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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



I wish I was a gardener at a place such as that. Maybe even have a room on the propriety grounds. Live small and anonymous, let my care be expressed through shrubs and flowers.



what is the point of the anti-crawl thread if everyone is crawling all the time


I wish I knew wtf crawl means in this context


Pirating anime at 12.4mb/s. feels GREAT!!!


I remember reading that article years ago. I don't like the idea of being essentially a pet the propriety owner shows around to his dinner guests. I would rather be a gardener for the Duke of Portland.
>the employees were not allowed to speak to him or acknowledge him. The one worker who raised his hat to the duke was promptly dismissed. The tenants on his estates were aware of his wishes and knew they were required to ignore him if they passed by.


Where do I sign up?


Have any of you guys looked into water filtration systems for flouride and other crap?

I'm trying to find something that isn't just reverse osmosis (water loses all the mineral content) or some crappy pitcher option. It'd be nice if there was just a filter I could attach to my sink


I know I'm more way than a decade late but geek culture has become so sexualised, disgusting and commodified.

I'm sitting in front of some fag hag, a lanky fucking "femboy" wearing a my little pony t-shirt and a fucking tranny with a mini-dakimakura with a nsfw furry image hanging off his phone. All of them wearing overpriced but "woke" branded clothing.


where is this, public transit? Rare to find so many endocrine freaks in one area in the wild


by the way I settled on reverse osmosis filtration like everyone else. ispring rcc7 is supposedly the best value option according to consumer reports so that's what I'm going with (https://www.amazon.com/iSpring-5-Stage-Prestige-Drinking-Certified/dp/B003XELTTG). The alternative is one of these big stainless steel gravity filters which also seems like a good option


Berkey charcoal filters are the way to go but very expensive


Yeah on public transport.

>Rare to find so many endocrine freaks in one area in the wild

I wish. I live in a gentrifying city and all the virtue signalling rich fags have taken over the city except the outskirts where I live but even there they've started to make incursions. I'll stop there because it goes into /pol/ territory even though I'm not /pol/.


there's this annoying thing that some people (=parents) do, they ask you the same damn question twice, thrice, sometimes more and they tell you to relax when you inevitably get angry as you turn them down again and again
no means no, for fuck's sake


File: 1670893125269.jpg (636.61 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, bullshit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I just got banned from that OTHER imageboard for posting this:


This is something I picked up. This is apparently one of the most famous videos of a nuclear bomb test. Apparently this nuke was an UNDERWATER one (that's important), apparently below the surface of the water, underneath a barge. This footage is so famous that it's actually played multiple times in the 'Dr Strangelove' final nuclear apocalypse scene.

Watch this video first: https://youtu.be/MWBMImBA6jE

In this video above, it looks like it's footage of something that has been publicly aired on TV or in some sort of video. Notice that there's a jump in the first few seconds of the explosion. This is important. Whoever published\aired this video has deliberately cut the very first second or so, the initiation of the explosion from the footage. In this way the footage looks much more convincing as some sort of super scary 'super weapon'.

However other footage of the same detonation exists elsewhere. Here's another video: https://youtu.be/YUd7tgIirBI

Now if you watch this video, you can clearly see that the initiation of the explosion starts ABOVE WATER, on the barge itself, as if the barge has been packed with explosives. But they claim that what we're watching here is a nuke detonating UNDERWATER. You clearly see a bright flash of explosion, so bright that there's a reflective flash on the clouds above. You don't see any 'flash' below water, just an explosion that seems to be directed upwards from the barge, as if they were trying to draw water into the air with the explosion.

No matter how many times I watch this, I can't unsee that the explosion takes place either entirely or almost entirely ABOVE WATER.

If a nuclear bomb detonated below water, in theory the initial reaction should be so intense and hot that it should literally BOIL water. Yet all we see is this above surface explosion.

This explains why the initial flash\explosion is missing from the Dr Strangelove Sequence and the first video link I've posted.


Water is translucent. The light generated by a nuclear blast is what generates the initial heat. This light passes through the water and is absorbed gradually over such a long distance as to not enable any real hotspot, so the water doesn't boil. It acts as welding goggles per se. This is why the bright flash is observed in the sky, as it is relatively unhindered by the short distance of clear water above the bomb. While not enough to boil water at sea level, the light that does escape the water and scatter in the atmosphere is enough to vaporize moisture at certain levels, which can happen as low as a tepid 20c.

The explosion looked like it begun on the surface because the water above the bomb is lower pressure than the water below and around it, and this pressure decreases towards the surface. So directly up is the path of least resistance, meaning the blast can be observed blasting directly upwards before the lower levels of water surrounding the bomb begin to move significantly. Small explosives such as hand grenades and torpedoes produce the same effect of a vertical jet of water shooting directly upwards before a larger shockwave forms a tangible wake. The initial fireball on the surface is a result of the air being so rapidly condensed by the sudden upburst of super-pressure water that the surrounding atmosphere's oxygen ignites.

Nukes are very real and very much always hidden within 15km of any major city central. Sleeping, waiting to be poked awake. Let's hope no bombtender trips and dooms us all!


I'm brushing and gargling with hydrogen peroxide to try and kill my gum disease. Feels pretty good


Old people living forever hoarding my inheritance


They'll get sick and spend it all in hospitals in order to get 13 more months of life on this earth, you'll end up with nothing.


Likely and if it happens I will rope


im tired of people insulting and degrading each other over hypocrisy, at least the specific case when someone simply changes their mind on something. that doesn't seem fair to disregard the entirety of a person simply because they are now okay with something they once weren't. it feels like common use nglish is lacking a word for this, there is a void, and for whatever reason hypocrite is what people use


You are supposed to subscribe to predigested worldviews and a change of mind is a sign of noncompliance


Open and closed minded are often used.


"hypocrite" is just the word slaves use to describe people who openly display their Master morality


no, it only makes sense if someones goal is to be a rational good person (which most people assume others strive to be). if you just came out and told people you were a retard that deliberately acts like a jackass people would stop calling you a hypocrite, in fact they would probably stop talking to you all together. only mothers can tolerate grown men behaving like children.


They often use it to brush off any criticism by saying a person has no right to tell anything as they did the same thing they critic. In other words a form of ad hominem.

There's another one when they use proverbs that evil exist because of inactive bystanders and not the evil people themselves. Yet when you call shit the shit, then it's Christian bs about not judging and other filth whitewashing.
Firefox was freezing on YouTube and Google Drive. I downloaded Opera and it's still unbelievable. Don't know about Tampermonkey for MyAnimeList script to disable video thumbnails (for potential spoilers), Google Translate and VK downloaded add-ons tho. 240 images were uploaded in a few minutes (not as fast as on my tablet but it's not 10-20 minutes as on Firefox for Windows). Even turning off was somehow faster.


Youtube search engine keeps getting shittier and shittier doesn't? If they keep this up it will be literally useless before long. It reminds me of those early 2000s search engines that not only ignored almost every keyword from your input, but also managed to give you results that had nothing to do with any of the keywords from your input. At least back then they had an excuse, it wasn't on purpose. I swear everything after the 10th result on YT nowadays is completely random shit. Jesus Christ.


It's so bad that I can't find videos I know exist that are ten years old


I hold the opposite opinion. Hypocrite people aren't shamed so much as they should be in our world.

So you think it should be perfectly okay to have someone shit on you for doing X while they are doing X thing too? Would you accept criticism about you drinking too much from an alcoholic?

>There's another one when they use proverbs that evil exist because of inactive bystanders and not the evil people themselves.

Well, aside from the whole thing of what should be considered evil/good, this is kind of true. If you don't do anything to prevent something from happening and you had the means to stop that thing from happening then it's like you are okay with that thing completely. Mothers who don't do anything when they see that their husbands abuse their children are guilty too, for example.


File: 1671220444260.png (722.35 KB, 1084x524, 271:131, gayniggershit.png) ImgOps iqdb

In my case the site doesn't even have functioning recommendations anymore. This has been the case since 1-2 months ago and I have no clue why it happened, it just refuses to log any of the videos I watch I guess so every fucking time it assaults me with worthless popular garbage when I open the catalog. I've been exclusively using the site for music for years now, but even then it still hurts and pisses me off.


>Would you accept criticism about you drinking too much from an alcoholic?
Of course. They have all right to do that (criticism). We analyze the arguments, not the people saying those arguments. Unless the former is a bs argument and then the latter is somehow connected to it being a bs argument.
>Well, aside from the whole thing of what should be considered evil/good, this is kind of true.
It's true, but they have double standards and don't go the full way because of their own interests or toxic normalfag ideology. They defend sex exploitation, home wrecking, emotional abuse (cheating) despite supporting this proverbs in other cases.


Any of you guys familiar with Graham Hancock? Is it worth getting into or just trash?


>Would you accept criticism about you drinking too much from an alcoholic?
Ex-alcoholics are probably the best people to tell you to stop. Current alcoholics are projecting their subconscious desire to to be in a position that doesn't makes them want to drink. I'm not sure how a junkie telling you not to do drugs isn't valuable advice.



is lizchan dead?


You can't separate the people and their arguments from each other 100%. "Boy, you should never drink, never, it is poison…ah yes, another round of beer for me, thanks, ah that tastes so good" If someone doesn't bother to take seriously his own arguments then he should just shut up.

Ex-alcoholic? Sure. Currently alcoholic? He is just a retard trying to sound high and mighty usually, people who give advice they themselves don't practice aren't worth listening to.


>You can't separate the people and their arguments from each other 100%.
If there's enough information, then you can. Otherwise there would be no scientific consensus as everyone has some bias (good/bad) or even inconsistencies. The whole progress of the world is based on non-absolute free speech. Shutting others using hypocrisy ad hominem is absurd. It's almost as the shutter knows their guilt and use every opportunity to drop the subject. Unless you mean arguments being from such side can shun people from analyzing the argument itself. However, those eager to drop the case under such conditions are stupid and discussions with them are useless anyway. No additional harm. On the contrary, throwing away useful opinions only due to personality and actions of the speaker is harmful as you throw away useful arguments.

Listen to "Guilty Conscience" by Eminem. Or when Young Thug rapped and bragged about running a train on some hoe and then said he hoped his daughter wouldn't have the same experience. Of course, it's better if he didn't do the first half of the sentence. However, according to your wild statement, he shouldn't have acknowledged the second half altogether. Same goes for the Game who brag about filthy encounters, yet wanted his daughter to not have sex before marriage. Hyper hypocritical, yet better message than what Cosmopolitan says. (obviously still fucked up from wizard and depressive realism perspective)


>(obviously still fucked up from wizard and depressive realism perspective)

*The Game's advice to the daughter is still hopeless, not radical enough


I was snoring too good now my sinuses are sore!


Trying to sleep in the middle of the day but everyone screaming about the news and politics.
Hey, I’m NEETing here! Pipe it down so I can nap!


Such dishonourable hosuemates…


Yeah, those rappers you mentioned as example are typical hypocrite filth that should get their tongues ripped out. They only tried to virtue signal to the community while bragging. "I am the badass alpha but I feel bad for what I did now yo see I'm also a good guy" They shouldn't be taken seriously.

I don't believe in the power of ultimate rationality and ideas that are worth the same every time they are mentioned or discussed, regardless of person. The person in question generates the idea he is talking about, he isn't some medium that transfers to us some higher wisdom suddenly. I as someone who rejects idealism in every form, posit that you can't separate the man and his ideas. Of course I agree that sometimes man change attitude and behaviors but that's extremely rare. Most of the time people never change, they just want you to think they did. So I will always be skeptical of some guy who tries to preach on things and mistakes he himself can't quit. First fix yourself and harmonize your behavior with your ideas, then give advice to me.


I finally figured out I was playing Advanced Squad Leader wrong by misreading the deployment sheets. So instead of understrength companies defending every objective there's much larger units defending each objective.

I have to say the pinned/elim system (because ASL can't handle individual causalities) is clunky but at least this is much more playable. Very low numbers of light machine guns/anti tank weapons involved in a typical attack as well which is plain weird.


>They only tried to virtue signal to the community while bragging
They don't virtue signal. They're still bragging and even admit about being hypocritical. However, acknowledging the negative is still acknowledging the negative.

>that transfers to us some higher wisdom suddenly.

Regarding core values not changing, same can be said about anyone with arguments being useless. Then why fixation only on hypocrites? And yes views do change (especially political). Not completely and too late but still not a reason to concentrate solely on the messenger rather than the topic.

>First fix yourself and harmonize your behavior.

That's whataboutism. Plus that's not how people use it. Even if the person has changed, they still use "you have no right to say anything because you did X". The nuance of was/stopped vs was/didn't stop is lost on the general population. In serious discourse, using such tactics as the primary counterargument in was/didn't stop only further normalize using it in was/stopped situations in serious discourse. Normalization of manipulations helps to the wider usage of manipulations. Such ad hominem whataboutism, pointing fingers to avoid reasonable blame or even out of honest thinking also promotes using other manipulations by analogy.


it's impossible for me to sleep without absolute silence, thankfully the neighbourhood is quite quiet


File: 1671504862600.png (1.17 MB, 720x1560, 6:13, Screenshot_20221219-183930.png) ImgOps iqdb

Finally go around to installing custom software for my kobo ereader. I did it cause I didn't want to deal with converting .djvu files anymore. I installed `koreader' which supports djvu and also cbz unlike the native reader. Making screensavers for my ereader whole I'm at it.


do you know if the software stops the kobo from phoning the glowies on what you're reading?


ereaders have internet connectivity? bahahaha what the hell why not i guess everything else does


I doubt any software can.

Yes, it has wifi + bluetooth. You can even install xorg + firefox on it.


Wtf why not using simple ereader with E-Ink display? Yes it can't do animation afaik, but is very friendly for eyes and doesn't have glowies support.


I bought this one (kobo libra 2) because it's fully waterproof; I read it in the shower and bath.


I've thought about trying to manually remove the hardware from mine but don't know any how-to guides. Some of these you can upload files to by usb/cable is my understanding

which ones you talking 'bout? They all have glowie support, that's the problem


File: 1671576693145.png (454.81 KB, 501x682, 501:682, lzchn.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lizchan as never alive to begin with. A cold-blooded site that couldn't survive the winder.


Had a run-in with a blue-eyed blonde today and my tongue still hurts!!!

(blue eyed blonde is a breaded chicken wing sauced with melted blue cheese. their burnt my tongue and figners. the fires were hot too i cooled them with ketchup and vinegar)


>I as someone who rejects idealism in every form, posit that you can't separate the man and his ideas
why dont you just fuck off to reddit then? go wallow in a pit of identities and "realism" if thats so great. dont you feel endangered here? you might accidentally pick up an idea from someone whos UNSAVORY! or god forbid someone who isnt even officially qualified to discuss the topic at hand. you know what its probably best you just stick to irl conversations if were being honest, people can lie about who they are on the internet, you need to see them in person to know they are who they say they are.

god arent you fucking ashamed for posting such retarded drivel? not even on an imageboard can we find people who understand the implications of the technology they use. just a bunch of retarded kids who thought imageboards were neat and didnt lurk or give a shit about the culture for a single fucking second. whatever, youll be back on your normalfaggot social media sites after you run this place into the ground anyway.


so many youtube videos i instantly close because they play some loud ass sound effect at the very beginning. i make an effort to block the channel as well. i dont know why everyone does this, but i look at it as a quality test, if you somehow annoy me within 1 second of the video, it's probably not for me anyway


File: 1671593069535.jpg (2.9 MB, 2052x3856, 513:964, Fje_hGeVIAE_gSZ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You're not allowed to post any further until you drop a piece of art you enjoy



I had burger king for the first time in about 13 years and it made me shit my pants.


File: 1671593251024.jpg (822.79 KB, 2432x4096, 19:32, 162ee92e63999aed4f961a2d62….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1671663282069.png (1.18 MB, 640x800, 4:5, FEd0p2vX0AYXe3F.png) ImgOps iqdb


Does it trigger you that some people are just determined to be low quality people and to say retarded things all their life? You won't change my opinion on that, sorry. Some or many people are just inherently trash and everything they say can disregarded freely. Most likely you belong to this group too.

I don't care about chan culture, I'm not some tryhard homosexual trying to signal how much of an ""oldfag"" he is. I guess that is one more thing where we differ from each other.

Those people don't acknowledge anything "negative", they would probably still do the things they did all over again. Don't be so naive. They are just afraid their daughters will end up with guys like them now. That's not exactly some big character development. It's like praising a murderer for seeing the light when he says how much he is sorry for what he did and how murder is wrong because he is about to experience what it's like to be killed. Everyone knows harmful things are harmful, duhhh? And ofc nobody wants to be on the receiving end of shit. But dealing out shit to others is another topic entirely.

>And yes views do change (especially political)

So it should be natural for someone to change his opinions like his clothes whenever the opportunity favors this or that opinion?

Do you think normals who regret having sex should be allowed to post here freely?


Turns out the guy singing in most Touhou eurobeat is trans. Ken blast


I don't understand what you said.


File: 1671686697268.jpg (31.67 KB, 431x600, 431:600, sympathy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I haven't participated in one of these for a long while. I can't remember how many threads came and went. I wish I could say I've been busy, but not too much, personally. I hate doing things though. I like existing. That's fun. I think somehow school has destroyed my want to study or do anything academic. So much for that. I've been watching more television, but that's more for /hob/. Also, lizchan has been unstable recently. At first, it was down with some kind of database error, I think. Then, it was something about cookies. It's all good now.

So many things I want to learn, but I just don't want to put in the work. It's a contradiction, it seems. I'm sure many relate.


lol wtf how do you pretend you're a succubus with this kinda voice? I actually like a bunch of his songs




you dont know you're missing out on something if you dont try it
if you're happy with cheapo $1 product, do not try the $20 product out of boredom
do not be tempted by luxury, don't sell yourself to brands
when $100,000 burger goes extinct, rich man starves to death, but frugal man continues eating poop and has the last laugh


I do this with new media too. Wait awhile until the hype dies down then watch the movie/whatever. Then years later I'm exploring the culture of 2009 while everyone's in the year 2034


File: 1671883031393.jpg (12.64 KB, 600x410, 60:41, telenoid1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For the past 2 days I've had a very bothering pain on my left testicle. It's probably not a torsion because there's no discoloration, it's not swallen and there's no blood on semen or urine, it's also on a regular position, there's no visual indication of anything wrong. It hurts the most when I lie down and the pain erradiates to the lower left side of the abdomen. Not a severe pain, but it's sharp and constant and it's making my sleep awful since I have to sleep belly up with my left leg raised to diminish discomfort and I dislike that position a lot. 48 hours and there's no improvement, in fact it might have gotten worse. Jesus Christ it's always something.


The debate was about people brushing off some position solely because of the opponent's actions, including in the past. Examples were provided just to illustrate. Where do you see any words that imply me whitewashing their evil deeds or believing they necessary had changed? Literally said the contrary about rappers' current same rhetorics.
>Everyone knows harmful things are harmful, duhhh?
People use those arguments to everything not just harmful behavior. And not everyone knows about harmful behavior. I myself didn't know that feeding ice cream to dogs is harmful (though I never did).

>Do you think normals who regret having sex should be allowed to post here freely?

Allowing to post on private imageboard and not supporting manipulations, that legitimize usage of other manipulations, are two different things.

It's like not following law against rape leads to not following laws against murder with tortures at large by society. We shouldn't encourage ad hominem whataboutism.

Wizchan is for male virgins only and I support that.


Or how commanders not taking any measures to stop maraudering and rape during the Second World War led to mass war crimes by Soviets against succubi. And where executions against the perpetrators were held, the number of rapes were sufficiently lower despite the whole demoralization of war. Same with allowing dirty tactics under mask of fighting hypocrisy.

Plus one can almost always say "your point makes sense, also you are scum for doing it". Yet it always "shut up, you're not allowed to speak because you did it too". And it is used even in business.

When Eric Bischoff criticized the booking of AEW, Tony Khan said his opinion is invalid because of WCW failure. How that makes any sense? Bischoff giving experience not to fail, plus he's credible: 83 weeks of beating WWE (then WWF), still afloat with his podcast and other ventures.


File: 1671972262143.jpg (849.25 KB, 1777x1000, 1777:1000, 20221223_092747.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Merry Christmas!!!! Eat many good food!!!


File: 1671980824762.jpg (305.21 KB, 2161x2161, 1:1, 20221225_100509.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Say it back


Yes yes, merry Christmas. I wish I was a believer, it would be easier and Christmas would be more than just a melancholic day where I reminisce about my idylic childhood. Well, I suppose I should be glad to have that, at least.


magicy wizmas


Good one



File: 1672041637450.png (1.35 MB, 1024x928, 32:29, useless.png) ImgOps iqdb

Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.
-Proverbs 4:27

These wicked people, who refuse to listen to my words, who follow the stubbornness of their hearts and go after other gods to serve and worship them, will be like this belt - completely useless!
-Jeremiah 13:10


This wizard was gifted a weighted blanket and had an excellent sleep


Wizfrens and deppers, take the Xenoestrogen pill
This guy eliminated all sources and his testosterone levels rose. Read till the end, there are many many good links in this article especially an account where somebody nearly doubled his testosterone levels doing this and a few more things


why do programs and shit sort files like 0-20.txt as
well, i know why it's simply being sorted alphabetically, but why is this the default for some things but not others. like github for example does this shit. really gotta make me pad the numbers with zeros, fucking gay


Doesn't that only happen when using commas (,) as decimal points (.)? With a . the algorithm recognizes 0.11 as a lesser value than 10

m(.Y.)bs lmao


This was an excellent read. I've been doing about half the things he talks about without knowing why it was helping me. Feels good to make gains again and lose some fat


If you want a quality backpack buy a modern british army bergan. Alice packs are tiny and an absolute meme


what do you mean commas as decimal points? none of the filenames in my example have either, only a single period before the filetype txt which wouldn't matter


man am I glad I don't care about any of this shit, don't health maniacs ever sit back and ask themselves 'what's the point?'
i guess it's like a hobby, but this has the potential to make you totally neurotic. harmful chemicals and pollution are everywhere, what can you do? buy water filters and supplements, from the bloggers' sponsors? the mundanities of daily life should not take up so much time and energy. micromanaging and interest in that boring crap is a lot more feminine than anything you might consume


>My testosterone levels were 8.1 and 8.9nmol/L in June/August (tested twice) and I managed to get these to 17.9 nmol/L by January (again tested twice) which was over double.
read this guy at the end. The author saw a small raise in test, this guy doubled it


>none of the filenames in my example have either
Haha you forgot spaces now I'm the smart one


this is why `split` names its output files xaa, xab, …
numbers are a corner case of sorting text


still have no idea what youre talking about… there are no decimal points. it's just a comma separated list of integers and also it doesnt require spaces


Some languages and countries use , as a decimal point.

The 19,2,20 you typed could be interpreted as 19.2.20 in that case, a single integer.


medjool dates are better than any candy I've tried


Every good snack comes with a catch

prognosis: diarrhea


is it me or does anyone else get grossed out by things that look like cockroaches or worms. dates always look like bugs to me and i know they taste delicious i just cant look at them


they are delicious indeed and a good source of copper if memory serves well


i used to be an avid twitch viewer, this helped me cope with the loneliness.

but lately the platform has been so aggressive in their ads campaign, i was feeling more and more alienated.
i hate to feel like a product. i am not a product.

this platform business model is monetizing the loneliness of people like me. from now on, i'll try my best not to use it.


Also, you shouldn't use it full-stop. The ads are probably better for you than the content.


File: 1672243702575.gif (3.78 MB, 480x480, 1:1, wa.gif) ImgOps iqdb

not just you. i used to think exactly the same about dates kernels. and a dumb thing that got me to love broccoli ever since i was a child was to imagine i was a giant munching on trees lol


my adblock doesn't work.
and i'm frankly tired of this ersatz of a social life, my anhedonia may actually prove to be productive ironically.


File: 1672257796219.jpg (59.05 KB, 599x398, 599:398, FkRg5Q8XgAEY1W1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Got a lot of drawing done last night. Got some fresh winter air. Made some nice posts. Today is upper body day again. Back at work tomorrow but it is probably payday.


Finally, a well-adjusted person on this site


File: 1672290563901.jpg (19.79 KB, 474x316, 3:2, fyygg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was drawing Chen being gaped by Yukari and half of my upper body workout is just me smashing my body sore with a hammer while listening to God Hates Us All on repeat. My nice posts got me banned for racism.


the wageslave thread has lots of them if that is what you are after


My hangovers keep getting worse and keep on lasting longer. You'd think this would be a deterrent, but I keep on falling back to it.


u mean crawling?


it's the natural order of things


your brain cells are popping off, stop the damage



diarrhea and broken penis doesn't matter, the goal is to make u a happy wageslave


I find myself laying on the floor listening to music more lately. Makes me feel like I'm half my age.


these kinds of sites always look exactly the same
post serious sources if you find the information valuable, and not some wellness ghoul's blog


Happy New Year, wizards! Let the new power come forth and weave with your souls to reach even highest heights of magic.


wizzy new year


I've gained level 4 powers.


Your doctor should tell you this when you are prescribed a SSRI. It is also why they taper you off instead of making you go cold turkey.


File: 1672549199861.png (7.96 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1519185016972-1.png) ImgOps iqdb




>Take daily Ibuprofen to reduce inflammation for years, it's safe!
>turns out this damages your gut


January 1st. Time to stop binge eating unhealthy foods and start exercising.


It tells you on the bottle not to take it for more than a week.


It's an acid more powerful than that produced in the stomach. A liquid gel capsule of ibuprofen will burn the throat and mouth if not swallowed quick enough. Imagine eating a ghost pepper every time you medicate. This is why I only use tylenol


Humans don't read instructional labels.


liked and shared


im trying to understand how to socialize
and im developing these formal models
writing about definitions and measurements
what does it mean for socializing to go well
what are the elements of bad socializing

but i feel that this stuff wont get me anywhere, and i actually need to attempt to socialize with people until i really get it


old health books talk about taking it long term for better health outcomes

>da labelz are da troooth


Old health books were printed on asbestos-coated arsenic and told moms to booze away their pregnancy discomfort.


im not a social scientist but if i think about adaptive and maladaptive behaviors its mostly if it does or does not harm the animal being behaviorly studied


legit. My biggest mistake growing up was choosing to read dated nonfiction textbooks instead of cutting edge or within the decade research. Our understanding changes very very fast


Virtually every ww2 fps or rts makes people think the Americans only had the BAR as their light machine gun. That isn't true, after 1943 they had added a shoulder stock to their .30 cal machinegun, parcelled it out as a squad level lmg and called it the m1919a6



When I sleep less than 8 hours I get a headache and brain fog for the entire day, and I find myself incapable of focusing on anything(more than normal).


File: 1672788670567.jpg (127.26 KB, 978x768, 163:128, 1552173936911.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

that time of the year again when i gotta reenable google play store and google services and update my banking app so i can login and take a picture of my check to deposit the money… but this time, the bank app i have installed is gone from the store. i see a mobile version of it when i google on my pc, but from my phone, nothing shows up. i dont see an option to update the app i already have installed either
>This app is not available for your device

i tried instead updating my paypal, i think surely they have a cash check by camera feature, but it instead got uninstalled when i updated it.
tried to find it on the store to install it…
>This app is not available for your device

fucking physical money, man. what am i supposed to do with this shit!


I need like 2 q-tips every three weeks, but they're only sold in non-resealable boxes of 6,000,000. I'm no germaphobe but I don't want something that's been sitting in the open going deep in to my ear. We must buy the box of six million and transfer some to a smaller container.


seems i must deposit the check via atm. havent had to do that in over a decade, wow. really fucking nice of them just silently updating the mininmum android requirement and not telling me. if i was an old person id be confused as shit if everything simply stops working with no explanation, but then again i guess they probably never stopped using the atm


cant you use the website?


nope, need to use the mobile app


I went to one of these outdoor shopping mall thing with my parents and it's as depressing as you'd expect. It's in the middle of nowhere, they desperatly try and fail to make it look all nice and friendly but it's a complete failure, and it's surrounded by a gigantic parking lot. It's painful enough as a visitor, it has got to be soul crushing to work there fourty hours a week + commute.
The icing on the cake was the music being blasted out of loudspeakers outside. There's no respite from this shit as you walk out of one of the franchised stores, and the sound quality is awful.


You went shopping with your parents at age 30+? I do that too.


Yes, why do you ask? Do people think it is weird or something?


I get that having a personality/participating in a meme culture is important to some people, it's just annoying to me when that's all some people seem to have going for them. They're just so obstinately artifical it's extrememly annoying.


Get a rubber ball syringe, soften the earwax with olive oil, and then flood the ear and your wax will come out. Cheaper and less invasive, this is what the docs do if you ever present with this problem basically


Use a sealable cereal container


Turkey baster, olive oil… I'm cleaning my ears, not roasting a chicken!!!!!!!!!!


The water pressure will get rid of wax you didn't even know you had without risking eardrum injury

For a while I was diving 20+ft regularly and huge gob of wax came out one day due to the ear equalization as well


how the fuck do you injure your ear using a qtip? you can feel and hear the qtip as it approaches the eardrum


Why the fuck would you put olive oil in your ear? I'm not fucking cooking my ear drum in a frying pan.

There is like a $25 camera ear tool on amazon you can buy and it displays to your smart phone. You can put the camera right in your ear and see your ear drum with it.



why are the people moderating this site trannies and faggots?


softens the earwax. Not a meme I tried it. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for a sensory itch. Tool is p.coo though saves me paying for one of those expensive ear doc visits I was planning on


because you are a swimmer/diver, your ears are just fucked. for normal people, q tip is fine and no one needs to go see an ear doc


they're not. By contrast q-tips DO fuck up your ear by pushing the wax deeper or rupturing the eardrum


dude if you are rupturing from q-tips theres no way i trust you with the oil baster recipie


what i mean is normal people dont have ear wax to push in. what you describe is a result of you swimming and diving and having gross water in your ear constantly


Hylic level:
>everybody is a crab on this site!
>Da alt rite is ruining everything!
>I need to post my detailed life history on dep
*Puts on Glasses*
>Mods are all kiwifarmers
>Admin is a glownigger
>Users are all discord faggots and pedophiles
>Site is a dox hub
*Become a wizard*
>Site is a satanic loosh farm
>gangstalkers groom users to kill themselves
>Glowniggers run this site as a mkultra experiment
>Dark energy parasites are behind 99% of posts and seek out victims
>It's a giant racket to steal mana from adult virgins


>>Dark energy parasites are behind 99% of posts and seek out victims
A little high, more like 55/60%


File: 1673143108144.gif (349.33 KB, 800x600, 4:3, box010.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Made this trying to understand sewing machines (I still don't). Going to design a book binding machine to make with 3d printed parts so I can make sketchbooks with printer paper (sketchbooks are way overpriced, and I only need weak printer paper)


How does the thread go through the cylinder?


goes around the outside


It's not tied around it's coiled around.


Watching this doc


Is having the sketches in a book format really so important? When I begun illustrating I used printer paper but would bring a sheet from the stack on to a clipboard for rigidity. I found haviing books just meant things like indent and medium transferring on to surrounding sheets.


File: 1673157841155.png (31.01 KB, 725x485, 145:97, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

sewing machines ultimately just twist two strings together through another fabric

top needle string penetrates down through the fabric
bottom string twists around it
top string comes back up
fabric advances

you can visualize it with two strings ties to your thumb, and you can twist them around your other fingers like so


File: 1673158203447.png (24.56 KB, 541x473, 541:473, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

this is also basically know knitting/crocheting works. the only difference is you can use a single string. so imagine only the red string in that pic. it pokes through your fingers. you can use a crochet needle thing going through those loops to hold them. then you come back around and use the remainder of the red in place of the green

hopefully that makes sense. succubi like to think themselves geniuses for undertstanding how to knit and sew, but it's a simple thing (truly suitable for succubi)


File: 1673171567179.png (12.4 KB, 488x298, 244:149, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


how do you disable google search infinite scroll?

everything says there is a footer at the bottom, but i don't see anything at the bottom. even disabling adblocker completely there is nothing. is it only being displayed for chrome users or something?

i hate how the bigger your company is, the less accountable they become. they can do just whatever


>Accountability is making UI designs I personally prefer


>Google can do no wrong


accountability means someone is responsible for this shit. big companies are too big for anyone to be accountable for anything. they just mutate and crawl along like slime mould without to the nearest a/b test

regardless, how do i turn this shit off?


You could use a different search engine that isn't Google.


I've been thinking about it, and realized that never once in my life i have heard anything about illegal street racing in the news


nothing like street racing the cops themselves



File: 1673278372454.jpg (384.75 KB, 728x810, 364:405, 1579124003605-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The blinking cursor on writing prompts should blink at perfect 1sec intervals but they don't and that's a problem. Not a major one like world hunger, but still. Hilarious, I know. I keep a metronome going at 60bpm to help concentration but many times I'm staring at the blinking cursor and it's blinking on the wrong beat because it's not blinking at an even 60 blinks per minute. It's funny how this goes from being nothing to annoying, to being quite infuriating. You can actually "fix" this on windows but then it only works on prompts on windows itself, like the search bar on the taskbar, it won't have an effect on a third party text editor for example.


Just place the cursor elsewhere, out of sight


Not the pointer, but the stroke cursor indicating where your typed character will appear.


life is being v crazy and volatile for me recently
but its making me lvl up in a lota ways..
maybe il become a strong cool wizard like some of the ones i seen


Ive never tried to sync it to a metronome, but cursor blink speed is a tunable parameter in emacs


File: 1673306092311.png (18.48 KB, 840x408, 35:17, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

you can tweak the cursor blink rate in np++


File: 1673311546523.jpg (547.82 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, FlMMMgAaAAABsFl.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

In my many years-long experiments with sleep I've come to discover the method of obtaining the best sleep imaginable for a heavy male aged 21-30.

I'm not going to elaborate on that, but I will say that a painful but effective way to reduce restlessness in bed is to sleep with a small doll. It needs to be something you feel parent-like endearment for, like a anime succubus or childhood teddy. Must be baby-sized, not something that could fit in your mouth without cutting her up in to tiny bits beforehand. It won't work if you're a "wizard" who doesn't enjoy cute. If you're incapable of bringing yourself to physically harm your doll when awake, then it should work.

Men have a sleep instinct that prevents them from crushing small children in their sleep. If you fall asleep with doll-tan or teddy-kun in your arms or against your face, you'll lock up in the position you were in when you initially dozed off. You'll wake up if dolly rolls away, and finding her will put you back asleep. If you try it and it doesn't work it means you're not truwiz.

It's absolutely abysmally agonizing. A heavyset male body needs to roll around to keep pressure from straining any one part of the body. When glued down by dolly you'll be vulnerable to develop bed sores and blood obstruction if you're not in a balanced position. I would highly advise against it unless you're sleeping in one of humanity's natural forest bed positions that broadly distributes weight.

I highly recommend it!


Soft plushie or a hard plastic doll? I wanna try it


File: 1673343910918.png (5.57 KB, 388x208, 97:52, pullies.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Is having the sketches in a book format really so important?
Yes. I go out in the field, fill up pages with sketches really fast, and using a clipboard is too interrupting for me. I hate clasping and unclasping a clipboard, shuffling papers, worrying about all my papers flying away. Also I like to look at my drawings later, which is most convenient in book form. And another thing, it'll be cool to have an arbitrary amount of sketchbooks I can use separately for different subjects.

I learned so much about mechanisms in just 90 minutes at the library today. Still thinking about what I read and understanding it more and more. Pic was made working out how a moveable pulley makes it so the rope has to be pulled twice as far to pull the load up.


File: 1673345957547-0.gif (17.14 KB, 210x300, 7:10, Untitfafaled.gif) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1673345957547-1.gif (26.32 KB, 700x300, 7:3, 8ma.gif) ImgOps iqdb


How heavy you have to be to crush yourself during sleep?


As long as you love her
Fat breaks at around 27 pounds of pressure. A 200lb wizard would have subdermal deterrioration if he had 6 points of contact with the hard floor. Considering most of that weight is in his gut, his hip bones would hold most of the weight when lying down, cutting bloodflow to areas of the pelvis and glutes, resulting in butthurt.


>Must be baby-sized, not something that could fit in your mouth without cutting her up in to tiny bits beforehand.


So not something like a Figma or Nendoroid. If he (me) said only "not something that could fit in your mouth", feederwizards would come and argue that anything can fit in the wizmouth if cut up. I saved us all the trouble of saying "yea, we know" onviously". Big feeder wizzies love to eat large meals they chop up with sharp knives featuring dragon inlays right on the blade.


>Men have a sleep instinct that prevents them from crushing small children in their sleep. If you fall asleep with doll-tan or teddy-kun in your arms or against your face, you'll lock up in the position you were in when you initially dozed off.
i regularly sleep with various stuffed animals and there have been plenty of times I woke up sleeping directly on top of them, so i dont think that is an actual thing, unless laying on top of the doll causes pain


i think i fractured my pinky toe, somewhere in the middle of the foot along the edge. theres a whole mess of bones there idk what its called. it was fun poking and prodding it because it was otherwise a painless hard bump under the skin. after a few days now the bump is gone but a massive bruise is forming. turning 30 is a biological time bomb man, everything just starts breaking


Does sleeping with stuffed animals really improve sleep? I'm a severe insomniac and I've tried everything from hard liqour to meds and nothing has stuck so far.


File: 1673437066683.jpg (284.2 KB, 1438x1931, 1438:1931, bear hunting armor.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>I woke up sleeping directly on top of them
Yeah my advice is to have your toys wearing a bear hunting armor from the 1800s, that'll will solve it.


I sleep with stuffed animals due to anxiety, if you don't have anxiety I wouldn't recommend it, also it helps if the stuffed animal is special like a gift from parents/grandparents or a good friend, if your stuffed animal doesn't mean anything to you then I don't think theres any benefit to having one, if you're just looking for posture support you'd probably be better off with pillows designed specifically for that. For me though I've had a number of times I went to sleep without a stuffed animal where I got up half asleep in the middle of night grabbed one of my favorites and then immediately fell back asleep


Walking around in a university as a hobo looking loner neet
The people here are v kind to another and I bet they feel real inclusive and down to earth
But then wizzie comes along, forcing them to have rejective and excluding body language and attitude, really messing up their identity

I'm a walking reality check


I'm seriously considering blowing some of my limited funds on a few sessions of therapy.
I'm not delusional enough to think that it's a solution, especially considering that I simply can't afford treatment of the effective variety. I almost view it in the same way I see prostitution, with the caveat that I have no experience with such a thing; I'm paying another person to have limited access to my brain for cathartic purposes.
That or my ADHD riddled mind just feels desperate and anxious, leading to just more money hole problems.


are you only hobo looking or are you a hobo neet?

when i was homeless i loved the college campus as it was open late, had water, electricity and wifi, and I was allowed in for free


you basically need to do talk therapy for months to get something out of it. I've tried steering dep towards supplements because I view it as the better option and undoubtedly cheaper too


File: 1673476544725.jpg (246.57 KB, 850x850, 1:1, 7f34a5474c5d1be2997dec6183….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe there's something different about you, something that would affect your male instincts


Love having a dishwasher. Just used three different spoons to make my meal because it is all going in the dishwasher anyway.

>but much pots and pans

EVERYTHING goes in the dishwasher. If it gets fucked up, oh well, I buy something new that doesn't get fucked up in the dishwasher.


Just because something works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone.


You're right, things that work for men don't usually work for boys and succubi. If your dollies don't help you sleep at night, that's a case of you being the odd one, because most men do sleep better with a shoujo abreast.


does anyone else here use their stuffed animals for anxiety relief? I am not too familiar with this topic but when I hold any of my stuffed animals I can literally feel the calming chemicals flooding my brain. It seems like stuffed animals have a big stigma about them being for babies, I don't get why people would limit themselves from something that works just because it's something you might've done when you were a baby, a teddy bear is mans best friend, don't let females shame you into thinking its weird just because you're a "grown assman" or whatever


I just had a really nice dream where I hang out with old friends from school. They're stuck in their middle and grade school self while I am fully grown. We play basketball in the mall and do other stuff I can't remember.


I don't have anxiety but I do enjoy petting and squeezing the fumo and the dakimakura and another thing. It does have a positive effect on the brain and heart. I could pet a cat for hours and petting the doll gives me the same feeling.
>a teddy bear is mans best friend,
The old depictions of wizards and elders was them sleeping teddy-in-hand. I've seen more cases of cartoon and anime tough guys caring for a teddy bear than I've seen little succubi or babies do so. There's no shame in it, caring for a small cute anything is in man's nature. If anyone tries to talk down to you for making sure teddy sleeps good, make fun of them for having STDs or unwanted children because they probably do. Besides, anyone who smirks at teddyman while caring for dogs or cats are hypocrites.
Nice. Those dreams can be fun. You gotta wonder if those kids, now grownups IRL, are also dreaming of kid you.

Last night I dreamt I was a succubus. I was running around skipping on rocks and jumping over things. I became my own imaginary tomboy gf. Not a fetish dream though, still truwiz.


I get anxious and depressed and when I'm not I still have surging thoughts that keep me awake. I'm constantly worrying or my mind is racing about something. Probably gonna try it anyway, it's not like I've got anything to loose. Probably just buy a doll since I have no one to give me one. Just need to figure what sort of doll to buy.
I can see what you mean by cats. I'll happily spend hours petting them. Too bad my landlord won't let me own one.


I wonder if you're triggering oxytocin release


When I had a rough day as a child I would wrestle them to blow off pent up aggression…then cuddle.

But I haven't done it since I was like 11.
Still, it made me feel a little better to be the one in control and imposing my will rather than being at the whims and mercies of those larger than me.

Once puberty hit I got too big to easily smack around since I could and would hit back just as hard. So a large source of my anxiety went away.
Part of that was no longer feeling a cathartic release from dominating inanimate objects.


so u turn ur dish washer on every day
either that or u dont cook every day


Oxytocin is essentially unwizardly


No oxytocin is also a bond chemical that is associated with familial and comrade relations. Wizards are adult virgins, but they arent inherently friendless or familyless.


are you literally retarded



I run it just about every 2-3 days.

I have two pots and two pans so it is rare that I am forced to hand wash one. Especially since I usually prefer to bake over pan frying.


opera has a weird 'private window' mode

in firefox, if i'm signed onto website A in a private window, and then i open a new private window and visit website A in that new window, i will be logged out because each window is like it's own container or something

but in opera, i remain logged in. it's like all private windows share the same data. that is kinda lame


>so u turn ur dish washer on every day
yes, why not?


Somehow we have to run ours twice a day. I don't understand how my parents manage to use to many dishes.


Wizards are essentially retarded


ur goin to jail


greenland is like 1/4 the size of the US… yet it has barely 50K people total living there

insane. my shitty town in the middle of nowhere has more ppl. i wonder what it's like living in greenland


Greenland is all ice. Iceland is p. green


that explains the topography map then. it has like a gaping hole inside of it below sea level but on maps it shows it being solid


Despite having around 50k people living there, they have the highest suicide rate in the world IIRC. I think there was a Greenlandic anon on /int/ who ended up drowning himself, or that could have just been /int/ folklore


It's windy over there.



The only way that makes sense is if they run the dishwasher to clean like one or two dishes.


i think im lactose intolerant now. also can't seem to eat oats anymore. actually i could never really eat oats, but truly now they fuck me up. the result in tiehr case is horrible stomach pain and gas


I've doing semen retention and avoiding sexual imagery for 60 days and I feel like my mind is clear and my thoughts are in order and more in control when processing things. This is what the wizard powers are about.


If you think that is something you should try 5 minutes of meditation every day.
It is surprising how so little time can have such a drastic effect in mental clarity and stability.


Today I went on a cold, wet, dreadful walk. I enjoyed the experience. It felt like such a long time I feel like I've lived more.


Real lactose intolerance is incredibly rare and goes hand-in-hand with other life-altering health issues. What you and most people are having a negative reaction to is lactose that's been cooked (killed) through pasteurization.

If you enjoy Greek yogurt, consider eating some. Living lactose is prevalent in it, and will contribute greatly to the bacterial cultures within you needed to efficiently process dead lactose.


File: 1673859868950.png (7.13 KB, 400x139, 400:139, 400px-Beta-D-Lactose.svg.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lactose is a molecule… It can't be dead/alive.

But yeah most of India is lactose intolerant (meaning they do not produce the enzyme lactase in adulthood) and yet they consume tons of dairy because it gets fermented.


When boiled it falls apart and changes in to something unrecognizable to the human digestive system


The human digestive system can recognize sugar pretty easy wiz.


the real deal for astral projection is nofap for 90 days. I was definitely getting impresions around that timmeline. Congrats wizzie


grats wizzie, I should probably start doing nofap for a few weeks, it's not that easy since I spend most of my time online and the poison is readily available.


My mind synthesized the best sexual imagery in my dreams this morning. Extremely vivid.
In the beginning of the dream I had slept on my hand wrong and when I woke up my fingers were all fucked up. They were all thin with a few protrusions and when I closed my hand my ring finger went below my pinky and out the side.


Tired and ready to get my snooze on.


I've just been chilling all day, reading all these great comic books and manga in my ereader I bought for christmas. I don't even remember the last time I had this much fun before without being in the PC. I hope I can do this more often from now on. One of my year resolutions is to spend less time in the PC, eating healthy, doing nofap for at least 90 days I did 1 month last year and it helped me a lot, and being more active in general.


the wikipedia page for corn is just a redirect to the 'maize' article because britbong wikipedia admins established a precedence for autistically screeching and refusing to acknowledge that everyone else in the world just says corn, and they use this embarassing precedence to justify continuing to keep it that way. the history of the page for the maize>corn renaming thing is hilarious. everyone hates seeing 'maize' when they look up corn, and everyone complains, and they just get dismissed. the different forms of english all at odds with one another on that site is weird. i wonder how other languages coexist with their variants


Good job wizzie, I notice an increase in calmness, less anxiety, and more focus and concentration the less I stare at the screen. Reducing your pc time is always a good idea and cutting the porn does wonders! Good luck and keep enjoying your time alone.


clear your mind from wordly concerns and focus on the present moment. Detach yourself form the normalfag matrix. It's all fake. You're on the right path to attain wizard nirvana.


Wikipedia is a propaganda site run by nigger-clowns. But your observation is interesting.


Maize is the proper word, it came from the original Spanish name for the plant. Corn's original use refers to grains in general or the dominant staple crop of a region. Early American settlers started referring to maize as Indian Corn. Only in the past century or so has it been called just corn, but this is a colloquialism which is improper for an encyclopedia entry. In general American English is retarded and inconsistent. Not that I'm an anglophile that island is a wretched place, but still American English is a bastardization of the original language, much like Quebec French.


>In general American English is retarded and inconsistent.
How so? Can you provide more examples?


american english is closer to original english than british, british people just have a superiority complex, the best example is to see the rage they get when someone says "soccer" (the proper term for the sport)


File: 1674073002793.jpg (67.64 KB, 905x960, 181:192, 93129918_2509475979158772_….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Gosh I wish that were me


>Maize is the proper word
it doesn't matter. pick a side! and look at the arguments, it has all been said before


in my opinion, what brits call shit is irrelevant except when it's something particular to britbong. the word commonly used in usa/canada is really all that matters since usa/canada outnumber the uk 7 to 1 in terms of english speakers. you have cornmeal, popcorn, corncob, corn on the cob, cornbread, cornstarch, cornflakes, cornfields, corn stalks, cornrows, corn husk. no one says maize lmao, but instead of being upset i find it amusing. it's like a battle that british wikipedians will die over


"The difference between the worldly and the saintly … depends solely on the elimination or not of sexual desire." - Buddha


too bad porn addict crabs can't understand this.


Googled the quote and a bunch of r/nofap/ tier results came up. lol. Anyway I'm sure you've got that groundbreaking bit of buddhist wisdom straight from the source and not from one of those places :^)

it sounds like bs or a gross mkstranslation because of the word "solely". what about all the rest, like wisdom, knowledge, wisdom and so on?


File: 1674133806248.png (133.64 KB, 968x283, 968:283, YouTube.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes absolutely YT, exactly what I need right now, more fucking trash.


It's not the advertising firm's responsibility to know that you have abnormal spending / ownership issues which would dispose you to aggresion when presented with an offer to buy a pillow. Really, why get so butthurt? That pillow bed looks cozy, like a good place to sleep, nap, and snooze.


Taking you, wiz.
Stuffing you in the pillow bed.
Placing another pillow bed on top of you. Compressing you between pillow beds.
Hearing your shrieks as the pressure reaches over 1000 lbs per square inch.
Listening to the fluid leak from porous pillow bed holes.
Goodbye, anonymage.


I don't have mentioned issues, I was making fun of the offer while also making an accurate description of the product.
>It's not the advertising firm's responsibility
Of course not, its responsability is to make trash look attractive so unwise people will buy it, regret it and then turn it into my accurate description. I can just see ahead of the whole process is all.


File: 1674156217581.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.44 KB, 640x810, 64:81, 20230116_122802.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You think 1000lbs/"² is enough to hurt me? Pathetic. I chew my Doritos with 1000lbs/"².

See ahead of THIS


I don't know where to post this but I feel SO bad for the kids of today, just the sheer amount of degenerate porn just being blasted into their eyes. Everything has rule 34 applied to it, high quality rule 34, no matter how firmly the source material is aimed at children.


>Anons still telling people to take pillz
>clearly never heard of Robert Whitaker


I never got the meme with rule34, tons of stuff I wanted to see as porn has little to no porn existing of it at all, my last disappointment was not being able to any gay space marine r34, but maybe if you're just looking for boobs it works 100% of the time


i could have sworn at one point there was gonnna be a harry potter MMO, but the latest news from hgowarts legacy game shows it is single player lol. i wonder why i thought it was an mmo


>I don't like this thing therefore everybody that does is stupid or faking it
why is this attitude so common on the internet?


because a man genuinely can't fathom how somebody can like shit he vomits at.


You guys know any good sources/books on allergies and sinus health? T. chronic low level allergies sufferer


File: 1674698307613.png (910.84 KB, 800x1036, 200:259, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


I had chronic allergies from ages 8 - 21 because of secondhand smoke and cats. Constant runny nose, dry puffy eyes, etc. The only real solution is to distance yourself from allergens but unfortunately that's quite impossible.

There are some treatments though. Trimming nose hair for one is a great way to immediately breath better. Having some sort of HEPA system like wiz above suggested is always good in our modern society. Adding simple weather sealing strips to your bedroom door frame can keep bad air out from the rest of the house. You can gargle alcohol to flush allergens from the back of the sinuses. Lighting then extinguishing a candle periodically will release carbon in to the air which absorbs and neutralizes many allergens (don't let it pass through any air filters). Steaming your nose and eyes regularly helps, even if you're just breathing in the steam from your coffee. Applying chapstick / beeswax under your nose and eyes helps with skin irritation and the menthol / mint kind will agitate the eyes to lightly tear up for a clean-on-blink. And make a note to clean the mucus out of your nose either in the morning or before bed, real deep.

As far as drugs go, I'd recommend against purpose-built allergy solutions which inhibit immunoresponse. They're expensive, questionably effective, and like any inhibitor the body becomes dependent on them, so when you stop taking them the allergies just feel worse. There are some OTC athletic supplements like caffiene, taurine, ephedra, and probably a bunch of teas. Anything that improves vascular flow to the skin, sinuses, and throat will reduce irritability.


there is something ironic about students not being allowed to use chatgpt and ai generated stuff, and the teachers themselves relying on ai to detect other ai generated content


Sometimes you don't even need to go that far. Just simply slapping ONE filter on the back of a box fan does wonders.

Also, the box fans helps drown out the noise of neighbors in white noise in a poor apartment complex as well.

Also, obviously, box fans help keep you cool in the Summer, and you can bring in heat from the interior corridors of an apartment complex in the Winter.

Box fans aren't praised enough.


you can get a used air purifer with a still functional hepa for about $50 from a thrifter. This thing costs about $150


>This thing costs about $150
Keeping in mind what I said:
>Sometimes you don't even need to go that far. Just simply slapping ONE filter on the back of a box fan does wonders.
This costs $30:
$25 box fan.
$5 filter.


>$5 filter
"Dust Reduction" is for keeping sawdust out of the cold air return. You need at least activated carbon to capture and neutralize pollen and dander.


I was going by the >wikipedia cost figures



I've been noticing recently that–at least in my area–Walmart is getting cheaper than even dollar stores and thrift stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army. And both of those options are routinely cheaper than most online options including Craigslist or ebay. Anyone else noticing the same?


Just to give you a peek behind the scenes to explain this.
There are two main reasons for this. Walmart is big and spread out enough that they can hold out and eat the cost of inflation a lot longer than most of their competition. The second reason is Walmart has a extremely strong bargaining position with producers and uses its own distribution Network to cut out middle men, meaning they can practically demand much lower prices. Especially since no retailer can really match them in order volume, so even if a contract with Walmart has a lower per unit price it's still massively profitable since they will order millions of units in bulk. Really their main rival these days is just amazon. Especially since Walmart's online shit is still frankly subpar. But as far as physical stores they basically won the game, lol.


now we're cooking with gas



But does that analysis also follow through even with thrift stores? As I understand it, thrift stores resell donated items, right? So, a thrift store is reselling something that cost them nothing, and they still can't compete against Walmart?


One of my teeth hurts. I want to pull it out.


Go to the dentist then.


can you see visually if it's a cavity? I've had good results taking d3 and K2 with hydrogen peroxide swishing. Once I started taking k2 gum disease type inflammation basically stopped which might be what we're talking about here. People earlier on wiz were suggesting swishing cinnamon to kill bacteria as well


Had a somewhat victory with my drinking. Usually I buy a bottle of vodka and drink it until there's a decent amount left, and when I wake up I finish it off and then proceed to buy more which goes into a full on binge that goes on for days. But before I went to sleep I poured the remaining alcohol away. I feel like an idiot for being proud, but it's small steps I suppose.


Practice makes perfect and its easier to relapse and guilt-dispose it than to guilt-consume it


After many years I learned there are many negatives that people never mention or even wonder about at being a master of something. There are some facets of mastery that average and below average people will never understand to the point of treating you as just another average/below average person. Basically it's only worth being really bad at something or maybe being average. If you're bad at something like say hardstuck Iron in LoL you can get pity points posting about it. As a master your only choice is to ignore it. Someone that levels slow in WoW will have a group of friends to cheer them on to continue playing. Again as a master you can't really interact with those below you so again, only choice is silence.

The only people I can relate to are the top athletes because we have similar mindsets.


File: 1675055508723.png (65.81 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

>$50 in my bank account


Mastery brings with it two categories that are a hell of a lot better than pity or getting cheerlead.
Being a innovator and major contributor to something you are passionate about. And teaching people your way and leaving a legacy.
As someone who will never have children, teaching youths something that I care about and see them grow as people as a result is amazingly fulfilling.
Especially when you see your own passion for something sparked and mirrored in someone else's.

There is a reason masters take on apprentices. There is also a reason they tend to be odd.


I'm there every month wiz. It gets to the point where there's only just enough money for some junk food or beer, so it's like "frick it, get them goods" and now it's $0 and some unhealthy slop.


it's been 10 years now, almost to the date (2 more weeks) until my lasy real big paycheck from steady work/consistent job. my money is just gone now. i could sell crypto and i have physical stuff i can pawn off though i guess i'm not at 0 just yet.


File: 1675344708378.png (1.16 MB, 762x871, 762:871, 9640a4aa18deb7ab94bc6fb263….png) ImgOps iqdb

It's finally dry enough to start going on daily neet adventures again. As everything is stripped back you can see badger and fox trails easier, and the birbs have eaten all the berries. During lunch I made some picks from cherry for cleaning my shoes. I wanna try lots of stuff this spring


I had a comfy walk in the mushy melting snow today, and saw I think, some wrens, and I stayed warm during the whole walk


Very cool, I've also been planning to enjoy nature during spring this year.


Once, around new year's eve some dude from high school told me that in order to have a lucky year one should make the first thing they say after the new year be "white rabbit". Now clearly this is bullshit superstition but from time to time on new year's I would think about it and try to make the first words I said, "white rabbit", but somehow I always ended up forgetting and fucking up. This year was the first year that I actually pulled it off and as stupid as it sounds I feel like this is going to be a good year for me. January was already a good month.


explain further, why was it a good january for you now?


Mostly because I convinced my parents to loan me the money to buy a new electric car (or more accurately they bought it for me and I am paying them back over time). Congress passed some bill giving the car a tax credit, and it was supposed to only qualify for $3750 tax credit but the Treasury department ended up delaying the implementation of part of the bill because they needed more time to make the rules so for a brief 2 month window the car became eligible for the full tax credit. This of course skyrocketed demand and I had to get very lucky to find a car that became available because the person who ordered it backed out of the deal. I got lucky by beating the other people who were trying to buy it at the same time I was to the punch on putting in my deposit. I got lucky because the dealer who sold it was so incompetent that he didn't know the car had just had a MSRP increase 2 weeks before I bought it so he sold it to me at the previous price. He also didn't charge a markup which other dealers in my area were charging up to many thousands of dollars. Without the tax credit I never could have convinced my parents to buy it for me. There have been a number of other positive things happening to me that I won't go into, some of which are the product of my own efforts but many of which involved large amounts of luck. This must be some sort of cognitive bias I am experiencing to frame it in such terms though after being primed to think in this way due to the rabbit thing.


I should mention that the full tax credit is $7500 so it became $7500 cheaper for me during this brief 2 month window.


They throw 7500 at people wealthy enough for fancy electric cars but when destitute neets get anything every cent is scrutinized.


dwarf fortress' adams brothers are milliomaires now because of the steam release

wonder what this will mean. autist devs are bad at being celebrities and being famous. i think something will happen like what happened to notch and minecraft

people will be taking advantage of them for their money now as well. i hope im totally wrong


You say that when welfare spending and entitlements for the poor make up a massive portion of most budgets.
More than military spending, more than tax credits (aka people keep more of their rightfully earned money), more than education.

If there is anyone you should be pissy at it's the single mom welfare queens, the illegals, and the boomers who all drain the system to the breaking point and leave almost nothing for wizardly neets.

It's the breeders fault, not people getting tax credits to pay less for shit that is still being taxed 3 times over but less.

p.s. didn't mean for this rant against breeders to come off as political, if that is how it seemed.


I have a feeling none of those electric cars will last 15+ years and the working class that's dependent on used cars will become gigafucked in a decade or two.

People struggle to finance $3000 for semi-reliable cars to get to and from work, what the fuck are they going to do when second hand cars become scarce and worth $8,000 for the same car? You couldn't even get finance for it because the risk of engine trouble makes the investment risk debilitating rather than annoying.

Those second hand cars with their closed off batteries could have a higher cost of repairs too, what's a new radiator or alternator on a ICE car could be an entire $12,000+ battery replacement for an electric car.


Gotta corral all the poor serfs into their megacities somehow.


Before I try to make this myself I am going to ask here.

Does anyone know if there is a simple antenna relay that connects to wi-fi and transmits the analog antenna signal through the network? Basically I want to replace a coax cable with two devices. One that connects to the antenna and repeats the signal through wifi network. Another that hooks up to the TV and picks up that signal on wifi and send it to the TV. I want it to be dead simple. No bullshit DVR or TV tuner. Simple antenna relay over wi-fi with no bullshit data collecting signup required.


There is no reason to think cars will become scarce in 15 years, let alone 100 years.

EVs don't have that many parts so they should last quite a while, but the batteries will degrade over time, requiring a replacement in like a decade. However, batteries are just a storage of electricity and the only valuable thing about EV batteries today is the proprietary tech that checks for "genuine" replacement parts. This will likely be overridden or legislated away once EVs become more popular.


There's been a long predicted future shortage in second hand cars as is because not enough people are buying enough new cars.


suburban sprawl and overreliance on automobiles aren't any better. if this means less cars in cities then i welcome it.
(realistically it won't, they'll keep subsidizing EVs more and there's debt and leasing for those not rich enough)


Who says its an overreliance?


ask any suburban or rual person and they will tell you they need their car in their daily life, how is that not overreliance when you can't do shit without a vehicle


The drivetrains should last longer than ICE cars. The batteries will degrade some with time but in 15 years it will still have like 80% of what it had when new. Battery swaps might be a thing by then though with smaller lighter bigger capacity batteries becoming cheaper.


The average new car price has reached an all time high of nearly 49k. It seems stupid honestly because you can get a nice car with a lot of features for significantly less than that. Car buying is when people act the most irrationally imo. The will put down 3k for a sunroof that they will never use like it's nothing or pay 5k for 50 more HP. What you are actually getting for the price is just absurd. You could buy a lot of other things with that money that is far more valuable. I guess it all comes down to the car as a status symbol. That is what people are really paying for.


They're going to respond that everyone should be living in a crowded mega-apartment in a crime-infested dystopian megalopolis.


Why should I care whether I have/will get ED if I'm not going to have sex?
Why should I care about learning any languages if in order to practice them I have to be very social and speak with others of that language a lot?


Time for a new one?


While the amount of technology you get in a car is absolutely mind blowing for the price (just try to design one yourself, let alone manufacture it), it's important to remember that inflation is rampant and $49k for a car today is not anything like what it used to be.

I thought I was unlucky that my old car (we're talking almost 20 years old) gave out a year or two earlier than expected due to me postponing some essential maintenance, but in the end I wound up buying a $6k car near the bottom of the covid market that's had a few relatively minor issues but really was a steal by today's standards. I can't imagine anybody blowing $50k on a car unless it's out of necessity or just living too large to worry about it.

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