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Any wizards planning on traveling before they die?

I'm 29, not yet a wiz but I'm less than a year away. I'm getting bored of isolation. I must have spent the last 15 years in total isolation so far and I'm just running out of shit to do alone. Maybe I would play guitar on the streets for some gryos or something. I have a dream of just roaming Europe and some parts of Africa, seeing the ancient cities and landmarks.

I really don't care if I die. If I get kidnapped and executed by towelheads I really don't give a fuck. I had a shotgun in my mouth last week, I don't care.


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get a good monitor and cum to hentai till you drop death, thats what i am doing xD


Go for it but try to at least have some money to start.


Traveling alone is really not a fulfilling experience. You will just end up spending a lot of money to go places and be bored.


Being alone outside can be very very fun, if you are in the right mindset
It requires bravery and a bit of suicidality


File: 1661866542061.jpg (172.78 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, 1661866072011783.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wanna go along the silk road like my visual novels and find master bodhi


stupid post. it can be very fulfilling


I disagree primarily in the sense that you'll most likely want to know a local to show you the fun parts, negotiate through scammers, and all the rest. That would even include merely visiting an unfamiliar city or tourist trap in one's own country.

But if you're not jumping further in to the deep end than you can swim, it can be a lot of fun to just be kind of lost and figure and find things out on your own. I don't have a huge appetite for travel in the first place, but I have even less of one when it's going to be herd animal normie stuff and dodging a dozen droolers with cameras the whole time unless it's really somewhere unusual that I wouldn't venture into on my own.


but that doesn't require travelling, it requires a good set and setting and some nature. One doesn't necessarily need to go far or keep on the move (apart from walking) to achieve.


I traveled alone to Thailand and had a great time. I did spend some time with my laptop in the hotel room but there was also a lot of fun things to do alone.
I think I will go to southern Europe next summer.


File: 1670073172205.jpeg (4.89 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 10676FA5-DA5A-46A9-8158-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I work in Thailand at the moment. I have seen some interesting stuff when I travelled up north. The monkeys around the temple in Lopburi have been my favourite!
Learned a little about Thai history and Theravada Buddhism. Would like to know more though.

One day I would like to travel to China when they have relaxed their insane covid rules.
It is my ambition to visit the last remaining Manichaean shrine in the world. Also, to see the temples of Wudang. Oriental philosophies interest me.

Pic is the temple in Lopburi.


Traveling to a place where you don't already have friends to host you is not fun

I suppose you could do Workaway and help out at a monastery or restore a castle

There's a big-time YT channel, well for a Japanese ex-hiki, who travels around the world

I would recommend you to hike something like the Shikoku 88 Temples
We know what you're really there for ;)


It was my understanding that Mao destroyed all the temples in China during the great leap forward.
Anything you find there is likely "restored". I.e, they tore it the fuck down and rebuilt it in typical Chinese insanity. It was big news when the drought this past year revealed a Buddhist shrine that had been underwater for millennia.


Kinda sad because the most aesthetic parts of Chinese culture are all gone. It's always been a shithole, but at least it used to be a cool-looking shithole. More than can be said for a lot of the world.


It still exists in Taiwan.
The more nuanced mainland cultures all got eradicated one way or another, though.

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