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Any Russian or Ukrainian wizzies out there? Without delving too much into politics, how has daily life changed for you? I’m a eurofag and I’ve been curious about how all this chaos has effected regular everyday wizards.



>Without delving too much into politics,
How would this not delve into politics?


its not getting into who is right and wrong just what their daily lives are like


Shortage/price hike of some types of food, duh. Couldn't buy liquor until about a week ago, there is talk they will forbid it again. More Polish foodstuffs. My local atb-market had a bath of stale croissants and you can take them for free. Saw a slightly beat up refugee Mitsubishi with rags over windows. Street lights are off.


Wait are you Russian or Ukrainian


>had a batch


Ua. No problem. Second world problems should be irrelevant to you


It's all a distraction from the adverse effects of the jab.


Ah, okay. Are you being made to fight? Are you afraid? This time around seems increasingly relevant. Anyway, it could’ve happened to any of us. None of us chose where we were born.


File: 1648637051413.png (52.12 KB, 250x182, 125:91, EF4F778D-E688-41B9-9412-09….png) ImgOps iqdb

Ukraine should develop weapons that shoot covid vaccines.


>Are you being made to fight?
Not yet
>Are you afraid?
My physical health has going to shit and worrying about that takes up most of the brain power, i hardly notice the war. I will if and when my town will get hit. No bottom floor in hell as they say.
>it could’ve happened to any of us.
Unless it's Russia vs Baltics i can't imagine civilized euros fighting their neighbors


>has been going
>i will notice it if and when


Shit, sorry to hear wiz. You Eastern Europeans are tough bastards. I heard that early in the war, all Ukrainian men 18-60 were made to stay in the country. Do you know how this works exactly? What if somebody is disabled, mentally or physically? Would they be allowed to flee? Do you want to leave?


Border control wont let you leave and you'll to go jail if you try to leave illegally. Disability could allow you to be an exception, but this is not a western country so they dont respect most mental illness. Even trains wouldnt let young men on since they were for evacuating succubi and children. The military are looking for people so I know some neets that are too afraid to go outside and their families and neighbours are lying saying that they dont live there


Damn, that sucks. I guess on paper they’d allow someone severely mentally ill to leave (schizophrenia etc), but in reality I imagine it’s practically impossible to prove that and convince the border guards to let you leave. I’m sorry you’re going through this shit wiz. You never asked for this. Please stay strong and stay safe. I really hope things settle down soon. Life is hard enough as it is.


Russian wizards, fighting type or not, war has now come to you as Ukrainian helicopters have just rocket struck some key oil distribution infrastructure.


that's russian propaganda


probably they fucked themselves again like with the plane.

Why is the Grembling saying Goverment of Ucraine is Nazis? sure they may descend from Nazis some of them but to me they seem very Africanized in fact sometimes I am not sure if its ucraineor fucking Somalia or France that I am watching, I really really want Africa to be Nuked…


Well, what can i say. Ukrainian army starting to conscript normal people. Every corner of the media world here is screaming about how russians are "raping" us. Everything that contradicts our nazi-machine is deemed insane and either deleted or responded with deaththreats. Internet has somewhat slowed down in my area. People from 18-28 age are getting conscripted from botom up which means people who live in suburbs are getting drafted first while citydwellers are left for the next time. (which sucks because i dont lve in a city)


Fuck the Ukrainian army and government


Wait I thought all men 18-60 have to fight already. Didn’t they announce that a while ago?


unironically break your leg. Take painkillers and get drunk and just swing at it with a bat. They can't send you to the frontlines if you can't walk.


I guess you can't get away with pretending to be a tranny? Breaking your leg if the azov faggots come knocking on your door would still be better than being their meat shield. Though this might run the risk of being dragged and taped to a lamp post for being a "traitor".


The Russians are also forcibly conscripting men from the occupied areas and sending them to the front lines. At least the Ukrainians will likely send you through some sort of training first and if you want you can refuse to fight and they will just send you to jail. In Russia they would probably rape you and torture you until you complied.



>The peculiarity of modern nazified Ukraine is in amorphousness and ambivalence, which allow Nazism to be disguised as a desire for "independence" and a "European" (Western, pro-American) path of "development" (in reality - to degradation), to assert that in Ukraine "there is no Nazism , only private individual excesses".

The term 'nazi' has basically lost all meaning, but this state-sponsored media website is claiming that the war basically is to stop western degeneracy from spreading. Everybody who isn't brainwashed by western propaganda knows what they are talking about.


>claiming that the war basically is to stop western degeneracy
If given a choice between western degeneracy and eastern authoritarianism i will choose the former since the will more likely benefit me personally by implementing neetbux


>In Russia they would probably rape you and torture you until you complied.

they also rape you if you do comply, in their hazing system


File: 1649215878021.jpg (109.2 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, image-0-02-05-bd7fa4a04594….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Heard the news one couple became victims of Muscovite army. Man's phone was stolen and succubus got shot. She had the same name as our former neighbor hairdresser who relocated to that suburb town. Turned out it wasn't her and the reportedly dead succubus was wounded. Haircut was done at home by that former neighbor hairdresser who came to the city.

Internet sometimes was slow. Sometimes it was nonexistent (not mobile internet). I saw smoke from my window. The paint company warehouse was bombed. About 5 times I saw yellow shine in the distance. But usually it was just sound of explosions. Now it's just the alarm. Often I notice the alarm outside and it's faster than the app tells about it or the local TV channels become red with alarm noise.

The cat of mother's friend has been living here for a month. Became thicker, plays with toyballs, jumping like a basketball player with two front feet holding the ball. I blocked doors to my bedroom with a pillow so she wouldn't scratch and I could try to get some sleep. Uncontrollable actions still get blamed, yet controllable not done actions which are more necessary and have all evidence of being real and more necessary don't. Parents still loudly snore.

Once heard aircraft noise as if it was passing by somewhere near. It immediately woke me up in the night just like in my dream. Many national and especially news TV channels have the same war broadcast. Paw Patrol, German pro-wrestling and that broadcast were watched during the alarm time for some hours. Obviously all curtains down. All public lights are off at night. Very dark.

One kids animation TV channel decided to stop working for the time being for the mood and situation cause. The rest are working. Belsat channel where they often speak Belarusian appeared. Muscovite propagandist Nikita Mikhalkov was banned on YouTube in Ukraine. Available with VPN. He was notable for conspiracy theories about vaccines, Bill Gates and now bioweapons which can only kill people with Muscovite DNA/citizenship only and not the rest of the world including other neighboring countries.


File: 1649217280800.png (142.74 KB, 2000x1200, 5:3, 70Osaka-Shizuku-1WGIlr.png) ImgOps iqdb

Due to absent WiFi, I missed the last day of consecutive log in to Love Live SIF. Didn't get UR card of Shizuku Osaka for her birthday. Could've put relative's simcard for mobile internet. Actually should've. (of course, it's nothing compared to vicious tortures and other such suffering)


It happened in March. Meaning I didn't get either Ayumu-chan, Hanamaru Kunikida or Umi Sonoda.


Please stay safe wizzie. And protect that babycats, she sounds very sweet. I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. What a life. What do you think about when you hear the shelling? I can’t imagine such a thing.


Shelling was far away. However, at least twice it was stronger so that car alarm outside went on and glass in windows (including in my room) started shaking.


WiFi at that point appeared. The update was necessary to start the game past the update screen. Fail due to low speed.


why are you using gender neutral terms like people when its entirely men being conscripted


females arent people


File: 1649255763478.jpg (118.52 KB, 1048x776, 131:97, P20406-132837.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The aforementioned plainly packaged Polish tins of turkey meaty stuff. Tastes fine. Translated sticker claims it was re-packed in Dnipropetrovsk which is further east from where i live, logistics are a fascinating thing


Is wheat still being exported?


File: 1651352386805.jpg (14.43 KB, 275x183, 275:183, download.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I dont get alot of responses in the /pol thread so ill put this here as its more relevant:

whats everyones thoughts (and especially ukranian wiz's) of these refugees who literally take planes from poland all the way to tijuana mexico of all places thinking they are going to come in easily and get free shit?



You don't get a lot of responses in the pol thread because the pol thread is a containment thread FOR A FUCKING REASON. GET THE FUCK BACK IN THERE.


>adverse effects of the jab.
Literally none


Another 90 pages of negative side effects were just released by Pfizer and even left-leaning governments likes that of GB and those in Scandinavia are now publishing headlines relating sudden cardiac and blood issues to all of the approved vaccines. It's coming from the most mainstream sources of news right now so you can easily go and look it up and get results.


File: 1651632743659.jpeg (146.21 KB, 1130x1015, 226:203, FR4bRNqVUAAXp1m.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

90,000 pages*


usually Russia derails everyone elses' thread, now covid derails russia thread


Reversed russian reversal


As a Russian national I have to ask: dont you have any patriotic/nationalistic feels? Not even in formal sense, but purely biological-gut feeling shit aka "my land/people/tribe is under attack?" Or you are just cynical/nihilistic about whole affair? I just doomscroll mostly, physically safe, everything looks safe, nothing extraordinary but psyop thing is getting it's toll on me too, I noticed several times that retarded irrational feeling of "pride" than reading news about alleged military success and at the same time feel down, a little butthurt while reading about losses. And I am neet virgin and obv dodged mandatory military service in my days. Scary and stupid,like in Strugatsky "inhabited island" book. I envy apathetic or rational minded wizards, I got too erratic and emotional lately reading that stupid shit even perfectly knowing all that "war is a racket" staff.


I read in an article somewhere many years ago about this pacifist british guy who saw the effects of war on his dad and whatnot and shunned all that shit. One day he saw a military parade and described how even him could not help feeling pride and beligerant and explained how easy it is to let your emotions overwhelm reason.

I can understand those feelings but it's absolutely retarded to become a soldier. A small group of powerful people using idiotic youngsters on a powergrab against another powerful group of people. Imagine ruining your life over this. You get nothing out of it but ending up psychologically and physically mangled or death if you're lucky.

There's a reason they go for young people and it's not just because they're generally healthier. They're also a lot more stupid.


if you are an officer, you could rise through the ranks yourself


i know that one guy is russian but it's not that bad in the united states. it's a glorified babysitting service, your entire life is 'on rails' with a totally structured lifestyle where everything is provided for you. and when you finish you can continue being babysit by the gov by being paid to go to college for x years. and you have medical benefits for the rest of your life. the majority of jobs arent combat related. and the overwhelming majority of combat related jobs dont even see combat. if you get an injured somehow while serving, you can even claim disability benefits and get payouts every month for the rest of your life


>DHL / Deutsche Post - Sorry, this carrier can not ship into this country (Ukraine):

>DPD Dynamic Parcel Distribution - Sorry, this carrier can not ship into this country (Ukraine):

>United Parcel Service Express - Our shop is currently not configured for express shipping to this country. Please >contact our customer support if you would like express shipping to this country. (Ukraine):

>DHL Express - Our shop is currently not configured for express shipping to this country. Please contact our >customer support if you would like express shipping to this country. (Ukraine):

Damn that sucks. Can't even order computer stuff from germany no more. Russians can suck my dick, this is all because of them



how about you explain yourself and speak your mind instead of regurgitating inflammatory buzzwords?


Wonder what all the homelessness is about then. Either way, living life "on rails" can be achieved just as easily with a different retarded full time job and you'll actually get to preserve a shred of your dignity in a handful of those.


the army doesn't have 0 standards, its not a homeless shelter


great opportunity to make money smuggling goods, although organized crime probably got that covered already i guess


i highly doubt there is anything that structures your life more so than the us military. the military bases are basically islands that never require leaving, you are housed and fed there, herded around like sheep, and explicitly told what to do at all times. for every action you do, there is a technical order detailing the exact steps and procedures required


Walking back home from grocery store
all of a sudden police comes up to me out of nowhere/
Asks my phone for inspection
I give it to them (don't want create any discord or extra problems)
They check everything for 10 minutes
(pictures, photos, YouTube history)
Then they ask my about what do I think about war?
Say a lot of patriotic words, blame everything on Russia…
Check my passport, they keep asking a lot of personal questions.
WTF? am i being questioned my the police in the middle of the street?
Say whatever I can.
They finish questioning , nod silently, give me back my phone and passport, and walk away.

WTF? I heard it happened to some people, never thought it would happen to me…

What if they found some Russian e-books that i`ve been reading? Or some memes? What then? Russian spy accusations?

STFU about Ukraine being democratic, and respectful of human personal rights. It never was. Freedom exists only for the rich.


Why is this concerning to you? You gave them permission to search through your shit so why are you surprised when they do it? I can't see any violation of your rights here.


>They check everything for 10 minutes
(pictures, photos, YouTube history)
That's scary. I'd be terrified of the police checking my saved pics. I have some questionable, though still totally legal, stuff there.

Wouldn't say they were asking for permission.


Gonzalo Lira, or Coach Red Pill basically puts out Russian propaganda, about how Ukraine is run by Nazi criminals who will be justly hung when Russia inevitably wins. And he is still in freedom in Kharkov putting out more propaganda. He was detained and interviewed by the SBU but they let him go.


>Coach Red Pill
I don't need to know anything else to know this guy is a fucking retard.

>In mid-February 2022, Lira said that "no one over the age of 12 or with an IQ over 90 seriously believes that the Russians are going to invade [Ukraine] anytime soon".[15] After they did in fact invade just over a week later

top lel


>"no one over the age of 12 or with an IQ over 90 seriously believes that the Russians are going to invade [Ukraine] anytime soon".[15]
He wasn't really incorrect in this. Western Kremlinologists were more or less aligned with that opinion, and all preparations for invasion in Ukraine were done with the notion that the invasion would be one or more years down the road. The blyatskrieg did catch the NATO diplomats, and Ukraine militias and military, and even Russian military underprepared; the siloviks in Moscow knew, but not the civilian intelligentsia.


so thats who all the recent posters are parroting? can the site even recover at this point? :(


NATO and the US Govt were providing you photographic proof daily, and you called it propaganda then. Now that your pants are down "oh everyone was wrong, no one could have seen this"


dude thats why i say just let ukraine fall already does russia do that to random people on the street? If not fuck kike puppet zelensky and him making people suffer to keep him in power


wasnt he murdered? good riddance


I think it will. I've been reading about how Russia handled its wars in the past and their main method is not giving a shit about its citizens. They just keep sending wave after wave of soldiers, losing hundreds of thousands in the process. Life is cheap in Russia, they don't give a fuck. If you destroy all their tanks and planes they'll just walk to Kyiv, barefooted if needed. Seems like it's going to be a pyrrhic victory, we'll see.


I think it's even dumber considering there has been conflict for 8 years. News just started talking about it all day suddenly.


isn't this revisionist history a little too early? it was only 3 months ago, i'm sure we all remember the lead up. the media were claiming the exercises on the borders of ukraine were configured for invasion, but nobody took it seriously because nobody believes the media, and i think most people were honestly surprised when it happened. but we also see from this the standards have dropped significantly, because now you're having to defend NATO and the US government and not just an institution like the media (probably a lost cause)


>, but nobody took it seriously because nobody believes the media, and i think most people were honestly surprised when it happened

Well Score 1 for the bad guys over the know it all skeptics


hello my fellow wizards, i am enjoying my day being unskeptical of the media, military, and government. i hope you are enjoying your day too


>know it all skeptics
>know it all
Wait what? Isn't that the opposition of the definition of a skeptic?


It should be. But most people who think of themselves as skeptics have their own dogma, and take everything uncritically as long as its not mainstream.


I knew the invasion was going to happen even before the government announced it simply because of Russia's negotiating posture. I said the same in posts I made at the time and people called me dumb. All you have to do is actually follow the news closely and certain patterns become easy to figure out. Please don't assume everyone is as willfully ignorant as you.


for clarity i wasn't writing about myself, but about most people. geopolitics spergs would've already known what was going on in the east, along with the gayops in kazakhstan and karabakh where russia had to intervene in the months/years prior


I was debating the war with my dad, and he was saying that while the USA invasions were also bad, they were generally against unpopular governments hated by their people, and you saw people in the streets celebrating in the early days. And I said maybe on RT you see the same. But actually I haven't really seen much on RT.

But I was just wondering if from alt sources, there are pics vids of Ukraine welcoming Russia as liberators?


The heavily populated seperatist regions welcomed Russia back at the dawn of the conflict, but Ukrainian administration retconned those areas as being of Russia from the start to invalidate claims that many Ukraine citizens welcomed Russian troops. Liberating these regions from Zelesnky was a driving goal behind the invasion because even after following the "democratic process", Ukraine still denied the seperatists any change, and then cut off services and support for those communities, throwing them in to poverty.


Received 5 packs of Oreos (16 cookies each) as part of the humanitarian aid. Ukrainian plant which was making it was bombed so maybe that's the reason.

While inspecting it, I found out that almost everything is written in Hebrew language. Haven't eaten them yet so can't testify.


>But I was just wondering if from alt sources, there are pics vids of Ukraine welcoming Russia as liberators?
besides the fireworks at the start there's lots of footage of locals giving passing BMPs bread and pallets of eggs, and you may remember in kiev the footage of paranoid neighbors reporting each other in case they were out placing markers for cruise missiles


any footage of NEW areas of liberated Ukraine cheering in the streets?


Russia is a oil & gas company with a country attached to it


So I hear a lot about Russia's longterm mistakes IE having a crappy army.

But what about its short-term mistakes? Starting from 2021. With the army it actually has, what did it do wrong? Should it have concentrated in one sector? Thrown everything at Kiev? Or just give up on Kiev and only focus on Donbas?


it was a political miscalculation that the zelensky regime would surrender, but it's apparently an easy decision for him to sacrifice ukrainians. the special operation was entirely a success, the ukrainian air force, radar sites, and airports were either destroyed or captured on day 1. it's not a victory to have a column of vehicles sitting outside your capital


The entire Russian Kiev front collapsed. At most it could be called a diversion from Donbas, but it didn't even do that successfully, it didn't help Russia make breakthroughs on other fronts


your mistake is in presuming it was a military front, when it was intended to put political pressure on the kiev government to surrender. there was no collapse, they just drove off after sitting there unopposed for weeks


Putin beat ukraine soon and find zelensky please sk we can the markets back to normal


According to the international law, it's the occupant who should service the occupied territories. Despite this Ukrainian government provided pensions which led to situation when the same people had been receiving two pensions: one from Russia and one from Ukraine.


As a (western) eurofag:
It's so tiresome. I didn't understand this virus thing, but it was comfy most of the time. As a NEET I could avoid most the most state-induced repercussions. But now, this worldwide-crisis thing is getting too far. The old saying: "Avoid news!" - I feel more and more unable to apply it, since I'm an internets addict but too dumb and lazy for places which completely ignore it because they have some high iq things to do, or a least a time-consuming hobby. Bad time for fucked up attention span.


I followed the war closely when it first started, but now its just background noise, maybe its not the same in EU


>The old saying: "Avoid news!"
This is an old saying? Man, I wish it was said more often, because I've only realized this recently.


File: 1655989686779.jpg (237.21 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, lego paradise.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

on a scale of 1 to 10;how soul-crushing is russia?
whats worse for wizzies;the rural wilderness,or the hyper-urban?


it is quite different when you have a border with russia


My God, I thought that was a painting at first. It's like it doesn't look real.


File: 1656015450495.jpg (15.35 KB, 275x183, 275:183, blocks.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

as someone who might have OCD, knowing I can minutely map out the area where I (would)live,makes me see commiblock cities as comfy.
house-based neighborhoods seem so extrovertely imposing and threatening


i actually like the housing


>being stuck in a tiny cube that is surrounded by other cubes full of people at all times

what the fuck are you smoking? Russia seems similarly crazy to live in these towers when they have literally the most land of any country on Earth.


beats the way the us does things

-rural, nowhere near anything
-suburb, in a bullshit rat maze housing zone that still manages to somehow be near no stores
-city, where the cost of everything is so insane

although it's still full of problems. like old guys paying their life savings just to get an apartment only to end up with a half finished apartment where nothing works. some kind of compromise between western quality and russian utility would be best


I like my suburb. No housing tracts here, and things are close enough to walk or bike ride.


is forced military "service" still a thing in russia?
how do russian wizzies avoid it?


Ask them yourself (better to use /nsfw/ board since politics and politic related topics tend to be deleted on the other ones)



I used to think they were superior to wizchan because they never talked about succubi, politics or sex at all, that they ascended to full monkhood, but now it turns out it was all in the NSFW


you can avoid anything in Russia if you pay the right bribes to the right people.


Depending on the region, it can be quite nice. Moscow is a fucking hellhole full of normies, but as you move away from it, you will find hundreds of nice towns and cities.


Was it easy to dodge military service? Did you get any trouble for it afterwards, like are you on some record that makes things harder for you? I'm just curious.
Good job doing it anyway, it's not worth it to become a slave to a government that doesn't really give a shit about you. And this applies to every single country.


do people really do krokodil in bug numbers over there?or is it just usa propanda about le ebil russians?


Not really, no. Krokodil is a big thing in US media because it produces a shocking picture and generates clicks, but almost no one uses it anymore. Although, to be honest, there are now drugs in circulation that make krokodil look tame.


> there are now drugs in circulation that make krokodil look tame.
do you have any more info on this?even on russian language, I can google-translate it.
I cant imagine something that makes a literal flesh eating demon look "tame"


Alpha-pvp. Does to your soul what krokodil does to your flesh.


I haven't watched or read RT in awhile but I think if they had it they would be showing it off.


Russia expected the east of Ukraine to welcome them with open arms and support and supply them. It didn't happen though, east of Ukraine is less pro-Russia than it was in 2014. I think this war is also driving more anti-Russian sentiment in the east, if your house or someone you know gets bombed by an invader it usually turns the person against the invader, which is what has happened in places like Mariupol and Kharkov, Russia has just hammered them, Mariupol specifically because they wanted some land corridor and to block some trading from Ukraine, they are just a piece in a game to Russia.



File: 1658166044323.jpg (10.71 KB, 300x168, 25:14, full peasant combat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

are there any battle of nations/HEMA clubs in moscow that are tougher than in evurope?
im asking because the few events i seen from russia seem more full-contact,and less point-based


Yes, it was pretty easy. Just forged medical documents. No problems becouse NEETing.


I noticed only food (and other everyday stuff) variety changes in stores; that's because I'm poor and rarely buy anything else. Good products slowly disappear and get replaced by lower quality analogs. From what I've heard things are pretty bad with everything high-tech and electronics, car industry is fucked. And all prices pretty much skyrocketed.
Russian Wiz


Mondelez International had a factory in Ukraine destroyed. Instead of milk chocolate Корона (lit. Crown; brand originated in Ukraine), I've eaten the same Karuna made in Lithuania. No Ukrainian language on the package, only Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian. Same package design (except for letters) and taste.

Krasnodar sauce of one company was renamed into Ukrainian sauce. They claim the recipe also improved. Similar sauces have other names like Kherson, Dnistrianskyi, etc. Should've changed to that.

Russian cheese shouldn't be called Banderite cheese. Moscow stole that cheese after stealing Koenigsberg from their Nazi buddies. It should be called Tilsit cheese like in the majority of civilized countries.


so what is it like in russia right now? are you guys afraid you might get drafted?


A starving holocaust survivor died because you ate her oreo allocation! I hope you're happy, hitler!


Scary. Men get drafted all over the country through bullshit illegal methods. If you have at least 1 eye, 2 arms, 2 legs to move without help and carry and shoot a gun you'll get drafted. Nobody follows the legal procedures completely. One-eyed grandpas, disabled guys unsuitable for military service (cancer, AIDs, diabetes, heart conditions etc.) are drafted anyway. There are "draft-gestapo" patrols on the streets: a draft commissar (or whatever they are supposed to be called in english speaking countries) accompanied by 1 or 2 cops. Draft commissars don't have the authority to check your identity (passport and military ID book) but cops do; so basically they take a blank draft paper, fill it out, and put a seal on it right there on the street. Cops are also there to put some psychological pressure on the draftees.


It's almost as if you're saying that some things never change. Is that even possible?


War. War never changes.


bullshit. conscription has only been around for like 250 years. the general population used to just be passively enslaved by their governments but now they are forced to actively participate in that process, at least the men are.


I'd rather just stay at home and mess around with the crops and the animals in the 11th century than stay a wagie in the 21st one. At least in the former one, the chances of dying in a war is an order of magnitude less likely than in the former one


Is the political climate shifting at all in that part of the world?
From where I'm sitting, this really looks like the build-up to a war that's not isolated in Ukraine. I know it's silly for an American to ask if this war is getting serious, but this is probably one of those things that just get repeated in human history. Word for word, regardless of past lessons learned. I guess I'm just wondering if we're repeating a near-miss.


File: 1665649057908-0.jpg (3.74 KB, 106x126, 53:63, 1632400860660.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>bullshit. conscription has only been around for like 250 years.I'd rather >just stay at home and mess around with the crops and the animals in the 11th century


I'd say WW3 is already happening and it's a hybrid in nature. The actual military action part is happening in Ukraine; other parts are economical, diplomatic, cultural etc., they happen everywhere in the world. The most important thing about this war is: all dictatorships in the world are backed up and supplied by Russia. The moment Russia falls, all the dictatorships fall. Shit is gonna be hitting the ~~fan~~ jet turbine in North Korea, Syria and the rest, if not right away then over the next decade. We are living in a history book.


Somebody had a good brainwash.


True. That somebody you can easily find if you look in the mirror.


>Shit is gonna be hitting the ~~fan~~ jet turbine in North Korea, Syria and the rest, if not right away then over the next decade.
We are more likely to witness all the predictions made about supply shortages, political instability, and balkanization applying to the west. We have already seen so-called allies destroying each other's energy infrastructure, and a recruitment crisis after calling their own voters "a threat to democracy"

>We are living in a history book.

There's nothing inevitable about the victors from the last war continuing to write history


>The persistent old belief that peasants and small farmers gathered to form a national army or fyrd is a strange delusion dreamt up by antiquarians in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries to justify universal military conscription.
lmao, read your own fucking sources kid


>The most important thing about this war is: all dictatorships in the world are backed up and supplied by Russia. The moment Russia falls, all the dictatorships fall.
Do the CIA pay for shit posts like this?


Last war was the Cold War and West won. It'll win again. Belarusian dictator Lukashenka financed by Putin will fall down too. Except for some whitelisted exceptions, Muscovite culture will be withered away compared to the not so distant past. Maybe upon the disintegration of Muscovy, Kuban (historically Ukrainian land) would reunite with Ukraine or at least some parts near the sea would be given away as part of the reparations. If West fucked, then Muscovy is fucked thrice, suffocating from the fecal matter of it's own creation.


>(historically Ukrainian land)
Not really. And no, it's not Russian either. Why are you East European autists always so obsessed with claiming land that you never owned?


Holodomor, linguocide, gas blackmail, aggressive war. Nothing wrong about a victim getting paid by the actual perpetrator. Just look at Israel and Germany.


who owned it then? you fucking goober



I mostly predict nothing much happening, 50/50 chance though Russia government falls but just gets another Putin who doesn't start foreign conflicts.

I see Iran getting rid of its dictatorship once the far right boomers there die off.

I think the western system is strong, but also China will be successful at least for the government but dystopic for the people, and they will never get Taiwan


> I mostly predict nothing much happening, 50/50 chance though Russia government falls but just gets another Putin who doesn't start foreign conflicts

Wrong, Russia will never fall

> I see Iran getting rid of its dictatorship once the far right boomers there die off

Wrong again. Iranian islamism is stronger than ever. Few percentage of elite zoomer children revolt will not change anything

> think the western system is strong, but also China will be successful at least for the government but dystopic for the people, and they will never get Taiwan

Haha both are wrong. Western system gonna collapse terribly as democrats will rig election again but this will kill the USA and most of the western countries like France , Sweden , U.K will not see the end of this centruy as they will also collapse. Taiwan will be %100 under rule of China in next decade.


The question of land ownership is an interesting one. I started to get in to it by reading about the land reform act in england that I think was around the mid-1500s, which was a partial step out of traditional serfdom and public lands, as well as turning the city of london corporation more officially into the modern equivalent of a city-state because it was excluded from this new way of assigning land ownership.

But you might want to think more toward what happened after world war 2, since a lot of the planet was still some kind of a colony or dominion or whatever. After world war 2, most of the world was divided up in to nation-states, including areas like the urkaine that weren't self-organized nation-states rather than the usual kind of patchwork regions doing something like what they've always done in order to get by. This is outside of my legal expertise, but if the world agrees that there's an actually country now called "Ukraine" as part of the post-ww2 negotiations, then that effectively grants some sort of ownership status to whoever was living there at the time, or at least the people that went on to be in charge of the government. I'm not taking sides in this conflict because it's just the same stupid shit under a new branding, but I think that's a fair enough way to decide ownership.


Rly ashamed to be ukrainian rn. Living in an obscure shithole is great in retrospect, even after 2014 it still meant nothing most of the times. People in multiplayer games woulda judged you depending on your personal qualities as opposed to stereotypes they learned from cultural osmosis / memes.
No such luck now. Post 24.02 ukraine is covid 2.0, the next big thing, soy capital of the world, but even that can be shrugged off to a degree unlike the current actual energy crisis with millions of euros physically freezing


>millions of euros physically freezing
If this winter is anything like the last it is not going to happen.

Look how dangerously cold it is right now lol

I know, it's only fall and the temperatures will drop eventually, but I'm sick of hearing people freaking out over this like we're living in fucking siberia. I hope I'm wrong and it does get really cold but let's face it it's not very likely.


Even if it were to get really cold people could take such extreme measures as…burning wood to warm oneself up and wearing clothes?


Really ashamed of being russian


File: 1666357344152.jpg (54.66 KB, 620x730, 62:73, 1646363657003.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Westoids are happy to echo their leaders when they tell people to eat less, shower less, and be cold, but they will probably struggle to defend deindustrialization and recession to the same people (as they value the economy above everything else)


Why do you put words in others mouths, pretend they have bizarre opinions or objectives, and then write shitty arguments and backtalk at them? Is it fun? Does it make you feel alive? Personally I'm sick and tired of people assuming arbitrary shit about me and trying to goad me into a big argument like it's a fucking pokemon battle.


The latter is not as obvious as you would think. There are people who would rather have the temperature never drop below 24C/75F and wear summer clothes when it's freezing outside. My parents will crank up the thermostat to the max whenever their grandchildren are at home, it makes me mad.

There are also contrarians who will go out of their way to do the opposite just because they can and they dislike the media, the government or whatever, even if it's directly detrimental to them financially.


>There are also contrarians who will go out of their way to do the opposite just because they can and they dislike the media, the government or whatever, even if it's directly detrimental to them financially.
Those contrarians include industrialists, like german car manufacturers and chemical producers, who opposed their government's sanction regime. The ifo institute now predicts a fall in german industrial production in 2023, and a strategic company like basf has begun relocating some of its operations to zhanjiang. Isn't this financially detrimental? It's easy for politicians to tell their own populations to suffer through power cuts, but it's not so easy to explain that to industry


Well, it's also true that cutting power for industrial plants could just destroy them. A lot of heavy machinery need turn up and turn down times and safety checks before and after, so it's more than a little hassle if they get turned off during working hours. At least, as far as I understand it.
Though, it's probably more likely that those sniveling fuckers just intrinsically despise industry, in any form, and just want to get rid of it in their countries wholesale. A sort of American landfill perspective. Satisfying personal wants while the needs of many are ignored. It's why tech trash ends up in Africa.


It's even worse for power plants. A great meany of them can't start up without grid power, and also lack the kind of switchgear needed to reconnect without already being synchronized. Balancing power plants on an AC grid is done by slowing them down or speeding them up slightly compared to the grid frequency.


Yeah, and this modern globalized world is a highly competitive world. You have a slew of middle income countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, etc that are desperate to move up the value added chain and sit where the german economy currently sits. If Germany and Europe does have a serious shock, it's questionable that they'll ever recover to great power levels. For starters, the United States will start doing to Germany what Germany has been doing to Eastern Europe, they'll just suck up all the cognitive talent the country has. God knows the American tech industry could find a place for all the German engineers and codecels, and all those german doctors would love to earn 4x as much in the States. It would be Operation Paperclip on a continental scale.

I don't think you can just stumble over and stand up like nothing's happened anymore, you can't just easily have another Wirtshaftswunder with such globalization and the rest of the world ready to step up to firstie status. Bigger countries braindrain you of talent and induce dependency before you can get back up. like look at Bulgaria kek, they're never going to fucking develop when all their young people keep on fucking off to Western Europe.

What's happening in Europe just seems retarded and short sighted all around, on everyone's part. For Russia, they're burning up their young people in a war when they have a serious below replacement birthrate and China is eating up their central asian sphere of influence. For the Ukraine, their succubi aren't coming back from western europe and their country will be an unstable crab shithole with a 0.68 birthrate that will have to be repopulated by indians and africans in 50 years time (at least they saved the Ukraine from Russia, wow). And with western europe, they've been pursuing suicidal policies for the last ten years in regards to demographics and climate policy and cannot fathom that the US might be a bigger threat to European security one day than Russia. The US blowing up the Nordstream pipeline is evidence that they have absolute contempt for their continental "allies" and would gladly throw them into poverty to score some easy geopolitical points.

Russia should give up and go home rather than do what it's doing now, and Ukraine also should just surrender and become part of Russia rather than, again, fighting this retarded war. At least part of Russia the Ukraine has a demographic future.


I think the reason behind is war is that eastern slavs are just too uncontrollable for the globohomo to rule over. Like look at the rate of coogh vaxxing, both countries barely got anyone to do it, half of the people just bought fake certificates, not wanting to take the jew shots. They can't be indoctrinated into homo trannyism and can't be shamed into taking rapefugees. They are hard to delete subtly, so the globohomo decided to butcher the men of both countries, succubi will be thrown into the melting pot. You are right about ukranian succubi - they are gone forever, and most of the men will be used in the meat grinder.


I agree with your analysis, I would add that the nations engaged in individual competition are also organized into power blocs, and the forging of new alliances has been good to see. I didn't predict US onshoring would mean a smash and grab on the EU, but it has brought further clarity to how international power is structured


>can't be shamed into taking rapefugees
More like no one wants to go to slav countries because they are so shit compared to western countries.

Also, nice schizo theory there that everything is the fault of jews or the globohomo elite. No, it's just that Russia and Ukraine has a really bad history together and current day Ukraine is oppressing minorities. It's not more complicated than that. Also, Ukraine isn't part of NATO so of course Putin wages war with it.

I'm hoping for the destruction of as many slavs as possible and the destruction of both countries if possible. Wishful thinking on my part, I know, but the world would be better without Russia and Ukraine in it. Or at the minimum, their leaders need to hang and new, liberal, leftist democracies need to be installed in both cultures.


Liberal, leftist, democracies legally vote to oppress minorities on every level, all the time.


File: 1666635848238.jpg (27.05 KB, 350x350, 1:1, nice.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>neolibs are still gushing over people dying and regime change after several months with zero self-awareness


I've started making an effort in little threads around the place to call the U.S. or NATO "The U.S. regime" or "The NATO regime." I've noticed that it reeeeeeeeally subtly rustles the jimmies of spooks. They're so accustomed to calling governments they want to topple "regimes" that I notice they become subtly disturbed and a little bit more on edge when I use that word.


>They're so accustomed to calling governments they want to topple "regimes"
I wonder why that is anyway, I don't think the word has an inherently negative connotation.


I've been calling it the Potomac regime as of recently.


But that actually sounds cool.


O.k., then spread it.

The point is it makes normies associate the U.S. government with "regime," and then the next time the MSM starts using the phrase "regime change" they associate it with the U.S. government.


Writing "the Ukraine", believing that America blowed up Nordstream, promoting Muscovite imperialism. Didn't know that RT browse Wizchan.


>current day Ukraine is oppressing minorities
Ability to study languages of minorities in school, Sunday schools, online schools, no ban for book publishing and everyday private usage, no massive support for change of the course according to polls and legal voting, huge support of Crimean Tatars and other native inhabitants.

Compare that to Ems Ukaz in Russian Empire. Truly Russian sympathizers and "own the libs" scum is like a swine in stranger's house that sits around the table, then puts it's dirty legs and demands something.


File: 1666715918724.png (723.82 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 1593785479059.png) ImgOps iqdb

TBH wiz I don't really see the russian motive to blow up their own infrastructure. Furthermore I don't really believe that a russian sub could really get right up there in the middle of what is basically a NATO lake to do it without USDOD just publishing a picture or sonar capture or whatever.

I guess if I had to point the finger I'd say it's the germans. The motive? They want to remove the democratic pressure to kowtow to russian demands in return for energy. If the pipeline doesn't exist, nobody can clamor or vote for withdrawal from the conflict.

As for who actually dropped the torpedo or charge or whatever it was, who knows. But probably the US considering we have the best undersea warfare shit. There was kind of a suspicious P-8 hanging around that area for a while before it blew up. really makes you think.

But regardless of who did it I think it's probably for the best unless it causes nuclear war. The germans tying themselves to the russians in the absolutely wishful-thinking based belief that this wasn't inevitable has to be the stupidest maneuver of the last 30 years honestly.


What you wrote is one huge paradox.

The Pride marches need to be supported in Moscow and Kiev, until we accomplish this we can't rest. The jewish neo-fascist Zelensky and the neo-con nationalist Putin are two sides of the same coin. As long as they breathe the world won't be free.

Maybe stop getting all your information about Ukraine from western media. I know several people who live as minorities in Ukraine and let me tell you, it's not part of the civilized world, it's small Russia. Actually even worse than Russia since Ukraine is run by actual neo-nazis (don't let the jewish puppet fool you) and fascists. They terrorize the minorities, whether they are russians or hungarians and use every means they can to make life living hell for them.

The conclusion is that slavs are subhumans. The two wars that happened since WWII on european land were both thanks to slavs. Coincidence? I think not.


File: 1666720108368.png (780.97 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, 1666715918724.png) ImgOps iqdb

Fix'd your image for you, Bro.


File: 1666726170482.jpg (221.63 KB, 850x761, 850:761, 1557841371389.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh thanks wiz it has been a long while sorry.


It's Kyiv. Provide actual examples of "policies of making life like hell" and "terrorize the minorities" from reliable sources, otherwise it's bullshit and deliberate exaggeration used as manipulation.

Regarding neo-nazis, it's actually Russian parliament party LDPR that has actual former skinheads among them (many insinuate that they had sex with the former late leader Zhyrinovsky who liked young men in the sauna). Then Rogozin, Wagner group, battalion Rusich, Russia being the country with the most number of Nazis and murders perpetrated by Nazis. Same goes for killing journalists and poisoning opponents at home and abroad. In fact, every time something happens it has connection to Russia. Like when Karpatska Sich was accused of printing Christchurch shooter's manifest, it was a citizen of Russia involved. Same goes for gypsy incident in Lviv. And, of course, those are separate incidents that were immediately handled by the authorities. Unlike in Russia, where they had a whole system of torturing inmates. Documented on footage, with witness statements, throughout the country and hence impossible to operate without at least some knowledge and agreement of the authorities/law enforcement.
>slavs are subhumans
Dividing people into Übermenschen and Untermenschen is what differentiates Italian facsicm from nazism. Are you a Nazi who accuse plethora of Ukrainians, Jew Zelensky, his Secretary alleged gay Yermak of being neo-nazis? That's not ad hominem, rather an icing on the cake. Don't even mention Globohomo, Gayrope, gay-nazis, etc. Those Russian propaganda tropes are baffling.


>One guy supports meme neoliberal bullshit and calls his opponent a nazi
>The other supports meme pseudo rightwing bullshit and calls his opponent a nazi
I feel like all sorts of arguments, even ones completely unrelated to politics have been gradually getting more and more like this in recent years, across the whole internet. On one side you have the 80 IQ ridiculous opinion, on the other you have a different flavour of the same shit. There's just no middlepoint or anything, you have to pick from two bizarre opposites that make no sense and are clearly imbued with propaganda and illwill.


Be grateful that you are viewing a discussion at all, because most of the internet today is just screeching chatrooms.


It's The Ukraine to me and will always be The Ukraine because that's what I'm in the habit of using due to reading a shitload of books on Soviet History. Kyiv is another retardation I refuse to use, it's been Kiev to me and will always be Kiev, and there's also Peking, Canton, Mao Tse'tung and a slew of archaic terms in hard in the habit of using.

The Nord Stream pipeline was clearly a glowie operation because they were the only ones that would benefit from it. I have no PROOFS :-DDDD but if I was a gambling man that's where I'd put the money.

>Promoting Moscovite Imperialism

The invasion was the most retarded thing the Russians have done since the Afghanistan War. It's even worse than that kek because they're getting bogged down in the Ukraine harder than they did in Afghanistan, this is probably the worst decision since the Molotov Ribbentrop pact. The Russian leadership were educated in the 1970s with Brezhnev era mentality of cold war politics that doesn't really translate well to the modern era, especially considering that Russia is a secondary power with a banana republic resource extraction economy.


File: 1666734488194.jpg (78.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, c8174c02be48eff941f1746e3b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's designed to take up space and make discourse dumber, and where both sides of a false dichotomy uniquely agree is often the actual objective. In your example it's to exclude a shared political enemy of those people



>The Nord Stream pipeline was clearly a glowie operation because they were the only ones that would benefit from it

That is obviously false. Russia has the incentive to do it to try to drive a wedge between Germany and USA in a classic divide and conquer strategy to weaken their enemies. They are already not selling to Germany so the pipeline is useless to them anyway, and Germany is going to obviously seek to buy gas from other sources in the future so Russia can't extort them like is trying to do now.

It's not clear what the US gets out of it, once that Russia stopped selling gas to Germany, it doesn't change anything for them and they risk pissing the Germans off.



The Soviet Union was second world. They were an industrial power. Russia and Ukraine are classic shitty third world countries completely dependent on the export of commodities like gas and wheat.



Yea, the is the path for Wizards. Plus, the orcs keep talking about "western degeneracy" but they are the ones with an AIDs epidemic comparable only to African countries and an alcoholism epidemic, a shitty life expectancy for males, an have the second most corrupt country in Europe after Ukraine. This last one is the fucking sweetest of ironies because they fucked themselves in the ass in this war because of it. Their garbage leaders stole all the money for the army and buyed all garbage from the Chinese like their tires that lasted like 5 minutes in the war.

Psychological projection by vodka nigger chads made them destroy their country in this war. With the aging population that they have and all the exodus and deaths they will never recover. Good riddance. Wizards don't need war, the word is shitty enough as it is.


I imagine that either outcome benefits the US.
If Russia did it, then that's just free propaganda. If America did it, then the rift created might offer an opportunity for NATO to reorganize its military. America is run by bankrolling protesters and they want to implement that strategy in geopolitics. They prefer to foot the bill from a safe distance.


Nord Stream operation was OBVIOUSLY done by Poland or Lithuania, with support from Ukraine. These countries, thanks to their history, are the most eager to go to full on war with Russia (with help of Daddy Nato, of course). Ukraine has nothing to lose and just wants to see the world burn at this point. They want to drag the whole world into their little meaningless war.

>Provide actual examples of "policies of making life like hell" and "terrorize the minorities" from reliable sources, otherwise it's bullshit and deliberate exaggeration used as manipulation.
>proceeds to writing out kindergarten level anti-russian/pro-ukraine propaganda

And no, it's Kiev. I will write it this way and you won't stop me. I don't necessarily disagree with you that nazism is popular in Russia too but you conveniently leave out the Azov military unit and what Ukraine does to minorities to suit your agenda. As I said, I know people who live in Ukraine as minorities. They are used as meatshields on the front against russians for one. For two, the language restrictions are much more horrible than you said, you can't even speak anything but the main language if you visit the doctor and even in schools they try to oppress minorities, forbidding them from using their mother tongue.

The Ukrainian leadership makes sure to harass minorities at every chance they get. Recently they removed the Turul Statue of hungarian minorities. They regularly send skinheads to do their dirty jobs. So no, Ukraine isn't different from Russia at all. As I said, in many aspects it is a worse dictatorship because Ukraine is drunk on the whole ultra-nationalism meme and they make Russia look like a moderate conservative country in comparison.

>Dividing people into Übermenschen and Untermenschen is what differentiates Italian facsicm from nazism

I don't see how it figures into our conversation. But I'd argue that italian fascism was never about a coherent ideology that much. They changed whatever they thought about things as they saw fit or as the germans wanted them, especially during WWII.
>Are you a Nazi who accuse plethora of Ukrainians, Jew Zelensky, his Secretary alleged gay Yermak of being neo-nazis?
No, I just made a simple observation that it is always slavs that cause trouble. That should tell you something about their race and how they aren't compatible with modern western culture.
Jew Zelensky and his "gay" friend are just puppets, exactly there to pacify people like you in the west to think Ukraine is so tolerant and open-minded. Nazism has a long history in Ukraine, they were more nazis than the germans during WW2. Same for Lithuania too. Nazism is a part of their culture, probably because they see in it the Russophobia that is so important to them.

Stop being a fence-sitter who calls everything a meme in a condescending fashion and elaborate on your views or shut up with your whining.


In other words, you didn't provide shit, just overdramatization and Muscovian propaganda tropes about Nazis on every corner. Regarding schools, you act as if you can't read what I wrote about Sunday schools, online schools and subject of minorities language in public schools, let alone self-study, speech clubs, etc. If you want to speak Hungarian with a doctor, you can bring an interpeter with you. Most here don't know Hungarian. Like in the rest of the world.
>don't see how it figures into our conversation
Calling slavs subhumans while whining about Nazis. Funny.

Regarding Azov and everything else look on OSCE reports. Muscovy is part of OSCE and had its representatives in Donbas, so saying everything rigged won't work.

By the way, people can speak Russian to the cashiers in the supermarket, doctors in the hospital, etc. Most would understand. Of course, default language of service provider is the state language like in other civilized countries. Everybody, except maybe foreigners and a very few pensioners, understand Ukrainian. In other words, you can speak Russian, service provider do their service, reply in Ukrainian if necessary. In fact, they can even reply in Russian if you're a foreigner like Bald and Bankrupt vlogger in Kharkiv and Kyiv.

I myself type it in Ukraine. Admin can check IP and prove it. Of course, VPN and proxies exist, but I think there are ways to determine that too. So all your minorities meatshield friends can go fuck themselves along with the russian ship and their unsubstantiated claims about atrocities.


>Like in the rest of the world.
Of course, Hungary is exception. Last comments is about rhetorics and not about people used by Muscovites as a meatshield.



Authoritarian leaders usually skin welfare, as much as they can without it causing any sort of instability. Hungary is a good example of this.

An exception I can think of is Singapore, maybe the only good authoritarian country in the world but also pretty leftist at the same time at least in Ameriburger lens


I just hope as many Chechens as possible get killed.


Chechens will replace the dead in 5 years. Their birthrates are extremely high. They lost thousands of people in the Chechen wars before so they have experience anyway. Dead slav(e)shits on the other hand though…


The language restrictions are more stricter than you pretend they are. In official places according to law minorities can't use their mother tongue. This means even if someone lives in a part of Ukraine where minorities make up most of the people and for example a russian goes to a russian doctor, then according to your fascist country they can't use their own language.

I could post several articles but why bother? You'd only say fake news and be done with it. I know these things from people who live in Ukraine who belong to minorities. Maybe don't believe everything your government tells you.

There are no restrictions like that in any part of the civilized western world. You people don't belong to Europe nor to the West, you aren't part of EU, you aren't part of NATO, you only get all this shilling and help from us because the USA happens to be on good terms with your oligarchy and wants to use your country to weaken Russia.

>Regarding Azov and everything else look on OSCE reports. Muscovy is part of OSCE and had its representatives in Donbas, so saying everything rigged won't work.

Oh so it is a conspiracy. It's not like there is a whole military unit in Ukraine that is full of nazis, nope! It's not true!

You aren't different at all from the russian shills, I hope you can see this. I understand you are biased because it is your nation but still, there is a level of delusion that is just too much.

>Calling slavs subhumans while whining about Nazis. Funny.

I and you wear clothes and eat bread, nazis did this too, oh my god we are all nazis secretly! I really don't care what you call me, you can think of me as a nazi if that makes you feel better. You can't deny that your race has a tendency towards wars, genocides and violence at every chance it gets. I'm not saying you are like that too or that every slav is but slavs in general are known for their bloodlust and alcoholism.

And if it wasn't obvious to you, I don't support either side. I believe the West/Europe should stay out of this conflict.

Hungary is far from being authoritarian, though. Authoritarian starts at Belarus, Russia, Turkey, etc. levels. It is anti-liberal/conservative democracy according to Orbán, if that even makes sense.


if only nazis were victorious


try speaking with ue mouth instead of your ass


I don't give a fuck who you support or don't support. You overdramatize and lie about minorities. Doctors often do speak Russian if necessary.

If you as a longtime inhabitant know only Russian because you're lazy or lack mental competence, etc., doctor would hear you anyway. At worst, since results go to helsi.me or similar sites, you can Google Translate it or your guardian can do that (if they're also lazy or foreigners). Africans learn basics of Ukrainian in 1 year, but Muscovites would use anything to justify their Great Russian Chauvinism. Based Latvia has non-citizen status for such people where they have all human rights provided, but can't vote and influence the society. Ukraine should do the same and be more radical (in a good way).

There's no evidence that level of war crimes in Azov is bigger than in other units in Ukraine or other countries. In addition, many in Azov speak Russian. Unfortunately even in public during interviews.

I hate to break it to you, but being far-right or even Nazi doesn't mean automatically perpetrating crimes. Let alone the fact that majority in current Azov don't belong to any of those.


Actually, there's a law about social service providers where a disabled applicant (incl. those who might only know Russian and don't have any workarounds due to disability) can apply for social escort, mediation, etc. If you are not disabled, then it's the same as in other countries.


Or other people in difficult life situations.


For someone who claims he doesn't "give a fuck" you seem really upset when you hear opinions that are contrary to your ultra-nationalist/fascist propaganda.

You betray yourself and where your ideologies lie when you praise Latvia. You support and want the oppression/persecution of minorities.

Oh, again with the conspiracies. So Azov are russians or russia supporters, that is why Zelensky and everyone in Ukraine got so worried about "the boys"? That is why Zelensky threatened Putin that if he dared to lay a finger on the precious Azov unit members there would be consequences? You are shameless at this point in your propaganda shilling. Russian shills have nothing on you.

>I hate to break it to you, but being far-right or even Nazi doesn't mean automatically perpetrating crimes.

Really? An ideology that is based around hatred and that glorifies violence will surely have pacifist and moral followers? Who are we kidding?

>Let alone the fact that majority in current Azov don't belong to any of those.

So all those pictures and videos about Azov wearing nazi symbols suddenly don't exist? Stop lying already, you aren't talking with some retarded westerner who watches CNN and thinks it's the ultimate truth. I know everything about you people and you deserve to get bombed by Russia, considering the fact that your country is full of nazis.

You come here to shill your retarded propaganda of all places on the internet. You guys are really going all out, huh, in the global pity campaign for Ukraine and trying to portray yourself as the victims/martyrs?


You really live in your own made up reality if you think non-citizen status in Latvia or lingual laws in Ukraine are oppression/persecution of minorities. Just slight limitations. Rights of minorities shouldn't trample on rights of majority. That's what even the lame Venetian Convention tells. Concentration camps by Hitler and infiltration camps by Putin are massive war crimes and crimes against humanity. So is scorched earth technique. Real crimes of Nazism and Rashism.
>Oh, again with the conspiracies. So Azov are russians or russia supporters, that is why Zelensky and everyone in Ukraine got so worried about "the boys"? That is why Zelensky threatened Putin that if he dared to lay a finger on the precious Azov unit members there would be consequences?
According to open source interviews, there are many Russian-speaking soldiers in Azov who nevertheless support current pro-Ukrainian policies. The rest is according to authoritative sources. Where do you see any conspiracies? I only see conspiracies of Nebenzya about biomosquitoes made by Ukraine for winter.
>I know everything about you people and you deserve to get bombed by Russia, considering the fact that your country is full of nazis.
First, you in all seriousness said slavs are subhumans (translates as Untermenschen to German). And then you openly call for war crimes against civilians. Against the international law and rules of war by the way. No more words left to say.


Justification rather than call to something, still vile.
>you deserve
Overwhelming number of regular non-paid Ukrainians have been supporting and posting such stuff on social media and messengers like myself on this imageboard. In other words, civilians.
>get bombed
The nature of this Muscovite bombing is a war crime. There's no military aims-only bombings for the whole or very huge portion of the territory of Ukraine. No alternative bombing you could refer to right now or in possible future. Muscovy lacks precise rockets. So you justified war crimes. Bombing civilians.
>trying to portray yourself as the victims/martyrs?
Victim blaming.


Not that wiz but it's good to see you adopting slightly more sophisticated rhetoric after 8 months in which we saw crucifixions and car bombings. You will just have to hope the cross-border elements of the SBU are still under operational control before they mess up again


It isn't a war crime if slavs bomb slavs. It is called entertainment in that case.

I've never been pro-Russia before in my life but the shameless behavior of Ukraine and Zelensky himself just push me more and more in that direction.

The only reason you people can still live in Ukraine and not Russia is that Putin wanted to go easy on you people, sparing the infrastructure, civilians and stuff. Glad there was a change in the narrative again after you bombing the bridge. Now the bear is angry and there will be ashes left of your pathetic fascist dictatorship.

The fact that the US and EU support subhumans like you this much makes me disillusioned with the current western leadership.
>Victim blaming.

>Treats minorities like dirt.

>Oppressing them.
>Using them as meatshields.
>Russia actually steps in to protect russians living in Ukraine.
>o-wwow!! No-Not fair! Daddy NATO and Mommy EU, protect us! We are the victims.

Not even funny, just sad.


>Treats minorities like dirt.
>Oppressing them.
Overdramatization and lie.
>Using them as meatshields.
Lie. Muscovite practice. First they invaded in 2014, then full-blown invasion in 2022, and only then Muscovy use those minorities as meatshields (mostly alcoholics and other such elements, as majority of others already had moved to Great Ukraine, Western Ukraine, Europe and even Muscovy itself after 2014ish).

>Russia actually steps in to protect russians living in Ukraine.

It's not Ukraine who bombs Muscovy. It's Muscovy who bombs Ukraine. Same for the past according to OSCE which Muscovy acknowledged as a monitoring mission.
>Now the bear is angry and there will be ashes left of your pathetic fascist dictatorship
It's Muscovy who has fascist laws against freedom of speech, bans of channels and sites, as well as massive killing of people from Buryatia and other minority republics who disproportionately get drafted to be killed by Ukrainian defenders. Not only that but despite jokes of Muscovite corpses as a manure on Ukrainian soil, it's ecologically and medically harmful for such quantity of dead meat to rot on the outside.


>I've never been pro-Russia before in my life but the shameless behavior of Ukraine and Zelensky himself just push me more and more in that direction.
Yeah right.


File: 1668620198698-0.jpg (184.75 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, -5452077824400802406_121.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1668620198698-1.jpg (187.13 KB, 1280x853, 1280:853, -5452077824400802405_121.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Ukraine is in the historic Russian sphere of influence. They aren't getting let into NATO, so the natural pairing should be with Russia. Euromaiden screwed everything up of course…. I remember e-chatting to some guy who went to ukraine and started tutoring the wealthy in 2017 and he insinuated their political system is a complete sham. Go volunteer for a corrupt country where many already fled to the west at the outbreak of war, reddit!

Side note: Does anyone know where published troop movements on the early moves of the war are documented? Very surprising to see Russia failed to take kiev in the early stages, would like to see what the balance of forces looked like then


lol, even Biden and NATO are forced to acknowledge that it wasn't Russia but Ukraine who bombed Poland last night. I predicted this happening at the beginning of the war, that Ukraine would pull some shit like this, trying to drag the NATO into a conflict with Russia. You know, because if it's shit for them then things should be shit for everyone in the world and let it all burn…

The West should stop sending anything to these cavemen subhumans. They can't be trusted. Putin and Mother Russia are the lesser of two evils.


give up on a war guaranteeing the strategic insignificance of Russia while the bloodshed is paid for with Ukranian dead? When geopolitics in the region since Bush JR has been to shore up eastern Europe? When the dems have been painting Russia as the #1 threat?


war is fucking lame
humans are too violent for their own good
like dumb little kids unable to cooperate and behave they must fight it out
dying in some gay ass fake war because a guy says you must fight another country has got to be the lamest way to die
peace isnt exciting, no one celebrates it, no one thinks about it while in effect. just war war war kill fight murder violence politics

i hate this shit


War is a great way of getting rid of all those excess and useless normal males. I'm pro-war all the way. Let the normals die and give me some popcorn lol


>war guaranteeing the strategic insignificance of Russia while the bloodshed is paid for with Ukranian dead?

This. The US laid a trap for the Russians and the Russians stepped into it with the Ukrainians being the usefull idiots are the trap.


yeah yeah everything's the us' fault


The common idea about Americans is that they ride rascal scooters in shit stained pants, shoving a messy hotdog in their mouth and spitting bits out as they shout about tranny cocks. This is accurate but they also run the world.


care to explain why you consider those males useless, crab?


Why do I consider normal npc number 1122335 to be useless? Hm, I don't know!
LOL at the failed normal calling me crab because I enjoy watching norms suffer.


unfortunately for you we can all see that your previous post contained the word MALES, not norms. if you thought that females were useless and existed in excessive quantities as well, you would have used a gender neutral word, but you felt the need to specify that males are useless. its okay, you dont have to explain why, neither me nor anyone else wants to hear it, just head on over to crystal cafe and be with your people.


Ukranians do you actually like/support zelensky?


Not really. The way he speaks irritates a bit.
Yes. Clown or no clown, his speeches seem to have some purpose behind, so if it helps the country, let him speak. If it doesn't help, it (hopefully) at least doesn't hurt. Though I highly disagree with his hints to NATO that they should get directly involved in war, because some missiles landed in Poland. Doesn't do any good.
>doesn't begin with capital letter
Go suck putin's dick, you stupid slave of russian propaganda.


The fact the he didn't run away should be complimented but not overrated. Clearly, he has some backbone, yet he wants to win at the next elections. He wasn't alone on Bankova Street and Poroshenko wouldn't run either. Especially, after news that Putin personally hated his guts later on and after years of Muscovite propaganda painting him az a Nazi.

"Zelenskyy" in passport despite the fact that according to Ukrainian official transliteration he should be written in English as "Zelenskyi". Same with Hroisman who erroneously had his Facebook name as Groysman. Й - i, и - y, і - i, г - h, х - kh, ґ - g. Andrij Melnyk was Andrij on Twitter because he was embassador in Germany. So it was written in German.

Big questions about Zelenskyi's road building and military armament in the North and lesser financing. But the growth is visible.


My cousin uncle went to [redacted] and people there received automatic guns without patrons for some reason. He gave it back after failing to sell it for a big price. Valuable possession, perhaps not just greed.


He is hated by the vast majority of population. The only people who like him are retarded boomers who watch propaganda all day and succubi, not to mention western npcs. He is not even a politician, but an actor playing one, a puppet whose activities include making videos and reading speeches. The power behind him are the oligarchs, like it always is in Ukraine. Basically, mafia goons who got rich in the 90s. If it wasn't for the war, people would lynch him already.


t. serbian LARPing as Ukrainian


Ти шо, охуїв, собака йобана? Який я тобі серб, пітушара?


>The power behind him are the oligarchs
Which probably also pay for all the weapons, of course. Don't you feel that the only retard here is you?


No, I am not. Oligarchs in turn obey globohomo as good little jews they are, but at the local level all country is theirs. Akhmetov owns all the electricity in Ukraine, for example. Also, screw you nigger loving burger.


У звертаннях слід використовувати кличний відмінок. Собако йобаний. Якщо не сказано про жіночу стать, то «собака» має чоловічий рід. Стилізація під мовлення певного прошарку чи ні, це не є виправданням і без того поширених помилок, від яких можна втриматися, не зашкодивши стилю.


Wars are usually fought by males, what a surprise, huh? I enjoy seeing succubi suffering too if you want to talk about that, luckily they end up dying or suffering too thanks to missiles hitting civilian areas or soldiers raping them. War is the best form of entertainment really.


Alot of the male "refugees" trying to get out look like normie douchebags anyways so fuck them


Lacking compassion.

I don't mean to imply that you are a normie, please forgive this blunt and direct questioning but: what makes you think you could not have spawned in their place?


>War is the best form of entertainment really.
Until it's your turn.


Lucky for me, I don't follow any golden rule type morality so I have no problem with wishing ills on others that I would hate to endure myself. War is a positive thing when it troubles people I hate, it is a negative thing when it troubles me.

Most of them are exactly that as wizards are always just a tiny minority everywhere.

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