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I'm not even American and I feel like the Imperial System is unfairly hated.

I've done my fair share of blue collar jobs and the same pattern of management trying to tardwrangle the workers into using metric measurements and the workers reverting back to Imperial when the pressure is off happens over and over again. For scaffolding, one company started making the workers cut all tubing at 0.5meter increments instead of 1 foot increments in an attempt to put a stop workers using imperial. The system clashed with the rest of the imperial cut tubing and lead to much hardship in planning jobs, especially as the 0.5meter increments in sizes are too large, meaning you're pointlessly having to cut extra tube for specialized jobs. Maybe it's easier for pricing, and for large jobs I can understand Structural Engineer Chads getting pissed off having to do the conversions (but not really, software handles that pretty well now I'm sure). But 98% of our work is at the low level where you guestimate your way through.

I don't think the imperial system is "better", but for offhand estimation when you're in a rush and you're doing a practical job, feet and inches are just more practical sizes than centimeters and meters. I know for cooking imperial measurements are still beloved, and other certain specialized trades like Tailors still use imperial measurements.

I feel like the system has its place in history, and it's fine to let blue collar workers keep on using it. I don't get the absolute hatred for it.


>easier to estimate
one is moving a decimal point and the other is a bunch of crazy relations
sage because doesnt deserve its own thread


>feet and inches are just more practical sizes than centimeters and meters.

Which sis why we use decimetres. `10 cewntimetres for evry occasion


Nobody uses decimeters


I feel the same way that you do. Its one of those classic retard ideas
>Da matrix sisdem is badh
Thrilling and insightful commentary
I think we should make a new system of measurement, greater than either system.


Simulating a downy lisp throw letters and following up with sarcasm is not a good way to make people take you seriously
>be me
>use decimetres



Hating it is such a niggercattle redditor thing
I think metric is superior, but burgers having a different system is kinda cool and it works for them


Which is easier to do without a calculator I wonder? Decimal math vs fraction math. I see metric as being more precise but possibly harder to calculate in your head, but much easier to calculate with a calculator. The guys on site probably don't want to be pulling out a calculator every time they want to do something whereas the engineers on their computers never want to do anything but use their calculator.


Classic battle between engineers and technicians.

Metric is better for a nerd in an office where everything is just a number on paper. Imperial is better on the ground when you have to estimate the physical measurement.


how so?


Imperial measurements are typically based off of something in the real world that makes sense in context. A foot is about the size of your foot, an inch, is roughly the size of one of your finger segments.

Of course you bust out the ruler for precise measurements, but like 80% of work is just estimating sizes until you cut down to a precise size so having an intuitive grasp on measurements can save a lot of time.

Metric measurements are based on some arbitrary constant to have consistency for scientific and engineering purposes. Like who the fuck is going to intuitively know the distance light travels in 30.66 radiation transitions of the cesium atom?

Sure, you can get a feel of metric sizes if you grew up using metric units, but it will still never be as intuitive as imperial measurements on smaller scales.


A millimetre is roughly the thickness of a coin. A centimetre is roughly the width of a finger. A metre is roughly half of a man.

A sugar cube is a cubic centimetre is one gram of water is one millilitre

>but like 80% of work is just estimating sizes

No, not at all. I work in many areas of construction and the tape measure always comes out first no matter who's responsible for taking measurements.


americans be like

there is 1 foot in 12 inches
there is 1 inch in 27.6 tiddlywinks
there is 1 tiddlywink in 530 potatofryers
there is 1 potatofryer in 60 mums
there is 1 mum in 30864 gooberdoobers
there is 1 gooberdoober in 5.84i dimensionrifters
there is 1 dimensionrifter in 2 diabetes



Nah. These are the real units we use. It isn't as bad as it looks:
>25.4 milimeters per inch
>12 inches per foot
>3 feet per yard
>220 yards per furlong(nobody but grampas use this anymore)
>1760 yards to the mile (or 8 furlongs, again only gramps use furlongs)

But long


>1 X in 12 Y
what country are you from that uses that particular phrasing? [12 Y per X], or [12 Y in 1 X] is all i've ever heard honestly

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