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why aren't you spending all your mental capacity and time on learning game dev? make a little comfy world that you would be proud to live in


>just code bro


ye that sounds nice. I've always wanted to make dwarf fortress but my way. Maybe I'll start today


cuz it's not profitable or fun. if i want my own world, i'll just use my mind to daydream about it.


Making games isn't interesting and no one's going to care about what you make any way. Why waste your time making a crappy game when you could use the same time learning to do something constructive like wood work?


bro, no one's gonna care about your shitty table either lmfao


I did exactly that for about 6 months, and at a lower intensity for a year afterwards. I came to the conclusion that to create my game I would have to not only dedicate every waking hour to it, but also have an entire team of artists, designers and lots of money to pay people. And there was no game engine that was quite right for it either. It was going to be a 3d MP game though. Making some singleplayer pixelshit is easy, but no one will want to play it.

I also just got sick of escaping to virtual worlds and wanted to do real things for once. Although I'm starting to realize why I retreated to virtual worlds to begin with (real life tends to suck).


People enjoy complaining and crying, but in reality, very little to almost no one are willing to take the real effort to create something. By it a drawing, game, book, music or whatever.


What's the point? If you're lucky, you get a bit of money and fame but it's all just soulless trash used to distract ourselves from the oblivion of our empty lives.


I don't need a point, I do something because I like it and that's it.


What a sad, empty perspective. What's the point of anything? Fucking because you want to and enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it or don't want to, there is no point. You should just lay down and consume something, not everyone is meant to be.


Manbaby discovers existentialism.


Do it for you. It's a creative pursuit that challenges your perseverance and intellect.


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this thread sucks why the hell are people posting in it?

the OP image is terrible succubi facebook meme shit and the question posed is just as bad

its not even summer anymore why are the teen wizards still here?


Feelings of dread and existential ennui? Oh how banal…


Don't respond to threads that have twitter images it's the Wizlaw


I'd much rather make an operating system with a fully 3d vr user shell. That would be cool and the time is ripe


Damn this reminded me of bumptop ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BumpTop ). It wasn't VR but it was a 3D desktop idea in 3d space so the ideas would probably translated. I remember being hyped about bumptop lol. A video from 2 years ago looking at it is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fko4N-EmzgM


No one else has to care about my table. My table can hold my warm mug of hot chocolate and a lamp I sit under while reading. What does another shitty indie game offer any one?


Another bad case of not speaking for oneself. You should have replaced "you" with "I", "your" with "my" etc…


Literally learn any other type of dev. Creating a game is too much work by yourself.

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