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File: 1661549212772.jpg (239.9 KB, 1000x659, 1000:659, 1654904424981.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What do you guys think of Liminal spaces? I think they're comfy



i wish this place was real


I ashamed admitting that i like it… Used to be cool when it was a underground stuff, now its a normie thing.


you shouldnt let the fact that people you dont like enjoy the same thing as you affect your appreciation of that thing.


I find them very relaxing and soothing, so it’s odd to me they are incorporated into horror games and creepy pastas. I love playing stuff like naissance and manifold garden.


they are a bit creepy, but I think it has something to do with me being afraid of public spaces, combined with old designs that remind me of being a scared little kid in the late 90s/early 2000s. For example >>293639 this thumbnail reminds me of daycares that kids hurt me at, so I don't like it. I think if I had the artistic talent I could easily draw "liminal spaces" that make me feel bad, just from going into my memories and thinking of places where bad things happened to me.


If you didn't watch that video, you should. It's not too long and I think that kiddy pool bit only appears toward the end. The rest of the video is a lot plainer and personally I find it relaxing. It reminds me of going to the YMCA and swimming laps alone as a kid. The thumbnail is kind of unfortunate because I do think it makes it appear creepier than it is (for me anyway), but I guess the point of this aesthetic is to be creepy in the first place. It just makes me nostalgic for 70s/80s/ (or whatever time it's from) interior design.


It calms me down a lot and I think it has to do with the fact that it is completely empty.


It boggles my mind that anyone would have some sort of emotional reaction to this shit.


File: 1661976530156.png (234.26 KB, 724x474, 362:237, 732532.png) ImgOps iqdb

I think liminal spaces is related to pic related somehow, some sort of instinct or who knows


File: 1661978201039.jpg (214.25 KB, 1200x750, 8:5, c72b93921ded7b03a327ce3859….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This. I often fantasize about going to empty theme parks and museums because the only part of them I don't enjoy is being in crowds of people or with anyone there at all. I'd love to be in a pool with no one around.


Every time someone mentions a liminal space, it's always something like the definition on the wiki: a location which is a transition between two other locations, or states of being. I've learned it as a place where people usually are, but abandoned. For example, an empty school isn't a transitional space between two places. Even if you say its halls are, the actual classrooms are not. Pool rooms are not a transitional space either. All of these would be considered "liminal spaces" by people, but don't fit the definition.

Honestly, I just hate the definition. The one I learned is more broad and covers things like rooms themselves, which are included as liminal spaces.


zoomer thing i dont get



I thought about it after not really getting it (especially the way some of them get so "creeped out") and I can only conclude it has to do with the world the zoomers were born into.
They are not like a mid-90s born apprentice or some wizard born at the end of the 80s, they really did come into a different world just with regards to constant stimulation (and we had plenty with CRTs and VHS and Nintendo and shit)…they never knew a world that did not have on demand media streaming and not only broadband internet, but in their palms. Growing up always having multiple screens in your bedroom is just standard now. Constant sensory input since day 1 to a higher degree than we had as children.

So now an unadorned space is frightening to them on some level they do not understand. Because it has become that alien.


I think it's more millenial/late gen x than anything. What initially popularized it to a large extent was backrooms type stuff, areas behind storefronts in shopping malls built from the early 70s-mid 90s often permanently stuck in this era. It's something most outside this generation can't really empathize with,


fucking A, how old are little bitchy niggers here to where they cant appreciate an empty YMCA pool? probably too YOUNG more than anything. fuck yall. "hurr zoomer" hmmm…


i remember seeing shills posting this on /x/ years ago and hating it. it was the most forced meme i had ever seen, complete bottom of the barrel material that could only have been meant for the most retarded posters on the board. i still hate it now because it reminds me of the degeneration of a board i once liked.


This thread had more posts. Wait are the mods deleting posts of anons who think liminal spaces are lame?


File: 1662120260436.jpg (232.85 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, Even of you.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's not a zoomer thing, it's another thing they want to claim and pretend it's new. (And be frightened of).

>Constant sensory input since day 1 to a higher degree than we had as children.
Imagine if they released Stalker today. I was watching The Matrix and I realised that even *that* would be too slow for Gen Z retards.

I wonder if Gen Z would be frightened of multiplayer maps of 90s and early 00s shooters. Fucking Goldeneye 64 had plenty of maps that were barren. Would playing Goldeneye (a game they claim to love despite ageing like milk so they never would have been able to understand it's appeal) frighten them?

>forced meme
We're in the era of forced memes becoming successful, it's not that surprising.


>pretend it's new
it is new though, its only 3 years old at best


Have you just come in being in the last three years?


>hurr hurr huh??? the entire wizworld dont revolve around my sad hentai tastes??? c-censorship…!!!1


This. Vaporwave is liminal spaces. Abandonded malls and traintracks in the bad parts of town, urban exploration.


Liminal spaces is just nostalgia for the 1980s.

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