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what are anime who are watching right now? I'm watching hikaru no go, I already red the manga but I wanted to watch the anime to catch up if I missed something


Watching the TouHou anime. It's good so far.


I suppose I can review anime I've finised thus far.

FLCL Progressive
I watched it without subtitles for reasons, so kinda didn't understand.
Still fun. 7/10

Welcome to the Ballroom
Actually started the first quarter in 2021 yet didn't finish til now.
My only gripe was the speediness/stylization of the dance. Like it was Beauty and the beast's dance scene directed by the aliens from Edge of tommorrow (if not Zack Snyder on stuff), which gets in the way at times. Otherwise it's fairly intricate in mostly good ways. 7/10

Darling in the Franxx
It's all right as long as you don't look at it as a mecha anime (nor mind the way they pilot them). I dunno, I'm a sucker for animes that are at least barely for the faint of heart yet manage to end on an agreeably optimistic note. Plus that same post-Moebius aesthetic could've been worse. 9/10

World War Blue
Shitty idea. Amazing execution. 8/10


Mob Psycho 100 3.

So far it isn't quite as good as 2 but I haven't even made it to the half way point so there is still room for things to ramp up.
But yeah, much heavier focus on comedy over action so far in the 3rd season.


Surprised to see this series getting praised on wizchan.


It's one of those shows that I recognize is high quality but for some reason I don't feel that much interest in watching it. It's not a show I would watch as it's coming out, and when it is out I took a long time to get around to watching it. I still don't remember if I finished season 2 yet. Golden kamuy was kind of the same way for some reason. IDK why I'm more attracted to watching utter trash these days instead of good quality shows with actual plots.

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