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File: 1675372789762.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.5 KB, 634x407, 634:407, lizard.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


the bezos gf does look a bit like a lizard. i am surprised i was able to find this picture on duckduckgo image search because i would have expected powerful people pay money to have unfavorable information about them scrubbed from the internet yet here it is and the other pictures dont look much better.

of course it is nothing more then me speculating but she does look extraordinarily evil to me. people usually find some way to insult me whenever i bring this up but the general attitude of a person does become engraved in the face over the years.

she looks like a handeler, someone who is suppsed to keep a person of interest in line. i dunno, creeps me out. i hid the image in a spoiler, i hope this works.


Mr Bezo looks like he's smelling panties in this picture and the wife does look evil, though do you have examples of handler face? Are there some notorious handlers that have been outed that look like that? Her make up doesn't help, it accentuates her long face looks like le epic troll guy meme


File: 1675380742385.jpg (33.71 KB, 600x382, 300:191, 596cd260a47cb56b008b4a01-3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Mr Bezo looks like he's smelling panties in this picture

i was surprised to see younger pictures of him, on those he looks like a nice guy.

on the left he has the 1990s smile. 90s were magical… that's before terrorism was invented, before smartphones, before social media, before gender training, before fake medical emergencies. there was evil in the world but i guess ignorance really was bliss.

now that he has so much money and people have a tendency to seek money, of course they are all over him and he can't even go to most places anymore unless he brings a private army to protect him.

>and the wife does look evil, though do you have examples of handler face?

if i think of one i post it. it is like a pre-linguistic emotional signature that nobody is really sure about yet most non-gaslighting people seem to understand and agree on.

>Are there some notorious handlers that have been outed that look like that?

i would imagine they look like that. i recently encountered reporting about a personal trainer who used to be a handler that pressures artists into doing military industrial complex bidding.

>Her make up doesn't help, it accentuates her long face looks like le epic troll guy meme

yeah that smile is wider then human facial musclestructure usually allows.


I highly doubt bezos has or needs a handler.


he's on steroids dude


>that's before terrorism was invented,
I'm dead fr fr lmao



i dunno what you mean but i meant as in blowing up the twin towers on 9/11 (and the other building that just spontaneously imploded without a plane even hitting it) and the subsequent fear-mongering, establishment of tsa that habitually just rapes flight passengers, security guards everywhere, increased spy activity and the general suspicion and hostility directed at the people.

terrorism wasn't invented on 9/11 but (unless you play dumb and i suspect you are) you know what i mean.


I was playing dumb. You just worded it in a way that was frankly hilarious.


File: 1675450273187.mp4 (1.7 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, jimmy dore show george w.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


>on steroids

i don't even know what steroids do to a human body. probably growth of something they want more of. that dude has to be paranoid as shit about people trying to somehow get his money and waste his time.


I looked into this. It was actually a talking point with normies for a while, he's on steroids.


What most people mean by 'steroids' is mainly TRT which is testosterone therapy, it just makes your body build muscles faster or when your at the natural limit it makes your muscles grow even more which is why bodybuilders take it, of course it only does so with proper training otherwise its gonna have even more bad sideffects. There's also a lot more to steroids but most people talk about anabolic steroids.

It basically increases your testosterone to unnatural levels which then increases its muscle building properties, famous rich people who suddenly gain a lot of muscles for movie roles and such are very often on anabolic steroids under supervision of qualified doctors.


the elite really does break every rule on the books with the establishment as willing accomplices don't they. Fuck hollywood clowns and singers wizzie, absolutely low talent occupation


plenty of non billionaires use steroids too. They aren't exactly difficult to come by.


File: 1675473107155.mp4 (484.48 KB, 848x464, 53:29, led truck.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>I highly doubt bezos has or needs a handler.

nobody wants a handler the same way nobody wants to be surveiled. they just do it because they are violent gangsters who try to play god and control everything.

you get tricked into having a handler. the project veritas video from a few days ago, the dude was tricked into giving out all these information by a charming journalist. that's how they get handlers i imagine.

what a nightmare of a world where people are tricked into trusting someone they believe they are just meeting randomly. when i see shit like that i am glad that i am unimportant.


A lot of regular guys who go to the gym inject steroids into their asses in the locker room as well, almost every bodybuilder does them too.

Elite people however have access to a lot of different pharmaceutics that improve hormones and genetics that go beyond regular TRT which regular people cant afford and they have fancy rich people doctors who give them access to these things.


>A lot of regular guys who go to the gym
>almost every bodybuilder does them too.

That's so incorrect that I have to assume you're trolling.
Post your forearms. If you're so in-the-know about what ALMOST EVERY BODYBUILDER does, then you must be one yourself.



It's true though so whats your problem with my post. Most competitive bodybuilders do anabolic steroids, it's nothing special. You can look up bodybuilders and they will openly talk about their roid cycles, every competitor for bodybuilding competitions does steroids otherwise they wouldn't even be able to get that big, if they banned roids then there wouldn't even be a Mr. Olympia competition. Its also quite common for guys who just workout without being competitive bodybuilders, roiding is really nothing special anymore.

Natural bodybuilders can't compete with any of the top bodybuilders, it's just the truth. Don't be a faggot who just talks out of his ass without being informed about the topic.


You forgot the photograph which proves that you have experience with lifting.
>Natural bodybuilders can't compete with any of the top bodybuilders,
But they do. Schwarzenegger was natty in his prime. Stalone too. A good chunk of bodybuilding enthusiasts are dedicated to perfecting themselves without significant chemical influence such as testosterone injections. What's the point otherwise besides just looking good? Where's the accomplishment? The body can make more testosterone than it can use through disciplined diet and exercise. Furthermore, anabolics occur naturally in many foods such as spinach and cabbage.

You thinking all strong men got strong by shoving meds up their sweaty man asses… sounds like a limpwrist FANTASY. poast arms


pretty sure both arnold and stalone admitted they used steroids on and off.



That article likely contradicts my ideal worldview and beliefs surrounding bodybuilding, so I'm not going to read it.


I'm well aware that anyone can get reasonably big and strong without taking steroids but once you've reached the natural limit you can only go further by taking roids. Its not even my point to shit on big guys because im not an insecure cunt like you. Why are you even so hostile like a bratty cunt, guess you're the limp wristed homo here after all if this topic triggers you so much.

Of course the hormone itself is already in your body but the whole point of steroids is to increase the natural limit to unnatural doses and you cant do that with spinach and cabbage you dumb faggot. You really are a dumb cunt or just acting like a retard to troll, the latter is most likely the case otherwise you're completely retarded. Arnold and Stallone already admitted that they were taking roids in their best time as well which further shows how you talk out of your ass.


File: 1675538047735.jpg (30.04 KB, 480x480, 1:1, cfppv598rxf31.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Real bodybuilders will either look like Greek demigods or, if they want to keep pushing, they will look like the picture I've attached. To get the bizarre cartoonish muscle proportions you have to use steroids.


>What's the point otherwise besides just looking good?

Another thing that proves what a retard you are, bodybuilding is literally about looks, the whole competition is about how the muscles look, thats why they spend a lot more time on defining their muscles and training single muscle groups, its not like a strongman or weightlifting competition where the guys look more like >>298180 either way steroids are common in these sports and theres nothing wrong with it either, its just how things are even though the side-effects can be severe for some people.


It would have some logic that you wizards stopped promoting substances that harm our already weak virility


File: 1676599512642.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, dylanmulvaney.webm) ImgOps iqdb

This little buttpirate 'Dylan Mulvaney' is a reptilian as well



how the fuck does anyone conclude arnie was natty? Have you seen his published routines? Only roiders could ever be able to do it

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