unique image, and rather it makes one keyframe of the blackness then only updates the parts of the frame that change.

Here's a good short video on it.


Am Luxemburg, actually.


>the ">I don't ever leave my basement but I still want a house with a big yard and garage" Asperg Special


>then its just because you personally really hate apartments.
I could see that, but I think there is an objective argument to be made here. Like >>302639 said, I really think the main issue is the noise. There are good studies of the effect of never having any quiet does to one's mental state. I think apartments are literally designed to drive people insane.


File: 1684005810458.png (135.31 KB, 243x295, 243:295, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i know all that. what i meant was that i don't know if whether or not the person recording the video simply recorded at low bitrate or if it was youtube compressing it

in reality this is just how that it will end up



It appears the mating was successful. Now there are 2 shrimp with a bunch of eggs stuck to their legs. By my rough estimate they each have around 20-30 eggs.


Eat them


File: 1684013391604.jpg (58.62 KB, 412x401, 412:401, sgh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>i don't know if whether or not the person recording the video simply recorded at low bitrate or if it was youtube compressing it
Then go to the comment sections and ask them. Sheesh!


the comment section of youtube is not a good place to occupy any amount of time with your mind. i have blocked that for as long as i've been using adblock. in general, anything that selects and promotes the most popular (which usually always means most controversial and argumentative) comment, video, etc… is bad, bad for the brain, bad for the soul. youtube also sorts comments this way by default unless the uploader specifies a different way (like newest first)


it's good to be back in the hood


Welcome back. What were you banned for?


not banned, it's just been a long time since i last posted here (or is it?).

i've never been banned from wizchan, what about you?


Yeah i've been banned. Banned in 2013 for shartposting on the new /jp/ (for >implying non-japaneze speakers needing subs was lolable). Then again in 2015 for some sort of rule 4/5. twice advise banned me


night my nizzers
sleep comfortably


may your sleep be filled with wonderful wizzdreams


Sleep tight wizzler, saturdays are the wizard'[s tiem to recover hp


>wonder why wizchan dead
>realize it's sunday
i thought the meme about partying wizards was just a meme…


All the wizards are at church for that free wine and cracker


wizzies are very extroverted and need constant action. they can't just sit at home and be on the computer all day.


Lol I am rotfling so hard rn lmao lmao


eventually AI spambots will be good enough and smart enough that they will pretend to be wizards and follow the rules of the site while subtly recommending and pushing products and stuff. should be funny to see it happen in the next few years on bigger sites


Great post on /Lounge/, wizard! I found it very informative!

Are you looking for an affordable AI-driven solution to boost your website? Look no further than this exclusive offer for our SEO service tailored just for Wizchan.org! And remember, sex with succubi is very gay!

Click here: https://bit.ly/3I9Y8kj
I hope to here from you soon ;)
- Ranpreet Alibabu, metamarketing virtualization expert consultant


I find it's funny the news anchor called the latest school shooter an "insel" after showing one of his statements saying he doesn't believe succubi are capable of love so he's not interested

wtf? i thought those were volcel values…


It implies he'd jump right on that if he found a g1rl capable of love. Basically he's an insel with high standards.


Celibacy is a package deal in the eyes of society. If you're successful, handsome, well placed, smart, etc and could obviously have relationships, people will actually believe you're voluntary. If you're a maladjusted fuckup 'loser' that succubi don't want to have anything to do in the first place, nobody is going to believe it's your choice. It takes more than one's word to be seen as the rejecter and not the rejectee.


man i dont get how people eat food and then go move around. i feel like the biggest fatass unable to move after i eat a meal. digestion is a serious energy toll for me, when i dont eat i'm able to move around and work fine. i guess this is why people drink shakes and energy drinks and sugary bullshit


File: 1684197139044.jpg (85.34 KB, 706x884, 353:442, Fm9Xg2cXwAM2m-Q.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Crabs snibbed and snabbed viciously to get their title out there in order to draw attention to the supposed injustices of being a young man in the dating market of today, when all it did was give journalists and politicians another scary word to apply to everyone who dares make smack in the face to a succubus.


How big are them meals?


just like a pbj and a potato is enough to make me sweat and feel bad bending over and moving around, for at least a few hours. before im just accused of being a fatass, my bmi is underweight-normal. maybe i just have no cardio and need to exercise. the only exercise i get is from fapping


>the only exercise i get is from fapping
Reduces energy, and expels hormones needed by the male body in order to rebuild exerted muscle tissue.

Eat some beef Wiz


This crab divide is bullshit. They don't care if you're volcel or not, they will look at you the same.


I just saw we are on pace to hit 50% of internet traffic coming from non-humans late this year or early next year. Really feels like the internet is dying at this rate.


meh, the humans are nothing to write home about anyways.


Cool subreddit about people posting memes they saw in their dreams



pick one


File: 1684268671542.jpg (304.2 KB, 1556x1943, 1556:1943, 4b32bd4a8303b2dcf20b2352c7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Told my parents i'd only lose my virginity to Megumin but they heard Megaman and now i'm fu*cking homeless


Tell them that they misheard


This might help you. It's about those exact foods which cause fatness in the body and how to recognize them: https://www.youtube.com/@metabolismotv-officialchan1134/videos

I have found no one like him, he has lots of fans commenting his original channel.


it's not about any specific food or fatness, i'm pretty sure it's just indigestion from moving around with food in my stomach


Is it possible to have normal conversations online? I'm tired of shitposting. I miss internet forums.


You should probably find some old bboards instead of hanging on chans.


File: 1684286520671.png (946.49 KB, 639x640, 639:640, teenage kurt cobain.png) ImgOps iqdb

lately i've learned how to play "about a """" by nirvana on my guitar.
i just finished the recording of the instrumental part. i recorded the bass track by lowering the pitch of my guitar because i don't own a bass. for the drums i just downloaded the midi version of the song, isolated the drum track and and opened it with my drumkit plugin (my DAW is reaper btw).
i'll record the vocals tomorrow.


Nirvana sucks ass. Only good sound they ever made was that of Kurt Cobain's dirty blood dripping down the walls.


i like his voice. not a good voice but still sounded cool for the time. band is hyped into oblivion now so it's hard to even talk about it


My mother, in her relentless quest to pair me with someone, has yet again told me about a succubus she knows and she gave me her phone number.

She already did this before and it went badly. A friendless 29 virgin ain't made for this, mom. The cognitive dissonance may be hard to overcome since i'm your son, but come on.

I know I'm unattractive to the opposite gender and whenever I make peace with this statement, the mother unit brings a bag of copium.

Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome is madness.
I will not call that person.


What do you want to talk about? I find my biggest problem is I really don't have anything I want to say and people very rarely has something I want to hear. I remember one experience in school where I didn't talk with my colleagues because I felt I had nothing interesting to say. One day I got into a traffic accident and thought 'ok, that's interesting enough.' and when I talked about it, all it did was making people stir the conversation about accidents they heard about, happened to themselves or others they're acquaintance with. I was quite disappointed, not because the conversation quickly was not about me anymore, but because I realize this was also not interesting at all.


My mother got so desperate she started giving me guys' phone numbers for a while and telling me, "It's alright to let me know if you're gay, anon."

Once I hit 35 she finally stopped.


Does it bother you that you're not intelligent?


si y no


lol, gotta make another coffee after drinking the one I made yesterday to help me wake up early, as it would seem.


I have to make another yawn


So what happened?


That has to be the most boring answer you could probably give to that question
Hey fatty, try losing some dumbo weight


Are you brewing the coffee? Or is the coffee brewing YOU?


isn't spellcasting an evidence of intelligence?


It's a serious question. Spellcasting doesn't exist and our wizard thing is just an online joke.


>he can't spellcast and he thinks we're joke justing


Just because you can't spellcast and your blind science denies it by principle doesn't make it nonexistent.


File: 1684457304383.png (313.17 KB, 399x698, 399:698, link.png) ImgOps iqdb

Does Link have aphasia?


No, he's just a stone-cold sigma


Bees. For the extinct ones probably trilobites.


me when the demon core spits out my extended non-ratcheting flat-head driver


File: 1684547860289.png (11.56 KB, 1016x137, 1016:137, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i really hate having to fucking look around for the 'Images' tab

it feels like it moves around all god damn time. all those years of muscle memory clicking it, gone now

i condemn whoever is responsible and thinks it a good idea to rearrange the core UI on a whim


losing weight gets a lot easier after a couple months



fuck pollen and fuck spring and summer


>being allergic to flowers
From whence do your ancestors hail, the moon?


yes this is a very uncommon thing to be allergic to, moron


No, it's not really common that people are allergic to fresh air and sunshine. Getting sneezes when the wind breezes is a sign of an underlaying health condition. Fix your diet.

And lol @ your sarcastic butthurt.


>Hay fever is a common allergic condition. It affects up to 1 in 5 people at some point in their life. You'll experience hay fever symptoms if you have an allergic reaction to pollen. Pollen is a fine powder released by plants as part of their reproductive cycle.


Your Wikipedia sniplette has no power here. You also forgot to hit the post number to set up your post as a reply to mine.

Humans wouldn't have survived this long if we were so easily blinded and suffocated by Bee's Bounty. This "allergy" is a new phenomenon in human history. It's either a case of modern poor health decisions having a negative effect on the human immune system, or a shift in culture that disposes people to feeling stuffed up at all times but either have some some hypochondriac reaction where they only "feel" sick when they're told that it is normal to feel so, or they're feeling ill because of their life choices but only bring up how they feel when there is an out-of-hands cause to blame it on, so as to deflect responsibility from themselves.

I highly doubt you ever even seen a tissue in your life, he who is defeated by flowers. You're lying for attention.


symptoms of hay fever have been independently described by the ancient egyptian, chinese, greek, roman, japanese. even leonardo da vinci determined flowering plants to be the cause of his own allergy at some point. it's not a modern phenomena and does not seem to result from diet. you just seem to subscribe to some weird alternative health belief system


>you just seem to subscribe to some weird alternative health belief system
nah i'm convinced he's merely trolling and not one of those woo woo alt health schizos


File: 1684641235569.png (64.22 KB, 210x180, 7:6, Screen Shot 2023-05-20 at ….png) ImgOps iqdb

Welp, lurked deep into the comments of the nsfw section of a certain cafe.

Not gonna lie, it was at least a diet version of joysack party given how messed up their fantasies are..


File: 1684653716375.jpg (54.78 KB, 630x644, 45:46, 20230521_031058.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You may be burning fat, but are you building muscle???


File: 1684668591347.png (224.54 KB, 381x385, 381:385, lifting.png) ImgOps iqdb


do you think cochlear implanted microphones could record audio exactly as you hear it, perhaps after some slight modification. or would the recorded sound being played back somehow not sound the same making it through your ear twice essentially


Do you ever think about just how much media will exist in the future? Now say you are into anime or video games. Eventually you will play through all the good games or watch all the good anime and be left with nothing but to wait for new stuff to come out. Imagine kids born 100 years from now (assuming society hasn't collapsed or anything). They will have access to such massive quantities of media that they will be able to consume only highly rated stuff for their entire lifetime, even if they are NEETs who do nothing but consume media all day.


File: 1684722074597.png (234.14 KB, 500x486, 250:243, f5.png) ImgOps iqdb

>do you think
>Do you ever think


If society would continue to move this way then it wouldn't be surprising if there's a huge underclass of neet consumers in the future who can consume media and games all day in their narrow closet apartments as long as they click enough ads. I think the neets of tomorrow will be turned into ad revenue generating machines but the world will most likely collapse by then or at least not be as functional as it was.


This is probably a long shot but I'll give it a try. Years and years ago here on wizchan there was this youtube channel people shared from time to time. It was this blogging channel by a middle aged guy, maybe in his 50s. He was balding and wore thick glasses. He would talk about what he had for breakfast or/and other meaningless daily life activities in a monotone voice. I feel he might be on the spectrum but I'm not sure. He worked as a wallmart greeter at one point, I remember a video he talked about it.

I can't for the life of me remember the channel's name. It was a nickname. I just remembered his videos the other day but I can't find it anymore and Youtube's search engine being the complete fucking shit it is is not helping.




Protopod! That's the one! Thank you! Good, he's still uploading. I remembered with was something like Potbot or Polnod but I couldn't remember the exact name.


this wiz must figure out how to lift a 700lb granite countertop within a month or so. i can move them around fine with some support brace thigns i've made, but to lift them out of the braces and onto cabinets… there is a lot of hurdles. joists aren't exposed so i can't rig a pulley system to reduce its weight


File: 1684905432368.jpg (67.47 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, KTI63422_1200Wx1200H.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

An engine block crane is a good general purpose means of getting heavy things off the ground and manipulating them around.


interesting i've never seen such a device. the wheels look very weak for something that says 2 tons on it.


Snacking on little crumbs of salt


Look up blow up furniture lifters and 4 wheeled platforms


File: 1684992458848.jpg (613.7 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, d63jlc2-76f3e3d3-7aa1-4e38….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A few weeks ago I reread an instruction booklet my folks ripped up in the 90s for an SNES game (mainly because they cared more about my education than my opinion towards them, believe me).

One thing I forgot about it was that it entertained me better than the game itself.

That's as far as I can explain without beginning to sound too senile even for myself.


The unit weighs 88 pounds. Your granite weighs 700. Add 25 for extra chain and strapping. Say 820 pounds dispersed over six solid high-impact polypropylene castors on half-inch axels. Each wheel needs to hold less than 150 pounds. A bicycle rear axel is less than half an inch but it can sustain several hundred pounds of rider and the weight of the bike.


How is a site visited mostly by NEETs with no real life friends so fucking slow?


in my experience very few people here and in general are NEET let alone hikki, it seems pretty rare


Hikkineetism is a life of luxury. Those guys have all the time in the world to play games, draw pictures, learn Blender 3D, learn Japapnese, play Geoguesser, exercise, farm (in Minecraft), and dream. True HKNs are the ones who are too busy for posting on imageborings.


few become NEET by choice. They become NEET BECAUSE they lack the ability to do any of these things. Otherwise they would graduate college and get a cozy programing job.


They pay you to do cerebral shit, they pay you six figures. Anyone capable of it isn't living as a NEET making below minimum wage.


i get the point of food having flavor, but drinks im fine being plain water. it takes maybe two seconds to take a drink of water. pretty sure this is why i dont have tooth problens despite not brushing my teeth. i take a drink of soda and i can feel my teeth weakening, they feel fuzzy and get caked in plaque. i do drink filtered tap water though, the fluorine or whatever in it is probably the ultimate reason my mouth is ok. it all started when the dentists recommended my wisdoms be removed, but without a good reason, i stopped trusting them. all four wisdoms came in fine. it has been great having extra fresh molars. why the hell they want you to remove them is so confusing. why not remove older molars and let the wisdoms fill in their place? i remember my disgusting cousins mouth full of sealants and fillings… he got his wisdom teeth removed and kept his shitty teeth. what a fucking scam


Normies without extended neet periods have no concept of learning skills on their own or managing time by themselves without outer influences guiding them


I disagree. Plenty if not most of Western salarymen still manage to find a creative hobby they enjoy on their own.


he is just lying to himself and others. knows absolutely nobody besides memes and stereotypes


File: 1685198996100.jpg (17.71 KB, 480x400, 6:5, wh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Welcome to the watering hole. You come here to wet your whistle?


Often people will seek hobbies as a way to create a consistent anchor point in their life separate from the inherent instability of home, career and relationships. The shape of a hobby is far more lasting and brings comfort to people. Having a job doesn't erase in people the innate need to have one. Thus they'll go out of their way to have one.

It is true however that those without hobbies will trap themselves into unhealthy coping methods and if they don't yet understand how important it is to have a genuine care for something pure they can live in that wageslave zombie state that you probably understand to represent the majority of the work force. I don't know any statistics, but this group is rotting from the inside so you can generally tell who belongs to it.


File: 1685202784960.png (1.61 MB, 1484x1211, 212:173, whats there to moan about.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm sorry. It's more fun to play games and listen to music. Today I did about 8 hours of some dark souls mod, it's pretty fun.
My food order is arriving soon, then I'll watch a cartoon or something and then play more games until I sleep. That's all my life has been so I don't really know what to contribute even if I understand that the site can only persist by sharing at least something.

I guess I can share that if you ever find yourself worked up over something it's good to remember how it actually relates to the life you live and you may find the direct influence is almost non-existent. Mostly applies to internet-related woes. There's nothing to really be upset about, even the slowness of a website you like.


what mod


The only one I've ever seen name dropped anywhere; Daughters of Ash.
It's got some cute ideas but it's mostly a progression and placement shuffle so you don't play as mindlessly as otherwise.


File: 1685220301866.jpeg (53.42 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, table flip.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It pisses me off a lot actually. Intelligence is the most important thing in the world (as long as you have no illness preventing you from using it). You can gain knowledge but a lot of knowledge is being gatekept either by money or knowing the right people. The information you get on the internet is outdated and bad for the most part.

Being dumb is so frustrating. I'm so bad in online games because I lack game sense so I run around like a headless chicken and get outplayed and then because I'm dumb I can't tell what I did wrong.

With things like investing advice I can't tell what is good advice and what is someone trying to scam you.

Usually dumb people make up for having people skills but as someone posting on this site I obviously don't have them.


Everything is feeling so bizarre, but i think its just a feeling in my head


File: 1685261217535.jpg (55.7 KB, 311x418, 311:418, 1551806918012.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Warm Sunday morning. Will have a nice warm breakfast when the sun comes up. Then I will have a nice warm lunch. And, with any luck, I aim on having a nice warm dinner too. All while watching anime, reading doujin, and listening to music.

Perhaps you's leveling up, seeing things in a way they've never been sawn before.


Today I was going to do no games because it's been too much too long for a week or so. I'll try minimize the mindless browsing too but that's tricky for me. There is a definite art to juggling menial consumer hobbies to prevent them from going stale or putting a damper on your mind. Knowing when to let yourself be bored is a key part of this art. When you've chosen to be bored for the day it's a different experience from the struggling of the involuntary lethargy. It's more conductive to generating impulse type motivation as opposed to stress-venting complaints and redirections.

At least that's the idea, I'll turn off the internet now.


nice 4chan pic, outsider.


Thanks, I saved it from Wizchan 2019. You're free to save it and use it yourself. It's a great picture!


File: 1685377203737.png (153.19 KB, 742x174, 371:87, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

everytime i watch a light/white background youtube video, i'm reminded how fucking annoying the UI is

white ui on a white background. jesus fucking christ


Yeah it's nuts. Going back to Windows 98 there were cursor options that used the inverse colors of the pixels below it so there'd always be contrast. Surely there must be some equivalent function in whatever massive graphics library is needed to handle YouTube's UI


File: 1685466102804.png (431.24 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just bought a hair trimmer, can't wait for it to get here. I'll be shaving all this disgusting, smell/dust/dirt/food catcher hair and beard. I'll be shaving so close to the scalp I'll look like an egg, it's going to be really refreshing.


1d20[ 1d20 = 18 ]
if supercritical 20 i clean my room


Dreams about being blackmailed over something I didn’t do and everyone turning against me, with cameos from people at school 20 years ago.
It’s bad dream season.


One of the best purchases I've made. I use a guard number 3 (meaning 3/8 of an inch) on my crown, sides and back, then a guard number 2 (2/8 of an inch, so 1/4) on the lower part of the sides and back. After that I cut the forward part of the top with scissors because I want it a little longer (nothing wrong with a complete buzzcut for those who prefer them, though). Took me only a couple of times to get reasonably good at it, and it has saved me a lot of money and time. All wizards who just want a simple short haircut and specially those who dread going to the hairdresser's should consider this.


just saw for the first time someone using f.i. to mean 'for instance'

i immediately understood what it stood for and i'm now wondering why i haven't seen it before


>>303277 dubs
People are stuck using latin 'exempli gratia'


I still don't know what Anti-Crawl Thread is


It's a place you can write unrelated, short posts in an attempt to make the site more active. It kind of works but wizchan is incredibly dead for the past few months. I remember some time ago I would go to sleep and 8 hours later there would be 30 to 50 new posts and now there's like 6 or 7 sometimes in the same period of time. Also good luck having any conversation at all on /hob/, it's a shame.


>wizchan is dead
I wonder why…


Well, every single ib excluding 4chan is, I guess the format is quickly going out of style and getting replaced by stuff like discord and reddit. This is a big problem for me, I'm really used to having my human interaction through imageboards and I don't want to make the transition to those sites.


lol I'm laughing


People are getting fed up with the toxicity of imageboards. The format is the one that works best for me, too, but the culture that anonimity encourages is one of sheer negativity and toxicity.


I hate amazon. They said my package would come friday but came today. My sister found it when she came back and announced and now my mom knows and asked me if I ordered something. She actually probably saw it but assumed it was for someone else because I had been careful for long but now my sister ruined it.


For discrete packages you can have Amazon ship to the local post office or any business that partners with Amazon to receive mail (Usually drug stores, libraries, community centers). When Amazon says it's delivered you can go pick it up.


I might do that even though it means quite a bit of walking.


Sounds easier to not care about what you mom thinks about your packages.


i don't get what the big deal is. did they open your package or something and find porn or panties or something damning? or did they just find out you ordered something… if they didn't open it, who gives a shit


The way she says it makes me feel like I did something wrong.


doesn't sound like you've done anything wrong, assuming it is your own money spent on the thing. it's not healthy to worry about what they think for trivial things like this


Some people have difficult parents. I can't speak for >>303291, but I know I NEVER have anything delivered, no matter how harmless, because ANYTHING can set my mother off. In my case it's always easier and safer to buy, or at least pick up, the thing in person.


junko habu, this person is great. they basically have an english-language monopoly over jomon period research… but it's all available freely. no jstor or research journal paywall bullshit, no hoops or hurdles. i wish other people do this in the future


File: 1685598138522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.67 KB, 1190x1000, 119:100, wag.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Made this for reasons I'm too tired to elaborate on. Meh.


I'm baffled by this tbh


Perhaps you're not tired anymore, care to elaborate? Like >>303310 I'm baffled. The angle itself is so odd I can't even make out the scale of this thing.

I always found stop-motion animation to look incredibly depressing, grim and somewhat frightening, the fact you picked Wallace and Gromit for whatever this is peaked my interest.


Even if she was born in glorious Nippon, I wouldn't trust a California resident's "facts" about anthropology.


I never liked Star Wars. The first 3 movies are watchable (once) but that's about the best complement I can say for the franchise. The problem is it never did anything right. As a sci-fi trying to come up with interesting sci-fi ideas, it falls short compared to Star Trek, a much more intelligent show with much better dialogue and ideas. As an adventure with military in space type of thing, you have the infinitely superior Starship Troopers, a franchise that actually cares about going into more detail and care about weapons and general logistics behind having a military force traveling in space. As a Space Opera, something that SW definitely is more than anything, it's extremely underwhelming when compared to the machinations happening Babylon 5's universe. Finally, as a Hero's Journey story it's uninspired and bland when you could be watching The Lord of the Rings instead.

I can't think of a single aspect that Star Wars does it better in terms of storytelling when you compare with the other stuff that's out there.


"It's only good if what it does, it's doing BETTER than everyone else"

Hair-dyed succubus logic! If there came about a sci-fi show that had better, more intelligent ideas than Sterk Trek… Would you begin to dislike Star Trek, having found something better? Probably, because you type like someone who uses a Macbook!


File: 1685624977162.png (532.92 KB, 704x512, 11:8, 108590675_p100.png) ImgOps iqdb

It is June! It is time to put away the winter clothes!


SW is not meant to compete with any of those, or any sci-fi for that matter. It was meant from the beginning to be a blockbuster. The narrative structure is pretty clear about this, the cinematography too.
Star wars has its merits, namely to be an easily digestible adventure story, that happens to take place in a space opera setting. It's merit is to be accessible to a wide public and to inspire them in one way or another. It may not be up to your standards (or mine), but it's merits have some value, there are several million people (and dollars) that'll vouch for this.


barely anything in archeology is considered factual. the only factual things (aside from physical finds) are characteristics, changes from one thing to something else. everything else is just interprations on available data, suggestions, estimates. the further away from the actual data you go, the less tenable the hypothesis, but you can make reasonable base presumptions into the unknown. japanese archeology is probably the most extensively documented and so the data available to these jap-english researchers is great


I'm sure it's not but comparisons between those franchises comes naturally. I did try to enjoy SW for what's worth but couldn't. I'm tempted to say I find it too damn silly but that's not it because I enjoy a whole lot of silly shit. Babylon 5 and ST have their own share of silly and I like those, so I don't know.


File: 1685675019619.jpg (22.07 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, R-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just barfed a quarter of my sandwich.
Serves me right for referencing any form of western animation.

even if it was mockingly and technically outsourced from Aardman.



Somehow I enjoy listening to black social outcasts and virgins. I'm not even really racist but they seem to have a different approach to things and its also interesting how no one dares to call them crabs or other slurs because they are no corny white ass moffuggas. We need more black dudes who go ballistic on feminists and progressives.


>bwahh nigger
4chan is that way, kid


Just wanted to say the trimmer is here and right on time, too, I was about to take a shower. I went with the "zero gap", the closest shave the trimmer offers and cut my hair and beard. It feels great. The only thing I dislike is it doesn't compare with how close actual razors can shave, it's not baby smooth of anything like that but given how easy it is to use and how quick and uniformly I can shave my entire head and face I can say I'm very happy with the purchase.


nice. i forget the lowest guard i have, but i use that instead of guardless. i find without a guard, some areas cut too low and as they grow back it results in an infected or inflamed follicle. this is the reason i stopped shaving, it was annoying and gross. but the lowest guard size i have doesn't let this happen, it's nice. i buzzed last night and my head feels cooler as a result


Good for you, it's amazing how easy it is to keep your hair perfectly neat with these things.

>i buzzed last night and my head feels cooler as a result
I love this too, even when it's cold. Related to this, I'm Bigfoot-levels of hairy so I also use a guard n° 2 to trim my body hair in summer, at least on the legs it seems to have a significant effect helping me keep cool.


File: 1685817643436.gif (30.61 KB, 100x100, 1:1, milk-dancing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I can't relax knowing I have appointments or other social obligations coming up. I don't know how normals manage to juggle so many responsibilities in their day to day lives when the mere idea of seeing a doctor is so mentally draining days if not weeks before


I've recently had a surge of motivation to the point where I can actually sit down and study for a few hours. Feels pretty good.


I'm a smelly subhuman with a shitty personality and people are really interested in me and want to talk to me all the time. Why?


Cliquers OUT


I relate to this so much.

Even the smallest obligation is enough that I spend my day basically trying to procrastinate time until I finally get it over with. It's so insane to me that normal people do shit like going to college, then going to a part time job and then also studying and working out. Like WTF.

When I went to college I took like 30% of the courseload and STILL that was too much for me.


arent you from s4s



yeah lol true i hate it when i have stuff to do later in the day instead of getting everything done in the first half of the day to relax for the day



Seems more specifically like a meek introvert who's still reasonably socially competent.


I was reading a book on a topic I'm interested in but then I saw a picture ofthe author and he has the most punchable starbucks and macbook soydrinker face, and now I'm biased against his writing, which on closer inspection, is pretty shit. But the subject matter is relevant to me and there's little by way of alternatives. I guess I'll keep reding on and off for a while. Really what puts me off is the amount of chaff and filler he uses to inflate his book to nearly 500 pages where it's clearly not a book that deserves that page count.


>>303401 (me)
I wonder what made you believe that though, is it the gif? I did not post it for any particular reason, it's not a signature or anything.


based black dude. He killed himself and has many good wizardly videos. here he advises against acting alpha and basing your identity over that fake type of masculinity and tells wizzies to do whatever the fuck you want to do.


>“Any men that thinks that you need to get laid to be a man is a fucking idiot, those are not principles of manhood, being a man is discovering and pushing yourself to new limits, not being afraid of facing adversity or having your own identity, that’s a real man”


Hmm, he committed suicide. That suggests to me that he isn't the most useful person to listen to much

He says we should disregard others opinions because they are all flawed, but then why would we listen to him? Seems like all his copes fell apart for nothing in the end


I received $3 in change today, and I instinctively looked through the $1 notes for "fancy serial numbers". As a hobby, I used to collect notes with neat serial numbers, and I still glance at serials as a habit.

I expected nothing, but the final $1 note caught my eye: 42766724. In the fancy serial collecting-community, that's called a "Radar", because it reads the same backwards and forwards.
(It'd be made better if it only had 3 types of digits instead, for example 44766744. It'd be improved further with only 2 types of digits, like 44666644; this hypothetical serial has three 6s in a row, too, making it a "devil dollar", making it TOP FANCY.)

So ultimately, my $1 note's serial number isn't THAT cool. Barely noteworthy (GET IT!?). But it made me smile.
That's a big deal to me. Even in good moods I rarely, if ever, smile. But this simple dollar bill, spat at me by a self-checkout machine, triggered an involuntary response within me, and forced a smile of amusement.

Then, as I left the store and entered my car, the radio automatically came on, and a song I like was literally just beginning the very second I sat in the driver's seat. That NEVER happens. I always get in at the end of a song or at the start of a chain of commercials. Actually, songs I like seemingly only begin when I've arrived at my destination and am about to turn the car off.

These two random pleasant events, having occurred in such close proximity, make me think that… maybe my luck is gonna turn around or something. I'm pretty much at the lowest point of my life. Maybe now my life is going to start coming together? Is a "good omen" even possible?
The serial number (42766724) itself seems to have no magical significance. It's not a date or any special number as far as I can tell. But its mirror-like nature, how the digits approach a crux and then reverse, perhaps suggests that I've hit rock bottom but am now going to be bounced back up and out of the hole?

I didn't mean for this post to be so lengthy woopsie


Endoscopes are extremely cheap. You can buy one for $30. Gonna get one to look into ducts n stuff


The planet is on its cycle of good fortune. More people get lucky and the economy booms as a result. I first heard about this many years ago and it is documented in that "periods when to make money" diagram. There has to be some deeper meaning to this because I noticed this cycle also affected my mood and luck even though I didn't participate in the economy at all.


>Actually, songs I like seemingly only begin when I've arrived at my destination and am about to turn the car off.

I have this curse to and it drives me nuts.


>The serial number (42766724) itself seems to have no magical significance
Numbers ALWAYS have magic meaning.


>and it is documented in that "periods when to make money" diagram.
Can you elaborate on this diagram thing? I'm not sure what you're referring to but it sounds interesting.
I'm glad at least someone relates to that problem. I think a lot of people don't even use radio in their cars anymore. My siblings use smart phone apps or… something. I dunno what sorcery they use specifically, because I'm so out of touch that I don't even have a smart phone.
>Numbers ALWAYS have magic meaning.
I don't know anything about numerology. How do I find the magical, deeper meaning behind the numbers that rule my life? I'm legitimately open to occult possibilities if it will help me get out of the pit of despair.



>Can you elaborate on this diagram thing? I'm not sure what you're referring to but it sounds interesting.



>they don't pay attention to what other people think
>they are good at pretending
Sounds contradictory.


>Intelligence is the most important thing in the world
False, connections is the most important thing. There are a lot of rich people right now that are quite dumb(more so when they are talented in other fields), yet they are doing well because they knew the right people at the right time.


is there a way to search for substances by the skeletal formula, preferably in a way that doesn't require any chemistry knowledge? i notice for example "Hydroxy-alpha-sanshool" and "Spilanthol" both have an identical section and both of these things cause a mouth tingly feeling. i would like to find more plants that make your mouth tingle by searching for similar compounds


They're fucking idiots, they're going as well as an animal in a zoo that has all its needs taken care of but has no idea about anything. I would prefer to be intelligent and poor rather than rich and an idiot. Too many interesting things in this world goes way over your head when you're stupid. Science, philosophy, mathematics, literature, the arts. Hell, everything is basically beyond your reach when you're dumb.

Being stupid is akin to being blind, it's incredibly depressing.


File: 1686176674278.jpg (52.68 KB, 720x892, 180:223, 20230521_025958.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This wizard has taken a nap and now he plans on getting some Little Ceasar's!


simple as


comfy feels, friend!!


File: 1686205427114.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.79 MB, 640x480, 4:3, pinkie and marble.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I have always felt a lot of nostalgia, and I feel sentimental for things that have survived from the past, things that remind me of good times. An example is this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74fzE7yUrc0 I used to listen to it when learning to program, and it is associated with hope. Recently I've felt these feelings so intensely and so frequently that I almost cry every night. I'm not trying to complain, or elicit sympathy I just want to know, what is my sub-conscience trying to tell me with these emotions?


I think most people are intelligent enough to achieve what they want. Actually doing it though, is a feat of skill and mastery, rather than raw capability



I'm big on nostalgia too. Even as a kid (like 8 years old) I would experience intense nostalgia for "periods" of time in my life before that. It's pleasurable in itself, it's amazing, and music is a great trigger. Nobody can really tell you why you're experiencing it more recently, maybe you're just enjoying the experience of nostalgia, and maybe that's a positive thing - it's nice rediscovering those layers of ourselves that have become 'calloused' or hardened. Generally though in my experience I find that when the nostalgia is really strong for a long period, it's because I'm afraid of facing reality in the present and afraid of facing the future. So consider that possibility, but hell enjoy the feelings for a bit, but work towards letting them go and building new ones too.


always thought carpal tunnel was basically just wrist pain. but now that i've developed it over the past few weeks, it is more like numbness. comes and goes periodically. it's worse at night, i'll wake up and can't feel my arms or hands and is so uncomfortable and makes me unable to get back to sleep. i thought it was blood circulation at first but the numbing of the thumb, middle, and pointer fingers going numb is highly characteristic of carpal tunnel, they all utilize the same nerve that gets compressed at the wrist or elsewhere. doesn't seem particularly dangerous as the blood circulation is fine and i'm almost done doing what caused the carpal tunnel. i hope it heals when i'm finally done


If you're ever in the market for a new computer mouse, consider the kind that are slanted about 45 degress outward. This offloads resting weight from the conduit of veins and nerves under the wrist, and places it on the pinky finger and its muscles. Helpd me when I had a desk+chair combo that put the underside of my wrist on the edge of the table, which made my hand numb.


it's not computer-related fortunately. it is from putting up drywall over the past few weeks but i will be done soon. i've never actually had carpal tunnel syndrome, just wrist pain infrequently if i had to use a laptop for a while. but i thought that is what carpal tunnel syndrome was, never had i experienced this numbing bullshit. it's so bad i can't even use my arms or hands when it comes on, i would almost rather it hurt or be painful, but no it's numb


Sometimes the nostalgia is good, but it also makes me feel bad that things have changed. I guess you're correct that I have to move on


i really fucking hate configuring emulators and tweaking shit and remapping old ass control schemes just to play old games. it is tiring. i understand why soymen on youtube buy those chinese handhelds packed with games. and to some extent i understand why people use old hardware still to skip emulating all together

there should be a service for cloud-console gaming, but for retro and older consoles


What emulator? Most stuff on retroarch works 99% out of the box with a logitech gamepad at least. I've played tons of N64, PS1, NES, GB, GBC, SNES, Genesis, Master System and some PC Engine on it without issue. I remember having problems with CPS2 arcade games but that was many years ago.


most recently it was pc-88 games, but even normal shit like pcsx2 i feel like i must configure it to fix something. does retroarch autoamtically run games with specific working config profiles for the emulator it uses? i've never used that


Yes. I didn't like it at first (too many menus within menus) but it grew on me fast because it's a lot more convient then having a bunch of different programs. Give it a try.


very cool, thanks for the input. i will try setting it up tomorrow if i have time. i have seen retroarch mentioned before but never looked into what is was


they've made pcsx2 ui a lot better recently, there's even an auto update feature now
also second retroarch for older systems, although it's simultaneously convenient and can feel like a cluttered mess at times


I need to KILL soon


File: 1686401794698.png (5.31 KB, 152x270, 76:135, dead.png) ImgOps iqdb

There is this forum I used to post on beginning in 2007. It was dead by 2017 but I keep posting every year to see if I get a reply. In 2018 I got 2 replies, 2019 I got 3 replies. 2020 the forum went offline but I tracked down the admin and sent him an email. He never responded personally but the forum went back online about 3 weeks after I sent him the message. 2021 I got 1 reply. 2022 it went offline again and I sent the admin 4 different messages a couple months apart. Never got a reply but out of nowhere, after being dead for more than a year the forum came back online again. The banner is now broken with phpBB Debug code showing in its place at the top and the images are all gone, except the ones for buttons. I posted asking for any replies. No replies so far.


File: 1686447374725.jpg (91.12 KB, 850x1275, 2:3, desktop-wallpaper-man-sitt….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I thought rewatching a video 4 years later would help me understand it better. It's the 2nd time I didn't understand a video from this band until 4 years later.
Either this was not the case this time or I should've waited a few more days…

Also I'm banned from lolcow for being a "scrote".


What video?


File: 1686486887106.jpg (50.69 KB, 496x496, 1:1, Tsundere farmer hitting on….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>It's the 2nd time I didn't understand a video from this band until 4 years later.
>Either this was not the case this time or I should've waited a few more days…
I don't understand, do you understand it now or not? Also, what's there to understand in a video from a band? You mean a music video?

>Also I'm banned from lolcow for being a "scrote".

That's what you get for trying to seduce all the femcrabs, you fakewiz!


File: 1686543130421.png (303.15 KB, 496x496, 1:1, 125.png) ImgOps iqdb


Did you know that there are pretty much zero open public restrooms throughout all of Santa Monica, California in between 2 and 5 AM?

Public restrooms are also hard to come by during that time in Los Angeles. For some reason–24-hour dine-in restaurants aren't actually always open 24 hours.

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