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File: 1614780664976.png (426.55 KB, 983x1024, 983:1024, 3feoAek.png) ImgOps iqdb


What do you speculate the next trend in anime will be?
We had moe and it seems as if iseaki is still in full force but waning and I cannot imagine what the next trend will be so I am curious what you wizards speculate.

I do not think Moe will go away we will always have cute succubi doing cute things but maybe it will be different I think perhaps the art style will change and sadly feel that loli stuff may become rarer as more and more normalfags watch anime to the point that MAL reviews on loli anime is critical of the fact there is a loli in it featured with some fan service.

I am secretly hoping that more depressing anime gets made and even some anime that is entirely in black and white like a manga I love the visuals in anime but manga can really look so much better for some stories.

Sorry for the brainfart


since anime is just getting more and more mainstream I expect more shounen, or shounen-with-cute-girls


File: 1614787234207.jpg (627.31 KB, 929x778, 929:778, 3b0a7d08bbd862cdb7369a86e5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

1. Anime will all be computer generated and you'll interactively vote on how the story develops as the show airs.
2. You'll enter the anime itself in VR and become both a viewer and character simultaneously.
3. The distinction between anime, video games, music, literature, and real world events, even across different eras, will seem increasingly arbitrary. You won't be able to distinguish your own livestreamed virtual life from the livestreams you watch, the dependency between producer and produced will vanish into unending cyclic virtual media realities. We aren't sure why the real world exists.


I really wish I could enjoy shoen but it is so formulaic and is essentially the same story retold with a different skin every single time.
When I wtch a shouen I feel almost insulted because it is beyond obvious where the story is going I just cannot care about it also I do not view good and evil as black and white or anything like most people do.

If I want something stimulating I would read a book but I watch anime to relax and let my brain wander maybe I enjoy the visuals and tone. In no way do I think I am better than people who enjoy garbage anime since I enjoy moe because I like seeing cute anime succubi having fun and they are cute but the same reaction I have for shitty shouen I have for reality TV.
Reality TV like those dating shows my family watches are in and of themselves not bad but they try to appear as something more than what they are and are deceptively fake meaning I would have to suspend belief to enjoy them for what they are and not judge.

The problem with anime is the people who consume it because if they wanted better art like haibane renmei it would be made yet are happy to devour absolute trash just look at all the shit manga that gets made.

Democracy is a meme when extended to the entire collective so I hope that voting shit never happens but you are right that it well could happen.


all plots are predictable unless you're a kid, it's the execution that makes the difference


I hate to say it, but I think anime catered to wizards/crabs will die off and be replaced with anime V-tubers that wizards ignore and crabs donate their paycheck to like it's a twitch thot, because of that I feel we are entering a new anime dark age, maybe I'm wrong idk, but V-tubers is taking off and that's what many crabs are wasting their money on. Don't know if normalfags waste their money on anime, in Japan it's only crabs and wizards that watch and support anime.


File: 1618872677521.jpg (240.58 KB, 1200x1354, 600:677, chiyo's anguish.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

v-tubers make me pissed like nothing else. I genuinely feel like I'm some autist or shizo when I see people saying how much they love them.


I hate to break it to you, but if you use this website, you aren't neurotypical.


Yes but I mean just the feeling of being an alien around others. Like it's some great big joke that you aren't in on.


no one with a brain watches sneedtubers


Not sure why you people are so convinced normalfags are going take over anime when we just had something like Redo of Healer and Mushoku Tensei.


Normalfags and SJW aren't the same thing.

Normalfags like violence, sex, and pushing taboos in a safe way.

As for why, the western media industry is starting to see the massive amount of money in it along with the failure of domestic media products, so it is already making moves to stripmine anime and manga despite not giving a shit for profitability.

On the consumer side, manga and anime are so popular that there is a global manga shortage. They literally can't keep the printers up with demand.
It hasn't been a sheltered hobby just for outcast in probably 20 years.
Even my mom and dad watch anime of their own volition.
Every person at my job that is under 60 knows or even watches anime. They even watch it in the break room for fuck sakes.
You are VASTLY underestimating how wide spread the enjoyment of anime is.


>What do you speculate the next trend in anime will be?
Trash foccusing on succubi to sell to otaku, promotional material for gacha.


Remember GoT?
>normalfags are going take over
They did - of course they won't influence the creators (just yet, video game industry bowed the knee to the west already a couple of times with censorship). Anime isn't niche, every ironic weeb faggot on the internet is a normalfag.


They're projecting, deluded and defeatist. SJWs and Normalfags already won the battle in their heads, so everything they do is repeat what the people in their heads want them to think and do.


File: 1619060432857.png (2.63 MB, 1727x971, 1727:971, i'm garbage.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

off topic so i am sorry, but could you recommend some seinen series? mushoku tensei was enjoyable and redo the healer seems interesting. am willing to look into anime for other demographics.

pic unrelated to post


Black Jack the manga by Tezuka Osamu


Black Jack is shounen wiz


File: 1619117677583.jpg (77.59 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [One Pace][816-817] Zou 08….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I feel like if one piece was less up its own ass about storybuilding and le foreshadowing major characters that show up 400 chapters later, it would be the perfect shonen-action series. Personally what I want in a shonen adventure series is cartoony violence and gore, less annoying female protagonists, 10-13 year old protag, and dark stories/fights that have actual impact instead of cliche powerboosts and the "WITH FRIENDS BY MY SIDE, WE'LL ALWAYS WIN THE FIGHT" routine. But with all the shit shonen series that exist these days, I wish there were at least a couple vulgar gag manga to fill the void.


Anime will move away from being a form of entertainment and will be increasingly distilled down to being merely a marketable aesthetic or wank fuel. Anime, in conjunction with video games, will become a means for real human femoids to extract cash from men.


Anime has always been about making money.


its clear to me that anime will be used as a political propaganda tool filled with subversion just like video games and anime

crabs who watch anime already want to turn into trannies


File: 1621027654554.jpg (456.5 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mpv-shot0022.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Ctrl+f idols
>0 of 0
Idols are the future and guarantee yen from their related multimedia merchandising. Beautiful wonderful blessed CG allows making their shows on the cheap, while steady technological progression and familiarity with the format facilitate hitting exactly as much dancing and singing as fans want and expect in every show (every single episode.) CDs are, as always, pumped out on the monthly and the advent of digital purchasing spreads them to a global audience. Real lives are always attended en masse (once Corona bullshit stops, at least) and streamed for at-home audiences. Games of all sorts sell or otherwise generate tons of income. Literature, goods, licensed branding, etc etc, all do their part as well. As the industry comes closer to as authentic an experience of real idol culture as the animated medium can possibly be, insane idol fans will, in-turn, pour more and more money into the model, proving easy validation and justification for more, in an ever-increasing global feedback loop.

The future is bright!

Or in nightmare land this happens and it's all endless isekai trash and manly mature anime for manly mature watchers like me, but with newly added extra flavors of insane western poz.


any tips for getting into idol anime? I have tried to get into love live and idolm@sters but could not enjoy it and I like my moe a lot.


File: 1621034326586.webm (15.2 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Falling Angel!.webm) ImgOps iqdb

Well, what did you dislike about those two? If you're going in solely for moe then you'll have a hard time, as I wouldn't really define them strictly as such.


I felt that they were not very character focused and instead about the group dynamics but none of it stood out for me. I only really enjoyed anzu the NEET succubus in Idolm@sters.
The characters did not draw me in and I am not into idol culture I guess but I LOVE moe…

Should I watch more idol anime to get it I would like to be able to enjoy all the content the only idol anime I really enjoyed was that comedy which was about the idol groups fans.


File: 1621045823647.webm (15.58 MB, 853x480, 853:480, Absolutely not a meme liv….webm) ImgOps iqdb

>the only idol anime I really enjoyed was that comedy which was about the idol groups fans.
Oshibudo was fantastic. More people should watch it and I'm still pissy the manga is almost entirely unavailable.

IM@S is not particularly good at selling character, per se. They prefer the shotgun approach and rely more on extremely deep personal interaction and supplementary material to compensate. Basically, sink or swim. If it's a deal breaker that you can't relate yourself immediately with only superficial 1D character traits, at first, then it ain't for you.
LL's first two generations are somewhat the same. Though their personal and unit dynamics does eventually get explored in considerably more depth, it takes time to unfold and requires a modicum of investment. If you don't want to bother, go watch the 3rd gen LL instead, Nijigasaki. As a consequence of billing them as solo artists, the show itself is character-centric. I touched upon this in the dedicated thread.

Have you given consideration to watching Aikatsu or the Pretty franchise (Pretty Rhythm, Pripara)? They sound like they might be more up your speed. Extremely moe, very rich characters that continually evolve over their long runtime, vast number of songs spanning all genres, and Rainbow Live is literally the best anime in existence.

There's also seasonal shit like Zombieland, Re:stage, Lapis Re:Lights, male idol shows, and so on. But those aren't necessarily strictly idol shows and their overall quality varies wildly.


I can see what you mean about "shotgun" approach espcially idolmasters since admittedly there were some characters that had traits I personally found very appealing and wanted to see more of but then they are spread so thin.
I would prefer more of a personalized journey with an idol show I do not know if this counts but I loved the manga Beck AKA mongolian chop squad and as it was more character focused and "real". WIth the idol shows I have watched it felt less like I am watching some succubi dreams come true and more like I am watching some corporate entity using succubi to squeeze cash out of them if that makes sense at all. It was lacking heart for me as I seen it as soulless which I know will be offensive to the fans and I mean no disrespect I do not disparage them for enjoying the content I myself wish that I could. How else am I meant to see the show with the dynamics shown involving the manager of the succubi in idolmasters though? a literal suit!

Thanks I will keep those shows in mind when looking for something to watch.


I had a nice post but it got eaten by some tranny janny giving me a warning for no goddamn reason.

I'll summarize;
There will never be an anime that serves as hyper-realistic exposee of the idol industry. Aikatsu/Pripara are youjo-muke so the commercialization is incredibly blatant and thus wraps itself back around to ignorable. I think you'd like them.
Soulless is a meaningless retarded term and you should feel bad for using it.
Commercialized marketing is inherent in anime to some degree or other and you shouldn't ding any anime for it. The industry directly relies upon this model to survive and IM@S, of all things, certainly wasn't guilty of it. That shit was guaranteed to print money from the get go.




File: 1621655243812.jpg (335.11 KB, 1350x1920, 45:64, 3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Love Live characters get much more development in the non-anime content like the School Idol Diaries.


MALniggers don't influence how anime is made.
>next trend
Since most normalfags seems to be clustering around shounenshit I expect more shounenshit to be turned into anime in coming years and reverse the trend of most anime being originally LN to originally manga.


>There will never be an anime that serves as hyper-realistic exposee of the idol industry
Didn't Perfect Blue kinda do it?


No, Perfect Blue wasn't about that.


Perfect blue is another psued anime like NGE.
> more shounenshit
Is there a way to enjoy this content I have tried but the animes are usually garbage and the mangas are nothing special. HxH was good but dragon ball is garbage I watched all of dragon ball also and if I binged the others it would be the same shit.

How are people able to consume endless amounts of shit content like those cliche mangas?


I think you're lost, either from board or from site. Which is evident for your using of normalgroid buzzwords, more so to use them with various respectable animes.


Lost because I do not circle jerk the robot show?
>In 2001, he attended Otakon where he was asked directly the relevance of Christianity in Evangelion and replied: "There are a lot of giant robot shows in Japan, and we did want our story to have a religious theme to help distinguish us. Because Christianity is an uncommon religion in Japan we thought it would be mysterious. None of the staff who worked on Eva are Christians. There is no actual Christian meaning to the show, we just thought the visual symbols of Christianity look cool. If we had known the show would get distributed in the US and Europe we might have rethought that choice"


No, lost because you use normalgroid buzzwords. I just said it. And what that quote has to do with the fact that Evangelion is a very good anime? That the show is not christian? I thought that these sort of things were self evident just by watching it but seems to be a new finding for people like you.


Why do people always quote this shit as if it means something? Like yeah no shit a japanese dude doesn't know all the old testament shit. And it does in fact look cool.


Why do you word police for that has to be the stupidest thing ever.
Buzzword is a buzzword itself.


File: 1622064604959.png (613.52 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, is-the-end-of-evangelion-a….png) ImgOps iqdb

vtubers will be next, look at the simps who pay 1000$ upwards for their hololive waifu, and honestly it disgusts me, recently there was a video which announced they basically plan to create a whole franchise around them, who needs a plot or a message, distinctive art or creative music if you have people paying for virtual waifus doing lets plays


he trolled everyone with that line


yeah because you thought he got baptisted and studied the bible for the show, as if die-hard christians were even fans lol


You'd be surpised at how many bible belt geezers were fooled when their grandkids told them they were watching neon genesis evangelion though lol.


? the kids were watching it and the geezers thought it was veggie tales? or the geezers thought it was a bible show? how? the show looksl ike a typical anime and has more fan service than anything else and fan service/waifus is the best thing about the show I am convinced you would have to be touched to think it is amazing or just a total idiot to go on abouti t as I see some Japanese animation fans go on about.



File: 1622253889807.jpg (123.23 KB, 1024x679, 1024:679, rei-ayaname-adrift-in-toky….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>you would have to be touched to think it is amazing or just a total idiot to go on abouti t

and now imagine how touched you'd have to be to put this much energy into arguing about media you clearly don't like


It's a fad that will pass soon enough. I doubt it will stick around long enough to influence anything of significance
Might end up in Macross though since they been doing plot lines that are kind of the sci-fi version of v-tubers since the 90s.


to anyone who actually watched NGE it's pretty apparent there is no "random cool shit from the bible" in it but carefully planned and structured references and idioms to gnotisticism and kabbalism

just put yourself in his place - imagine a bunch of normies asking you daily what NGE means? the meaning is obviously lost on those who don't get it - hence him saying "yeah it's just a bunch stuff i thought was cool" is the only proper response he can give


File: 1622325079298.jpg (560.81 KB, 1099x823, 1099:823, 1614981194560.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

after reading about gnosticism everything in the show made so much more sense, and in the end it really doesn't matter what the intentions of the showrunners were, what matters is what message you as a viewer get from all of it


There will be a shift towards pandering to global audiences as the Japanese population shrinks. The big action series will be totally neutered of any fanservice or plot elements that make americans/chinks uncomfortable. The more niche stuff will be fine.


A slice-of-life webseries based off of vTubers (real ones). It will be 3DCG. It will then get a television rework that makes it in to and idol show where they all sing songs or something.


Cool thread.

I suppose the most important thing for a "new trend" is that it makes money really consistently and that it is easy to make. Moe and isekai were good because they are low tariff consumables and lend themselves to the highly saturated, cheaper modern animation techniques.
I feel vtubers and idols have to be involved somehow. And gaming. Although anime is still mainly a Japan thing they are becoming increasingly aware of the need to pander to an international audience too. Removing the nonciness and incest seems inevitable.
Ideas for new trends could be idol anime where you vote each week to keep idols in the show, like xfactor anime edition. This has probably been done before but tbf I've never actually watched an idol anime.
Chinese and Korean animation will probably get bigger too and they tend to go for historical fantasy type shounen.
Anime about vtuber drama could be a guess out of left field. Then the vtuber could appear in the anime and it could be semi scripted reality.
When Attack on Titan ends there will be a lot of new anime viewers looking for something new to fill the gap so I expect a blast of seineny anime that rely heavily on cliffhanger plots like Lost or Prison Break. Easiest story to do that way is either dystopian fiction or crime mystery.
Also once One Piece ends I expect some long running shounen to replace it but I suppose long running shounen/sport anime are always around.


evafags are pretentious as fuck


They'll hop onto the Chainsaw Man anime when it comes out, that show will be massive


>no one even mentioned Eva
Show me on the doll where evangelion touched you


>points to doll's wallet and cries


God please don't post this. I can't stand her. Honestly, I could barely tolerate it when vtubers were strictly Japanese. I could ignore it as some off-branch weeb shit, albeit not one that appealed to me at all because I knew these were just succubi pretending. It's hard to separate the "character" from the "person" in that case. But now we have these western whores doing the same thing, including literal whores like the succubi at Vshoujo where one has even gone so far as to set up an Onlyfans for herselfs. Which has become one of the most popular Onlyfans going. Almost none of them even try to pretend that they're playing a character like many of the Jap vtubers do. It reeks of normalfaggotry and is just another example of them infesting the medium. Unfortunately I don't think this is a "fad" at all. Streaming isn't going anywhere anytime soon and neither will vtubers as "anime" only grows more and more popular overseas.

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