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I am NOT greedy or materialistic, but I want to win the lottery. As proof that God or the Universe hasn't abandoned me and believes in me. Positive affirmations for winning the lottery.



Can't win if you don't play. Go spend all of your pesos on lottery tickets. All of them. Your parents' pesos too. Steal some from the bank if you must, you'll get more if you point a gun-shaped object at their faces.


When I win the lottery I will live in a beautiful house like this. Not in California though, I hate leftwing places.



I will also collect watches, a nice and understated, but still very expensive hobby. Watches make good investments too, unlike cars, drugs and alcohol, not to mention wives or hookers. I can leave as an inheritence to any family like nieces when I die.



You have bad vibes, you are not going anywhere in life with that attitude.



>money meditation for winning the lottery



This world is not fair and just. Fuck this world.


I know that's true, but still I DESERVE to have some nice things flowing my way. If I win lottery. Nice house and car,not too extravagant. Main investment would simply be gold/silver/platinum since they will always be worth money. And collecting nice watches as a hobby, I won't collect cheap worthless shit that dumb niggers and nerds do like shoes, pokemon cards or warhammer bullshit. Watches will still have value in decades unlike that useless junk. That way even if I go bankrupt like many lottery winners, I will still have usefull collectables to sell. I am so much smarter than most dumb normies who are drug addicts that win the lottery.


No you don't, and if you believe you do, take a minute to tell us why.
>Nice house and car
You can get both of those by working a job and saving money for a while. If you really believe you deserve them, then treat yourself to them by taking the time to earn them.
>nerds do like shoes, pokemon cards or warhammer bullshit.
Fuck off hobby-shaming normalfag.
Shoe collectors value performance of the shoe above all
Warhammer is a hands-on hobby where players paint, coordinate, write, and battle against eachother
Pokemon cards are fun and you can do battle with them
>Watches will still have value in decades unlike that useless junk
To frivolous niggers. Everyone on Earth knows that a $12 Casio tells time better than a $900 Rolex, and with everyone having Smartphones and clocks being nailed up on wall everywhere, "nice watches'" value is superficial.
>I am so much smarter
Prove it. Use that smartness to fid out how to earn money instead of paying in to the idiot tax that is the lottery.
>if I go bankrupt
But you're TOO SMART to go bankrupt. And you DESERVE to not go bankupt so YOU WON'T, right?

You are insufferable, I hate you, you suck and go die, normalfag who will never win the lottery, favela rooftop hopping macaco gambler.

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