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Serious question, why are brown people incapable of building and maintaining a safe prosperous first world country on equal footing with (previously) predominantly white countries like America or Britain? Is it genetics? Culture? White supremacy? I don't know I just find it fascinating that brown people do not have a non shithole country to call their own.


Their average IQ is just low(mine is also low) so they can’t create specialized advanced society like those of whites and east asians. You could check the average iq’s of the countries which highly corraletes with prosperity(exception of oil rich Arabs)


Shitty genetics.


File: 1657982467962.jpg (410.33 KB, 800x571, 800:571, ok.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

whatever motivated brown people to build the monuments that characterize their former civilizations no longer motivates them. perhaps it was only possible under conditions of mass-slavery and religious fervor that their energies could be internally organized. but today it doesn't help that whenever they try to do a pan-africa (gaddafi's union) or pan-arab (ba'athism) they get taken out. back in the day the egyptian, persian, moorish, and ottoman states were pretty formidable, and we know this because their armies invaded us


Not only that, they also lack a lot of empaty and foresight, not understanding that what they do can affect society, living in the moment and adquiring instant gratification, that is genetic, is what happens when the enviroment is prosperous and is not as dangerous as the creatures on it.


Man, they really want this site to be shut down with these "not-/pol/" threads.


>europeans zerg rush the entire planet and funnel all resources to their empires as soon as they get dominating tech
>european powers start to weaken
>colonized areas eventually rebel, become independent, and have to start over with new governments
>why is the rest of the world so underdeveloped?


Wizchan is being raided by polfags again, this happened many times before.


>europeans zerg rush the entire planet (…) as soon as they get dominating tech
non-europeans often had that technology long before europe, particularly in cases like gunpowder, chariots, compound bows, and various forms of metallurgy, and they similarly used those technologies in expansionist wars. chariots and horse husbandry were such effective technologies that the people who invaded europe using them are largely considered europeans today


It wasn’t just guns. It was guns with a combination of their sea network. Euro dominance was actually pretty short lived but is relevant because they are the most recent.


they are very religious and i think that is slowing them down. as a country modernizes it seems to loses its religion… or at the very least, the countries with the highest 'irreligious' percentages seem more modern

see for yourself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religions_by_country sort each geographic territory by "Irreligion %" in descending order, and the ones on top are usually the best out of the bunch


You just answered yourself


today's iraq was at the height of scientific sophistication under the abbasid caliphate tho. if you want to inculcate delicate priestly types religion is going to be one of the vectors they work through initially. an alternative to this is the chinese model where the emperor simply had tens of thousands of confucian scholars who were basically bureaucrats


Low IQ people can't make a highly advance society, simple as, have you ever deal with real low IQ people in your life? If you did you'd know that low IQ people are not good at life in general, and prone to make dumb mistakes constantly, now apply that to a whole country and people.


File: 1658010571477.png (77.44 KB, 601x772, 601:772, planet.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

The future isn't going to look like some sci-fi futuristic utopia…

It's going to look like the Planet of the Apes and the elites are going to be living in the same trash heap cities they helped create along with all the other animals they brought in.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a mongrelized mutt stamping on a human face – forever. Justice, honesty, mutual respect, common courtesy, stability, hope, they are all things of the past.


Even in the best cities in Brazil, like Sao Paulo, you have to constantly worry about being robbed and mugged.

These brown mutts think it's normal to live in constant fear of being robbed if you live in a city.


European countries colonized their land and took their resources and destroyed their culture which led to this.


Yeah, those Europeans stole their mud hut technology.


threatened by BBC and jewish iq



It's mainly culture. Read a famous American black intellectual from the right called Thomas Sowell, he has a book called "Black Rednecks and White Liberals" where he researches exactly that question. You can get the main idea on videos of him in YouTube.

Long story short: it's a cultural problem above all. Cultures that value intellectuals, knowledge, respect, dignity and hard work kick ass, cultures that value honor, violence (macho men) and don't value intellectuals eat shit. Acording to Sowell, the black communities of America and red neck southerners have similar cultures that don't value intellectuals and values the macho man so they eat shit or depend on natural resources like oil, while the rest of America does so they are rich and have finance and high tech industry.

So basically, if your society values and protects nerds you get atomic bombs, stealth fighters and aircraft carriers to conquer the rest, and if your society bullies and doesn't protect nerds you get dirt roads, malaria and you get bombed the shit out of you with the nerd's tech to steal you natural resources. It's as simple as that.


Yeah bro, just give dem da culture, then they'll start building sky scrapers 'n shit.

We wuz engineers and shieet mane.


File: 1658069779440.jpg (94.26 KB, 768x432, 16:9, general-custers.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

White people are actually the most savage, their ability to dominate and exploit is unmatched. Abundance of wealth gained by conquering is what created their peaceful organized societies, not a genetic predisposition for being more civilized. The main difference between 1st and third world countries is that in the former the evil elites have accumulated so much wealth that the slaves beneath them live like nobility, the lowest class of government handout dependent idiots wear designer cloths and have enough food to stuff themselves into obesity 3 times over. Savages from other countries see this as an upgrade, because it is, and the evil elites welcome them because it dilutes the power of the slave class by weakening group identity, while they are so rich that they are completely insulated from the madness they help create. Peace and prosperity for humans is just a game of who can steal the most shit and flip it until even the slaves are happy.


Not all white societies are high IQ either. Most slavic and hispanic societies for example consist of very low sentience people and have lived in de facto serfdom for all their existence.

There are only a few truly conscious and high sentience people on Earth: Japanese, Korean, North European. Anglos as an average are also highly sentient and capable of building complex structures and societal organisation.

Hungarians, Moldovans, Romanians are also low sentience Europeans and have not really ever been capable of high culture or thinking, all their culture and government comes from Habsburgs or anglo-saxons.
Hungary does have some high sentience people though, they have produced a number of quality composers, philosophers and thinkers during the last ~150 years.


IQ. India, Persia, other middle eastern civilizations etc had advanced infrastructure and had an impressive amount of scientific discoveries. The decline of these civilizations and their IQ can be attributed to multiple factors.


If whites are so high IQ then why they're commiting ethnic suicide? That is far worse than anything brown people have done.

The good thing is that when whites go extinct brown people will destroy the earth too in a ball of flames, I look forward to that day.


everything collapses after a while. reaching the point of collapse (ie the peak) is still itself an accomplishment


I'm brown and I can tell you that self extinction is the most "high IQ" thing any race or culture can do. Once a group realizes that life is a scam, they have reached peak intelligence and self awareness. it doesn't matter if they do it out of selfish reasons. Most brown people are not self aware enough so they breed like rats even if they live in the worst conditions possible. Asians are very high IQ, but they're not self aware enough and also have the cattle mentality that makes them reproduce mindlessly.


you dont think asians are facing a similar predicament? i thought most asian countries are aging similarly to the west. sometimes it's hard to hate the other brown foreigners (their violent proclivities often quell my sympathy though) considering that they are only here with me because of industrious kikes worried about the situation they themselves largely caused, being a cheapening of life and a full disarmament of once-proud white people. i am a little glad for it, though, because once whites die out they will probably either suffer the ramifications of their industrial fartbox or a massive brown revolt.


White folk acting like the fucking elves in LOTR and leaving the lesser races to squabble it out till planet death? lmfao
Sadly I doubt that's what's going on though, there is no such superiority in place, the culture is the deciding factor and it has grown by no one's deliberate wise decisions. Theft provides luxury, slavery provides peace. And in peace and luxury you are free to think and realize where you are.


It's been pointed out before that in our clown world that IBs are the last bastions of free speech and what better way to poison the well but constant /pol/tard race baiting and transfaggotry?

I mean, what purpose does it serve on wizchan? Encouraging breeding?


The answer is that /pol/tards can't help it. Like new converts to a religion they feel they have a duty to proselytise.


File: 1658148341956.jpg (34.43 KB, 220x331, 220:331, 220px-And-soon-the-darknes….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I wish white people had at least 1 country that was wealthy/peaceful but also as xenophobic as Japan. I'm black but I have to admit its impressive what whites can do with a country, but its sad seeing them always cave into having gaping wide open boarders with very little discretion given to the quality of people immigrating into their countries. I go to wal mart and see bus loads of mexicans who barely know any english walking around like they've already settled in, loads of people obviously in the country illegally and no one does anything. White people are so cucked actually doing anything significant to protect the borders is seen as an act of racism by default, they've lost control of the narrative in their own fucking countries so badly that white pride is a synonymous with hate while blacks and men sucking cock get a whole month dedicated them.


Hungary? Poland?


File: 1658200397319.png (446.06 KB, 859x571, 859:571, dfdfe.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Robot fish invented to mimic the natural predator of the 'mosquitofish' was so effective that it altered their behaviour, physiology and fertility, effectively "scaring them to death"


curiously these eastern european countries have abysmal birth rates and are hemorrhaging people


So is Japan btw. There is no civilized country with above replacement fertility rate.


High spirituality deterring living a useless/hedonsitic life.
Respect for nature and following of natural laws.
Each sex having strict roles and sex segregated spaces so they can focus their excess energy on productivity and not base desires. Men do business, labor, and trades, succubi do childcare, healing, and agriculture. The highest IQ do all spiritual and scientific work.
Severe punishments and restictions on sexuality entertainment and other pleasures.


>I'm brown and I can tell you that self extinction is the most "high IQ" thing any race or culture can do. Once a group realizes that life is a scam, they have reached peak intelligence and self awareness. it doesn't matter if they do it out of selfish reasons. Most brown people are not self aware enough so they breed like rats even if they live in the worst conditions possible.
Advanced technology plus little greed leads to uptopias, however it is very difficult for both to be present in a society. The japanese are on their way, but just like most countries unless they spend their $ to convince succubi to have children it will stall. A return to buddhism and creating a self sustaining country will help.
>Asians are very high IQ, but they're not self aware enough and also have the cattle mentality that makes them reproduce mindlessly.
It's all the mental illness they refuse to face and work through. "Saving face" and the family structure is mired in mental illness and abuse. The japanese understood this when they mass migrated from Asia. Emotional intelligence, high social skills, and the desire to work through trauma are what separates the Chinese and Japanese.


young japanese people are not leaving the country in droves like they do in some of these eastern euro countries


>Sandu said that in a European Union study on 30,000 youth, Romania, Slovakia and Latvia where the three countries from where more people emigrated than immigrated to, while the top three recipient countries are Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


Are you implying that japanese have emotional intelligence and high social skills? Because I'm afraid that you're mistaken, japanese are bug people too that wageslave until they drop dead and they think that the cure for depression is work even more hours.

But they get a pass on the internet while the chinese don't because they invented massive copes like anime, they're mostly the same really.


That's propaganda, the japanese write about how things should be, not what they actually are in reality. Just like how it's "widely accepted" that the mercenaries working for lords back in the day commited seppuku.
They don't believe that shit unless they're boomers who actually had their social contract respected. Everyone copes with alcohol and other distractions. The emotional intelligence and social skills is embedded in the culture though, especially with the succubi raising the kids.


Again I would like to know what "emotional intelligence" or social skills you're talking about. Emotional intelligence is not putting your feelings aside and work even harder, and social skills I doubt it considering that Japan is known to be one of the countries with the most isolated people on the planet, they literally can't speak to each other, their entire culture is based on saving face and hiding their feelings.


>e·mo·tion·al in·tel·li·gence
>the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
Nothing here says about being 100% autistically open about one's feelings at work. It's about keeping group peace and handling one's emotions maturely. It has nothing to do about being an extrovert or chatty.
>Social Skills
>Social skills are the skills we use to communicate and interact with each other, both verbally and non-verbally, through gestures, body language and our personal appearance.
Being able to pick up on body language and read between the lines. Stop the western thinking of socializing, quantity over quality is not better. Leaving eachother alone in public is high social skills, no one wants to be bothered by strangers in a huge group.


I like brown people food not african food tho black american soul food good however


i very much like some latino and indian foods when they arent greasing the tacos with their own ball cheese or using feces as a curry base. still not worth the social baggage they bring with them. rather just learn to cook that stuff myself.


exactly, spic boy. maybe you are finally understanding. good luck not having your face torn off by some meth'd out cartel goon today.


you will never be white, favela boy


no thanks but i definitely enjoy a higher standard of living, less favela monkey noises, less crime, less shit-smelling mystery meat freaks, etc.
the comment about you and your kind being less dignified than dogs mustve cut deep, huh, little goblino?


>you will never be white, favela boy
Yet his dad, grandpa, or mother, probably is. You must know whites brought millions of africans and ruined south america even more so by having sex with nigger slaves and producing the offspring you hate so much. Brazil is nothing but the result of whites having sex with niggers they brought themselves from the transatlantic slave trade and natives.
If you have to blame someone, blame whites and their degenerate desire of mix racing with slave niggers and the natives.


we only have to blame a specific subset of "whites" which are the lowest whites possible, spaniard and portuguese retards of yore.
problem solved and stay mad favela nigger.


File: 1658468583561.jpeg (85.15 KB, 433x547, 433:547, 913742FA-007B-497F-B3C8-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>be old-timey white guy
>hate black people soooo much that you spend great amounts of time, money and effort importing tons of them to your new country
>break them down with generations of physical and psychological guerrilla warfare until they’re too fucked up to amount to anything
>complain that there are so many dysfunctional black peoples in your new country as if they sprung up out of the ground
Even if the racists are somehow 100% right about muh IQ or whatever, it’s a curse they brought upon themselves. America is a cursed country full of all of the worst people from all the other countries that needed a freer place to fully express their evil. Even the people moving here now are a continuation of this.


this very sadly is not what happened. most browns, especially the blackest of turds, were mainly wild animals worth putting down as soon as you spotted them because they would just mindlessly chuck spears at you hoping to eat your meat. the same is still true of remote, respected tribes everywhere that couldve been gunned down yesterday morning and zero percent of the global population would give a shit besides a short chuckle or a single tear.


i agree america has been turned into a genetic landfill. this is due to it always, always being semitic in origin. even deism was a very soft rejection of semitism.


That's actually a good thing, considering that whites will go extinct in 30 years or so.


>High social skills means no socializing at all
You're such a pseud.


and that's why you live in, at best, a "second-world" shithole.


>That's actually a good thing

Says the favela boy, while living in his favela hovel trying not to get his face ripped off by a narco drug lord


>noooo dont say that u-uhm i ackshually look real black niggery and, uhm, thats a good thing! cos jews said so and i uh hate you cos… cos… omfg im just so horny i wanna rape and i will get sex to kill u!!!!!1
>t. latin-shitskinian


>we only have to blame a specific subset of "whites" which are the lowest whites possible
Western european whites?
Between 1884 and 1959, 4,734,494 immigrants entered Brazil, mostly from Portugal and Italy, but also from Spain, Germany, Poland and other countries and nowadays millions of Brazilians are also descended from these immigrants.
Whites reproduced with slave niggers creating Brazil.
USA will be no different in a few decades.


Being brown is better than commiting ethnic suicide, enjoy going the way of the dodo in a generation white boi.


>Being brown is better than commiting ethnic suicide

Actually, it isn't because you'll be living in a favela, either way.



you are ESL, you misinterpret things either willfully or stupidly. either way, you wind up a total idiot about history. you exalt the "oh woe is me baby bitch tribal mongoloid" shit and then you partially imbibe it to continue crying to this day. face it, you are a glitch in the matrix. your kind should not exist.
how does this work here, uhhh, dont care but, huh…


what was that what was said earlier? "white people are LOTR elves?" yes, they are in this world. you faggots are orcs, but aimless. you will break yourselves upon other orcs, real whites will laugh as you do so, you will never gain the self-awareaness because you are completely incapable of such things. you will laugh as you slowly die out, or that you are killed off. latinos, and let every imageboard see this creed, latinos are a fucking insufferable rabbit-chimp cancer and need to die. they are anti-wizard and anti-white. they only deserve the most uncaring platform; make your own, you illiterate cunts. go enjoy your own company and see what it brings. fuck you. you will see it. you will see why the white world hates your mongrel kind so much.


>Now things are clear for everyone, you're mentally ill

It's literally a favela nigger butthurt and trying to imitate that one poster.

I know because one of the posts you replied to was mine and the other two are by the favela nigger that's so butthurt that he's spamming the boards.


>hurr butthurt
>now i love favelas,,,!!!11
actual brown faggot copes lmfao


stay living in your favelas, you fucking losers. you are brown and poor and i love that you eat my excrement. you should kill yourselves lmfao. you are all too fucking stupid to ever make another succinct comment about white civilization that whites dont already know that doesnt go double for your double-brown black assholes, faggots.


File: 1658485796730.png (1.68 MB, 872x855, 872:855, favela.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

I'm just laughing at this favela nigger that is so butthurt about being a favela nigger that he has to spam /b/ and /lounge/ with his illiterate brown smut non-sense.

You will never be white and you will forever be a brown spic living in your own self infatuated filth. You are worse than any animal, you create filth and suffering beyond anything that an animal could produce. You are simply a favela mutt that likes the smell of its own shit.


you're so confused that you are attacking yourself while i grow potatoes, zucchinis and tomatoes? calm down lil monkey ladyboi.


reminder that millions of whites had sex with african slaves and created the Brazil population. Whites alone ruined america with miscegenation since they wanted to breed with niggers so much and still do to this day.
If whites aren't breeding with niggers they're rioting along niggers to protect their rights. Thank the white man for their unconditional love of the nigger.


Lotta love for a people that genocided just about every nonwhite race.


If it was a genocide, there wouldn't be any non-white people left.

White people should have genocided all of those brown genetic freaks.


Whites are too busy passively genociding white people letting immigrants into their countries and mixracing with niggers and browns like usual. Some things never change.
The future is black and yellow like Wiz khalifa predicted.


>be white
>invade a continent
>import people from yet another continet
>live there and interbreed with both native and imported race
>ff. 500 years
>muh whit murrica is getting invaded by le non-whites!


Loving the Latino hate threads


loving that i dont live in latin america with petty brown criminals.


Live in regular America and I have to deal with their kind regularly.



Latino and Hispanic were introduced as a category during the 1970 census to smash people from disparate identities into a single group, it's literally an artifact of the US government from the Cold War


Oh look it's another /pol/ invasion. When did wizchan became so mainstream?


Ah yes the great resources of tea, spices, and chocolate are what allowed europeans to dominate the world. Do you think the british went to india and just found steam engines lying around there?


> the great resources of tea, spices, and chocolate are what allowed europeans to dominate the world
Dude what do you think the opium wars were fought for?


first thing I thought of was that the one hominids gang that takes over the waterhole in 2001 a space odyssey lol


>When did wizchan became so mainstream?
When redditors and normalfags invaded this place.
And there good chances that you are one, faggot.


By that logic, whites are the weakest race for somehow being driven to extinction by brown people.


File: 1671587919965.jpg (44.83 KB, 800x600, 4:3, slavery.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>it's a curse they brought upon themselves
no, its a curse edomites brought upon us


I live in Australia which is majority white, and highly stable, we've never had a civil war or anything like that here. The worst the country has seen were a handful of air rads by Japs up North during WW2, that's it.

It's prosperous, everyone is educated, it's a social welfare state, you can be NEET indefinitely if you play smart, etc.

All of that said, I've realised over the past couple of years, especially the last two, that nobody here really has any control over anything - most people are utterly clueless and disengaged, very few people do anything to make the place better. It's basically a bunch of aimless people who have just enough money that they don't HAVE to resort to crime. When the lockdown shit happened, the government in my state told all the hair salons and barbers to deny entry to the unvaxxed. I was there when my own barber was on a call telling someone else how much be bitterly resented it… but then he complied. I don't see any evidence that a single letter of petition was written by a single barber, let alone a bunch of them coming together and complaining about this insane, ridiculous policy that put them in the position of having to turn away previously 'trusted' customers, which you would think make them feel very undignified for doing. Nobody has called out all the government overreach, the statist violence unleashed against people who attended peaceful protests, protests that wouldn't have harmed anyone.

My point is that our prosperity is really just a matter of chance and nothing to do with the 'soul' of the people or even the intelligence of the people, really. If circumstances were slightly different, things would easily fall apart. The average person today, with more wealth and free time than anyone in previous generations, can't even find the time to build a basic friendship with other people, they slide into watching Netflix trash as society becomes increasingly isolated. We are all powerless against social institutions.

So now just imagine this but with LESS educated people, much more poverty, a history of government corruption, possibly ethnic conflicts going back centuries, and even recent wars, etc. People in "third world countries" are just like us, there's just vastly more standing in the way of improving anything. Look at how online cultures like imageboard culture have declined in the past ten years, there are multiple threads on here, multiple threads on every board out there bemoaning the state of culture, but nobody DOES anything, nobody organises, etc. and this is in the digital realm where nobody has to risk their own life. Now imagine trying to bring 'order' to Jalisco, Mexico or something, where cops are put on death lists, etc.

Claiming this is a race thing is just ignorance and false pride. Also note that countries like Australia have benefited a lot from exploiting other countries and cultures and economies, the very ones you then point at and say "they're poor because they're brown!"


>My point is that our prosperity is really just a matter of chance and nothing to do with the 'soul' of the people or even the intelligence of the people, really.
That's the defining property of Australia and Australians. The full quote which originated the term 'lucky country' (which most Australians completely misappropriate) stated exactly that: "Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share its luck."

Australians are disgusting and pathetic but they have simply been lucky so far due to resources and geopolitics. I highly doubt it will last.


do you really believe this bullshit?


That's not entirely fair. The poms left them with a legacy of over-governance. Not to mention what the CIA/MI6 did to Gough Whitlam.


I think the browns have a point. What has western imperialism wrought? I think most people here today would agree western society is in the toilet. Yeah we had a good run for a while, but we seem to be circling the drain right now.


>I think the browns have a point.
you mean highly educated white college professors and their brainwashed broodlings


No I mean the philosophies and cultures of non-white societies. We have much to learn.


i see no mention of jews at all in the mississippi 1860 census data. there is only data on whites (and native americans), free blacks (and mixed), enslaved blacks, enslaved mixed


The last time Europe went down was with the Roman Empire, and it took a thousand years to recover.


Non white cultures have some advantages too. They don't kick their sons out the house after they are 18. I know some Hispanic families don't see any problem if you are a 30 years old NEET and live with your parents, even with your grandpas. Plus your family mostly stands by you beyond all morality or "justice", blood is the more important thing. It's different from anglo-germanic cultures obsession with the law, "doing the right thing", civic morality and individualism.


half of all >30s arr living with their parents right now in the us

pretty sure other countries were doing that in the past because they have no fucking opportunities in life and weve onky just caught up to them


File: 1672092538691.jpg (128.56 KB, 1240x647, 1240:647, IMG_20221226_230824.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Are you sure?


>Took muh resources
This is a lie africa has more resources than the rest of the world even today


what is that pic supposed to show? 12% is nothing. look at the irreligion % for western europe, northern europe, australia, eastern asia. ideally you want >50% but anything above >25% is really good

regardless i have a hunch there is some connection between irreligion and the evolution of a country. i dont think we have a good measure for this yet. gdp is not good enough though it probably shows using that


Shitskins didn't design the pyramids you stupid faggot, they were designed by genetic Europeans. They are racially inferior. Stop coping.


Shitskins are low IQ subhumans that didn't coevolve with Europeans. This is all thirdworldist cope.


No they didn't.


No it's genetics you dumb faggot.


No it wasn't. The islamic goldenage. Is a myth. It was all Europeans who did anything of value. It's a cope to make shitskins feel like they're not worthless mudeaters.


>It was all Europeans who did anything of value
i forgot that persians were european. silly me.


>Persians are part of the Indo-European continuity
Really funny to see the Reddit smugness when you're so totally clueless on something.


if you don't answer him he'll leave eventually


that concept is about language, not race.
thre is no indo-european race.


The sight of brown people disgust me.

I have the same reaction if I see a cockroach.


Caste system is true and the darkness of someone's skin tells you how evil they were in past lives


So that means evil people in the present will be punished? Sounds like a cope.


File: 1672191608619.png (4.41 MB, 2228x1148, 557:287, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

iran used to be white. but it isn't anymore.


Uh-huh, and language just naturally transmitted itself over long distances as radio waves in the ancient world instead of through group migrations. Totally no racial component to it, bro.


Iranians aren't white, they were never white. They're a completely seperate genetic population cluster from Europeans, they're not Europeans, they're not white. There used to be Europeans who inhabited the area but they left. They weren't the native Iranians.


Your made up definition of "whiteness" seems to be completely arbitrary bullshit.


so being white is wearing slutty clothes ?


when populations migrate to areas with different environmental conditions, they tend to develop specific genotype/phenotype.
stop being obnoxious.

there is no such thing as the white race now. even your role model hitler himself dictated what he considered white by stating that slaves/south europeans are be non white.

the white race did exist in the past maybe thousand of years ago. but for now, there is no metric to define what it is, people just come out with their own definition of what's white or not.


>there is no such thing as the white race now. even your role model hitler himself dictated what he considered white by stating that slaves/south europeans are be non white
>the white race did exist in the past maybe thousand of years ago
Translate the tardbabble:
>hurr durr there was never any genetic continuity, white is a nebulous concept because jews told me hidler said so
>well uhh whites existed, but only a long time ago heh checkmate
Astoundingly moronic.


you're alterating what i said instead of coming up with your own reasoning.

you're not fun to deal with.
whatever, i guess you only want in this thread people who think like you.


Nah he really did get the essence of what you are saying. I don't see how you could argue there was a white race thousands of years ago but not today. if anything a white race would exist now and not in the past as gene flow has accelerated.


it never existed moron


The fact I can say white person and 95% of people on the street will conjure the same image in their head says otherwise. It's as real as a country, which is to say made up but everyone pretends otherwise.


File: 1672253902688.jpeg (32.49 KB, 465x481, 465:481, chart of things that aren….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Ah, I see you are one of those people who don't accept data and science that runs opposite to your worldview. Very open-minded!


let's take Italy for example.
would you consider it a white country ?


imagine coping about muh white race when you are in a losers' imageboard


italians are white europeans, yeah

race is real and significant even if you're a loser, deal with it


>italians are white europeans, yeah
would you consider an italian with brown eyes and fair skin white ?

>race is real

i don't doubt there is a difference between a british and a chinese.
But between close neighbors like whites and slaves, they do look alike to me. (even doe hitler hated slaves and considered them an inferior race)
Getting me to the question, what's a race ? on what criterion can i say you belong to my race or not ?

>race is significant even if you're a loser

how so ?

>deal with it

i am trying to deal with it


If you're not a race realist in 2022 you're retarded. Literally retarded

Charles Murray in the bell curve revisited
Alt Hype's responses to race deniers
Sean Last's Archives
Molyneux's interviews with leading IQ scientists

a troublesome inheritance chapter on race
The 10,000 year explosion (dated but legit HBD)
etc. Get rekt faggots


File: 1672299025841.jpg (438.75 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, profit.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


my theory: in order to endure the nightmare virus that is capitalism, competition and mass culture for a human is difficult. homo sapiens sapiens is genetically used to mostly cooperation in small groups during the thousands of years of being hunter gatherer. monkeys didn't climb down the trees and started cities immediately.

this lifestyle was conditioned onto people against their will through violence, punishment, torture, surveillance, propaganda, hierarchy and all the other ugly aspects of civilization by the most ruthless psychopaths this culture could produce. white people have been subject of mass culture for way longer then brown people. white people are beaten into submission way harder culturally then other parts of world.

the brown people are still in the phase of being raped by centralized authority and having their soul shattered to conform to this matrix. takes centuries and decades of continued violence, murder and trauma to achieve


It's a nice distraction from class society. Porky rapes us in the ass while we sperg out over this shit.


File: 1672309644374.mp4 (863.33 KB, 480x444, 40:37, 1672308649870.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


No it's pretty solid, it only seems arbitrary to you because your a retard.
See here:>>296792


File: 1672442200266.jpg (35.45 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 180q_720_6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Disregard old busted ugly hags, MAPs need our love and kindness!



fuck off pedo


This image is particularly retarded considering immigrants statistically commit less crime and work more.


They lower wages, reduce social cohesion, which all results in immiseration of the native population. Try again, retard.


>There are only a few truly conscious and high sentience people on Earth: Japanese, Korean
fucking lmao, pretty much the all of Japanese culture/society comes from china.
Writing system, art, architecture, clothing, food, social values and customs (such as Confucian concepts of face, and valuing the group over the individual).
Even something as quintessentially "japanese" as the tea ceremony originally comes from china. The only thing that is truly indigenous to japan is shinto, and even that is heavily diluted.
The same thing applies to korea as well.


File: 1675393492380.jpg (46.78 KB, 352x360, 44:45, img_sMbDJS8kc7_r.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe, but Japanese are the sole east asian ethnicity that manage to be genuinely creative.

In music: Roland, 808 is backbone of all electronic music.

In video games: Too obvious to mention.

In cars & vehicles: just look at Initial D.

China and Korea are very far behind in comparison when it comes to creative real world innovation.


Wow, almost a full century of innovative consumer goods. How can China ever hope to compete?


>immigrants statistically commit less crime and work more.
Comparing spics to niggers to make spics look good.


By stealing intellectual property, duh.


weren't japanese things just copycats of american one? I think it os very late they started doing original things nd not copying


history started in 1945 remember?


Prove that it was a myth.


File: 1676099079900.png (41.37 KB, 395x133, 395:133, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

they were right all along


most /pol/tards are black and brown. this threads reeks of self loathing.


That's because we're self aware.
t. brown /pol/tard
now check your privilege wizfag


yet all that self-awareness doesn’t help you much doesn’t it.


Why would it need to?
yeah cry about it, privileged whitoid. I love to serve the white man.



Brown person here, it is a mixture of
>low iq
>Western sponsored megacorp resource exploitation and corruption
>local, ancient corruption filled culture with emphasis on muh family as opposed to the wellbeing of the greater society. Muh family first means it is seen as ok to be a corrupt piece of shit if it means the wellbeing of your family in the short term
Personally I suspect relative lack of fear of death and pre kiketianity pagan religions also play a role. No incentive to be a "good person" to please sky daddy, nor to live as long as possible thus come up with constant innovations to "make life easier" which is already backfiring on firstoids by the way. You just live life. Geographical differences play a role too.

Jews and globalists have also used the eternal anglo as stepping stone in conquering the world. The effect of jewish trickery involved in central banking and currency manipulation to benefit the golden billion counts, too.


I'm sick of this meme. Everything is a copy of everything. Humans operate based on mimicry. 99% of innovation happens by small incremental changes. Only very very exceptional individuals ever managed to invent entirely new things. And that is even rarer now due to practically all of the low-hanging fruit being picked.


File: 1679376339088-0.jpeg (10.41 KB, 275x183, 275:183, North_Korea.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1679376339088-1.jpg (476.06 KB, 2000x1333, 2000:1333, Liberia_Country_portal_shu….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The possibility for prosperity and tyranny comes from a highly intelligent population. And the Covid era in western societies really pulled back the curtain and showed what types of people would just fall in line with an actual dictatorship.

I do think the evidence is pretty clear that Whites and East Asians are ahead of the rest of the world in intellect, and being that way, they're the only societies capable of true tyranny and true economic prosperity.

For all their faults and poverty, there's no denying that African countries are more free. Even South African whites, who suffer in South Africa, readily admit that they're more free on a day to day basis than people in Australia and New Zealand. Functionally, there's enough corruption and the institutions are so weak that it feels like nobody is really in charge in a lot of Africa. There's freedom, there's risk, but there is freedom. You could never have a North Korea in sub-Saharan Africa, the possibility of centralizing that much power just isn't there, the people are too corrupt and there aren't enough agreeable, bureaucratic "head succubus" types to be commissars for the system. There's actually something romantic and faustian about that dark continent that gets overlooked because everyone focuses on the poverty and starvation.

Intelligence can generate wealth, but intelligence also seems to dispose towards tyranny. I think that's something white nationalists should really keep in mind, a society of only 115+ IQ types might not be the heaven they imagine, it could entail North Korea.


Ethiopia was commie in the 80s, had the same kind of parades


It's not the parades, it's the society. Communist Angola and The People's Republic of the Congo were the same, they were defined by factionalism and tribalism. I think it's racially driven.

In Black Africa, the center struggles to hold onto the periphery, and the second you drive out of the major cities, it's in a sense very feudal despite what's on the laws. You have government officials taking bribes, you have criminal gangs extorting money, you have businesses openly flouting the law. It's why these places fall so easily into civil war, the periphery is so functionally independent from the seat of power in everyday life.

Something like the Stassi would be impossible in Black Africa. You couldn't have an ideologically driven intelligence agency, because they'd just become corrupt and take power for themselves and engorge themselves on bribes.



Oh this is a Carcinology Phd thing


Ethiopia was also propped up by Cuban support and the Ethiopian/Somali war was a cold war proxy conflict.

Commieshit was different in Africa, it was tied into the desire for decolonization, and also for ez gibs from the USSR or China, the latter of which was throwing out guns to any retard that took a copy of their little red book.

No African nation achieved a proper centralized dictatorship like with the eastern bloc, North Korea or China. The whole continent is basically defined by the pattern of decolonization, followed by one "free" election, followed by a corrupt dictatorship that sits in the capital and only loosely rules the countryside. It's a feudal continent if you look at it closely. It's why you have in the congo war, regions of countries basically acting independently and shifting sides.


Most people are in denial about how much IQ affects both individual and societal success.

It's dey kultah….



at least they are making the effort to reinvent the wheel instead of just buying plane tech that already exists


Iq is a stupid thing to hate people for. like if some kid did bad on an easy math test, did that make you ANGRY at him?


Yes. In fact, the child and its entire genetic line should be eliminated.


File: 1682465119090.png (212.53 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm Low IQ, I read a lot of books and stuff. But if IQ is seeing a bunch of triangles and having to make a pattern out of them, then I admit I just suck at that. I see the triangles pointing left and right, and I have no idea what should come next. I just don't see it. I guess that is the literal definition of stupid.


Results earned on these random shapes and patterns tests have never been proven to have any correlation with problem-solving


a? I think they're rotating clockwise.


can't be d because purple over green's been done

can't be c because yellow over blue's been done

can't be a because yellow over green and blue over purple's been done

but if b then green is in the same position as 2, aaaaaaaah

Am I a retard, doc?



File: 1682471688338.jpg (246.93 KB, 1143x1133, 1143:1133, bt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1682472892343.jpg (7.13 KB, 259x194, 259:194, johnyy.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

dont worry about the meme puzzle tests. you can increase your iq scores on those test very easily by practicing those kinds of puzzles

this should not be possible on a generalized intelligence test, and so this suggests it is testing something else


File: 1682479522455.png (75.11 KB, 1234x644, 617:322, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

i kinda just autistically fixated on looping the damn thing and fucked it up. whatever, my solution is prettier anyway…


Lack of iq.


A lot of the beaners that cross here simply desire to act as a parasite and move on to a different host. I wish they will one-day disappear forever.


what are beaners?


That's a well known topological problem. Euler solved it in the 18th century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Bridges_of_K%C3%B6nigsberg


beaner is a slur for those dumb ugly brown latino mystery meat mongrels who flood through the southern border


>The good thing is that when whites go extinct brown people will destroy the earth too in a ball of flames,

What's with white people catastrophizing like this?
Chances are if white people went exctinct, life would go back to the way it did before colonialize ( with some easily producible technology remaining ).
The world doesn't need white people to keep running. Everyone but white people lived just fine without white people.
Weird how you people think non-whites are intellectually inferior but somehow capable enough to destroy the planet if it wasn't for whites being protectors of earth.


Uh huh go ahead and explain how brown people are going to blow up the earth as soon as white people disappear.


>the elites are going to be living in the same trash heap cities they helped create along with all the other animals they brought in
wrong. elites will move to antarctica


File: 1684097239693.mp4 (2.55 MB, 854x480, 427:240, race_genetic.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Genetics. Also weather plays a huge role in people's behavior (African countries are usually hot and rarely to never have snow).

They don't have the intelligence nor technology to "blow up the earth", but instead, the entire planet will become Africa.


File: 1684097443440-0.jpg (75.91 KB, 640x624, 40:39, 1587770810243-1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1684097443440-1.png (2.33 MB, 1080x1498, 540:749, africa2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1684097443440-2.jpg (171.49 KB, 819x1024, 819:1024, 1618305744547.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I always thought Dilbert as a Mcdonald's type of guy. Better coffee.


File: 1684115482206.jpg (429.12 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, gaborone.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>What if blacks tried capitalism for once.


built by the help of whites and chinks


>reating reproduction like an arms race, covering everything in plastic garbage, etc.
I thought they were low IQ? How are the going to reproduce without modern food cultivation, distribution, and infrastructure?
>Cover everything in plastic garbage
See above. How are they going to be producing petrochemicals if they are so dumb?
>but instead, the entire planet will become Africa.
How is this a problem? If there's no white people, it's literally not white peoples problem.


>How is losing everything good a problem

I dunno, but keep arguing that point. I'm sure people will think you're really smart and be convinced of it.


shhh don't point out the contradictions and hypocrisy
the plastic one is funny, who invented that trash? how do they think all of it end up in the third world?


The premise is that white people disappeared. What is there to lose for white people that no longer exist?


Im fairly sure white people will still exist, the elites of course.


because they were never suited for such societies. They were perfectly fine before europeans destroyed everything about their lives from the ground up.

Example: native american bison were almost all slaughtered just so the new americans can claim the land to secure a future for their fat retarded progeny. The native americans didnt need a massive highway infrastructure so they didnt build it. they didnt need cars so they didnt manufacture them. they didnt need guns do they didnt learn how to make them, the whote people had to do those things to survive in europe but the native americans didnt. they were never adapted to that lifestyle and they still are unadapted to it, and yet you expect them to take to these foreign ideals as if they were natural to them; but they are not.

The idea that the way society as it is structured now is how it should be all around the world is such a narrow minded euro-centric idea

Most people were fine whether it be nomads hunting and gathering to survive as their ancestors did, or even the lesser talked-about societies that had their own unique structure that was built to cope with a larger population than a simple tribe, but the things they held true would likely not line up with the society you come from. again, everyone was mostly fine as they were, Everyone but YOU people.

These people arent inherently less intelligent than you, they are simply different. if you teleported to the middle of nowhere in africa you would most certainly die an idiot's death, meanwhile the "savage" and "unintelligent" locals would just continue business as usual sincr they evolved to cope in that environment unlike you


Heat, overpopulation and stress seems to play a large part in it, look at how even Whites go crazy in the heat and stress of California or Florida.

One of my favourite theories about why so many places remained undeveloped before colonization was simply because there was no need to develop, populations were low enough that the land could provide an abundance of food thanks to the tropical fertility of where they lived. As long as tribes kept out of each-other's way, life was fairly peaceful and stress-free. But in the globalized modern world resources are limited, people are now tired from constant competition and struggle, irritated by constant heat and poor weather, stressed by the constant noise and the unknown, so many snap and society breaks down.

Even in the (previously) predominantly white countries like America or Europe, you are already seeing signs of society breaking down. Heat may not play a big part in places like Sweden or Canada (though crime does seem to spike during the height of summer), but we still have huge amount of stress from crowded cities, limited resources, clashing cultures, etc. And the more we continue to let these problems pile up, the more likely there is going to be a collapse.


Why do white people act like without their 'civilized' lifestyle and technology it's impossible to be happy and satisfied with life? Is it autism?



Native populations are all adapted to the local climate and living condition over millions of years.

They have neither the IQ nor the mental capability to live in a western style information society.

This doesn't make them inferior, it just makes them unsuitable for a western style information society that's being forced down their throats.
Abos were doing just fine in Australia for severals tens of thousands of years until they were forced to apply for unemployment and lay railroads for the offspring of white convicts from the UK.

Native americans were doing just fine until foreigners brought in flus, plagues and disease and started killing them en masse.
They barely knew of alcohol as a ceremonial drink, and now masses of natives get depressed due to modern life and die of alcohol overconsumption.


File: 1688313205332.jpg (25.49 KB, 600x600, 1:1, smug brazilian.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>The native americans didnt need a massive highway infrastructure so they didnt build it. they didnt need cars so they didnt manufacture them. they didnt need guns do they didnt learn how to make them, the whote people had to do those things to survive in europe but the native americans didnt.
Construction of the interstate highway system began in 1956, along with the mass-adoption of cars, which leaves 300 years of an apparent need being unmet unaccounted for. Guns were developed in China and were used across Eurasia before arriving in Europe, predominately by the Ottomans, leaving millennia of survival unaccounted for. Survival wasn't even the reason for the initial spread of firearms, given agriculture had long since been adopted and firearms weren't accurate enough for hunting. These aren't compelling examples you've cited

>One of my favourite theories about why so many places remained undeveloped before colonization was simply because there was no need to develop, populations were low enough that the land could provide an abundance of food thanks to the tropical fertility of where they lived. As long as tribes kept out of each-other's way, life was fairly peaceful and stress-free.
The archaeological and linguistic evidence doesn't suggest this, two interesting examples being Incan and Bantu expansion across the tropical regions of their respective continents


i was just using popular examples of things westerners these days expect from foreign countries that dont make a lot of sense. i could very well have listed dictatorships and individualistic societies as examples. dont expect an individualistic society to come from china anytime soon. and dont expect middle easterners to worship succubi the same way westerners do. im just pointing out that the standards are stupid since they only really apply to westernerds and that humans are complex


File: 1688319951274.png (117.38 KB, 950x625, 38:25, 789379.png) ImgOps iqdb


not an argument


File: 1688327866737.jpg (24.75 KB, 300x364, 75:91, 194835890932489545468.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Nubians conquered Egypt
Other way around, Egypt conquered Nubia and put down any resistance or threat over there.
>had 5 kings
That's nothing for a place that had dozens and dozens of different kings.
>built their own pyramids
The petty, small, tiny and pitiful "pyramids" constructed in this period only confirm that these people were not the same as the ones that constructed the original pyramids.
>and ruled for about 100 years
Not even for 100 years, just 75 years. That's just nothing for a kingdom that had existed for more than a thousand year.
Ancient Egyptians were not Nubians.


File: 1688328939079.png (481.5 KB, 1504x1820, 376:455, White.png) ImgOps iqdb

Looks hwhite to me!


>Both ways around
They invaded Egypt in their decadent period before being quickly kicked out by the Assyrians, how the already very small timeframe of their dynasty proves. Nubia never made any meaningful conquest of Egypt, while Egypt influence over Nubia existed for centuries. Stop making bullshit up to fit your narrative.
>The recorded history of Egypt
Doesn't matter. Nubians were irrelevant for Egypt, other Kingdoms were way more influential over them. Especially Mediterraneans from Anatolia.
>By the time
Pyramids were made by Ancient Egyptians. Nobody claimed that late Macedonians built the pyramids. But certainly they had a greater influence over Egypt than whatever bullshit you're claiming here.
>Modern Egyptians
A mixture of people that have little to do with Ancient Egyptians.


Finally. I thought everybody in imageboards was a stupid retard who couldn't see this simple reality. At least there's one person with some sense in his head.


fuck off sage. we can talk about whatever we want


they are orcs and foreign invaders. anyone defending them is a traitor opening the gates to the enemy and letting them inside the city walls




these dumb youtubers that just speak over footage all have the same annoying way of trailing off the last sound in whatever they are saying, like they are snakes

blah blah blahhhhhhhhh
and then this happenedddddddd
police are trying to stop thissssssss

i feel like they aren't human


File: 1688675850902.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1989x1074, 663:358, 8EEB1869-72F6-416D-BAE7-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Serious question, why are blue people incapable of building and maintaining a safe prosperous first world country on equal footing with (previously) predominantly white countries like America or Britain? Is it genetics? Culture? White supremacy? I don't know I just find it fascinating that blue people do not have a non shithole country to call their own.


thrembo meds and bbc now doe


they certainly arent living


File: 1689660155744.png (568.13 KB, 1317x1060, 1317:1060, 1687789864065690.png) ImgOps iqdb

Quick rundown
The brown people never built anything more than a straw shack by themselves.
This is even proven by the explorations of the white man in the center of Africa, where they were still untouched by the white man up until 1800's.
The pyramids and all the other ancient constructions have been built under the guide of the white man, whom enslaved those brown people and used them for creating those creations.
Brown people are inferior to the white man both physically and mentally and this has been proven by many scientists, and there are documents, and they aren't even hidden.
Their inferiority is recalled by other people, some more famous like Thomas Jefferson, and some whom words, the modern world tried to change, like Darwin.

The brown people have very bad genetics, their own blood and body are unhealthy even with their incest rates that are almost over the maximum.
They are ugly and they have a bad culture, they rape, they steal, they destroy.
the brown people are quite the representation of evil, as they cannot invent something new, they can only claim it and ruin it.


based. fuck the orcs


I don't want to generalize but they do indeed have a suspiciously huge amount of subhuman impulsive idiots over there especially the ones that get sent to Europe in huge amounts all the time are subhumans who are extremely low IQ and impulsive like chimpanzees. I grew up in Europe and even in small villages these retards managed to cause all kinds of problems just because lefties decided to turn sports halls into refugee camps. I witnessed first hand how these sandniggers from Syria sexually harassed teenage succubi in the streets and other terrible shit. As soon as you let them enter somewhere they cause problems and all the leftist progressive retards make it even worse since they are the core of this problem to begin with.

>The brown people have very bad genetics, their own blood and body are unhealthy even with their incest rates that are almost over the maximum.

I used to work at a factory for retards for some time and there was some kind of goatfucker who came from an incestuous bloodline from the middle east. He was completely misshaped and retarded but it was kinda ironic how he was still able to come up with those typical impulsive middle eastern goatfucker antics lol. Its also funny how some middle eastern family trees are essentially a circle because of how much inbreeding they engaged in.


I don't want to generalize but I'm going to generalize


The rule is to not focus on skin color but on cranial structure, flat face= shitskin Human, protruding mandibles = man/beast or "wildman"

Compare the Nubian to the Congolese.


I still left room open for others by stating that its a suspiciously high amount and not everyone so go fuck yourself


t. never read a history book on civilizations
Also asians mog whites and you can see it everyday.


>He fell for the meme
The only brown people who aren't that much of ugly subhuman are the one who racemixed with some white man.


You are the one who never read a book, how many war have the Asians have won against the whites?
Makes me wonder…


You struggle to write in english. You're clearly an illiterate kid who can only spout memes and regurgitate trite imageboard opinions because you lack original thoughts. You've never delved deep into any subject, you're probably a self hating brown polturd.


>how many war have the Asians have won against the whites?
Every single Mongol invasion of Russia, for starters.
Turkics are Central Asians, so every single Crusade after the 1st, every single war of the Eastern Roman, Empire, and the majority of the wars of Spain. Spain managed the rather difficult feat of bankrupting themselves in failed wars against the Turk despite having at their disposal the total plunder of the entire continent of South America, most of North America, and much of Central Europe due to their Hapsburg monarchs.
Then of course there was the Russo-Japanese War, in which Russia was so utterly humiliated that their western enemies and fiercest rivals decided to bend over backwards to help Russia save face lest the colonialist projects of all imperial European powers lose all legitimacy.
Even in a war destined to failure, the Japanese managed to absolutely dominate the British in the Pacific, managing to achieve in Singapore with little more than a barely supported advance force what the entire German military failed to achieve at Dunkirk.

What is even the relevance of this question? Does Turkey winning nearly every conflict with the Italian maritime states relate to the relative civilizational value of Ottoman centralized absolute monarchy versus medieval Italian constitutional republics?


you are the one with the nigger attitude judging civilization by who has the bigger club to hit each other over the head. like a gangsta in a turf war.


that's kind of like saying all British culture comes from mainland Europe, it's technically true but is ignoring the unique aspects both islands gave to the culture they adpoted


if anything its even more true. whats the British Shinto? Anglicanism? LOL


File: 1695945499655.jpeg (29.45 KB, 300x235, 60:47, 0D8AF664-E1EA-4BFE-91FF-4….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How much time you fellas think white people have left? 500,000 years? 1,000,000 years?


When White people fall we will take Earth and our other planets with us.


But what will happen to the xenos of Proxima Centauri b?


File: 1696372739428.png (2.79 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, FFE2C6FC-99D5-4BD7-9064-E9….png) ImgOps iqdb

Hey did you guys know that there's 5,000,000 Nubians out of a total 109,546,720 people living in Egypt today?

For comparison: there's 5,938,923 to 9,666,058 Native Americans out of a total 333,287,557 people living in the US today.

I thought this was interesting!


why do blacks in america all look like down syndrome big nose gorillas. that person looks like a white person who dubbed tar over their entire body, ie no stereotypical black features. is it because they are inbetween blacks and middle eastern or something?

anyway thats cool there is a native egyptian race, i never considered equibalents to native americans in other countries. i guess ive only thought of ainu before


File: 1696447042965.png (1.43 MB, 1580x3224, 395:806, C45E31DD-D90A-4E25-ABB7-81….png) ImgOps iqdb

>anyway thats cool there is a native egyptian race
I don't think that there's really a native Egyptian race anymore. Most people living in Egypt today speak Arabic and it is completely different from the Nubian languages. The actual native Egyptian language was also a different language.

The Nubians came from Nubia which corresponds with what is today Sudan.

In this image–everything below the first cataract was considered Nubia. Pretty much everything below Abu Simbel is today part of Sudan. The Nubians invaded and conquered Egypt around 700 BC.


Britain is an unbelievable shithole, it has never been safe or prosperous, not once in all of written history, a basic understanding the subject makes this immediately apparent.
>have you ever deal with real low IQ people in your life?
>have you ever deal with
I think I'm dealing with a real low IQ people right now.
oh there's a white country with extreme xenophobia and closed borders. it's called Poland and it makes Detroit look like a joke in comparison.
>White people are so cucked actually doing anything significant to protect the borders is seen as an act of racism by default
No. I'll tell you what's cucked. Dying for "your country" - i.e a bunch of normalfag scum that hate wizards and want wizards dead. "Raising a family" i.e letting a succubus suck your life energy dry. And last but not least "racial hygiene", i.e getting euthanised for having mild aspergers and those that remain are forced to worship chads. That is cucked, and I for one am glad that those days are gone, even though the modern day is bad for different reasons.
>race is real and significant even if you're a loser, deal with it
race is a continuum, wherein it's members are both the sum of their ancestral past as well as the seed for future continuation of the race that they themselves are a continuation of.
THEREFORE, EVEN THOUGH I WAS BORN WHITE, BY BEING A WIZARD I HAVE SHED MY WHITENESS, AND INDEED RACE ALTOGETHER. I am not a part of the continuum. so shove your breederist "waaah I wish a succubus would leave me a dry husk with no free will" bullshit and fuck off.


>Not even for 100 years, just 75 years.
Libyans conquered Egypt c. 837 BC, Nubians conquered Egypt c. 744 BC, Assyrians conquered Egypt c. 673 BC, Persians conquered Egypt c. 525 BC…


Idk about the rest of the world but regarding latin america
>Operation Condor
Lets see if the mighty HUwhite rays is up to the task of overthrowing an enemy who dwarfs you in resources and numbers. Oh wait, it already happened, they bent over and gape opened their assholes. Zero resistance. Lol. Lmao even.


>Operation Condor
>USA supports right wing military dictatorships in Latin America during Cold War
>ergo, lmao @ wypipo
I have to admit, I am dazzled by this argument.


well hes saying if you blame the CIA for everything in the 3rd world, the ability to unseat govts at will, you're assigning the USA a god-like power


File: 1696605238249.webm (3.89 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1694557369085795.webm) ImgOps iqdb

You say all this, but at the end of the day is brown people scratching and clawing to get into these advanced white societies, not the other way around.


some of the brownest nations in the world, such as Guatemala, have a higher gdp per capita than the blonde blue eyed nation of Ukraine


File: 1696606008116.png (301.74 KB, 1024x551, 1024:551, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Look at all these nations richer than one of the blondest nations in the world

2018, before the war btw


one of my closest oldest friends has accomplished huge things in his life (he is so black he looks purple) he is hated by all the shitskins around him with a total utter hatred…
he is a piolet (usaf Vietnam)he owns 3 business's; he ministers a church… he is one of the few people i believe i can trust…
all the niggers around him hate him as a race traitor;
he worked for every dammed thing he has ever accomplished…
its that simple…
i feel sorry for him, his kids are trash, his wife is typical fatass mama…
if he was white he might be president…
poor sumbeyatch..


i miss my trail 110 terribly.
reliable, cheap to service/repair,the height of ingenuity…


he should run for congress as a Black Republican.


he would scare the living shit out of the left wing/ right wing/ middle of the bird under the tail…


what is your regular food supply and how do aquire prep and consume/keep it ?
i keep mine as simple as possible; rice fish and misc…


and who opened the gates? you have only yourself to blame for your dying star of what was a society that could never hope to sustain itself without cheap labor


>and who opened the gates?

Jews, mostly. 1965 hart celler act. They want to make whatever country they're living in as multicultural/racial as possible so as to avoid attention as a market dominant minority - just another group in a big melting pot society, not a highly ethnocentric, high IQ parasitic ethnicity that is spiteful towards white gentiles. Wonder why they got kicked out of a million countries?

But yes, WASPs let them into the country clubs and to some extent allied with them against flyover, backbone of America type whites, so you have a point there as well. But it is Jews.

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