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Previous thread: https://archive.vn/T7t1T


do wizzies know about and support the idea of a multipolar world?



I do no support this idea but we're sadly going toward it


Much as I dislike how badly squandered American Primacy was after the fall of the USSR, it's hard to see the good in tipping too far into multipolarism. I'm not a huge fan of Zbizniew Brzezinski, but he makes a relatively compelling case for the dangers of withdrawing haphazardly from American Primacy as well as point out how (it least ideally) it should be used to demonstrate a competitively desireable alternative to any competing powers eclipsing it.

So as much as it's nice to think about simpler days of having an endless dance of Great Powers and leaving it at that, or something as simple as the Monroe Doctrine of dividing up management of the Old World vs. the New world, I think it would be foolish for the US to jump headlong into multipolarism without first getting its own house in better order. Mutlipolarism seems like a natural tendency for an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, so it's tough to make the case for the US spurring it on rather than keeping a focus on both being at the table going forward as well as maintaining a relatively powerful seat at said table.


better living under usa policy than a crapy country lile russia or china or india


Needs more destabilization


I don't see much changing. Europe will essentially never separate from the US. You have all of NATO that stands pretty much united (except for Turkey and Hungary) and that isn't likely to change. All the other countries weren't really part of this "unipole" to start with. Honestly the premise is pretty dumb because the world was never unipolar to start with. I do see the middle east becoming less tied to the US but it's not like they're replacing the US with China. Sub-saharan Africa and South America seem perpetually incapable of getting their shit together and I see no reason why this would change anytime soon. China will only be growing stronger until the late 20's, early 30's when it will begin to stagnate due to many factors like demographics and budget constraints due to their boom period of growth from industrializing starting to slow.


File: 1682113764096.png (119.79 KB, 233x423, 233:423, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

What are your opinions on a Black MAGA 30 year old virgin Senator?

> The Evangelical Christian who entered public life as a 30-year-old virgin



you linked an article saying he is no longer one.


he still made it to wizardhood


He lost his wizard status to an indian succubus.


No, the black guy who isn't a virgin isn't based or wizardly. Hope this helps


Remember when the elites tried to convince people that cows farting was causing global warming?


he made it to a wizard age, he remained a virgin as a black and when you consider that black people's environment and culture is based around promiscuity and debauchery then he deserves high praise for being a Black Wizard.


yeah but he loses points for being black. -100 wizard points deducted and he's now in the negative. ah well!


Cow farts only cause global warming when you eat meat. Bugs don't fart regardless, so eating them or not doesn't change global warming any.


Without human intervention, global methane levels would by magnitudes more than they are with us here farming cows. The amount of deforestation caused by human settlement and the industrial revolution has destroyed much ground where methane would naturally occur due to underbrush decay. On top of this, wild population control at the hands of humans also decreased annual methane output. Consider how there were more wild bison in America than there were domestic cows now, and how bison produce more methane than cattle. The same applies to wild pigs vs domestic. Since the rise of humans, the earth has been in a methanic deficit.


Just on a google search the amount of buffalo in pre-colonization America was 25-30 million. The current cattle stock in North America is around 95 million. You got any metrics for methane emissions by forest clutter?


>You got any metrics for methane emissions by forest clutter?
No, but if you're so good at using Google, then go search it up there. Check mate.


So I tried and got this
Which seems to say that methane emissions by trees only offset 1-6% of the amount absorbed during the growing season. However peak production did turn forests from net sinks to net sources.

I’m not trying to pull a gotcha, I think much can be learned from publicly available data.


File: 1682363074933.png (217.59 KB, 734x635, 734:635, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb



damn i usually dont trust my big news from jpgs on the wizchan pol thread, but this is actually true


File: 1682398472703.jpg (118.87 KB, 1125x891, 125:99, FuhO3bKagAAyAx8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


No, it would bring wars without end. Perpetual cold war and technological competition between two major factions is much more preferable.


sure took the evil jewish zog a long ass time to get this dangerous nonconformist with millions of viewers fired.


File: 1682422455284.jpg (65.02 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 20230425_071058.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Lowercase sarcasm Sage
Ew a Jew!


I hope wh*tes get erradicated soon.


File: 1682442791471.png (193.58 KB, 248x400, 31:50, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


And yet the Ukranians democratically elected a Jew President, and are fighting to the death to defend him.


Presidents come and go, ukrainians are simply fighting off a barbarian invasion, its actually russians who are dying for their tsar's insane ambition.


Putin claims if Zelensky goes, the war will be over


Only a retard would believe that.


File: 1682535716832.jpg (108.93 KB, 639x418, 639:418, drivers-license.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

US Senate Bill to require age verification for all social media and porn sites


>It would also require the companies to employ age verification measures, and instructs them to create a pilot project for a government-provided age verification system that platforms could use.


Young Men at the End of History


my favorite part was when he said having sex with succubi is gay



hyper-promiscuity is a bit gay to be honest. It's effeminate to be that invested in strangers' affection.


Hypersexuality is always linked to some kind of mental stuff and for men it's rather feminine because its a subconscious expression of being needy for validation. People who are hypersexual subconsciously have issues linked to affection and their self-esteem. Even though we live in a highly sexualized world, the people who actually fuck around like crazy are still not the average normies and they always have issues linked to mental health or drugs.


>needy for validation

that's most people's entire life, i believe.
that's what they get up for in the morning.


Yeah but it's the type of validation one would get from his mother or father for example that's missing in the hypersexual person's life


>no I.D, no access to your chatrooms
>because think of the children!

What does 'social media' and 'porn site' encompass? Do you need to upload your passport to access image boards because they regularly have porn on them? Is any sort of communicative medium considered a 'social network,' so therefore anything that isn't just a streaming service would require I.D?
Moreover, who would verify IDs, the sites themselves, or, let me guess, a central organization which would keep track of online and personal identities?
I don't see the bill as it is going far, but it serves as a staging ground for a comparatively less bad, but still objectively shit resolution, which is everything in contemporary politics and nothing its not.
Lrn 2 meshnet and deep web, before you need an I.D to access wikipedia.


A man caught with 100 terabytes of hardcore child pornography in Canada will now face a naximum fine of $1,000.


File: 1683406186582-0.jpg (483.59 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, FvaqqMQaIAA6Wik.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1683406186582-1.jpg (4.49 MB, 2896x4093, 2896:4093, FvM3kjZakAA-VJV.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1683406186582-2.jpg (228.08 KB, 1404x1674, 26:31, Fuwqjg0acAA-vul.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Meet the Japanese Self Defense Force's official new mascot!
he's BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If they wanted people to join the army they should promote it with skins for weapons and respawn points, even if fake.


They want men, not gamers


When they're recruiting like this, how do they expect people to really not believe we're in some kind of NWO in which we are only going to have mutually planned theatre ""wars""?


Not true!!!


File: 1683560208238.webm (3.91 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1462716462.webm) ImgOps iqdb

>End of History
>Nothing to do with Fukuyama's End of History
>gamergate, gaming "journalism"

I had to turn it off as soon as he said having sex with succubi is gay.

Sweet fucking Christ. I bet this fucking nigger is a zoomer. There are interesting grains, nay, molecules of thought but all of it, all of it is parsed through this insipid crab thought process. Nigger-like mono-focus on supposed "marxists" and thinking everything started with gamergate, a minor event which would have stayed minor if people just ignored it. "Exposing corruption", fucking hell give me a break, there was a reason gaming magazines and sites started giving every game 7/10 around the mid 00s. No exploration of material causes, like normalfags becoming the main demographic that gaming publishers were beginning turn to around the release of COD4 and stupid, stupid, short-sighted nerds who were seeking mainstream appeal and slacking on gatekeeping.

I genuinely think there has been a concentrated effort to turn gen z outcasts into useful patsies, they're always either alt-right retards or tranny faggots. A permanent culture war on stupid shit and this nigger youtuber thinks he's above the culture war by participating in it.

In other news, pushit is now dead, meaning all Reddit threads and comments after 1 May 2023 no longer get archived (and deleted messages are no longer viewable):

>it's crazy how much of internet history and culture is being discarded for the most minute business reasons

>adobe flash died (killing much of the early internet's interactive projects, games and animations), imgur is deleting 90% of its uploaded content (basically killing all old reddit and other forum threads that relied on images uploaded to imgur), the internet archive is being sued out of existence, now reddit itself is killing archival of its old threads…

>it's like we're demolishing historical ruins to build more parking lots…

Is this actually from a fucking videogame, a troll, or what?


> I had to turn it off as soon as he said having sex with succubi is gay.

it is actually a black pill turning point that chads have feminine minds and that is why they are able to relate to succubi more. while the masculine aspie mind is rejected.


File: 1683604301314.jpg (70.23 KB, 680x629, 40:37, 53m30gfssrta1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Why can't chinks and mutts just get along?


File: 1683613170652.jpg (48.91 KB, 536x436, 134:109, conj41as7gxa1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1683614261043.jpg (13.08 KB, 241x306, 241:306, images.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Mami Tomoe with the 'Dolf

I haven't exactly been able to enjoy things involving drawings of my favorite characters with those traits for quite some time..


Capitalism and communism both result in shallow, materialistic societies.


that's not Mami


So kiwifarms is down again. And reading about what's happened, I don't understand, how trannies wield this much power on the internet?


File: 1683687796082.jpg (45.14 KB, 890x436, 445:218, Fu3nFE_aAAE0J4J.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


if you have the means to police the entire world, it is your god given duty


File: 1683691435713.jpg (30.81 KB, 322x360, 161:180, 20230227_154845-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

China will collapse in 3 days, source: Radio Free Asia


It really is a cop vs thief situation, r*ssia doesn't police it just annexes and afterwards implements cultural genocide. There was a time when r*ssian territory didn't span much further than moscow and it was surrounded by other peoples with their own unique language, national dress and so forth. American imperialism when compared is much more preferred. If anything i'm disappointed USA didn't nuke r*ssia right after WW2.


>SOURCE: mainstream news
not even a lmao anymore, this joke is tiresome


File: 1683716141005.jpg (10.14 MB, 3879x2501, 3879:2501, map.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Full of normies and sociopaths




Even if China's economy collapses into the dirt and 100 million starve to death, the CCP will still be in office.


Never should have let the jews get the US into another Great War.


That's true, if USA wouldn't have sided with ziggerstan in WW2 we wouldn't have a barbarian shithole waging war in Europe right now.


At some point early last decade, for some reason that escapes me, a lot of tech bros and mods just became trannies. Nerds in general started becoming trannies.


these are fields that attract lots of weirdos, there isn't that much more to it


Those people are your kin. They've been corrupted.


i don't really care


Yea you do, enough to engage in a discussion about them online. Silly as heck.


i replied to that guy's statement
>for some reason that escapes me

i used to wonder too but i think the explanation is as i said, lots of weirdos and perhaps more importantly they being a lot more vocal online

not my business and nothing to get all worked up about


and lol at 'your kin'


>nothing to get all worked up about
Heartless as a normalfag.

Not to mention that almost all, if not all, nerd/geek-related hobbies have infestation of trannies.


It's literally altered the landscape of geekdom in a bad way.


the trans intersectional poc'd queered ultrapozz libshit mutt low test commiecon scam shit is ruining all the institutions in north america. #Realfacts


Blorf is the most anti neet president, biden will win again


File: 1684565748532.jpg (29.47 KB, 525x700, 3:4, trump cyberpunk.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im not even a biden fan but its obvious trump is going to lose to him. He has no pull with moderates, centrists, independents, or minorities like blacks and succubi. He also lost the white guy vote by being zion don for 4 years and accomplishing mostly nothing.

yeah it was funny when he won in 2016 but it isnt 2016 anymore. Time to go back to thinking both sides are garbage and voting is for retards.


Also he didn't fight back against Fauci at all and let all the covid tyranny bs pass.


he probably did lose a lot of voters because of the pandemic but not the way you would believe


What tyranny? The feds didnt do anything it came down to states. Everyone was free to leave their home


Demographics is destiny. That's why invasions, whether through the southern border in the US, or through Lybia in Europe, are so dangerous. They're very difficult to change compared to, say, laws, so they generally should be regarded among the more urgent things to control. You don't even have to like the invaders or not, since it will fundamentally destabilize any existing system, with the objective being sufficient chaos to demand some sort of replacement system.

Whereas banking, for instance, might be a crucial problem, it's not like doing something now vs. a little later on is likely to have any profound long-term consequence by comparison.


They aren't talking about race in that sense in mainstream politics, though. It's all affirmations for brown people and anti-white shit.


I don't quite agree with this. Immigration is a banking and a budget problem. If you had a system where wealth disparity was not so completely pathetic where 1% nets 50% of wealth, nations wouldn't need to keep importing slaves into the system in order to keep pension budget stable for example. The only reason people think immigration is necessary is to "keep the economy going" and that's not untrue, what they don't realize is that it's not to keep the economy going for them, but to keep the 1% from losing share of their wealth and readjustment of taxes.

If you fixed wealth disparity there would be no need to have a ratio of workers to retirees so grotesque, a proper taxing policy on the 1%'s wealth would solve this and many other problems. Of course, the people making the decisions are either part of the 1% themselves or puppets for them. The government have been bought out a long time ago and the decisions are not to benefit the public.

This is all very nearsighted of course because what enables the powerful to ass rape nations is the culture upholding the laws and if you replace the population the culture can change to the point where this is no longer possible. For example if France turned to Sharia law you can be quite sure the institutions allowing things to run the way they run now would end.

I like a shitty movie that shows something like this. It's called Snowpiercer. It's about this train that has to keep ahead of an ice age winter, so it circles around the globe with what's left of humanity. The elites there mismanage the train population so badly they end up with a revolt that escalate to the point where they end up blowing up the whole train by accident, killing everyone. But then again, humanity is well known for kicking the can down the road. Collapses happened before and will happen again.


>nations wouldn't need to keep importing slaves into the system
Stopped reading there. ignorant "It's the 1%'s fault we're all poor" black bloc commie.


The labor these browns are doing is 100% what most young White and other USA-Born men want to be doing. But with democratic policies constantly coming out which REWARD companies and privateers for hiring immigrants with prizes such as paying less taxes and not needing to pay in to retirement funds for non-citizens, as well as fucking skin-color and ethnic background QUOTAS forcing minimum amount of White workers, suddenly the jobs Americans want to do are jobs that they're not allowed to do. It's not about sustaining the economy to permit boomers to live for free, no, time and time again has proven that the kikes can just print money for that. And frankly, old people had every opportunity in the world to save money to support themselves. They bought in to the 401k and other "investment retirement fund" scams and now their dependencies on these programs are being blamed for the "labor shortage" that doesn't actually exist.


>USA Doesn't Need To Import Millions Of Browns

You don't get a say on what the US needs. It's what the 1% wants and the 1% wants cheaper labor forever. It's a basic supply and demand rule. More workers = cheaper wages. Uncultured workers from poor countries = mostly free labor, easier to control, easier to take advantage of, and as a bonus they serve as meat shields when the retards actually believe it's the brown's people fault for stealing jobs and not the puppet masters who imported them into the country in the first place.

There always going to be a "labor shortage" because the goal is not balance, but to have as much labor as possible. If there's so much people that you have people actually paying to work for a chance to work for pay one day, even better. And it's already happening.

But whatever, it's pointless to discuss this shit online.


>You don't get a say on what the US needs. It's what the 1% wants
And this kind of defeatist do-nothing commie layabout mindset is why society is failing.
>But whatever
Ending a textwall with "Whatever" to pretend that you don't care is succubus behavior
>it's pointless to discuss this shit online.
No it's not.

If you have a "But whatever, talking is pointless" outlook on politics then stay out of the talk-about-politics thread


Well, when you actually say you stopped reading but then proceed to mostly agree with what I said and then ad hominem on the reply, it just shows it's not worth to take the time to think up a decent response.

I just find it hilarious that you pointed a problem that is literally a 1% benefit policy (immigration forever for cheaper labor) and once I point out the culprit of such policy you have the 'commie!' knee-jerk reaction. Unbelievable how gullible you are. Who do you think made those policies in the first place? Brown people? The middle classes? Who? Who can can purchase government policies? Who controls the media? It's not the fucking aliens now is it? Tell me exactly who that group might be.


>Who do you think made those policies in the first place? Brown people? The middle classes? Who? Who can can purchase government policies? Who controls the media? It's not the fucking aliens now is it? Tell me exactly who that group might be.

I already said it's the Jews.


the elites wizard


"Da Joos" is the retarded man's version of the capitalists. (Though there are a lot of kikes in power).

>dey took our jerbs
Nigger, who do you think benefits most from this? The 99% or the 1%?


I truly loathe my city. Any burgers know what the final outcome/state of a gentrified city looks like?


File: 1685759143629.jpg (61.86 KB, 726x728, 363:364, FpbjB9_XEAMj-8G.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There are way too many immigrants on this planet. The sooner Elon Musk sends them to Mars the better


Biden just stuck his neck out and saved us from having to go to work to collect our medicaid and food stamps.

Not expecting any thank you letters from the wizneets.


does this benefit neets or the unemployed im confused

sounds like it is for niggers


is there actually welfare that's exclusively for black people in the us or is it some poltard fantasy


File: 1685792686827.jpg (124.81 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Everything seems to be cha….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Probably a /pol/tard fantasy. Speaking of kikes;

There are now hipster kikes in my neighbourhood. I've literally never seen a regular kike in this part of town and now that it's gentrified, I have hipster kikes amongst the other yuppies and hipsters that have made living here expensive. This used to be a rough area with the local government repeatedly promising to fix things for years and years but only did something when rich yuppies, chinks, kikes etc started living here.


I thought they were only gonna make people that aren't mentally ill go to work



If they are getting children to work, then why would they not want mentally ill people to work? Mr Shekelstein needs another yacht.


I don't hate J.B, I just love Donald.


File: 1685999145059.png (315.22 KB, 865x1196, 865:1196, we-have-achieved-peak-redd….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've said before but I'll say it again: liberals are the worst kind of people. A conservative, you at least know where they stand no matter how loathesome, a liberal on the other hand genuinely believes they are a good person despite supporting the same economic policies because they're okay with (rich) niggers and fags.

It's been depressing watching american-style idpol seep into British politics.


I'm speaking into the void, but I think the future of London is a walled-off city, either physically or through financial cost, a socially-cleansed city full of virtue-signalling yuppies.


File: 1686344708327.jpeg (80.96 KB, 528x750, 88:125, 517873_7fe2a5bf452de0ca6a….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Is anyone else here scared of the future? I legitimately think Revelations is coming.



Someone opened a separate thread for him


you should look up geordie rose. he invented the quantum computer and he said they are summoning demons with it and programming AI that is going to take over the world.


I'm not looking forward to it. Things are already pretty bad and don't look like they're getting better but i'm constantly told "OMG SHUT UP, THINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN BETTER" so who knows? I'd love to be wrong.


Yes, it depends how far its willing to go. Burger/Zog/globohomo/loominati influence has largely run its course and has wrought nothing but stagnation and 3rd world overpopulation.


Biden is the president for comfy neets


How are people not capable of NOT buying designer goods? A fucking black t-shirt shirt that has a coca-cola logo being peeled off a diesel logo.

Genuinely what goes through people's fucking minds when buying this shit?


Honestly I find the hypocrisy of mass media to be appalling. They go on and on bout demuhcrazee, the rights of people's freedumz and self determination, and so on, and yet they all suck the balls of the US which is the least democratic of all. They are downright imperialist, their so-called democracy is in the pockets of the top richest, and they have a long history of organizing coups and putting puppet dictators, yet when it comes to China or Russia we are bombarded about the evils of autocratic and authoritarian regimes stomping on the rights of their citizens. They preach for the right of a country to remain independent as long as it serves their interests, while also invading other nations when they do not align.
I understand these are the dynamics of geopolitical power, it's just the shit media that bombards us with this propaganda and the legions of repeating npc drones that try to coerce one into their mandated opinions that gets on my nerves.


It's exhausting to live in cattle world. The best thing is to just leave humanity behind. The day you stop paying attention to the news is going to be one of the best days of your life. At least it was for me.


Mutiny in Russia?


>I understand these are the dynamics of geopolitical power, it's just the shit media that bombards us with this propaganda and the legions of repeating npc drones that try to coerce one into their mandated opinions that gets on my nerves.

Then you understand that 4th estate works for the powers that be.


Murrica is the agent of evil in this world. Death to America.


File: 1687752776163.png (970.79 KB, 924x1000, 231:250, 23.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1688152092438.png (504.54 KB, 652x667, 652:667, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb


Inshallah brother


No posts about France???


File: 1688275188776.jpg (129.46 KB, 1079x1301, 1079:1301, FycBtfBXsAMl52E.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1. Some White francs have been arrested for speaking out against the police hiding and downplaying evidence of African invaders raping and killing small French children every day for years, with many culprits being allowed to continue their free existence under the guise of "He can't be held accountable because he's marginalized and therefore didn't know any better"
Posting about this will incite responses of:
>Simp cuck caring about MUH WHITE SUCCUBI being hurty wurty :( :(

2. One of these million black rapist criminals, while ingesting Floydian levels of drugs, was among several police-proximity deaths from last month, so Marxist groups begun encouraging terrorists to attack police and other emergency response workers.
Posting about this will incite responses of:
>yum yum that boot tastes good. imagine defending the POLICE of all people

3. Metropolitan Paris is currently being burned from the inside by thousands of African invaders who are unhappy with the death of their counterpart, and dissatisfied with the amount of free housing and money they are given just for being black.
Posting about this will incite responses of:
>Why are you against free stuff? Don't disparage NEETs even if they are niggers

4. Macron, the "Right Wing" option, has been blaming the rampant negroe horde on "White Supremacy", stating that if Francs were more tolerant, these groids wouldn't have "justified reasons for being upset". He's been executively shutting down discussions and pressuring social networks to hide posts related to the attacks.
Posting about this will incite responses of:
>Why do you care what happens on facebook and twatter? fucking norgroid

5. The same Muslim groups who held parties in the streets of France and Italy over the confirmation that The Arson Of Notre Dame was, in fact, caused by a Muslim, are now parading over and participating in the burning of peoples' houses.
Posting about this will incite responses of:
>Lol based wizlamists toasting the christcucks

5. It's the Jews' fault once again
Posting about this will incite responses of:

This is not a strawman. The unfortunate reality of being an "unbiased" place of political discourse is that retards and trolls can come in and shut it down in whichever way the JIDF taught them was the most effective. Until the Admin puts his boot down and goes the mlpol route of disallowing niggers and wiggers from posting their filthy opinions, we will be subject to post-ironic responses and fabricated opinions intended to upset the adult men who inhabit this board.


Just ignore all of them, if anybody is willing to discuss a topic they will find a way, dont care about the opinion of nobodies and trolls


File: 1688433669917.png (545.55 KB, 602x406, 43:29, 67655.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lenin's wife is a blood relative of the actress Scarlett Johansen


What does that got to do with anything? We already know that Hollywood works to benefit Cultural Marxism.



Hitler wasn’t elected into power


Yes he was. He won all other elections which took place during his time too. You are Eastern European.


He only ran for President once and was soundly beaten by Von Hindenburg. But being a nice guy Von H gave the loser a job.

When he saw the Brownshirt buffoons marching in parade, next to the real German army he was senile and asked "did we really capture so many Russians?"


You're EastEuro. You have been indoctrinated since birth to believe complete untruths about any and all anti-communist institutions. Your history books side-by-side with any first world's teachings would look like a fairytale. Cease postings.



name one election Hitler actually won, not the NSDAP, Hitler


File: 1688514017460.png (148.88 KB, 800x634, 400:317, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


who thinks EastEuro is the least Nazi region of the world? its probably the most

meanwhile you have rightists in other threads, arguing that Nazis and people who support Hitler today don't actually exist.



Nazis don't exist, but if they did, I would support them.


To be clear a lot of Germans did support Hitler and that's why they deserved to be punished during and after WW2.

But it is also factually correct to say Hitler was not elected into power, as he lost the Presidency, and only took absolute power by abusing his appointed position as Chancellor.

So he wasn't elected by a majority, but the German people are responsible for his crimes.




hitler didnt love niggers, but he had so many european peoples to kill, he didnt really have much time to think about them


>Wikipedia 2023
>Article written by some assblast Slav
>his crimes.
He never committed, suggested, or ordered any crimes. Or atrocities. There were no genocides or attacks on civilians at all from Germany and the other Axis powers. Even the air raid on Britain had strictly military targets, and it's the Crown's fault for putting their weapons and ball-bearing factories in downtown London.


now his friend Leni Riefenstahl, of Triumph of the Will, she did love niggers, and devoted her life to promoting them as the new Aryans after 1945




Anyway the original point that the Nazis somehow "cleaned up" the degeneracy of Weimerica is wrong, as the mad scientists who invented Trans actually joined the Nazis.


Matt Walsh
Jun 23
Magnus Hirschfeld. Another German sexologist. He opened one of the world's first transgender clinics. He was an avid proponent of eugenics and believed in forcibly sterilizing those who were "feeble-minded." The Nazis would later implement eugenics on a massive scale.
Matt Walsh
Jun 23
Erwin Gohrbandt. A leading scientist in Nazi Germany who performed one of the first "sex reassignment" surgeries. He helped design human experiments that were carried out on prisoners at Dachau. In one experiment, victims were submerged in ice cold water to study the effects of… Show more


post your hook nose


>To be clear a lot of Germans did support Hitler and that's why they deserved to be punished during and after WW2.
What form should their punishment take?

>Anyway the original point that the Nazis somehow "cleaned up" the degeneracy of Weimerica [sic] is wrong, as the mad scientists who invented Trans actually joined the Nazis.
What's degenerate about transgenderism?


The lampshades made of human skin and fisting torture-devices and kill-rollercoasters were all real, too, I suppose. I trust Joe So-and-soberg. What would he possibly have to gain from portraying those Nazis (grrr) as cartoon villains?



Before the war
He was then assigned to the Pathological Institute of the Charité. Between 1920 and 1928 he worked at the surgical university clinic of the Charité, from 1924 as senior physician and head of the pediatric surgery department. In 1924, he habilitated in surgery and began teaching. On June 6, 1928, he was appointed Associate Professor of Surgery at the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin. In the same year, he moved to the city hospital Am Urban as chief physician of the II. Surgical Department.

In 1931, Gohrbandt, with Ludwig Levy-Lenz , was one of the first surgeons to perform sex reassignment surgery with vaginoplasty on some transsexual patients - a pioneering experimental achievement at the time. Known by name are the patients Dora Richter,[3] a domestic worker at the Institute for Sexology under Magnus Hirschfeld, and the Danish artist Lili Elbe.[4]

During the National Socialist period, Gohrbandt was a research assistant for surgical questions in the Social Office of the Reich Youth Leader.

During the Second World War
From August 1939, Gohrbandt was a consultant surgeon to the army and (from 1940) as the inspector of medical services in the Luftwaffe.

With effect from October 1, 1940, he became Head of the Surgical Department at the Municipal Robert Koch Hospital and at the same time became Clinic Director of the Third Appointed Surgical University Clinic. Gohrbandt participated in the conference on medical questions in distress and winter death on October 26 and 27, 1942. From 1944 he was a member of the scientific advisory board of the General Commissioner for the Sanitation and Health Service Karl Brandt.[1] He participated in the development of human experiments conducted on prisoners of the Dachau concentration camp, investigating the problems of mortality due to hypothermia.[5][6]


Musk wants more people, regardless of race.




File: 1688990824937.jpg (556.41 KB, 1278x1800, 71:100, Fp2jeeAaUAE8cGh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Rune Scape: claimed by LGBTQ
Mine Craft: maintained by transvestites
Dwarffortress: appealed to homosexualites


transvestites are the best computer programmers in the world


File: 1689047416405.jpg (163.47 KB, 800x533, 800:533, 2851013669003.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I find impressive how people can voluntarily gather for a cause they get nothing for, i can barely get out of my house


k-on: all of the above + pedophiles


File: 1689077391066.png (237.82 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 002.png) ImgOps iqdb

Are you attending NATO summit?


did you hear the NAFO trolls got invited by the PM of Estonia?


Communists and christians are really good at deflecting arguments, they have an answer to everything that you can throw their way.
It is suspicious, especially when they claim their beliefs to be the exact opposite of what they show themselves to be in real life.
Kind of bothers me, they always bend their doctrines as to sound as reasonable as possible to an interlocutor, but once they stop talking and you look at reality it's something completely different. And they always point you to their literature. It kind of makes sense they would, of course, but it seems to me like indoctrination and that their literature is self-consistent and lives in it's own made up world.
And there are never "true" communists or christians in the real world, they really all are an utopian reality. A no true scottsman situation.
Their indoctrination really seems toxic to the mind, like somehow it mesmerizes you to become adamant to it without any form of critical thinking. Like a mind virus that latches onto the mind filling it with it's self-consistent view of a skew reality.
I do understand my own understanding of reality is limited and also skewed, but I would rather be full of questions than answers to everything.
Even if it is generally a precondition to know and read the literature of a thought system in order to criticize it, I really wouldn't touch these with a 10-foot pole because of the effects I just mentioned.
On the other hand, they probably lend themselves to a certain kind of personality, one that would be told what to think and be presented with a full axiomatic system to make sense of reality, with a complete bias for authority. So maybe the followers are preconditioned to that behaviour and these systems are just a good vehicle for this strange combination of appearing to be good in speech and being overwhelmingly harmful in practice.


Daily reminder hitler hated neets aka "work shy" people and had them sent to camps


File: 1689520843277.jpg (304.02 KB, 1334x1000, 667:500, FktCH2AXwAA0Xay.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, he hated foreign invaders who brought with them their culture of undermining native Germans. He labeled them as Work Shy when they refused to work off their debts to the state IE the money they stole through their privileged abuse of loan interest during the Weimar years (Only Jews were allowed to charge interest). The label meant they no longer qualified for state help such as bailouts and most free healthcare.

You see the videos of the public servant painting the Star Of Satan on shop windows? That wasn't to mark "Jew-owned shops". It was to mark shops which belonged to Germans and other ethnicites, who then borrowed money from Jewish Loaners, and upon failure to repay it in a timely manner, had their property possessed by those Jews as a result. Jews were the only ethnicity allowed to loan money in such a way that the recipient could lose their property. Weimar Jews voted this in because the Jewish faith insists that Jews can only lend to goyim with interest. Those who took advantage of this privileged to ruin the livelihood of non-Jews were the ones labeled as work shy when they failed to work manual labor for what was about 20 hours a week for up to 12 weeks.

You Russians who grew up with your EastEuro state-approved textbooks on Hitler have no business discussing history with anyone from the developed world. You are no different from a North Korean who believes the Kim Jungs have superpowers.


I mean for communism it is somewhat understandable considering every "communist" regime in history has been basically just a dictatorship masquerading as a socialist state as a way to gain popular support for the dictatorship. The capitalists have also conspired against the communists with things like sanctions and embargoes. Top-down control over the economy has proven to just simply not work, but communism as an ideology is anarchic in nature with the power resting on an individual community basis rather than on centralized government. So basically we still haven't proved or disproved whether the ideology is workable or not.


>Top-down control over the economy has proven to just simply not work
Which is why mom & pop stores are wiping the floor with multinationals.


This was interesting.
It seems like it's all true, from what I can read.
The medieval, feudal conception of property rights and relations was buried by Liberalism and the countries that retained feudal principles especially the feudal rights granted to peasantry had more difficulty industializing, which was moralized by Liberals to further justify their ideology as though it were not only correct but also normal and sane. And this set of "property rights" came at the expense not only of the system of property laws that typified the medieval world, but specifically at the expense of the peasantry relying as it did on both expansive commons, destroyed by the Inclosures, and on their basic rights which were only guaranteed by property arrangements which were obsoleted.
I think we may be seeing a similar transformation taking place today. In particular, intellectual property rights are being rapidly formalized. Cryptocurrencies have paved the way for an eventual adoption of something similar to NFts–not in their current implementation, obviously, but relying on the underlying technology–to reify the enclosure of both data and systems of data to effectively transform IP from a patchwork of makework systems into a clear and fully systematized set of obvious restrictions, similar to how (in a related video) these men talk about how cars and motorways did what fenced enclosure alone could not and reified the propertification of land.
It's even moving in a similar manner. The feudal political theory was that lords possessed land as a grant of dominion by a sovereign authority (usually a monarch but the feudal conception of property also existed in republics like Venice), to achieve the expected social good of instituting law and order and local levying for defensive military organization. to and accepted fact based on physical structures particularly enclosure. Likewise IP, particularly copyright, are generally seen as grants of dominion which are conducted for the specific and explicit purpose of said grant achieving the social good of encouraging invention. As the systems of IP ownership have advanced we have seen this change into an accepted realization of IP, first as a material good in the form of data transfer devices enclosured by basic encryption and by their licenses of access, to more advanced systems of enclosure which even now include things like cryptographic proof of work–a very venerable Libertarian concept going back to John Locke's notion of Adam gaining ownership over Eden by working to create ownership by enclosure.
It now makes much more sense to me that we have spent the past decade watching the more intelligent and more productive libertarians fixate on cryptographic "assets" and IP restrictiono functions like NFTs. It seems likely that the evolution of property law and property rights will only be complete when IP undergoes the same sort and same variety of enclosure that public commons underwent in the 18th century. And it should be remembered that that included the enclosure and claiming of entire continents' worth of land which had previously been in the expected possession of now-extirpated races whose ownership of the same was often formally recognized by treaty, but not by enclosure.
The formal enclosure of intellectual space should be expected to finalize the rentier model of IP production, and that will be what allows the technology of AI to really take off as well, as enclosure rather than the already incredibly dubious value of "authorship" will guarantee right of ownership.
Then the idea that people still cling to, that they "own" their computers just because they are in physical possession of them will finally be wiped away. Microsoft had been pushing the dial on that gauge as far as possible for decades now, and the libertarian, Eric S. Raymond derived arguments for Open Source as a superior development model that crafts superior software have been disproven quite thoroughly in the decades since they caught public fancy. The possession of the computer's physical case will mean little to establish a genuinely meritous rival claim to right by enclosure when all the IP the machine accesses is held within its own forms of enclosure, granted superior rights by contractual-value proof of work rather than mere accident of possession. It is inevitable, the high-IQ Libertarian crypto-bros were correct and the low-IQ Libertarian piracy faggots were deluded. Not that there were ever really that many of them. Anti-IP was always a distinctly small minority position within Libertarianism, and always refused to answer the criticisms leveled against it by pro-IP Libertarians of greater acumen. And we're far past the point at which that matters. Windows is now going to become a cloud based operating system, accessed via subscription, and Linux is going to die spastically. The advancement of private property through binding contracts will finally destroy the personal ownership of any of the objects and articles in the median American's possession.


Daily reminder that the modern growing niche of based zoomers and millenials consists of many neets and they wouldn't go against their own so you can calm down with your "a real wizard is leftist because of neetbux" fallacy. Boomer fox news politics can suck a dick soon once these assholes have died off. I do agree with you that Hitler was also a retard in many ways and his system fucked up Europe too, he also ruined Mussolinis working system of fascism with his bullshit. Also Goebbels cheated on his wife and betrayed his family with his greed for status and pussy, he preached family values to the little man and then went to his little Safehouse where he fucked other succubi and completely disrespected his own wife and children by doing so.

We could still have a based system with neets and without progressive leftist bullshit however and we don't need Hitlers retard brainfarts to do so. But any hope for change is rather deluded at this point I think.


Before speaking bad of his majesty the führer and the Duce, i dare you to do better than they did.
So now go, and cleanse your sorroundings and create factions that have the purpose of slaughtering communists and Jews.
Do that and you might have the right to discuss some of their opinions, but until then, you are nothing, but merely a groups of ungrateful children for having not done anything about it and complaining about it.


You appear to be conflating Arbeitssheu laws with other events set in motion in 1938, particularly Kristallnacht. Otherwise I cannot imagine how you managed to write that post. The standing policy against NEETs cannot be shrugged off as a single specific action wave, as Aktion Arbeitssheu was intended as a strike to begin a campaign and not the campaign in total. To then attribute Aktion Arbeitssheu to antisemitism as though murdering Jews was the sole and exclusive purpose and action of the entire German state is a capitulation to holocaustery, which is not in the best interests of any honest discussion of national socialism. Holocaustianity is particularly misleading in this case as the numbers of workshies who were jewish was catalogued at their arrest and only managed to escape 10% during the June Special, which Hitler had personally ordered to focus on Jews largely to ease public dissatisfaction with the disproportionate number of Germans who had been subjected to arrest by the program. But Aktion Arbeitshheu's specific waves of arrests in 1938 neither began Germany's laws against the unemployed nor ended them, and accounted for less than 1/10th of the total internments in concentration camps and forced labor camps related to workshyness and other asocial disorders. The idea of Germany, a nation struggling to rebirth itself after cataclysm, taken up in a wave of national renewal, even so much as tolerating NEETs is contemptible. No 20th century state in Germany's condition permitted NEETdom, as similar mass arrests and interment in forced labor camps can be seen in oh let's say America's puppet regimes in 1950s South Korea, and in Taiwan. There is a reason the anti workshy programs in Germany have NEVER received the attention of the Jews or the Jewish media save in the event and to the extent that Jews happened–largely by accident–to be affected, which is to say: practically never at all.


>fucking zoomer who's probably also a hentai addict and will eventually troon out.


You also seem to be someone who gets her knowledge from Eastern European textbooks.
What's wrong with enjoying hentai?


this post is very based.
However, what did your generation do against the hook noses?
elders of the tribe are supposed to get respect by talking of DEEDs they did for the tribe.
if a generation fucked over the tribe; they deserve no respect


File: 1690247973866.jpg (51.26 KB, 469x612, 469:612, FxKdRoHXwAA_Cln.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Before speaking bad of his majesty the führer and the Duce, i dare you to do better than they did.
>So now go, and cleanse your sorroundings and create factions that have the purpose of slaughtering communists and Jews.
>Do that and you might have the right to discuss some of their opinions, but until then, you are nothing, but merely a groups of ungrateful children for having not done anything about it and complaining about it.


It's really disgusting that kikes brainwashed white america into accepting their ritual male genital mutilation. Probably it's to ensure in case of another holocaust you can't pull someones pants down to check


yeah. i can't believe moms push for male genital mutilation. then say they love their kids and would do anything to protect them. and then cry my body and my choice when they want to murder the unborn.
the practice destroys all pretences of consent


Circumcision is the first betrayal and it immediately imprints trauma at birth. I don't think it's a coincidence that the most violent cultures are also the ones that circumcise.


it also says alot about normies. there isn't any good reason for male genital mutilation. but let's say we don't outright outlaw the practice. it should still be restricted to 18 to make sure there is consent for it.
the fact that is never discussed and normies go along with it shows they will go along with any evil thing if the group supports it.
at the base level that is why normies support it. the sacrifice their childrens health to moloch because the group says so.
what weak and cowardly people


They teach Rabbionics at your clown college?


a major blackpill for me was seeing how most people even laugh at males expressing grief for their genital mutilation. it's so disheartening how deeply embedded kike cutting is in American culture. My most sensitive part was mutilated beyond repair before I had mind to consent and no one around me seems to understand or care


James Mason expresses it perfectly https://files.catbox.moe/6osi5k.mp3


File: 1690312819190.jpg (120.83 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, jope.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


wow this is shit



Yeah circumcisions should only be done in case of phimosis or other medical issues related to the foreskin but it really shouldn't be done to anyone who has no agency over it. Theres quite a lot of cases where it leads to mental health issues and it needs to be taken serious.

It makes me fucking sick seeing people defend the circumcision of toddlers or when they do surveys and it turns out that the majority of succubi think a circumcised penis is cleaner and looks more attractive. It's also sickening to see people joke about it especially when it's succubi who just display their subtle hate and sadism towards men. As soon as a man expresses his grief he gets ridiculed by a whole bunch of assholes.


I remember reading some collection on female opinions to if cut or intact looks better and pretty much every succubi who said cut is nicer had a jewish surname. I also got into an argument with some people in school about it once and a succubus said the same, but didn't look jewish. People fucking disgust me and I lose the ability to respect them when they say circumcision is preferable. Sadly, my half-brothers are all circumcised. Wasn't my mom's decision.


>Yeah circumcisions should only be done
No, it shouldn't be done in any instance. Phimosis of any severity is curable through manipulation of the glans, and if that's not convenient, surgery can be done that doesn't involve removing anything; a mere incision that allows the foreskin to be peeled from the glans and then stitched in such a way that scar tissue increases the overall circumference of the prepice, allowing for normal movement.

Circumcision is 100% a Semitic blood sacrifice. It has no medical justification at all.


File: 1690320337906.png (67.63 KB, 1500x500, 3:1, my-body-my-choice-comic.png) ImgOps iqdb

t. mutilated male


File: 1690325801776.webm (3.88 MB, 400x225, 16:9, mosley.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Thoughts on Oswald Mosley?


Circumcision actually made me change my mind about abortion. I still think it's immoral and shouldn't be treated lightly but bodily autonomy and 'my body my choice' should be universal and it'd be hypocritical of me to oppose. Unfortunately not many people make that connection though and end up like this comic.


> it'd be hypocritical of me to oppose
Not really. "Her body her choice". Yeah, the succubus made the informed choice to have unprotected sex and now "her body" contains someone else's body. Abortion is ritual child sacrifice.


True. I'm still conflicted on it. Honestly, I would prefer abortion be restricted for whites and allowed for other races, ideally with a large community support network and adoption. I'm afraid that white social cohesion is far too dismantled for such a system to effectively revitalize our birth rates and sense of community though.


Israel is one of the new nations that maintains intentional ambiguity regarding whether or not they possess nuclear weapons (although they obviously do) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapons_and_Israel
Despite this denial, they acknowledge the "Samson option", expressing willingness to destroy us all in the case of Israel falling. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samson_Option
According to the biblical narrative, Samson died when he grasped two pillars of the Temple of Dagon, and "bowed himself with all his might" (Judges 16:30, KJV).


It's the exact opposite. If you oppose the circumcision of toddlers then you logically also oppose abortion because the unborn but already living baby has no agency over it's own death and it doesn't deserve death just because it's mother makes poor decisions. It's also not her body but the body of the unborn baby which is already alive inside. It's again a dumb succubus wanting to decide what happens to someone who can't make decisions yet.


>Honestly, I would prefer abortion be restricted for whites and allowed for other races
Agree, and this isn't an unpopular opinion either.
>a large community support network and adoption
If only you knew how bad things really are. White couples who wish to adopt are now sometimes given the ultimatum of accepting at least one black child, or no children at all, no matter how many White orphans there are. Just as they plan on "de-racializing" sperm banks by mixing seeds from different races, are they now enforcing racial equity by making White orphans less likely to end up in White homes.


Seed banks should be banned entirely because people who are unable to breed in the normal way as in a man and a succubus in a committed relationship who breed just shouldn't make children and should stick to adoption if they really want to raise a child.

Single succubi should be completely restricted from getting impregnated with donated sperm, they are extremely selfish and messed up. I don't even understand how this is allowed and these succubi are just evil selfish cunts.

It's the same thing with surrogate mothers who poop out children just so some fags can buy it and in the worst case molest it physically as well on top of the mental trauma the child is getting from being abandoned first and then raised by faggots.

The race issue just shows even more what a messed up progressive mindset is connected to this.


lmao how do you hope to enforce that


>Agree, and this isn't an unpopular opinion either
i would bet it is, outside of /pol/ and stormfront


lol lefty retard detected, stormfront is a defunct website that only boomers use


ok and?


In other news Kevin Spacey was found "Not Guilty" of all charges.

Hollywood escapes again.


It doesn't matter. His reputation and career are ruined by the allegations.


It isn't guilty until proven innocent


Nearly 1/4th of Americans self-identify as Roman Catholics. America currently has an at least nominally Catholic president. This ought by most lights to influence the political direction of the country.
But I see absolutely no way for America to even start to move towards Catholic traditional social teaching regarding economic policy.
"Restore the rights of the Peasantry, restore Festival and Holidays, and restore the Commons, bar further inclosure and blah blah" - all total nonstarters. America was colonized by Puritan rebellion against Holiday and Festival, inclosure of "the Commons" was the right by which homesteaders acquired Indian land and by which America expanded westward, and agrarian subsistence by permanent resident workers who cannot be evicted (ever) regardless of rents and dues would destroy the entire American economic model. There is no way for a Catholic "Restoration" to traditional Catholic values to be achieved in any significant way.

Ultimately it must be time for Nationalist movements to finalize their divorce from Traditionalists. It was known since Rousseau first coined Nationalism as a term for vital and revolutionary efforts struggling against the internationalism that defined "Christendom" with its internationalist feudal residual pontiffs and emperors, that it would necessarily destroy the Peasantry as a demographic and the Commons as a social institution. America's love affair with Libertarianism is extremely strongly attuned with the occultist "left-hand path" anyways. There is a reason American Christian conservatives always struggle to find anything amiss with LaVeyan Satanism. Maybe the occultism of Karl Jung was right in "Aeon" when he wrote that we live in the age of the Antichrist and ought to simply embrace the Antichrist as the moral architect of our time. Maybe building America further into the empire of the Antichrist will bring about final victory for Nationalism. Finally fully embracing the Antichrist and accepting Nationalism as not only separate from but in direct conflict with Traditionalism will also eliminate embarrassing groypers and other shameful sorts from the movement. Shed the burden.


aren't many of those Catholics foreign invaders? orcs from south of the border are not allies and couldn't build a movement in their own orc shit holes.


Only 50% of the Hispanic American population identify as Catholic, so not really and certainly not predominantly. The tradcaths in particular are almost entirely European Americans.


Have you seen the new comments underneath his christmas eve videos? It's insane how many people are congratulating him even though THOSE VIDEOS THEMSELVES WERE THINLY VEILED THREATS AGAINST HIS ALLIES.


File: 1690492176418.png (3.03 MB, 1920x2467, 1920:2467, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Orcs have made great contributions to Thomistic theology. Because they are so ugly, many become Priests and Monks.



Pseud retard.


I think it's funny how people go and put up a banner to "stand" for a cause which they do not understand based on nothing but propaganda.
When the war on Ukraine started, lots of groups put a ukrainian flag on their products, to this day they still have that blue and yellow in their logos. I'm talking about apps in the google play store specifically, which is why it caught my attention.
They all adopted those colors like many did with the BLM cause, because they're the good guys, huh? A big bully like Russia picking on a small defenseless state.
Fast forward a year and a half, and it's glaringly obvious that the war is being encouraged by the americans who have a lot to win from the remains ofa country about which they don't give a shit.
Same with the "big bully Russia" topic. A little thought reveals this fucking happens all the time, often the US being the offending party.
But they jumped on the emotional wagon of "being with the weak", while also advocating for the full use of weapons from the big NATO meanies on the same peoples they claim to defend.
Funny that a year after they still have their ukrainian flag on their logos, despite the whole affair just being a big geopolitical comedy.


Zelensky should be caught asap


Most people don't really know much or care much. To them that tiny little action of changing a logo and putting up the yellow and blue both makes them feel good and signals virtue to fellow npc that they are on the same team with the establishment narrative.

It's about belonging to the mainstream group, not about critical thought and thoughtful action. At the end of the day they don't really think about it, they don't know much about it, and most importantly they don't really care.


You sound pretty insane. How is it America's fault that Russia is attacking Ukraine? America is not some all powerful puppetmaster who controls everything. The US is just helping Ukraine because they are asking for it and we think they should get it. Yes, the amount of help has been rather tepid, but that is because we don't want to get nuked by Russia either. We are walking a tightrope. Personally I think the support should be much stronger and we should have given them many more tanks and airplanes. If we set the precedent that any support we give against a nuclear armed country's invasion will be weak it will just give smaller nations a reason to acquire nukes for themselves. When there is an international order that respects common decency and the rule of law and will stand against illegal invasions people can relax knowing that they will not be on their own in the case of an invasion. This is the order that has been established after WWII and it's a precious thing that we don't want to fuck with.


Let's support Tim Scott for President. He is the only actual Wizard to have a shot in decades.

He WAS a Wizard. He made it to 30, a voluntary virgin. So at that point he met all the definitions of Wizard.


I know most of Wizchan are MAGA types, and he supports all the MAGA positions if that matters to you.


You've been swallowingthose vitamins your govt hands you huh


>When there is an international order that respects common decency and the rule of law and will stand against illegal invasions
This would be more compelling if the US didn't conduct illegal invasions


Russia had every right to invade, their demands were and are very reasonable and the war could be stopped tomorrow by accepting them. Russia spent years trying to reason with NATO and the US (the controllers of Ukraine) and was forced to invade due to their refusal to be reasonable.

I personally hate Russian government but this is objectively true. Please do research into why they invaded, what happened in the decade prior to this invasion, what Russia's demands are and release yourself from being victimised by propaganda.


I am not an anarchist because I acknowledge that the state can't be abolished. I still agree in spirit with some of their positions. On the other side, looking at that ancap candidate from argentina I realize how dangerous it'd be if there wasn't a political power to counterbalance the other "sources of social power" (as suggested by Thomas Mann).
Speaking of the Mann, so far it seems like his 4 identified sources of power (namely: political, military, economic and ideological) are a good categorization, maybe I would add technological. Which would make anarchy as untenable as always, but still a heuristic to counter state power. Of course, anarchy could be an ideological force, if it wasn't so fragmented and virtually nonexistent.


You are so utterly brainwashed it is sad to see. Russia is the one who has been controlling Ukraine. The old soviet power networks still run in Ukraine, they're still dominated by Russia. Ukraine did 2 revolutions to throw off control by corrupt Russian controlled oligarchs, and that's why Russia invaded. They want control back. They have not made any reasonable demands, they launched an invasion to take control of land because they are an imperialist power with a long history of invading their neighbors and taking them over.


>maybe I would add technological.
I would not. Technology is not a source of power in the way that the other sources are, it is more useful to consider it as an implementation of power by which the other sources operate. Technology that is actually dangerous/useful always ends up under the control of one of the other sources. "Military" power is not exclusive to the uniformed military of the nation, but also to the personal levy militia of a local magistrate or the rebellious militia of a gang of malcontents, so the possession of weaponry by members of the citizenry in addition to the constabulary and the professional military would only mean that military power is tiered under the structure, not that the technology of armament constitutes a source of power separate from and rivalling military power sources.


I was thinking about, for example, academia. Maybe they don't hold the same sort of social power as the other 4 sources, but they are still largely independent in their operation if not their funding. Anyway, their work is contracted by all other powers in order to exert more power, and if those in charge of technology choose to conceal it and make it available selectively, they could establish themselves as a new form of power. Think Asimov's foundation.
Consider silicon valley, they have a hand in both economic and politic power, but their actual ability resides on technogical control.
Political power needs technology for recordkeeping, surveillance and rule enforcement. Ideological power needs technology to spread their view and drown out other views, as well as keep up a communications network. Economic power should be obvious, and you mentioned military use of technology already.


Stupid fuck, the name is Michael Mann, not Thomas, I knew the name was odd, Thomas Mann was another kind of writer. I should've checked the author before I posted my retardation.


First they were against USA intervention to the Second World War against Hitler, now it's against supporting Ukraine against Putin. Indeed, Tucker Carlson is a fascist just like Alex Jones, Nick Fuentes, and /pol/ crabs from 4chad.


File: 1692810016465.jpg (33.51 KB, 700x466, 350:233, FoNQJHQXwAEgVat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The word 'Fascist' was devised to encapsulate all anti-Bolshevik sentiments, so you are correct to apply that label to anyone who was against weakening The Axis' defense against the Communists. You probably didn't know that though and are just another EastEuro propaganda child angry at all things White.


Well we definitely not against white Zaluzhnyi cutting Muscovian horde like butter while pleas for visas to enter USA from Muscovian citizens skyrocketing coupled with Muscovy's stable highest level of abortions in the world. As one Latvian politician said, Ukraine is the second army in the world and Muscovy is somewhere below top10 right now. Kuban ports should go to Ukraine. Economists only had mistake in one month. Muscovy's collapse began in August and not in July.


I didn't understand any of what you tried to say but it sounds like little piggy oinky oinky lies.


bitch u trippin


Dems shoot themselves in the foot once again.

At this point it's all but inevitable that Trump will win 2024.


Non-american here. Can you really run for president with criminal charges? Let's say he's put in jail. Could he still get votes and even win?


If 2024 comes down to biden and trump again I am moving to canada.


Obama was black and they made him president.


There is really no way that these charges are going to stick.


that doesnt answer the question


File: 1693020293019.jpg (71.67 KB, 303x300, 101:100, eugenevdebs_presbutton-303….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yes, technically you can still run for president even as a prisoner, there is no law against it. in the past the socialist eugene debs ran for president from prison


Obama is black so he's a criminal. Learn science.


>There were openly fascist organizations during this time, such as the German American Bund. Somewhat more ambiguous was the America First movement. As the historian Bradley Hart recounts, in a packed America First rally in Madison Square Garden in 1941, the Montana senator Burton K Wheeler denounced “jingoistic journalists and saber-rattling bankers” who were pushing the nation into war against Germany.
>It is simply inarguable fact that American racial fascism has a clear isolationist tradition, especially when the wars in question are against fascist opponents.


File: 1693431712923.gif (2.18 MB, 400x300, 4:3, reaction laugh.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>the dangerous, extremist idea that the US should sometimes not be at war with everybody


File: 1693654413174.webm (3.88 MB, 638x360, 319:180, The Society of the Specta….webm) ImgOps iqdb

>"anti war left"
I'm ashamed to say it took me until the 2016 US elections to realise that liberals are not left-wing, even as I watched Obama bail out banks and continue to wage war in the Middle East, it wasn't until I saw the liberal media practically frothing at the mouth at the prospect of a Trump presidency and somehow ranked Trump as worse than Bush Jr.


File: 1694551125037.jpg (167.43 KB, 1024x1001, 1024:1001, junger.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I recently came upon the concept of "the anarch", it was created by ernst junger.

The basic tldr of it is.

apolitical person with no allegiance to government or ideology
monarch onto self
there is no higher power than the self
anarch is a mercenary, you need some order to exist in
the anarch is free but he keeps it secret
things will never be perfect, never back to eden
revolutions are just one totalitarian replacing another

what do you think of this concept?

Its appealing to me as i get older and more jaded because there is no difference between the red team and blue team besides cultural wedge issues. And i find political extremism to be toothless larpers. And im not stupid enough to be a centrist


This strikes me as a sad, defeatist (and probably correct) view. At my most pessimistic I tend to think like that, not just about politics but about humanity in general.
I still like my (broad, poorly defined) team, though.


Max stirner came up with that way earlier, he has a whole ideology based around the sovereign individual


Pretty much sums up my (ideal) position.
Not to be confused with ananarchism, which is just another broken ideology.


its different from being an anarchist, anarchists want to destroy society.

The Anarch is the positive counterpart of the anarchist.

I am an anarch – not because I despise authority, but because I need it. Likewise, I am not a nonbeliever, but a man who demands something worth believing in.

Although I am an anarch, I am not anti-authoritarian. Quite the opposite: I need authority, although I do not believe in it. My critical faculties are sharpened by the absence of the credibility that I ask for. As a historian, I know what can be offered.

The Anarch is to the anarchist, what the monarch is to the monarchist.

— Ernst Jünger


>The Anarch is to the anarchist, what the monarch is to the monarchist.
What did Junger mean by this, exactly? The most I could surmise is that the monarch is fulfilling a role, which he does not like, that the monarchists want him to fulfill. But how does that correlate with the difference between an Anarch and an Anarchist?


The more you go, the more it just seems like semantical snowflake LARP.


Define LARP. Seriously, what does it even mean in this context? Some guys have some off-the-wall opinions and are exploring unique ideas, so what are they LARPing as?


LARPing as some free independent unique thinker that exists politically in some position that is, by definition, superior to any other, but in truth it all sounds just like "it's this thing that makes me special, that I define very vaguely and present through a series of contradictions and irreconcilable concepts". The first post was closer to a person just not interested in politics, or at best only caring to the point of personal benefit, the second one is just moot.


So you're totally misusing the word LARP. Got it.


you are just an idiot, im jaded with politics, this is why the idea of the anarch appeals to me. Not because i think it makes me special. Moron.

There's no difference between red team and blue team besides cultural wedge issues.
Revolutions are pointless exercises in replacing one totalitarian regime with another

Im completly checked out of the world and the idea of the anarch seems right, it comes from a guy who lived through multiple regimes and upheavals,


>Nothing has changed
Children like you cannot grasp how much struggle has been made by the proletariat to get to where we are now. 8 hour shifts? Weekends off? Sick pay? NEETbux? People died for this shit.


>struggle has been made by the proletariat to get to where we are now
>8 hour shifts? Weekends off
Nyohohoh… Henry Ford, White Nationalist and good friend of Adolf Hitler, made the immediate switch from 12 to 8 hour shifts for all of his company's employees. There was no fight put up by anyone, he just did it because he wanted his workers to have more time to spend with their families. He also demanded that all non-essential businesses shut down on Sunday to allow for worship.
>Sick pay?
Paid maternity leave was also a Nazi invention.
Wouldn't be necessary in a world where working just 3 days each month would pay for your mortgage, utilities, and groceries for that period. Which was the plan for Nazi Europe and America.

Write your commie revolutionary wet dream in a diary, not here. People needing to die for these things is the result of letting Marxists in to power, and frankly, a country has the Jews it deserves. People should be dying now to bring things back to a livable state.


>lies upon lies
Jews pay you real well don't they?


File: 1694788714149.jpg (28.3 KB, 605x506, 55:46, 101efd3abf4741bd8ae84e05dd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Dishevel Marxism and jews
>Get called a Jewish shill


>doesn't realize that kikes hate the working class and make up a large percentage of the billionaires
>posts normalfag meme image
You should kill yourself zoomer.


So appreciating Nazi's contributions to comfy living, less working, and having less semites and africans in my country, makes someone a jew worshipper?? huh?!?


Claiming it's "Nazi" contributions amd thereby colouring progress for workers rights as "nazism" and unpalatable is very, very jewish.


Ah now I get it. You thought that by attributing good things to NAZI, I was saying that those good things were actually BAD because NAZI = BAD

But no, Nazis are good. They were the good guys of the 20th century struggle. They're still the good guys. Everything they did was good, especially the 8 hour policy and the various policies proposed by Hitler to make life easier in general.


Why are you making shit up?

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