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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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I never liked Star Wars. The first 3 movies are watchable (once) but that's about the best complement I can say for the franchise. The problem is it never did anything right. As a sci-fi trying to come up with interesting sci-fi ideas, it falls short compared to Star Trek, a much more intelligent show with much better dialogue and ideas. As an adventure with military in space type of thing, you have the infinitely superior Starship Troopers, a franchise that actually cares about going into more detail and care about weapons and general logistics behind having a military force traveling in space. As a Space Opera, something that SW definitely is more than anything, it's extremely underwhelming when compared to the machinations happening Babylon 5's universe. Finally, as a Hero's Journey story it's uninspired and bland when you could be watching The Lord of the Rings instead.

I can't think of a single aspect that Star Wars does it better in terms of storytelling when you compare with the other stuff that's out there.


"It's only good if what it does, it's doing BETTER than everyone else"

Hair-dyed succubus logic! If there came about a sci-fi show that had better, more intelligent ideas than Sterk Trek… Would you begin to dislike Star Trek, having found something better? Probably, because you type like someone who uses a Macbook!


File: 1685624977162.png (532.92 KB, 704x512, 11:8, 108590675_p100.png) ImgOps iqdb

It is June! It is time to put away the winter clothes!


SW is not meant to compete with any of those, or any sci-fi for that matter. It was meant from the beginning to be a blockbuster. The narrative structure is pretty clear about this, the cinematography too.
Star wars has its merits, namely to be an easily digestible adventure story, that happens to take place in a space opera setting. It's merit is to be accessible to a wide public and to inspire them in one way or another. It may not be up to your standards (or mine), but it's merits have some value, there are several million people (and dollars) that'll vouch for this.


barely anything in archeology is considered factual. the only factual things (aside from physical finds) are characteristics, changes from one thing to something else. everything else is just interprations on available data, suggestions, estimates. the further away from the actual data you go, the less tenable the hypothesis, but you can make reasonable base presumptions into the unknown. japanese archeology is probably the most extensively documented and so the data available to these jap-english researchers is great


I'm sure it's not but comparisons between those franchises comes naturally. I did try to enjoy SW for what's worth but couldn't. I'm tempted to say I find it too damn silly but that's not it because I enjoy a whole lot of silly shit. Babylon 5 and ST have their own share of silly and I like those, so I don't know.


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Just barfed a quarter of my sandwich.
Serves me right for referencing any form of western animation.

even if it was mockingly and technically outsourced from Aardman.



Somehow I enjoy listening to black social outcasts and virgins. I'm not even really racist but they seem to have a different approach to things and its also interesting how no one dares to call them crabs or other slurs because they are no corny white ass moffuggas. We need more black dudes who go ballistic on feminists and progressives.


>bwahh nigger
4chan is that way, kid


Just wanted to say the trimmer is here and right on time, too, I was about to take a shower. I went with the "zero gap", the closest shave the trimmer offers and cut my hair and beard. It feels great. The only thing I dislike is it doesn't compare with how close actual razors can shave, it's not baby smooth of anything like that but given how easy it is to use and how quick and uniformly I can shave my entire head and face I can say I'm very happy with the purchase.


nice. i forget the lowest guard i have, but i use that instead of guardless. i find without a guard, some areas cut too low and as they grow back it results in an infected or inflamed follicle. this is the reason i stopped shaving, it was annoying and gross. but the lowest guard size i have doesn't let this happen, it's nice. i buzzed last night and my head feels cooler as a result


Good for you, it's amazing how easy it is to keep your hair perfectly neat with these things.

>i buzzed last night and my head feels cooler as a result
I love this too, even when it's cold. Related to this, I'm Bigfoot-levels of hairy so I also use a guard n° 2 to trim my body hair in summer, at least on the legs it seems to have a significant effect helping me keep cool.


File: 1685817643436.gif (30.61 KB, 100x100, 1:1, milk-dancing.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I can't relax knowing I have appointments or other social obligations coming up. I don't know how normals manage to juggle so many responsibilities in their day to day lives when the mere idea of seeing a doctor is so mentally draining days if not weeks before


I've recently had a surge of motivation to the point where I can actually sit down and study for a few hours. Feels pretty good.


I'm a smelly subhuman with a shitty personality and people are really interested in me and want to talk to me all the time. Why?


Cliquers OUT


I relate to this so much.

Even the smallest obligation is enough that I spend my day basically trying to procrastinate time until I finally get it over with. It's so insane to me that normal people do shit like going to college, then going to a part time job and then also studying and working out. Like WTF.

When I went to college I took like 30% of the courseload and STILL that was too much for me.


arent you from s4s



yeah lol true i hate it when i have stuff to do later in the day instead of getting everything done in the first half of the day to relax for the day



Seems more specifically like a meek introvert who's still reasonably socially competent.


I was reading a book on a topic I'm interested in but then I saw a picture ofthe author and he has the most punchable starbucks and macbook soydrinker face, and now I'm biased against his writing, which on closer inspection, is pretty shit. But the subject matter is relevant to me and there's little by way of alternatives. I guess I'll keep reding on and off for a while. Really what puts me off is the amount of chaff and filler he uses to inflate his book to nearly 500 pages where it's clearly not a book that deserves that page count.


>>303401 (me)
I wonder what made you believe that though, is it the gif? I did not post it for any particular reason, it's not a signature or anything.


based black dude. He killed himself and has many good wizardly videos. here he advises against acting alpha and basing your identity over that fake type of masculinity and tells wizzies to do whatever the fuck you want to do.


>“Any men that thinks that you need to get laid to be a man is a fucking idiot, those are not principles of manhood, being a man is discovering and pushing yourself to new limits, not being afraid of facing adversity or having your own identity, that’s a real man”


Hmm, he committed suicide. That suggests to me that he isn't the most useful person to listen to much

He says we should disregard others opinions because they are all flawed, but then why would we listen to him? Seems like all his copes fell apart for nothing in the end


I received $3 in change today, and I instinctively looked through the $1 notes for "fancy serial numbers". As a hobby, I used to collect notes with neat serial numbers, and I still glance at serials as a habit.

I expected nothing, but the final $1 note caught my eye: 42766724. In the fancy serial collecting-community, that's called a "Radar", because it reads the same backwards and forwards.
(It'd be made better if it only had 3 types of digits instead, for example 44766744. It'd be improved further with only 2 types of digits, like 44666644; this hypothetical serial has three 6s in a row, too, making it a "devil dollar", making it TOP FANCY.)

So ultimately, my $1 note's serial number isn't THAT cool. Barely noteworthy (GET IT!?). But it made me smile.
That's a big deal to me. Even in good moods I rarely, if ever, smile. But this simple dollar bill, spat at me by a self-checkout machine, triggered an involuntary response within me, and forced a smile of amusement.

Then, as I left the store and entered my car, the radio automatically came on, and a song I like was literally just beginning the very second I sat in the driver's seat. That NEVER happens. I always get in at the end of a song or at the start of a chain of commercials. Actually, songs I like seemingly only begin when I've arrived at my destination and am about to turn the car off.

These two random pleasant events, having occurred in such close proximity, make me think that… maybe my luck is gonna turn around or something. I'm pretty much at the lowest point of my life. Maybe now my life is going to start coming together? Is a "good omen" even possible?
The serial number (42766724) itself seems to have no magical significance. It's not a date or any special number as far as I can tell. But its mirror-like nature, how the digits approach a crux and then reverse, perhaps suggests that I've hit rock bottom but am now going to be bounced back up and out of the hole?

I didn't mean for this post to be so lengthy woopsie


Endoscopes are extremely cheap. You can buy one for $30. Gonna get one to look into ducts n stuff


The planet is on its cycle of good fortune. More people get lucky and the economy booms as a result. I first heard about this many years ago and it is documented in that "periods when to make money" diagram. There has to be some deeper meaning to this because I noticed this cycle also affected my mood and luck even though I didn't participate in the economy at all.


>Actually, songs I like seemingly only begin when I've arrived at my destination and am about to turn the car off.

I have this curse to and it drives me nuts.


>The serial number (42766724) itself seems to have no magical significance
Numbers ALWAYS have magic meaning.


>and it is documented in that "periods when to make money" diagram.
Can you elaborate on this diagram thing? I'm not sure what you're referring to but it sounds interesting.
I'm glad at least someone relates to that problem. I think a lot of people don't even use radio in their cars anymore. My siblings use smart phone apps or… something. I dunno what sorcery they use specifically, because I'm so out of touch that I don't even have a smart phone.
>Numbers ALWAYS have magic meaning.
I don't know anything about numerology. How do I find the magical, deeper meaning behind the numbers that rule my life? I'm legitimately open to occult possibilities if it will help me get out of the pit of despair.



>Can you elaborate on this diagram thing? I'm not sure what you're referring to but it sounds interesting.



>they don't pay attention to what other people think
>they are good at pretending
Sounds contradictory.


>Intelligence is the most important thing in the world
False, connections is the most important thing. There are a lot of rich people right now that are quite dumb(more so when they are talented in other fields), yet they are doing well because they knew the right people at the right time.


is there a way to search for substances by the skeletal formula, preferably in a way that doesn't require any chemistry knowledge? i notice for example "Hydroxy-alpha-sanshool" and "Spilanthol" both have an identical section and both of these things cause a mouth tingly feeling. i would like to find more plants that make your mouth tingle by searching for similar compounds


They're fucking idiots, they're going as well as an animal in a zoo that has all its needs taken care of but has no idea about anything. I would prefer to be intelligent and poor rather than rich and an idiot. Too many interesting things in this world goes way over your head when you're stupid. Science, philosophy, mathematics, literature, the arts. Hell, everything is basically beyond your reach when you're dumb.

Being stupid is akin to being blind, it's incredibly depressing.


File: 1686176674278.jpg (52.68 KB, 720x892, 180:223, 20230521_025958.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This wizard has taken a nap and now he plans on getting some Little Ceasar's!


simple as


comfy feels, friend!!


File: 1686205427114.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.79 MB, 640x480, 4:3, pinkie and marble.gif) ImgOps iqdb

I have always felt a lot of nostalgia, and I feel sentimental for things that have survived from the past, things that remind me of good times. An example is this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74fzE7yUrc0 I used to listen to it when learning to program, and it is associated with hope. Recently I've felt these feelings so intensely and so frequently that I almost cry every night. I'm not trying to complain, or elicit sympathy I just want to know, what is my sub-conscience trying to tell me with these emotions?


I think most people are intelligent enough to achieve what they want. Actually doing it though, is a feat of skill and mastery, rather than raw capability



I'm big on nostalgia too. Even as a kid (like 8 years old) I would experience intense nostalgia for "periods" of time in my life before that. It's pleasurable in itself, it's amazing, and music is a great trigger. Nobody can really tell you why you're experiencing it more recently, maybe you're just enjoying the experience of nostalgia, and maybe that's a positive thing - it's nice rediscovering those layers of ourselves that have become 'calloused' or hardened. Generally though in my experience I find that when the nostalgia is really strong for a long period, it's because I'm afraid of facing reality in the present and afraid of facing the future. So consider that possibility, but hell enjoy the feelings for a bit, but work towards letting them go and building new ones too.


always thought carpal tunnel was basically just wrist pain. but now that i've developed it over the past few weeks, it is more like numbness. comes and goes periodically. it's worse at night, i'll wake up and can't feel my arms or hands and is so uncomfortable and makes me unable to get back to sleep. i thought it was blood circulation at first but the numbing of the thumb, middle, and pointer fingers going numb is highly characteristic of carpal tunnel, they all utilize the same nerve that gets compressed at the wrist or elsewhere. doesn't seem particularly dangerous as the blood circulation is fine and i'm almost done doing what caused the carpal tunnel. i hope it heals when i'm finally done


If you're ever in the market for a new computer mouse, consider the kind that are slanted about 45 degress outward. This offloads resting weight from the conduit of veins and nerves under the wrist, and places it on the pinky finger and its muscles. Helpd me when I had a desk+chair combo that put the underside of my wrist on the edge of the table, which made my hand numb.


it's not computer-related fortunately. it is from putting up drywall over the past few weeks but i will be done soon. i've never actually had carpal tunnel syndrome, just wrist pain infrequently if i had to use a laptop for a while. but i thought that is what carpal tunnel syndrome was, never had i experienced this numbing bullshit. it's so bad i can't even use my arms or hands when it comes on, i would almost rather it hurt or be painful, but no it's numb


Sometimes the nostalgia is good, but it also makes me feel bad that things have changed. I guess you're correct that I have to move on

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