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Whats your opinions of this kinda stuff?
Where the characters you are supposed to consider your waifus are unironically huge sluts?
(Pic related for example).


You don't "claim" a waifu as if she were the daughter of some guy you just decapitated in cold blood on the killing field. You CONNECT with her. You see her, and your heart tells you if she is or isn't the one. And if you heart tells you that a 2D who gets it on with other 2Ds is the one, then sure, you can look past her behavior and begin the marriage rituals.


You better hope the guy who dislikes tumblr doesn't see this (that guy is me) (i saw this).
Please explain who that character is and why you believe her to be a slut. I've watched over 10 anime and I don't recognize her.


She is Sayu from Hige wo Soru.
She is rich succubus with assholes parents who had a close friend that was often bullied. This friend commited suicide and her fucked up parents trying to blame Sayu for some reason. She couldnt endure it so after his brother offered her some money she took it and ran away to stay away from his family.
But she commited the mistake to totally disconnect from them, even the brother, going to another far away city and throwing away her phone. Eventually, she had no more money to rent a room, go backm or buying food.
So she started sleeping with random men to get a place to stay and food. About seven guys later -accoding her at least- she ends up meeting the MC who is the first guy to offer her a place to stay without wanting to fuck her, and so the "romance" begins.
So yeah, wasnt exageratting. She is a literal slut -a prostitute-.

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