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do any of you guys steal/scavenge stuff regularly?
i recently realized how easy it is to shoplift from many grocery stores, so I tend not to pay for food now if i can help it.
similarly i have also started stealing from other stores with the hopes of re-selling for profit. i don't do any of this near my house and yes im american so perhaps it is easier here
i also want to start dumpster diving/ trying to find useful stuff people have thrown away.
i figure this is very wizardly behavior since many wizards are not rich, and wageslaving is a nightmare.


Petty crime doesn't pay.

Imagine getting a criminal record for $50 worth of crap.

If you really need food or something, just dumpster dive. Dumpster diving can get you free soda, energy drinks, snacks and just regular expired food.


Great delivery. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing work.


I collect cool rocks, bird feathers, and various odds and ends I find on my daily walks. Also take pictures of interesting things out in the woods, cool plants, weird cloud formations, whatever. Forget to grab my phone most days though haha. Also I try to clean up litter in my community


I occasionally litter pick myself and find it to be more satisfying than anything else I do. Kudos for helping the natural environment out, wizzo.


i dont live in a city so it's awkward as hell to dive in dumpsters. way too personal. youll be going on random people property

when i lived in somewhere more urban, i did dive in dumpsters for a few weeks until i got caught and became too scared. i found thousands of dollars worth of thrown away stuff


It is very satisfying to do for me as well. I like to feed the birds sometimes too


Do you use a trash picker tool or gloves or just your hands? I would like to start trash picking on my daily walks, but something (fear of grossness) stops me


The thing about shoplifting at supermarkets is that they don't nab you for it when they catch you doing it. What they do is keep a lookout for you and record you doing it dozens of times, lulling you into a false sense of security, and then get the cops involved for EVERY instance they've caught you and really fuck you over.

Dumpster diving is one of those things I've heard is easy but here the dumpsters are typically padlocked at nights.


you could get two hobbies by learning lock picking or just cut them off or using a soda can shim. I dont have much experience with locked trash.


In california cops wont even show up unless $900 is being stolen


when i was younger i used to love going on night walks and i noticed there were these garbage bins with padlocks on them. i heard about dumpster diving and they were behind nice food shops. so i picked the locks and looked inside. inside: there were bags and bags full of day old bakery bread. it was based af. so i took all the bread and had delicious, fresh wiz breed for the next week. i think the shop was schizo enough that they would throw out food at alternating dumpsters in the town. So after that i never again got to eat mountains of free bakery bread. it was a comfy experience though.


Why the hell do they go so far out of their way to hide the perfectly fine food they threw away anyway?


I don't know, it's fucking retarded. Why not donate it a public pantry or something…



I have a feeling someone's samefagging here, the quick responses and the conversation seems off, also the story sounds made up and you just try to teach us about how stores waste food, the answers seem to be there just to push your point further.


The reason I replied to his original post within 10 minutes is because I have no life, mystery solved


>what is refreshing all dozens of times a day
What is there to gain if it were "samefagging?"


I always carry around a pair of gloves with me when going on my daily walks. Don't do it gloveless, people are gross


Going to hit up whole foods tommorow for some sushi/goat cheese and cold brew. Wish me luck!

Fuck jeff bezos!


Be careful out there wizzies, I know people who have been stealing everything they need for a couple years on a daily basis and 1 times out of 10 they get caught. Most of the time they just tell you to fuck off and ban you but sometimes you also get mail from the law and in rare cases they even arrest you on the spot. You can get banned from stores and even whole retail chains on top a pile of charges and if this accumulates it won't be worth it anymore at some point because you'll lose more than you have gained. All the guys I know who did this can't shop or even wageslave at most retail chains anymore and they have also fucked a big deal of their life with charges. It takes just one nosey security guy or store owner and youre fucked.




How would they even know who you are? What country are you reffering to


Btw supposedly target is +9000 surveilance skill. Dont shoplift from there


It's common for many retail stores to collect copies of IDs for their database, of course they won't always recognize you but at some point you're gonna have to switch locations


national super stores will build a dossiers on shoplifters and only pursue legal actions after certain triggers, typically after it becomes a felonious quantity or event. they essentially build private dox, if you make a habit of shoplifting at major stores (more than a few times or 200$) they most likely have your full name and watch you from the cameras or at a distance.


I know of a guy who got fired from his walmart job after working there for a couple months because someone noticed that they have a file on him for stealing from some of their other stores, they keep that stuff archived for ages to come


why wouldnt they? if you are existing in a functioning bureaucracy, the cost to store some paperwork is near zero. ever cheaper now with the proliferation of computers


I shoplift whatever I can get away with. GOD wants me to have nice stuff and have the best life I can. God does not mind me shoplifting. God wants me to be happy.


What country? Have u ever been caught


yes criminal please dox yourself


I'm considering starting to dumpster dive.


Hello officer


Based rogue wizard.


There is brain-wiring in human white-matter to automatically poison, kill/steal from others without their DNA when man can think to do so. Not everyone is the same, but there is a very powerful general trend toward the more white-matter/the more average the face of the other, the more this controls the brain/actions. This runs all the way back to tree (trees not genetically related to bigger trees are deprived of sun-light, grown-over, and killed) but maybe even to bacteria. This is why most things/people in life are secretly poisonous/hateful. It is a biologically successful thinking pattern and rooted in the murder of the other (anything without the exact DNA as themselves) for food. This trait increases as intelligence climbs in humans as it is likely that it was already being selected for that the higher the intelligence/empathy the more murderous the hand (higher amount of joy from violence, higher amount of violence toward restriction), so it is very likely North East Asians and Europeans are some of the most poisonous/murderous people on earth (North East Asians being more so as they are at a 105 IQ empathy) while maintaining enough restraint for their own people (or something that resembles it closely) that it generally never turns into outright homicide. Once all empathy is gone (kill-tools for food are activated) as they are no longer the same race, all that remains is a brain wired to commit homicide and to take pleasure from homicide/violence. (This is partially why White Americans have a higher incidence of needless animal hunting/killing) It takes a lot of intelligence to realize that you are not the same race as the person you see just because they resemble you, and that you would kill them over this. (this takes a 353 IQ or higher) It is not good to trust people that do not have your DNA (which is anyone that is not a sibling from a 28 year old father for most of the world due to race-mixing) because of this, and it's very important to be self-reliant as a consequence. Older people are more trusting because their brains are dying, so they are scammed more frequently. This, along with race-mixing (different DNA), is at the root of "When a man says you are the best, it means he has never seen such a fool" - Napoleon Bonaparte. The inverse of this is generally true (When a man says you are the worst, it means you are the best) (Windows/Microsoft is heavily poisoned today because of this, consider using Linux for no surveillance, no ping throttling (NSA has tools to throttle your internet connection through your router by seeing what's on your screen) on multiplayer video-games/during streaming, lower ping/faster internet (up to .2 MB/s faster), and higher security. Wipe every partition to gain access to video games due to Windows malware) *Update: due to seemingly random Firefox freezes while using Linux and thinking certain thoughts, and a likely NSA forced hard-drive wipe due to damaged NVIDIA drivers after a complete installation of new NVIDIA drivers/VR games (turned off PC with power-button, drivers totally crashed and demanded reinstalling the OS to fix), and random flickering while using applications such as Krita, it's likely the NSA has partially compromised newer verisons of the Linux OS (realistically through hardware/software backdoors and an internet connection) as the creator now lives in America.


>It takes a lot of intelligence to realize that you are not the same race as the person you see just because they resemble you, and that you would kill them over this.

This was a hilariously retarded line. Thanks for the laugh.


I steal from the bigger stores like Walmart and the grocerie stores whenever I can because fuck it.
I genuinely don't believe it is morally wrong to steal. It was there's and now it's yours.

I never steal from smaller businesses tho.


You might be interested in Walmart Loss Prevention strategies, they know who you are, probably have your dox, and are waiting for you to act feloniously


How do they attain your identity, exactly?


They can check anything that is public record such as from birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, tax records, and real estate transactions to business licenses and court records. I don't know exactly how they go from camera footage to identity, but when I inquired about a private investigator for personal matters, they told me they (civilians) can do things like search specific counties or states for utility bills for specific, unique names. This is for burgers.


sage because double post
but also they dont even necessarily need to ID you prior to arrest, but I know that they somehow do, due to an associate getting a visit at his home for a regular Walmart shoplift. I'm not saying this from perspective as mall cop, just shop lifter adjacent…


I'm in the UK, so it might be different, but I can't think of many ways anyone could identify me. There's very few photos of me in existence, barely anyone knows who I am, and it's not like they'd be able to get my name from just security footage. If they caught me in store that'd be different, but I don't see how anyone's gonna find my address or identity just from footage of me. Well, i'll have to hope they haven't. because i've shoplifted from morrisons dozens of times now lmao.

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