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REAL science is impossible to distinguish from the highest magick.
Everett multiverse,brane universes, Moravec jumps,simulation models,Boltzman brains+poincare Recurrence.
Im going to teleport to a pocket universe with time dilation. I will have a huge,personal, weight lifting gym and train for 4 years. but in "this" universe,only a couple of hours will have passed. so from everyone else's POV, I will have become the strongest man overnight


I have the feeling that physicist went a bit delusional with their terms. But after all it was always like that. Until you REALLY understand the fuck is happening, you imagine some bullshit and give it bullshit names, so we'll just need to wait for another Niels Bohr to explain shit. And then all these delusions about magic and another worlds will probably become something not nearly as appealing as it seems right now.


>will probably become something not nearly as appealing as it seems right now.

I do wonder about this a lot. It seems to me the reason it becomes less appealing is simply because it's explained. As in, every explanation is in itself always less than one's expectations. It doesn't matter then how extraordinary something is, if you understand it, it won't appear to be much after all. That said, I also have an impression that deep down we don't really understand anything at all.


File: 1669042817052.jpeg (284.25 KB, 835x1200, 167:240, the match of life!.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I reccomend reading starlet codex,lesswrong,and turingchurch.
I just want to have constant access to heaviest weights . I will do my ORM, and the same day do setxreps of it. thus I Say


Yeah, thank you. Totally gonna try that.


latin america is another universe alright. wish we could cut them off from the rest of the world for real.


This thread is another universe either so please fuck off to appropriate thread.


no, i do semen retention so i REDEEM latin america. you may not dare to raise your voice against the Bounty of a celibate Countenance




You complaining about South Americans every time you see someone type in imperfect English is more of a blight than any Spanish wizard's day-to-day posting




19, Brazil

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