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I hate hearing about my boomer dad just waste money buying new cars constantly, and it's all he talks about 50% of the time. And it's not because I'm pining for an inheritance or anything, it's more because it's a total moneysink and it's not even making him happy, it's literally like watching a guy dig holes and throw money in them. I've been lightly trying to tell him that upgrading every three years and buying a utility vehicle just to take a dog out (he doesn't want to ruin his main car's seats) is just covetous hoarding and won't fill the hole. He has three personal vehicles, two oversized bus camper vehicles, three motorcycles, a tractor, and that's just the vehicles that run.

He has over 10 "project" cars half finished on his property, mostly rotting away in the paddock, most have been unmoved for over a decade, and now he's in his seventies without the ability to work on them. For the past ten years he's basically been getting me and my brother to regularly rotate shit around his property in a circular fashion, for the past five years I've been basically over it and know it's not even helping him, so I do it only rarely. I know no matter how much space he saves, he'll fill it up with shit that's rusting away but "worth money in parts".

I know I'll probably get tardwrangled into helping him dump all his shit, but I'm dreading the day because it's going to be a lot of coping about "Oh that's value, I'll hold onto that". I'll be stuck watching him waste $15,000+ a year renting out some farmland somewhere, and pressuring me to help fill it up with his shit in massive shipping containers, and then have it rot away burning money for the next 10-20 years. And I know when that day comes there will be another 20% of extra shit hidden away in shipping containers or rented structures that I will suddenly find out about.


What is it with nowhere properties out in the country and how they always seem to have 10+ broken down cars on them?


far fewer eyes


Probably just old boomers like my dad that become car hoarders.

You can't exactly store them on a residential property and the old boy just moved out to the countryside and got a farmlet for all his lawn ornaments.


Your dad definetly consooms too much but i think its based he still works in his 70s, white boomers are such bums they never work

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