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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction

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I'm big on nostalgia too. Even as a kid (like 8 years old) I would experience intense nostalgia for "periods" of time in my life before that. It's pleasurable in itself, it's amazing, and music is a great trigger. Nobody can really tell you why you're experiencing it more recently, maybe you're just enjoying the experience of nostalgia, and maybe that's a positive thing - it's nice rediscovering those layers of ourselves that have become 'calloused' or hardened. Generally though in my experience I find that when the nostalgia is really strong for a long period, it's because I'm afraid of facing reality in the present and afraid of facing the future. So consider that possibility, but hell enjoy the feelings for a bit, but work towards letting them go and building new ones too.


always thought carpal tunnel was basically just wrist pain. but now that i've developed it over the past few weeks, it is more like numbness. comes and goes periodically. it's worse at night, i'll wake up and can't feel my arms or hands and is so uncomfortable and makes me unable to get back to sleep. i thought it was blood circulation at first but the numbing of the thumb, middle, and pointer fingers going numb is highly characteristic of carpal tunnel, they all utilize the same nerve that gets compressed at the wrist or elsewhere. doesn't seem particularly dangerous as the blood circulation is fine and i'm almost done doing what caused the carpal tunnel. i hope it heals when i'm finally done


If you're ever in the market for a new computer mouse, consider the kind that are slanted about 45 degress outward. This offloads resting weight from the conduit of veins and nerves under the wrist, and places it on the pinky finger and its muscles. Helpd me when I had a desk+chair combo that put the underside of my wrist on the edge of the table, which made my hand numb.


it's not computer-related fortunately. it is from putting up drywall over the past few weeks but i will be done soon. i've never actually had carpal tunnel syndrome, just wrist pain infrequently if i had to use a laptop for a while. but i thought that is what carpal tunnel syndrome was, never had i experienced this numbing bullshit. it's so bad i can't even use my arms or hands when it comes on, i would almost rather it hurt or be painful, but no it's numb


Sometimes the nostalgia is good, but it also makes me feel bad that things have changed. I guess you're correct that I have to move on

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Share the 2D pics, videos, or GIFs you enjoyed in your recent fap sessions

Some places where you can find an image source before asking:


File: 1686111675221-0.jpg (438.12 KB, 1593x2424, 531:808, FtO4gmDaYAApsp7.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1686111675221-1.jpg (1.04 MB, 2822x4096, 1411:2048, Fty_KsOacAA0UkI.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1686111675221-2.jpg (858.72 KB, 4096x2529, 4096:2529, FvdE5IvagAEfyf3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



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why fap when you can no fap and not waste mana?


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File: 1686260446685-1.jpeg (781.4 KB, 1447x2047, 1447:2047, 37797a207f52b1d2cd42761a0….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1686260446685-2.png (464 KB, 765x1500, 51:100, e0c21dcbd20453a105321d1eed….png) ImgOps iqdb


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naicu sukumizu

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Previous thread: https://archive.vn/T7t1T
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I thought they were only gonna make people that aren't mentally ill go to work



If they are getting children to work, then why would they not want mentally ill people to work? Mr Shekelstein needs another yacht.


I don't hate J.B, I just love Donald.


File: 1685999145059.png (315.22 KB, 865x1196, 865:1196, we-have-achieved-peak-redd….png) ImgOps iqdb

I've said before but I'll say it again: liberals are the worst kind of people. A conservative, you at least know where they stand no matter how loathesome, a liberal on the other hand genuinely believes they are a good person despite supporting the same economic policies because they're okay with (rich) niggers and fags.

It's been depressing watching american-style idpol seep into British politics.


I'm speaking into the void, but I think the future of London is a walled-off city, either physically or through financial cost, a socially-cleansed city full of virtue-signalling yuppies.

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How do you feel about police, wizards? Are policemen helpful, competent and friendly in your country?
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they are good and competent in a mostly white population and not too big

everywhere i've lived that is either "BIG CITY" or "CULTURALLY ENRICHED", the police are overworked hound dogs that no one respects


I live in a small town and most of the police I've interacted with were bad.


Maybe it's either that you're giving off the impression of a bad person, or you're misinterpreting their presentation.


Police are extremely dangerous as they act as the most common last measure of enforcing society's rules. The thing is: as police are exposed to dangerous situations over-time, it will make them constantly on-edge. Their experience has taught them how quickly a seemingly safe situation can go bad and how they need to be ready to use force. The problem is they end up walking around like loose canons. That's why they always over-react to shit and seem so irrational. Most of them are like PTSD veterans with loaded weapons and the authority to do anything. It's actually quite scary to think about. Perhaps the solution isn't to cut police funding but increase psychiatric resources for these fucks. They unironically need it.


They're ok. Never had a problem with them, but then, I don't go out much.

File: 1684615004994.mp4 (2.08 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Farewell..mp4) ImgOps iqdb


Post wiz-centric WEBMs and MP4s in this thread. Politics, "rekd", or normalfag interests are NOT allowed.
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>That's my fuckin pitcher
>They even got my fuckin' face on his ace


File: 1685832933174.mp4 (2.42 MB, 640x640, 1:1, 6l28-CUivW37cHSz.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

testing ice spells against waterhexes


that's crazy cool


For anyone wondering what the hell just happened there.


it is pretty cool how it waits and isn't shy away. i wonder if it's learned that, like divers feed it like that in a big ass aquarium or something

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Hooray! I made it.

Decided the event was worth looking up a bunch of normies from highschool. Almost all of them were clearly miserable and/or divorced.

The years we spent outside of the social game provide a far stronger foundation and coping skills for the increasing isolation of age. As long as you don't want kids, we are all gonna make it.
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Back in the day, people used to watch Jerry Springer to feel better about themselves.


KiwiFarms is the new Jerry Springer


What, did they kill your dog or something?


Why are you obsessed with race as if all wizards aren't seen as subhumans in the eyes of their own race?
>but I go to prostitutes
ban this nigger.


let da joos sacrifice the whole of latin america if they feel like it


General Question: does just reading 4chan for longer than 10-15 minutes make anyone feel awful and almost as if placed into a trance state? I can browse other sites for long periods of time without any ill effects, but if I stay too long on 4chan I begin to feel decidedly sick. Why does this happen?
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Where else can you go but /pol/ and sometimes a few other boards for uncensored discussion about important social topics, such as race issues? The succubus question? Reddit is censored to hell, twitter is not a discussion board, Faceberg is jewed, etc. An unfortunate fact of all the censorship/centralization of the internet is if you want actual truth you need to sift through the 95% shit to find a tiny nugget of wisdom on such a place.

That's why shitholes like /pol/ are addicting: the reward of filtering through constant retarded garbage to find an original perspective on taboo topics that would be censored everywhere else


>important social topics, such as race issues


>Reddit is censored to hell, twitter is not a discussion board, Faceberg is jewed, etc.

Race gets discussed all the time on all three sites, you can't exactly call for genocide but lots of discussion takes place on race. There are thousands of other sites and forums to discuss these things, also.

>the reward of filtering through constant retarded garbage to find an original perspective on taboo topics that would be censored everywhere else

I'm curious, can you give some examples of the gems of original perspective you've found? Give me an idea of what you find an original perspective that'd be banned everywhere else?


/pol/tard finds out his extreme right wing shit is reviled by anyone outside of his echochambers, how cute.
"how come i get censored for bringing up the jewish question on grandma's facebook page waaaaaaah!"


Fucking polbrats have the race thing so imprinted in their brains that they can't have a thought without making it about race, can't speak a sentence without the word "race" in it, and want the whole world to take oh so seriously the one subject their screen-fried brains are capable of processing.
Any one brings the subject of race, you know the disease.


You think 4chan isn't censored? The censorship is just soft censorship in the form of bots actively derailing discussion, bait threads, hostile shitposters etc. You can't discuss anything on 4chan.

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I dont care about people in genera; not in the edgy misantrophic sense -I genuinely dont care about them- but I do love my parents or at least owe them a lot.
Given that Im a neet: how can I help them have more money, so they can do stuff they like/save more, etc?
I thought of:
>convincing them to apply for tax extemption off my disability pass (they think "thats for those who need it" so they havent done it)
>Take care to unplug my devices when Im not using them, because plugged machines consume energy even when off
>Use less cellphone ,internet and vidya, also to consume less energy
less energy=way cheaper electricity bill for them
Any other tricks or cheats I can use for this noble undertaking?
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Biggest gift you can give your parents is becoming a functional human being aka working member of society with money, a future, things for them to brag to others about, etc.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.


Maybe they should have fucking helped me more to be in a position to get those things then ffs


>Pay taxes to support single mothers and foreign invaders, goy


as if life would have been so nice if it only weren't for those gosh darn foreigners. that's such a cope.


Let's discuss which supplements we currently take and which ones have worked for us and just have a general discussion about supplements.

No posts about drugs, psychiatric meds or illegal substances in the supplement thread, please.
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The thing that sucks is that basically every review for every supplement is full of people acting like it a miracle drug. I was reading reviews of ground up cow brains and people were acting like it was a miracle drug. I assume it is just because most people get the placebo effect. I have never gotten it though unfortunately.


normies are stupid and supplements are marketed without context. It seems like you need a combination of supplement approaches at higher dosage to effect real change. I've noticed real improvements in my short term memory doing this, before I was hopeless but now I'm operating as if I'd gained 7 IQ points

Also for supps, I forgot to mention this sleeping aid I take. Unlike melatonin this one really works, I dream often using 1/3rd the recommended dosage and I rarely if ever would normally dream. Actually I was fully lucid last night and wandered around a system shock 2 type complex at some sort of altered level of consciousness knowing I was asleep.



just eat some liver and fermented food


File: 1685851606476.jpg (29.44 KB, 294x447, 98:149, kaguya_axis.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dream potion and ritual:

>Zinc in abundance of MDV

>St. Jon's Wort 6 hours before sleep
>Glycine, rounded scoop, 30 minutes before bed

Calorie deficit for the past 3 days. No cumming since 6 days prior. Do not eat less than 6 hours before sleep. Drink at least two litres of water throughout the day but not 6 hours before sleep. Relieve self in to a toilet or pepsi bottle right before bedtime. Have white noise to drown out sounds of nature.

This will give you vivid dream, long dreams, scary and sexy dreams, and even long lucid sexy nightmares.


Someone told me to take ashwagandha.

File: 1680250730107.jpg (111.14 KB, 453x604, 3:4, 1679593476138395.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


ok bros, i thought lolis were just a niche a topic that sweaty weebs get mad over when discussing it
but normalfags caught on and you really get in trouble when joking about it.
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quality argument, thank you for your contribution


>lgtb preys on young children
>noo they would never accept young children in their cult like communities
Thanks for being this retarded.


god, normalfags are a fucking pest.


try telling a homo irl that you dont like pride parades, throwing dildos in the street or being an aids slut.
the lgbt predator would never even get to the point of friendship where the young homo would reveal they are gay


>try telling a homo irl that you dont like pride parades, throwing dildos in the street or being an aids slut.
they will still accept you into their cult. Are you this stupid?

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