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Anyone contemplates this? I have a serious dislike for wo-men and believe they are nothing but imperfect humans, subhumans if you prefer that term. I want to be gay but the most I ever masturbated to was tranny porn. When I tried jerking to gay porn I felt sick last time. (Been 10 years ago at least). So I'm thinking of training myself with 2D males. I'm attracted to 2D males the most, then after them 2D females. I'm disgusted with 3D people and try to avoid 3D porn at this point.

I never thought of myself as gay before, at most bisexual because I fapped to trannies or traps (both 2D and 3D porn) but now I want to make myself gay. At least when it comes to 2D. I'm attracted to Gilgamesh from Fate Stay Night the most. What are some obligatory gay-core/bromance books or fiction? Anime, movies, cartoons, TV shows, manga, VN recommendations are welcome and anything else related to the subject. Anti-female media or studies/books are also welcome.


it's called prison gay and its not respectable


And why just not masturbating anymore? whats the point?
>Been 10
i liked that cartoon too


Well you may not be gay but you certainly are a faggot.

On a unrelated note, is op's image supposed to be some sort of anime version of a Mesopotamian Sun God or something? No clue who it's supposed to be but it's got that kind of aesthetic.


It seems to be Gilgamesh


I think what OP is saying makes sense. He's not saying he wants to actually have sex with men. He is just sick of the hold that succubi have over him. The attachment succubi have over hetero men, makes us all slaves to them whether we are crabs or volcels. Anyone who isn't asexual or gay.

So he just wants to be free from the attachment to succubi, and all the pain that brings. he doesnt actually want to have sex with men.


Well he's now attaching himself to men


men don't write despairing anguished metaphysical crab manifestos over being attracted to men


File: 1678329833453.jpg (209.17 KB, 640x824, 80:103, joe.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Let me ask my friend joe here he once saw how far gay people go


If you're not born gay, you can't become a gay, if you do gay shit out of trying to be gay, you will feel sick.


not true im straight but doing gay shit makes me cum harder


misogyny is a crab trait. The wizard approach is to simply ignore succubi. succubi are not important, really. There's no point hating them, its just draining, you gain nothing by doing it.

If you hate succubi, you still attached to them. I hope one day you become indifferent, its great and you'll stop suffering.


I think OP made clear that is why he wants to become 2d gay


very wizardly thread, am I right mods? Oh, right. It's the gay clique.


Faggots have no shame anymore, not even on wizchan we're safe from degeneracy


Kick homos


> but the most I ever masturbated to was tranny porn.

Tranny porn is heterosexual. Only cis men are attracted to trans fems. And gays have very high beauty standards, like gym going with full abs is mandatory. Unless you want to be that lonely fat dude on grindr nobody wants to day, even for sugar daddy money.

t. knower


retarded thread from the gay tranny clique. If only there was a good mod here who will ban these faggots…


>porn with two dicks, no pussies and anal sex is straight

>only cis men are attracted to trans fems

1) ywnbaw
2) no, chasers arent straight, you faggot


File: 1678392046137.jpg (105.85 KB, 850x900, 17:18, ryu x ken.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>And why just not masturbating anymore? whats the point?
NoFap is a cope unless you have low T levels or want to live a completely no fun life. I don't have a problem with masturbation, I have a problem with 3D females. Jerking off to imagining how your cute 2D husbando buttfucks you doggy-style can feel incredibly good.

Gil from the Fate universe. I want him to Noble Phantasm me with all his big swords while calling me a mongrel.

And you can't see the difference between men and wymen? Come on. The only worthy and interesting people this species produced were all men. Socrates, Jesus, Caesar, Nietzsche - the greatest thinkers and deepest people always were men. You are what you are attracted to. If you are attracted to dumb sluts then that tells a lot about you and not exactly positive things.

I don't think it's true. Sexual tastes can be molded or rather you can realize you had an appetite for X fetish if you masturbate to it long enough or consume enough porn of it.

I'm not a Buddha and neither are you. You can stop roleplaying. People have opinions about this world and have feelings about this world, either positive or negative. My opinions on wymen is that they are destructive, inferior and worthless creatures. Why pretend that I'm neutral towards them when I obviously look down on them?

>And gays have very high beauty standards, like gym going with full abs is mandatory. Unless you want to be that lonely fat dude on grindr nobody wants to day, even for sugar daddy money.
I like being a wizard. I was talking about my preferences when it comes to masturbation and aesthetics.

Thank you for understanding this.


>You are what you are attracted to.
no you arent
>destructive, inferior and worthless creatures
all humans not just succubi
looking down on someone doesnt make you better


Spilled my drink at the OP.
You were always a homo, you absolute buffoon.


Maybe if you spend enough on the wizchan discord you turn gay


spilled your drink of cum, and or did you mean u spit it out


File: 1678401446225.jpg (71.87 KB, 736x865, 736:865, exist unmasked misery.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>no fap is a cope
Seriously these levels of imbecility are uncanny


what about the bear subculture?


But you are what you are attracted to. Obv not on the physical surface but deep down you seek out things that are similar to you. If you are a twisted, ignorant or rotten person then you will be attracted to succubi and think there is nothing wrong with it. Like it or not but what you fantasize about tells a great deal about you as a person.

>all humans not just succubi

No, not all humans. There is a ranking among people.
Intellectual males >>> ordinary males >>> females
Cultures and everything worthwhile were created by men of higher intellect. Ancient Greece and Rome weren't cool societies despite all the faggotry, they were superior culturally exactly because of their homosexual/bisexual tradition that focused on men, especially men of higher character, moral dignity and intellect.

>looking down on someone doesnt make you better

Looking down on others, in this case succubi, is the natural result of me being superior to them. I'm better because of my sex and the intellect, honesty, pride, loyalty that comes with being a man.

It is a cope. 99% of nofappers should be just called once-in-a-while-fappers because they actually masturbate but not as much as others and the remaining 1% who actually can manage not to fap end up as bitter, boring and hollow persons. It's also a pretty crab-like thing as it was invented for betas to "man up" somehow from the pent-up frustration.


>But you are what you are attracted to.
umm then i am now teh loli


no you arent this is just a cope for broken people to continue being broken


An opinion different from yours is not automatically a "cope"


there is no reason to belive that you are attracted to what you are, and since majority of people are heterosexual, it seems that you just made it up, as most men are not attracted to men. its not cope, because its disagreeable its cope because its cope, faggot


explain what you think cope means.


you first babe


Maybe you are. Pedophiles are children in adult bodies, perhaps? You considered that?

>le cope
>for de broken people
It seems that brainwashing you received from normalfag society works pretty well, huh?

You completely misunderstand it. "Men" who are attracted to succubi aren't real men at all, only whores in men's bodies. Same things seek out the same things. You are defined by what you find attractive or beautiful. If you consider some dumb onlyfans cunt as beautiful or attractive then you have poor taste and shouldn't call yourself a man at all.


You do know the gay thing is a trap, right? If you want to suck cock, you can, but it's futile and doesn't really give anything worthwhile. Other men do not need nor want that.

Most of this isn't about the sexual act itself but the politics and rejection from the secret societies. That's all humanity ever was, and the sooner we turn away from all of it, the sooner we can do things we wanted to do. The only reason for secret society in the first place is because of other fucking people and their viciousness, because humans are predators and refuse to be anything else.

Anyway, it really does get better when you're older. You see enough rot and, if you can keep something for yourself, you see that it really is pointless. In some way I was lucky in that I saw the futility of sex before I ever got into succubi, and asked why people would put themselves through it. If the world wasn't taken from me and I weren't put through extreme humiliation most people would kill themselves to avoid, I would likely never think much of it and it would remain something for other people and their stupidity. Because I'm not allowed to have anything, even the smallest thing, I turned inward out of desperation and that was a mistake. I let the bastards win and repeated the cycle of shame and abuse. It's better now, but now it's too late and my life is long over. I'm just going through what remains, and maybe the others can find something useful. Too many people want the rot to continue and have conspired to make it impossible to speak of anything being different, and so I made it my remaining life's work to write down why it did turn out this way and why humanity really was a hopeless project.


>studies/books are also welcome
It's said that you can ether understand succubi or love them but you can't do both.
The book The Rational Male is probably the most detailed truthful explanation of female behavior in dispassionate mostly objective terms.
While with that understanding it might decrease your hate, it certainly won't make you like them.
That said it is a chunky book though. Not a casual read.


well if ur gonna go all manosphere, might as well go with the guy who hates succubi so much he went gay, more up OP's alley





>anon ib are a joke and not to be taken serious
do we really need that dumb ass notice that 4chan had?


the quality of the threads is on decline. Never thought wizchan would openly promote degeneracy.


new fag its always been low quality threads like this


as long as its all virgin 2d, does it really matter if a line on a paper bends one way or the other? who cares about the degeneracy about fapping to a squiggly line, and the morality of fapping to a line that bends the other way


File: 1678580244100.jpg (227.43 KB, 1080x720, 3:2, bog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I am gay and I don't know why you would want to be this way, it just makes retards hate you for no real reason. You basically become a pariah and have to make friends with females or other gays because you never quite fit in with the normal guys. And even if you never bring up the fact that you're gay most people will bring it up themselves and constantly hold it over your head and usually use it to belittle you or as a chance to beat their chest and increase their social ranking by making fun of the weird homo.


if you have to explain to normies you have no interest in succubi is it best to be

1 gay
2 volcel
3 asexual
4 crab



"Coming out of a long relationship and don't really have the stability and time to commit to any romance right now"


a daring wiz are we?


gay in the city, and volcel (religous) if otherwise, but why care what normies think


I'm talking about actually being gay, not lying to normals


wow i got my comment deleted by i said
>as if either is more honorable than the other


P.S. mods, faggot isnt derogatory, its a reclaimed slur


No one here is talking about honor, stop projecting


>being a faggot is ok because no one in this ib mentioned the word "honor"


why are the biggest girlhaters also the biggest faghaters? Like succubi are these disgusting demoness satan, but fuck you for not liking em


I dont have to like FUCKING FAGGOTS to hate FEMALES


female = evil
not desiring female = evil



A succubus can never be your 'soul mate' or be as relatable like another guy and if you actually want that perfect type of waifu relationship then you are better off with an autistic guy or femboy/tgirl instead of an actual succubus because succubi will never be able to relate to you or be on the same level of dedication and intelligence as you.

I think so many guys go gay or bi these days because they look for some form of bond, affection or intimacy that they cant get from a succubus due to modern succubi being more and more retarded.

I'm neither pro or anti-gay but for me its understandable why some guys who crave affection and intimacy start to walk the gay/bi route. A relationship with a cute and caring femboy who likes to show affection and is able to relate to things seems more wholesome than being in a relationship with some unbearable cunt that will treat you like a parasite and cuck you. Also guys have a different sex drive and actually enjoy sex on the same base as you and unlike succubi who use sex for their weird personal bullshit.

So if you're looking to have someone who can relate to you and show you affection and you're horny a lot then you're most likely better off with a guy.


If you think like that arent you already gay? "Going gay" like it's a choice doesnt make sense. Perhaps you are just realising now that it was preconceptions and societal initialisation brainwashing holding you back.

If you dislike succubi then you're not heterosexual, though many crabs have some severe mental illness preventing them from seeing this coherently. Internalised homophobia is everywhere throughout modern humans


Realizing that you are gay is hard I think when heterosexuals brainwash you your entire life into believing that everyone is heterosexual, I didn't fully accept my sexuality until I was around 22 years old, I actually fapped to gay porn as a teenager but I didn't think it was gay at all. All the people in my life asking me if I was gay should have been a red flag for me but I didn't think it was possible. I don't think anyone ever really thinks that they are gonna be the weirdo, and it takes some soul searching to figure it out


I was talking about being 2D gay first of all. I don't think I could ever stomach watching vanilla 3D homosexual porn. And I certainly don't plan on sucking cock, having sex or dating anyone. And why would you advertise to others that you are gay or bisexual or anything considered as weird? It's hard for me to understand why most gays feel the need to go around shouting to everyone that they like dicks. And when they get beaten up or bullied they don't know how it happened…No, I wouldn't do that. I live in a conservative country so I learned early on that it's better to just stay silent regarding certain things. Though sometimes out of curiosity and because of my autismo I tend to tell normals that I'm a virgin. It's interesting to watch their reactions.

Nice, interesting.
That Jack Donovan guy makes me curious. It's cool to see someone who isn't part of the traditional left vs right dualism thing that is pushed in the mainstream. He seems like someone who can think for himself and isn't afraid to experiment with new ideas or to blend ideologies together to create something new.

This is what I'm talking about.

It's an inherent contradiction of the (alt) right-winger usually.
>succubi ruin everything and are troublemakers!
>b-but if you fantasize about men then off to the gas chamber with you!
It's also funny because most of these guys supposedly like ancient Greece and Rome, just look at the Nazis. They supposedly were all for ancient non-christian culture but they still went on about how being a homosexual is degeneracy (which line of thinking pretty much became mainstream only after christianity took root in european culture). Most of these people are still indoctrinated into christian values and thinking, that's why they are all "muh lady" white knight when they are around wymen. The nazis and their spiritual successors had more in common with christian culture than they would like to admit.

I agree, if someone is a normalfag or failed norm and wants to have sex or a relationship irl then he is better off with a man or tranny. Females can't love anyone and can't stay loyal to anyone but to themselves. They are really the cancer that ruined and continues to ruin western civilization. As long as females are allowed to do as they please we can't fix anything. They can't even lead families or corporations, not to mention freaking countries. And yet they infested politics. All they do is let in people from different cultures and let anarchy reign. Nothing is sacred to them. They would sell their own children for higher social status.

I'm not really gay YET. I just masturbated to 3D hetero reverse-gangbang (1 guy with 5 milfs). I don't I will ever be truly gay in the proper sense of the word. But I want to try. At least 2D gay. Yeah, 2D gayness is fine with me but 3D can't give me any erection. The most I can do is fap to yaoi hentai or imagine cute 2D guys while touching myself. Even when it comes to 2D, I'm only attracted to the pretty boy type, not the masculine bearded guys. It may be a hopeless project but at least I consider myself to be bisexual because I like tranny porn (both 2d+3d) plus like I said 2d guys. Interesting thing is, I can fantasize about both being the dominant and submissive male when it comes to 2D men.
And while fapping to that I also like to fantasize about tentacles or monsters gangbanging me, like from the Alien movie. Is it that weird?


>why would you advertise to others that you are gay or bisexual or anything considered as weird?
because heteros often want to talk about sex and succubi and it's annoying and gross so I just tell them that I'm not straight so they leave me alone with that shit. I also tell people I'm a virgin too, I don't care what they think and in fact I feel good if it makes them mad. Usually it's the most fun to shock feminists that assume you're a hetero sexhaver, the looks I've seen from those types, though rare, is priceless


And would you consider sucking off a man if he has a feminine enough face?


I'm a misogynist and view succubi the same way as you but I'm also genuinely gay and by gay I mean an actual homosexual, I hate traps, trannies, femboys and twinks.


I fantasize about sucking 2D dick of cute 2D boys. I'm really not into 3D men in terms of looks. What I'm attracted to is their rationality, intellect, personality, etc. But I could never have sex with them, even if I was some normalfag. Trannies I find attractive as far as looks go and if I was a normalfag then I'd go for them probably.
I would also like to purchase a dildo or vibrator and use it in my anus during masturbations. Shame I live with my christian family and have no income on my own so that will remain a dream to me…

I like to shock people too. But I wouldn't risk a beating because here gays get beaten a lot. So the most I tell people is that I'm a virgin and that I prefer 2d/hentai to real humans.


People will beat faggots but not cartoon fappers? Its reversed in my locale


Yeah, hungaro wiz here. People here beat faggots regularly. Fapping to cartoons is just weird for normals here (unless you fap to loli or shota in which case you are labeled as a sexual predator and will get beaten too).


this thread is against the rules


female threads will be deleted and "i am such a cumslut tee hee" will stay.

i wank to tranny content alongside hetero.
i would not be the first to say that crab ban, all the while allowing greater freedom for gays is the most retarded aspect of the board.
i also don't get why 3D is fully banned. not accounting for lurking of other neet/hikki places that started a decade ago, i've only been on this board for 1.5 years, so my positive opinions of 3D will be shrugged of as a newcomer not understanding a vital part of the board. fair.
how would realistically deal with the crabs? perhaps remove only the more vocal ones, where it is obvious that their opinions come from memening echo chambers, but that is hard and no one will bother to differentiate


Gays can be volcels, crabs can't. That's how it is and that is why gayposting is okay. Crabs have lots of platforms on the internet, while we don't have any except this site.


Being homosexual doesn't make you a volcel, you're just a gaycel or homocrab.


theres this gay chad who has promised to have free sex with every gaycel in the world, therefore gaycels dont exist


it's so trivial to get gay sex that every celibate homo is a volcel


You're not volcel because a bunch of other gay freaks with stds who would even fuck post op trannies will also not mind having sex with you because they're horny degenerates.
Being a homosexual is classified as a psychiatric disorder, the jews convinced people otherwise, so no wonder they're so delusional they think they're volcels. Imagine wanting to be fucked in the ass by other men and think you're mentally sound.

If you're volcel because mentally ill people will fuck you then everyone who is a virgin is volcel too since there will always be a mentally ill, filthy, degenerate trash be it male or female who will fuck you either for money, drugs, convenience, or simply pleasure.


Turning homo because you cant get laid doesn't make you a volcel. Homosexuality is just the endgame of crabs who can't get laid.


then why are gays stereotyped as better-looking and more fashion and fitness conscious than hets?



A lot of young men go gay because they crave intimacy and affection and because of things like hypergamy, different gender roles etc. some men also have such a hard time interacting with succubi that they rather go for a trap who looks Iike a succubus but can talk about more autistic topics. Femboys and traps emulate succubi to an extent while still not being as retarded as actual succubi and they are way more accessible for sex as well. Guys who watch a ton of porn often get into traps and stuff at some point as well.

This is something we're most likely gonna see more in the future because of how relationships and dating have changed.


Homosexuals can be volcels and inzels too, just like heteros. What you masturbate to in your room shouldn't matter at all on a site like this and you are just dividing the already small userbase here even further.

Gay volcels are superior to hetero crabs and you can't do anything about it except to be butthurt.


Sounds like a troon psyop to try get guys to turn into fags like r9k


Just realized that I made the almost exact same post on another thread today lolol

>Sounds like a troon psyop to try get guys to turn into fags like r9k
Lonely young men are always the target of pysops by all kinds of groups. The gay groomers have always been lurking here and in other places, even that weird wizchan discord showed that there have been gay guys on here who dress like femboys irl and stuff. I think the gay shills are not even politically motivated but just extremely horny and depraved.


File: 1681482846297.jpg (542.89 KB, 1242x1404, 23:26, 1674541767993294.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

this will be OP soon


This reminds me of that story of the 4chan anon who met a trap irl for the first time and it went all bad because the trap didn't have proper hygiene and didn't come close to his anime fantasies. It always ends bad for people when their unrealistic expectations from porn and anime don't get met, most succubi probably have disgusting pussies so I guess it's the same with dudes asses.


well what about all the porn addicts who identify as the succubus in the porn?, for them sucking dick is like you finally get to be the succubus in porn you dreamed of being


It's all just a fantasy until its done and then you might go home and feel like shit because it should have stayed a fantasy. Most of these guys wouldn't even have gay stuff on their mind if they stopped watching porn.


the majority of heterosexual teen succubi vomit and feel like trash after their 1st time giving head. they get used to it.


How the FUCK is this thread still up? Where are the mods at this point?


actively posting in it haha


That's because for their first time they usually get gaslighted into it by some random guy from class or whatever, succubi who do things early are usually quite the town bicycles.


Oh so the succubi who do it at "the right age" whenever that is, feel better about it?


I'd say so because they do it with their boyfriends and not with some random dudes who put them under peer pressure


Mom, the new Wizchan users are talking about succubi's preferences in penises again


idk millenial sex habits were weird enough to me when I was a millenial, I have no idea what zoomer mating is like, i assume black pillers on Tinder and Tiktok lookmax them on what each deserves and those who fail as one sex get transformed into the other sex


Zoomers are way more looks obsessed than millennials, especially young men often care about looks in a rather feminine way, that's one of the main things I observed. It's interesting how there are so many zoomer femboys, I see them irl a lot as well which is something I never saw anywhere during my youth.


yeah teen normies talk like some r9k black pill crab forum. age doesnt matter because your looks dna are set from birth


>there are so many zoomer femboys, I see them irl a lot
Are you sure it's not just you getting older? From old pictures of me I'd have been considered a "femboy", but it was mostly because I hadn't fully finished puberty yet and looked like my sister. It's not something I noticed at the time though, I thought I had looked extremely manly like a cool rock star or something(I actually looked like I suck cocks)


The clothing industry is making them wear hot pants, too. It's like the 80s but I guess with benzos and other pills to turn off the mind instead of a coke binge and short shorts that weren't so aggressively sexualized.

It's almost weird to see one walking around with a nice looking succubus instead of their pack of similarly outfitted guys.


what is this thread?


Something about fags.


It's no secret that the average testosterone is in a free-fall, and I am also reminded of the Rat Utopia.
>Maladjusted males, meanwhile, took to grooming all day—preening and licking themselves hour after hour.






When you connect random brainfart moments to chatgpt


I remember reading this theory many years ago and not seeing evidence of it amongst millennial outcasts, but with gen zoomer…I can see it.


This doesn't really apply to humans, because modern young human females all bend over to these preening prettyboys.

succubi, especially those of childrearing age, hate rough looking men these days.
Just looking at those tiktoks is enough to see the evidence, they are drooling for those preening grooming guys who have "pretty" facial features, balanced with some masculine ones like musculature or height.


File: 1683300715211.jpg (122.09 KB, 767x1000, 767:1000, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>these days.
Maybe it was always the case. Here's Ivor Novello, considered one of the most attractive man in 1920s.


>algorithm driven media shows that…
Uh huh.


It really depends on the succubus, there is not just one type of guy that is attractive so it depends on the womans taste. Feminine pretty boy types have always been attractive but very masculine guys have been as well.


another brainfart thread


Hi there wizchan.org group



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