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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



I've spent the whole day of yesterday playing a videogame that kept me entertained and finished it. I felt ok and sharp of mind, and even after being tired of playing all day i could keep on going.
Now i have been procrastinating some important task that i have to do today browsing wizchan and watching porn, the brainfog returned, i felt tired and sleepy all day and my brain tormented me with bad thoughs.
The whole day flew away, the day went by fast. A blur.


what game?








More manbaby singleplayer games that get boring real quick.


Lately I have started games that I enjoyed playing and then just stop playing for no reason at all, despite some of them having like 20+ hours and I have not finished any of them: Digimon 1, Digimon 3, Digimon Adventure, Wonder Trek, Twilight Syndrome, Network Boukenki Bugiste, etc.
I hate this. My interest just disappear for no reason at all.


File: 1678799423544.jpg (153.35 KB, 1280x722, 640:361, 20230314_090926.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This succubus is speaking with food in her mouth


personally i think star wars day should not be may 4th, the silly pun wouldve been better as "may the fours be with you" and have it on april 4, at 4:44. either that or use may 25th, when it released in theaters


Why do we even have a star wars day if only the first Star War movie, later called Star Wars IV, was good?


Just wait, in a few years there may as well be a Disney day, a Pixar day, a Marvel day. Don't forget to get your cheap pizza today, as it's Pi day. I hate it


I mean its silly, but a perfect pun. I dont think most people would get your 4:44 thing.


Holy fuck I just wanna keep a job for longer than 2 months


At least you got a job. Decided to go to uni at 27yo, in Electrical Engineering. I'm 30 right now looking for an internship. I have been in 30+ interviews and so far no job. They probably just go for someone young or better at social skill or whatever. The only thing I'm good, which is related to EE, is not enough if you are not a social butterfly.


>At least you got a job
Well not now. And I'm talking about easy, minimal wage retail jobs, like the last 2 I've had.



ate nothing but plain potatoes (microwaved, salt+pepper, no oil) today and my stomach seems fine. usually at the end of the day my stomach is fighting a battle. it's like i swallowed nails i can consciously feel my bowel movements and all the gas produced is disgusting and i can feel air pockets inside me. but just potatoes? stomach finally feels normal. holy fuck it has been months of this gay stomach problem. i had completely forgotten what a totally normal stomach felt like until just now. i don't feel anything inside me. i previously tried plain white rice and plain toast before to calm my stomach, but nothing has done this like potatoes. based potatoes. my body knows what it needs


I'm so sick of all this cheap chinese made crap
>buy replacement power adapter for laptop
>contact is so weak I have to constantly hold it in for it to charge
>same thing with my phone
And it's unavoidable. For most kinds of products one can find in a store finding one that's not made in china is like finding a golden egg. All so things are a bit cheaper even if they need to be replaced far more often.


You could have gluten intolerance or if you live in walmartland the residual herbicide on wheat and other grains will fuck up your stomach. Whereas I don't think there's an herbicide that they can spray on potatoes.


Blame shit 1st world countries for making their factory in China. The last good keyboard I had was an American one that came with an Apple ][ when I bought it decades ago.


idk what the problem is, but i have something called dumping syndrome, where food exits stomach too quickly. this has never messed with my stomach though and caused pain, except when i first tried out soylent. i tried eating just rice before (which is gluten free) but the problem persisted, so i dont think its a gluten thing. will continue this for a week to see if potatoes are really working


wizzies, some time ago there was a thread about living moneyless and the wizzies there shared the story of two different people who gave up money yet they lived a comfy life, one was iirc a finish guy who had a website documenting his life and philosophy

do any of you have a source or know what I'm talking about? I didn't save the thread and now I don't remember them


dont remember that, but there is a famous guy who gave up money and lived in the grand canyon in caves, if you havent read about that it is worthwhile


this wizard, a constip8d wiard, I drank a bunch of caffeine and managed to kek out a rotter


How does one learn several different subjects concurrently? Say 5 or 6, mostly unrelated or at best only loosely related. I tend to be unable to focus on something when at the back of my head I know I havs other n subjects. I also can't reeally commit to a single one. It's like I have ADHD which I was never diagnosed but I may as well have.
One idea is to set up a schedule: mondays for physics, tuesday for programming, wednesday for greek, etc. I need to get organized, but I suck so bad at it.


might be low stomach acid or a lack of digestive enzymes. They make supplements for this. I think betaine hcl + pepsin is common. Might be something else entirely but you could give it a shot and see if it helps. Low stomach acid people usually get bloating but they also usually get acid reflux, heartburn stuff like that so if you don't have that it might not be the issue.


you need to be doing something with them all, ie applying those things to use. at least for me this is how i learn new things

im having to learn a lot of things like plumbing, electrical wiring, craming/construction, for home renovation and all the stuff i'm learning is sticking very well as i'm making us of it all. even when it is a very dry boring process consulting building codes and standards and looking up specifics


This is good advice. Problem is, all the interests I mentioned are purely academic. I've also been learning a few other skills without even thinking about it, simply by doing them, just like you.
But I still have an itch to learn theoretical stuff, one that actually gets in the way of the other stuff that constitutes my day-to-day.


>How does one learn several different subjects concurrently? Say 5 or 6,
If you went to school, even basic school, it's interesting to remember that you did learn more than 5 different subjects concurrently. Yeah, they were quite easy, but not when you were a kid and for many adults that never went to school, they are quite hard.


>im having to learn a lot of things like plumbing, electrical wiring, craming/construction, for home renovation
What are your resources for learning them, wiz?


no way you could do that without being some hyper-social normalfag.


youtube to learn the basics, and anytime specific numbers or sizes for something were mentioned or not explained (like spacing between two things, minimum height of something off the floor, etc) i would look through the IRC for building, UPC for plumbing, and my state's specific codes for electrical. each state is basically the same but they have slight differences, and they have ammendments to the IRC etc like for example the depth you must go into the ground to go past the frost line, whether air admittance valves are ok for plumbing, and so on all vary by state but the core is all mostly the same


I've come to find that low effort days are exactly the problem: you feel energized for longer but it is an illusion and you can't actually be productive after 12 hours of imageboards or gaming. So need to front-load some harder (for myself) activities like reading a book or something. I've found it helps with sleep as well



the guy lived pretty much alone, like some uncle ted


>low stomach acid or a lack of digestive enzymes
i think that is partially the problem, but only because i drink so much water with meals and after eating. for example i could feel my stomach emptying sometimes after a big meal and a drink

recently i've been eating simple foods (potatoes, rice, bread) and slowly reintroducing small arounts of other things like peanut butter, and setting an hour timer after eating before i can drink anything. not having any stomach pain anymore


I'm finding it really annoying that mind reading technology is coming into existence now thanks to AI. I really wish we could have just kept that particular technology as science fiction.


They've been warning of it and publishing the progress towards it for 50 years. You had your whole life to stop it. Now you'll have to wear the copper hat


updated firefox on laptop (i dont use the laptop often so figured why not). how is it that EVERY FUCKING time i update firefox i regret it

apparently 2 years ago a massive ui change. it looks like smartphone mobile garbage now, absolutely gigantic dumbed down UI that i cannot even begin to figure out how to revert back to what it was before


use palemoon it maintains vintage interface


File: 1679292275602.jpg (831.04 KB, 1240x1748, 310:437, 106131205_p0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

just found this image oti.. wanted to share it with you lads..


It's strange, I have the memory of being conscious all night last night but at the same time I remember having some dreams. So either I was dreaming while awake, which is what it seemed like, or I was actually asleep and only hallucinating being awake all night. I know I had to be awake for the vast majority of it though because I was getting up and going to the bathroom and looking at my phone and seeing the hours tick by.


what's the concept of those antikrawl thread?


Crawls are a hostile species, possibly alien in origin and Anti-Crawl threads were started as a measure for developing a way to defeat them, but so far not much is known about the species, and that's why, with time, discussions about them have turned so vague and offtopic.


There used to be a joke about how Wizchan went dead on the weekends because all the normies were out clubbing. and so it all started with a Simpsons clip


File: 1679352336564.jpg (192.55 KB, 1170x1127, 1170:1127, Fq58LRIWIAAJWBW.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Put a mix of prepowder in my wizmouth. took a swig from the coffee shop coffee cup to down it, but alas, I had grabbed last night's yesterday's pee cup.

I spat it out, loaded up more pre.

Then made the same mistake AGAIN



Starbucks has a years-long policy of elimintating electric outlets at their stores and also turning off the free wifi when the store closes. They also lock the bathrooms. What kind of scum were they enticing with their gay overpriced coffee that everybody knows came from bitter over-roasted left-over beans?

So what I found out is that the wifi only kicks you out after hours if you try to connect to it after hours. If you leave anything in range and connected during the day, it'll keep going all night long unless it gets disconnected from range or weather or whatever else. Piss on the building for me :D


i piss into an opaque thermos that i empty out and refill wiht fresh water throughout the day

ive developed a "sniff first" policy to control the accidents


File: 1679372079179.png (487.86 KB, 640x748, 160:187, 63.png) ImgOps iqdb


me on the top


reminder to all wiz to watch Haibane Renmei and read Himizu


The Wizard Who Forgot To Buy Chap Stick When He Walked To The Dollar Store That Day


After the last update FF installed without consulting me (it has been doing this since they removed the 'don't update button' on v.64) it broke itself. I don't know what happened. Not only it broke itself and can't connect to any websites, it also made the ublock icon vanish for some reason. It's right there at the bar but it's just blank where the icon should be. After half-assing at a search for a solution I just said fuck it and found a ff 62 installer and installed that. That's the last version that doesn't auto-update or asks you constantly to update, it still has the don't update button. I remember that is the version I stuck the longest after I decided to quit firefox but couldn't really find any decent alternatives to it. But yeah it works now.


I'm all alone for at least a few days, and I have no idea how to use the washing machine.


Here's an interesting read, btw


Same as using the oven


Your family is abusive for not teaching you such a basic skill when you were a child


Men must learn for themselves, from themselves. He knows of the enclosed instruction book, the WikiHow, the Indian Tech Youtuber… He has the know-how to be in the know-how. Give him time, he shall learn.


File: 1679423351578.png (1.2 MB, 1200x430, 120:43, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

when an architect is in charge or preserving a historical house


Most people lose the instruction book and sometimes you cant find results for the particular model. Further, obviously even the will to learn and capacity to learn 'for yourself, from yourself' must be learned from upbringing.


they call themselves architect, they like to destroy everything


well now everyone outside can see all the history inside


What history, anon? The walls are not the same, the stairs are not the same the roof is not the same, the foundation is not the same, the windows are not the same, nor its frames are the same, the portico is gone, they replaced the door and the chimney was already visible from the outside in the original house!


Got prescribed weed so I smoke weed and listen to music all day. Still want to die but can get lost in reverie easily. It sucks that weed has a tolerance.

Sad comfy


i wana make a vr setup for my robot vacuum so it can roam around without actually moving the box… now that i have willed this desire some youtuber must do this for me, remember this post when you see a roomba vr soyface youtube clickbait in 3 years


didnt know my keyboard has a sleep shortcut bound to fn+f1. thought i fucked my computer for a second. wow thats gay as hell


I've been mixing soap with oil and water and dumping it down the drain for years. I googled why this may be a problem and all I could find was claims that it'll clog the city's pipes because the oil will separate from the water eventually.

Not my house, not my problem.


I still don't know what this thread is all about.


basically oil will gunk up on stuff and for fats they will solidify and it just accumulates and gets worse and worse until you get shit like the fatberg


I've noticed that there is no antonym for suffering, such words as glad, felicitous, joyous, cheerful, elated, joyful, fortunate dont convey the same meaning the possible antonym for suffering could have, this word could be pleasure but pleasuring is not the same as suffering, maybe i am just missing something.
Also the antonym of pleasure is pain because pleasuring=paining, makes sense.


You're supposed to use lye, not soap. Through the cleverly-named soaponification reaction, lye reacts with oil / fat to create soap. The soap will then dissolve in water and ideally make its way out. Ideally, the lye will also hasten the decomposition of annoying things like hair.

This is one of the main principles behind things like draino or liquid plumr, but you can also just get pure lye crystals cheaper and run those through from time to time and hope it's never your problem. Candle makers sell it if you can't find it easily at a chemical supply or industrial supply or hardware supply or something like that. Avoid using on toilets because it can eventually eat away at the wax ring typically used to seal a toilet to the drain pipe and if that leaks it's tall ask to say that's not your problem.


I love you all. As retarded as you guys can be, you will always be better than 4turd and especially r9k. I'm high as fuck and I don't mean to be a faggot but I wish you all happiness


hey man you can love your bros without having to say no homo, this isnt 4turd, that stupid fear is why males are so damn isolated these days


Good point. I haven't had any close guy friends solely because of this


Bliss, happiness or euphoria? To me, they seem like sustained forms of pleasure, the same as suffering is a sustained form of pain.


Those are all temporary states


Any that aren't?


pain, suffering


those are temporary


>sit in server queue for 6 hours
>internet goes out not 5 minutes into playing
clearly gangstalkers attacking my videogames


what game


i remember when youtube annotations were exactly that, user-created annotation popups providing more info

now, all i see is youtube-inserted ads essentially. "for mroe garbage related to this: shit here"

i wonder why this horseshit isnt by default ablocked


Do any wizards know of mental conditions that make you hyper aware of your internal functions in a way that makes you uncomfortable? I've been experiencing this lately and it's driving me crazy.


I use edge and had it tailored to my preferences, it always tries to nudge me to change them to their recommended settings and one of the more recent updates put some horrible sidebar integration with a big fat ugly button by the url bar. My last experience with firefox was on mobile and it was unbearably awful so I use brave there. I might start using it on my pc as well, no browser is ideal, it seems like everything has become worse and pushes outside of the boundaries of what a web browser's function is. There's another thing I noticed with text fields trying to guess and generate sentences or complete words, I don't know if it's a windows feature or an edge feature but it drives me nuts.


Not sure if this is right, but sensorimotor OCD?


Really big into cooking cabbage wizzies. You can really use it to bulk out your food like you would rice.


That's it exactly, thank you.


File: 1679943146097.png (1.73 MB, 892x1200, 223:300, 6444.png) ImgOps iqdb


I like this Shrek better than the Shrek in the film


This Shrek is Drek


Is there something like a cookbook only for different kind of exercises one can do?


Was reading through https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8020774/ and it's kind of motivating me, I guess. Sage because I should've posted this with my other post.


Yes a lot. I think You are your own gym and Arnold's encyclopedia of bodybuilding is supposed to be what you want though I've never read either of those book. Just search "best x exercises" on youtube. There is also https://exrx.net/Lists/Directory


I bought the original Charles Atlas regime, you know the famous comic ad with the nerd at the beach


(This is a great website.)
I don't know the famous comic ad.

I'm searching around for different exercises I can do that:
- Can be done indoors (because NEET).
- Don't involve jumping (because otherwise people living underneath me complain).
- Don't involve any expensive equipment (because poor).
So far I've got:
- Push ups.
- Squats.
- A certain kind of leg raise (which has been really good at treating a hernia I got some time back, and has kept me from getting it again).
But it'd be nice if there was some form of cardio that fit my ridiculous conditions.


Anything can be cardio if you are out of breath, including push ups and squats if you do them fast enough and don't rest too long. Try those HIIT mobile app, shadowboxing or learn dancing. I am also a shut in and I just run back and forth in my house.


File: 1680059677081.png (222.5 KB, 611x344, 611:344, IRSData.png) ImgOps iqdb

[spoiler]For real though, this gives you a really in depth look into how rich people get their money, how much they pay in taxes (a lot more than I thought), and how most people go about tax avoidance.
Table 1.4 is really interesting and has a lot of good data.[/spoiler]


Hey that is exactly what Charles Atlas is for! Isometric exercies you don't need equipment for.

This is the book I 1st learned about him from-


> One day he watched a tiger stretching in the zoo and asked himself, "How does Mr. Tiger keep in physical condition? Did you ever see a tiger with a barbell?" He concluded that lions and tigers became strong by pitting muscle against muscle. Angelo abandoned his barbells and fell to staging tugs-of-war between hands, legs, fingers, and thighs. By means of such exercises, he doubled his weight and returned the beating to his Halloween tormentor.


Various facts from the report. Apologies if any of these are already known, but sometimes it's good to repeat stuff:
- The top 1% of income earners pay somewhere between 44 to 48% of all taxes (I don't understand the differences in accounting somewhat).
- The top 1% were almost all married and filed jointly. I'm guessing there's a lot of income splitting going on here.
- The top 1% made their money off of dividends and selling stock. Most of these were qualified dividends or right under capital gains tax limits, which is how most avoid taxes.
- The rich all itemize their deductions.
– The largest deduction by far is almost entirely 'business expenses.'
- Alimony is a middle-class issue.
- Property is a middle-class issue.
- IRA is a middle-class issue (but the rich still max theirs out).
- The 1% get the most royalties. (but it's small in comparison to their other sources of income)
- Farming is a middle-class issue.
- The 1% get the most inheritance. (but it's small in comparison to their other sources of income)
- The lower class get a lot from unemployment insurance. Not the most, but in comparison, it's a lot.
- Social security compensation, and being an expat is an upper-middle-class issue.
- The top 1% get the most from gambling. (but it's small in comparison to their other sources of income)
- Middle class and up put money into health savings accounts right up to the limit.


I own the Arnie book and it has a lot of obsolete or dangerous exercises. His program is 100% geared towards roiding as well


>listen to classical music at 60bpm
>meditate and do 4 second breathwork
>teacher gives a mental association every 8 seconds
Anybody try or know of someone who tried this? I've got a westernized book from the 70's that claims it's legit but currentyear ""experts"" hate it ofc.

book recommended music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah392lnFHxM


dying really is hard to come to terms with, that this is all temporary and there is a definite end to it all, and we will die. some day in the future there won't be a tomorrow, we will be living our last day, whether we know the end is coming or it just happens upon us suddenly. it's not a sad feeling but it's definitely disturbing, it's something that you recognize, acknowledge, know it to be true, but then you immediately think about and do other things because what else is there to understand about it. but when you continue focusing on it, it feels dreadful


Someday you will smile at a picture of your favorite anime succubus for the last time.


It could be worse, you could live forever


4 eggs shaken in to 350ml of goat milk. a square meal!


Is there a wizchan archive from 2016-2018?



I don't think so, most of these imageboard archive sites seem to have either vanished or are broken anyway


the number of people that die from dementia every year. seems like a good way to rank countries. it basically means dying of old age and indicates countries have tons of old people


If a wizard with a dementia diagnosis walks in front of a speeding wizbus and becomes a fine red wizmist, it's chalked up as a dementiahurt death.


When did you realize entertainment media is all garbage? Books, games, movies, series, music… Satie once said 'I shit on art'.
Took me 3 decades but I'm starting to see his point. It's all just a schlocky by-product of breathing. What a mess.


>fun things such as entertainment are garbage
lol why do you even live


The words you're looking for are 'I didn't'.


kids are constantly coming up with new words and stuff because as soon as adults begin using it, it is no longer cool, so they are forced to keep complicating and confusing their speech. but eventually they become adults and they are the uncool ones trying to remain hip and the kids evolve their language to avoid them mastering it

i wonder if it was like this in very old times, or if this is mainly a product of super globalist interconnected culture internet times. i feel like a few kids in a village hundreds of years ago for example would not be able to pull this off, but nowadays these gremlins get on tiktok and their speech becomes broadcasted to the whole world where it takes root in the minds of other gremlins like a virus. it probably only started happening when people urbanized and came together en masse

toilet thoughts


by 30 I'd seen about as much as I'd wanted. even nonfiction is full of spacefilling jargon and crap. Laymen books are god awful for that


the #1 cause of death is atherosclerosis aka heart attack by hardening of the arteries.. Dementia alzheimers is like #3


Back when I was a kid, but didn't accept it until recently. Entertainment sucks, internet sucks, drugs suck, hobbies suck, everything sucks. It's so hard to be comfy now


>everything sucks
If you had any insight you'd be able to tell it's you who is sick and unable to enjoy things, not everything like you think.


Or maybe everything does suck but you are too deluded by your monkey brain to realize that.


>you just enjoy things because of your healthy brain. the truth is, everything sucks and my brain is telling me that uh-oh wait!!
Yes. You have no introspection like I said. Feels good to enjoy things such as making fun of delirious posts such as yours. Keep them coming. I'll enjoy them like many other things :)


File: 1680687551659-0.jpg (1.42 MB, 1205x6952, 1205:6952, row-1-column-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1680687551659-1.jpg (1.72 MB, 1205x6952, 1205:6952, row-2-column-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There is a full site snapshot on archive.org from december 2016 - https://archive.org/download/otherchan3 - the wc1-00000.warc.gz files. The "bp-" ones are errors.
Only problem is that they're in the most infuriating file format I've ever seen, the "WARC", and some player that is awful. Picture related.


I know WARC from the lemur project (lemurproject.org) meant to be a relatively lightweight and simple way to archive a massive web crawl. They have some rudimentary java code (maybe python now as well?) for basic access, although last I used it it had some holes.

The main thing to remember is that these are raw webserver responses, so you'll have to do everything a browser would do in terms of interpreting headers, de-HTMLing them, etc. and also accounting for all the messy response headers and incorrect formatting and everything that goes along with it. I built a whole stack to automate all this and more, but uh, I don't know if the entity I worked for ever open sourced it or not. There are ideally better or more modern-oriented libraries out there now. Probably not, but ideally. WARC isn't terrible at what it's meant to be.

Lemur also has a search engine Indri that should be able to index them for easier access.


sometimes, when I make a mess or a there's a mess that's my problem I think that it would be easier to kill myself than go through the trouble of cleaning it up


The software it suggested was all kind of crappy, and maybe the files were broken too causing it.
In the end there is a script on GitHub to extract them to static html, that you can just plop in a temporary web server program like rebex. Needed Java 11 jre downloaded from elsewhere.
I think the second warc archive has a format error that causes it to exception halfway through, I’m sure another script could fix that.
A lot of annoying work though, I would upload it but 5GB and probably has illegal stuff on


Hell you can notice the difference in quality of posting


You really weren't there in 2016? It was just as shit as it is now.


The Golden Age of Wizchan was 2015, after the 1st Wizardchan.org went down on Christmas 2014, there was a resurrection and a New Era of volcels when the World seemed New. Before the Dark Times.


File: 1680793205798.png (67.22 KB, 1554x973, 222:139, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

i have a few old threads saved. i never bothered saving anything outside of hob/lounge/wiz/b though

i also scraped the entire site in 2019 and it's somewhere on my computer


File: 1680795178502.png (1.26 MB, 5000x6000, 5:6, wizzies.png) ImgOps iqdb

here's a quick mashup of screenshots of threads and posts from the old days


these really old ones were scraped because they had moderator actiosn on the thread. it seems when a post is deleted or acted on by a mod, the entire thread gets archived, and if you just try all the urls you can find them

you should be able to still do this today
for example all still work. all the thread numbers in that should work still


One of the weird enigmatic things from the return of Wizardchan is that despite users making threads and posting on 23/12, the mod log begins recording actions on 24/12. Thread #1 on Virgin9000 was made during a short period where Virgin9000 was deleted and not yet remade. Probably just a timezone thing.

Threads deleted by staff during the first little while are also preserved in a form viewable to general users.


I like the idea of Darwinism/evolution via natural selection being the only way God could create man and stay hidden. Interesting.


File: 1680822949396.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.77 KB, 675x559, 675:559, f0b.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have mad considerable progress with my art today.

And yet alas, I do not feel like I am putting as much effort into this piece as I did with my last.

I must work harder, put MORE effort, TEN times the effort if possible.

Prove I am [I]not[/I] an amateur!


how many different iterations of covering burning sticks with dirt to make charcoal will this primitive technology youtuber guy go through in another 10 years


charcoal is the ying to potassium nitratre's yang. mix the two and you can undo stone. ancient chinase magic


Bad approach. I am an wannabe artist too and I've realized the more I tried, the more I felt like shit when I didn't get the result I had desired. It is all about having fun, not matter what some may say. If you treat it like work, you will hate it the same as you would your wageslavery.


I found recordings of myself playing music from 2011-2014 and I didnt notice it at the time but now I can actually hear myself slowly getting better over those 3 years, at the time I remember thinking I wasn't learning or making any progress but I actually got really good at the end


For me it depends, when I want to get stuff done then it helps me when I set deadlines and treat it like work otherwise I might get stuck on unnecessary things or I take forever. Doing this also helped me improve because I can analyze finished projects and learn from them instead of getting stuck on perfectionism which is the enemy of the good.


I wonder if zoomers will be the stupidest generation to ever exist. They were raised on the current internet where everything is curated by app suggestion algorithms and designed to get maximum "engagement" from the user. Their attention spans are short and they are addicted to "content". Meanwhile the next generation will be raised on AI. They will be able to ask the AI any question and get a better response than your average human could give them. Will that make them smarter or will it make it so they never really learn anything? I should watch ergo proxy again.


with AI taking care of the repetitive mechanical stuff, zoomers can concentrate on the higher intellect that only the human mind can do.


>with AI taking care of the repetitive mechanical stuff, zoomers can concentrate on the higher intellect that only the human mind can do.
Things such as clicking ads, posting memes and consuming media, watching AI porn or writing tweets or using AI algorithms to generate their own games and content to consume. They will definitely uplift humanity with their intellect and understanding of the world.


> using AI algorithms to generate their own games and content to consume

those are billion dollar industries, so if teens can do that with 1 click, then yes


A 5 year old kid will he able to generate anything at some point by using AI and it won't require any skills.


Just visited an old artist I was a fan of since High School called Victorygoth.
Good to see she's still hustling and confident (even if this world feeds on people like that dry - -).


just found out there is a fucking mario movie in theaters, like nintendo mario

did not hear anything about this until today, have you guys heard of this shit


it's just a gmod machinima that got crowdfunding


File: 1680915295382.jpg (52.66 KB, 475x356, 475:356, 53d.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>United States, Deviant for 9 years, She / Her

>Tastefully distasteful queer goth chick who draws cartoons. Working on “Babaylan Bay,” an urban fantasy comic in which a trans succubus wanting to reconnect with her heritage tries to revive the lost art of Filipino witchcraft.

town square tree, now


File: 1680917779096.jpeg (573.31 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, EO_uKauX4Bk9riq.jpg-large.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

K but it'll have to wait. Some Puerto Rican feminists (of all people) invited me to their home country..


At long last I'm playing through my Advanced Squad Leader Scenarios slowly. I'm only on starter kit #1 where it's all infantry action

scen 1: Germans attack a town that American paratroopers are holding. Germany won surprisingly because I didn't understand how devastating attacks would get at range 1 as the american. Also because they were all in urban hexes not easily accessible

scen 2: Russians Defend at Stalingrad with flamethrowers/mmg's. I was rooting for the Germans and initial phases of the assault crossing the streets was in their favor. But they got bogged down trying to maneuver in the urban fighting and Russia ultimately woon

scen 3: Americans attack a large urban sector against 2nd line German forces. The issue with this map is that it's so big and the yanks only have to take 25 houses to win…. which goes quickly considering unhindered they can take up to 9 a turn or more. I made the mistake of trying to defend the city outskirts at distance as the Germans and the Americans bunched up in a narrow frontage and routed my one defending squad from the start. As things progressed Germany seemed to get a better handle on containing the advance to a narrow frontage and might have even won, but the Americans were able to burst the bubble from the lip of it and went on to win.

scen 4: Not done yet. Germany tries to infiltrate and bypass American positions. The issue for the americans is that they don't have many defensive hexes at their end of the board and the area is all basically wide open. They've got a hmg and a few mmg's and even a few flamethrowers, but I think the Germans have a good chance of cracking them just through numbers


can confirm


Is this like those old fashioned board wargames?

What simulates the enemy?


I just take turns as one or the other, although there are apparently solitaire rules for ASL. You lose the ability to get inside the other player's head and anticipate their moves as effectively, but there is some insight into how you can force the other player to make unfavorable moves based on how you set up your forces. ASL is for grognards and boomers and there's still some scenario leagues running I can participate in once I learn all the rules.

…lots of unnecessary details in them though. Should an LMG really have the ability to fire indefinitely every turn until it "breaks"? Should an infantry unit have the ability to advance one square after the firing process has been done just because? Is it really plausible that infantry units without leader tokens can't rally? The rules only make sense if you consider the "squad" tokens to be smaller groups of 2-4 men. It's also very very hard to effect actual losses by firing and most of the game is just breaking the enemy through direct fire and forcing their morale to degrade. Also for some truly retarded reason the game considers American m1 rifle to have a 6-hex range whereas the 98k only has a 4-hex range… this seems to reflect their concept that this is experience levels but it isn't remotely realistic.


Just squirted a full can of chocolate flavoured squirts cream in my mouth
Yum 🤤


No politics in the crawl thread, please.


You mad?


Yes I am , I cut the grass now my hands are green.


Did you use your hands? I use a scythe my hands never get green.


Reaching in to lawnmower removing clumps of wet grass covered in chlorophyll


how did children become consumers of beauty products and the like? youth is like the greatest 'beauty' drug. if you were to ask any old succubus


videos of people doing this are very comfy


didnt mean to post that yet

my observation is that young succubi are being led to believe they need to look older, that is what their cosmetics fulfill. conversely, old succubi believe they must look younger. probably there is a gradient in between where they want to somehow look both older and younger, as impossible as that sounds

i wonder if this has anything to do with men's sexual preferences over their lifespan. there is a funny chart showing what age succubus males prefer through all ages, and it remains constsant at like 20ish. for succubi, they prefer their own age men. but i wonder if around 20 is the point at which succubi stop trying to look older and switch into 'must look younger' 100% mode. and before this age, they try to look older. this is done in part via cosmetics and beauty products


File: 1681110305296.mp4 (2.05 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Master Chief educates you ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1681128782164.png (240.55 KB, 413x413, 1:1, WorkBukowski.png) ImgOps iqdb

Procrastination is what happens when your inner psyche is screaming out that what you're doing is bullshit and worthless. In the modern world, procrastination makes complete, 100%, logical sense.


File: 1681129578154.gif (32.4 KB, 402x511, 402:511, whatselfabuseamountsto.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Every college student out there should maybe look at what sense their inner rebellion is saying, instead of calling it 'procrastination' and seeking ADHD medication to stamp it down.


I really hate this quote and the culture that goes with it. Procrastination isn't even a thing for productive people, it's just a crutch for moonlight types who don't want to get down to business because their reward system is fucked. Attention is a buildable skillset


>their reward system is fucked
yeah, theres no reason to not enjoy life, must just be a mechanical failure. fortunately for us we have drugs to treat every possible fault in the brain and so everyone goes to work with a smile on their face everyday.


strawman, false dichotomy, denial of reality…


File: 1681152740097.png (396.37 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dude.png) ImgOps iqdb


Nothing that a man decides to do with his time is "Bullsh*t and worthless"..If my inner psyche dared to suggest, especially SHOUT, such a pathetic point of view, I'd call him a faggot and drink flu medicine until he started singing Sweet Home Alabama.

That George Carlin-tier quote should be added to the banned meme list!


Do you guys hate the quote, or fucking wizardchan because that quote has been floating around here since time immemorial. What you're really mad about is that I found out that you're an imposter. Go back to /r9k/. You don't even want to post here, anyways.


For as long as nihilistic r9k users (all you samefagging) have been reposting it, we have been laughing at you and calling you a hobbyless wahhwaah goobaby who needs a spanking.

Like clockwork, as soon as you see anyone disagree with your claims that "there is no reason, no purpose, no point", you immediately find reason, purpose, and point to make an absolute BABOON out of yourself


>For as long as nihilistic r9k users (all you samefagging) have been reposting it
…do you think the same person has been reposting that image for years?

Dude, someone disagreed with your post. Whoopdeefuckingdoo. Calm down.


>same person
It's not, but only because nihilists aren't people. But I'm glad you've found reason and purpose (making a fool of yourself on /crawl/ when someone shuts down your boohoo feefees reciprocation)


Hehe, even though I speak English (and even understand it), it's hard for me to express my thoughts in that language (Right now I'm translating them from another and then I'm going to edit them a bit). I guess the world never belonged to the place where I was born that didn't even invent said language. But it's okay. I do what I can to keep going.


i'm at the gates of enlightenment, and the real shit not the post meditation high that wears off after a few minutes.
it was hard as fuck but i'm finally here, i feel it. my ego is on the brink of destruction.
bye bye samsara fuckers


lmao egoposting about being without ego get a load of this dumb fuck retard.


you're here forever


Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries on earth and also still one of the safest despite having its unsafe areas. There are a lot criminal immigrants however especially in the cities and they make the violent crime rate go up like in almost any european country but Switzerland is still far from being bad and its definitely not worse than the USA.

The problem with young people from Switzerland, Sweden, Germany etc. is that they are often obsessed with the supposed American lifestyle that they see in movies etc. and many of them just emulate Americans and their biggest wish is to be some cool American living in Los Angeles doing american things. American culture is often just a substitute for a lack of identity in European countries.

That succubus just lost her whole 'identity' if she really gets deported and has to go back to Switzerland. She lost her cool American lifestyle and all she can do back at her home country is brag about how she used to work at hooters and how she got arrested by a real American cop or how some cool American dude fucked her at a cool American spring break party but that's it.


that swiss succubus would have gotten away with it if bodycams aren't a thing.


been eating too many potatoes. got lazy and started saying fuck it to peeling them. thought i was immune to solanine. body must have had enough because my throat has been tight and it was to breathe earlier, but since vomitting it's better. looks like i gotta peel these dumb things after all


modern potatoes have been bred to contain very little solanine. You are probably just sick. I have eaten potatoes with the skin on them all my life and never had a problem.


i've been eating nothing but potatoes though, have you ever tried that? i clearly reached some sort of breaking point with my last potato meal, within an hour i was feeling like shit. and since vomitting it has reversed course. luckily cooking using the microwave apparently reduces solanine more than any other cooking method so i should be 100% good if i go back to peeling them


That's a little extreme and doesn't sound healthy.


they are pretty solid, but i take a multivitamin as well


Supposedly, potatoes have everything you need to sustain yourself. Gonna feel like a sack of shit, but you can live off of potato indefinitely.


I'm a bit skeptical that is enough to cover everything. I have read stories about autists with very restrictive eating patterns who also took a multivitamin but then still eventually they developed some sort of weird deficiency. It's safer to just vary stuff up a little.


Based on my readings you should not take a MV frequently if at all. You are getting too much copper from those things


I'm still learning the Advanced Squad Leader game system…. despite six hours of play time minimum. You can't take anything for granted in this game, every little condition has a subrule and a subrule for the subrule that you must know to appropriately play the game.

Anyways I played scenario 5 "welcome back" and one HMG and two squads with a good leader stonewalled cold…. 9 squads, two mmg's, and an lmg. I actually ragequit the scenario when it became obvious I couldn't win in that firefight, totally unbelievable. This game has real problems with how units are either immediately "broken" IE useless and unable to rally or not based on fire effects. The opportunity fire rules basically give 1 squad with appropriate assets the ability to annihilate/indefinitely break and pin 2-3x the number of enemy units. I am getting slightly better at how to approach these situations however, you have to sacrifice a throwaway squad to soak off the first opfire before sending in the real attacking force. It's kind of neat how you usually have a large map but only 3-5 true units per player on it and how they have to strategically maneuver using complete information to make the optimal move. I'm on scenario 6 and after that I get to ASL-SK2 which has artillery pieces


sorry buddy
*sucks all your merit up through a straw*
no honour among samsara niggas
*portals you in to a hell realm*
riding this dudes work like a stolen credit card
o boy a few hundreds years of goddesses for me


Potatoes are a solid staple food, but were generally regarded as lesser than wheat once the potato made it to the new world and was stupid easy to grow and therefore a mainstay of the caloric fuel needed for the densly packed workers of the industrial revolution. But not even wheat alone is necessarily a great idea, even if you can look it up and find that it beats a lot about potatoes at least according to typical measures.

So don't eat just potatoes even if you can survive on them for long enough for strange malnutrition related things or other chronic problems to set in. Human bodies can survive a really long time in the face of garbage conditions and you wind up just thinking like
>oh I'm just getting old I guess
even if you notice you decrepit you're getting at all


youtube shorts is like… not sure how to describe it. shorter video garbage on youtube, im guessing it is supposed to be a competitor to tiktok. but it doesnt play in the normal youtube interface, it loads a weird mobile display that doesn't provide any information on the channel, video description, none of that shit, it's a weird infinite scroller thing and is lame as hell

you could use a url redirector to go to the actual youtube video, but youtube finally remvoed the shorts url workaround, and with it, the watchability of these short videos is now zero for me. unless there is some third party site i could redirect it to that will play shorts in normal youtube fashion. shame


File: 1681429600308.gif (1.96 MB, 720x404, 180:101, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb

"Finally. Time for that good ol' hibernation I've earned for almost a yea-"



good post
I've seen several family members who whined about TikTok immediately get sucked in to YouTube Shorts. They don't even have YouTube accounts for which a curated playlist can be made so it's just top100 daily meme vids and assorted junk.

The pattern could be seen for years, of people developing shorter and shorter attention spans and seeking more condensed forms of media. 11 minute YouTube videos were the TikTok to 44 minute long Late Night TV shows. Now that videos are 5 seconds to a minute and there's no info or creator comment, we must wonder how much more condensed and trimmed down mass entertainment can become. "NeuraLink" and competition can already suggest information to monkeys from scratch, so maybe the future is just being fed enough short images to form a vague memory with detail on par with that formed from watching a YouTok.

There's a rift however. For every 10,000 people scrolling TikTok, there's 1 man analyzing each from of a 4 hour video essay about the history of Mario's hat. The sprocket scientist, the cosmonaught without a crew so he docks his brain on Spaceport Autisma to avoid the toxic atmosphere of planet Society.


yeah i mean youtube shorts is ass. but on some channels i like, they simply use it to publish shorter videos of lesser quality, but they are still good. it's just when their style is 20+ minute serious videos, it must be convenient to not clog the video list with shorter less serious things

so yeah i could watch these shorts at my own discretion whenever i found them, because the url redirection worked and it allowed it to play in a normal video interface like a regular youtube video

now… nope. there is no point in even clicking the "shorts" tab on youtube channels anymore. i refuse to be sujected to the endless scroller infinite garbage feed mobile interface shit


I don't understand how anyone could get interested in computer science or IT. I know IT, and it's just understanding how computers work. Networking is how they communicate, security involves protecting that information, hardware involves some shallow knowledge of what makes a computer work, and software involves how to use corporate software like VMWare for virtualization and and Active Directory for management. I can't think of a reason to get excited about that kind of stuff. It's all a means to an end. I was a kid who liked computers too, but even I knew that it was all a means to an end. Computers are tools. It's the same with engineering or computer science. You don't learn to appreciate that kind of stuff from a video game. Even if you do, it's super shallow like wanting to make one. I didn't really get interested in this kind of stuff as a kid, but I did when I took classes and explored my interests in high school and eventually college. By then, you'll probably know better about what you're getting into. Nah, you didn't get your passion as a kid. You got your passion when you finally dug into the field.


If that anon who was asking about how to 'lock' the format when copying stuff in while writing emails etc is still here, I found another solution. You just need to paste into whatever editor as unformatted. In gmail, right click and 'Paste as plain text', or just use Ctrl+Shift+V. In LibreOffice, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V. The pasted text should assume the style of the surrounding text… I think.


Don't spoiler link plz


Holy shit. 1 - It works. 2 - I'm amazed at this chan's memory, thanks for remembering me.


Youtube shorts and tiktok showed me how I have nothing in common with normals and how pure evil they’re. I despise humanity with my everything.


link spoilering actually hides the link now? didn't it used to just add a black background to it?

it seems to have been reverted, whatever they were doing the redirection works again. i hate being subjected to this kind of torment. these big companies do whatever the hell they want, flip switches, turn off accounts, disable features, and you have zero say about any of it. who knows how long this will last. this tells me they were simply doing some faggot a/b test for it probably and people were outraged (for now) but they will just disable it in the future when they get them accustomed to the infinite pig slop of tiktok interface


Turns out raising GABA is a good way to induce neurorepair. Ambien does this surprisingly


So does alcohol. GABA cycle is less detrimental than dopamine cycle, but it's still easy to abuse and wind up burning out on. There are GABAergic supplements you can look in to that I've found to be mildly useful but I don't particularly want to recommend any specific product. Other things like ensuring adequate magnesium intake can be cobeneficial, and you might find such things marketed toward restful sleep or reducing alcohol cravings if you want to try playing that field. Magnesium is more normally gotten among other similar things from dark leafy grean vegetables, but it doesn't hurt to try pills and potions to try to find out if you have a deficiency.



Men's strength peaking in their mid 30s was surprising to me. But I think this might be unique to competitive lifting, where you have a lifetime of building up muscle mass accumulating. Pretty sure in athletics it is the mid 20s.

I was just on this topic since some versions of Batman have him starting relatively late in his 20s and priming in his 30s, when I would think he would want to start in his early 20s when he is at max strength


Prime fighting age is 30 give or take 3 years for men and ends at abruptly at 35.


Do channels even get ad revenue from shorts?



A paper about AI for anyone interested. I really can't even picture what it would look like if this technology was used in our videogames. Would anyone ever want to do anything else?


Youtube pays partnered creators for shorts, the ads between shorts generate ad revenue but I think it's different if the short contains product placements.


It is the future of video game graphics. Imagine a quick AI pass over a rendered image to generate literal photorealistic graphics.


File: 1681588260009.mp4 (4.11 MB, 480x480, 1:1, C_itBUY3pClt-H3K.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

ai.. motion video.. the future.. yea!!!!


File: 1681590248301.jpg (507.58 KB, 1080x1409, 1080:1409, qej8x7f5a4ua1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

raise a couple people from the dead and suddenly you're evil? fuck this gay earth


that fucking noise alert
jesus christ scared me


what an age to be alive


File: 1681682059034.gif (932.15 KB, 500x375, 4:3, future.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1681691617648.jpg (50.14 KB, 517x679, 517:679, FtzzItsXgAMo6cf.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


JFC, NPCs aggro for no fucking reason in this game. Fix your buggy shit, Bethesda.


The raw meat that this wizard had scraped from the inside of a room-temperature quicksale salmon head from the department store has just left his body. he is feeling refreshed.



some mother fucker decides to plant a tree and 80 years later it's my 3 thousand dollar problem


A row of consecutive productive days gone because i was horny, just decided to watch porn and it escalated to browsing wizchan, porn and watching youtube videos all day just because i decided to watch porn.
Im not normally horny, i noticed that i enter that state because i delay going to the bathroom, and the g point gets stimulated (men g point is the prostate, yeah the logs stimulate it).
This information might be useful to some wizards


>men g point is the prostate, yeah the logs stimulate it

Gay as fuck


An axe is like $7 at Harbor Freight


I don't think an axe would be enough to solve that wizard's problem


It would be more than enough considering that whoever wrote up a $3000 bill for tree-kicking-over is just a human like any other, a fragile fleshsack of blood and guts which Earth will happily reclaim with its gravity if given the opportunity (rapid sequence of incisions)


yeah, but these days even for farting in your own property you have to give money to the goverment, so he's going to give up big bucks anyways


File: 1681825614114.png (32.81 KB, 1920x317, 1920:317, Friends_logo.svg.png) ImgOps iqdb

I remember reading this book "Time Will Run Back" about how the world just completely stagnates technologically and culturally, and how depressing that is.

Does anyone else find it depressing that Gen Z is watching Friends?


How can you ignore all the rapid technological advances in recent years to be depressed about something like that? It's comeplete nonsense to suppose a cultural and technological stagnation using people watching an old TV show as relevant parameter, let alone an absolute one.

If you want to be depressed about something silly, at least pick something with more interesting proportions, something that engages your intellectual curiosity like the heat death of the universe or how you'll never be able to see what's inside a black hole. Kids watching some random TV show that is not even that old is not at all depressing. Few years back I watched most of the The Twilight Zone, so what? Doesn't mean culture has stopped.


>what's inside a black hole
you can lol


You found a way to SEE a surface where the laws of physics collapse and seeing becomes impossible? There's a nobel prize waiting for you, just publish the paper.


File: 1681834533715.jpg (230.26 KB, 811x883, 811:883, image-34.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not really. I myself was into a lot of retro things that were before my generation.


Friends is the most milquetoast normalfag shit ever


They're flying!


Perhaps he meant see from within a black hole. Alternatively, he meant being able to observe things about a black hole based on its interactions with other directly observable things.

In other news, there was a science news article the other day about a small scale simulation using a string of individual atoms attempting to simulate one of the possible mechanisms of the proposed Hawkings radiation that might come out of black holes, allowing that they might be capable of some equilibrium or even decay of accumulated mass/energy and of information. Having been in the "science news" before, I'm not about to take anything in the article as the article describes it. But if Hawkings radiation or something similar turns out to be real, then that could fit an even more direct definition of being able to see into a black hole.


Yeah, but…Friends?
Exactly. Imagine if millenials really got into "Leave It to Beaver."


Tell me how watching Friends is any worse than say watching Game of Thrones or The Mandalorian. I'm curious to know why you find watching a shitty slice of life is depressing but a juvenal power fantasy is not. Assuming you know people watch those shows too but didn't make you depressed about it. Or maybe those shows also makes you depressed, I can see going both ways.


They should make it Friendless


I used to pirate all my games, but now I feel like I'm spending too much money on shit I don't play.
I guess I've lost many brain cells over the years to alcohol and weed, but FOMO steam sales activates my attention deficits.


you should buy gym membership and wagecuck


Sorry, I'm a /dep/ poster.
That's not happening.


I spent middle school through college in sports or the gym, the idea that it solves all your problems, or is the 1st step to it, is pretty crazy.

maybe those who never step foot in a gym till they are 25 think its some magical place



AI is now able to accurately infer and propose equations that describe physical laws. One AI recently rediscovered Kepler's laws of planetary motion and Einstein's time-dilation law. I guess even highly qualified physicists with PhDs can be replaced sooner rather than later.


Why do people keep thinking AI is gonna replace shit? Did everyone replace their legs when the wheel was invented?


That's what technology does. It automates tasks previously performed by humans. We have innumerous examples throughout history. Like how switchboard operators were replaced by direct dialing. Or the iceman by electric refrigerators. Or computers before, well, computers. Why AI wouldn't do the same thing? You never heard of the luddites? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite

It's a thing. It really happens.


I studied computer engineering at that school, neat.


once AI takes brainwork what's left for humans?


If humans were an intelligent species we could make a peaceful transition of current economic and production systems to something like perpetual vacation for 90% of humanity but we're not an intelligent species, so I'm guessing power struggles, political and economical instability, pain and misery.



It is basically just a super advanced calculator. You will still need the education to know how to use it to produce anything useful.


Not at all, read the article. The AI can use finding from previous papers to fit equations that seem likely. It’s basically a way to automate fitting curves and pattern recognition. A pareidolia machine.


We still have domestic horses, yet the automobile and steam engine have existed for a few centuries at this point. We still have bank tellers even though the ATM has been around for a few decades. The camera has existed for a long time yet people still paint, and paint portraits and still lifes at that. Technology is not about replacing people, it’s about making tools.


File: 1681943784476.png (445.33 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>We still have domestic horses

If humans are the horses its not looking good for us.


Home gym masterrace is an option. It can help a lot, even if your goals are not lofty. For instance, making sure to get up before it gets too hot outside to bother with it, or using the endorphin rush to be able to go outside and work on your car so you can go drive to the liquor store. I used to use it as a mandate to be sure to be able to watch dragon ball z in the morning when it was on cartoon network so that one day I could do cool ninja stuff. Literally the only reason to get out of bed and try to act normal in front my parents that summer vacation.


There were a lot more succubi who graduated with computer science degrees in the 80s. Now computer science has as many female grads as engineering degrees, which has always historically been the lowest. I wonder what happened.


File: 1681961268750.png (49.58 KB, 1312x865, 1312:865, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

The female share of computer science bachelor’s degrees actually peaked at 37.1% in 1984 before going into a steady decline for about the next quarter century

It does make me curious why it was so relatively high in the 1980s. Computers were much more niche back then than they are now.

I know in the very old days "computers" were literally succubi who did the equations by hand. it was low level work at least as far as STEM goes.


Do we really need 10 billion humans on the planet though? I can scarcely wrap my head around a million.

I'm not sure where computer science was in the 80s but I think there was demand for typists and punch card pushers, as well as just data scientists.


It's entirely because Friends is an old show and that means that culture is stagnating, not changing, not evolving. Also, because it's so bland and milquetoast that I can't help but project and wonder whether Gen Z is that milquetoast and tame.

By the way, you're still right that Game of Thrones and Mandalorian are depressing pieces of shit. I don't really see what that has to do with this, though. Because at least they're different. At least they represent _some_ sort of change in culture. Game of Thrones/Mandalorian/Rick and Morty depress me in a completely different way.


If friends was a zoomer show then the characters would be doing drugs and fuck each other.


>It's entirely because Friends is an old show and that means that culture is stagnating, not changing, not evolving.
I'm not sure if you realize it but that's the depression talking wiz, there's no line of reasoning in that argument whatsover. Are there any shows that don't depress you? I'm suspecting none at this point.


I'm going to repeat my same argument because you haven't addressed it. It's a sign of a stagnating culture if the younger generation doesn't have their own.


There's more to culture than whatever the most popular American sitcom is. Teens of today are worlds apart from teens of yesterday in terms of behavior and interests, they certainly have their own culture, even if whatever dumb TV shows they're watching just happen to be the same as what people were watching in 2005. Using Pop Culture as a measure of behavioral and artistic culture is really stupid, like brainwashed levels of stupid. Like 80s kids who can only fondly remember their youth through the popular movies, TV, and videogames of the time while having no idea about the political or (true) artistic environment in which they grew.


Fine I'll address it. How about all the other current shows they're watching right now?


It has been now two years since I moved on..
Good to see the world has too


File: 1682049710010.jpg (418.34 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, Iono by @Kyoosh_art.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



i don't understand but i agreee


I second this motion.


File: 1682096891453.jpg (260.3 KB, 927x781, 927:781, 1678936774016439.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>trying to get an easy manual job
>applying for a training program I'm not even qualified for just to stop dad's nagging
they want me

fucking hell I hoped they'll say no


File: 1682137355147.jpg (4.72 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 102256466_p32.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this is what the establishment fears.


why would they ever reject someone who applies for a training program? it's a training program not a job.


I remember when I was a kid finding setting and stuff that I needed to access in programs was fairly straightforward. You go to the tab you need, find the setting you need. I swear that they have made it harder to do this though almost universally in any sort of program, the tabs make less sense, there is redundancy of categories with unclear reasons for things being placed in the tab, and there are overall way more items. Built-in search features to find what you want work only some of the time. If you go to google it, you will have to wade through a bunch of people explaining how to get to what you want in ways that no longer work because the program designers decided to change everything. Hopefully someone has made a thread since they made the change but if they haven't, good luck. I wonder if I am just imagining this or if I just became retarded when I got older.


Do depressing bars like Moe's still exist?

I feel like the dichotomy is between dance club singles meatmarkets and tough guy macho bars. I guess Moe's is more like the latter. but I'm looking for more depressing than tough guy


youtube mobile no longer displays volume controls

i mean i get it, you can just use your phones physical volume buttons, but i still think that is dumb. i would rather mute random videos than my phone, and i always mute new videos. but now i have to mute phone. idk youtube always does this shit. google fucking sucks, i hate google so damn much



They exist, but you have to go into multiple bars to find them. Some bars also has the moe's vibe during the weekday but turns into normie party central on the weekend.

The bset places in my experience are small bars that are literally just a bar and a few tables, or a bar/restaurant that you aren't sure is even open.


File: 1682212609628.png (2.77 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, microsoft.png) ImgOps iqdb

use newpipe or revanced
windows is the worst for this


what do you mean use nepipe or revanced? that doesn't work for youtube links posted here, or is there also some browser + addon i would need


I had the same experience in these environments. Alcoholics tend to argue over the dumbest things with each other and they can suddenly get mad for nothing. If you go to a bar alone there's a high possibility that some alcoholic boomer randomly comes up to you to give you an earbeating about all sorts of things but usually they talk about some dumb stuff or some drunk pseudo philosophical bullshit. I think the type of alcoholics who hang out at bars with other alcoholics are the true failed normies, like somehow they still seek company but they're also all drunk and fucked up.


i get so asshurt whenever i read about online games being described as MMOs when they consist of many servers of dozens of people per server. after a certain point, why are you even using the word massive to describe the game, just call it an online game

it's such bait bullshit. i expect stuff like runescape, wow, or everquest, but 99% of the times it is more like a call of duty lobby match and the 'world' ceases to exist when the match is over. i hate this shit


well you would just copy paste the urls into the apps


File: 1682396472039.jpg (99.2 KB, 1457x856, 1457:856, 48740537_p57.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


XD, they banned me from 4chan because I called a succubus from an anime a fatass.
Brave new world.


I don't know how some of you guys are still able to tolerate that place


File: 1682488082573.jpg (71.95 KB, 1689x1080, 563:360, Fas854yWQAMJgIO.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You broke a "be respectful" rule on a SFW board of a big, fast, anonymous website where posts don't last 30 hours, one of the 400 staff banned you for it, and now you're taking refuge here. "XD" indeed!


File: 1682534683079.mp4 (17.44 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, TVアニメ『この素晴らしい世界に爆焔を!』 ノンクレ….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

This may be a little too political for this thread but if you're a wizard you should really watch this. Things are happening. Changes are stagnating. Events taking place at an increasing pace. Stay safe, because nothing ever rhymes with 'safe'.


I don't get it


be more specific, you speak vague nonsense as is


Anon, are you telling me not to come to school tomorrow?


Quite a life-changing video tbh


i always wanted to play this game. the original ad, not his


if you play a character in a videogame, and there is no jumping, that game is bad


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is, therefore, bad since you can only "jump" off of ledges.


when is the last time you jumped irl?


that counts as jumping



What triggers me the most are mobile games calling themselves mmos


i mean mobiles lie in everyway possible and claim to be everything possible, so no surprise


File: 1682598120871.jpg (58.94 KB, 615x640, 123:128, Fallout 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

One of my favorite games of all times and you don't jump.


One of my shrimps has a bunch of eggs hanging off it now. The day before I saw the eggs I noticed they were all swimming really weird. They were extra active and were swimming in squiggly patterns. Then I saw one of the shrimp jump onto the back of another shrimp for about a second. So it's possible I witnessed the mating itself and then saw the eggs the next day. I looked it up and apparently whenever a female molts it releases pheromones which make the males try to mate with it so that must have been what was going on the first day.


The crabs exhange virginities before the wizard's eyes, increasing the amount of food he must provide hundredfold


SimCity, Earthbound, Secret of Mana, EUIV, HOI4,…shit, I think yours and my tastes are exactly perpendicular.



File: 1682676486327.jpg (108.52 KB, 1080x1345, 216:269, based pelo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

lol, I don't know where I found this, but I think it's pretty funny. Reminds me of the game, "Pedophile Quest".


>twitter im le pedophile humour



Pretty sure this poster is the same bad actor from >>>/wiz/206059 and >>>/wiz/205708 .


yeah im getting pretty sick of a comfy wiki thread being hijacked by the most disgusting shit imaginable


Post some entries you like.


how hilarious


Are you really being cross-board butthurt because of a dark joke made on a 4chan-derived imageboard? That's legitimately giggles.

Sarcasm is the language of succubi btw.


Found the psychopath / rapist.


> 4chan-derived imageboard

that is the problem, too many here see us as just a 4chan spinoff. but we have our own unique culture.

4chan loves sex, and we hate it for one.


I'm looking for good darkweb alternatives to:
- Neocities
- Chan
Does anyone know the latest? In my experience anyone who has the same political viewpoints as myself are in obscure corners of the darkweb anyways.


got your fuckin dark web linkj list righty here


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