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Let's discuss which supplements we currently take and which ones have worked for us and just have a general discussion about supplements.

No posts about drugs, psychiatric meds or illegal substances in the supplement thread, please.


What do you personally define a 'supplement' as? From your list of exclusions it sounds like you just mean things like vitamins or minerals. In that case I take magnesium oxide for my heart, I also take psyllium husk for extra fiber in my diet.


Buying supplements has been one of my biggest regrets over the years. It really proves just how retarded I am. I would be reading about the research and how X supplement supposedly helps with Y mental issue I have, so I would buy the supplement, but after taking it for a little while and feeling nothing, I would always start to miss doses and eventually I stopped taking them. I probably didn't even take any of them long or consistent enough to truly know whether they did anything. I keep doing it too. I just bought some supplement with a bunch of herbal extracts of things like ashwaghanda, st johns wort, and rhodiola rosea. It also has vitamin D in it though so I figure if it ends up doing nothing like all the others, at least I will get some more vitamin D.


I took zinc, nothing happened


I take vitamin D in the morning and ZMA (zinc, magnesium, vitamin b6) at night. Before workouts I take creatine which always has a quickly noticeable effect on me and it makes working out more intense.


i eat a vitamin gummy in the morning, and then a vitamin c pill with each meal


This. Most supplements won't do much. Sleepytime tea is really good to help sleep though. Tastes great too


I've posted about this stuff so often you all know what I'm going to say.

The bare minimum for me is:
>Fish oil, over 5g dosage minimum for brain function
>NAC at least 1200mg dose cycled regularly so you don't get tolerance combined with selenium and molybdenum
>Iodine, I take at least a dropper daily. Miracle substance
>k2 with d3. K2 is a game changer for cavity prevention, my teeth are like diamonds now.
>Ashwagandha for fake calm
>Lion's mane about 1500mg dosage in concentrate.

I'm thinking of trying Ginger for testosterone boost. My main goal is brain repair so I'm taking many more supps than a normal person would… seems to be working, every week I start remembering old memories at unexpected times which suggests I'm undoing whatever damages excitoxicity did to me.


I've just been reading a bit about zinc and how it may interact with copper to produce amyloid in the brain. Zinc, Iron, Copper, calcium… most people actually get excess quantities of these metals and it sticks around in the brain to detrimental result


Zinc overdosing leads to iron deficiency but these things only happen when taken in too high doses. Athletes who take zinc usually go up to 15mg on average which should still be a save dose. Zinc can help maintain blood testosterone levels and has anti-inflammatory properties.


The thing that sucks is that basically every review for every supplement is full of people acting like it a miracle drug. I was reading reviews of ground up cow brains and people were acting like it was a miracle drug. I assume it is just because most people get the placebo effect. I have never gotten it though unfortunately.


normies are stupid and supplements are marketed without context. It seems like you need a combination of supplement approaches at higher dosage to effect real change. I've noticed real improvements in my short term memory doing this, before I was hopeless but now I'm operating as if I'd gained 7 IQ points

Also for supps, I forgot to mention this sleeping aid I take. Unlike melatonin this one really works, I dream often using 1/3rd the recommended dosage and I rarely if ever would normally dream. Actually I was fully lucid last night and wandered around a system shock 2 type complex at some sort of altered level of consciousness knowing I was asleep.



just eat some liver and fermented food


File: 1685851606476.jpg (29.44 KB, 294x447, 98:149, kaguya_axis.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dream potion and ritual:

>Zinc in abundance of MDV

>St. Jon's Wort 6 hours before sleep
>Glycine, rounded scoop, 30 minutes before bed

Calorie deficit for the past 3 days. No cumming since 6 days prior. Do not eat less than 6 hours before sleep. Drink at least two litres of water throughout the day but not 6 hours before sleep. Relieve self in to a toilet or pepsi bottle right before bedtime. Have white noise to drown out sounds of nature.

This will give you vivid dream, long dreams, scary and sexy dreams, and even long lucid sexy nightmares.


Someone told me to take ashwagandha.


I've started nootropic called mind lab pro a couple months back and have to say it really does help. I feel the difference although subtle it is there. I can focus better and retain information plus it generally makes watching or reading (I can read a lot more now without losing concentration) much easier for myself, I have clarity and and less stress I was debating going on ADD medication to help with mental faculties before studying but luckily I didn't and chose this instead. Study is more comprehensible as well, mind lab is a bit expensive though I suggest buying a bundle deal if you want to consider long term and even just trying it out might as well because it won't hurt to have more in supply


Same, every year I end up reading another load of theoretical claims for why this supplement might help. They all sound plausible, often have legitimate studies that support it. So I buy them, try them, and not much difference. Done it for 10 years at least.
The reviews are always from people saying they also tried x, y, and a before this and it worked, placebo working for one supplement and not another makes me think they might be honest in their claims. There’s not much to do in life but keep trying random crap so meh, can’t do anything else.


Do you have anxiety? I've heard of people having panic attacks and that ashwagandha makes their anxiety worse. Just thought I'd give you a heads up


Pumpkin seed oil, biotin, and b complex supplements mainly. Typically pumpkinseed and biotin once daily, and the b complex about 30 mins to an hour before working out. It does seem to help out on top of eating something carby.


I've taken many supplements but probably the only one I've noticed to have an immediate effect literally overnight would have to be melatonin. Especially with ZzzQuil. Or NyQuil, but preferably ZzzQuil. I think there was another one I would take at night with these to help me fall asleep quicker but I forgot the name. Probably a prescription med or two, actually.

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