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Konaka knows what's up, and normalfags that have redbubble lain bumper stickers hate him for it


Konaka always kind of sucked to be fair. His script for Hellsing was out of character, ruined Narutaru's adaptation and the last show he worked (GR) was awful


Lots of people seem to be mad that he's into 9/11 and covid conspiracies,but imo it makes a lot of sense for the guy who directed Lain to be into conspiracy stuff


I can't describe to you how little I care about the people behind the anime I enjoy on a individual level.


But you just did



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Go Nagai was a virgin when he was writing Harenchi Gakuen.

The power of the wild delusion of virginity was the source of Go Nagai's power.

For that reason, Go Nagai's editors and assistants feared that his creative powers would decay once he lost his virginity, so they formed the "Go Nagai Virginity Protection Club".

Because of that, Go Nagai's works became a hit and he became a rich man, but he never married until many, many years later in his life.

By the way, the chairman of the "Go Nagai Virginity Protection Club" was Japan Sinks' author Sakyo Komatsu.

Furthermore, when Go Nagai finally got married and lost his virginity to his wife, his stories actually became more interesting but the perverted aspects Go Nagai was famous for in his earlier stories, ended up being greatly toned down in his post-marriage stories.


"Nagai's early works go straight for the id, full of rascally, antisocial, hyperactive sex and violence. (There's an old manga industry rumor that Nagai's editors forced him to remain a virgin as long as possible so that all his creative energy would go into manga production.)"

- Jason Thompson's House of 1000 Manga: Devilman


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Nagai during 1968-1972 was amazing. It's a shame his works declined in quality after losing his virginity after he got married during Devil Lady's run. In my mind he is still a virgin.

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