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File: 1672284202055.jpg (105.62 KB, 660x690, 22:23, ram_bahadur_bamjan_meditat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


oh hello there wizzerds.

can anyone recommend a nice way to organize time?

i feel like i am wasting time too much and don't end up spending it on the things i want to do. i lack a system i like for keeping track on what i want to do and end up wasting time playing steam and watching retarded video game content because i am stuck in indecision on what to do. i can't even find a way to list all the things i want to do. i can't even decide if i want to go digital or paper-based.

calendars don't seem to work for me because as soon as i go out of synch with the plan then the whole day falls appart.

maybe i need something more unique.


I used to do ABC system in my notepad

A mandatory
B later if time allows
C Long term

But I was following such an intensive regime that I only had time for 1hr of screens a day. Rest was cardio, meditation, reading/studying, Wim Hof hiking etc. You can buy an app called Freedom for wingoy that may help cut screen time


my perception of time is divided into being unconscious(while I'm asleep) and suffering(while I'm awake.)

hope this helps.


It doesn't



>A mandatory

>B later if time allows
>C Long term

i kind of did something similar by giving each item on the list a priority (how important it is relative to the other items who have a lower priority score) and an urgency (how soon this should be done relative to the other items). also i differentiate between things i do once and things that are reoccuring.

i still don't return to the list though and end up ignoring what is on there.

it did help 😄 pls give more expert perceptions if you have any kind sir. i feel like my life would be easier if i had a regular sleep schedule but i keep having this intuition that my body wants to sleep differently depending on varying environment factors


still no progress on the time organizaion.

i had a silly idea though.

what if i had a little pond instead of a todo list and then inside the pond are little rubber ducks and then i write the items on the little rubber ducks.

seems like i would need a lot of rubber ducks and some special pen that i can just wipe off so i can reuse the ducks.

a system like that would be hard for me to disregard. maybe i can find something as silly but less impractical.


set alarms


You could put little whiteboards on the backs of the ducks.


>You could put little whiteboards on the backs of the ducks.

that'd be a nice way to live.


That's such a "for my instagram" looking picture.


File: 1675295359753.mp4 (2.72 MB, 198x360, 11:20, ignore the sirens.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

update: very little progress has happened. i still write a to-do listevery so often and then only do half and forget about it and waste away feeling bored.

i know there is a way out there for more, i just have to find it.


I know it sounds really dumb, and it isn't the ENTIRE system, but I feel that one component has to be an ANALOG clock. One that displays time as a CIRCLE and gives a slight TICK TOCK. There's something about:
- Physically seeing time move–
- Hearing that steady beat march on–
- Being able to look over at it and have the minute hand be a literal progress bar since you can physically grok the "remaining amount left" as a part of a circle you can see–
that helps a tiny bit.


I have on occasion found it useful to keep a journal of what happened each day and what I did or didn't do. If you're the kind of guy who wonders why it's almost tesuday again and why you didn't do what you had planned on before the weekend you could have sworn it was at least still saturday, then this might help you be more mindful.

>9/18 Fri: RBG dies today. Already paid with hotel.com and decide to revisit paypal tomorrow

That's one of my entries. Just to keep track of wtf is even going on anymore.



doesn't sound dumb to me. i imagine a round piece of plastic with a clock in the middle that i can write on with a boardmarker. and whenever the short hand points to something, i could do it. i like it. also i like those mechanical flip clocks from the thumbnail very much.



i did something like that on paper. a hybrid of a diary and a schedule.

i would have the hours in the middle from top to bottom and then left of the hours i would write what i had planned for the day and on the right i would write down what i actually did. this worked great but then i ended up with all these pages and they felt like works of art and they started to accumulate and i couldn't throw them away but also i wouldn't care to look at them again, leaving me with more indecision.

now i feel like i can't even plan something anymore because i will disregard it anyways.


Yeah I know that feeling. For work, my main todo text file is usually like 3000-5000 lines, and then special projects get broken out in to their own files, and I have stacks of papers with drawings of how they all connect or where I sketch out possible ideas for how to fix problems. It can be a real boon for some things, but just a horrible mess to try to put something on hold and then try to come back to it later after forgetting what I was in the middle of doing.

Hence my example of just a very short note about some external event I can peg down (that was the day RBG died) to keep a sense of time, and the few most important things I wanted to do or wanted to do next.


File: 1675383884073.jpg (395.21 KB, 1023x669, 341:223, 2ebe818a883ac4af.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>5000 lines, and then special projects get broken out in to their own files, and I have stacks of papers with drawings of how they all connect or where I sketch out possible ideas for how to fix problems

very much reminds me of my mess, plus the stuff i still foolishly believe i can just remember and then inevitably forget.

and while i fruitlessly think about this stuff, time aka my most precious resource continually advances while none of the things i want to do progress.

feels like i was in the middle of reorganizing my life to do everything smarter and with less time wasted but halfway through the process (after destroying my pre-existing infrastructure) i just decided to not build the new. either i am missing something or there is just something i am not seeing, i dunno. there is some form of reality denial i am doing and i have yet to find out what it is.


What I do for a living is very detail oriented, so it makes sense for me to document every little thing along the way, even if if half of it goes in to the trash bin when I get back around.

But for general life, it's really a matter of ensuring the essentials get taken care of. And then the rest of the time if you just do whatever comes to mind then the net effect is everything proceeds in some sort of a beneficial jumble without having to worry about elaborate plans. Every step forward in any direction is better than paralysis.


>Every step forward in any direction is better than paralysis.

that was my approach last summer. it was chaotic but it worked beautifully for a while. i just did whatever in no particular order hoping in the end everything would eventually get done but then i fell off the horse.

i was in a good mood actually and then the way people responded to me creeped me out so much. while everyone was depressed and social distance was still going on, i very much enjoyed this.

where i live there are social mechanisms that persecute people who are in a good mood unfortunately and my best guess is that this happened. also females would not leave me alone. they can't handle a happy man, they instantly get the dollar signs in their eyes when they see someone content. they are the worst stalkers and robbers of joy and i wish they would leave me alone but when they see me they always get ideas…


progress is slow but at least it is not 0. just chuckled at the idea that i would engrave todo lists in stones and not on paper because then they might be more important to me. same problem as always though, takes more time to write this complicated of a list then to do most of the things i would write on the list.


One of the things I did when I was in college, and continued to do years after living with sort of the same group of people not all of whom had graduated yet, was to dedicate large sections of wall to being a whiteboard. Home Depot (at least at the time) sold 4'x8' sheets of whiteboard and you can just put up a whole bunch of them until they fill the wall, and then leave a ton of dry erase markers around (you need a ton because they always get lost or go dry, and multiple colors help). And that way everybody could draw out elaborate plans, todo lists, maybe just art or some other musings, collective shopping lists or complaints, or anything else. It was phenominally useful at a personal level to the point people started putting up their own personal whiteboard walls in their bedrooms, and also served as a good communal anchor and venue for keeping interpersonal drama down to a dull roar.

But that's dry-erase, even though certain sections would become collectively regarded as never to be erased. What I also did personally was get some permanent sharpies and any time I had a REALLY IMPORTANT thought or reminder, it would either go on my desk (built from plywood coated in urethane, so easy to clean or even to sand back down and get rid of the scrawlings) or right on to my laptop that I have to look at several times a day. But there's not a lot of real estate on a laptop, so only the most important things find a place. Don't abandon carving into stone as a silly idea. It's just a matter of figuring out what's important enough to be so enshrined.


>large sections of wall to being a whiteboard

this is something i keep thinking about. i always used weak painters tape to fasten pieces of papers to the walls but what ends up happening is that i forget about them…

next place i move to i make sure to leave a space for such a board. maybe i should get a big piece of white plastic and use it as a board, i have been scrambeling for something i can write on with dry erasers but i have not found anything so far.

recently i have been making 'greater then zero but barely' progress with using old envelops.

whenever i get a physical letter i use the ripped open envelop as a to-do list before throwing it away. i like it way better then regular paper. maybe because it is recycling and it is something i throw away anyways. i tried writing on thicker cardboard from discarded boxes of instant mash potato but turned out to be annoying and i prefer the discarded envelops.


Any of you degree-havers learn anything interesting interacting with your peers? I found mine to be fairly insipid and stupid in the humanities, even at the upper levels. Chairman Mao by contrast got to hang out with nationalist youth and write poetry when he was a mere teenager. I don't think that kind of cohort even exists today


I was a 20 year old kid. Who really is a paragon of intelligentsia at that age. You sure as hell won't be hearing about them from imageboards or social media.


The actual sheets of whiteboard are tits and, last I checked (years ago) among the less expensive 4x8 sheets of anything at the hardware store. Of course these days everything is expensive at the hardware store, but potentially it's a one time nearly life long investment if it works out for you. I used dry wall screws or concrete anchors because I'm nifty with repairing walls so you'd never notice I put holes and anchors in them, but perhaps something like those 3M command adhesive things would do the trick without wall damage.

I used sheets of saran wrap on the wall before, which works, but you have to keep it reasonably taut with tape or something. Rolls of thicker industrial plastic can be had from industrial supply houses (often availble on e.g. amazon, but sometimes you need find the website of a distributor or manufacturer). I suppose you could use those white kitchen garbage bags, too, which might be easier to wrangle than saran wrap or if you have dark walls.

Envelope system seems like a good step forward. Sometimes it's nice to be able to move things like that around to regroup them into different approaches to getting things done, coherent concepts, order of operations, or moving things off into different priority bins or put on a timeline.


I'm a STEM guy and I went to one of the top schools in the country for my field (not ivy league tho) and had the great fortune that the admissions department had decided to prioritize "interesting" people and not just ones with high scores, connections, or who fit racist quotas. This particular university was also big on cross-domain collaboration, so I'd as soon be working with a group from the pyhisics department as one from the other side of campus in the psychology department. This morass of excessively bright and eccentric people was quite the experience.

But even at that place, the group I fell in to was somewhat unique. I can only call it a rare treat. Staying on to do research with profs, phds, and postdocs turned out to also be kind of fun in a somewhat less eccentric way, but there you find a higher standard of intellectual horsepower and that often comes with a variety of curious hobbies, insights, and experiences to keep things interesting. As Don Juan reportedly said in the Calos Casteneda books, keep yourself ready because you never know when that cubic centemeter of chance will show up, and only if you are ready at all times to grasp it will you be able to.


Holy normalfag


Looks like chatGPT post to me


It does look a little sussy


lol I couldn't act like a normalfag if I wanted to. But I am autistic enough to play the rat race, and it so happens I lucked out along the way.

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