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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



I wiped my ass at work today and got a little bit of poop on my fingers:(


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I didn't realise scissor blades are curved such that the sideways motion of your thumb pushes the blades together at the point of cutting to minimize friction, it's bloody ingenious. The play in the blades also means there are correct techniques for cutting paper or fabric more effectively. I only noticed this when cleaning them yesterday


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Drawing fan art (FArt) of a spooky VN but I'm too afraid to play the extra bonus campaigns to get more context to work with… Not saying which you cretins will spoil it for me.


i noticed this when i got cheap chinese scissors included with a sewing kit. the steel is so flimsy and flexible they became slightly bent the wrong way and no longer cut anything


Damn, you caught me


File: 1665438382747.jpg (47.81 KB, 519x519, 1:1, 20220304_123009.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Turker dindins got me feeling zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


it is ONCE AGAIN time to lie down and go off to sleeep city (there are anime sucubi there some times)


It is Saturday wziards.


File: 1665884850723.jpg (67.06 KB, 720x681, 240:227, 1665884057705972.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A group of 3 lowlifes (two late 30s one late 50s) rolled up on bicycles, probably stolen, to the bench I was sitting near in the park. They immediately cracked rolling rock tall boys, took a few puffs of weed, and started playing “soul to squeeze” by Red Hot Chili Peppers on a portable speaker


I want to learn about how to optimize speaker layouts. Can anyone help?


like for a room? that would be really hard to tell someone else what to do. just try out common configurations and see what works best, and maybe try to figure out why its working best as a bridge to reaching an optimal layout


Of course. Room acoustics are something that few really understand, and there's a huge amount of autism that goes in to understanding the propagation of waves. But the good news is that you probably don't need to understand all the math and physics behind it in order to get somewhere close to good enough.

So for instance you didn't indicate anything about your listening space, but if you want to think about it then make looking up something like "ethan weiner bass traps" to get some ideas about how bass traps actually work, then this could be a starting point. I don't know if you have the practical skills to build any such thing or figure out where to place them, but it's a reasonable place to start thinking.


Happened to me once too bunch of drunk retards playing boardgames were causing a ruckus and got into a fight with staff.


Speakers are for plebs who get a rise out of exposing their music to random people. Headphones are the only wizard way to listen.


Same, my computer don’t even have speakers.


t. poor fag who can't afford a house


>there's a huge amount of autism that goes in to understanding the propagation of waves
You know where my head is at, anon. Thanks.


Not if you really like music and got hella cash. for 20k or 30k you can build a used system rivaling ones for half a mil. Maybe for a smaller space but not less quality. And headphones will never do bass true justice.

What phones you using? Anything good?




>What phones you using?

Sony MDR-V6's

Truly world class headphones. I have them tuned with software to make them sound amazing.

Crystal clear, can handle pumping up the volume with my sound card.


sound something similar to ath m50s I assume?

hifiman edition xx myself. it has it's strengths…


>ath m50s

They sound similar, but MDR-V6's have a more clear sound. I can't wear the m50x's because they are uncomfortably too tight and they give me compression headaches.

Sony MDR-V6's on the other hand are really light and they don't grip too tight. The original pads can hurt your ears though, so I just put new after market pads on them, which makes them even more comfortable.

I like closed back, comfortable and crystal clear sounding headphones with little bass.


File: 1665956592986.jpg (71.5 KB, 488x804, 122:201, d43075f6b7d8330e815e6719cd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Hey I need to ask something but don't want to create another thread.

Would one still have a chance of becoming a wizard if one's pecker touched a succubus's vagina, but never actually went in? Asking for a close friend of mine.


No. The act of sex was fulfilled, as unsatisfactory as it may have been. Unless "your friend" was like 8 years old and got scammed in to playing doctor with the neighbourhood shortybus, consider his mana lost.


Losing weight pretty well last couple of weeks. Developed good routines over the last few months and also am just more disciplined.
* I make kombucha 3+ gallons at a time so it's easy.
* Making sourdough wholegrain bread every morning. It's not much effort. I don't make too much, just a single piece of flatbread. Gonna prepare a cast iron dutch oven I have in the garage and figure out risen bread this week. I don't eat much after the breakfast I make with it. Having antipasto tomorrow before: olives, peppers and marinated artichokes.
* Refusing the food my 400 lb mom offers me.
* Standing desk most of the day.
* Not going to bed late, I wake up around 7 and start making the bread consistently.


Plus they're inexpensive. I had trouble finding even an open back phone within the $1k range that sounded anything like reality, although the AKG 701s were pretty impressive (and I like the AKG house sound and comfortable design.) But in the end, I wound up going back to a pair of V6s for daily use at work because I needed closed back, something more practical to take on and off all the time than IEMs, and the V6s turned out to be easiest to dial in to something close enough to flat with a parametric EQ to be tolerable compared to some of the more luxurious sounding options.

Stock, they're really more like monitors tilted way in to the treble so you can hear if some part of your recording chain has an iffy connection or grounding issue, and even after EQing you're still going to feel like somebody stole your woofers, but it is a class act and a real bargain.


All forms of sexual interaction including fellatio, handjobs, and kissing disqualify one from becoming a wizard


What if you were obligated to attend a strip club for a stag party and wound up really touching a succubus's ass way too much because you couldn't figure out how to get the money to stay in the strap and she had to do it herself out of pity so she could go back to being entertaining? Is that too far over the line, or is that how you move to the next level of wizardry?


That's just fucked up. I bet that's not what an average person would say if you asked the same question.

What if my mom kissed me as a child, was I disqualified from wizardry right then and there. Fuck this logic, I'll prove all of these inveterate oldfags they were wrong.


Obviously he meant sexual kissing, as in kissing a mate. You can kiss your mother all you want. just don't brag about it, some wizards were denied a mother's love in their youth.


Just rediscovered that instead of pressing hamburger-looking button on Android while in app and then choosing and pressing in the center of the screen to go to other open app, it's possible to tap twice on the hamburger button and it'll go to other app. Faster (same amount of taps, but less seconds and no changing location of the finger). Only seems to be faster if it's just changing between no more than 2 open apps.


This image makes me jealous because I'm about to turn 23 and I still have no beard.


hey at least your not balding
I've used android for a decade now and have no idea what your talking about


Slightly faster switching between apps by pressing menu button not once+add. action but more and w/o add. action (actually quickly tapping more than twice is even better).


When you were trying and failing to stick the money into the strap, did you have an erection?


You need to be banned


Your brain has been too affected by oxytocin to be anymore susceptible to the resonances and psycho-waves of the wizardly aetherium. Nothing can be done for you, enjoyer of physical affection


apparently my mom wakes up at 6, gets on the computer, dad comes home, she is still on computer. she doesnt cook or clean the house anymore and barely looks after herself. i always joked about housewives being neets but jesus christ she is basically me at this point

dad is considering divorcing her because the living situation makes him unhappy. they were divorced in the past when we were all children, but they got back together to raise us. it doesn't seem like there has been any love whatsoever between my mom and dad, for a long time

time sucks, things change, coping with the changes is difficult. makes me sad


File: 1666038626543.jpg (100.94 KB, 868x920, 217:230, sad_anime_girl_crying_draw….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Bought my first gunpla kit but I'm not really satisfied with it. I posted about it on a Gundam forum and they said it's plastic and cheap and feels like a hand grenade, which is true.



first ai generated image ive encountered when googling for something. "cat with eyebrows". is this the future? stock photos are all ai generated… or maybe stock photo websites simply generate variations of popular images for their own sale… it seems so low qualty


Can you not ask for a refund?


gundams are still cool though

I bet the people on those forums make fun of the giant gundam in japan for not being able to fly out into space or win the war in ukraine


I don't know why I feel jealous about audiophiles like this. Something about conversations like this seems so cool.
Let me start even more basic than that. How do you choose a speaker?
How do you choose your headphones?


He's kneeling for george floyd


Be friends with one. You want to try every popular closed back headphone and some open backs under $1k along with some audiophile customizations without spending all the money and time on researching and trading or buying them? Hey, let me show you what's in this box over here ^_^. And that's how some guy who does live music as a side gig decided to buy my AKG701s.

You might not know what you can and can't hear until you try. Just like you might not think you care much about wine, and you might not ever become a wine snob, but tons of people go wine tasting for fun and become more well-versed in what they really like.


Has anyone ever noticed that around spring and fall there is a period in which people seem to have more energy? I could be just imagining this but it would make sense considering that before the industrial revolution most people would need to be more active at those times of year in order to complete the sewing of crops and the harvest respectively. The deer go crazy around this time of year, I wonder if humans have a watered down version of this.


They're periods of rapid change. If you look at the kinds of weather changes that are caused by the orbit, you get to sine waves. So at first you might think that the solstices are the periods of most change because it doesn't stay dark all the time for very long, or light all the time for very long.

For rate of change you need to take the derivative, and then you realize that the winter is still winter and the summer is still summer all around a solstice. Things do all the changing near an exquinox. The derivative of a sine wave is a cosine wave, which has its peaks where the sine wave is in the process of shifting between peaks.

And of course there are all the social and practical patterns of behavior, like agriculture, the school year (which is based around agriculture), mating season (which is like agriculture but with animals and stead of plants), and all the rest. So I would say you're thinking in the right direction.


my internet was duvked for a while today. no google website or service was working, there was no cloudflare error pages, stuff just refused to load, even wizchan was affected for me. but i could still duckduckgo search and load results… was it a dns problem maybe? usually i get something like 'host cannot be reached' if the dns doesnt have a website or is having problems…. wish i was on my computer for this to see what traffic was like, if i was even receiving anything back for those websites. anyone know what was going on


Cisco's Meraki service increasingly used for public wifi often acts like this, and all I can tell you is that there are some known implementation problems where developers aren't using the standards right, and that it seems to me as though a large number of operators don't have it configured right and are at different levels of outdated versions to boot. They're not particularly consistent about whether they do DNS right, whether they might let ICMP and UDP through when you're supposed to be blocked, and so you're likely to see a variety of different kinds of errors reported to you beyond the "connection refused" error you should get from any TCP/IP connection and that you'd see if you looked at the raw packets going across the network. (And then the access points are often additional chaos, but that's a different story.)

But I personally believe that this same sort of dysfunctionality happens from time to time at the ISP and backbone level. I've known some ISPs that were completely incompetent, and if you know anything about transhumanism then you know that the clowns trying the run the show expect seemingly random failures and that the average person will just accept them without any explanation.

What you need to know is that you're just not that important compared to the internet mostly working because it's critical infrastructure for the world economy. The powers that be can't afford to let it collapse, but they can afford it being decrepit shit for the average person just like not bothering to keep roads and bridges in good repair.


File: 1666193504342.jpg (2.07 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, Machapuchare.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The only thing out of these that I know is the menu button, but I thought no one used them since swiping is so much faster (no precision is required, plus a tap requires more time than a swipe) and convenient, not to mention the real estate on the screen.. But yeah the rest of what you said completely goes over my head.


The temperatures in western europe are abnormally warm again, like every single month so far in 2022… I want to launch all the fools who are delighted with this fucked up weather straight into the sun.


File: 1666209762865.webm (157.05 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Flowing.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I know this site likes to pretend to be above their crab brethren but it's only just occurred to me that there probably are normalfags that pretend to be crabs online when they want to vent or their mask of sanity falls off when things don't go their way. Normalfags don't have any qualms about throwing crabs under the bus.

Sometimes I read things about/from "crabs" that wouldn't make any sense for a crab to do or be at. Multiple situations where crabs would have neither the social credit, social network or social skills to be in the situation in the first place.


On the crab forum website there are banned users with 5000+ posts, many of the top posters were banned. I lurked the forum a bit and the most prolific poster had actually had sex with a succubus off tinder but it didn’t count because she was ugly according to him. Crab forums are emotionally driven by anger, resentment, and stuff normie a can relate to and post about without raising any flags.


One of the reasons so much garbage is injected into that space is to keep them stupid, isolated, and exploitable. The level of garbage is also a sign of weakness though, as that's the amount of cover their interlopers need to operate


During the last major cooling period, a lot of the population of Europe died off because of things like agricultural production. Scandinavia, for instance, didn't survive it very well due to lack of modern technology, and caused the kind of immigrant flow you might not want to see.

Live a while longer and it will seem like just one weird year and it didn't even have some kind of horrible natural disaster. Buy a fan. I grew up without air conditioning and I wouldn't suggest that you should buy one just because it sucked for a while last year.


Crabs are really good to eat. That reminds me I should see if I can get any decent seafood around here. But otherwise it sounds like the problem is that you care about these crab people. Just find better people who don't bring you down so much. Why keep coming back if all you find is crabs, unless you came here to get some delicious crabs to eat?


>caused the kind of immigrant flow you might not want to see.
And warming won't?

>Live a while longer and it will seem like just one weird year

It's almost every year now. It was not as brutal when I was a child, a typical 1990s summer would be considered too cold and rainy nowadays.

>it didn't even have some kind of horrible natural disaster

Yet. Recurring droughts are becoming an issue.

>I grew up without air conditioning and I wouldn't suggest that you should buy one just because it sucked for a while last year.

I've never had it either and couldn't even if I wanted to, but it's becoming unbearable honestly. I dread the arrival of spring and summer now because I know it'll be hellishly hot, even more so in an appartment in the city…


What >>294863 said, the weather is completely fucked now. Every single year my city floods, summer is 5 months long, spring and autumn 1 and winter 5. In summer it doesn't rain even once, and in winter it rains a ridiculous amount everyday. Summers keep getting hotter and winters even colder, it only feels like spring or autumn for maybe 2-3 weeks a year each. It wasn't like this before but for the past decade or so shit has been hitting the fan.


Perhaps cities are only viable within a short climatic window, not just in terms of drainage but the configuration of arable land


Cities are often positioned around water sources like flood planes because they can't exist without the surrounding agriculture. The 80s weren't really much different. Ask a farmer about his farming if you really want to know beyond some spikes here and there.


We had a year like that a couple of winters ago. It was just like 70 degrees in the middle of January when it's usually in the 20's. It was freaking unsettling.


I've been forcing myself to exercise every day for the past few days now with the intent to keep it up. I've noticed minor mood improvement already. I expect the effect is transitory, but if it turns out all this time fixing my depression was really as simple as exercising every day, but I was too lazy to do it all these years, I will laugh.


I'm feeling good. I'm spending my time on things that actually interest me. No, that's not it. Rather I spend my time on things I want to. It's hard to explain. But I don't read books or watch anime first of all for the sake of pleasure. Rather, I get the pleasure after I watch X episodes of anime or read Y amount of pages. It's a feeling of accomplishment. Sure, I enjoy these things many times. But if I don't? Well, there is still the feelings of success I get because I fulfilled my daily routine.

I treat my hobbies as work, duty or responsibility.

This is the only path. My whole life was Unlimited Fiction Works.


An average person wouldn't be talking about being a fucking wizard.

IMO, the real wizards follow a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about having sex, friends, etc.. In other words, they're off in /games/, /hob/, /jp/, and /music/ having the time of their lives.


Excercise is a good way to force feel good juice out of your brain.
Keep at it.


Keep up the good work. It's not always magic, but it can definitely keep a wizard from teleporting in to the next dimension or at least starting to feed off of any number of rewarding life-style changes and having somehow actually enjoying at least some parts of having to be alive.

If you get the formula right, you won't even have to force yourself to continue beyond whatever comfortably fits in to your lifestyle.


i just cannot be bothered to listen to anything called science that i can't actually follow on my own, so i will just reject all of that crap entirely.

"a new study has shown " = bullshit
don't ever tell me about that crap because i will not believe it
fuck all studies
all worthless bullcrap


who cares if the wizards here are succubi
as long as theyre not talking about it


File: 1666503748275.png (458.49 KB, 1338x275, 1338:275, titsorgtfo.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1666542161372.jpg (3.06 MB, 4000x3000, 4:3, 20221023_100631.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Learning a new way to make coffee thus morning. Used to only make it either in a Keurig or some sort of coffee maker, now using the Pour Over method because I read coffee tastes better via that method & so far it's been pretty good.


>Pour Over method
That's 100% what a percolator does


Firefox is indeed faster after the latest update on my laptop. Had problems with uploading images to Google Drive for an hour and couldn't get captcha to download anime episodes on gogoanime.dk, exited the browser, opened it, it upgraded, reach the result immediately. I wonder how long would it take to upload 900 images. Update has been for a month, father got it like a week or more ago. Me just yesterday, despite using Firefox daily. 😒🦊


>download anime on SuspiciousIndianSite.cum
>using emojis
Nigger what the fuck are you doing? Lay off the drugs.


File: 1666713826839.jpg (29.57 KB, 720x487, 720:487, 20221024_172811.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>using emojis on Wizchan

The fuck you doing?


How does one even use the nigger hieroglyphics anyway?


On Windows 10 you can press Win+. (dot key) to open the emoji panel.




I thought about it recently and realized that I don't think I have ever completed 7 days of consecutive exercise in my entire life. I wonder if this is normal.


>nigger hieroglyphics
Why is this so accurate?


File: 1666738486210.gif (1.39 MB, 498x280, 249:140, tenor.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Ant eater appeared in my back yard that must mean there is an ant colony somewhere


Where the fuck do you live that ant eaters just show up?


im gonna take a shot in the dark and say brazil


I'm so tired of random technology shit breaking and you have no way to fix it. This time windows won't let me change the path that pictures from my phone import to. Fucking why. Just kill yourself windows.


How do you guys cope with life?

I see that most normalfags cope with drugs, alcohol and casual sex. But how would a wizard cope?
Like most of us, I used to cope with videogames, anime and porn, but that doesn't do it for me anymore. There has to be a better way to deal with the bullshit of life.


I don't. None of my copes work anymore and work won't let me have the free time required to do them. I spend every single day bursting in hatred and rambling in my head about how I'll kill everybody and how I should just burn in a fire, all the while going through the same shitty motions every day. I feel like a 12 year old edgelord taken too far.


Windows won't even let me import anything from my phone without Windows crashing and not recognizing my phone.


This wiz is finally taking the driving on friday! Been driving a long time but couldn't be damned to deal with the DMV for the license. I hate driving with my mom though. Next step is to figure out how to make money online so I can move out.


driving test*


File: 1667137522762.jpg (142.34 KB, 1100x643, 1100:643, proxy-image.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Normalfags have come up with a new innovation in green cargo ship design that uses wind power, reducing carbon emissions to near-zero


Last time I was at the DMV, there was a black preacher preachersplaining to a jew that he was going to hell using preacher quotes. Then he had a complete preacher moment when he was told to leave and demanded they call the cops to throw him out of the building because he didn't like people being rude to him and using mean language to tell him to stop dejewing the jews.

I hope your DMV experience is at least this good.


sails? we have been using that shit for eons lol


Same thing I thought when I saw that for the first time years ago.

This shit is just another investment scam. If wind power was an improvement then we would've gone back to sails ages ago. No one in their right mind is going to give up half of their cargo space for this garbage.


Every so oftem I am reminded that windows 10+ has an emoji menu. Press winkey+. for it. It even has text emojis.


I guess no one uses those anymore, though.


☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


The Japanese still do. If you switch your phones touchpad or whatever it was called to Japanese you can use it there too. (⁠´⁠⊙⁠ω⁠⊙⁠`⁠)⁠


I can see these things coming back. (☞゚ヮ゚)☞





d=====( ̄▽ ̄*)b


removed all my personal youtube adblock filters and started over from scratch

after x years of shitty youtube website design philosophy, that old list was like a ship made of duct tape and driftwood and things just were not working properly anymore


I've done the same thing


Nothing remotely interesting happened. It was a totally ordinary experience.


File: 1667239880464.png (13.13 KB, 746x390, 373:195, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

just found something weird. when i google "21cm to inches" it does 21 meters to inches

"21cm to in" and "21cm to inch" all work correctly though

is google using some sort of ai to interpret these math conversion searches i wonder?


Why not just use invidious or ytdlp+mpv


i found the guy who stole my violin. I'm going to steal one of his Hyundai pressure washers in return.


one minute it's octobre, the next, novembre…


cant use invidious since i have a lot of youtube specific addons for rotating, zooming, cropping, taking screenshots. would be nice if they simply used the default html5 browser for playing videos, that way i could probably find replacement addons. i already use yt-dlp when i want to download stuff i've already seen or when im saving things


Arena in Quebec, Canada, is called Bell Centre in English.

WWE has Performance Center in Orlando, FL, however, their UK version is also called Performance Center. Despite the fact, that it should be called Centre in British English.



I genuinely believe that there are people who are literal NPCs, as in they run on a script. I fucking have in my "informal" work chat group, someone posting about "No Nut November", a fucking 4chan joke that has mutated from an imageboard joke from years back that not jerking will give your powers to a bastardized meme that normalfags joke about. Or take seriously, it's hard to tell with these faggots. One of them replied that he has "prime ass" lined up this month so he can't do it.


NNN was more than just a meme, though. It started because everyone on 4chan was addicted to porn. NNN was a way to address this.

It was always a joke, as is most things on 4chan, but just like "tfw no gf" it was a very real thing covered in humor, and it just devolved into a stupid meme that people use to make fun of others or whatever stupid bullshit they use it for.



I don't like the NNN memeing, because it is usually addicts trying to challenge themselves for fun, not attempting to quit this harmful habit, however, I'd say you are more NPC for reacting so strongly to the idea of not jerking off, for blindly following your porn addiction and for having no power to resist the urge to touch yourself.


It's legal in quite a few places, and yet here we are.


File: 1667336465188-0.jpg (41.4 KB, 1280x283, 1280:283, IMG_20221101_225908.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1667336465188-1.jpg (305.63 KB, 735x800, 147:160, 20210907_DigMichNewsPortal….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Murder Mitten


> not jerking will give your powers
It does. If you have healthy testosterone production, eat a balanced diet, and refrain from ejaculating, you will become more powerful than ever. There are several hundred million studies proving so. You can find them on your own.


I have not fapped once for atleast 2.5 years straight and I can confidently say that it won't give you magick powers, or at least you need to do something more than just not jacking off, eating a balanced diet, etc.
What not jacking off WILL give you however is a shitload of free time, an all around healthier brain as the retarded shit you see in porn slowly disappears from your brain, and you will start caring far less about succubi. I definitely recommend nofap to all men but I have not become an übermensch because of it, nor have I suddenly become motivated. It either simply does not give you magick or you need to learn the method to convert your sperm to magick via some ancient tome first.


Has your wand shrunk?


Nope. My balls haven't changed either, maybe gotten a bit firmer?
Why would you think it would?


Not many men pull off what you have so just testing the "use it or lose it" saying against your unique experience. Sounds like in this case use it or lose it may not apply


I doubt that would even happen for anybody doing nofap that isn't 50 years old or so with a failing penis. In my case I can still get erections just fine too, though I try to avoid both that and anything that would make me feel arousal since it can very easily end up turning into a sexual dream later. It's quite funny how I was hoping for them for years back when I was fapping, and only got a single one, yet now I have to avoid them.


same, more than four years and i have no regrets as i find it disgusting. that being said though the nofap communities are weird improvefags at best, and complete schizos at worst, with their woowoo semen retention theories. unless you're addicted it's not like it will radically change your life. think of it like alcohol consumption.


man the worst part about popcorn is the hull. it's like plastic. little flakes of it get shimmed between my teeth and gums and fucking hell it hurts. guess this is what flossing is for


Popcorn would be the perfect snack if it wasn't for this


i never really had gas for my entire life, but this past month something has changed. i wake up and just feel my stomach rumbling as the gas travels through me. it's annoying and to get relief i have to do a stupid pose with my ass in the air while massaging my stomach. i was really sick before it started, i fear my gut bacteria were genocided and replaced with fart bacteria and so this is my new normal… it's such a stupid cause of discomfort but at least it's not painful or harmful i guess


>projecting like a niggerfaggot

You're missing the point on whether it works or not.

>It was always a joke, as is most things on 4chan, but just like "tfw no gf" it was a very real thing covered in humor, and it just devolved into a stupid meme that people use to make fun of others or whatever stupid bullshit they use it for.

That's the problem, all these little jokes whether self-deprecating or just in-jokes on niche topics were shit that 15 years ago they either would not acknowledge or just use it to make fun of you. Now they grab this (mutated/devolved) shit with both hands and lay ownership to it. Doesn't matter if it's not to their taste or completely incongruent to their lifestyle/experiences, as long as it's trending for whatever reason.

It's like when shadman was trending on normalfag social media, or when crab memes were being posted in the workgroup chat during lockdown.

I honestly think if a celebrity fucked a pig on video was placed on youtube with an inflated viewcount, it wouldn't be long before normalfags would jump on the bandwagon to get those same views.

(IIRC I don't think it started out as no nut november, just odd nofap threads before it mutated into the meme.)


😡 what's y'all's problem with emojis?


Extended symbols are fine but we don't need 20 different variations of pregnant succubi/men in the unicode standard


>It's like when shadman was trending on normalfag social media, or when crab memes were being posted in the workgroup chat during lockdown.

Remember when that dumb joke of "what anime is this? boku no pico" was found everywhere outside of imageboards? I literally heard it IRL back then.




how come some jpegs on the web prompt a file save, while others are simply displayed in the browser? i hate when they don't display and ask me to save it.


Some browsers will treat ".jpeg" and ".jpg" as separate filetypes. You might have one configured to open, and another to save.


File: 1667657444580.jpg (22.1 KB, 482x540, 241:270, FgXAJ9KWIAANh6h.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Landlord went senile, last day in this liquid shart of a house. Will have real internet for the first time in years tomorrow probably. Haven't downloaded a new album in months!!!


I'm at that point again where my hair is beginning to look extremely unkempt. Normally I would cut it so I can fit in with the normals, but lately I've been questioning the value of that. I mean fat as shit people walk out the door every day looking like shit and no one says anything. I just went to a store without shaving my gross neckbeard or combing my hair and it was fine. The people at the store just ignore it because they are wage slaves. I do wonder how far you could stretch it though.


>The people at the store just ignore it because
because there's no reason for them to think anything of it during any step of the shopper-seller interaction. To think for a second that you skipping the daily shave has any influence on the lives of people around you is succubus levels of egotism and self consciousness. I mean, if they WEREN'T wageslaves and had all the time in the world to stress over your stubble, what would they even do? They wouldn't walk up to you and complain, they wouldn't snicker and holler, they wouldn't reach for their cameras… They would see you, check to see if you're someone they know, evaluate if they're in your way, pass by, then forget everything about you within 100 seconds. They'd have to be a psychotic for their emotions to be jilted by your neckbeard. You pompous types who stress over looking as normal as possible because your grandma told you they used to stone nomads back in her day must live such a stressful daily life. No wizard has any business struggling to appear well to the empty eyes inside the hollow commoner's head.


File: 1667694529305.jpg (85.92 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 20221031_150325.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have not cummed since halloween. The laptop I wish to buy from that Quebecois on Ebay is 20% cheaper now. I sure could go for a cream soda.


File: 1667742767899.jpeg (149.8 KB, 921x768, 307:256, 921px-Carracci_-_Der_Bohn….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Beer really improves a meal, specially if your meal happens to be rather poor. I had a piece of cheese, some bread and a couple of cherry tomatoes but then I added half a liter worth of beer to the mix and it felt like a banquet.


I used to have this weird insecurity of not wanting to stand out as well but normies really don't care that much as long as you don't sperg around in public. Also things like neckbeards seem to be pretty common amongst normies now


Hello new here. What are you supposed to post on threads like these?


crabs are now trying to cope with being loners by wealthmaxxing


My amazon package was delivered to my neighbor, and I know they just kept it.
I was waiting for it, too. Fucker took a picture of the wrong porch.


Order a bomb for them.


>Fucker took a picture of the wrong porch
Huh, do deliverymen take a picture as proof that they dropped the package to your place? Is this an american thing?
Besides the fact that it's morally wrong it's never a good idea to get on a neighbour's bad side, they must be really shitty or stupid.


It's an amazon thing AFAIK. The US postal service won't do shit.


People get confused by my address because one letter different sends them 2 roads across. Dude delivered a huge package of crap to that address and left it outside, I walked up and carried it home - I was paranoid I’d have my face posted to the Facebook group as a porch pirate - luckily didn’t happen


>I was paranoid I’d have my face posted to the Facebook group as a porch pirate
This shit is the real modern dystopia. People putting those stupid fucking ring cameras on every side of their fucking houses. I can't even walk outside at night without ten different houses lighting up with motion detector lights for their retarded big brother cams.


>they must be really shitty or stupid
There's one father and 4 succubi.


I've been looking at an Italian designer's consumer product designs (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcello_Nizzoli), and I really like how these objects look, but I can't put my finger on nor say why they look so beautiful to me. I want to be able to see the patterns that attract me to these designs so I can copy them.


File: 1668219395969.jpg (88.21 KB, 500x400, 5:4, 8a8c85d1c5c0d65505a2a0a9a3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

yu family living in paradise manages to kill themselves in under 8 minutes because they can't stop shitting all over the place



This is why I only ever kept one Yukuri at a time


File: 1668224022305.png (25.92 KB, 1138x558, 569:279, 1658182428697625.png) ImgOps iqdb

I've started chewing the inside of my mouth unconsciously, this can't be a good sign.


I've been biting off the skin on my lips and stabbing my teeth into the inside of my mouth since I was like 6 or something, the former happens completely subconsciously, before I realize that I'm doing it, and the latter always gives a bit of an euphoric feeling, like scratching an itch.


I saw a FtM tranny today at the store. About 5'4'' with a succubi voice still but he had a face full of acne so he must have started test. I just had to wonder what possessed him to want to become this little diffident mouse of a man. Assuming the testosterone works and he ends up passing, he will now be the lowest of the low among men. Why would you willingly ask for that?


why are you calling her a him


She's a succubus. Most of them are incapable of reasoning or long term thinking.


She will either commit suicide or de-transition when she realizes the grim reality of most men.


Driving around needing a poop and realise I’m also very thirsty, so I stop just before home and buy a big bottle of mango and apple juice. I walk in the door and drink 1 and a half litres of juice in one go, letting out a giant “aaaaahhh” afterwards. Then I go upstairs to have a giant poop, and say “hell yeah” as I’m flushing. Today is mundane but I feel great right now.


I saw one the other day too.

"He" had my name


I am drinking Sapporo black lager and watching anime!!!


Right on wizzie


It's polite to try and refer to people by the gender they choose to identify as.


No, it's silly. Females are succubi are she. Males are men are he. There is no 'gender', only sex, and her sex is female.


it's unreal how prolific drug use has become among normies. I had a chance to meet childhood friends who are basically wizzies a while ago, and it's pretty much the only thing they do now besides youtube or play video games.

DMT, cocaine etc. Not the softer drugs at all. I wouldn't be surprised if the degeneracy isn't a fairly widespread thing now


i managed to sell my house, had to give a big discount because of how bad its condition was

now i'm moving to a cheaper region to live for rent in hopes of neetingf or the rest of my life with the money i got, since my lifestyle is not really extravagant it may be possible




Why the flying fuck does the history of the Chief Mouser have so much court intrigue, conspiracies, and political backstabbing?


File: 1668602743695.png (53.02 KB, 415x705, 83:141, invisible_formatting.png) ImgOps iqdb

Frequently, I'll be editing something, copy-paste something, but when I start typing after what I've pasted, I inherit the format of what I pasted instead of the main format of the document I've been working on. Is there something akin to a Caps Lock for fonts? I want a document to assume I want to keep typing in a certain font the entire document no matter where I am in the document, and turn that off if that does NOT happen to be the case. I don't wand a document to assume I want to switch to the nearest font, and have to continually edit it back to my default font.

Picrel is almost similar situation.


File: 1668607009629.png (372.54 KB, 1500x1440, 25:24, joplin.png) ImgOps iqdb

In that case, why don't you just write up whatever you're doing in Markdown? In other words, use a non rich-text editor. Then when you want to finalise a document you can always convert it for use with a more powerful WYSIWYG editor like LibreOffice Writer.

Personally I use Joplin for writing Markdown documents, see pic-related. It also helps with avoiding the formatting issue in your pic, because the formatting is directly embedded in the text.


File: 1668609685167.png (284.55 KB, 512x431, 512:431, 1668354091331301.png) ImgOps iqdb

If it's w*rd apparently shift+f1 or ctrl+shift+8 will show control characters

As >>295563 suggests it's better to separate the document from typesetting so it can be reset as a paper or report on the fly, but I appreciate that's not always possible, e.g. you're editing someone else's document. While the academic standard for typesetting is LaTeX I like *roff, eqn, tbl, etc, for better interop with other unix utilities


File: 1668611168590.gif (2 MB, 640x360, 16:9, 1668531189765639.gif) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1668613098033.mp4 (496.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1596728645817.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


>go to all
>hide all dep threads
>hide all drug addict threads

woah, the site is suddenly 10x better!


Yeah man, I love the fap thread and politics thread.


Hid that one so long ago I wasn't even aware it was still up, lol


I saw a thug nigger with an anime t-shirt with a plastic samurai sword get into his not-an-anime-fan nigger thug friend's BMW, I saw a tatted up "punk" sparking up a hand-rolled cigerette as he got onto a train with Naruto tattoos (in a gentrified area of course), I've seen masses of hipsters with anime faces on their clothes.

The entirety of geekdom has been ripped *clean* from the outcasts.

I genuinely wonder how post-millennial outcasts exist, that is to say survive with their sanity intact when anything they do or enjoy or even create is taken away from them.


How do thugs with naruto tattoos take anime away from you?


They don't take away anything from him, he is just one of those people who are upset that his hobbies became mainstream for some reason. As if geek and nerd stuff were always made by wizards for fellow wizards…


I hate when it goes mainstream



Post-millennial outcasts become trannies.


Anything that was mainstream tv cartoon will become liked by kids who just watch tv because they haven’t got much else to do, same with dragon ball.



Wizards on a damn imageboard are, or were, a subset of nerds and geeks, hell, that was one of the insults levelled against you if you were a nerd when it wasn't in vogue.

Or as a zoomer, has the memory of what it meant socially to be a nerd and geek when it wasn't cool, completely distant and irrelevant?

Does being an outcast only mean you're a tranny or a dangerous crab?


This mainly happens to me when replying to e-mails. It's an extra pain to open up a separate application, copy-paste that over, and then edit, and then transfer everything back.


If you don't understand his point at least on a visceral level, then you will probably never understand.

Maybe as a zoomer, things have gotten too distant for you to understand.

In one of "death of the wizards" threads, one anon theorized that since geek subcultures have been absorbed by the monoculture it's created a larger common ground for people which probably means that there are now fewer outcasts.

Which made sense at the time but now that I think about, it doesn't feel like that's the case when there's a lot of disgruntled societal dropouts who've been painted as "crabs" who are "losers" of their own doing.


Yeah I don't understand. Because his post doesn't explain shit and is just vague whining about something he saw that doesn't tell anybody why he feel that way. Is he sad because he no longer feel special for being part of an exclusive club? Is he sad that he doesn't have a hobby community feel with people like him? Does he just dislike cultural shifts? Does he have some deep seated anxiety and depression he can't understand and is blaming it on something that masks real causes? Yeah I don't understand him. Sounds like a whiny perpetual victim who has taken "anime" and "outcast" as his identity and now getting angry at people for "appropriating" it. No different from blacks getting angry at white people for wearing dreadlocks. You like anime? Go watch it. New anime sucks? Watch old one. You have no life and has watched everything? Learn Japanese and consume obscure works. Want to talk about anime with other old /a/ autistic elitist weeaboo? Go look for a new community, like tohno-chan or better yet start a discussion on wizchan's on /jp/. It's like the second slowest board in the site after /music/. I don't understand. I don't understand how thugs with naruto tattoos take anime away from you.


This. Who the hell cares if someone I hate watches the same anime I watch? Why should that prevent from enjoying that anime?

These people are so obsessed by their hatred that they even start to hate things they enjoy if other people start enjoying them too.


If you don't understand, you don't understand but that's a bizarrely normalfag response.

I mean you basically outline the issues in the first part of your post.


You explicitly outlined in your post that someone could feel they had found a place in the "anime community" with similar people and yet don't see how ghetto niggers walking around with anime shirts destroys that perception, I don't know how one could make it any clearer.


>gatekeeping being dead is a good thing

Have you seen the trajectory of gaming ever since horse armour? That's what happens when something becomes so mainstream that the hobby itself becomes denatured.


Of course I outlined all the issues. I have to run through every possibilities because the self victimizing retard doesn't bother to explain himself when I ask for clarification and all I get is some smug elitist fuck saying "you just don't get it , you are not as cool as us". Why do I have to do the job of explaining for you people when you are the one making the dumb vague post that says nothing?

Anyway like I said, fuck off to tohno-chan or wherever it is your kind hang out now. Or stimulate the discussion yourself. There is at least three of you ITT. Go make an group chat where you can fuck each other in the ass. You only have yourself to blame if you don't do anything. Fucking anime elitist. I bet you're just misremembering your past due to how shit your life is now and you'd hate old anime communities if they still exist.


>you'd hate old anime communities if they still exist.
I would, I am fully aware of this. But I'd hate them because they were the same consumerist retards that did nothing but jack off about their waifus and that still infests anime communities to this day. The final straw is two fold, one the hypocrisy from people who just now get into it who lambasted it before, and even worse consumerist faggots who actively want anime to change into something it's not.

How would you feel about wizchan if tomorrow Elon Musk announced on twitter "come join me and my fellow sexhavers and crabs on wizchan.org". Would you still post here?


That is a really normalfag response.


>I bet you're just misremembering your past due to how shit your life is now and you'd hate old anime communities if they still exist.
Not him but that's a massive assumption in your part. I wouldn't be surprised if you're young enough to not know just how much better online communities were in general.


I know, right? Drug use and tattoos. It looks like almost everybody has a tattoo, I don't even know this began.


File: 1668805704622.gif (798.7 KB, 615x346, 615:346, 1661650536135-1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

When normalfags figure out a way to sanitise or de-fang a foreign cultural act or trend (and I don't necessarily mean foreign as in outside of the country) there will be mass uptake.


Is always the same with these idiots. "Oh no everything is shit" ok what are you doing to avoid this? The answer is always nothing. They talk about gatekeeping but they will be filtered pretty quickly.


Speaking of online communities, it's really quiet out there, it's almost nothing but dudebros and whores doing the latest *thing* on social media. Almost all forums I used to visit are dead or a ghost town.

Did you post just to post? Cos you essentially don't understand the linearity of time.


Theyre all on discord/telegram/facebook etc now



They can have it. It's nice to have these spaces back.


I don't know if this discord shit is really a replacement for old school forums.


A dinner of Habitant Canadienne pea soup with a large can of pink Alaskan salmon mixed in. Microwaved in a plastic tub. Courtesy of the food bank.


File: 1668906417293.jpg (866.27 KB, 900x900, 1:1, ddd18f5b0facfa1553f57ced8d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The computer I bought was a dud so I asked the eBay guy who sold it to me (bought it from eBay) why he sent me a dud, and he has not responded, so I will ask eBay to give me my bux back. In the meantime, I have purchased another PC (also from eBay). With any luck, I will soon have another computer.


I think discord and telegram are so popular now because zoomers on average don't have the brain capacity to read paragraphs or to write them and they usually cant be bothered to wait as well, it all fits into their short attention span


MK Ultra works and it made the zoomers both gay and short attention span


correct. It is very much like newspeak. It's not just zoomers, technology is affecting the vast majority of people by shortening their attention span. I can even feel it myself


in addition to that is the 'dark forest' effect of spam, psyops and influx of indians, etc. Anonymous sites and forums cant filter those people out as effectively.


There is a bunch of situations where Educational institutions or employers just enforce telegram on you for communication so you don't actually have much choice. And I can understand, because running your own forum for bullshit costs money while exploiting telegram is no effort solution.


I do really wonder what it's like inside the mind of someone who habitually consumes micro-form content.
I had to catch myself from watching YouTube shorts when they were rolling out aggressively. I really noticed an addictive quality to them. It's a literal example of mind-numbing escapism. Curated, ad-blocked content streaming direct to your brain, non-stop is so addictive it's not funny.


>employers just enforce telegram on you for communication
I literally had to go and buy a smartphone and install whatsapp on it just because my employers are stuckup fucking niggers, got bullied every fucking day until I did it and it fucking baffled me how obsessed they are. Ever since I caved and bought a smartphone they have literally not called me more than 5 times and never messaged me though, I've actually called sick on them more than they've called or messaged me.


Whatsapp is a terminal stage of brain cancer, my condolences.

But look, having a smartphone is not as bad as you think. In peaceful life when the next day is not any different from the previous, you don't actually use it's "smart" features and just perform some calls/messaging/visiting wizchan, lol. But when it comes to something not so trivial, it's features may come handy, so you don't have to be too skeptic.


Guys pictures here are loading at really slow speed (around 50 Kb/s). Is it my fault or wizchans'?


Use an up/down checker. What does it say?


It says the pictures could load much faster. But I'm behind VPN. Theoretically I can't imagine why would it throttle imageboards, considering it's one of the most private VPN providers out there, but who knows these days.


There is a browser version of whatsapp



Nah its full of "neets" and schizoids/autists posting anime succubi and tranny stuff


All you guys can talk about is zooming zoomer tranny fake-neets normie instelegram smartphone whatsapp. It's as if you're members of the "zooming zoomer tranny fake-neets normie instelegram smartphone whatsap" fan club.


We're grumbling. You're free to introduce an interesting™ topic, btw.


I want to talk about how nice winter is.

Winter is nice. It is cool, snowy, dark, people put cool lights on trees and a bunch of fake wicker animal statuettes on their lawns, and sometimes a bunch of people crash their cars on the highway.


I agree. Winter is lovely.


File: 1668987722329.png (22.43 KB, 256x223, 256:223, HarvestMoonWinter.png) ImgOps iqdb

I always loved winter during Harvest Moon along with other videogames.


It's always cute seeing the footprints of different animals in the snow.


I like to listen to the sound of snowstorms when i'm not in the mood for rain.


I woke up cold this morning and I knew it was winter, just cold enough I wasn’t shivering. It felt nice.


Just cold enough to make snuggling Inna blanket comfy.


any of you guys do the wormpill? They've got a general called cosmic death fungus on /x/ where people take high dose NAC, oregano oil, and black seed oil for abouth a month to kill fungus and bacterial buildup. Lots of positive anecdotes, doesn't seem to have any health concerns for trying it



This is pure snake oil shit


I took high levels of nac and some other stuff because of theories about bipolar being related to methylation problems, some Australian doctors running a program. Didn’t do anything for me - there is grounds for it being useful to people for a number of reasons.


I'm doing it anyways nigga, probably going to lower the dosages. Trying the retarded pineal decalcification regimes next (https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/404152365/#404158736, I'm not taking the borax and will drink far less water however)


and I hope it works for you, but I thoroughly dispute the existence of some evil fungus that lives in your genes and causes all ailments


I liked when it said the fungus was making men less manly with a photo of a male fashion model. Gay space fungus. Please no politics, just funny chill observation.


File: 1669003051167.jpg (266.63 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, b0040adc037966ae081fda0e36….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The benefits of eating mushrooms both cooked and raw are well documented, with different mushrooms, fungi, and molds having chemical compositions which benefit the growth of vital cells, brain matter, and digestive bacteria, with the benefits being observable in mushroom eaters long after they've eaten their last mushroom, almost as if mushrooms are a staple of human diets that deserve their own place on the food pyramid

>But no there couldn't be BAD fungus that lasts in the system with effects that afflict the human body, that's crazy, you ought to be banned for posting medical misinformation

Everything that enters the body has either a good or bad effect. You dismiss the possibility of a bad fungus sustaining within the body, despite the body being a warm, dark, moist environment where fungus flourishes, while living on a planet covered from sea to treetop in fungi which, when eaten, can do everything from reducing inflammation to creating God-seeing hallucinations… Maybe it's just me, but you happen to type a lot like a mushroom yourself. Got anything in your defense, toadstool?


Read it for yourself, it's not even suggesting endoparasitism. Though you're clearly just shitposting so whatever.


Posts that point out flaws in your reasoning aren't automatically shitposts, fungoid. I bet you'd love some shit to grow on though, shitpostaké.


Posts that are on imageboards *ARE* automatically either shitpost, retarded pseudo-discussion or delusional bullshit.


Nice pseudelusional bullshitpost, retard


Thanks, wiz.



I really hate listening to people talk irl, really any thing that reminds me of the existence of other people is quite annoying. Doesn't really apply online, probably because I can just turn those people off.


How does this post sound?


I'm home sick with bronchitis. Not a good time my friends


Get better, wiz.


This reselling thing is so annoying, they’re buying air fryers now. I just need one and I’m not paying a scalper for a kitchen gadget.


There’s a dude at the shop that always makes me feel so uncomfortable, he is always laughing and smiling but in a way it looks like he’s mocking me. It feels like he is laughing at you, and doing it constantly while having normal conversation - laughing under his breath constantly when he says things. Not even like someone being high or just friendly, his face looks like when someone laughs and expresses “what the fuck is this dude doing” to others.

It wasn’t until I saw him do it to other people I guess I accepted he is just this way, I don’t know if he’s autistic or something trying to be friendly but it really makes me feel bad. On an animal level it feels bad.


I was reading the history of one of my dwarves in Dwarf Fortress, and I got to thinking about the Library of Babel. Like, out there right now, there might be a perfectly generated me inside someone's fort.
Makes me wonder how many times I've been run through by a goblin already.


Got run over earlier this week. I really hate cars, one jackass motorist not paying attention is enough to potentially ruin your life.
I wasn't hurt but I will be more careful in the future, even though I was not at fault at all.

Anyone had that happen to them? I wonder how common it is, I've had a few close calls in the past and I am a fairly prudent pedestrian.


Only had it happen to me once, one morning when I was going to middle school a fucker suddenly hit me from behind, then he flew away as fast as possible, though I doubt he hit me intentionally. I don't really remember what happened immediately after, I was disheveled and on the ground, before I could even register things properly I had gotten up and was looking and touching all around my body to see if I need immediate attention, after seeing that nothing seems to be bleeding or broken I just continued walking to school, then I got yelled at by the teacher for being late and had to do a surprise test, which I fucking aced despite being in extreme pain. Nobody was there when I got hit because classes start in the bumfuck of the morning when everybody's asleep, I didn't tell anybody about getting hit after I came to school because I didn't think they would believe me, I got hit by a car and it hurted like a bitch at the time but it didn't show in my external appearance at all, so I thought nobody would believe me, I just went through the whole school day normally, and never even went to the hospital. I think I have some sort of unique condition when it comes to expressing pain or something, I've never been told that I look sleepy/in pain in my entire life, according to my father I didn't cry once while getting vaccinated when I was 1-2 years old, and I have memories of getting vaccinated in 1st grade together with everybody in my class, and literally everybody but me was crying furiously.
After getting hit my body hurt like a bitch for about 6-9 months, especially my left arm. Interestingly enough it always hurt at full strength for around 4-6 hours a day, but then became a lot less painful for the remainder of it. Aside from this experience I've never been hit by a car, though I've had lots of close calls due to there being a lot of retarded people who can't drive.


>I think I have some sort of unique condition when it comes to expressing pain or something, I've never been told that I look sleepy/in pain in my entire life, according to my father I didn't cry once while getting vaccinated when I was 1-2 years old, and I have memories of getting vaccinated in 1st grade together with everybody in my class, and literally everybody but me was crying furiously.

are your eyes blue/light colored?

btw if a teacher had yelled at me for being late after i got laid out by a hit and run motorist i would probably have yelled back :\


In the last few years I’ve been more open to paying for software I use because I’m not poor. If a dude has a donation button on open source software I use, I will give him some. Then I bend and said, ok, $5 a year subscription I can stomach it I guess despite hating the model, and then they raise the price 10x and make it $50year or $150 lifetime. For some tiny tool.

A website I occasionally use to look up tv shows on a calendar, has a $100/year membership for very little benefit. You pay and then they try to drain your blood. I just stop using them but Jesus.


this is why i wont donate to consumer facing tools. id like to donate to the curl guy, a kernel guy, maybe sqlite foundation next. i want it to be worth it.


They're black.
It wasn't a motorcycle I got hit by, it was a car, not one of the tiny ones either. I was already fed up with the whole shitty teacher/student RP at the time so I just more or less ignored everything school related that I could get away with ignoring.


Is sunlight really important for your health? I want to start getting at least 10 minutes of sunlight a day I don't like to be seen by other people.


depends how far from the equator you live.


I live in the equator but I never leave my house and the windows don't let in much sunlight. I receive zero direct sunlight daily although the sun is bright enough to provide dim illumination when there is no artificial lighting.


the people who have to consciously manage their sunlight expose (to increase it) like 60 degrees or farther. norway and the arctic circle. you, if fair skinned, probably have to manage staying unburned more often than getting more sun light. good luck


I've heard it's important to let sunlight enter the iris for dopamine production. in North American Clines you need about 30 minutes a day for adequate vitamin D. You need Vit D for mood and other important functions


Joe Rogan just posted his IQ score publicly. He's 127 and apparently this is enough to join mensa. I'm envious


For MENSA the minimum accepted score on the Stanford–Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148 and 130 in the Wechsler tests (WAIS, WISC).


Who the hell cares? IQ tests are a total meme. What does MENSA even do?


Why does pointing out a blatant lie imply I care about MENSA? I'm not a part of it. I'm too smart for that. My IQ is 400.


maybe they're lowering standards for publicity or I got the memo wrong. But for a meathead MMA turned talk show host to score that high impressed me. This is the guy who got popular shilling Soma to millenials and now vaguely straddles the based/redpilled line

stop watching communist twitch streamers who get their talking points from wikipedia articles. It is a very significant life predictor and everybody in psychology or neuro knows that


This is ironically a very low IQ post.


I don't watch twitch because I'm not fucking retarded.
>It is a very significant life predictor
It's a very significant life predictor, but there's a thousand of them out there at the same level of significance. People act like they're big boys for having 110 IQ without even realizing that there's hundreds of millions of people out there with that same IQ, who are functionally braindead and incapable of thinking for themselves or carrying out basic tasks.


Is there any other psychometric variable found to date with .4 predictive power? Any?


What the fuck is this shit.

I'm doing a query on MS Access for college homework. I design the select query, clicking on the tables (so no mistyping), click the correct things on the table, run the query, and try to filter it for 0. First of all, there's no 0 field in one of my columns, but there IS in the actual tables. Where did it go!? What the hell!? I didn't even design this stupid thing! Also, there's a syntax error because there's no operator. Now I'm asking, why is there an operator needed? I'm not comparing anything?! Fucking broken piece of shit.

Also it's <3 hours till it's due. I'm not even sad, just very angry at this shit. Some at myself for procrastinating and some at the stupid program. I'm gonna do the bare fucking minimum for this assignment and barely pass this stupid class. I don't want to deal with this shitty program any more. Jesus.


You had every chance to use a FaOSS alternative. Now you pay the price, literally and figuratively.

I hope this post went through, this distro doesn't support my monitor. Any day now.


Sorry for the low IQ question, but what does ".4 predictive power" mean?


correlation coefficient. A score of 1 is 100% correlation. A score of .4 is 40% correlation. I can't remember the specifics for IQ but believe it was found to be in that range


I've seen a vtuber get 120+ iq score from an online mensa test live on stream. IQ threads from 4chans usually have more than a dozen posts claiming to have 120-130+ iq. My score are usually above 120 too. Maybe online tests aren't accurate but I think getting 120 iq points isn't as special as it used to be anymore.


Amazon reviews should be sorted by tax bracket.


Can't help but agree. It's also likely that vtuber was practicing their ass off to artificially raise the value past natural levels which is a real thing. I talked with some dropout neet alcoholic once who was claiming his IQ was 140 based off these online tests, and I couldn't help but wonder what good it actually did him if he was going to do nothing with it


My mom is in the hospital. I’m fairly certain she has pericarditis because of the vaccine


the idea that high iq's are always doing a lot in the world and inventing is bad logic, just because some people are both high iq and inventive doesn't mean all high iq people are


i bought the electronics circuit simulator, CRUMB, on steam. has a lot of issues and bugs that make it hard for me to tinker and play around with things to learn on my own. not recommended for now, feels like beta software. it doesnt feel like a game and theres no electronics thread so im posting about it here.


I've wanted something like that. I could probably make it myself.


Lol. Find something SPICE based, like Multisim (which is shitty and makes my ass burn, but in some cases is acceptable). I remember qucs, but it's in maintenance mode and it's a whole problem to even compile it in distros where qt4 is dropped. Maybe you could compile it in vm and then wrap in appimage, but I never bothered.


I hope she's alright, but you do realise people would get ill before the covid vaccines were created right. Isn't that particular side effect mostly diagnosed in younger men anyway?
Speaking of which, are antivaxers still obsessively compiling articles about random folks dying like it somehow proves their point?


i don't know enough about circuits and electrical design to use multisim. ive only done some basic arduino shit in real life so CRUMBS seemed useful for tinkering and learning on my own through experimentation, much faster than doing it by hand. it's just new and buggy is all, i hope. oddly enough the only schooling and education (beyond high school) has been electrical theory or whatever when they teach you about ohm's law and all the components and how to read circuits, too much time has elapsed without using that information though (never used it for my job) and so i can't say i've retained ANY of it. i guess it was more like the stuff you 'learn' in traditional schooling, crude memorization of facts and formulas and not actual learning.


If you really want to learn something go read textbook. I'm not native English user, so I (often) read books in native language, but people in google suggest that Van Valkenburg is a good and reliable author. Go for network analysis first, I think.


File: 1669745355948.png (119.24 KB, 1072x662, 536:331, Screenshot 2022-11-29 1204….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've found Tinkercad fun to use, with the admission that I know less than nothing about circuits.


I'm finally getting around to making my room an actual nice place to live. I got a better desk and chair and soon I will get a bed for my mattress to go on. Trying to keep trash from piling up more successfully than I have in the past. Trying to vacuum from time to time and wash my sheets. I think after the bed, all I will need is a side table, second trash can, and some houseplants. If I am ambitious I will get a ceiling mount for my TV and put it over my bed.

I realize most people do this naturally from childhood but I guess I've just always been too depressed until now. I am still depressed but I am making progress even if it is slow.


File: 1669748903296.jpg (4.04 MB, 3507x2480, 3507:2480, 7456345674.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sometimes i think people who avatarfag do not have a personality. it is really wierd when i find two people who avatar fag with the same avatar. Like they are the same personality? cause they use the same avatar. I think it is so strage, when you see two people use the same avatar. really weird feeling I get. Like matrix(the 1999 movie) or the two people are NPC or something.

Especaly to avatars that are a little bit less popular.
Like lain(serial experiment) is very popular anime, thus it is not special to see multiple lain avatarfags, same with asuka from evangelion, or link from zelda. Same with pepe or wojak avatarfags, etc. These are popular avatarfags. Nothing special.

But for example, megumi from knosuba, Nanachi(from made in abyss), can be webm about animals doing cute things, Noa Himesaka etc. less popular media. these avatarfags, when I see 2 of these people and they are not the same after som investigation on the archive, I get NPC/Matrix/weird vibe.

Am I alone in these feelings?



The gains on the flynn effect are on the lowest g scoring subtests. Look up Michael Woodley's critique of it if you want more

I'm personally inclined to think people are just using unrepresentative internet tests or practicing to boost scoring


Konosuba and Made in Abyss are both very popular, I haven't heard of Noa before but it's probably just because I don't watch dogshit anime.
You have to understand that despite there being literally billions of people on the internet everyday now, the amount of actual "culture" being actively produced is very very little and almost everybody just watches the same shit. Every once in a while you might see a wizard dig around obscure old shit on the net or have a very rare hobby, hence he is aware of and "attached" to such a "culture", such behaviour is almost non-existent among normalfags, so their knowledge is only limited to the small amount of culture that is produced during their lives and mass broadcasted.


File: 1669774433995.png (989.93 KB, 1458x967, 1458:967, e6f0327c33c2c52e997be6aa74….png) ImgOps iqdb

>Man who posts Gensokyans on imageboards does post any and all, from fearies to Oni of old Hell.
>Boy who posts Gensokyans on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and probably some place else, does only post Marisa and Reimu
-Kubi Hige, Observations On the River Dialup, 3 Reiwa

When you walk in to your aunt's house (uninvited like a truwiz) and she serves you tea in her Gromit mug and seats you under her Felix The Cat clock, do you ask for lore and history of Gromit? Of Felix? If you do, she will know their names, where they are from, but no more. She sees the cute, the cool, the nostalgic, and enjoys those things for what she sees in them, not what she knows about them. Aunty is simple like it. Man on Meta's InstaTwit sees picture of art of Reimu and contributes his own. He knows Reimu's name, her games, and her best friend, but no more. He enjoys her cute smile and wishes to share the happy feeling with someone else who has shown they too enjoy the Miko's art. He is simple like that.

Do not assume ignorance or malice in these people. They casually contribute to the pool of nice things when around those who enjoy it. If someone new comes to imageboard and does post Lain, he does so as a wave and shake of the hand, a sign of peace. He will find something in time that he is interested in, and he will learn much of that. When he does, he will post such in hopes of sharing the wonders of it with fellows who accepted him even when all he knew was the surface.


File: 1669775042382.jpg (3.7 MB, 2480x3507, 2480:3507, 111111.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

sorry, I do not think you understand what I mean. My rant(maybe this is wrong word, I am not angry… just "lounge talk") has nothing to do with what the person says or internet culture. Only with the images that person is posting/avatarfaging with. I do have understand for your confusing, as my english was not very good.

i am just ranting about: I am on a general thread. I get familiar with the people(the avatargas).
Then when I browse the chans, I see a person with that avatar as image and get spooky feeling of that person is the person from the general thread I was posting in. I go to archive and try to find proof that that person I stumbled upon when browsing the chans was the person from the general thread and find out it was not the same person. One can easily dismis people who post avatar of popular images, but if it is not a popular image/character it should be the same person who you "happen to stumble upon" and the person who posted the same image in the general thread. And when you find out it is not the case, …atleast for me, I get spooked.


you guys have any idea on cleaning out inflamed gums? I'm trying swishing with vodka and coconut oil currently


Most gum inflammation is a case of bacterial infection so you're right to us Vodka. What does the coconut oil do? I'm not familiar with it but have you checked that it doesn't have a probiotic effect, and that its interaction with your teeth isn't preventing the vodka from getting deep in to the root of your gums?

I haven't brushed in over a 15 years but my gums are fine if not for a few day-long flare ups a year. I chew gum, drink alcohol, and don't smoke, and that seems to be good enough for me. I'm a big meat eater too. If you brush, how often do you replace your weapon of choice? The plastic on bristles isn't at all antimicrobial, so bad bacteria and disease can grow on the brush head. You may be forcing diseases deep in to your teeth when you go to clean them! Please consider soaking it in alcohol if not replacing it entirely.

If you want a good passive scrub, I'd recommend chewing gum, especially something like mastic gum that is benign and antimicrobial. A wall of dead bacteria and degraded gum membrane can protect the living stuff, so a good deep massage in conjunction with alcohol will help. I've chewed mastic gum while drinking whiskey and felt tingles deep down along my teeth so something must have been dying in there. Many bad bacteria can grow better in dry environments than a human's good bacteria can, so keeping a moist mouth is important too.


cinnamon oil for any mouth and throat problems, it's like bacterial napalm


That sounds like it would feel like napalm too, jesus. Do you gargle it or just brush it on your teeth?


i just unscrew the cap and suck the oil thats stuck underneath it. it isnt much. if throat hurts ill gargle it, but usually just swish it around mouth. doesnt burn any worse than listerine and quickly your saliva dillutes it into something that tastes like big red chewing gum. doesnt seem to cause any problems, though swallowing the swish sometimes triggers heartburn if i recently ate and my stomach is full, so probably best to spit it out


Try getting a water flosser and listerine original or a knockoff of the original listerine. Use a stannous floride toothpaste like crest gum detoxify. If you have tartar buildup along the gums you will need to clean it off with one of those metal hook things. It's best to see a professional for this because you might scratch your teeth if you do it without training.


Short term:
Floss with a drop of tea tree oil on the floss. Put the drop on then pinch it and move it across the floss. I used to do this when I had diseased gums, probably made the difference between losing teeth and not. I used to have different pain in my mouth every day, very mobile teeth that felt insecure when I yelled, but I still have them all today. I started really taking care of my periodontal disease when it hurt my jaw joint to talk.
Probably not a big deal with such a small amount, but try not to swallow the tea tree oil, spit it out.
Long term:
Eat paleo.


Short term do a chlorohexidine treatment (mouth wash you can buy at pharmacy). Buy "soft-picks" to use everyday in addition to flossing everyday. Brush twice or even a quick brush after every meal


The Wizard Who Doesn't Want To Go To Work Tomorrow


Alcohol is terrible for your mouth. It is fine in very small quantities but enough of it will dry out your mouth, creating an environment that allows bacteria to thrive on the surface of your teeth and gums.

If you are having gum pain then swish around with warm saltwater for temporary relief. Floss regularly to provide a more permanent solution to the pain.


one minute it's novembre, the next, decembre…


>Isn't that particular side effect mostly diagnosed in younger men anyway?

I always suspected that it had more to do with physical activity, not age. Young males are typically more physically active than anyone else. She is a physical trainer who works out nearly every day. She is in far better shape than me.

Anyway, it wasn't pericarditis but rather a pericardial effusion. They drained the fluid and there was no pus in it (I actually got a chance to look at it) so she will likely be fine. She is still in the hospital while she recovers from the procedure. Hopefully, they'll let her go tomorrow.


thought it was still the long september


i sat outside today watching a stray cat. it walked around, sat down like a guard keeping watch, and the sudenly it ran into the woods. a short while later it returned to the street with an old shoe hanging from its mouth. it hauled the shoe off to the other side of the road and then started eating from it. i wonder what was inside it


Endless scroll implemented on HotNewHipHop. Impossible to get past a few days results. At least with archive.org, I could go to other tab, then return and slightly go up and then down. The app is also completely useless. Even greedy Sankaku Channel has an option to turn on pagination.


Feral cats do some very raccoony stuff. They can eat almost anything and if hungry enough will eat the flowers out of a garden.

Hahaha good


every night before bed I go downstairs and find the cat sleeping on my couch in pitch dark, only his eyes reflecting back.


Just read the Zootopia abortion comic. I've never even seen Zootopia, but I'm pretty sure I've just ruined it for myself. Nice job.


There is essentially an unlimited source of energy from the earth's mantle and that can be found at any point on earth. Why don't we just dig deep and harvest that energy?


Same can be said for fission energy.


Day 1 of the CDF NAC protocol for me.

1200mg NAC (N Acetyl-Cysteine)
300mg Oregano Oil (10:1 extract in gel capsule)
Black Seed Oil (4000mg or 1 teaspoon)

600mg NAC
300mg Oregano Oil
Black Seed Oil (1 teaspoon)

we'll see what happens after a month


Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.
-Proverbs 4:27

These wicked people, who refuse to listen to my words, who follow the stubbornness of their hearts and go after other gods to serve and worship them, will be like this belt - completely useless!
-Jeremiah 13:10




There are small counties and county jails where 80-90% of the violent and property crime have been done by literally the same 3 or 4 people.

As in, the county records thousands of crimes and a single perpetrator in the gang has done as many as 400-500+ of them in the span of a few years.

People always mistake a crime committed for a person committing a crime. In reality it's a very small bunch of psychopaths committing a huge amount of crime with no regard to punishment or consequences (or the people they hurt) until they finally get caught.

Outside the US, the numbers are even more extreme in some countries like Sweden:

>The 1 % of the population accountable for 63 % of all violent crime convictions


Nearly 2/3rds of all violent crime was done by a tiny portion of sociopaths - robberies by ethnic swedes, assaults and rapes by foreigners.

But it's not a huge number of people committing these crimes. We're talking about around 50-100 people committing thousands upon thousands of crimes repeatedly, sometimes for years before getting caught.

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