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File: 1675457959135.mp4 (10.69 MB, 532x798, 2:3, daniele bolelli tao 05 sto….mp4) ImgOps iqdb


doctors have proven themselves to be untrustworthy members of the nazi party. they helped misinform people into taking harmful experimental therapies that turned out to be harmful in the end. they just went along with it all.

they did not keep their promise of the hypocratic oath but instead played their role in this evil game and did what was best for some people's wallets not what was best for the health of the humans. i don't see how normies can expect a doctor to actually give a shit about their health anymore after all this.

i lost faith in them many years ago after i understood that they do very little to prevent people from having diseases since treating diseases is how they make money. money is made in treating diseases and not in curing it unfortunately. that's why i didn't trust them. i expect more and more normies to question the medical industry after this catastrophy of a pandemic. a pandemic of lies, of censoreship and manipulation. the pandemic alone proves that democracy was just an illusion, a piece of clothing the empire wore to hide how ugly it is.

doctors are shit, i hope i don't need them in my life, they only want to make me sick and become millionaires doing and since i want to be healthy i listen to doctors as little as possible. i have been focusing on prevention since ~2017, works good. i do stuff like breathing exercises, meditation, nervous system exercises, fruitjuice fasting, enemas and neti pot.


translation: i shove water jets up my ass for health reasons.

there is NOTHING healthy about enemas unless you're removing a physical blockage. All digestional material can be cleaned through diet and exercise


Harold D Foster has done multiple books on alternative treatments for major illnesses. He's not even considered a quack on wikipedia yet
Soviet docs were treating schizophrenia by making patients fast for 30 days and apparently got results. Many other interesting discussions in there are as well.


>translation: i shove water jets up my ass for health reasons.

for me it's just a bucket that feeds warm water (or maybe herbal tea that has been cooled down to an ass friendly temperature) into a hose and since the bucket is on the side of the sink while i lay on the bathroom floor it just gravity feeds 1 liter of water into my bum and it helps a bit.

for me it doesn't do all that much, which is why i only do it a few times a year but there are people that have the inside of their gi tract covered in something that might remember like a cake dough which prevents absorption from happening. for absorption to occur the foodpaste has to reach the bowelwall and since the bowelwall is blocked with cakedough in some people it can't reach. their intestines are just digestion-THEATER so to speak.

for those people an enema can make quite the strong difference i believe but for someone who came as far as i have the effect is probably not that big. still i do it and believe in it.


File: 1675460118188.webm (298.34 KB, 460x408, 115:102, juice.webm) ImgOps iqdb


i very much believe in this. all i do is fruitjuice fasting but i imagine it is close to the real thing though i never tried (yet!). i've done multiple 3-4 week watermelon juicefasts. that's where i eat and drink nothing that is not watermelon juice for the whole duration without cheating.

i just started another fast yesterday. i bought 65kg of apples for very little money and now i am on warmup phase of drinking the freshly centrifuged apple juice. today i already drank 2,5 liter and i have 2 more liters ready to go.

i'll eat some peanuts today as a last treat but starting tomorrow i will go hardcore.

since i drank a lot of juice yesterday already my pee was burning when it came out my wiener this morning.


dude literally fix your shit what the hell


based. If you drink Gelatin or bone broth on an empty stomach you'll fix your gut lining. From what I've read the real effects of fasting from autophagy kick in after like 2 days of consuming absolutely nothing though


bentonite clay and psyllium husk for 3 or more days and you'll shit the worm right out
this guy uses another method but either way it comes out reliably. Very disgusting


Commonsense guide to mitigating EMF by someone who isn't crazy. You need about 6ft distance from it at night, turn your phone to airplane and kill the router when you sleep. Some people buy monitors to check their house for dirty electricity coming from faulty outlets and then buy devices to get rid of the excess charge. The other main corridor is holding your phone to your face (use speakerphone) and the radiation you get from your computer. I'm thinking of making an emf blocking sheath out of fabric personally. EMF excites some areas of the brain and may be slightly carcinogenic. There's another kook down this rabbit hole who claims electricity is casual in most major illnesses
…but I haven't read him. Muh 5g, just turn it off on your router 4gets


they don't trust doctors but they sure do have a lot of faith in alternative medicine. and they never ask themselves what makes it beneficial, it's all flimsy anecdotal evidence and the good old conspiracytard line "it doesn't make anyone money, that's why it's derided" (which is untrue, this is also a very profitable business)
when it's an actual physician pushing this though their credibility is never questioned, and they will liberally reference any study that may back up their unorthodox methods like "coffee enemas linked to lower cancer mortality in mice" or whatever
doubt and caution are suddenly out the window when they are being told what they want to hear

this crap was mostly contained to bored middle aged succubi but it's everywhere now, everyone might have at least one relative unsolicitedly shilling one kind of quackery or another


>dude literally fix your shit what the hell

it is not to fix anything, nothing is broken. it is maintenance and if you were smart you would do stuff like that too.



from what i have gathered i believe the real benefit in fasting lies in giving the digestive system a break. fruit juice is so effortlessly digestable that i think i am very close to the benefits of fasting without the getting weak from it, when i do juicefast i lose a bit of weight over the days but i feel stronger and more able to do stuff. i usually get tons of stuff done while i am fruit fasting.

all the big building projects i've done in my place have all started while i was fasting because i have this extremely high energy and seek for ways to spend the energy.


Routine chemical anal evacuation isn't maintenance, it's a mental illness



i have a nice video example of such a poop snake but i can't find it.

for a normie this might be quite beneficial but i don't think this will do me much good.

i've done a liver gallbladder flush once, this i do still believe in. i felt noticeably better by default after that.



all i did so far was ingest a herbal extract tincture for 3 weeks during a juice fast that supposedly helps the body with getting rid of radiation.


>they don't trust doctors

you mean those doctors that thought it was wise to pressure people into an experimental vaccine booster that they tested on 8 (!) mice before release? btw the united kingdom just outlawed this booster that the doctors recommended which you still defend. sagemage again contributing nothing to the thread but the common misconceptions.


File: 1675549609793.jpg (134.33 KB, 953x1300, 953:1300, laughing all the way to th….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



If I were smart, I would be as I am now without fucking dough plastered all over my shit pipes.


>the united kingdom just outlawed this booster


a load of misleading bs as usual with the likes of you.
covid and its consequences not as severe as they were thanks in no small part to vaccines ==> vaccination campaigns less intensive ==> somehow antivaxxers take this as a win


File: 1675621862675.jpg (26.29 KB, 336x384, 7:8, 1500174495900.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


enemas are strictly for engaging in wizardly activies, you don't know nothing


File: 1675623968765-0.png (660.06 KB, 700x1024, 175:256, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1675623968765-1.png (327.67 KB, 629x471, 629:471, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb


Fasting is legit, enemas are horrible. Most other alternative medicine is either effective or ineffective based on how susceptible one is to the placebo effect. Most people are susceptible to it so alternative medicine works, and the particular mode of the placebo does influence how effective it is. Stuff like acupuncture is more effective because it involves a bigger show and builds a bigger mythos around it. Unfortunately the placebo effect doesn't work for me. I have tried many supplements and shit and none of them ever did a thing for me.


>somehow antivaxxers take this as a win

you sound like posting here is your job. nobody uses the word antivaxxer unless they are paid to use it.


>enemas are horrible

you are the already the second entity to poop on enemas.

it's warm water in the bum. how are they horrible when they are so harmless?

unless you believe in identity and your sphincter is psychologically connected to your identity i don't understand what the big deal is.

probably just identity things…


>WE made this happen


>they don't trust plumbers
you mean those plumbers that thought it was wise to pressure people into an experimental introduction of expansive systems of aqueducts, tile wastewater removal, and widespread use of lead pipes that they tested on 8 (!) latrines before release? btw the roman empire just outlawed this water supply that the plumbers recommended which you still defend. sagemage again contributing nothing to the thread but the common misconceptions.


i dont do anything, i view health mostly as a lottery for genetic stuff and freak problems. for everything else i jerk off and sleep plenty so im good.



You sound paranoic.


>i view health mostly as a lottery

i've never heard such disrepect towards 'cause and effect' and long term thinking ever put into words.


>for genetic stuff and freak problems

you deliberately cut off the quote, for what reason?


File: 1675707688231.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.76 KB, 1900x1080, 95:54, example of coated tongue.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

45kg of apples remaining so i am 1/4th into the juicefast and my tongue is already covered in white stuff.

i cheated though. i had a small portion of mashed potatos with garlic, herbs, spices, coconut cream and oil on 2 evenings and i had a coffee with coconut cream and maple syrup one morning.

still the tongue extruding white stuff for me is a familiar sign of detox occuring. most people don't even believe detox is real, they describe it the way coincidence theorist did from which i stole the thread title.

random example picture of a coated tongue attached, maybe not for the eyes of a brittle spirited sheltered prince.


Keep a journal, wizzie. If it's a detox then it should go away on its own. Otherwise you're probably just giving some kind of fungus or something a great environment to thrive in with all that sugar. Best of luck.

I'd suggest washing things down with something acidic. The skin maintains what's called an "acid mantle" on its surface to keep shit from growing on it. You wouldn't want your saliva to remain a breeding grounds after you're done eating.


>If it's a detox then it should go away on its own

the white stuff coming out IS THE DETOX. that's the detox happening and doing it's thing. i've had this many of time.

i did a herbal de-fungal last summer during a large scale detox, i'd be very surprised if there was fungus this active inside me.


this site is a boomer lady facebook page, who else can fall for that dumb buzzword?


are you sure you don't just have oral thrush?


>are you sure you don't just have oral thrush?

yeah. check your tongue from time to time. based on what you eat and what you have been eating for a long time it will have a coating. if you lived on a warm tropical island and all you would ever ingest is coconutwater, bananas, mangoes and oranges and maybe some nuts from time to time then you would not have a coating (and your body would be interesting in other little ways. lore is that when you cut yourself by accident it will heal faster).

in general if you eat highly processed hard to digest food i would expect your tongue to be coated. if you eat wrong like that for a long time then the color of the tongue coating will vary. in naturopathy there are these clinical sounding names for the different stages of tongue coating but i forget them, i just remembered the color.

when your coat is white, you are doing good, not having a coat would be even better but white is the mildest. depending on what is happening in your body in terms of stagnation different colored coating will ooze out of your tongue. the tongue can

>be light brown

>dark brown

the darkness of the coat on your tongue gives you a good idea of your overall health.

when i detox for a while my coat remains white but it starts to hurt when i dont brush it off.

if you wanna see such a tongue, do an image search for "dark brown tongue". that brown stuff on those images is oozing out the tongue. tongue is a good indicator because it is the most visible part of the digestive tract, which is a long tunnel from the mouth to the anus. those images of black tongues that are in the search results apparently come from heavy medication use. sideeffect: ruins your digestive tract. it can be detoxed out in the majority of cases but of course for that to happen the fool with the bad health would have to stumble upon detoxing first which (given the npc sentiment) is rare. they can be saved theoretically but their ignorance and foolish trust in medical doctors prevent them from ever understanding that there is only detox.

fun thought experiment: if you eat something, is it inside your body? depends on how you look at it. if you put a dried pea inside a long gardenhose and then put that gardenhose inside a little pond while both ends of the gardenhose stickout the side of the pond, is the pea inside the pond?



oh yeah one more thing. doctors think tongue coat indicates infection and it worries them so they try to surpress it with antibiotic medication or chemotheraphy or similar foolishness. whenever there is stuff coming out the tongue that is a success because that means it is no longer in the body and that means self-cleaning (which is what detox is) is working.

some people are so far gone, they mimic the symptoms of people who are actually healthier simply because they are so far gone that the self cleaning is so stagnant that the body decided this is a losing battle and starts to compact that stuff into tumors.


Yeah obviously getting whatever it is out from the inside of the body is a good thing. I'm just saying that if it persists then what it amounts to is just your body failing to manage an internal problem of some sort.


>I'm just saying that if it persists

you still argue from the perspective that it is a problem. it is the solution though. white stuff getting released from the tongue and then me brushing it out is the alternative to it being encapsulated into the lymphnodes is a success.

when you catch a cold the sneezing and hawking up mucus in not the problem. it is the solution. your body is doing self cleaning.

i guess what really bothers you is that it is not pretty and you want everything to be pretty.


I'm only saying it's a symptom. If your protocol works at mitigating the underlying circumstance that you believe to be the cause of the symptom, then the symptom should abate.

Nothing more nothing less. I don't care what your tongue looks like. I have no idea who you even are.


File: 1675723627772.jpg (55.6 KB, 750x615, 50:41, welcome to donalds.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


For me, it's the McHappyMeal. But if you don't care about symptoms then why would you care that your tongue is covered in shit? If you didn't care about symptoms then you wouldn't think "oh it must be working because now my tongue is covered in shit." Do you also drink methonol for its spirit guidance properties?


shameful display.

it's so cold out, i'm making a cheat day and have a small portion of a simple meal of grains, peas, corn, peanutbutter, tomatopuree, coconutmilk and spices. also i'm drinking a half a cup of coffee with coconut milk.

i drank about 1 liter of day 12hour old apple juice this morning. most important is to get the good stuff in the morning when the digestion is most receptive to the goods and i did that so at least i have that going for myself.



because it proves that metabolic waste is being expelled and the detox is working.

it is possible to detox so long and deep that the tongue runs out of white stuff to push out and then the tongue remains clean.

the waste storage of the human body can be empty the same way a wastepaper bin in an office can be empty.

observing the coating tells me: cleaning is occuring and there is yet more dirt inside me.

some people are so dirty inside, they smell 2 hours after they have showered because the pores of their skin have pushed out more waste the same way toothpaste is pushed out of a tube of toothpaste. showering does very little because more paste is pushed out constantly to cope with a waste system that is over capacity (or worse: stagnant) and the body routes it out the skin.

when i live exceptionally clean in the summer and only eat fruit i don't stink even after i have not showered for a week! when i eat cooked food i stink after 2 or 3 days.


it's been like 4 months for me and i still dont stink. i dont subscribe to a diet or do anything special. it's not a matter of food, assuming you can wipe your ass and bidet it clean, you are either cursed with disgusting bacteria that turn your sweat into filth, or you have good bacteria. you can get good bacteria from the earth and in general from working outside.


Yeah Twitter retards suck. Prices of the vaccines are going up, and the paper says they will recommend Covid boosters again if a variant arises that causes admissions to rise.


>it's been like 4 months for me and i still dont stink

wat. reminds me of the picture of the dirtiest man in the world who has not washed for decades and then washed and shortly died afterwards.

you might be joking but why would you waste a joke on a place as ristrictive and authoritarian as wizchan.


apple juice fast is not progressing as planned.

still ~28kg of the apples left. it was too cold, i did not exclusive sustain myself on the apple juice. i found a good deal on dark grapes, those were nice. i also ate vegetables, peanutbutter, coconut mill, bread, rice, peas, rice, lentils, corn.

it was too much apple. usually when i do this with grape or watermelon when it is warmer, i don't get tired of it. the quality of the apples wasn't that good to begin with but i got them for very cheap so they turned out to be a nice first meal of the day/breakfast.



>happy to see this thread still going
this thread is barely 10 days old… threads stay up for months here

good to know these alt medicine schizo freaks are tourists who know nothing about wizchan i guess


I don't care to profit what works for me.

It is sure that fruit juices alkalize the system, providing detox but samewise their lack of pulp makes too sugary to be taken softly by the body. The real thing is in green juices instead (not the same thing)

The point about detox for a wizard's typical atrophy, is to aggressively use as many things from those as he can, for the slag does not go away quickly and many fasts I've done in the past felt also like doing nothing… the thing is to persist. Enema and diet were simply supportive (in my case) due to fasts being what got me the realer results. If gluttony attacks any of you while doing one based on fruits, test how long you can go for an only-water one. I used honey just to prevent fainting but lastly I am able to go longer with just water.

Meanwhile weird emotions and memories are upcoming and changing.


>their lack of pulp makes too sugary to be taken softly

i keep thinking pulp is nice because it helps to digest other stuff that otherwise might be hard to digest but in the event of nothing hard to digest, it might be unnecessary.

i think someone who would sustain himself on nothing but coconut water, orange juice and watermelonjuice would be fine.

>Meanwhile weird emotions and memories are upcoming and changing.

yeah even just juice fasting provided quite the number of interesting suprises for me in that regard 😌


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